Friday, February 18, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 18

Day 18 - List some plans, dreams, and goals that you have

How about dreams ... which are glorified goals?

  • I'd love to be a philanthropist. I like helping people
  • I'd love to be back to my size in high school.
    (I used to feel SO HUGE in high school, being a size 8-10. Now I realize that I was pretty skinny. And, gosh, I wish I was back to that size.)
  • I want to go SCUBA diving. In Hawai'i. Or, at least, snorkeling.
  • I want to swim with dolphins. And manatees.
  • I want to be in good shape ... enough so that I won't get Diabetes anytime soon.
  • I want to make a souffle. Just so I can say that I've done it.
  • I want to redecorate my house. And buy furniture. Not just dressers ... but a living room set. 
  • I need to learn to drive a manual transmission. And to not be nervous as I do it.
  • I'd like to learn how to pick locks. Just in case.
  • I think about going to beauty school. Or massage school. Because those are good skills to have. And they'd be jobs where people are glad to see you (usually).
  • I also think about getting my Master's in Library Science. Which would help cement my geek-cred, right?
  • I'd like to design a website. And know how to keep it up.
  • I want to have health and dental insurance again. If only we didn't have to go into debt in order to keep it.
  • I wish that I didn't have all the stretched-out skin on my stomach from carrying Bruise and Bucket for nine months. I also wish that my thighs were skinny. And my butt.
    So I could fit into the cute pencil skirt I ordered months ago.
  • I wish I could tell the future, so I'd know what clutter I could and couldn't deal parting with. And, by "deal" I mean "not look back in regret over and over and over."
  • I wish I didn't have the start of a double chin. I can handle the rest of my face fine at this point. Just not the chub toward the bottom.
  • I wish I weren't so vain.
  • I wish I could wave a wand and have a clean house, a world where people loved each other and compromised instead of squabbling over land, power, and money; no body has to die or be sick or suffer, and I'd get my body at 17. And enough money to solve everyone's problems. And the ability to teleport and to heal people. And to be content.
  • I'd like to travel the world. And still have a house to come home to. One with a heated swimming pool. And a Jacuzzi. And all my books. And a bathtub big enough to cover ALL of me. Not just my legs OR my torso. BOTH. And maybe room for Michael to join me. Just sayin'.
  • I wish that I hadn't lost any information when those two hard drives died in the past decade. That was a bummer. At least I didn't lose the kids' baby pictures. PHEW.
  • I wish I were a better person.
And there you go. I'm now feeling very wistful ... and slightly melancholy.

  • Build our dream home on property that we will buy.
  • Get health and dental insurance.
  • Start exercising (again). (And maybe THIS time the habit will stick.)
  • Continue in my budding habit of reading my Scriptures and praying everyday on my own.
  • Clean the house.
  • Research couches to buy. Research buying property. Research traveling. Research what's needed for a Master's in Library Science.
  • Finance another Kiva loan. Donate again to Heifer International. Pay my tithing (still).
At least I now feel a little more optimistic. :P

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