Wednesday, February 02, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 2

Day 2 - The meaning behind your Blog name

Well, there are two parts to my blog's name, I guess.

"Blather. Rinse. Repeat." stems from the fact that (and I honestly admit this!) I do blather on and on.

It's true. I can talk a person's ear off.
In high school, in Art Club (which I joined for two reasons: to hang with my friend, Sarah B, and to have the chance to hang with Andy, the guy that I was totally crushing on. NOTE THAT ANY ARTISTIC TALENT WAS NOT ONE OF THOSE REASONS), we were painting the list of clubs/sports around our school's name.
And, since the five of us (No, Andy wasn't there. *tragic sigh*) were getting bored, we started to make up fake clubs that we'd be president of.

The one assigned to me? Allanna's Storytelling Club.

Yup. I still got it. :P

This blog used to just be LlannaLee ... since I couldn't come up with a decent name for it.
But Michael and I were chatting before falling asleep, a few years back, and ... CLICK!
It came to us and it was a great little fit!

Soooo ... the OTHER part (the address part) of my blog is my nickname, LlannaLee.

This is easier to explain. My first and middle names are Allanna Lee.
My mom, when she'd come to wake me up would call me "Lanna Lee."
(Or, when she wanted to annoy me awake, "Wanna Wee." Like baby talk, you know? And baby talk is hella annoying. Just saying. Which is why we only do it in this household IF we ARE babies OR if we're teasing each other.)
This stemmed to other nicknames. ("RannaRee" because my bestie, T, had a Japanese exchange student who'd pronounce my name that way. ... Or "LL" from my Ty-bro.)

But, yeah, it's my name, with the first letter/syllable chopped off. Pretty simple, right?

So, I think that covers it.

Enjoy knowing these random bits of trivia about me!

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