Monday, February 28, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 28

Day 28 - A picture of you from last year and now - How have you changed?

I think Bucket took this one of me - January 2010
I should remember to wear makeup, take lots of naps, and not be so blurry. Oy.

I think that I took this one. Maybe.
April 2010
NO, there weren't ANY pictures of myself from February or March of last really. No lie.

Bucket, Bruise, and me.
Newport Aquarium - January 2011
Well, I REALLY wish that I could report that I lost the 50 pounds (or even 20 pounds) that I really wanted to drop. 

Heck, from those pictures, you can't even tell that I colored my hair quite a bunch. I had bleached streaks, pink streaks, dark brown, marmalade blonde, and ... what you can see, is that it's back to dark blonde.

What HAS changed? I can't really think of anything in particular.
I don't think I have any new scars. I haven't lopped off any fingers, toes, or other appendages.
My hair is shorter. That's about it.
I don't think that my wrinkles are getting any deeper (Michael will say, "WHAT wrinkles?" And I could try to point them out. But he'll deny that any are there).
My nails might be a little longer.
I do enjoy the effects of getting waxed. That's something different.
Since I hadn't tried it this time last year. It's not as scary as it sounds. 
(But maybe that's just because Melissa, who does my waxing, is just that good. And she is.)

Maybe this time next year, I could tell you that I've dropped some weight, that I've taken up SCUBA diving, that I've done something really, really, really amazing.

Here are the only things that really stand out to me right now:
  • I did mostly walked a 5K with my Jenny.
  • I donated to Heifer International.
  • Jenny helped me do my first Kiva loan.
  • Aubri fixed my awkward-growing-out hair.
  • Mom and I bleached out streaks in our hair and dyed them pink in support of a friend with cancer. Because "Pink hair kicks cancer in the face." ^_^
  • I'm no longer YW Secretary. *sniff*
  • I've gotten a little more experimental in my hair, nails, and makeup.
  • I've learned how to do some crafts -- making hats/scarves on the looms, a couple bags out of t-shirts, ... stuff like that.
  • I got my HAM radio license. Not that I've ever used it. But I HAVE it. So, that's something, right?
  • I learned that I can survive with just one vehicle. And I'm SURE GLAD that I don't have to do it anymore.
  • I became a cat-person without any cats.
  • I became the owner of two hedgehogs.
  • I turned 29 ... and I'm getting close to turning 30. Which is weird. It'll be the oldest that I've ever been. I never really every thought about being 30. And I'm almost it.
  • I made a blue velvet cake. And I've figured out hoe to make a Funfetti cake without a boxed mix.
  • I got bras that actually FIT. Which is a very nice happenstance.
So ... yeah, there are a lot of things that I have done that have made me different.
But ... still. I don't know that I FEEL that different. 

I don't feel like a HAM radio enthusiast. I don't feel like a runner. I don't ... I just don't know that I feel different.

Maybe I just need to get a cat again. Maybe then I'll feel different, changed, new, whatever.
Maybe I just need to turn 30 and get it over with. 

Maybe I need to figure out why the heck I feel like some emo kid. It's dumb.

But, hey, if YOU know of something that's made me different from the girl/woman I was last year, let me know. Maybe there's something that I'm totally missing. I'm open to suggestion.

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