Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Here's a blog. Hope you're happy.

Yeah, it's not my best moment at present.

I woke up about six to Bubbles spitting up ALL OVER MY CHEST. Yum! (Not. Not at all "yum.") So I jumped in the shower and Michael put her in the swing.

Since then, she's spit up all over a CUTE outfit ... and had her first blow-out in another cute outfit.
So, now that I have her in a NOT CUTE outfit, I'm sure that she'll be as clean and fresh as an ocean breeze.

However, she was very sweet and happy when she woke up and during her bath this morning ... so there's that.

Dad and L came and visited yesterday. That was nice. I managed to get things cleaned up (with LOTS of Michael's help the day prior).
Our house was smelling weird. I assumed that it was dishes or under-the-stovetop or the sink in the laundry room.
Nope. It was that Freyja-cat peed on the unfolded, clean laundry that was taking over the old couch.

So THAT'S been re-washed. And ... yeah.

Last week was our first week with me running solo during the day.
Monday was Bubble's two-week appointment.
She's gained over a pound since we went home. That was nice. And she's healthy. Always a plus.
Bruise and Bucket were very well-behaved.
We also found out what's causing Bruise's skin issues ...
He's got this condition ... wait for it ... DRY SKIN.

Yes, that's the official diagnoses. His skin just doesn't produce enough oil to keep it moisturized. So, hey! My rubbing almond oil into it? Perfect! Yay for trusting my instincts!

The kids brought home their report cards. Everything's looking good. They do need to put more effort into PE ... but, besides that, things are looking good.

Michael and I celebrated our anniversary (can you believe it? 11 years!) this weekend. Mom C watched the kids ... well, Bruise and Bucket. She would have watched Bubbles as well ... except that I wasn't aware that was the plan that she and Michael had made. So I didn't have anything to feed her while we were out (that would have been about 7 hours. Yeah ...), so we didn't go see The Hunger Games.
Instead, we went to Target. And Red Robin. And Safeway. And Baby Depot.
Yup, we just go CRAZY WILD.
Also, we had stopped at home ... and while Bubbles slept, I pumped some more milk. Now I have, like FIVE ounces saved up. Yeah. That's not much at all, really. Because I usually am just too dang tired to sit for 20 minutes and hand pump with the Medela attachment that I got last pregnancy. Yeah.
(Also ... WHY THE CHICKEN are electric pumps so crazy expensive? Just wondering.)

I know that we did stuff on Saturday ... but I really don't remember WHAT. No idea. Oh well.
Sunday was the usual ... get up, get dressed, church, come home, chillax ... and a frenzy of cleaning there while I had ANY amount of motivation.

I finished my library book yesterday night. Since I thought it was due yesterday. It's due today. YES! I finished it (BARELY!) before its due date. Go me!

Then, like I said, Dad and L came to visit yesterday.
Then I jetted the kids over to the pediatrician to check out Bucket's eye.
(She had a BIG, spontaneous nosebleed at school Friday. And again (but not as bad) late at night. AND one eye was all RED. Looked like pink eye, which I treated on Saturday. Just to be sure she wouldn't be contagious to the kids in Sunday School.)
Dr. R pronounced that her eye looked good ... and we could stop the eye drops. AND I got a prescription for another bottle ... so that, if we EVER get it again, we have medicine on hand. (Last year? Bruise caught it from the cousins at Grandpa C's funeral. And then Bucket came down with it the next day ... as did I. Then I caught it AGAIN the next month from one of Michael's brothers at another family function. *sigh* No, I'm not bitter ... I just really, really, REALLY hate pink-eye.)

By the by, I DID treat Bucket's eye with a squirt of breastmilk. And I got Bubble's eyes, JUST IN CASE.
Bubbles didn't get it at all ... and, really? Bucket's eye did drastically improve within 24 hours. Yay for lactation!

We're two days into Spring Break ... and Bucket was eating (dry cereal) on the couch. When she could totally see and hear the TV from the table. So I blew up and told her to finish eating and go take a nap for time-out. And that I REALLY didn't feel like making her any more food today, since I couldn't trust her to eat it where she was supposed to.

... AAAAAAAAAAND, apparently, I'm a liar.
Bubbles JUST spit up all over herself. In the not-cute outfit.
I look at her, in the swing, and she's got spit-up all over one shoulder and down her arm.

Oh, by the by? I don't know if this child will take a bottle ... which makes it just as well that we didn't leave her with her Grandma. Michael tried to give her a bottle (with water) to tide her over while I was out visiting a friend ... She (Bubbles, not my friend. My friend doesn't need a bottle. Nor would Michael feel impressed to try to administer one to her) was NOT impressed. So, yes, they were both glad to see me when I got back home.

But, yeah. We need to go to the library. There are books that I want there. And I have holds. And I need to turn in my book. And the kids want to check out DVDs ... But, goodness ... I'm so tired. Even though Bubbles did sleep for nearly five hours last night. I still am exhausted.

And the kids REALLY want to go to play at the park. ... So, of course, the weather report says that it's going to be rainy ALL WEEK LONG. Joy.

But, something I get to look forward to ... I ordered nursing bras. I hope they arrive soon. And that they fit well. So I'll have a couple cute and completely functional bras. That'll be nice. And I got them on sale, even. Yay for coupon codes!! ^_^

But, yeah, if you need me, I'll be changing my youngest's clothes. AGAIN.
And doing laundry.
And wanting a nap. Oh, so badly.
And trying not to yell. Ugh.
Sometimes, it'd be really, really nice to have a pinch hitter during the day.
(When Michael's home, it's so much easier. I DO have the opportunity to take a nap or go soak in the tub or something. Oh well. Not so much tonight, since he has a meeting. But it shouldn't be terribly long. Thank goodness!)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

For what it's worth ...

I think it's kind of funny/adorable when people ask me if Bubbles is "a good baby."

I mean, what does one respond?
She's only about a week-and-a-half old ...

So I try and give an honest answer:

I think she's a good baby. I mean, I haven't seen her dropping gang signs or spray painting graffiti anywhere ...

And, well, then ... whoever asked me in the first place gives me an interesting look.

Not that I can blame them.

In other news, last night, there was a three-hour stretch that Bubbles slept through.
The night before gave us a five-hour stretch ... but we were awake for one of those hours (reading and waiting for her to wake up ... which she didn't. Obvs).

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kids are funny ...

Bruise and Bucket have been SORELY testing Michael's and my patience these last few days.

(Like the dental floss incident? And today, as Michael took them Home Teaching with him, they were RUNNING from chair to chair. And Bucket, when told that NO, she COULDN'T play on this tablet ... well, she bent Michael's thumb back and was all, "I'm not going to stop until you let me play with it." Then, when THAT didn't pan out for her, she started kicking him in hopes that he'd give in. Which he does not.

My husband does NOT submit to the demands of terrorists. Even when they're our own little terrors.)

Bruise and Bucket had a lengthy time-out.

After that time-out, they did their homework.
Then we let them play on their own.

Bruise, at one point, emerged from their room and announced that he and Bucket were playing "Pirates" (of the Caribbean) and HE was the "guy with the testicles."

"Um ... WHAT?" I sputter, sure that I must have misheard him.

"What?" he asked.

"You said what? 'The guy with the WHAT?'"

"Testicles. On his face."

At this point, I realize what exactly he's talking about. ...

Disney would want you to know that those are NOT how my son described them.
This is a family show, y'all.
 "TENTACLES, [Bruise]. They're called TENTACLES. Not testicles. ... Squid and Octopi have TENTACLES. Testicles are different. And Davy Jones has TENTACLES on his face. TENTACLES."

And Bruise now knows (and says) that they are TENTACLES.

Because, at first ... well, I was trying to figure out what kind of ship (ha ha. Pun alert!!) Disney and Lego would be running ... putting testicles on some poor character's face. On a kids' game, even!

It's for reasons like this that we consistently refrain from damaging our children.
(Though, in all candidness, I DID talk to the kiddos during their timeout. I told them how DISAPPOINTED we were and how DISRESPECTED they made us [and a family friend] feel. I also made the point that what they did -- being squirrelly and NOT listening or obeying -- was NOT a way to show love and respect for people ... how it was more of a Satan-led choice [as opposed to showing people how Heavenly Father and Jesus would have them be treated].
And I DID cry. Not JUST because I was lecturing them. I try not to be emotionally manipulative.
But, hey, that amount of disappointment and frustration mixed with the sublime cocktail of hormones? It was rather inevitable.
But, no, I haven't sold them to the zoo. Or the circus. Or the gypsies ... Though, honestly? At times it might be preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeety darn tempting.
But I love them most times ... So I keep them.
[Okay, I love them always and forever, really ... but that doesn't mean that sometimes I wonder about straitjackets or something. :P])

Okay, Miss Bubbles is waking up from a milk-induced nap.
I like it when she smirks in her waking-up stage.
But now she's started squawking. Better change and feed her ... keep her happy.
Maybe she'll be an easy child. A tractable, sweet one ...

Or, hey, maybe she'll end up being the type that lets me know that if she had arrived first, that we would have reconsidered EVER having any more. (Oh, goodness. I really, really hope not. But I have to be aware of that possibility.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bubble's Birth Story

Due to popular demand ... and, really, there is also the fact that this is my journal ... here's the story of Bubbles' birth.

[TMI ALERT: I figure that this is my blog. And, well, I can handle y'all knowing what all went on in this birthing experience. If you are weak-stomached or very sensitive ... you might want to NOT read this entry. Just giving you a heads-up.]

Bubbles' gestation, as you already know if you've been reading along for the whole journey, has been ... interesting.  I mean, I had the joy of a kidney stone ... and then there was the whole "I'm breech! I'm vertex! I'm breech again! Hey, you had an external version ... and then I turned breech on you! Next visit I'll be vertex!" excitement ... Yes, it was exciting.

And, of course, it was different from Bruise and Bucket's birth in many ways:
  • Only one fetus in there ... in my GINORM uterus with TONS of amniotic fluid.
    Yup, Bubbles had her own personal Olympic-sized swimming pool.
  • I didn't have preeclampsia this time. Which was LOVELY.
    Even though my feet were NASTY-SWOLLEN. Up to mid-calf.
    And I had elevated uric acid levels and low red-blood cell count ... but, hey! My liver enzymes were NORMAL! WOOT!! ... So I didn't have to be on MagSulfate (I HATE that stuff. You feel like crap. And you have to stay longer in the hospital. *sigh*) this time.
  • Once Bubbles turned and STAYED vertex, I was able to know that I could stay in the labor and delivery room the WHOLE TIME (well, until she was born. Then, since the hospital was still REALLY FULL, we got moved to a postpartum room.
    Seriously, when I say RIGHT AWAY, I mean it. They got me up to pee, cleaned me up (The bed and the bathroom looked rather like cut-scenes from an episode of CSI), and then after we changed my hospital gown, I was wheeled down to our new room.
    Still, that's WAY better than being wheeled, in labor, to the surgical room (JUST IN CASE), having to heft my giant, swollen self -- BETWEEN CONTRACTIONS -- into THAT bed, giving birth, getting BACK into the OTHER bed, being wheeled back to the original L&D room, then trying to pee and almost passing out (and puking. No almost on THAT one.), then laying in bed while hooked up to that MagSulfate drip. Ugh.
  • And there was the fact that last time, I was induced at 36 weeks (due to preeclampsia).
    This time I would have been induced at 39 or 40 weeks ... but I (1) had a little girl that turned breech RIGHT AFTER a version and then (2) kept getting bumped since the hospital was full of ladies whose cervixes actually cooperate with them. *sigh* ... So I was overdue by a week.
[OH GOSH. WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS?? Bucket got up to go potty. Then I hear the kiddos freaking out. She had tied dental floss AROUND BRUISE'S NECK.
THE HELL?????????
Michael's dealing with it. ... Sometimes ... I just ... I just don't understand my children.
And it's truly amazing that they are still alive. And not because I sometimes have the urge -- WHICH I DO NOT GIVE INTO -- to gleefully throttle them.
I mean, really ... what if Bruise hadn't freaked out?? He could have been REALLY hurt.
That REALLY ticks me off. I mean ... I am NOT going to break my record of NOT having my kiddos survive.
In the last three years, I've already lost two cats and a hedgehog. That is my LIMIT.]

Okay ... back to the birth story.

So, there I am ... at 41 weeks. Michael and I go in Friday morning to be admitted (FINALLY) for my scheduled induction.
Since, obviously, my contractions aren't doing anything. I'm dilated to 2 cm. Not effaced.
My cervix is soft ... but that's about it.
And, yes, I can talk and walk through those contractions. Even when they're regularly occurring.
(I still don't know if it's just that I have wussy contractions or if I just have some mutant ability where pain doesn't affect me as much as other people. Who knows?)

I get checked in at 9 AM. I'm admitted and hooked up to my IV. Pitocin, saline, and antibiotics are started at 10:40 AM.
(I tested positive for Group B Strep this time. My first words on discovering this were, "Honey, I don't know how this happened. I haven't slept with anyone else. I swear." ... Last I had read, Group B Strep was listed as an STI. And I know that I hadn't changed my partner. And that I could trust Michael.
Turns out that, hey, Group B Strep is part of one's "natural flora" down there. It comes and goes. I just didn't have an active "bloom" last delivery. Who knew?)

We mostly just hang out (I lay in the hospital bed, getting up to pee, and watching Animal Planet and TLC on TV) ... Not a whole lot is happening.
Mom and the kids came to visit after school ... not that I had a baby to show them. *sigh*

Around 5:30, my doctor checked me again. ... Dilated to 3.5 cm, still no effacement.
I'd been on that Pitocin drip for nearly six hours!
For 1.5 cm!!
So, she reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeached as far as she could reach to attempt to strip my membranes.
And, golly, but it was very wet ... since, in the process, my water broke.

"Ha! You can't send me home now!" I gloated.
Yes, that was my first thought. That I couldn't be sent home.

After that, the Pitocin seemed to pick up a little more.
I asked for a dose of Fentanyl around 6:30 or so, since I was in a bit of discomfort.
And, really, if I'm birthing in a hospital, I might as well NOT be experiencing loads of pain.
Around 7:30, I asked for an epidural.

It took two tries to get it placed.
That first attempt?
Obviously, we weren't in the right spot ... The anesthesiologist poked the needle in, my right leg swung up and it felt like someone had slammed my calf with electric porcupines.
(By the by, don't you agree that "Electric Porcupines" would make a good name for a band?)
And tears streamed down my face. I don't know that I was in THAT much pain ... but, golly, I wasn't comfortable. And I was TRYING SO HARD to stay still.
But, hey, that second attempt? It was successful.
And I was NUMB from the bottom of my ribs down to my puffy feet. 

So, we just went back to waiting. And waiting.
And I had an internal monitor (to measure the contractions accurately) and a catheter installed ... since, well, I wasn't going anywhere.

There was an episode, I don't remember what time ... maybe around 9? 10? ... where my blood pressure (which was a little high coming in) dropped.
It had gone from around 140/85 down to 110/50.
But, hey, now I know for sure that when I've given blood and started to feel dizzy and nauseated and clammy? That's because my stupid blood pressure just took a total nose dive.
We rolled me over and I held a cool, wet washcloth to my forehead.
I did NOT throw up.
And I started to feel better after a while.

Around 11, just about the time that Michael had nodded off, my contractions were getting stronger. And the magic button (Yes, I had one of those epidurals that you could give yourself a little "sumthin' sumthin'" ... but only once every 20 minutes ... NOT. FREAKING. ENOUGH ... when you needed to take the edge off.) was not doing its job.

I was starting to moan a little. And I woke Michael up around 11:30.
He came and stood by me and held my hand while I curled my (mostly numb and tingly) appendages and gripped the side of the hospital bed and did my yoga-breaths and tried not to moan too much during contractions that just kept coming.

Around 11:40, Bev (my nurse for the night) came in.
"Bev?" I asked plaintively, "I think I may have made a mess in the bed. I'm not totally sure, since I can't really FEEL it ... But I think that I did. And I'm really sorry."
She lifted up the sheets. "Hey, that's okay!" She chirped.

"That means that, yes, I did." I would have hung my head in shame if I hadn't been in that strange, timeless, odd space that I had reached. "I'm sorry."

But she got me cleaned up and checked on me again around ten minutes later.

"Bev? Um ... I think that I feel the need to push. ... And I don't know if I'm supposed to do that yet."
"Do you want me to check you? See how you've progressed?"
"Okay ... Hmm ... Can I FIND the edge of your cervix? ... Let me see if Dr. M is around. ... Hold on and DON'T PUSH YET, okay?"
"Okay ..."

And, THAT, my dears is how I learned that panting? That's the way to breathe and NOT push.

Thankfully, my doctor had NOT gone home. She rushed in, got my legs situated, Bev put an oxygen mask on me, and we got down to business (But not "to defeat. The Huns. HWAH!" ... Yes, random Disney reference).

Bubbles had worked her way QUICKLY down the canal.
We established that I push most effectively when I hold my breath and bear down. So that's what my job was.
Around three pushes got her head out ... and she had the cord wrapped around her neck.
(I had originally asked for the cord not to be cut until it had stopped pulsing. Since the current studies suggest that, by doing so, it can reduce the chances of the baby having jaundice.)
Dr. M cut the cord asap ... after about two more pushes got Bubbles out.

She was born Saturday, March 3, at 12:10 AM.

They quickly moved my pale, little girl (Well, not SO little, I suppose ... She was 9 pounds, 2 ounces. 21 inches long) to the warmer and got her checked out, breathing, and bundled up ... then back to me in minutes where we started breastfeeding.
(My last worry about her birth had been if she'd have a good latch. She does. She's a good eater. When she chooses to finish a feeding. :P)

While Bubbles was getting warmed up, cleaned out (so she could breathe), and tested, I was getting my stitches and chatting (albeit exhaustedly) with Dr. M.

As she was getting the placenta (and lots of membrane) out, somehow my left foot felt REALLY strange. Like COLD ... So I sat up a little and took a look.
It appeared that, as she squeezed the cord, it had gushed blood all over my foot.
I pointed out that my foot was covered in blood. Dr. M was all, "Oh crap! I can't believe that I did that!"
"Aw, how about you get the other one ... so they'll match."
Yes, that's my post-birthing sense of humor. I get a little punchy, obviously.

Then, after a go at nursing Bubbles, Bev escorted me to the bathroom (and I dripped all over the floor on my way there. Yes. I have no pride.), where I actually PEED and passed gas ... as opposed to last time where I couldn't even make the fifteen-foot journey to the toilet. And I puked from the effort of TRYING to pee.
(When I got to the postpartum room? I totally went poop. ALL BY MYSELF. And it wasn't scary like last time. I knew that I could do it and not rip out my stitches or anything. AWESOME.)

I was given 600mg doses of Ibuprofen ... and I was GOOD. I had to be on the Pitocin drip until the morning. Then I got to be FREE from that IV stand (which made all my bathroom trips SO much easier).

I don't think we got ANY sleep, really, that first night. Not because of Bubbles (well, okay, a bit because of her), but more due to having to move rooms in the middle of the night, having nurses come in to check Bubbles' and my vitals ... Yeah, it wasn't very restful.

Saturday morning, I got a shower before Mom and Dad C came to visit. That helped me to feel a bit more ... human.
Then, Mom and the kids came by to meet Bubbles.
Most of the rest of the day was just spent waiting for Bubbles to have the pediatrician check her out (which ended up happening LATE, while we were sleeping and Bubbles was out, hanging with the nurses so Michael and I could get some sleep). My vitals were looking better and better. And I was feeling fine. I didn't even need any ice packs this time.

Sunday morning, Michael left to get ready for church (he had a lesson to teach). And Dr N (from our kids' pediatrician's clinic) came to check out Bubbles. It was nice to see him. He used to be the the high councilman for our ward when we were in the University wards. And ... well, there is a tenuous relation. (His uncle married my Pop-pop's [grandfather's] niece, if I'm recalling this all correctly.) Regardless, it's always nice to see him.

Thankfully, both he and my doctor gave the okay for Bubbles and me to be released that day. This way Michael would be able to bring me home. And he did. With the kiddos.
And we got home, got unpacked, and had some family come to visit ... And I could tell when I was getting really tired --- Because my stitches would start to get REALLY sore.
Sore enough that the Ibuprofen and the Dermoplast were just not cutting it. Oh well.

The first night home with Bubbles was ... not very restful.
She was having issues with gas.
So, as I've mentioned Mylicon drops are a REALLY GOOD THING to have around.
She's still having some issues, but nothing near as horrendous. 

Her umbilical cord fell off yesterday. It's hard to tell if she'll have an innie or an outie ... But I'm thinking it'll resolve to be an innie.

We went to church yesterday. She slept nearly the whole time. Which was pretty nice.

Okay ... I'm getting REALLY TIRED now. We went up to a friend's to do some newborn photos (and some pictures of Bubbles with us as a family and with just the kiddos). Then we headed back home in awful traffic and rain. I'm so glad that Michael drove. I ended up falling asleep for about the last 20 or so minutes. I felt bad, since I'm sure that Michael's just as tired. Poor man.

Wish us luck (and say your prayers, if you're the type inclined to pray. I'm not going to make you do anything that you're not comfortable with. Because I love you so. No, REALLY.) that we can start to get Miss Bubbles on a bit of a routine. ... I mean, I already feel tons better than I did after I had Bruise and Bucket ... and, to be completely honest, taking care of a singleton? WAAAAAAAY easier than doing it in tandem ...
But still, I'm looking forward to when, a few months down the road, Bubbles sleeps for longer stretches during the night.

Oh! I am not trying to brag here ... maybe this is totally normal for mothers of singletons?
The swelling in my feet is nearly completely gone! (Wearing tennis shoes for a day seems to have helped kick the puff to the curb!! YAY!!) ... I keep looking at my left ankle and noticing how SKELETAL it looks compared to how it looked two days ago.  ... Oh, metatarsals, tibia and fibula ... How I missed you!!
(*sings* Reunited and it feels so good!)
And I'm able to fit into my pre-pregnancy pants. I sport the new-mom muffin top when I wear them ... but there is the fact that they fit about four days after giving birth. I was rather shocked.
(I still wear my maternity pants, though. Because they're COMFORTABLE! ... But I have some extra options now. Which is nice. ... And I can wear my tights again! That made getting ready for church so much easier.)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Introducing Bubbles (previously known as "BabyGirl")

Bubbles in profile with Daddy's hand

Bubbles, looking peeved with the flash, with my pale, pale hand in the back

Our sweet Bubbles

Bubbles (no, that's NOT what she's really named ... though, for a blog name, it came to me within a couple of hours) came into the world after an induced labor and 41 weeks of gestation.

She weighed (at birth) 9 pounds, 2 ounces and is 21 inches long. She had the cord wrapped around her neck as she made her exit from the birth canal, but was in fine shape about a minute after being under the warmer.

Her first APGAR score was a 5 (she was so pale and it took them about 45 seconds or so to suction out her lungs and stomach and get her breathing), but the second score was a 9 ... Yes, she's working at being an overachiever already. ^_^

Why is her blog name Bubbles?
  • It's a sweet name ... just like her.
  • She blows bubbles in her sleep.
  • She's got gas. Mylicon drops are our friend.
    She gets out some great little baby burps ... and some great little baby not-burps.
    That first night at home? She was in quite a bit of pain from all the gas, poor girl. But she's doing better. So we're getting more sleep. ^_^
Her hair was rather dark at birth (Yes, she did have more hair than Bruise or Bucket ... And, yes, it is related to the wild amounts of heartburn that I "enjoyed."), but has started to lighten a little. Her eyebrows are blonde. Her eyelashes were lighter, but have started to darken a little.
When you can see them, past her chubby, chubby cheeks (We think she carries all her weight in her cheeks), they are longer than they appear at first.

When ALL the nurses and doctors comment on how pretty and sweet-tempered your baby is ... Well, it's validating. Makes me feel like I'm not COMPLETELY biased. ^_^
Even though Bubbles had stiff competition for looks (Bucket was gorgeous from the start ... I'm still in awe that these gorgeous kids come out of my ladybits!! ... Glad that I've found a great use for those organs. :P), she's done really well. Her head was nicely shaped, especially considering that she had to blaze her way down the canal after 6 years of not birthing babies. Probably because she stayed nice and high until the last possible moment, really. :P

Bruise, as a proud big brother ... He's so sweet.
"Look at her FINGERS!" He marveled. "They're so SOFT and SMALL!! Oh! There are BONES in them! The bones are so soft!!"

Yeah, I just about melted into a little pile of mush on that.

Bucket is liking being the big sister, too. She's taken her responsibility of, when there's a dirty diaper and she's around (and not in bed or at school), running that diaper out to the outside garbage (and then washing and DRYING her hands).

They (Bucket and Bruise) both like to have an opportunity to hold Bubbles. They like to give her kisses and stroke her soft hair. ... They're not thrilled when she cries, but they know that babies DO cry. And poop. And eat. A LOT.
And they're aware that, when Bubbles starts crawling and walking, that they need to be VERY careful with their toys (We NEED to figure out what to do to help Bruise protect his Lego collection. At least until Bubbles is old enough/big enough for him to teach her how to appreciate Legos. ^_^)

I'll get the post about labor and Bubbles's birth up. Sometime this week.
But, as you can understand, I've been a little distracted. And tired.
(Between blogging and napping?? Well, napping has won out. Or watching episodes of Burn Notice on Netflix with my mom as she's up to help out and make sure the kiddos get plenty of attention. ^_^)
But I WILL get the birth story written up. I promise.
Especially since it has so many differences from Bruise and Bucket's entrance into the world ... Quite a few similarities (both induced, in hospitals, some of the same nurses, both made use of drugs [including epidurals ... Hey, YOU might be able to go all-natural, Earth-Mother. I obviously can't. And I prefer not to withstand pain that I don't HAVE to. I already dealt with a kidney stone two months ago. And, well, I don't care. I just want healthy babies and happy moms. Better living through pharmecutical/medical science gives ME healthy babies and the ability to have them AND be alive. I'm good with that.).

Okay ... now to find the Drano.
I have a kitchen sink that's obviously feeling neglected and needs some extra attention. Stupid thing. *shakes head*
O, the joys of home-ownership! :P

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