Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Needs to be said...

Can I just say, for the record, that I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father sent me the man that I needed and not the type of man that I deserve?

Michael stayed home from work to take care of me.
He sent me back to bed, properly drugged up and in his comfy, comfy pajamas (that Mom C gave him for Christmas), where I was able to actually SLEEP for about four glorious hours.

My voice is still gone. I still have pin k eye, a sore throat, sinus issues ... and WAY CRAZY HAIR....

But, I feel like I can handle being alive again. Instead of curling up in a corner and crying.

He asked me, right before he was about to leave for work, if I'd like him to stay home.

I burst into tears. And admitted, that yes, having someone here to take care of me would be great.
But I didn't say it in so many words. Since talking hurts and it'd be hard to hear me over the running shower anyways.

But, yes. I am very blessed. And I'm glad that Heavenly Father sent me a man who's awesome AND inspired.
And that Heavenly Father made me wise enough to marry that man.

... Okay. Time for more medicine. Especially the eyedrops.
(My eye is looking a little better. And it's less .... disgusting. Sorry, but when you feel that you need to blow your EYE, it's gross. Especially when it's mine.)


Anonymous said...

That is why Michael is awesome. Because he loves you. :-) And he even answered my chat to you today. He's most definitely a keeper.

Jennifer said...

Feel better!

Counting ...

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