Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The kids were caught up on shots ... except for their flu shot.
There was no record of a current flu shot.

So, Bruise cried ... then, as he hopped off the table, gasped, "That didn't hurt. Only a little!"

Bucket ... screamed in my ear.

They're both healthy ... they'll never be the biggest kids for their age. But their percentiles are consistent. Nothing to worry about.

And library books are turned in.

I also was reading the handbook for their school.
There is no standard that must be met for cold lunches ... so, more proof that the cafeteria helper overstepped her bounds.

Nice to get even MORE validation.

I'm ready for a nap. As little girlie-fetus is turning somersaults in utero. Silly girlie.
(Also, I had to take my anti-nausea pill this morning. I didn't throw up ... but my body was sure trying to. Just wasn't bringing up anything. Not even the water I had drunk shortly before. Crazy body.)

In other news ...

So, where did I leave off?

Bruise and Bucket's Parent-Teacher conferences went well.
We were a little worried that Bruise was put into such a low reading group (ReadWell Unit 4 ... He was through Unit 10 with my mom this summer. And, yesterday, I tried him on Unit 11 ... He did GREAT. Ready for 12, maybe higher) ... but the reason he's in there is because there's no reading group for anything between his current group and the group that Bucket is in (Unit 27).


I'm just saying.

But they know everything they're being tested on (and more, to be honest). Their teacher, Mrs Y, was glad to know that they enjoy using the dictionary (Yes, I'm teaching how to use reference materials at an early age. That's how I roll, homeskillet.) ... Good times.

And we got them each a book at the Book Fair at school. (I love book fairs. I wish I had a bazillion dollars. :P)

So, Tuesday ... the big thing was that we took both the hedgehogs to the vet. And Phyllis is no longer with us.
But Sari is a healthy girl. ... And Michael and the kids went out for pizza. (Little Caesar's Cheezy Bread? YUM! Michael made the kids save me a piece) ... that was while I went to rehearsal.

But I don't have rehearsal Thursday ... it'll be nice to have an evening off from regular rehearsals ... since we now have practice Tuesdays and Thursdays ... and some Wednesdays in the near future.

Also, a cafeteria helper at the school deemed a lunch that I sent with my daughter as inappropriate ... and had her go get a school lunch (which we've been charged for).
Hello? I packed that lunch. It's not anyone's call if it's not appropriate.
So, I'll be calling the principal tomorrow.
(I've talked to the head cafeteria lady about the charge. I've also let poor Mrs Y know what's going on, since, if I were the teacher, I'd want to know. I know that they'll probably talk to the cafeteria helper about what is and is NOT her responsibility ... but I also want to make sure that this never happens again.)

Really, I posted about it on Facebook ... and WOW, people were pretty irate for me.
Which made me feel validated that I wasn't some hormonal, overly-sensitive, preggo lady. ^_^
I love my friends.

Freyja-cat had a vet appointment this morning. Just to get a Distemper/Feline Upper Respiratory shot. I get to take her back for the booster next month. After that, she's all caught up ... and won't need any shots for another year. Which is nice.
She was very well-behaved. Hated being in the pet carrier ... but, besides that? She's such a good girl. ^_^
I do have to say that we have some really wonderful vets here in town. I've received such wonderful service at both the clinics I've been at this week. That's been a nice thing.

Well, I need to go take the kids to their Well-Child Check-Up.
They shouldn't need any shots ... which will be very nice.
And then I can turn in library books. That'll be a good thing, too.
(If only I had read them all! *sigh*)

Down to a two-pet family again ...

So, Phyllis' appointment yesterday... well, I was (mostly) prepared for it.
And I had the kids with me (since Michael was at work).

We cried.

You know it's not going to be happy fun times when, after your hedgie's been weighed and looked at by the assistant, the vet comes in and says, "This is going to be a depressing appointment."
I did appreciate his honesty.

Her feet were badly infected. It would have been more traumatic for her to have had taken antibiotics and had her feet bandaged at least once a day.

She went peacefully.
When I had to leave for rehearsal, she was still breathing, albeit shallowly and slowly.

She's out buried in the backyard now ... with Gingi and Diana.

The kids are doing okay, though. This is the third pet we've had that has passed on.
And, for hedgehogs, 3-5 years is pretty average. Phyllis would have been 5 in March.

Sari, though, is doing fine. ... It will be a little easier to take care of just one.
And, if it'd be better for her, I am considering re-homing her. Unless the kids are ready to step up and help take care of her. (I can still clean her cage. It's the feeding and checking on her ... and socializing ... I need help with that. Especially, since after this new girl comes, I won't have as much time ... so, if they can develop a habit NOW ... that'd be best.)

The main thing is that I didn't want Phyllis to suffer. And she was in pain.
She isn't anymore.

Being a grown-up sucks.
Caring sucks, too.

But caring is better than the alternative.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Stuff ...

So, in case you're waiting around with bated breath, I still haven't done the name-reveal on Facebook.
I'll get around to it.

Friday, after Michael got home from work, we headed over and bought galoshes. Just plain black ones. He opted for ones with steel toes. I was fine without. And we got a pair of small clippers. Then we went to the pumpkin patch and got our pumpkins. And a gallon of fresh apple cider. (We skipped the doughnuts. This time.)
Then we headed up to Baby Depot and got our stroller and carseat set. (Graco's Alano Flip-It in Circa ... but we got it for $20 cheaper and with a free car seat cover ... which I still forgot to use our 15% off coupon. Oops. ... but, still, it was a really good buy.)

Saturday ... we mostly just cleaned. Michael helped move furniture (EQ duties) in the morning and drove a load to the dump for a family. Then he had the leadership session of Stake Conference in the afternoon. And ... I did dishes, some laundry, cleaned off my desk, cleaned the junk counter (once ... then it got a little cluttered again), cleaned the kids' bathroom, did some more laundry ... We also used up the WIC vouchers before Michael had to take off.
Michael came home after the session and then went to dismantle a bunk bed at a family's home, taking the kids with him (since I NEEDED some quiet time). And I did ... I don't even remember. I didn't yell, that's one thing.

Sunday was Stake Conference. I NEEDED a nap when we got home. And then I went on RS visits with the RS president. And, after I got back home ... I am starting to blank out again on what I did. Cleaned a bit more ... And ... I don't even know.
After the kids got to bed, Michael and I got caught up on episodes of "The New Girl" and we watched what's available of season 5 of "The Guild." (GREAT cameos in this season. Quite awesome.)

Also, I cleaned the hedgies cages ... and Phyllis ... she's been favoring her hind feet for a few weeks. Now it appears that she's been biting them And her tail. They're red and scabby ... and I can't see her toes. Not very cool. So I wasn't sleeping well last night. (Sari Jasmine, her sister, is FINE, though.)
Today, I scheduled a vet appointment (Michael told me to, so I won't feel guilty about it. I REFUSE to feel guilty about it going to cost money. I just don't want Phyllis to be in pain. I know that she's almost 5, which is OLD for a hedgehog. So ... we'll see what happens.) and put some antibiotic ointment on her poor hind feet and tail (which she immediately bit/licked off ... well, at least she's getting SOME antibiotics, right?). But she's eating ... and she was sleeping peacefully when I checked on her this morning. So ... yeah.

And I have Freyja's last needed booster scheduled. Then a well-child check-up for the kiddos.
And I have two rehearsals for Savior of the World this week ... We're getting a new (to us) couch on Friday. Saturday, we'll take the kids up to the zoo for "Howl-o-ween" ... I think I need more naps.

Especially seeing as how yesterday I felt so bad about being a crap pet owner that I couldn't sleep until I got up and checked The Google for what to do. (And The Google, being wonderful, made me feel a little better ... it appears that some hedgies DO bite their feet. And there IS the fact that Phyllis is, really, a geriatric hedgehog.)
Still, with being pregnant ... and with the kids kinda scared to hold the hedgies ... after Phyllis passes, I am thinking that maybe we need to rehome Sari. ... UNLESS Bruise and Bucket are ready to step up and take charge of making sure she has food ... and some socialization every day.

Really, I can handle cats. Cats are good. And fish. I can do fish. ... And, well, I kinda would like to try having a chinchilla ... at least the kids wouldn't be trepidatious about holding one.
But that's a while out. When I have some more time to breathe (and am not in the throes of morning sickness, nesting, or changing diapers).

This morning, I slept in (until around 7:30, what bliss!) ... then I rolled myself out of bed and worked on getting the rest of the house clean before Dad, L, and Nana came up to visit.
I did a load of dishes, got a few loads in and out of the laundry, wiped off the counters and stove, put away THAT load of dishes, ran another load, got the clothes in the living room OUT of the living room (most were put away ... if they had been folded), got the bathmats back in the kids' bathroom, used the plunger on that toilet, found the mysterious STINK in our bathroom (NASTY TOWEL! STANKY!), started another load of wash (hot water, color-safe bleach, OxiClean, fabric softener crystals, detergent), vacuumed, showered, did the pots and pans by hand ... scheduled vet appointments ... and was ready when Dad, et al., arrived.

So, I COULD use a nap.
And we have the kids' parent-teacher conferences tonight. And their book fair. ... Then vet and dr's appointments, my rehearsals ... At least Friday will be kind of quiet. And they don't have school again next Monday (no school today ... that's why I got to sleep in. Did I mention that it was REALLY NICE?).

And I had a weird dream last night. About these cardboard-type bento-like boxes. You had to disassemble them JUST SO. Or else. And DO NOT crumple them up!! (Thinking back, it's almost like Gremlins. Wow. I don't think I've watched that since I was, what, seven?)
Because if you did (which I, of course -- being a screw up, DID), they grew alligator laws and tried to bite off your fingers/hand/arm.
And we were at a mall ... and we had to go to a jewelry store in there, where an older Asian lady (wise woman-type) had to tell us how to stop these crazy alligator bentos.
I don't know if I ever learned how.
It was weird.

And I now know for sure that pears do not trigger my allergy (apples and raw almonds? Yes. Peaches and pears? No.) So I can eat them without my tongue getting all itchy. Good to know. Darn birch/aspen allergy and the cross-triggers. Ugh.

But, yeah ... that's about it.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The results are in!

So, I wore my cool new shirt yesterday. Got quite a few compliments (from the Pharmacist, the receptionist at the clinic, lots of people at rehearsal ... It's nice to be complimented).

Our ultrasound tech saw it and he stated, "That's a very appropriate shirt for today!"
(Thanks, Bri, for encouraging me to wear it! ^_^ And thanks to my mom for buying it for me! And thanks to Rachel for finding it and posting it to Facebook! I couldn't do it without y'all!)
Excuse my messy mirror.
The kiddos like to KEEP. TOUCHING. IT.
Also, my shirt glows in the dark. ^_^
So, Bruise is still having some issues with his tooth. He was fine Monday and Tuesday ... but Wednesday evening, he was feeling it again. :( But we had our appointment with Dr. K. Thursday after school. It looks like Bruise does have a small infection in that HUGE cavity he has. So he'll be taking antibiotics 3x/day for the next week. ... At least he gets the yummy one. Amoxicillin, I think is the name. The pink one.

I think I may have to call, though and get the pain medicine prescription (Tylenol with codine) for Bruise, though. He spent last night in our bed after his nighttime dose of antibiotics.

Then, we went to Target and I picked up his prescription and my generic Zofran. And, since we were running late, I went to the bathroom and drank a bottle of water and a bottle of VitaminWater (this is so that they could get a look at my cervix during the ultrasound. Thank goodness he did that first! Oh, I was ready to burst with those 40 oz of liquids in me!

The only thing I was really worried about, going into that ultrasound (well, besides, peeing my pants) was that maybe the placenta wouldn't be high enough. Nope! It's riding nice and high! It's looking good that, if everything else goes swell, I won't have to have a c-section (Hey, I give myself ENOUGH scars through my clumsy ways ... and I need all my energy for taking care of a kiddo, not recuperating from major abdominal surgery.

Regardless, we got to get lots of measurements done during the ultrasound: arms, legs, head, stomach ...
And we have found out the gender.

                                              You can see her head with profile and her chest.
                                 No girly-bits shot for you.

Bruise carried out his threat of facepalming ... because he isn't quite thrilled (yet) that they're getting a little sister.
Bucket had said before that she wanted a little brother, too ... but, really, she faked us out. She's excited to have a little sister.

Mom's taking it well (She's not wild about the name we've chosen. YET. She'll get used to it. And she's happy to know who this new grandbaby will be). Mom and Dad C are excited. (Mom C called it months ago. ^_^) Dad and L are happy. Nana's pretty estatic, too. Within six years, she's gone from never thinking she'd be a great-grandmother to having three great-grandchildren (and this one on the way will make four: two boys and two girls).

In the tradition of my blog, we're not going to put this kiddos real name on it (since I like having a public blog. It's easier. And it gives my kids some modicum of privacy and protection). But, if you're on Facebook, I'll get to a reveal there ... sometime this week, probably. We've had names picked out for a while (almost six years with the boy's name ... a few months with our girl's name. We'll see if we get to use the boy's name sometime in the future. I told Bruce that, if we're lucky, maybe next time it'll be a boy).

In all honesty, I wouldn't have minded another boy. This generation has been a little girl-heavy.
So it'd be kinda cool to be the family with more than one boy ...
But ... I am excited for this girl. Her name is awesome.
(Nana said, "It's unique ... People are going to be saying, 'It's different.' Then they'll get used to it." She's right. Most people haven't heard it used. Or, if they have, it hasn't been often-used at all. ... I still feel a little bad that Bucket's name is kinda popular. At least she doesn't have another [First Name] in her class yet.)
And, it is true that little girl clothes are ADORABLE ... It'll be good to get more use out of Bucket's old clothes (and knowing family, this girl won't be limited to hand-me-downs, either).

I still ... I'm not used to knowing who's in there.
Michael's called me out on the fact that I still haven't called my fetus by name.
I'll work on that.
He prayed for her BY NAME this morning. Very sweet.

And ... I guess there might be some truth in the theory that girls cause morning sickness.
(*knock on wood* I haven't thrown up for a few days ... Maybe I'm finally getting over it. *hope hope!*)
Now, in a few more months (like 3.5 or so), we'll find out if the old wives' tale about heartburn = hair has any truth to it.

I still am not really looking pregnant all the time. It depends on that shirts I wear. When I wear a regular t-shirt style shirt? I just look ... regular.
If I wear some of my maternity shirts, I can look like I've finally popped.

I still fit into my regular jeans right now. (All that morning sickness had me lose some weight. ... If my old scale was correct before it broke, I was around 218 when I got pregnant. Then I started puking. LOTS. And I'm around 203 right now, and that's after gaining a little weight. So ... yeah, I fit into my regular jeans. The waistband is a little diggy-inny, though, since I'm going to be losing my hourglass figure for a bit. Again.

So, today, I need to clean up the front rooms a bit. (Do dishes. Clean counters. Pick up the floor. Clean the table. Vacuum. Clean off my desk. Clean off the junk counter. Fold a metric crapton of laundry that's living on the couch. DUST. Feed the hedgehogs ... poor prickle sisters. ... I'm sure that I'll find more to do. *sigh*)

And I think we're going to get pumpkins. And maybe a stroller ... since we only have double strollers. And I won't need one of those for a while (if ever, really, since the kiddos have outgrown them.) ... I could look at diaper bags, since my last one? Well, I pretty much wore that one out ... including a few of those freebie ones from the formula companies (Hey, I don't mind taking freebies. Doesn't mean that I really feel obligated to those companies. But I appreciate free, helpful things).

But, yeah ... that's most of what's going on around here lately.
So ... yeah.
So, wish me motivation on getting the front rooms cleaned up.
And not needing a nap (and keeping from snipping/nagging at the kids when they get squirrelly).

Oh! We tried one of the local self-serve frozen-yogurt places. Got to try mochi on mine. It was ... chewy. But not unpleasant. And the raspberries? SOooooooo good. Oh my flip. Amazing.
I had the cheesecake yogurt/strawberry sorbet swirl. Michael opted for cheesecake and cake batter yogurt. The kids went with Thin Mint and tangy (well, Bucket had Thin Mint and tangy swirled with cranberry hibiscus) ... And they learned that gummies don't do well in frozen yogurt. They get REALLY hard to chew.

Well, the kiddo is awake and swimming. Almost just in time to take the kids to the bus.
And ... I'm still working up the motivation to tackle even my desk and the dishes. Oh well. I'm going to get it done. I NEED to. This way I won't be FREAKING OUT when Dad, L, and Nana come up to a messy, messy house on Monday. I can do this. I can.

Good thing that this weekend is Stake Conference. That gives me one extra hour on Sunday. Unless I get stuff done Saturday ... which'd be really nice.

Okay. Time to stop blathering on (and on and on and on) and to get a move on and DO STUFF.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What HAVE I been doing?

At this point, I barely know, myself!

Let's see ... The first weekend of the month was General Conference. And T2 and her husband were in town, so we went up to Michael's folks for dinner (and, therefore, I didn't take notes for the Sunday afternoon session of conference.)
It was also Michael's grandma's (the one that lives with his folks) anniversary. And Grandpa just passed away this January, so he bought her flowers after I had mentioned that I was worried that she was feeling blue without him. So ... well, I now have a reputation as a good granddaughter. (Really, it's ALL my Google/Cozi calendars, keeping me aware of things.)
Grandma was very touched ... and Dad C had told us that no one else had remembered at all.
(I was worried because of how she was all teary-eyed Labor Day weekend, when we were at the Game Park at the coast ... which is where she and Grandpa had gone for their last anniversary. Gosh, I'm getting all misty-eyed just thinking about it.)

Most the rest of the week was ... normal. Mom came up for Wednesday. My stepdad's health isn't the greatest, so if you want to say some extra prayers (or, if you're not the praying type, just send him some positive energy/mojo/whatever), I'd appreciate it.

Thursday, the kiddos went to spend the night with Mom and Dad C (and so did their cousins, except the youngest ones, of course) and Friday they went to the movies.
Michael and I went to the temple with the teenagers from the ward. It was good to see my Young Women again.
This was all possible, since it was a statewide teacher in-service day. No school for any of the students. So it was a nice Friday.

Saturday, I had been looking forward to. The kids were going to the practice for the Primary (kids' group at church) Program. But Bucket psyched herself out. And Michael took her home for a nap after I berated her for her attitude ... I know, I know. Not my best moment.
But, in all honesty, I hadn't eaten, I was TIRED, and I was really disappointed. ESPECIALLY since I KNEW that she COULD do it.
So, there was a LOT of crying going on.
Then Michael sent me out, while Bucket napped, to pick up Bruise and run errands ... including taking him out for ice cream.
After a LONG nap and time-out, my darling daughter had a MUCH BETTER ATTITUDE. She apologized. I apologized. We went to Bath and Body Works to pick up free lotion and then to Del Taco for an early dinner.

Sunday, the kids did GREAT in their Primary Program. They sang the songs, they read their lines ... VERY good jobs. Michael's folks and my mom came to watch them, which was nice.

Sunday night, Bruise had a bad toothache. He woke up a little after an hour after bedtime. We gave him ibuprofen and some Oragel. And he was still in pain.
So I call the doctor's office to see if there's anything else we can do for him: Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Oragel ... but, without being a dentist, there's not a lot else.
And I call the 24-hour line for our dental group -- Well, with it being after 10PM, there's nothing we can do. You could take him to the ER, I guess. I don't know what to suggest for pain relief.

Yeah, thanks a million, 24-hour dental hotline. Whatever.
I was really frustrated with that. At least the on-call doctor treated us like he really cared (and he could hear Bruise crying, too. You could tell that Dr. P really, really wished there was more he could do for us).

But, after a dose of Tylenol and more Oragel, along with a blessing from Michael (yay for Father's blessings!), Bruise fell asleep in our bed and slept through the night.

And he woke up feeling FINE. And he's been fine since.
Still, we'll be heading to the dentist in a couple days for a quick exam and, if needed, antibiotics.

Yesterday, after school and homework, Bucket complained of a bad headache. So I gave her some Ibuprofen and an ice pack. Then, when it wasn't helping, I had her go take a nap. And she slept for about two hours (I had a hard time waking her up). And she STILL had her headache. So I gave her some Tylenol and called the Dr's office. And waited for a return call. And called again. And waited for a return call.
And Bucket threw up (in the toilet). A LOT.

"*gags* My headache is getting better! *gags* *SPLAT!*"

And then we went grocery shopping ... and I grabbed some things from Target ... and the kids ate their Costco hot dogs (Michael went out later for stuff for us. I had thrown up earlier ... and Costco didn't have any Chicken Bakes ready. Didn't want to wait for 10 minutes for one. He was thinking Arby's.)

And Bucket's headache was all gone ... and we came home to hear a message that the on-call doctor left on our machine. Hey, if there still had been a problem, I'd have called back. Again. (Pager problems are weird. Good thing that it all ended well ... and, yes, Bucket had gotten a blessing, too.)

Today, I got the kids ready for school and on the bus. Then I chatted with my Bri. She had a little scare with her baby. (And I JUST got the update that all is well. Happy, moving fetus with a heartbeat. PHEW!)
Then I headed out to my Dr appointment. I've gained almost three pounds this month. Which still has me below my pre-pregnancy weight (and even my 6-weeks-pregnant weight). I must be measuring fine, since Dr M never remarks on it. And I forget to ask. Oh well. :P
Got my flu shot.
And I (BARELY) made it back in time to get the kids from the bus ... since an earlier morning appointment ended up taking over an hour, which means that poor Dr. M is bustling to even TRY and get to the rest of her appointments on time (Mine? Supposed to be at 11:20, which would have given TONS of time to get home. I got taken back to be weighed, blood pressure taken, flu shot administered ... and then a few minutes' wait for Dr. M and a QUICK conversation with her ... at 11:50ish. I barely got my appointment made and was DASHING for the car at 12:13 so I could drive back home and meet the kids' bus. (12:56-ish) CRAZY.)
But, thanks to the grace of God (no, really, LOTS OF PRAYER HAPPENING HERE), I made it. PHEW.

The kids got their homework done. I did send them to their room for bickering ... but ... yeah. That's really about it.

I get to take my 1-hour glucose test next month. Yum ... flat fake orange soda.
(I hope it's the orange stuff. I hear that the lemon-lime flavor is much worse. And, really, flat 7-Up is NASTYSAUCE. Flat orange soda is totally preferable. ... Let's just hope that I pass. Since this kiddo doesn't let me have a whole lot of an appetite between the nausea and the heartburn. It'd be good to have as few complications as possible.)

I've still had strange dreams. The last one I really recall is that Michael and I were getting the ultrasound (which will happen on Thursday) and it was a boy. And we saw him peeing into the amniotic fluid. And he was drinking milk from some offshoot cord off the placenta (but not the umbilical cord). Yeah. My dreams are WEIRD.

So, if you have any guesses, you might as well guess now.
The kids are hoping for a little brother.

Oh, also, Bucket got to feel the baby move. She got a good kick/high-five.
Bruise thinks he's felt the baby move  ... but I'm not so sure.
Michael and Freyja-cat have both been on the receiving ends of some kicks. (Michael was SEEKING them. Freyja? Not so much.)

In other news, which isn't nearly as exciting ... I'm about halfway through "The Help."
(Jenny, that means that you're getting close to me returning your copy! Thanks for the extended loan!!)

Okay ... off to take more Tums. And let's hope they stay down. Ugh.
All I can say is that, based on the heartburn (which I think is a total misnomer ... it's more like a lump of ice stuck in my esophagus. That never melts. And just sits there, ice-cold.), this baby might just come out looking like The Wolfman.

Okay. Tums are calling. And so is Bucket, who wants help with putting together a puzzle of the United States.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Little things ...

The kiddo is moving more. Been doing what appears to be alligator death rolls in utero.

Bucket has a loose tooth.

She and Bruise were playing. She told him, as playing, to ask his mom if he could go to the toy store by himself.

Bruise (as himself): Can I go to the toy store by myself?
Bruise (as his mother): Sure. Just be careful. There might be bad guys or something out there.
Bruise (as himself): Thanks!

Also, the bus driver told me that Bruise is very sweet. He had told her earlier today, "I like your hair!"
That's my boy.

Bucket told me about one of her friends at school. He threw up THREE TIMES.
Once on Mrs. J's carpet. Once into a car-sickness bag on the bus. Once in the back of the bus.

Ooooooookay ....

My uncle was going to call back today, so I didn't lay down for a nap, since I was waiting for his call.
Nope. Should have napped. Oh well.
Rehearsal tonight. Hopefully I'll stay awake. Good thing that I'm driving with friends in the car to keep me awake.

Think they'd care if I brought a blanket and pillow to rehearsal?
Yeah, I don't think they'd like it, either.

Crazy dreams ... Jack the Ripper copycat, making out with Michael by a bench in a mall, and a gal at church telling me that we're going to have another (a last) child ... very prophetically and wise-woman-ish ... those were all bits of last night's.
The night before, I remember having a dream where my dentist office was telling me I needed to have teeth pulled. Oy.

Counting ...

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