Monday, July 29, 2013

It's been one week ... since I blogged ...

Okay, time to catch up ...

Mom didn't come up last week ... which made the whole week seem a little off.
She's coming tomorrow ... so I'll be working at trying to remember that tomorrow is TUESDAY, not Wednesday.

The kids and I have gone to nearly all the places for their "passports" ... we just have two more places.
1 - A summer festival, which we have to WAIT for.
2 - The visitors' association ... which would be best to do at the very end.

The Orkin man came by again last week ... and good thing, too. Ants were swarming in the kids' room. Now it's reduced to a trickle.
Michael also trimmed back trees and cleaned out the gutters ... so the ants should REALLY ease off on the attack.

I got some Visiting Teaching done ... mostly by email and phone. We got new routes ... So, since I have a master list of who all is assigned to whom (so that all the ladies in the ward SHOULD get visits and know who to focus on), I let the gals that I wouldn't have anymore know who their new Visiting Teachers are. And I got in contact with the new gals on my route ... and it turns out that the new routes start in August. Still, I'd rather make sure that everyone knows that they're being thought of. So it's all fine.

I took the kids to a historic grain mill. BY MYSELF.
I wore Bubbles in her Moby wrap. Bruise and Bucket were really well behaved. We were the only people there (except for staff and volunteers), which was pretty cool. Then we headed downtown and got most of the rest of the stamps for the aforementioned "passports."

I also took the kids on the paddleboats ... Last year, Michael took them while I watched Bubbles. This year, we switched. And, since Bucket had a shoe that fell off last year, they were VERY trepidatious. Instead of being out there for about a half-hour, it was MAYBE 15 minutes. But, goodness, I got a good workout, peddling that boat.

We also went to a baseball game. The kids really wanted to catch a foul ball ... but that didn't happen.
They did love running the bases after the game was over.
Our team won, which was nice. And we got new hats for our "collection," since we opt to go on the free cap night.

We went out for pizza the next night. After Michael and the kids got the front rooms cleaned up.

I haven't been sleeping very well. I should take melatonin or something.
But I've gotten through some of my library books. Which is good, since I have a lot of holds that have all come in.

I should get caught up on the dishes and the laundry.

And watch that last episode of Season Two of Upstairs Downstairs. And I should finish Season One of Gilmore Girls, since that's a library one. *sigh*
And I should just go watch the rest of ALL the seasons of Doctor Who on Netflix (Just finished "The Lazarus Experiment" the other night with the kids, my little Whovians).

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm getting pretty good at picking out who's playing different characters.
As Michael and I were watching the previews for the next few episodes, I focused on one voice...
"That's Mad-Eye!!"
Michael was impressed, since the actor was done up as a giant cat-person.
Even in the preview for "The Lazarus Effect," I was struck by one actor ... "Mycroft!"
(Michael WAS impressed at that one, since in that episode, the guy is so BLOND-HAIRED.)

And, I also totally called another actor. "It's the COOK!! From Upstairs Downstairs!!"

Michael, checking IMDB the other night as I was watching Upstairs Downstairs, "Hey, she's been on Doctor Who."
"Yeah, I TOLD you I recognized her!"
"Oh. That's what you were talking about. ... Nice."
"Thank you."

I am nothing if not insufferable.

Also, yesterday, I was calming down Bubbles by putting music videos on for her.
Bucket came up as we were watching Adele's "Rolling in the Deep."

Bucket: Why is she sitting in a dirty house?

That, my dears, is a question for the ages. It's a question I often ask of myself, about myself, daily.

With that, I should go do more dishes, some laundry, and maybe organize some cupboards.
And grocery shopping or something.

Monday, July 22, 2013

I should be cleaning ...

The goal is to have the house clean before the Orkin man comes for a check-up on the house this week.

We'll see how that goes.

Now, what all has gone on since I posted last?

  • I visit taught a friend over at the park Wednesday morning. Good times.
  • My mom came up to visit.
  • Michael had a meeting with the Bishop.
  • Thursday, mom went home.
  • We went to the park for Art at the park. The kids played and made some crafts.
  • We went around Downtown and got some stamps for their "passports."
  • We tie-dyed scarves.
  • I went to a Relief Society activity in the evening.
  • Friday, we went to the Fair -- rode rides, bought some dip mixes, looked at everything.
  • The kids stayed with a sitter while Michael and I went back to the fair and went to the Collective Soul concert. (They sound just like they do in the recording ... except that the lead singer left a few years back. The new lead singer is very good, though.)
  • Saturday, we went to the farmers' market, got a couple more stamps in the kids' passports, walked around a park, cleaned the house a little ...
  • While I was coloring my hair (nothing exciting -- just back to my root color), Michael went to cook up the steaks we had marinating.
    And, well, the grill caught on fire.
    And, since it was next to a window, the glass got hot.
    And cracked as it cooled.
    So we need to replace that window.
    Good thing -- It's a double-paned window, so the kids aren't cutting themselves or anything.
    Bad thing -- The window (ALL THE WINDOWS, apparently) are an irregular size.
    So we have to custom order a new window. *sigh*
    And we missed the Stake Activity. Oh well.
  • Sunday, we went to Sacrament
    Before we left (right after Sacrament meeting), we got to see some friends.
    Looks like some are going to be moving back! That's awesome!
    Then we went home, changed, and headed over to my family reunion.
    I had to have people point out everyone (out of, what, 25 people??) that were there, since I never remember names. Ugh.
    Then we went home, Michael got a nap, and we cleaned up the house a bit.
    I ended up going to a friend's house after putting the kids to bed. Got back late. Michael waited up for me. Sweet man.
Wednesday, Bruise got really frustrated in trying to memorize the Fourth Article of Faith.
I tried to get him to laugh (instead of cry).
I ended up with him cradled across my lap.
Bubbles, obviously, was VERY CONCERNED with her big brother crying.
She crawled into HIS lap and alternated between patting his shoulder and poking at his tears.
And I told Bruise that I loved him -- even when he got frustrated; even when he cried; and that I'd always love him.
"Because we're family," he sniffled.
And Bucket wrapped HER arms around the three of us and proclaimed, "I LOVE MY FAMILY ... But I HATE my FARTS!!"

And we all dissolved into laughing.

And she choked out, "BECAUSE THEY'RE SO STINKY!!!"

Then she had to go out to my mom and tell HER what she'd said.

That girl.

But, yeah.

Also, yesterday, Michael and I were looking at house plans ... for the future, when we have money. Because, everyone can figure this out -- a family of five doesn't really fit so well in a two-bedroom house.

The kids were looking with us.

As we're looking, I liked some houses. I really would like at least four bedrooms. And if the guest bedroom had an attached bathroom, so much the better!!

But the kids and Michael really liked a three-bedroom one. And one of those bedrooms would probably be an office (hence why I'd like FOUR bedrooms).

Me: Well, it only has three bedrooms. And if we have that room be the office, where will Mom sleep when she comes to visit?
Michael: We'll have Bruise bunk in with his sisters.
Bruise: OR, if we had an attic, I could sleep up there.
(Note: NONE of the houses we've looked at have an attic. Or a second floor at all.)
Me: *sarcastically* Or we could just shove you into the cupboard under the stairs!
Bruise and Bucket: JUST LIKE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!
Michael: Nerd family.

Yup, that's how we roll.

And now I should go finish dishes or cleaning the bathroom or the bedroom or vacuuming or the laundry. *sigh*

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gracious, people will think that I've died.

Yes, yes, I know it's been a little while.

Things are going better with the one friendship. We're chatting a bit. So that's good. Makes me feel better.

The kids (well, Bruise and Bucket) liked soccer. They liked it enough that I think I should get them enrolled on a regular basis.

The Orkin guy was supposed to come today. But, well, whoever did the scheduling SPACED that they have mandatory meetings on the third Tuesday of the month. And, since he's about a hundred miles away, that appointment has come and gone. He'll be by ... SOMETIME ... tomorrow. So, well, we'll be hanging around the house then.

I was going to take the kids to the library to pick up some Summer Reading Program Swag, and then around town to get some stamps for a summer-passport-activity. But Miss Bubbles was a cranky mess ... so we scrapped those plans to give her an opportunity for a nap. Joy!

I've cleaned up a little ... since the Orkin guy will be IN and OUTSIDE the house. Ha. Yeah, and I'm already out of motivation. Whatevs.

(Can you tell that it's T minus seven days until shark week commences? Yeah, I can too.)

The kids finished up their swim lessons last week. Passed! On the first try!

We have them signed up for more swim lessons, in a few weeks ... since it was the only time their FAVORITEST OF THEM ALL swim instructor is teaching their level.

We made it to Free Slurpee Day last week ... and I managed NOT to get into an accident in the cramped parking lot (always a fear. Especially since a LOT of cars just ZOOM in. Yeah. Got my adrenaline going.)

Michael and I took the kids to his folks' on Saturday and we went to the temple (it's been a while). We did initiatories (washing and anointing, by proxy, for people who have died. And, like the baptisms for the dead ... or ANYTHING done for those that have died, in the temple, it's up to that person [who's died] to choose whether or not they want to accept it. So don't be giving me grief for doing something like that. Just putting it out there. I've heard too many folks telling me that we baptize corpses and that no one has any choice in it. ... And, well, I'm a little testy/hormonal. So, yeah.)

Of course, any day that involves the temple is, by default, a good day.
We also went to Deseret Book ... yeah, I got some books. OF COURSE.
And we also had lunch at The Olive Garden (Srsly, that Strawberry-passion fruit-lemonade-sparkling water drink? IT'S GOOD. Where can I get passion fruit pulp around here??)

It was our Stake's temple day, so we got to attend a chapel session ... which I always enjoy.
(Maybe because I can actually PAY ATTENTION to the speakers? Also, truly, because I love hearing from our temple president. He gave a great talk about unity -- not just within the church, but unity with those of other faiths. LOVE IT. Total proof that we [Latter-Day Saints] love you, no matter what religion you are.)
But, yeah ... our current temple president, he has a sense of humor. Which, naturally, makes me like him just a wee bit more (if possible).

Of course, the one BAD thing was that, as we dropped the kids off at Michael's folks', we realized that no one had grabbed the diaper bag ... with the kids' swimsuits.
Mom Cox has a little wading pool on the back porch/patio ... and both kids refused to go in it in (1) their clothes, which she'd run through the dryer or (2) their skivvies, which she could ALSO run through the dryer.

So, upon returning, Bucket greeted me with a "YOU'RE BACK?? ... *hysterical* WHY DID YOU FORGET THE DIAPER BAG?!?!??? I WANTED TO GO SWIMMING!!!!!"
And I gave the rebuttal, "Did you remember to grab it? No? Then you don't get to give me grief about it."

And, yes, I've started giving her a bad time of, when she's done something/forgotten something, "YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE!!!!" ... Because, well, I CAN. And also, I might as well show her how dumb we sound when we do that, right?

Our order (school clothes) we got from The Children's Place came in.
And BOTH shipments (with EVERYTHING we ordered) are on their way from Zulily ... After the last couple orders where at least ONE thing from EACH "store" didn't ever ship ... including an order where there was JUST ONE ITEM in the order ... Yeah. I mean, it's nice that they refund the money and give a $10 credit as apology ... but, goodness.
When you order matching outfits for your girls and they only send ONE of the two?
Or when you order three bras and they only send two?
Or, in Mom's case, you order ONE pair of shoes and it get cancelled?
Yeah, I was getting annoyed/worried.

I'm just REALLY glad that the rest has shipped -- especially since it has pirate costumes for the kids. And Bruise and Bucket are REALLY excited about those.

Bruise-ism from last night:
(Back story -- As you know, we're a weird family. I joke about pinching the kids' posterior regions. Often. And I do, sometimes. Because they find it funny.)
Me: [Bruise]! Can I pinch your buns??
Bruise: No.
Me: *plaintively* Why not??
Bruise: Mom! They're FRAGILE!!

After I stopped laughing, I demanded to know where he learned that great word.
Turns out, it's from boxes ... My online shopping habit has certain benefits, no?

We missed church choir last week ... I don't know if it wasn't happening. It wasn't announced. And, when it was time to go, Bubbles was napping, Michael had a headache, I was curled up with a book ... things just weren't going.

Besides that, we've been cleaning up the house ... it never ends.

There may be some other stuff that's been going on ... but I'm not really remembering it. So ... yeah.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Title goes here ... whatever, Blogger.

Things are getting better.

The friend that I was worrying about has texted me a bit. So that's ... well, AWESOME.

And, since I am crazy, I did go and message one of my friends (that I haven't seen for YEARS, sadly, but he and I keep in touch) and begged him to tell me if I was a jerk or too demanding or anything.
And he told me that, nah, I shouldn't stress about it. If it's meant to work out, it'll work out.

And, well, I did hear from the friend that I was freaking about losing ... so, yeah. I'm freaking a lot less.

About eight more weeks until my munchkin gets to go to Nursery.
I'm kind of excited ... since it'll be nice to spend more than about 10 minutes in Relief Society ... since she hates to sit still (because she's fighting a nap).

I put Bubbles' hair up today ... two little pigtails in the front, the back was left in its usual curls. She looked cute, of course ... but, well, it's so different to see her hair up. It makes her look older (In fact, when she finally crashed for a nap, she looked a LOT like one of her cousins).

Bucket gave a talk in Primary today. She talked about how families are part of God's plan for us. She did a good job. Especially since she kind of, well, HATES public speaking.

Bruise is ... just himself. His hives have all cleared up ... and he's careful not to touch latex things. Good for him. I hate that (1) he has such a sensitivity to such a common thing and (2) that he had to learn this lesson ... still, DUDE, who sleeps with an athletic band wrapped around one's neck like a rubbery scarf??
(Apparently my son, that's who.)

He's really silly. And it's not really on purpose ...
He came back into the chapel from the bathroom ... and his suitcoat was tucked into his pants. ... What??
He's ... He's my little man. Crazy little man.

Now, let's see ... what else have I not told you yet? Um ...

Okay, Independence Day (or July 4th for you non-Americans), we went to Michael's folks for a taco feed and fireworks. I was assigned to bring desserts. So I bought a cheesecake from Costco and baked a double batch of the bestest brownies. I woke up the morning of the fourth wondering if I should also make lemon bars ... Mom C assured me that, no, what I'd already prepared should be fine (there were also cookies and an angel food cake).
So, we hung out with family and watched a lot of fireworks in the street.
Bubbles had fought a nap for a LONG time. She finally fell asleep around 7 (about an hour or so before her normal bedtime. I woke her up around 10:30 PM for fireworks. She was back asleep on the way home, though. So that was fine.

Michael took Friday off (he brought work home so that he COULD take the day off), which I enjoyed very much. He was able to watch the kids' swim lessons (for the first time). We also went and took the kids (even Bubbles) to Monsters U. Good show ... and Bubbles did okay in it. Phew!

Yesterday (Saturday), we worked on cleaning the house. Michael got the water cooler onto a board and in a better spot. The kids worked on their room (and have finished it today, I think). I cleared off the junk counter (mostly ... I have my purse and diaper bag on it, so it looks cluttered again). And I threw a load of laundry in the wash and started the dishwasher again.
We also did some little odd jobs around the house: replaced a (broken) shower head, Put some covers on light switches that need to stay on, put up new house numbers (so when I order take-out in winter, the drivers can find our house) in a better spot, installed the kids' LEGO nightlights by their beds, got the kids' DVDs organized (AGAIN), got a box for Bubbles' shoes, put one couch on cinder blocks so that it MIGHT be the right height for my mom when she comes to stay (we'll see), put Michael's grilling tools onto S-hooks so they can hang off the side of the grill ... I think that's most everything.

Today was church. Of course. Bubbles doesn't make it totally easy ... but we were there! And I stayed until the end, too. Made it back to Relief Society (after leaving RIGHT after the lesson started to go rock Bubbles to sleep in the Mothers' Lounge) JUST in time for the closing song. ... Yeah.
And I had been late to RS, since I went into the Young Women's class to make an announcement (starting a list of YW who want to babysit ... so that parents have an idea of who to call. Inspired, no? Yeah, it's nice to be inspired.)

But, yeah ... we're about to head to dinner at a friend's house.
I made dessert ... I'll have to let you know later how it turned out, since it's a new recipe.

The kids have swim lessons and soccer this week. It should be fun.
And Free Slurpee Day is on Thursday (7-11, get it? But, no, it's REAL). So that's always nice.

Yeah, I should get going ... but ... things are going better.

And I gave myself (fake) feather extensions.
Best use for needle-nosed pliers yet. (Unless I start doing some beading.)

So, yeah. Things are a lot better. Phew.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Why I love my mom (among many other reasons)

So, as we were driving the kids home from swim lessons this morning, we were talking about words and ... well, that different families use different words.

Me: And that's why, in their house, they don't use the word "stupid." But in our house, you can ... as long as you're not calling a person stupid. You can use it to describe someone's actions or a situation ... or Congress.

[Silence from the kids]

Mom: [leans a little toward me] Don't worry, honey. I got it.

Me: Thanks, Mom.

Yeah. What would I do without her?
My sense of humor is often wasted on the under-14 set.


So ... I'm feeling better. A bit more at peace.

And very humbled by your love. Thank you for that.

Because, you don't have to say that I'm a good person or anything. But you did.
And I appreciate that.

Because, well, I know that I can be sarcastic, snarky, demanding, and petulant.
And I try not to do that too much.

And so ... thank you for being able to tell me. I appreciate it.

And, really, if I DO become a jerk and a bad friend and all of that, PLEASE TELL ME.
I might be miffed (at first), but I know that you all have my best interests at heart. And that I know you wouldn't tell me something like that unless it (1) was true and (2) you knew that I needed to hear it to improve.

Michael does say that maybe I had rather high expectations for this friendship (which may or may not be over). But, well, ... it's true. I might have had too high of expectations ... However, I'll offer that am I doing anyone a favor by offering lower expectations than I'd ask of anyone else that close to me?
(And, part of that, I know is my upbringing -- we're taught, as educators, to demand high expectations. Because our students WILL rise to the challenge. It's not doing anyone any favors to do otherwise.)

But, yes, there are a lot of other factors going on. And I tried to go about it gently ... for around a year, even. But, well, things did come to a head (which sounds like I'm talking about some huge zit, ew.) ... and ... well ...

I'm sad that I might be losing a friend that I love dearly. I don't usually let this happen ... not without something kind of big happening (like a "friend" that started being rather rude. And treated another friend with more than a little derision ... and, well, I had to take a bit of a side. And I don't know that that not-as-good-friend really knew what had occurred. We're still in contact ... but we don't talk as much. And I don't think that s/he is awful or anything. Just not a person that is someone that I'm willing to invest quite so much time and energy in as I used to).

I'm still sad, though. And it still sucks.
But, well ... I ... I just don't know.

But ... well, I have to handle it. I'm a big girl and I have to put on my big-girl panties and DEAL.
But I'm not about to throw any parties about it.

Though, I'll admit that my period stopped earlier than expected.
Which I'm attributing to having less stress from repressing frustration.
But, still, it's not a great thing regardless.

In a perfect scenario, my friend will have less stress and we can put this all behind us and be friendly again.
And I'll know whether I should comment on his/her facebook status updates. And when I come across something online (like an article/blogpost/.gif/whatever) that makes me think of my friend, I could pass it on to him/her.

So ... yeah. It's a little lonely.
Especially since my mom had to go home, so I don't have her to advise me in person/distract me from all this.
And I'm sure that Michael's more than bored with me asking if there was anything more that I could have done or done differently this last week to have avoided all this.

And, really, I feel like a drama-llama whinging about it.
But it's nice to have a place to dump out all my feelings. And, well, I respect your opinions.

But, yeah ... with kids to take care of, I can't just go and bury myself in books or movies as some type of escapist method of dealing with this. Though it is tempting.

But, I know that, as time passes, I'll stop staring into space. And I'll stop tearing up randomly. And I'll be able to function like a person that doesn't feel like a complete heel for maybe losing a really great friend.

But, in other, better, news: It's really nice that another gal, from another ward, has her kids in swim lessons at the same time that Bruise and Bucket are swimming. It's really nice to get to talk ... and laugh ... with someone. Which makes me realize how much I've rather lost the ability to be social. I should work on that. And sooner, rather than later.

I know that things will get better ... overall. Maybe this friendship is broken, completely. Maybe it'll be fixed and it'll be as tight as before. I don't know. But, eventually, it won't feel as sucky all the time.

Until then, I should get off my duff. I need to clean the house ... and I should make dessert(s) for tomorrow.
Plying extended family with baked goods is always a great way to ingratiate myself to them, right?
(I know that they love me regardless ... but it's always nice to cement that. And I do make a mean batch of brownies. ... But can I feed nearly 20 people on just brownies?? I think I should make some more stuff. JUST IN CASE.)

And I need to make something for dinner. And I should do the dishes. And the laundry. And the floors could use vacuuming/sweeping/mopping. And the house should be dusted and aired out. And the bathrooms should be decontaminated ...

None of which is going to get done if I keep sitting around, now will they?

That boy of mine ...

You know how I was recently complaining that I usually never remember the hilarious things that Bruise spouts?

Well, he gave me a doozy today, bless him.

As Mom, the kids, and I are all headed home from swim lessons, Bucket announces that she has to go to the bathroom. About halfway home (not very far), she asks me, "Mom!! What can I do to help me not have to go pee right now??" (Since, around a week ago, I had her pinch the webbing near her thumb as a distraction in nearly the same situation.)

I tell her to pinch at the webbing. And she says that it's too soft (since her skin is a little waterlogged). So I tell her that maybe she can pinch the skin on the side of one of her fingers, or maybe an eardrum.

And Bruise pipes up, "Since I'm not a girl, sometimes I could pinch my weenie so the pee doesn't come out!"


I don't know where this "weenie" business came from. I'm a proponent of calling one's body parts by the real name ... although, I do refer to private bits with epithets, mostly out of boredom.

But, yeah, we all had a good laugh about that.

That's my boy.
Who I now can tease by calling him  Mr. Weenie ... I'll make sure to tell this story when he starts bringing girls home in another ten years or so. Mwhahaha.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Insert some pithy title, please. Thanks.

I keep remembering (or mostly remembering) things that Neil Gaiman said that I hadn't yet written down ... and, well, he was so amazing that I do want to share more!

(Truly, if I'd have thought that a cell-phone video would have turned out at all well, I'd have been sorely tempted. ... But then I couldn't clap, could I??)

But, due to wonderful sales, The Ocean at the End of the Lane bumped Dan Brown's Inferno from the New York Times' Best Sellers #1 spot.

And what did Mr. Gaiman have to say about that?
"Curse you and your intricately-crafted Renaissance [fantasy/fiction/ ... Neither Michael nor I can remember the EXACT word. But it was darling]."

And he knew, around the age of ten, that he wanted to be a writer. He knew that if he did not at least try writing, he would die. And if he tried and failed? That'd be okay. And he go into hotel management or something else.

Truly, I'm a little jealous of people who KNOW what they want to be.
I'm in my early 30s (when did THAT happen?!??) and I still don't really know what I'm doing.
I mean, I'm a mom. I'm a wife. I take care of the house. I cook. I read lots of books. I try not to be boring. I try to be kind and compassionate and understanding. I try to love everyone. I try to love myself. I try to live my religion ... Maybe that's what I am. I'm a TRY-er.
At least, when you're a try-er, it's not like you can really fail.
Just leave Yoda and his philosophy out of it. I don't want to hear it right now.

Besides that, Bruise had some sort of allergic reaction ... on his FACE (and earlobes and neck and a couple little spots on his arms). It appears that he got SOMETHING on his hands and touched his face. I only noticed it last Wednesday. Friday, when it wasn't getting better, I started giving him some Benadryl. It's looking lots better. (And the chlorine-water this morning seems to have helped, too).
It doesn't itch or cause him discomfort ... it just looks ... well ... odd.
At first, I thought it might be acne ... except for the fact that he's NOT nearly old enough to start puberty like THAT.
But he's doing fine ... my shaggy-haired little man.

Bucket ... even though there are times that she knows just which buttons to push ... she is really a VERY sweet and compassionate girl.
I'm, well ... I'm in a bit of a rough patch.
To say much more feels like a drama-queen thing.
But, let's just say that I've really questioned what kind of person I am.
(My mom assures me that I'm not a terrible friend. Michael assures me the same. Does anyone who doesn't have such a vested interest in me want to weigh in? If I'm a terrible person and an awful friend, I'd much rather prefer to know ... so that I can improve my quality of friendshipness-essence.)
And, well, since I broke down in tears again (and I don't like crying in front of my kids. It feels ... unprofessional. They have enough work figuring out who they are. I should be able to hold it together and not stress them out too much) ... and Bubbles had just woken up.
As I changed her diaper, Bucket told me, "Don't worry, Mom. We'll take care of her. You go take a rest."

She is her father's daughter. (Except when she's infuriating ... then that's ALL me. I can admit it.)

And I did take a rest ... and I felt a bit better.
Not ready to take over the world or anything ... but not quite so vulnerable to cry at the drop of a hat.
(At the same time, let's please don't take any chances ... Keep your hat-dropping to a minimum, if you don't mind.)

In other news, the kids started swim lessons today. And they had a great time. Even if I brought them there over a half-hour early. Whoops. (Better early than late, right?)
We got to sit and chat and watch the swim team practice and a class of older ladies exercise.
And Bucket and I talked about how it's not really important if one is "fat" or "skinny." But that being HEALTHY is most important. I hope that sticks.

And a gal from our ward, before the wards' boundaries were all reorganized, has her two sons in swim lessons at the same time (different classes), so it was very nice to get to chat with her. She's a friendly gal and is very fun to talk to. (Which makes me hope that I haven't lost all social skills ... I mean, I can write a great business letter ... maybe I just suck at being personable? But, no, another friend likes me plenty ... so ... well, maybe it's not that.) But I get to look forward to chatting with her for another eight days.  So that's nice.

I don't really know what to make for dinner. I have a pot of rice nearly done.
Not that 2/3 of the children really care for rice. And what should I serve with it?
I'm sure that I'll figure out something.
(Oh well, I was going to have Michael swing by the store on his way home and grab some sausage ... He's obviously listening to the radio and isn't picking up the phone. Oh well.)

Well, I think that's about everything that I can think of to write ... I'm finding myself staring off into space. Not the best use of my time ... and, well, if I'm not that interesting to MYSELF, I feel awful for you reading this blog.

Good news, my mom'll be coming up. I've been missing her. She had put her back out ... and then was having dizzy spells. Neither of which lend themselves well to driving for a few hours to visit (enthusiastic) grandchildren.
So I'm glad to be able to see her. I've been missing her a lot.

I should clean up the house, though. It'd be a nice idea, right?

And I called and set up pesticide service. It's not doing well in our battle against the ants. Ugh. Hate those insects. Why can't they just stay outside?? Whatever. They'll be sorry. In a few weeks. Mwhahaaaa.

Counting ...

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