Monday, February 28, 2011

Another blog in which I catch up ...

Since I've set most of the 30-day challenges to auto-post, I've not been blogging as much as I am used to lately.

We haven't been doing a whole TON of stuff, so (1) I don't feel like I have tons of blog fodder. And (2) [TMI ALERT], I was PMSing ... so my head was full of angry bees. Now that the painters are in, my mental health is approaching as-close-as-I-get to normal states.

Let's see ... what all has really gone on?

The kiddos think that one of the BEST. GAMES. EVER. is where I tell them, "Don't laugh or I have to tickle you!" ... Yesterday, we took it up a notch -- we started switching things up. "Don't snort/meow/smile/etc., or I'll tickle you!"

Bruise has started to make the "Puss in Boots face" ... With the big eyes, pouty lips, and hand balled up under his chin. Oh, that little boy kills me. Softly. With cuteness.

Bucket will try to do the face, too. But, since she's not looking in the mirror, she'll suck IN her lips and cheeks ... or end up doing fishy-lips. And she'll open her eyes CRAZY-WIDE. It makes her look kinda like an alien.
A really pretty alien. Don't get me wrong. :P

So, this week, Mom came up. I got to volunteer at the library again. We got snow.

The kiddos enjoyed playing in the snow. And eating it. And making snowballs. And throwing them at each other, Michael, and me. My mom got her hair cut. We got our free gift over at Bath and Body Works. This month it was a free mini shower gel, body lotion, and body mist. Did Mom get Butterfly Flower? I picked up Moonlight Path, since it reminds me of Cristall (she'd always have that scent of the antibacterial handwash in her bathroom in her apartment).

If I hadn't been freaking out (due to stupid, stupid hormones), we might have gone out and gotten ourselves a cat on Friday, after Michael got back from work and taking a load of trash to the dump. But, nooooooooo, I had to spend the day either crying or wondering WHY I felt like crying.
(Because I didn't have the emo-esque, "Huh, maybe I should just slice on my arm" thoughts, I wondered if maybe I was preggers. Then I found out Sunday morning that that was obviously NOT the case. And then I had this brief moment of "WOE IS ME! I AM BARREN! AND OLD! AND A FATTY! ACK! AND I STILL DON'T HAVE A KITTY CAT!" ... And then I pulled up my proverbial big girl panties. Because it could be worse.

  • I have hedgehogs. And that's pretty cool. Even though they're not all that easy to cuddle with.
    In fact, my mom avoids them. She won't touch them. Because pets need to be cuddly. Or fish. ^_^
  • I have a body. And I'm in it. I have control of it (for the most part) ... ergo, I'm alive. And I don't have a debilitating disease. So that's a plus. Who cares if I'll never be a size four? Or a size zero? (Okay, I do care a little. But I'd settle for a size 8. And not just in shoes.)
  • I have Bruise and Bucket ... so I'm not completely barren or anything. And they are pretty awesome. Even if I'm biased.
Oh! Speaking of Bruise and Bucket! I got a good chuckle out of this clip at Mompetition:

Heh, heh. So many replies of win in there.
And, yes, I have been asked just about all of those.

(Usually when the ask me who's smarter, I try to point out different strengths of Bruise and Bucket.
  • Bruise has REALLY GOOD pitch. He's great at video games. He's all about figuring out how things are made and how to put them together. He's good at playing with others. He'll put himself in timeout when he gets upset. He doesn't hit other kids very often.
  • Bucket is a natural at dance (so says a friend at church who's taught her in dance classes. When Bucket's wanted to go. *sigh* :P). She's got good pronunciation. She is motivated to read and write. She's been looking forward to going to school for a long time. 
  • They both love to make people laugh. They both enjoy playing with other children.
    I get compliments about how well-behaved they are in Primary. They both are toilet-trained (THANK GOODNESS, right?) ... and have been for over a year.
    They love technology -- they love playing on the computer or on Michael's iPhone or on the Wii.
But, really, when folks ask me who's smarter? I should totally be all, "I am.")

But, really, the whole "Oh, you have one of each! So you're all done!"
.... Yeah, that decision? Totally between Michael, me, and God.
And Michael and I aren't totally decided. We're waiting for some input from the One with the final say.
And, yeah, I've totally been asked by a few people if we were taking fertility drugs.
No, we weren't. Because we didn't have money for HEALTH INSURANCE. How were two college kids (okay, I had graduated. But I was volunteering! Don't get a whole lotta dough from that, just sayin'.) going to afford fertility drugs? Or a doctor to prescribe them?

Honestly? I wasn't trying with these two. Which is why, whenever I don't use birth control and DON'T get knocked up, I freak out and think that I'm BARREN!!!! ONOZ!!!!!
And, really? I'm not worried that the kiddos will find out that I wasn't trying when they were conceived.
It's not like I was upset when I got pregnant. I was just more flabberghasted.

Seriously? My mom was on the pill when I was conceived. She seriously thought she had cancer.
Her mom was all, "Sweetie? Just go get a pregnancy test."
"No! I can't be pregnant! I'm on the pill!!"

She and Dad hadn't been married too long at this point. And, when they did get married, they had enough money to either buy a double bed or a color TV. They opted for the bed.

When my mom got home from the doctor's, she was all, "I'm pregnant!! I'm pregnant!!!"
And Dad's all, "I knew we should have bought the color TV."
And he was serious!

Am I offended? Nope! I think it's funny. Hilarious, really.
And I understand where he was coming from.
My dad has a genetic disorder. He and Mom were going through genetic counseling. He was worried that he'd pass it on to his kids. This was unexpected. ... Also, really? He likes being taken care of. A baby is SERIOUS COMPETITION.

And, really? I never felt like he didn't like me. I know that I've said that I wasn't really and completely aware of the fact that he really DID LOVE ME until I was an adult. But he was my first friend that I recall (since Mom had to work, he was the at-home parent that I recall. After Nana or Aunt Sherrie watched me when I was a little baby).
(And the fact that he was that first friend ... and then, it seemed, that he decided that Mom and I weren't worth sticking it out for ... Yeah, that's where the bulk of my issues stemmed from, I think.)

I knew, though, that he liked me fine enough. We'd hang. He'd tell me that I was smart (and I still don't FEEL smart. There's TONS of stuff that I don't know. I just read a lot. And retain a decent amount, I guess. So people THINK that I'm smarter than I am). But, until I nearly totaled the baby-truck, I didn't really KNOW.
(I was so scared, calling him up to let him know. Especially since I didn't know that the truck was fully paid off. And when I told him, he said, "I'm just glad that you're okay. We can replace a truck. We can't replace you." And then I had to work SO. DANG. HARD. to keep it together. ... Even now, it gets me all verklempt. It's not that he didn't tell me that he loved me. I just didn't realize that he MEANT it, you see?)

But, yeah. My issues never stemmed from the fact that he wanted a color TV more (at least, at first). I grew on him.

Like a fungus.

Ha ha ha. (I obviously need more sleep.)

Let's see ... what else happened this week?
  • Michael took the trailer full of garbage to the dump.
  • He helped a young family move.
  • He passed his practice test for the HAM Radio exam next week.
  • He and Dad C did the federal taxes.
  • I went to T1's baby shower.
    T2 was in charge of the games. I did ABYSMALLY at the "guess the baby food in the jar" game.
    (Sis-in-law A did well. But she didn't win. There was a three-way tie. She did't guess the right number. But she did  a GREAT job!!)
    Cousin L was the closest at guessing the number of jellybeans in a baby bottle. (I TOTALLY lowballed it. There were around 110. I guessed 72. Ha ha ha. Estimation of volume? SO not my forte.)
    T1's sister-in-law, R, best predicted how T1 hoped baby C's attributes would be (like having her mothers' legs and her daddy's musical talent, etc.).
    Then, there was a The Price is Right game. And they gave a hint that the prices were from Wal-Mart.
    I don't shop at Wal-Mart all that often. Nor have I bought tons of baby stuff lately. ... Still, I wasn't the closest on the total ... but I was the only person who didn't go over. (And, I was 2 and 3 cents off on a couple items. I only went over on one.) ... So, yes, I am the proud owner of a Coldstone Creamery gift card. YES!!
  • Bruise came into bed with me around 3:30 Sunday morning. I let him snuggle for a bit and then sent him back to bed. And then he threw up, like, five times. Michael got up for the first two (including when he threw up on his pillow). And then I got up when, poor boy, he needed the puke bucket while ON the toilet. And he had thrown up, there, before I got to him, ON his underwear. Poor guy.
    He was fine, otherwise. So we can only chalk it up to his eating too much candy.
  • In other news, Bruise now likes BEANS! YES!!!!!
    It used to be "I don't YIKE WEAL BEANS. I onyyy YIKE HUMMUS!!"
    BUT during the last week, Bruise has eaten refried beans and two kinds of chili.
    *sings* HALLELUJAH!!!!!! ('Bout time!!!)
  • Bruise and Bucket both had responsibilities during Sharing Time in Primary yesterday.
    Bucket gave the scripture (Moses 1:39. She has it memorized. I was just there for moral support and to get her started. And to hold the mic.)
    Bruise help him to give his first talk. It was out of the February issue of The Friend.
    Bruise really could have read most of it. But he was nervous. So Michael whispered it to him. And Bruise repeated it all.
    It went pretty well.
  • My friend P sat next to me in Relief Society. When we were asked what we could do to simplify our lives, she whispered to me, "Just say 'screw it!'" ... And then I had to snigger into my fist.
    I love that I have HILARIOUS friends. It makes me happy.
But, yeah. I really should close this up and clean the house.
I don't WANT to clean the house. I honestly don't. 
But it needs to be done. 

If it weren't COLD and RAINING, I'd open up the windows for some fresh air in here.
I know that I BARELY EVER leave the house (except for, say, story time or volunteering or church or stuff like that), but really?
I'm ready for spring. I want to be able to have sunlight and go on walks and maybe clean up our yard.

Probably just the cabin fever talking. Since we didn't have a car for a while. And then, as soon as we got the van back for OUR use (not just Michael's commute), I came down with the plague.

Now I'm just trying to figure out what to DO with my life. *sigh*

Oh well. 

Wish me luck taming my wild house into some kind of Better-Homes-and-Gardens-type of submission.

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