Friday, February 04, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 4

Day 4 - A habit that you wish you didn't have

Where to start??
There are so many!

Being lazy - kinda sums up everything. 
  • I haven't made that habit of reading my scriptures by myself. Or remembering to pray by myself.
    (We do those together as  a couple and as a family ... so it's not like I'm totally apostate. But I REALLY need to DO IT.)
  • The dishes still aren't done.  My desk and counter are a mess. The clothes haven't been put away. The bedrooms are messy. So's our bathroom. *martyr look*
  • Sometimes, I'm too lazy to grab a Kleenex. Gross, I know. I am ashamed.
  • I don't watch a lot of television ... since I lack the patience to sit and watch one thing for that long. (YouTube has spoiled me! I now classify and video over five minutes as "LONG." How crazy is that??)
  • My toenail polish needs to be redone. And has needed it for about a week. *sigh*
  • I haven't exercised for a couple weeks. Maybe longer. Oops.
So ... yeah. If I could work up my motivation (and KEEP it there!), I could be really amazing.

Until then, I'm going to clean my kitchen and torture my poor children with giving them the eyedrops for their cases of pink eye. And sucking down herbal tea and throat lozenges and DayQuil so I'm not cranky with my cold.
Then I have to clean off my desk and the counter. They're driving me crazy.
And put the clothes away. Since company is coming over.
And she has kids, so she's not going to be picky ... but, even if I'm not feeling up-to-shape, I KNOW how it's going.

(That's why last night, I vacuumed and cleaned the hall bathroom. And then I was spent. And kept forgetting to make my tea for a couple hours. Yeah. The water was hot at about 5:30. I got my tea around 7:30. How sad is that???)

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