Monday, February 07, 2011

Weeeeeeeeeell ...

The good:

Bucket is cuddling in my lap, giving me kisses.

Me: How did I get such a sweet girl?
Bucket: Well, you had a baby girl who got big and who loves her mommy.


The not-so-good:

I coughed enough that I triggered my gag reflex.
Then, while forcefully emptying my stomach's contents, I obviously got splashed in the eye.
So, it appears that I have myriad little red freckles around my eyes (Yeah, that's how forceful it was. Yup.)
AND my eye is all RED.

I keep checking to make sure it's not pink eye. Even though the kids haven't been contagious for over 24 hours.
But you never KNOW. Until you get it.

I'm going to take some more Ibuprofen. This neuroticism is giving me a headache.
Or it could be the blurred vision in my eye (since I put moisturizing eye gel -- for eyeballs -- in it. And it makes my vision in that eye all swirly.

Yep, yep. Good times in the house. Good times.

If you're sewing me that straitjacket, text Michael for the sizing. This way it'll be a surprise! *jazz hands*


Crystal said...

"moisturizing eye gel -- for eyeballs" that made me lawl. I hope you guys start feeling better ASAP!!!

Allanna said...

Well, I didn't want anyone to think that I'm stupid enough to apply eye gel for eye SKIN to the INSIDE of my eye.

I figured that I'd cover my bases.
So I just look CRAZY, not too stupid to live. :P

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