Friday, September 30, 2011

In which I bemoan Call Waiting

SO ... I was helping the kids work on homework yesterday when my uncle called.
And, when he calls, it's for computer stuff.
He doesn't have a computer. He's blind, in fact ... but it's to have me look up stuff on the internet for him -- phone numbers, websites (if they exist), addresses, books -- and it's NEVER a quick little call, bless his heart.

BUT, Bruise was in the middle of reading a book aloud. I was NOT going to interrupt that. I'm not stupid.

And my uncle called back today. Which is fine.

EXCEPT that he's the one who called ME and, not one but TWICE, "Oh, my call-waiting is going off. I'll call you back later."
And I waited around for at least a half-hour for him to finish his conversation with another friend before he called back.

Um ... not to be really a stickler for etiquette, BUT (I'm just going to point out) if YOU call someone for favors ... heck if YOU call a person, wouldn't it be more polite to just ignore that call-waiting and have your conversation? If you think it's important, then BY ALL MEANS, wrap up your call in a speedy manner.

Now, I'll admit that if _I_ was the one who had called HIM, I wouldn't be so peeved about him hanging up and calling me back.
(That's one reason I kinda hate the telephone at times ... I have a niggling worry deep in my heart that I'm always calling at a bad time/that I'm annoying people by calling/etc.)
BUT, if _I_'m the one calling, then SURE, if you need to get the other line, call me back later.

BUT, if YOU call ME ... and then you take call-waiting ... I'm sorry. Unless it's an emergency, you've totally made me feel like maybe you don't really care. Because obviously my time is totally expendable and maybe getting my help isn't any big issue at all.

Just sayin'.

Oh ... by the way, I don't have call-waiting on the regular phone. We're cheap.
It's on my cell phone ... and I don't always use it. I mean, isn't that what voicemail is for?
Besides, I think I can count the times that I've gotten a call-waiting beep on my cell on one hand (if you don't count when I've been leaving a voicemail and then the person calls me back mid-message).

The only real reason that I've noticed for getting call-waiting ... if you have teenagers in your house. Then it's kinda vital. Or if you run a home business or something. And, even then, I might just opt for voicemail and Caller ID.

Okay ... I'll get over this in, like, about 45 minutes. But right now?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's see what all I remember ...

Let's see ... I know that it's been pretty much FOREVER since I blogged last. Sorry.

The kids have forgotten their lunchboxes at school twice (Bucket) and on the bus once (Bruise). They've still kept green cards (no behavioral problems) and are loving school. We're waiting on their first book order to come in ... I think I might be more excited than they are. Ha!

I've been having such strange dreams. In one of them (which I blame on Michael's watching of Season One of Merlin ... and I listen in on parts), I was crusading/questing/whatever with a few of Arthur's knights. And we were exploring trails in a forest or a park. Then we had to start ALL OVER. So I went a different way. And we ended up in a mall. So we went into a store. The cashier/manager was gone, but we were looking ... and I recognized the store from another dream (where I get accosted by a homeless man), so I DON'T go into the back of the store. Instead, I cut across and look at CDs. And there's one called "ExCATabur" with a picture of a mewing kitten on it. And I'm all, "Forsooth, my good men! We have found what we've quested for!" and we don't even BUY it or take it out of the store. But we go to leave. And the manager comes back and he's all, "Hey! Where do you think you're going??" And I lean into him to hiss into his ear, even though he's all sweaty and smelly and looks like a pro-wrestler ... Randy Savage? Is that the one?, "Hey, don't mess this up! I'm TIRED of questing!" or something like that.

Then I've had other weird dreams. Like swim lessons with the kids. And my mom. And the pool keeps draining as she and I are trying to do underwater somersaults, so we keep getting stuck. And there's one of my friends there, teaching a gym class for the Masters' program for teachers. And she has two clones.

Or the one I had last night, where I was playing a card game with friends ... but the cards were SMALL. And it was kinda like MAGIC, but I've never played that. Then Michael and I weren't married ... but we were ... well, let's just say that my mom walked in on us in flagrante delicto ... but there were towels/sheets/some fabric strategically placed. Though it was obvious what was going on. ... Yeah ... I don't know what's up with my subconscious. I don't even ask anymore.

In OTHER NEWS, I got the results from the second/last bit of bloodwork for my sequential marker testing. This kiddo is healthy and isn't showing any signs of Trisomies. Yay!
I also had my teeth cleaned today. Strangely enough, it hurt more than my dental work (all those fillings). Though, I DID have some drugs with the fillings ...

Still throwing up a little. It APPEARS to be ebbing. THANK GOODNESS.
But I'm mostly just tired as a VERY tired, exhausted person.

I got to take pictures of a friend's kitten last night. And I posted them to Facebook for her.
Even though, in the ALBUM DESCRIPTION, I did put "This is not my cat," I STILL had TWO people ask if this was my new cat.
No, no. I just have Freyja. And she already got a rabies shot (yesterday). I'm not going to really turn her world upside down by adding ANOTHER CAT into the abject misery of a day having to have a check-up and a shot (and riding in the cat carrier! HORRORS!).

Besides, since I'm TRYING not to give the baby terrible birth defects from possible cases of toxoplasmosis, I am not supposed to change the litterbox myself, touch strange cats, or get a new cat until AFTER this kiddo is born.

I'm starting to feel the kiddo move a little. It's not a constant or BIG bunch of movements. But it's happening. FINALLY. So I get to assure myself that no, my baby is NOT dead and I DON'T need to worry about it as much.
I'm also having a few Braxton-Hicks. I woke up Sunday morning with my abdomen all HARD ... the muscles had clenched enough that it woke me up. And then it went back to normal ... no biggie.

Bucket is reading. Better than I did at her age, really. And Bruise isn't far behind. But this is a nice development. Yay for literacy!

I roasted a couple chickens Tuesday evening. Normally, I love the smell of roasting poultry ... it smells like Thanksgiving at my Grandma's house. But ... the smell of the chicken grease made me really queasy. Ugh.

I got caught up on washing laundry and doing dishes. That was nice. And I vacuumed.
The kids haven't missed the bus since that first day. Always a plus.
Bruise will be the classroom helper next week.

I think that's really about all the news ... So ... yeah. I'm tired. I don't remember much else to report.
If there is, maybe Michael will comment and tell you what I've forgotten to blog.
Or he'll just jot it down and leave me a note.

But, yeah ... That's it for now.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The last couple days ...

I did not take take a nap. Or do yoga. Or anything else, really. Mostly just hung out online and got caught up (again) on the Mental_Floss blogs and Neatorama. ^_^

So, the kids haven't had their card turned. And, it appears that IF they DID, that if they behave, their card can get back to green. Nice idea.

Tuesday afternoon and evening ... what did I do? Gosh, at this point, I barely even remember ... Oh, I used my Zeno on an inflammation next to my nail (ingrown nail? Hangnail?). It didn't feel very nice. (When I use the Zeno on a zit, it doesn't hurt or feel all THAT hot. This? I was aware. Ow. ... But between that, Michael pulling the hangnail out, and rinsing it with Isopropyl alcohol and using a bandage with Bactarin on it, it's feeling better. Lots better.)

And Michael and I watched clips of Whose Line is It Anyways on YouTube ... laughed until we cried.
This one is my ALL-TIME favorite at present:

I also really recommend the Songs of Horror (or should I say "Songs of HOR-RORR" ... just watch it, you'll understand.)

Good times. Good times.

Also, in full disclosure?
I do still hold Ryan Stiles in a special place in my heart (Srsly, the man has AWESOME taste in shoes.) ... But I've now really become a Colin Mochrie girl. I adore him. He makes me smile. /confession.

Yesterday, Mom and I got the kids to the bus on time, then chilled until my dental check-up (She ran to the store and checked Facebook at the house while I was gone). After I got back (Guess who has two thumbs and a lotta [mostly shallow] cavities??? THIS GIRL!!!!), we went out to lunch (Taco Bell, in case you wondered) and to Bath and Body Works. Then we divvied up lipgloss. And then we waited for the kids' bus to drop them off.

Bucket had, for some reason, eaten school lunch.
She HAD a sack lunch with her ... but ... well, School Lunch was chocolate milk and hamburgers and vegetables. So there was a DISCUSSION about REMEMBERING. (She also had this same discussion with her teacher, too. *rolls eyes*)
And we went to Salem to Motherhood Maternity, where I got three pairs of pants. And we got the kids Gardening gloves (just in time for the service project this weekend!) at The Elephant's Trunk.
Then we STARTED to head home (thanks to Google Navigation) ... and had to stop at McDonald's so Bruise could go to the bathroom and pouty Bucket (because she didn't get a TOY or something THIS shopping trip) got fries. Bruise and I got yogurt parfaits. Mom got a drink (which Bucket got to choose ... because she was THIRSTY. Crazy child. But she was in better [NOT POUTY] spirits then).

And we got home, relaxed and ordered pizza. Which was for dinner and the kids' lunch today. (Their request.) And, after Michael got home (late ... EQ duties. It's good that he can serve), we ate dinner and got the kids to bed after they took a bath.
Mom was impressed that I'm able to read tongue-twistery tales (I was reading one of the Rootabaga Stories). I was especially pleased, since it was one that I'm not that familiar with. ^_^ *preens*

Then we folded laundry while watching Eerie, Indiana. It's been so long since I watched that show. Good times. (Even though, later, while waiting for Bri, I kept falling asleep. I was tired after driving in Salem.)

Bri did come over and got hugs from Mom, Michael, and me (the kids were asleep in bed) and some snuggles with Freyja-cat ... and we got to chat. ... Then we all needed to get to our respective beds. We were all feeling that it'd been a long day. ^_^

And that brings us to today ...
I got up, packed the kids' lunches, did Bucket's hair, and headed out to my dentist appointment (Mom took the kids to the bus and got them on there safe and sound. And fed them breakfast).

I had five small cavities and one large cavity filled. I told my dentist and his assistants, "Let's just get it all done and over with. I promise I'll be a good patient."
I keep my word. The two swabs of numbing stuff (that tastes like menthol cherry ... and then like skunk spray and cherry) along with two shots of Novacaine ... 80 minutes later, I was walking out of there ... feeling like 1/4 of my lips belonged to Angelina Jolie. And I had my five fillings.

The only thing we didn't do is a rebuiling and a crown, since my insurance doesn't cover that.
Or TMJ. So I'll be getting myself a night guard from the store and trying that. Better $20 than $400 ... or over a thousand, if I went the oral surgery route. Since it'd ALL be out of pocket. *sigh*

And I scurried home, hugged my momma before she left, and checked facebook and chatted with Bri online.
Then I ate pizza, once my mouth wasn't numb anymore ... and got the kids off the bus.

And ... I had Bruise read to me. It's wonderful when he realizes that he DOES know how to sound-out and READ words. He's getting so much better. That's a good thing.

Well ... either I do or DON'T have rehearsal tonight. This is a little confusing ... Ugh.
Bri and I are trying to get answers. So I'm closing up.

Picture day tomorrow, btw. Wish me luck in giving my daughter a CUTE hairdo.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The house is so quiet ...

... Because the kiddos are in Kindergarten.

Yesterday was their first day.
And, well, FOR THE MOST PART, it went well enough.

Especially considering that some of my dear friends had their first graders get into fights on the first or second day of school. (These were all separate incidents, mind you. It wasn't some Real Bout Grade School thing, I can assure you.)

SO, we missed the bus. And waited, not knowing we had missed the bus. And waited and waited. And I called the school's office. And the guy who answered told me to wait another 10-15 minutes (which would put us at the bus stop AFTER school started). And the sweet lady who lives by the bus stop came out, in her robe, even!, to tell us that the bus had been by at least 20 minutes ago. *sigh*
So we RAN HOME (and I had found my keys, buried in the bottom of my purse) and JUMPED in the van and SCURRIED over to get the kids in school.
(I had asked, while on the phone, if my kids' late entrance would count against them. And I was assured it wouldn't. Phew!)

And, oh, you should be SO PROUD of me for not losing my shiz right then and there.
But, the kids knew I was upset (And I PRACTICED my DEEP BREATHING so they'd have an example of what to do when you are PISSED BEYOND BELIEF THAT YOU'VE RUINED THEIR FIRST-EVER FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL ... or just upset/frustrated for any reason).

Still, we got them to school maybe ten minutes late. They got their seats and their nametags. They put their lunchboxes away on the wagon. And life was good.
So I went to the car, called Michael, and cried to him about how awful I am that I missed the bus.
(Seriously, though, when we checked the schedule last week, I could have SWORN up and down that it said 8:48 ... it NOW says 8:38. ... And it came today around 8:35).

Awww ... my dad just called me. (He usually just calls on Mondays.) He wanted to let me know that he was watching the news and a gal in Springfield was irate because her kids' bus was CRAZY EARLY, so they missed the bus yesterday, too. So I'm not the only one that does this! ^_^

Another of my friends, the lovely Katie, let me know that on HER first day of Kindergarten, not only was she late, but she went to the wrong class ... and no one noticed for around an HOUR.

So, yeah ... I'm feeling better and able to handle it TODAY.

Also, when the kids got off the bus (I was there about 20 minutes early for it. And it was over ten minutes late. So I got some sun. And did some counting blue cars [not really. But props to you if you get that 90s reference. If not, you can Google it. I won't think any less of you.]), they told me that Bruise's water bottle opened and spilled all over the (carpeted) classroom floor.


And, when I unloaded their backpacks (no homework sheets tonight! They just need to read, read, read every night!), there was a note from their teacher about the incident. (She didn't know that they'd tell me, I guess.)
And I felt AWFUL.
But there was a smiley face on it. Which softened the blow.
And, really, no one EVER said NOT to send a water bottle to school with your kids.
So I will just chalk it up to a learning experience.
To not send Tupperware water bottles in a backpack side pocket, full of water, to school.

Instead, I tucked their Thermos water bottles (well, that's ONE of them. The other is Batman) into their lunch boxes. And this ones are TOTALLY SPILL-PROOF ... unless it's missing a part. Which sucks. But these ones aren't.

So, yeah, I almost broke down SOBBING a few times yesterday. Not because I was worried that my kids wouldn't have fun or that I wouldn't be able to get by without them or that they're growing up so fast (although it IS odd how QUIET the house is with just me and Freyja-cat and the nocturnal Prickle Sisters ... and the kids ARE growing up. And it IS fast how it's happening.) ... No, I cried because I was FRUSTRATED that I was becoming THAT MOM.

You know, the irresponsible one that can't even make it to the bus stop on time on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. The one who sends her kid to school with something that MAKES A MESS ...

However, as L.M. Montgomery said, "Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet."
And, THUS FAR, we've been doing MUCH better.
The kids didn't read last night ... but they read to me this morning. And they'll have to read to me again before they get to watch shows or play the Wii or whatever.
I had their lunches packed and got the finishing bits (yogurt, spoon, ice pack) added this morning.

Yesterday, when the kids got up, Michael made each of them a card, wishing them a happy first day of school. ^_^
I've included little love notes in their lunchpails (yesterday and today ... and I hope to not miss a day ... So I'll need to buy more Post-Its sometime. :P).
So far, things are going well.
Especially when I get them on the bus on time.
However, I do now know that it takes less than five minutes to drive them to school. Even when more than half the lights are against me. And, YES, I DID OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS. (Go me.)

Tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment. Anyone want to guess how much dental work I'll be needing? Since my last dental check-up was ... like ... three years ago? If you're right, I'll totally give you a shout-out. :P

But, yeah ... I've used my time somewhat productively. No make-up, but I did get showered and dressed. Got the kids dressed and hairs done (Bruise's is totes easy ... just comb it. And you barely have to do that. Boys have it easy.). Gave the kids cereal (they also get free breakfast at school. EVERYONE does. But you have to pay for or bring your own lunch. Unless you are on free/reduced lunch. And I haven't done the paperwork for that. Not that I know if we'll be on it at all). Made them read to me. Got their lunches in their backpacks. Got a jacket for Bucket. Got them on the bus. Scurried home and threw a load in the dishwasher. Cleaned up the kids' bathroom. Threw a load in the washer. ... And here I am -- blogging away.

I'm exhausted. After all the emotions of yesterday (Can I blame the pregnancy hormones? And ignore my pride/perfectionism? I can be in denial, right??) and two nights of ... ODD dreams, well ... I'm tired.
Maybe I should take advantage of the quiet and tidy up the living room floor enough to do that Prenatal Yoga DVD from when I was preggers with Bruise and Bucket. ... Yeah, I'm four months along and still haven't done any REAL exercise program. Can I blame it on the fact that I still am often nauseated?
I am still taking one Zofran most days. ... And I threw up ... so much ... Sunday night.
(Note: Tater tots? Delicious ... but they HURT coming up. Just FYI. YOU'RE WELCOME.)

So ... I'm going to wrap this post up. And think about either taking a nap or reading a book or doing yoga (probably not. I'm lazy now.) or something. And ... I'd kinda like that nap. But I'm not in a napping mood. Oh well.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

All the things I haven't blogged ... that I should

So, where did I leave off?

  • I'm still pregnant. I'm not throwing up every day (YAY!) ... but I still am a little ... sensitive that way (BOO).
  • The missionaries never responded to us. I think they're scared of me now. Oh well.
  • The kids' #3 dose of their Hep B vaccine was overdue ... since they had received it too early. Oops. So I had to take them into the doctor's office and have ANOTHER shot for them. They weren't happy.
    But, hey! They had a fun playdate at a park with Otter Pops later, so that was better.
  • The kids ALSO got to go to the dentist.
    I had HOPED that, since we live in a place with Fluoride in the water, they might not have any cavities ... No such luck, bucko. Bruise has at least two (between his front teeth and another by a molar), one that needs a root canal. Ugh. Bucket has a couple that just will need fillings. So we get to be referred to a pediatric dentist. (Good thing = nitrous oxide instead of shots of Novicaine. Bucket doesn't like shots.)
    MY dentist appointment is coming up this week. We'll see how I and my bleeding gums do (Thank you pregnancy. You make me throw up and ruin my enamel AND you also puff up my gum. You heinous cow. Thanks.)
  • We went to the Coast for Labor Day weekend and got to see T1 and K's new place. Very nice house. And they're awesome hosts. Just so you know. We also went to an animal park where we got to pet a baby tiger ... and the kiddos also got to pet a baby jaguar. I got to give a Ring-Tailed Lemur some back scratching.
    (Now I REALLY want to have a Ring-Tailed Lemur for my own. Not going to happen, though. *sigh*)
    We also went to Shore Acres. Lovely place. And we got to splash our feet in the ocean at Simpson Beach. ... COLD WATER. But very nice.
  • The kids had their Kindergarten Interviews ... and got tested for their fluency in English. Then we got Slurpees. Even though Bucket REALLY WORKED at playing shy (As in, she was ON my lap, SQUEEZING my HEAD, as she WHISPERED responses to one of the Language Specialists at the school. UGH.)
  • My dad and stepdad both had their birthdays this week. We called them up and sang "Happy Birthday" to them.
  • Had my first OFFICIAL (not just vocal) rehearsal for Savior of the World. We sat around and read through/sang through the script.
    Oh, I'm no longer playing one of Mary's Aunts. I've been demoted revised to being a townsperson ... they had cast too many aunts and cousins. So most of us got recast as townspeople. So, yeah, I have zero lines instead of ONE line. Not a huge difference. 
  • Michael got a Facebook account!!! Total shocker. But now we're facebook official. And he helps me out when I play Sims Social.
  • I'm weaning myself off of my Zofran ... and I'm doing mostly okay. Lots of heartburn. So this baby better have TONS of hair. (But, I'd hope, not as much as Sasquatch.)
  • I've been having strange dreams ... Last night I dreamt that I made the kids late for their first day of school. A few nights ago, I was acting onstage with Harry Potter and Hermione. We were doing some improvised scene where I was Ron, who'd been turned into a girl. So I pulled the collar of my shirt away from my collarbone, took a peek down, and quipped, "Bloody Hell." The audience found me entertaining. Then I kissed Harry. And then made out with Gred and Forge (The Weasley twins. What? They're funny! That wins me over! ... Dunno WHY I kissed Harry though. Obvs, my dream-self is a kissing whore.)
So, yeah ... that should cover most of everything that's gone on.

Oh ... and Tuesday morning, I colored my hair again. (The light brown had faded ... so I'm now a medium auburn, which is a fun shade.)
And, between washing my face and using my Zeno and an occasional mask, my face is beginning to get all cleared up. PHEW. Although, that MAY have something to do with entering my second trimester.
Yeah, I'm sixteen weeks along now. FOUR MONTHS. Crazy.

So, church tomorrow and getting the kids' lunches together.
Then ride the bus to school with the kids and walk home after I get them settled.

Hopefully their first day is a good experience.
Especially considering that a lot of my friends' kids are getting in fights on the first or second day. :S

Okay ... well, just send good thoughts that my kids will BEHAVE THEMSELVES. I'd appreciate that. ^_^

The things you find yourself saying as a mother ...

Oh, the things that happen when you are WORKING SO HARD to avoid giving into your baser instincts.

I do try very hard to avoid corporal punishment.
This does not mean that I am not tempted. ... Oh, believe me, there are times when I could gleefully strangle a munchkin.
Because I am a grown-up. Because I know better and I know there are other options. Because I don't want to go to prison (though, at times, it might SEEM like a welcome break ... I know that it wouldn't be. And I really do love my children. Even though sometimes, oh my, they make it easier to love them than others.)

SO ... they will not nap. They have timeouts. There is an understanding that they will not leave their room except for potty-breaks and dinner. They are to be IN THEIR BEDS AND QUIET ... not playing.

So, OF COURSE, when we go in there, their stuff is spread ALL OVER THEIR FLOOR.

And it's still there after they have dinner and put on pajamas and brush and floss ...

So I snap.

Do I spank them?

Do I hang them up over a vat of eels and sharks?
TEMPTING, but no. I don't even know where to get a vat, let alone where to procure eels and sharks. And, my brain boggles at the logistics of stringing them up by their toenails over aforementioned vat.
I think I might need to lie down to balance out how much THOUGHT that would entail. Oy.

NO. I threaten to start taking toys away.

"You do not NEED dress-up clothes. You do not NEED stuffed animals. You do not NEED any toys that you cannot keep picked up and put away.
"There are children out there in the world that do not HAVE toys. They do not HAVE Wiis or television or Barbies or Legos. ... They have a STICK and a ROCK. And IF they are LUCKY, they MIGHT get a cardboard box every so often. And they are HAPPY TO HAVE THOSE THINGS."

And I would have kept my composure ... if Michael hadn't had to clap a hand over his mouth, close his eyes, and maintain an expression that is either holding back vomit or laughter.
(It was the second.)

So, Bruise starts to pray.
And I lose it. I'm snickering like a loon on nitrous oxide. DURING A PRAYER.

It's all Michael's fault. I'd have kept my self-righteous pomposity if he hadn't had to fight so much for composure.

... I mean, even now, I can't keep a straight face.

We got the kids to bed and he prods, "A stick and a rock??"

"I WAS THINKING OF CHILDREN IN AFRICA!!!" I pathetically defend my argument.

And then he TRIES to get through that World Aid song ... about how there won't be snows in Africa this Christmas ... but, yeah, about ten syllables into it, he's fighting back laughter as I blow my nose and wipe my eyes at  the ... well, there are no words to describe how ... SPECIAL ... that lecture I delivered to my children really was.

But, my dears, I did have to share it with you.

What's that saying? Something about being able to laugh at yourself ensures that you'll always be entertained?



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