Thursday, February 24, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 24

Day 24 - A letter to your parents

Since my parents are divorced, there will be two letters.
And then a letter to my other parents, my wonderful in-laws.
And, for good measure, one to my friends' parents, since they also got to help raise me. ^_^

Dear Dad,

I love you. Sometimes I really don't understand you. But I love you, regardless.
Thank you for raising me, for taking care of me when I was little and Mom was working.
Thank you for giving me first-hand experience that just because a person can't see/can't hear well, that doesn't mean that they don't have valuable life experiences and wisdom to share.
I also will thank you for letting me know that sometimes the people we love will do things that we don't understand. 
I'll admit that I try not to take it personally that you appear to care so little for me that you'd treat the covenants that you made in the temple so callously. And that you requested your records be removed from the church. I know that you don't mean to give the impression that to have me as a daughter for all eternity isn't worth it. I still love you. And I know that you love me. Even though it took me until I was in college to really, REALLY realize this. And the knowledge that you DO love me so much is very humbling. And I thank you for loving me.
Especially because I was NOT very lovable right after your and Mom's divorce. Because I felt like it was a betrayal to the both of us. (And, really, Mom was right. You two didn't suit. You both had very different priorities. And that is okay.) Thank you for giving me an example for me to learn from, so that when I was old enough, I KNEW to chose a mate who would be a good match for me. And me for him. So that we wouldn't have to put each other (and any children we'd have) through that.

Thank you, Dad, for having a wonderful family that I love. I know that you didn't get to choose them, really. But I'm glad that I came to this family.
     Love you,



I know that I have been a punk, a brat, and many other words which I will not use here.
But thank you for loving me throughout my, at times, awkward and hideous metamorphosis into the woman I am today. I appreciate it.

You made sacrifice upon sacrifice for me. And, being the self-centered and oblivious child that I was, I usually wasn't aware of most (or any) of them. Not until I grew up did I realize what all you put yourself through for me. I am completely unworthy ... again, I thank you.

Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for pushing me. Thank you for raising me in the church, for making rules, for giving me your example and the examples of other wonderful women and men that I could learn from.

Thank you for teaching me to read. Thank you for teaching me how to run a house. Thank you for letting my friends come over. Thank you for all those slumber parties where we were so loud that you weren't able to get to sleep. Thank you for teaching me how to use a computer ... and for letting me play on the Apple IIc so much. Thank you for the traveling that we did.
And, also, thank you for being my mother and my friend. You are the sister that you wanted to give me. I love that we can laugh together, shop together, watch movies together. 

When I hear that Abraham Lincoln quote, "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother," I think of you.

Love you, Mommy,


Mom and Dad C,

Thank you for raising such a wonderful son. You did a most excellent job. And I'm grateful, every single day, for him.

Thank you for also being my parents. I remember how nervous I was to meet you. (Especially you, Mom. I REALLY wanted to impress you. Or at least to not have you KNOW me for the flighty, vain creature that I am. ^_^)

And, oh, I really love and adore you both very, very much. It makes me so glad to know that I'm sealed to you, through Michael, that I get to have you as my family for forever.

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for putting up with me. For letting me work my way into the family. Even though I was the daughter-in-law that you hadn't known for years and years. And you always treat me like I've never NOT been a part of the family. I'm really grateful for that.

I know that I can't ever tell you how much I really do appreciate you both. And, gosh, I need to work on changing that fact.

Love you lots!!

Really, as an aside, I am SO. TOTALLY. AND. COMPLETELY. BLESSED in that I have completely awesome family. They are so much better than what I deserve. It's totally true.
They're wonderful. And I love them so much.
And so do their grandchildren. ^_^ Even better, right? Bruise and Bucket are always THRILLED to see their Grandma and Grandpa, their Mutti and Poppi, and their Grandpa D and Grandma L. ... They have good taste, I know! ^_^


Last letter:

Dear other parents -- Kim, Ken, Linda, Don, Kim, Don, Joan, Stephanie, Larry, Becky-Becky, Doug, Lou, Mike, Sherrie, Donna, Chris, Carolyn, Elmer, Patsy, Betty, Nelson, Connie, Steve, .... and, oh, so many others,

Thank you. I know that you are really the parents of my friends or you have been my teachers ... but you are an influential part of the village that raised me.

You gave me love and guidance. You still do (even though I see you all FAR LESS than I'd like to).

You are wonderful. And I miss you. And I just want to let you know that I appreciate you. So much.



I am going to be very honest. I am loved much more than I deserve. And I'm grateful for that. And I love my family (and my not-at-all biological-or-legally-tied family) something fierce.

They don't have to love me. But they do. And I'm so completely humbled by this.

Like I've said. And I'll continue to say: My family is awesome.

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