Friday, September 28, 2012


So ... it's 12:30 in the morning and I'm here ... blogging.

I mean, isn't it enough that I had about my worst ever vocal audition in the evening?
(I went first. I hadn't thought to warm up at all. My voice, though Michael assures me I was on-key, was warbly as hell [thanks, nerves! Also, thanks for making me sweat enough that I worried I was having a hot flash! Body, you're AWESOME. /sarcasm] and my voice broke, noticeably, MULTIPLE TIMES.)

Well, Michael's audition was VERY good. He shouldn't have been nervous at all.
Bruise and Bucket who were both GOING to audition, were overtaken by nerves ... so it was left up to us to do it.

Ugh. I'd love a do-over. Since I got to perform THAT badly in front of about 20+ people. Yeah.

Though, thankfully, one of the girls that was there said that I sounded lovely and shouldn't worry.
(Yes, of course I liked her BEFORE she said that. ... Now, really, I would bare her children. Or make her brownies. Definitely owe her some brownies.)

But, the real reason that I'm up is that one of our friends decided to send me a text. At around midnight.
But it was sent, not to my cell, which is set to vibrate as we're sleeping ... but to the house phone.
And it was in multiple parts ... each sent about five minutes apart.

So, first call, we wake up ... I sprint out of bed in my been-asleep-for-maybe-twenty-minutes haze and grab a phone from the front room. Get a computerized voice. Disconnect. Head back to bed where Michael was ALMOST about to put Bubbles back in her crib, after she fell asleep eating in our bed. ... But the phone's woken HER up, too.

I get her calmed down ... in time for the SECOND text-to-landline call to come through.
I text my friend, since I've finally figured out what's going on, telling her that the texts are being sent to the home phone. And it's late. But I hope the house-hunting is going well.

I feed the little girl again, unable to fall asleep myself ... get her ready for crib-time ... and ANOTHER text-to-landline call comes through. I press "one" to respond via voice, since obviously the last text didn't work.
"[Friend], you're texting the home phone. It's after midnight. We love you ... but we NEED SLEEP."

The texts appear to have stopped. But .... I can't fall asleep now.

Seriously ... I managed to keep it together about my heinous audition.
I need to be able to wake up, get showered and dressed, get the kids' lunches together and them onto the bus, go out with a friend (which involves driving ... and we know what a complete wuss I am about that ...), finish the Netflix DVD (one more episode of "The Walking Dead" on it), and go to a bridal shower.

With Bubbles' apparent "I only nap for about 45 minutes at a time," there's no way for me to get a nap.

I think I might have to imbibe in a medicinal Cherry Coke. Or a Vanilla Coke. Or a Cherry Vanilla Coke.

But something's got to give.

I'd say it'd be my sanity ... but that's looooooooong gone. If I ever had any to begin with.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is my life ...

So, Monday, Bruise didn't have his homework folder so I emailed his teacher.

Turns out he turned it in early ... so we were able to reschedule the talk about personal responsibility.

Yesterday, I got the kids off to school and threw on clothes to go to Zumba. I had to get Bubbles from her nap ... which meant that we left without filling her belly. This will come into play in a bit.

At the church, where we do our Zumba, the missionaries were using the Cultural Hall/gym for an activity ... so we were moved to the Primary (children's group) room.
Also, instead of there only being about eight ladies, there were over ten of us (plus a group of around six or seven kids, 6 month - 5 years, playing) all stuffed in the room.

We got through the warm up. We got through almost all of another song ... and I look over to where Bubbles (usually a very happy child) is screaming. (I didn't notice her screaming earlier since another little boy was screaming. Louder.) ... Well, I'm not totally sure what was happening, but she was laying down and another little boy was over her, almost laying on her. Maybe she fell? Maybe he knocked her over trying to kiss her ... Either way, she was MAD and/or scared.

So I go and pick her up. I hold her until she's calmed down. I set her back down for the little playdate ... and she is NOT. HAVING. ANY. OF. THIS. CRAP.

Well, I was being (overly) optimistic and left the Moby wrap in the car. And there's NO WAY that I can hold a 15-lb baby in my arms and jump/do choreographed moves (on carpet, no less).
So ... we left.
And I felt like a bit of a loser.

Because how'm I supposed to lose weight and get in shape at all (since it's OBVIOUSLY NOT GONNA HAPPEN by my friend's wedding in two weeks) if I can't even stay through a whole class?
... especially when I may or may not have eaten ice cream for breakfast. I plead the fifth on that one.

But, yeah. So, even though I've barely done ANYTHING, I'm all flushed and sweating ... and Bubbles and I drop off some books and pick up my hold at the library.
Then we go home and I feed her and put her back in her bed so I can get a shower.

About an hour later, after chatting with a friend online, I load up Bubbles and we head into the next town to go to a bra shop ... since ... okay, here's the deal:

Last week, I decided that I was taking the extender off the back of my nursing bra. I prefer my bands tight, so I can get support. And having that extra inch wasn't helping.
Of course, that made the cups tighter (stupid ratio. Stupid boobs.) ... and I noticed that one of my breasts was REALLY SORE. And I started getting REALLY WORRIED.
I didn't think is was Mastitis (been there, done that, experienced the flu-like symptoms and blood in my milk, took the antibiotics ... where's my merit badge, dang it??), since it wasn't a sharp pain. Just this dull, all-consuming, ache.

Then I wised up, put the stupid extender back on the band ... and, within a day, I was feeling back to normal.

So ... OBVIOUSLY that bra (which is/was my BEST-fitting nursing bra) was not cutting it. Ugh.

Which brings us to going to the bra store...

I had to search for a parking spot, since I was dumb and got there during the lunch hour. Spent WAAAAAY too long circling the blocks to get a parking spot. But I found one ... and Bubbles, who HAD been asleep nearly the whole drive woke up. *sigh*

Still, I threw (figuratively) her carseat into the stroller and walked to the shop.
I was able to get in immediately and the gal there fitted me for a bra.

Unfortunately, I'm busty enough that most companies don't make my size. ... And, when they do make the correct CUP size, it's not paired with the right band size.
Still, there's a little wiggle room (go down a cup size with a larger band size ... it'll still fit. Like buying a size 9 shoe when there's not a 8W, if you follow).

But, I was able to leave with a spendy bra that fits and will look better under the dress I'll be wearing at my friend's wedding.
I was REALLY hoping that they'd have an underwire that'd work, since I kinda NEED the structure to avoid the uniboob look ... but, well, until I lose about two cup sizes ... yeah.
Which leads me to tell you that I am not a fan of my boobs.
My husband likes them ... and they perform their purpose of lactation well ... but, if it weren't for that last one (Sorry, Michael), if I had the opportunity, I'd have them reduced in a second. ... They're in the way and, according to most bra companies, apparently they're freakish in size. ... Yeah. I'm not loving my body right now.

Between my, apparently, freakishly-sized boobs and my fat deposits hanging from my stomach ... Let's just say that I know my friend loves me, since she asked me to be a bridesmaid ... and, in comparison, I'm the largest one there (except not in height ... so I can't be thinking it's just to scale or something).

But, really ... if you can walk into any store, find a bra on the racks, and pay less than $30 for a bra that contains you, let along supports and lifts? ... I almost hate you. I mean, I don't HATE you ... but I'm so very jealous.
I mean, I used to be able to do that ... but not so much at all this last decade.

It's really, really dumb.

And, I realized that the last pair of jeans I bought ... The back pockets are all wrong, so they're not flattering to my butt.

I know, I know. I'm totally whining. I should be very happy to have a body that WORKS ... and, for the most part, it does! Unless I think about it ... or want to feel that I look nice.

There's a REASON why, instead of shopping for clothes, I prefer shoes or nail polish or make-up or hair-colors or books ... because those things look nice regardless of your size.
I've never had to wonder if a book or polish color made my butt look wider or would manage to button over my ginormous rack.

I hate to think that I let myself go after getting married ... but, well, body-wise, there's really no other way to explain it. Unless I suddenly developed some grandular malfunction ... Which, I suppose COULD be the case.

But, really, if I hear ANYONE talking about how awesome it'd be to have big boobs ... I'm going to need help restraining myself from loudly telling her how absolutely and completely stupid that is.
(Seriously, almost every friend I have is smaller than I am ... and if possible, I'd have SHARED THE WEALTH ... GLADLY.)

But, yeah ...
This obviously is one of those posts in which I fail to be very funny. At all.

Still ... one of my BIG problems is that I don't love exercising. Maybe because I never have a proper sports bra that fits well (maybe I should call up the bra shop and see if they've got one?) ...
Still, if you have a workout that you LOVE ... how's about sharing the wealth?

In return, I can offer book recommendations, polish recommendations ... and the like. Or just jokes. I know a few elephant jokes ...

But, really ... I NEED some exercise that I enjoy better than cheesecake and ice cream and Nutella.
Does such a workout exist??

Odd bit

So, in my dream last night ... since I wasn't too tired to remember dreaming, Mom and I took me to the hospital. Since I had something wrong with me.

They did a blood test. And I was diagnosed with something to do with bumps around my delicate bits, so to say. So, I had to get a prescription for some ointment.
And I had no idea how much this all was going to cost.

Also, my OB was there ... and she was HUGE with child. In fact, she went into labor and had her baby, between shifts, in a remarkably short amount of time.
And she was very, very tired ... so, since her baby daughter needed to eat, I fed her.

Later, Mom and I were getting into her car and loading up my brood of children ... and it was dark outside.

I have no idea what it all means ... but, hey! At least I wasn't too exhausted to even remember my dream this time. So that's ... something, right?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Reporting Back for Service!

Sorry for deserting you (yet AGAIN) ... Okay, let's see what I've been up to ...

  • The kids had school pictures. I ordered everything online ... and printed out the picture passes for them.
    Somehow, Bruise's pass disappeared by the time he got to school. So I, between phone calls with an office aide (also mother of twins), got a QUICK shower, threw on clothes, printed out a new pass, and scurried over to the school, lugging Bubble's car seat, to drop it off. PHEW!!!!
    I was horribly sweaty by the time the whole ordeal was over!
  • We helped landscape a park for our church's Day of Service a couple weeks ago.
    I now know how to spread mark mulch like a pro not-TOTAL-amateur.
    Bruise had fun helping Bishop H (from another ward. But we USED to all be in the same ward. He's known us since Bruise and Bucket were 1) drive a utility vehicle ... like how I used to get to "help" my Pop-pop drive the riding lawn mower.
  • I taught the RS lesson a couple weeks ago. It went really well. Even though I had gals from the Stake RS in there. Ha ha ha. I barely had to talk, which was great. And I had TONS of participation from my awesome RS sisters. I wore Bubbles in the Moby wrap and she was well-behaved for the entire lesson ... besides trying to grab papers that I held. Ha ha ha.
    So ... sisters in RS think that I'm awesome for some reason. It's sweet that they're so delusional. :P
    Bubbles is happy as long as she's held. (I was hoping that she'd be asleep the whole time ... oh well. But she was happy and QUIET.)
    My favorite compliment was from our friend in the Stake RS Presidency. She liked that she couldn't even tell that I was reading the lesson as I was teaching. (Thanks, Mom!! You raised a good reader!!)
  • I taught the kids' Primary class yesterday. There were four kids in there. It went well. Bruise and Bucket told me that I did a great job. ^_^ Awww!
  • Our ward (but anyone interested is invited!) has started up a free Zumba class on Tues/Thurs mornings. I survive ... but, OH MY, is my face red by the end of the class. And I'm sweaty and breathing hard for what feels like FOREVER ... because I'm out of shape and have no stamina.
    But I've made it through a week of classes. And I'll be there this week, too. ... And hopefully, I can keep it up indefinitely! I've got some baby weight (and more) that needs to be sent packing!
  • My Grampy and his wife (so, technically, my step-grandmother, but she's rather young for that ...) came up to visit. Which meant that I got my house clean. We had a nice visit and all went out to dinner.
  • There was a funeral for a friend's father this weekend. Very sad ... I mean, I know that he's not hurting or anything anymore ... But we're going to miss him.
  • The kids got their flu shots on Friday (Bubbles got the first of hers, since the first time flu shots are done in two doses for littles. She goes back next month for her other shot). They did pretty well. Not a whole ton of screaming and crying.
    Saturday, I went to Safeway and got mine ... bringing Bruise and Bucket back with me to see me get mine and if I cried. Which I didn't. However, I told them my tricks: Don't look at the needle. It hurts less. Don't tense up. It hurts less. Don't hold your breath. It hurts less ... AND I got an awesome bandage.
    I was telling the kids that I probably wouldn't get a cool band-aid like they had, since grown-ups usually just get plain ones. BUT!! The pharmacist opened another drawer and let me choose what kind of COOL bandage I wanted. (MUPPETS, all the way. So I sported an Animal bandage on my way out. Oh yes!)
    Now, I need to take the kids along when I donate blood ... so they can see that I can ALSO handle BIG needles. Since immunization needles are dinky in comparison to those ones.
  • Michael and I watched Shuffle last night.
    It was REALLY GOOD.
    Michael wasn't surprised by bits, since he's pretty much Sherlock Holmes and can piece together everything. But the acting was really excellent. So was the soundtrack. The story was well-written ... I cried a bit. (Though I AM due for PMS anytime now, not going to lie.)
    Michael admitted that he ALMOST shed a tear or two near the end.
    But, really, it's an awesome story. I need to buy it.
    If you're wondering what else is kind of like it, if you've seen Validation (with TJ Thyne. The full short movie is on YouTube), it's by the same writer. And I love that one DESPERATELY, too.
    ... Also ... I may have a little crush on TJ Thyne. He just seems to be such a lovely, kind man.
    Reminds me of Michael, I suppose. ^_^
  • I've been getting through some library books. Always a plus. Now, I'll need to return some tomorrow. And pick up another hold.
  • I also have read through the first half of Schooled by Tali Nay. I bought it (1) to support her, since we went to high school together ... and (2) ... to see who I could recognize in the chapters about high school. (I was a year ahead of her in high school.)
    Well, except for the people in her class, I think I recognized almost everyone. And I got a chuckle of some of the name changes ... especially for the towns and schools.
    Mom asked if I found myself mentioned in there ... No. But Tali and I didn't cross paths a whole, whole lot. (Now, the question asked during the kissing scene from Music Man? ... I'll admit that, though not mentioned, that was totally Stevie and me talking. I think it was Stevie who made that remark ... whereas I? I was the one watching and muttering back to her, "Their jaws just moved in sync. Are they REALLY kissing? Like FRENCH KISSING?!?" ... Seriously, Stevie and I should have brought a microwave to have made popcorn as we analyzed. Gosh, it makes me miss her and the rest of the Comedy Troupe SO DANG MUCH when I reminisce like that. *sigh*)
    Now, I need to read through the second half of the book, where Tali's gone off to college ... and I won't recognize ANYONE, since we didn't attend the same college at all. But her writing is fun, so it'll be nice. I just won't get to feel all sneaky and tabloid-trashy reading it. ;P
I think that's about everything ... everything fit to print. Ha ha.

Yeah. At least, for now.

Oh, in other (NOT) news, I totally LOVE the Essie "Penny Talk" polish. I had it on my fingers last week. I had to redo my toes ... so now my toes are all pretty and shiny. Why is "Penny Talk" never in stock at the local Target? And why does it have to be a limited release?!?!?!??? Because, if I had a bazillion dollars, I'd totally be stocking up on it RIGHT NOW.
Just sayin'.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

About Bubbles

Now that Bubbles is six months old, I should write about her, shouldn't I?

Nicknames (besides Bubbles): Munchkin/Munchie/MiniMunch, SmellyNelly, Droolers

Overall personality: Amiable. She's a very, very cheerful girl. Strangers (and friends) remark on how smiley she is.

She's a good nurser and falls to sleep easily. ... She doesn't STAY asleep as well as I might wish, but it's pretty cute when she's ready for nap (and I FINALLY pick up on it). I'll lay her down and put a blanket on her. She'll grab the blanket, plunk a thumb in her mouth, and roll over, ready to sleep.

She loves to try new foods. She gets miffed if I'm eating and don't offer her food.
Of everything we've offered her, she likes almost everything. Except purees (I gave her a banana-zuchini-amaranth puree. She will eat some. But she's not enthusiastic about it) and fresh raspberries. She also didn't seem to love the Tempura sweet potatoes that I gave her (she liked the other tempura vegetables, though).

However, she does like tortillas, bread, mashed potatoes, chicken, yakisoba, chicken Shawarma gyros with tomato and tzatziki sauce, and basil leaves (out of my turkey pesto panini). She also likes chicken and wild rice soup and Creme au Caramel Rooibos tea. She will eat those puffs that they make for babies. She doesn't seem to have a real preference as far as the flavor of puff is concerned.

She refuses to drink out of a bottle. She prefers to drink out of a cup, when offered, but will accept a sippy cup.

She loves bath time.

She likes to be held. As constantly as possible.
But she can handle being set down. As long as she can SIT, not lie down.

She gets VERY excited when Michael comes home and will fuss until he holds her.

She loves music.
Right now, though, it appears that dubstep is a favorite genre. If I put on a Skrillex song, she'll start, mouth agape, at the computer for the whole song.

She managed to pull herself into a sitting position in her bassinet/pack'n'play today.
I went into our room and, there she was -- sitting there and grinning at me.

She laughs ... but it sounds a lot like her cry.
She coughs for attention.
She doesn't care for her car seat ... unless we're in motion. And sometimes, not even then.

She likes that we wear her. Michael has a carrier that he used with Bruise and Bucket.
I use a sling or my Moby (which are more comfortable than the carrier that I used with Bruise and Bucket).

Bubbles is getting really close to crawling. The kiddos' toys won't be safe for long.
Neither will Freyja-cat.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


... My kiddos are growing up.

They kept telling me that a grown-up had to meet them at the bus until they were, like, nine or eight or ten or so.

Well, I called up the bus barn and asked.
(I also asked about the bus being 20 minutes late on a regular basis. Got some answers. It's nice to be in the know. ^_^)

Since they're no longer in Kindergarten, they don't have to have an adult there to meet them.

So I let them walk to the bus (all the other kids had already headed out, so it's not like they were there on their OWN).
I will probably walk them to or meet them at the bus. But it's nice to know that I don't have to be OBLIGATED to wait 20 minutes in the rain. ^_^

Yesterday was ... okay. I still am a bit hormonally-insane.
But I Visit Taught one gal (and our babies squawked at each other. Bubbles and her son will be in Primary together. So that'll be fun). Took her a little prezzie (a small lotion and hand sanitizer), since her birthday's next week.
Later, in the evening, I dropped by another VT sister's place to drop off her birthday prezzie, since her birthday was yesterday.

I mentioned, right (?) how Bucket, Bruise, and I are in a friend's wedding ... Well, Bruise'll get his suit today. And I'll run it by the bride for her approval.
My dress came in ... the shoes may or may not work (the MOH and other bridesmaid aren't wild about heels), so we'll see about that.
Bucket's dress was ordered a couple weeks ago. It was supposed to go through processing in one day and then ship.
After eight business days went by, I was getting ANTSY!!
So, I emailed the company (Mom was impressed by my letter. Seriously, if you need to write a business/complaint letter? I'm your girl, apparently! :P) ... they emailed back saying that the dress was backordered until Thursday, but I should receive it by the 21st (still before the wedding. Phew!!).
THEN, about five hours later, I receive notice that it's been shipped.

... Okay, when I ordered the dress, I looked to make sure it wasn't backordered.
I'm thinking that I got a automated-type reply letter while someone checked into WHY my order hadn't processed ... then they got that puppy OUT.
I'm not bothered.
It's WAY better than when Mom and I ordered a bento box for Bucket's lunchbox and it NEVER SHIPPED. Since it was coming overseas (not just from the next state, as in this case), we had to wait and wait and wait.
Thankfully, that company refunded our shipping and we got another (not QUITE as wonderfully adorable, but still very nice) bento box for my girl. So it all worked out there, too.

Besides that, I've tried to clean up the house a little.
My mom's coming up today ... which is great. We've missed her, since she wasn't able to come up last week.

The kids'll get home early from school tomorrow. That'll be nice.

I had a talk with them about how, when I meet them at the bus, I'd REALLY APPRECIATE IT if they'd walk with me, instead of racing off to the house. Because, well, I miss them. I'd like to talk to them.

I ALSO had a talk with them about how the neighbor girl is trying to invite herself over while we're getting ready for church (on the pretense of holding Bubbles ... but, well, during that time? I'm usually running about, in my skivvies, trying to shove brekkie at the kiddos and bolt something down my gullet, nurse the baby, slap on my make-up, and throw on clothes) AND/OR AFTER church for lunch.

Seriously? I understand (and am flattered) that she wants to spend time with my kids.
BUT ... I NEED some time with my kids and husband. And Sundays are ... well, they're our (usually) less busy weekend day.
It's the ONE DAY when we have a few hours all together to relax and unwind together.
Sad that with Michael's bi-weekly early-morning meetings and my choir practice in the evenings, I consider Sunday to be our downtime.
(Sunday, day of rest ... My eye!)

Still, I informed the kiddos that they can let her know that Sunday is our family day.
They're in school almost all day Monday-Friday. Daddy barely gets to see them. I barely get to see them, especially when they're running around playing with the neighbor girl.
Saturday is usually our errand/fun-stuff day ...
I NEED Sundays to be our family day. They can play with the neighbor girl during the week. They see her at school ... I need to see my kids, too.

Yes, I've become quite an introvert. I need time to NOT be "on" as the mom, providing snacks and meals to other people's kids ... when I'm WRACKING my BRAIN to get meals put together that my kids will eat.

I do feel selfish about it ... but, really, I need some sleep and some quiet and .... yeah.

And I DON'T appreciate some eight-year-old TELLING me that she'll come over and impose on the downtime that I NEED.
(If Michael has to make a visit? I have lost ANY opportunity to take a nap, since I don't feel it'd be at all responsible to leave all the kids unsupervised. ... If it's just my brood? I could possibly get Bubbles to nap, let the kids watch a show or have them rest, and I could get a nap. But NOT if there's a neighbor kid over.)

So, as this girl is telling me that she can come over early (last time's early? 7:30 AM. ... We leave for church at 8:30. I had to answer the door in my robe.) and stay until the late afternoon, I just slap a smile on my face and tell her that I'd have to talk to Michael about it, but that morning DEFINITELY won't work, since I need that time to get ready.
(Seriously, I don't feel it's right to be in the shower or getting dressed while my kids and a friend are unsupervised. Even if it were their cousins over, I wouldn't feel right about it at all.)

But, yeah. That's most of what's going on.

Time to get a shower ... and start being productive.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bonus feature du jour

I had a crazy dream last week.

I was sitting in the bathroom.
I was combing my hair.
I started combing my eyelashes with the same brush.
Then I noticed that the brush was CRAWLING with head lice.


I woke up.
Nearly made Michael check my scalp right then.


I hate lice.

We don't need no steenking titles

What's happened since I blogged last?

Um ... I'll try to remember!

Friday was my dad's birthday. The kids and I called him up and serenaded his answering machine.
He enjoyed that.
L (for all purposes, my stepmom) appreciated me calling. ... So that SHE knew it was his birthday.
(She'd been celebrating his birthday all week, since she wasn't sure of the day. Ha!)

Dad did ask me, in our phone call this morning, who said "cha-cha-cha!" at the end of the birthday song.
THAT'D be Bruise.

(Seriously, the boy has taken to singing about everything. Bucket begged him to sing in the shower. He happily obliged, SINGING LA-LA-LA AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS! And he'll sing while playing with Legos or playing on the Wii ... Guess he's just got a song -- or twenty bazillion -- in his heart.)

Michael got home LONG before the kids, since Friday's his short day. We looked at websites and went to the mall (I picked up some treats for my Visiting Teaching sisters who have birthdays this month) and bought him a vest. Then we went to Dairy Queen and got Blizzards. Bubbles tagged along for the ride. She wasn't about to take a nap and let US get one, too. Oh well.

The kiddos got home (Bucket was in TEARS because she was put on the other bus. Apparently there are too many students to fit on one bus for the ride home ... so all her friends were on the other bus.) and ran out to play with their friend.

Saturday, we went to a little ceremony-thing for the end of the summer's scavenger hunt-thing. There were door prizes. Bruise REALLY wanted to win the GRAND PRIZE (even though he didn't know what it was). The kiddos both got books as door prizes. Bucket was thrilled. Bruise ... not so much.
Michael and Bubbles were on the other end of the crowd.
Michael sent me a text:
dare you to yell out "i volunteer for tribute"

I replied:
It only works if they call out PRIMROSE EVERDEEN!

(See our different texting styles? I capitalize. He uses quotation marks.
I think he wins.)

So, no, I didn't do it. I tried to convince Bucket to do it.
No dice.

However, I WOULD totally go into Starbucks and order a drink (for the second time in my life -- hey, I just don't get in there often! And they have drinks that aren't coffee.) and have them call out "Primrose Everdeen" JUST so I could shout "I VOLUNTEER! I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!"

And, if I wasn't in the mood to do that, I could always say that my name is Voldemort.
And see if they'd call out "He-who-must-not-be-named."

I mean ... either way, I'd have a better chance of having my "name" be pronounced correctly, no?

And those aren't original ideas. But I like them.
I like them VERY much.

Soooooooooooooooo ... after the drawing, we took the kids to a Renaissance Faire. They had fun. Bucket got a coin-belt ... like a belly-dancing belt-type scarf-belt. Bruise got a wooden short sword. (He's apparently building up an arsenal of wooden weapons. He VERY MUCH wants a Knight's shield next.)
I looked at costume apparel ... but I wasn't about to spend around $300 for an awesome costume.
Though, I almost bought a lace parasol ... and a sandalwood fan.
And, if they'd had a good hat, I might have been tempted.

The kids ate bangers (well, not Bubbles. Choking hazard.) and Michael and I had chicken swarma gyros. (Bubbles ate bits of mine. She liked the pita bread, tzatziki, chicken, and tomatoes. Kept trying to grab for it while I ate. Didn't help that I was wearing her in the Moby, so she was RIGHT THERE.)

We took the kids to DQ to get their Dilly Bars (they each got coupons, even Bubbles) for the Summer Reading Program.
Bubbles enjoyed her Dilly Bar ... until she got brain freeze.

Sunday ... I was so exhausted. I haven't been sleeping well. Especially since Bubbles wakes up at least once during the night and demands a feeding. And I don't sleep that deeply with her in the bed.
We took the neighbor girl to church (I was SORELY TEMPTED to stay home and try to sleep. But I knew it wouldn't be fair to foist FOUR CHILDREN and no milk onto Michael for three hours).
Bubbles wasn't napping, so I didn't even try to make it to Sunday School. And I had to absent myself for most of Relief Society to feed her and walk her around (culminating in darting into the cleaning supplies closet, where it was dark and quiet, so I could hum this girl to sleep. LOT of Sondheim tunes going on there). Once she was asleep, I headed back to RS for the last, what, ten minutes or so.
Then I went to get the kids and Bucket JUMPED, ROARING into the hallway ... which woke up Bubbles.
I really could have slapped her upside the head.
But I didn't.

Between Michael and I, we got the kids out to the car. Got the neighbor girl home ... threw some food at the kids ... and I left Michael with Bubbles so I could finish a library book and get a nap.

I succeeded in reading the book.
FAILED MISERABLY in falling asleep.
I was terribly exhausted, but I couldn't fall asleep. I could hear everything in the front room. I could hear the kids as they ran around the house with the neighbor girl ... Michael brought Bubbles in. I fed her and laid her down for a nap. Played on my phone. Fed her when she woke up a couple hours later.
Brought her out to Michael ... cried. Texted the choir director that I wasn't going to be there ("Don't fret. The apocalypse is not yet nigh. See you next week."), took a shower ... we got dinner (first time I ate yesterday), put the kids to bed ... and watched Get Smart (again). Then we headed to bed, fed Bubbles, I took a Unisom and put on a sleep mask/eye cover, and fell asleep.

Bubbles actually slept well until about 5 AM. I fed her and fell back asleep.

We got to the bus on time ... though we weren't ready when my alarm went off for that. But the kids had their lunches (I packed them last night) and I had done their hair.

Talked to Mom and Dad on the phone ... Bubbles and I went Visiting Teaching ... and ... well, here I am.

I think that brings you up to date.

Until I do something productive, pick the kids up from the bus, and we serenade my stepdad (today's HIS birthday) later. And I cook dinner. ... Once I figure out what to MAKE for dinner.

At least the nice thing is that there's not much planned this week. Maybe I can get our bedroom clean (Michael cleaned the living room and the dining room) ... and the kitchen clean. Then I can re-learn how to take naps. Won't that be nice.

I will admit that I'm not wild about the kids not getting home until after 4 last week.
(The buses have been 20 minutes late ALL WEEK last week for drop-off.) ... It just seems to leave NO TIME to do ANYTHING. Really. They get home, play for an hour. We eat dinner and they shower (or not) and go to bed.
It makes me feel like I don't see them at all, really.
And, by the time they get home, I'm exhausted again ... so I can't appreciate them.
I guess that's what weekends are for. *sigh*

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Insert witty zombie-based joke here

It's true. I'm NOT dead.
Though, if you were basing my status off of when I last blogged, I don't blame you for thinking that I might be.

No. I've just been busy. And meaning-to-but-not-blogging.

Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.
(Which is about the extent of the Latin I know. ... If there an online course to study Latin? I'd try to learn in in my spare time ... if I could find any. :P)

Okay, what have I been up to? Let's see ...
  • We visited family (Nana, Mom and Cecil) and the kids stayed down with my mom and Cecil for a few days.
  • I donated blood ... I didn't pass out. But this was the first time that I've never filled a bag.
    Usually I fill a bag really quickly.
    My iron level, by the by, is excellent for a nursing mom.
    Vesper, however, wasn't going to take a nap ... and she was NOT thrilled to be laying on my chest (in the Moby) as I lay on my back in the Bloodmobile.
    But once the realtor in charge of the Blood Drive held her, she was happy as a lark.
    (I was asked if he and I are friends. We have chatted, but I barely know his name. :P But he's good folks. This is the first time he's held Vesper. And she's very amiable.)
  • The kids had a playdate with a friend (visiting from Pennsylvania). It was nice for them ... and for me! I got to chat with their friend's parents. THAT was long overdue. :P
  • We went to the Eric Herman concert (part of a Summer Reading Program).
    JUST FOR YOUR INFO, ERIC HERMAN remarked on what a pretty baby Bubbles is.
    Yes, I am bragging. ... But only because everyone, even FAMOUS MUSICIANS (what? He's doing a concert in New York later this month!) says so. ;D
  • Michael and I took the kids camping.
    Bubbles did remarkably well. Bruise and Bucket got lost once (but we camp at campgrounds. WITH HOT SHOWERS. Because I'm a pansy.), but were quickly reunited with us. AND LEARNED A VERY VALUABLE LESSON ABOUT NOT RUNNING OFF. So it all ended well.
  • Bubbles got to go to the Coast for the first time. She approved. ^_^
  • She also got to try bacon for the first time.
    Yup, that made her happy, too.
  • We celebrated Michael's sister (T1)'s birthday. It was good to see family again.
  • Bubbles is sitting up very well. And loves to eat ... in fact, if you don't offer her food (even if she's JUST finished nursing), she will get upset. And she likes most things that we've given her to try.
    But not fresh raspberries. Could be the texture of the berry ...
  • I sang in the Stake Choir ... the Presiding Bishop of the Church spoke at it. It was a nice experience.
  • I also sang in our (really SMALL) Ward Choir. Again, another good experience.
    It's nice to have a creative outlet ... and one where I get to be a little social, too.
    Helps prevent me from being such a shut-in.
  • Michael had a business trip in Puyallup last month. Just a short one.
    The meeting was on a Thursday. So he got the following Friday off ... and we took the kiddos up to Washington. This is the furthest north they've gone (Furthest south? Bruise and Bucket have been down to San Francisco for my Grampy's wedding reception a couple years ago. Bubbles ... has been to Canyonville, my hometown. Still in Oregon.).
    We (the kiddos and me) played at a park while Michael was in his meeting. And looked around the Puyallup Public Library. (Yes, I saw a library. It was open. I gave us a self-guided tour. I'm secure in my geekdom/nerdery.)
    Then we drove up to Seattle and took the kids to the Seattle Center. They got to look at the Space Needle and go to the Pacific Science Center. Then, after that, we drove to our hotel and unpacked and went swimming. Then out to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory (which we loved!).
    Friday morning, we packed up and went to Pike Place Market. The kids got to see the flying fish and pet the giant piggy bank. We walked down the waterfront and took them to Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe (which was one of my favorite places when I lived in Seattle). They got to see the mummies and the two-headed calf ...
    Then we drove over to the Seattle Temple (my first temple ... I was sealed to my parents there back in '86) and headed home.
    Bubbles was in AWFUL form the way home. She had gas from gnawing on a broccoli floret the previous day and SCREAMEDSCREAMEDSCREAMED until she fell asleep ... for MAYBE a half-hour. Then she's wake up and start all over again. *sigh*
    Bruise had to pee ... CONSTANTLY (he wasn't emptying his bladder at the toilet), so I grabbed a Powerade bottle (20oz, I think) and had him pee in that. TWICE.
    He filled that thing about half way!! ... AND, he was wedged against the mouth of the bottle at one point, so I ended up getting sprayed/splattered with my son's urine.
    Yup. Not even phased. Not one bit.
    Especially because (healthy) urine is sterile.
    Needless to say, even though it was a fun trip, I was GLAD to be home after that hectic drive home (No, I didn't drive. At ALL. I much prefer to be a passenger. And read ... I'm a MUCH better/less-stressed passenger when I'm reading.)
  • We helped clean the ward building (it's done by members of the wards ... it was our turn).
    Then we had an EQ (Elders Quorum) dinner ... which only two other families attended.
    Apparently, there were lots of conflicts. Oh well. We had fun with the other two families there.
  • Bruise, Bucket, and I get to be in the wedding party of one of my absolute besties. Bruise gets to carry a banner. Bucket's the flower girl. I am a bridesmaid.
    (I do find it humorous that I've ONLY been a bridesmaid [and a Matron of Honor] AFTER I've been married. Obviously, marrying Michael increased my cool factor. ;D ... I was a flower girl once when I was little. And I've sang at a wedding when I was in high school. So ... yeah.)
  • The last week before school started ... I don't know where the time really went. Mostly recuperating and trying to catch up on housework (which I promptly fell behind on. AGAIN). That and meeting their teachers at the school Open House.
  • Michael and I took Bruise and Bucket to Enchanted Forest (Bubbles, who's too little, stayed with Grandpa and Grandma). They had a great time. They didn't like the Haunted House (Bucket cried. And we carried both of them through most of it). They loved the rides. Michael even rode on the roller coasters (once each) with us. The kiddos and I went on one of them twice more. It was a fun time.
  • The kids started First Grade on Tuesday. They're enjoying it.
    They have different teachers, so they only really see each other at recess. But they each have their own best friend in their class ... And they're enjoying school.
    And I MADE SURE that we were there ON TIME to actually CATCH the BUS the first day of school. PHEW.
    Wasn't going to repeat THAT.
    Still, it's really odd to have Bruise and Bucket GONE for nearly a full third of the day.
  • Bubbles had her sixth-month appointment this morning. Her doctor remarked on what a happy, personable baby she is.
    And she took her immunizations (three shots, since I opted to have her get a flu shot) very well. Once I picked her up, she stopped crying and started snuggling.
    (Also, the kids pediatrician was VERY IMPRESSED that I pronounce "Puyallup" correctly.
    And he complimented Michael and my production of such beautiful children.
    Yeah, I'm going to be coasting on THAT compliment for a while. ^_^ It's nice to have a talent.)
Besides that ... I'm working at cleaning the house while the kids are at school. I'm terribly behind on sleep.
Bruise and Bucket (ESPECIALLY BUCKET) were tired after school (and then playing outside with their neighbor-friend) on Tuesday. Bucket was so cranky and emotional ... and I was, too. I ended up crying in the car on the way home from our grocery-shopping trip ... The last straw was when I opened the bag of meat-sticks for Michael ... and they all fell down on the floor of the van. Oy.

Bubbles is to the point where I need to entertain her when she's awake ... and that makes cleaning the house a bit harder. Especially since Bruise and Bucket (my pinch sitters, when I need to -- oh -- make dinner, take a shower, take a nap, clean the house ... all those kinds of things) are in school.

I also want to get the house better organized and clean. Wish me luck, since it's taking all my motivation just to do BITS of cleaning. Still fighting off the ants. And flies. And fruit flies.
I have a few spiders living in the corners above the shower ... but they're earning their keep. So we have a mutual agreement of non-aggression.
(Unlike the spider that was skittering about in the bathtub last night. Michael killed it and then wanted to flush the arachnid corpse ... while I was on the toilet. ... Then he didn't see WHY I WOULDN'T POSSIBLY ENJOY emptying my bowels WHILE having my dainty bits HOVERING over a spider-filled clump of tissue. ... And, well, if you're not WILD about spiders, I'm sure you understand.)

Bruise has been allowing me to do his hair. He'll ask for Draco Malfoy hair (gel-slicked back with a part on the right), Captain America hair (same, but the part's on the left), or Hawkeye hair (gelled back with NO part). He tells me that I will be giving him Doctor Who hair (Tennant, not Smith) tomorrow.

Bucket's bangs kept falling into her eyes, instead of staying back by her ears, so I've taken to using the flat iron to set her hair all to the back and sides. After a few days of that, all I have to do is gel or spray it into place. Phew! ... I didn't realize how much I WASN'T seeing her eyes! And she does have very pretty eyes.

Michael and I finished watching Season Two of the BBC Sherlock. I think I NEED to buy both seasons.
And The Avengers and Brave and The Hunger Games.
(Also, Benedict Cumbersnatch has very striking looks ... but ... I don't find him very attractive. He's a terrific actor, though.)

Okay ... I THINK that should have you all caught up on my life.
I hope.
Especially because I can't think of anything else to add.
And I'm really tired. 

Counting ...

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