Sunday, November 30, 2008

Belated Thanksgiving stuff

I think that from gorging myself so during the holiday, that I've gained about ... oh ... ten bazillion pounds.

But when you're surrounded by delicious food, what is a girl supposed to do?!?!?

BUT, I kept meaning to get around to making a list of things I'm thankful for this year ... and, by golly, I'm going to do it!!

  1. My family - I've got a wonderful husband that puts up with me all the time, children that (mostly) make me laugh, and relatives that love me and treat me well. It's GOOD.
  2. My sister-in-law that made juvenile jokes with me as we tried to make up storylines that made the scenes in "Stephen King's The Stand" a little more child friendly
    "Oh, they're HUGGING. Isn't that nice??" "And that face he made right there? That's because Michael Keaton totally just let one rip." "Yeah, I'd make that face, too. Especially if I lost consciousness like he did." "Oh, I think he's taking a nap. ... After playing in the fingerpaints and getting messy."
  3. HAM. Because it is delicious.
  4. Holding H, because (even though I didn't get baby envy, but) it seems like maybe I've learned something by having two babies of my own. (If you haven't read it already, RUN and get a copy of "The Happiest Baby on the Block." Seriously. LIFESAVER!!!!)
  5. Seeing my Nana ... and that Bunny gives her hugs and kisses readily.
  6. That my kidlets are as excited to see my family as I am.
  7. That my kidlets pray for their whole family
  8. That, when Bruise prays, he says "Big Grandpa" instead of "Great-Grandpa." It makes me laugh.
  9. How Bunny tells stories. It must be in the genes.
  10. How I can see bits of my childhood self in my children.
  11. That I have the chance to help them be better/cooler/less-crazy-in-the-head than I was/am.
  12. Church. Because it makes me happy. ... Even though some of my family and friends don't understand how it can.
  13. I'm able to serve with the Young Women. It feels like home. It's like my reward for serving in Cub Scouts (I was not always the most effective ... or the best fit. I enjoy my girls so much. I get the chance to get to know them ... which I never seemed to get to do with the boys.)
Going with that, here's the story for today --

I was sitting on the couch in one of the foyers in the church. K and J came and sat by me and we chatted. Then A.O. came and sat on my lap and said, "Hello, Santa!" in this silly three-year-old-type voice.

So, I give a "Ho! Ho! Ho! What would you like for Christmas?" in the gruffest, Santa-iest voice I can do (i.e., not all that low, gruff, or masculine).

And she says, "I want a pony! Can you give me a pony?!?"

And I go, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" ... because I'm NOT promising her a pony. I don't know if her parents have room for one. And it's not like I have a pony, anyways, to give her.

And she starts cracking up. ... So, whenever we saw each other for the rest of the day, we'd be all, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" to each other. And then we'd crack up and laugh like loony laughers.

And THIS is why I have such an awesome calling. I get to have such fun with my girls.

And the leaders, the other adults, are fun, too.

For example, I was up late ... working on the calendar for YW. And K, our YW prez, had me make some changes (hey, they had to be made. It's not like she's making up stuff for me at the last minute). And in her email, she's all, "I bet you're cursing my name about now, huh?"

So I typed back, "No, I'm not cursing your name. I may happen to be sighing and making significant glances in your general direction ... but that could just be coincidence. :P"

Or how D, one of the teachers, laughed when, in our meeting this afternoon, I described something as "sucktastic." (Well, it WAS!!)

I've got a good bunch. It's tres awesome.

"Humiliation Galore!"

This is not a story that I really relish sharing ... because it'll ruin ANY mental image you have of me being the dainty and feminine creature that I do *try* to be.

But it's just so funny that I'll share it anyways.

First things first: I do not like the fact that I fart. I am a GIRL. Girls do not fart. ... And IF we did, they'd smell of roses and chocolate-chip cookies.
(When dating, you could tell if I was really comfortable with a guy when I'd eat with gusto in front of him [I seriously INHALE food. I eat FAST. Really. I had a girl STARE at me eat my freshman year of high school because she was AMAZED that I could eat that fast without, I don't know, choking or something.] and when I'll use the bathroom when we're together. Because girls don't have bodily functions. We just check out lipstick and hair. *nods* Yup.)

SO, what brings up this story is that (1) I'm getting over a visit from Aunt Flo, per se. My body is returning to normal. But that, combined with (2) my Nana's addictive baked beans ... well, let's just say that I'm not quite my delicate flower self. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.

But, Michael and I and the kidlets are in the living room at Mom and my stepdad's. My stepdad, C, is by the TV, in the chair. Michael is in another chair near the piano and I am across the narrow room, on the couch. The kids are flitting through the room like ferrets on a sugar high (Okay, they're not that bad. But they don't stay in one spot for long). ... And ... well ... you can guess what happened. There was no noise ... but there were some noxious fumes. And I didn't want to bring any attention to it ... A minute passes.

Then C goes, "Woah, you might want to change somebody's diaper!!"

I flush a deep red, but try not to say anything ... and I ask Bruise (because, hey! Maybe it IS time for him to get a clean diaper!), "Bruise, are you stinky?"


"Did you go poopies?"


I have him come to me so that I can check (because he doesn't always care to TELL me when he IS  sporting a dirty diaper). Sure enough, he's a clean and fresh as a toddler's bumoley can be.

C, by this time has left the room to go ... somewhere. Maybe to tell Mom how stinky her grandchildren are. I don't know. I confess to Michael that I'm the reason behind the stench.

"Why didn't you say so to C?"

"... I didn't want to have to admit it!!!!" I plaintively bleat.

C comes back, "So did you change a diaper?"

"Oh, it was just farts," I assure him.



Later, my mom's back from resting ... C's out somewhere ... and Michael's with us, watching TV.
I confess to Mom ... who about cries with laughing about my status as a gas giant ... and how C had reacted to everything.

Yeah, my mom loves me. And is sworn to secrecy to not let C know that it wasn't the kids.

So, um, don't tell anyone, okay??

Because I'm a lady. And ladies do not have bodily functions. We are delicate flowers. We'd go into fits of vapors if you even insinuated that we might have ... orfices. Ew!!

But, um ... if you do smell something ... well, I'M REALLY, REALLY SORRY!!!!!
*flees in shame!!!!*

Holy Flying Pumpkin

So, let's see ... it's been DAYS ... busy days, since I have blogged.

Now to figure what all I've been up to ...

Wednesday morning was full of cleaning the house, finishing packing, and IMing with Damien.
I also made my first REAL cheesecake. A pumpkin cheesecake. (Go to Ree's site: The Pioneer Woman. It's there.)

Bruise "helped" me make it ... by asking to taste everything that went into it.

"That's brown sugar."
"I haz sum??"
"Okay, buckeroo. Knock yourself out" (As I give him about 1/8 tsp. Hey, I love me some brown sugar. Ate it as a snack one year when I was around seven. Had THREE cavities at the dentist's that year. Oy.)

And, gosh, if he didn't go hog-wild over the pumpkin puree. This boy loves him some pumpkin.
And he enjoyed the fingerfuls of cheesecake batter while it baked ... and before I loaded the last load in the dishwasher.

Bunny watched Cinderella while I went rather nuts and vacuumed and wiped off the TOP OF THE WASHER AND DRYER  ... just in case anyone looked at it and JUDGED ME or something. (Hey, when you have in-laws staying at your place while you're not there to do last-minute cleanings? Well ... if you're me, you go a little crazy.)

Got the place nice looking. Michael's even complimented me on it. Repeatedly. (Since he knows that I'm not all Miss-Merry-Homemaker, like, at ALL.)

Got a calling. It hasn't been announced yet, so I'm keeping it on the DL. But it should be good. And I don't have to give up my YW secretary gig. (Score!!!)

Got to see my cousin, D ... who I haven't seen for a while. I mean, I saw him just over a year ago ... and I barely recognized him. Since I keep this mental image of him as he's like TWELVE. And that's ... oh... a DECADE ago. Geez. Sucktastic cousin = moi. But he laughed about it. Because he's pretty awesome. It was good to catch up with him.

Saw another of my cousins and his wife ... and their baby. Got to hold H (their daughter). I wondered if my kidlets would be jealous. Nope. Bruise walks on by, checking out what's going on. Bunny, however, patted H's head. I asked her if she wanted a baby brother or a baby sister...

She wants both. At once.
Just like Bruise and Bunny.

SO, if it's up to her, I'll be dropping another litter. 

At my dad's, Dad and L got the kidlets a couple of remote-control cars (a school bus and a fire engine). They LOVED them. Bruise especially enjoyed it when I'd drive one and CRASH it into him. Over and over and over. As he'd crawl in a circle ... SLOWING DOWN to let the fire engine crash into him. Weirdo boy. 
It's good that he finds ways to have fun so easily.

My mom's getting over being sick (mostly due to her asthma). Her ears were a little plugged, which led to interesting segues in the conversation

Me: Nana's broken toe is doing better.
Mom: Nana has a boyfriend? REALLY? How nice!
Mom: Wow, I didn't know that she was looking for a boyfriend.
Me: *louder and VERY clearly enunciating* A BROKEN TOE!!!
Mom: Huh? She has what?? OH!!!

Yup. It's always a good time going home. :P We always have something to laugh about.

Prodigal Blogger

Okay, okay I'm back.

And I'll make up for my PROLONGED ABSENCE (Yes, Bri, I read your comment. :P)

But first, a meme. An ABC of meme-ness-essence

A- Attached or Single- Very much attached. And happy to be that way.
B- Best friends- Michael, my Mom, Terra, Bri, ... Katie, Dianne ... and others. I have excellent friends.
C- Cake or Pie- YES! Jim Gaffigan is right that cake is da bomb. If you haven't seen his stand-up on cake (and how it compares to pie, go thither!! Make haste!!!! Because it is HILARIOUS!!!)
D- Day of choice- Any day that Michael is home. And that I don't have a meeting.
E- Essential Items- lip gloss, books, the interwebs, deoderant, clean underwears ...
F- Favorite color- I'm really digging teal. But since it's the holidays, I love me some fir green, holly-berry red, icy blue, and silver-snowy-white.
G- Gummy Worms or Godiva Chocolate- Depends on my mood. I love me some choccy ... but sometimes a girl NEEDS some gummy worms.
H- Hometown- Canyonville
I- Indulgences- Bubble baths, painting my nails (esp. toenails), blogging (where ELSE do you get to be completely self-absorbed and talk for hours on end and people LOVE you for it?!? :P), reading, shopping, going to see a movie...
J- January or July- January is fun because the kidlets have their birthday. And I can wear sweaters. ... But in July, I can take them to the community wading pool. And not have to pay to heat the house ... And, oh! There are FIREWORKS! ... I really can't decide.
K- Kids- The munchkin brigade: Bruise and Bunny (formerly known as Bucket.)
L- Life is incomplete without- My family. My religion. Sugar. Books.
M- Marriage Date- March 23
N- Number of Siblings- None biologically. 4 stepsiblings. 4 siblings-in-law, with another two added through marriages. And, let's see, at least ten friends that I've "adopted" as siblings. ^_^
O- Oranges or Apples- I like me some Fuji apples. And mandarin oranges.
P- Phobias or Fears- Spiders can freak me out. And I don't like scorpions much either. I also get jumpy in large urban areas with lots of strangers. I'm not much of a city girl. The 'burbs are about as much as I can handle. How sad is that??
Q- Quotes- "When I'm good, I'm very good. When I'm bad, I'm even better." Mae West. ... I also like C.S. Lewis, Dorothy Parker, J. Golden Kimball ... and I LOVE to quote movies.
R- Reasons to Smile- I'm breathing. There's nothing in my life that couldn't be solved with just a little more money ... and if your problems can be solved by just throwing money at them, well, they're not THAT big of problems. (Now, if only I HAD all that money avaliable to throw at my problems.... Hmmm...)
S- Season- I like them all, really. Spring and Autumn allow me to wear sweaters. Summer is great when I can swim. And eat fresh peaches. And RASPBERRIES!!!! And winter is Christmastime. And Thanksgiving. ... And I love to eat ... so ... yeah.
T- Tag Friends- No. I refuse! You can't make me!!!!!! (But, hey, if you really want to do this, go ahead. Whatever blows your skirt [or kilt] up.)
U- Unknown Fact About Me- I've never had braces.
V- Very favorite Store- If I had unlimited funds, I'd love to go to Borders/Barnes and Noble, Sephora, Toys R Us ... and then do some clothes shopping -- Sears, Penny's, Macy's and Target.
W- Worst Habit- Oh, I have too many to pick just ONE!!
X- X-ray, Ultra-sound or Mammogram- I think my ultrasounds were the coolest. Cooler than my X-rays, anyways ... haven't had the mammogram experience yet.
Y- Your Favorite Food- Um ... Mashed potatoes? Macaroni and Cheese? I like comfort foods, I guess.
Z- Zodiac- Aries

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


[Dude, how did I end up with so many drafts left unpublished? I'm not really like that. Here's the last one.]

One load of dishes down. Two to go. (Maybe one and a half, maybe.)

Need to vacuum, tidy up the house, pack, clean the catbox, fold and put away clothes, clean up the master bath ... don't eat my children (after Bunny ripped up the corner of a book, it was pretty touch-and-go ... and Bruise refused to take a nap [Not that Bunny did, either] and is MR. CRANKY_PANTS!!!!) ... And I'm tired. I did read a book and take a little nap. 

I also need to try and make a cheesecake. I told my mom that I was planning on doing it. I have everything that I NEED to do it ... I just have to get the kitchen cleaned enough to do it. 

And then REclean it after I do it.

And I hate packing. I always forget to pack something. Once it was clean underwears for me (Good thing my folks all have washers and dryers). Once it was socks or pajamas for Michael.
I usually seem to remember to bring everything for the kidlets. Knock on wood.

I'm tired of whining. I'm tired of the house being messy. I'm tired of not being done with my to-read pile (And with over 1,000 books on it, I don't think I'll be finishing anytime soon).

I probably would feel a little better if I had gotten a shower today. 

Insomnia strikes again!! Lady-stuff and poop discussed. (The poop's not mine, though)

So ... this is not the most MALE-FRIENDLY post ... so, um, if you're not sporting double X-chomosomes, just be aware, okay? I'm not TRYING to skeeve you out. I'm just saying it like it is, okay?

First - I hate my period. Because it fills my head with angry bees, for lack of a better term. I'm hormonal. Moody. I lack motivation ... unless it's the motivation to get depressed about what a jerk/loser/poeser I am, etc., etc., so forth.
Yeah, not a great time to be me.

BUT, here's something funny:
So, I'm the type that I would rather be open with my kids about human biology and such, you get what I mean? It's not like my kids stay away when I'm in the bathroom ... In fact, that seems to be the time that they SEEK ME OUT. (Note to self: Why is that? Srsly, what gives?!?) ...

So, I'm inserting an article of "feminine protection," per se, with the kids quizzing me about completely unrelated things. And Bunny asks, "Mommy, what that??" as I'm tossing away the garbage.

So, to let her know that Mommy's not hemmoraging or HURT or anything, I calmly explain that ladies, when their bodies are able to have babies, bleed. It's totally normal and happens once a month. It doesn't hurt. It's nothing to worry about.

"Ladies? Bleed?"
"Not daddies?"
"Nope, not daddies."

... And later, when I was in the bathroom, she points out and says in a tone full of pity and compassion, "Oh, Mommy, oh. You bleeded your panties. Poor Mommy. Next time you get M."
(Because when Bunny or Bruise pee or poop in their diapers, that's pretty much the talk we give -- 'Too bad you went in your diaper. Oh well. Next time, when you go in the toilet, you can earn an M [M&Ms]'). It made me laugh.

AND I did give her the talk about NOT talking to people about my cycle ... that we do NOT talk to people about our private regions, per se. (I use the anatomical names for them ... which is why, on occasion, my son has come up to me and pointed out his pen!s. ... At least I know that he's listening. As, when I put a diaper on him, he'll tell me that his pen!s needs to be down.)

Oh!! Oh!!! Bruise went POOP on the TOILET!!!!! YES!!!
YESTERDAY night!!!

So he's been happily working at wearing his underwear (insert Bunny's adamant "[Bruise] no wear panties. [Bruise] wear UNDARWAAARES!!!!!) -- Transformers and Thomas the Train, and playing with his new Bumblebee robot.

And, since when the kidlets go poop, I give them five Ms (as opposed to the ONE they get when they go pee) ... I gave Bruise his five hard-earned Ms ... and he immediately gave two of them to Bunny. (cue: AWWWWWWwwwwww!!!!!1!) He didn't have to do that. I know that I wouldn't have. But it was very sweet and warmed my cold, dead heart.

Well, I'm starting to get tired. And COLD. So I'm going to head to bed (again).
But that new pillow is totally doing its job. Yay!

Michael pulled a muscle in his back Sunday, though. Booo!
He stayed home from work to recuperate. (whispered yay!! ... because I like having him home.)

I've gotten through a few books this weekend (double-yay!)
I've also folded a LOT of laundry (another double-yay!!)
I haven't done dishes (Booooooooo.)
Michael still loves me (YAY!!!!!)

I need to pack tomorrow. And make a cheesecake. And have FHE (Family Home Evening). And do the stinkin' (starting to be literal. Ewwww.) dishes. And take the kidlets to storytime. *sigh* I can do it. I can do it. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can ....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can I take credit for that?

You know how people always try to create a word to enter the normal lexicon? ... You know, they say it over and over so that their friends start to use it, then THEIR friends start to use it ... and it spreads ...

How people try to do that?

I think I might have done that. I'm really not sure.

I know that when I coined a term about five years ago, everyone I used it around (and I used it when it came into conversation ... not JUST to use it) loved it, had never heard it before ... and I just read the word in an online article. About James Bond ... Yeah.

The term I created one day was to describe a slutty guy ... because the English language is SADLY lacking a term for it. We have such a double-standard. It's a supposed good thing for guys to sleep around ... but, even after the sexual revolution of the 70s, it's a bad thing for women to do it?
(See, my personal opinion is that NOBODY should be sleeping around. And if you can't manage not to, then FREAKIN' take responsibility for it. And that if it's bad for girls, it should be JUST as bad for boys).

So, I used the term "man-whore" ... because it fit the criteria that I needed. ... And now it seems to be used more and more prevelantly ... Probably thanks to my friend, Karen, who was OVER THE MOON about this gem of a phrase (if I may modestly pat myself on the back. It IS a good term. Especially when passing along Hollywood gossip ... or talking about some literary characters. ifywim. aityd.).

So, yeah ... if you hear the term "manwhore/man-whore/man whore" ... Dude, that was aaaaaaaaall me.

Too bad I can't earn royalties or something for it. *sigh*

But, really, go ahead and tell me what a genius I am for creating such an awesome word.
Because I am just that humble. *wink*

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In which I chillax, (still) confess, and rejoice (or work towards it. *grin*)

As assigned by Katie, I shall now write about things that make me happy. 
(And I will also promptly get all teary-eyed about it. I HATE it when Aunt Flo is in town. Because I turn into the craziest woman EVER. No lie!)
(No, really. You can ask Michael. He'll be honest with you!)

So, here goes -- Things that make me happy/Things for which I am grateful:
  • Ice cream (As I am shovelling mouthfuls partaking in its excellence and grandeur.
  • Chocolate ... especially truffles. And I have extreme longings for the Nutmeg Cremes that were made by a (unfortunately TOO short-lived) candy shop/restaurant in my hometown.
  • My family. Because they love me. Even when I am crazy-PMS-woman. Even when I'm a teenaged punk, being all wannabe-rebellious.
  • My friends. Because they often know exactly what I need (Katie, thank you again. You're a total rock star. Luv you!!!). Because they make me laugh. Because they make me think (Yes, Brookie-kuns, that's for you!). Because they're just awesome and everything that's wonderful.
  • The Church ... because it makes me happy. I like being a daughter of a perfect Father. I like that familes and marriages don't have to be limited to this mortal state. I like that Jesus loves me, even if/especially when I'm feeling unloveable and insignificant.
  • Books. Because they're always there and always the same. Better than a dog, since books don't crap on your carpet or eat out of the litterbox -- but they're steadfast and true!
  • Shoes -- It's SO much easier to find a pair of shoes that fit and look great than when you're shopping for clothes.
  • Make-up - Same deal as the shoes. Cheap, easy, and makes you look/feel super-cute, especially if you're feeling fat. (YES, I am shallow.)
    (I'm not going to tell how many of my lipglosses have been purchased out of "I wanted to buy a shirt/dress/pants, but NOTHING LOOKS GOOD ON ME!!!!!!" ... I also have shoes that are bought for that reason. ... All before we had kids and I had some cash to burn, but still!)
  • Baths - When I need a time-out from being a responsible mom, I put the kids down for a nap, run some hot water, throw in pretty-smelling stuffs, and relax with a book... Often looking at our next point --
  • My painted toenails. I've come to realize that I feel MUCH more feminine and much more "me" (rather than "a mom" or whatever) when I've painted my toenails. (Why is this?) It's such a small and inexpensive luxury, but it does me a world of good. Even when my little piggies are ensconsed in socks and shoes, just knowing that I have painted toenails is quite a pancea.
That's the ten that Katie stated was the minimum requirement ... Shall I go on? (YES, I do believe I shall!)
  • Mexican hot chocolate (or my cheapo-approximation thereof, which is an excellent cure-all: Make your instant hot cocoa, add cinnamon and nutmeg. Breathe deeply. Enjoy.
    And, hey! No hangover! :P)
  • Dancing ... though I haven't danced for a while. I really do miss swing-dancing. So, when I drive the kidlets around and we're listening to my iPod, I try to mentally choreograph what I could have done in high school. And, oh, it makes me long to go dancing. My Lindy-Hopping skills are, sadly, quite rusty, though.
  • The smell of new books makes me happy. So does the smell of old books for that matter. It smells of ... promise and potential, in the case of the former. The latter, of age and history and soupcon of mystery. (Did I spell that correctly? I don't spell French words all that well.)
  • Walking on the beach -- that whole sand-between-my-toes thing ... Best done in warm weather (at least here) ... and it's a really nice way to exfoliate (TOLD you I'm shallow. Really! Not hiding it from you!)
  • Massages - the BESTEST thing about when I was in a bit of a car accident? The acupuncture and massage. Oh, the acupunture was good and helped ... but, oh, those massages were divine. I miss Marilyn. (She was a GREAT conversationalist, too!) It's totally excellent, feeling like your muscles are made of butter. Ah, yes.)
    (So, if I go back to school, I'll either be getting a Master's degree in Library Science ... or get a Massage Thereapy license -- 'Cause it's great to make people feel so good.)
  • Blue. It's all fresh and open and ... it just makes me happy. Especially teal.
  • Green makes me happy, too.
  • And yellow.
  • And pink. 
  • Purple, too.
  • I like comics. And graphic novels. And manga. ... Could be because they're books. :P
  • I like the smell of coconuts ... it reminds me of summertime.
  • I love to read magazines and catalogs ... probably a sign of mental illness of something ... and the piles of them are seriously cramping our bathroom's style ... but I love to read about things that I usually don't know about ... or see what people are wearing (maybe there's something that I like) ... and I can go through most catalogs and appreciate stuff in there, and manage not to feel all down that I can't go out and BUY it all right now (or ever). I think I have the most fun flipping through catalogs and picking out what I'd get my mom or a friend or for Michael. I don't know why, but it's wildly enjoyable and makes me happy.
  • Free samples. I love me some free samples. It's like a PRESENT ... and most of them are prefectly-sized to go in a purse or diaper bag or for travelling. And did I mention they're like presents?
  • Unexpected compliments. It's always nice and refreshing to receive a compliment. (No, if only I could receive them with more grace. I'm working on it!)
  • Kittens. I love cats ... but, oh, I miss when there were kittens ... that stage of before-the-eye-and-ears-opened vunerability ... or the stage of kitten-toddlerhood (where they walked into walls, mirrors, furniture ... the little "mews" ... It just melts my cold, dark heart.)
  • I, for one, LOVED the face that my Bunny would make when she was fresh from the womb. While we were still in the hospital, she'd finish eating ... then pull away and take a small look around, then ROLL HER EYES -- like she was saying, "I got pulled out of some comfy uterus to come HERE?!? Geez." or something. It totally busted up my puffy, drugged, exhausted self.
  • Or how Bruise was just this little jaundiced sleepy bear. He had a total little-old-man face going on ... which was how I immediately knew that I named him well. The name totally fit him. Phew!
  • Cats purring. It's like nature's Zoloft or something. The world could be falling down around my ears ... but give me a purring cat and it's all good.
  • Having my kidlets fall asleep on me (just one at a time, now, since they're SO much bigger) is also really relaxing.
  • Older SNL skits -- The church lady, especially. I have fond memories of watching Dana Carvey as the church lady with my mom. We brag to each other when we get to pull the "Could it be SATAN?!?" line at church. (I got to use it a couple weeks ago!! Squee!!)
  • Snark -- especially when it's so well-deserved. Smart Bs are excellent for romance-novel cover snark. And Eric is excellent for satire. And it just makes me happy.
I do feel lots better now. And I have to go "liberate" my children from that torture I refer to as "naptime." 
Give me strength. :P

And I need to make dinner. *sigh*
Wish me luck!

In which I worry, confess, complain

Mostly, I  am doing better, mentally speaking.

I enjoy my calling (responsibility) at church, my kids are generally fun to be around, I have a husband who loves me, and a family that I have good relationships with ...

I worry. (Like my Bri.) Some of my worries are similar ...
  • I worry about my family's health. I worry that I (who am NOT covered by health insurance) will get sick, or slice off a finger, or break a bone ... or slip in the shower and knock my head on a hard/sharp edge, knocking out the majority of my teeth AND putting myself into a coma. [No, really. I do. I know it's NOT normal.] And that Michael, my kids, and my family will all suffer because (1) I'm incapacitated and (2) it is going to be VERY expensive.
    I also worry that I might have depression. And that everyone will suffer because of it and it will be MY FAULT (Thank you, commericals about "Who does depression hurt?"!) Because what if I DO have depression? Am I depressed? I am generally happy-go-lucky ... but if I'm depressed, won't that change my whole view on things? I don't want to be depressed! I don't want to think that I might be depressed. (Not that there's anything wrong with it. I just would strongly prefer not to have any medical conditions ... other than being alive, female, and having given birth in the past. Thank yew.)
  • I worry that people (or pets) I love will die. (My Gingi-cat is over 16. I know that it's inevitable that she will die. I don't have to like it. I also am very worried that my Nana is going to die soon. Or my Mom. Or Dad. Or Michael's folks ... and I don't want ANYONE to die.)
(And how sad is it that I'm, inexplicably, CRYING just TYPING this crap that worries me?)
  • I worry that I'm not going to be good enough or prepared enough for the last days, when the earth is going to be a TOTAL crap place to live. I have SO much room for improvement. I need to really get going on food storage and being spiritual and being a better mother ... and, when it comes down to it, I find myself SO lazy and tired ... Ugh. And then I hate myself a little for it. I should be this miraculous little powerhouse. I should not find it difficult to remember to (and make the time to) STUDY (not just skim) my Scriptures, to pray, to NOT lose my temper and yell, to clean my house, to fold the @$^$#$%# laundry, to attend the temple more often, to be a better wife and mother, to cook BREAKFAST, to organize our food storage, to organize the shop, to clean the cars ... And then I hate myself a little more for being such a tight-butt perfectionistic wanna-be.
    And then I rifle through the kitchen for something sweet. Or go paint my toenails. When I SHOULD be exercising or something really worthwhile.
    (Waaaaah!!! My life is Haaaaard!! /self-loathing)
  • I worry about our finances. We're ekeing by ... We have a house, which I'm grateful for ... I still try not to be envious of people with fenced back-yards (Hey! If we had the cash, we'd have bought the stuff and built ourselves a kick-butt fence!) and vacations and cute clothes and such (Yes, I AM just that shallow. I'm dealing with it *sigh*)  ... Then I'm also aware that there are lots of people that don't have it as well as we do. And so I feel like a total heel for that. (Waaah!! I'm human!! /self-pity)
  • I worry that I might lose my sight and hearling like my dad. How would I deal? I love to read, love to watch stuff on YouTube and blog ... love to listen to stuff. 
  • I worry that people at my High School Reunion will think that I've really let myself go and that I'm fat. Or even more insane than I was in high school. ... And I'm actually less self-confident than I was in high-school. What happened?? I used to care what everyone thought of me, yes ... but now I almost care more. What's up with that??
  • I worry that my kids will get hurt or die. And that even though it won't be something that I caused/allowed to happen, that I'll be put in jail or something. Because that seems to happen a lot. ... And, since you can't just Velcro your kids to the wall 24/7, I kinda do worry that this is a viable worry. (Which makes me feel EVEN more sick in the head.)
I could list more, I'm sure. These are the ones that I've just come up with in a stream-of-consciousness bit.

Now I should totally bury this under some happy fluffy-bunnies-and-rainbows-and-unicorn posts.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Something that raised my ire ...

Yes, I know, I was good. I blogged about thing that made me happy ... I've been on a roll!! 
And now I blog this ...

SO, you know how I mentioned that we had our ward's Young Women in Excellence program yesterday? To, pretty much, celebrate how great our young women are, and to listen to some nice talks, and to see little displays of what the girls have been working on, and to eat some cookies ...

Well, K (YW President) and I worked for over an hour decorating sugar cookies. They looked really good (well, the ones that K did, since she teaches Primary school students about art and all. Mine weren't TERRIBLE ... but I'm such a blasted perfectionist that I never seem to reach my lofty standards for myself ... but I am very proud of one that I did. Because it was ADORABLE. And I do have a picture of it. Which I will get around to posting sometime. Pinky-swears!!).

Since church was over for just about all the wards (since we have two other wards ... well another ward and a branch, which is [in short] a ward-lite.), we decided that I'd take the two trays of cookies, the bags of ice for the water pitchers, and a couple lemons to slice up to make the water look/taste pretty BACK to the church and put them in the serving area there.
Which I did. About 4 P.M., I slid the cookie-laden trays back into the tray-holder/carts (so it wasn't completely obvious that there were cookies on them). I thought about leaving a note, but since I didn't have tape and my purse was in the car (since the trays were HEAVY. The cookies weren't. But those trays WERE.), I didn't.
And I drove home and chilled until 6 P.M., when I went back to the church to help set up.

We set up tables, moved chairs, tablecloths were ironed (NOT by me. I don't iron very much.), and I got the tables set up for the dessert-table. Then I was ready to set out the cookies and slice the lemons (and put the slices in the pitches of ice water).

So I pull out the trays of cookies ... And I look at them ... 

And I blink hard and look again.

And a third of our cookies are gone.

A THIRD of the cookies are GONE.

COOKIES = not all present.

So, I try not to freak out. I scurry (in my little dainty heels and full skirt) BACK into the room we've set up, grab my keys and high-tail it back to my van where I SEARCH the seats and am moving water bottles on the OFF CHANCE that MAYBE the cookies slid off the tray (even though I was CERTAIN that when I put the trays in the cart that one was full-unto-bursting).

No dice.

I pull K aside and tell her, "Not to alarm you, but we have 20 [of 60] cookies missing."

Now, K has been SLAVING to make this night the BESTEST NIGHT EVER. And, if it were me, I'd have collapsed into a puddle of tears and despair. Especially since people were starting to show up and there were a HELL of a lot more than 60 there. (Yeah, we thought we might get, like, 40 people ... We were pleasantly surprised.)

So, I plate up the 40 cookies that are left, noting that most of the ones stolen were the BEAUTIFUL ones that K had decorated (so our thief/thieves do show some art appreciation) ... and slice up the ONE lemon that's left. 
(Dude, you steal cookies from a church AND a lemon?? That's deserving of a hearty portion of WITHER THE FRIES?!?)

But, yeah, people are coming up to me, asking "Who stole the cookies?" And I have no idea. I'm more than tempted to have the bishops of the respective wards/branches read an announcement over the podium on Sunday. That was a FULL box-worth of Safeway sugar cookies! That was $3.99 that went completely to waste! (Not counting the price of the sugar, corn syrup, and milk that I've donated from my kitchen.)

Yeah, I'm rather irked. 

One of the young women listened to me gripe a little. And laughed at the possibilities for signs that I SHOULD have put up:
"Five of these cookies are laced with laxatives. I suggest you DON'T take your chances. Smoochies!! Signed, [Our ward's name]'s Young Women"
"DO NOT EAT!!! These are NOT yours!!!! *insert picture of eyes, because it's been studied that people are more likely to be honest when faced with an image (even a drawn image!) of eyes*"
"Do not eat! Why would you do that? Because you know it hurts my feeling and you know I have a knife!!!!!!! Signed, PMS Geisha of the [Our Ward's] Young Women"

Our ward's Activity Committee director thinks that it sounds like something Young Men would do. It's possible that it could have been choir members who arrived early. OR someone/some people in the Singles Branch (like I said, the ward-lite. Just a smaller congregation).

Now, if it had been a COUPLE cookies ... even FIVE ... that would have been one thing. 

But TWENTY? Twenty FRAKKIN' cookies?!?!?!?

Especially since we had a sign in one of the (most-used) rooms that said there was an activity being held tonight ... *sigh*

It's just irritating. You don't expect that in the space of two hours, you're going to find that you've had one-third of your evening's refreshments stolen.

Yeah, I'm rather peeved about it. The only way it could have been worse would have been if the cookies were going to be for the Primary (the up-to-twelve-year olds). Because stealing food from children? That's just low. And since the Young women are between the ages of 12-18, it's still stealing food from minors/children. And that burns my biscuits (to be tactful).

I almost just want to throw up my hands and say, "Why do we even try?!? I mean, really??" ... and I'm almost tempted to do it in the other wards' meetings ... But I won't. Because that's passive-agressive and inapproriate. We're at church to worship Christ. Not to listen to me rail about thieves in our midst.

The church is still true. But I'm not leaving cookies unattended in the future.
Unless someone REALLY wants me to try out my impression of Alice and her "Fist of Death."
Or I could take the page from the Evil League of Evil applicants and go for PMS Geisha's modus operandi.

Another reason my children are funny ...

One of the Nursery leaders and I were talking yesterday ... and she related to me that Bunny NEVER fails to tell her that we don't watch Barney.

(I think there may be a Barney doll in the toy closet or something.)

It makes her laugh (the Nursery leader) and she fully supports our Barney boycott.

Of course, Bunny never fails to tell ME about the Barney boycott. 
Especially when we're at the library checking out a DVD or video. There's a small section of Barney videos all together. She will spy them and then sweetly BELLOW:


And I'll hiss whisper to her, "That's right, honey. We don't watch Barney."

If nothing else, I do know that she DOES listen to me. 
Occasionally. ^_^

Bruise, though ... I think he works at not listening ... Good thing he's cute.
Like with what he said this morning (see earlier blog).

My dad called earlier. He enjoyed that I did put the phone on speakerphone. And Bruise and Bunny roared and hissed at the phone. (Then I counted out loud and) They did say "Hi," which was darling. ... And then I asked them if they loved Grandpa D ... and, thanks be, they both said yes without any coaching. And they said that they love Grandma L, too ... or, as Bruise put it, "Grandpa L. " :P

That's most of the cute around here. 

And, to brag a little, Bunny DID pick up all the fake petals that she's been practicing with.  "Awl by Mahseff!!" as she says. It's great to see her take pride in cleaning up after herself. *looks over at the sink full of dishes* I should follow her example, I think.

(Also in being cute: When my dad called, I was laying down, trying to sneak a nap. He said that I sounded a little tired and offered to sing me a lullaby. Which was darling of him. It made me smile.)

Follow-up to "Reaction"

Okay, so I said I wasn't going to post again ... but you know how I'm such a fan-girl for that Eric D. Snider (I'm actually starting to refer to him as "Eric" ... in an email, he said that I could! Squee!!!)

So, I liked his "Snide Remarks" about this issue. And, oh, the first couple paragraphs are pretty darn offensive ... unless you keep in mind that he is a SATIRIST. He uses these words as weapons of wit and brilliance to strip down to the heart of the matter (Yes, I AM biased. Because I adore him, okay? Get over it.)

(And Michael knows that I'm a fan-girl. And he's okay with it. So ... yeah.)

BUT, without further ado, here's the link: The Gay Marriage Column (Snide Remarks,

And I liked reading through the column. It's good to see different opinions.

And I totally cackled out loud at the line about the homosexual contigent wanting to replace the national anthems with something by Sondheim.
(Katie, any requests from Into the Woods? ... Although Sweeney Todd is pretty full of win, too. ^_^ ... And we're not even in that contigent! :P Just theater freaks. ^_^)

UPDATE: Here are some of my favorite comments --
  #61: " ... Among other commonalities between Mormons and gays—musical theater! Let's not argue over Osmond and Minelli, but celebrate the commonality! At one point there was talk of a Mormon march to counter the gay march, and I had a vision of the two groups approaching each other, snapping their fingers a la'West Side Story.'"
      TOTALLY burst out laughing at that one. Laughed harder than I have in weeks!

And I REALLY liked this one:
 #79.  To answer the question posed by #64, from my understanding of the opinion written that overturned Prop 22, and thus made SSM legal, the CA State Supreme Court articulated the right to marry as a more narrow 'right to marry the person you choose' (which assumes that person chooses you, isn't a close relative or a minor, and neither of you are already married). So that is why it is deemed a civil rights issue.

As far as rights, domestic partnership laws in CA already gave SS couples the same rights as marriage, though the Defense of Marriage Act (at the Federal level) specifically prohibits civil unions/domestic partnerships. Personally, I'm not in favor of altering the definition of marriage, but I really have no problem with civil unions. It's a different relationship, why shouldn't it have a different name? That remark may sound a little flippant, I know, because obvious the difference is that in some people's minds, a civil union will always be, ipso facto, secondary to a marriage. If the gay community is looking for a legal recognition that affords them the same rights and responsibilities as marriage, they have that (in CA) with domestic partnerships. If they're seeking to be accepted by society at large, frankly, I don't think having SSM legal will do that. The majority of the people will still think it's wrong. So I guess my point is I have no idea how to best make the whole thing work out for everyone. Ahem, good thing I'm posting a comment...

But before I go, I just have to point out that I find the comments (a few here, mostly other places) along the lines of "SSM won't affect your straight marriage" a little hollow. Changing the definition of the fundamental unit of society will obviously change society as a whole. That's the point, right? Its not that Prop 8 supporters think that, with SSM legal, suddenly they will be less married. Their point is that making SSM legal will change their society in a fundamental way, and they don't want that change.

I like how Amp put it. That second paragraph really seems to sum up what Michael and I talk about. Do we feel that people who are homosexual should be treated as criminals or second-class citizens? HELL NO! 

BUT we respect their decisions to act as they choose. And we ask that they respect the fact that our beliefs do not allow us to condone behavior that we are taught is immoral. It does not make them bad people. Like I've said time and time again, we all are human (especially me) and we all will sin. We are all still wonderful people (even if we, ourselves, don't realize it. Or even act like it). I know that these individuals have a hard lot in life. It is not always easy to handle the trials that we have. I am not going to expect themselves to "live a life of single blessedness" since, hey, I'm not. :P 

If I haven't gone through your trials, I know that I really have no room to speak. Therefore, I'm not going to judge you. However, if our prophets tell us, for generations, that something is wrong and there are certain actions that we, as followers of Christ, need to do ... Well, I have faith that God knows more than me. And I'm going to follow His directions.
(Hey, if I'm in doubt, I'm more than welcome to pray and ponder. And I'm still free to act how I choose. As is everyone. That's part of the joy of being human ... you do get to choose your actions and reactions.)

And, gosh, I do adore Eric. So, go, go, go read him!!! (But don't feel FORCED to do it. Do it because you WANT to.)

My kids make me laugh ...

This morning, as Bruise, Bunny and I were sitting in my bed, eating Costco's rice cracker and nuts straight from the bag (what? You don't do this, too?) and watching PBS shows, we had this conversation:

Bunny: Momma, what ou be for Halloween?
Me: What was I? Or what WILL I be for NEXT Halloween?
Bunny: You be Jem, Mommy.
Me: I was Jem this Halloween. What do you think I should dress up as for next Halloween?
Bunny: Swinder-lella!
Me: No, you like Cinderella more than I do.
Bunny: Snow White?
Me: No, I don't think so.
Bruise: Jesus?
Me: *erupts into hysterical laughter* No. *continutes to giggle and the kidlets absolutely BUST UP*

Yes, it is moments like this that make the whole Motherhood-thing, with the stretch marks, the history of (ONE CASE! GAH!!) preeclampsia, the mastitis, the diapers (and diapers and diapers and changing sheets when they surpass the absorbancy of said diapers), and the wasted food ... and the shortage of privacy ... Well, it is things like this that DO make it worth it.

And, no, I will not be dressing up as our Holy Lord and Savior for Halloween.
But it's nice that Bruise thinks that it wouldn't be such a stretch. :P

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things I like ...

... for inexplicable reasons, at times.

- I think my favorite hollywood couple right now would be Seal and Heidi Klum. ... And not just because Seal is AMAZING (I fell in love-love-love with "Kiss from a Rose" when Batman Forever came out [Bonus: Chris O'Donnell in black rubber. Yeah, be still my teenaged-self's beating heart]), but because of their whole story -- She was pregnant with another guy's child. And he loved her ANYWAYS. (Because Seal is a kick-butt awesome dude!! Who has a gorgeous voice!! And did I mention he's AMAZING??)
AND THEY'RE STILL TOGETHER!!!! I hope that they'll be married for forever. Because they warm my heart whenever I think of them.

(Confession: I was sad when Nick and Jessica divorced. I was REALLY SAD for Reese Witherspoon, because she seems so dang NICE, when her marriage ended. Most others? Meh.)

-Other favorite "Hollywood" couple? Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker. Because the respect each other and are both awesome. (Seriously, read the story of how she developed her perfumes. She's really awesome. And I *heart* Matthew Broderick. Ladyhawke is such an awesome movie. Go watch it!!!!)

As a lady was talking to me about birds that were in her yard ... and how one crow had something white in its mouth that, like, three other birds were trying to get from it, I said:
"I hope it was a marshmallow. I mean, I'd fight off four birds for a marshmallow."

(Yes, I am aware of how insane I am. thankyouverymuch.)

So, who are YOUR fave celebrity couples? I'm just curious.
Sorry for sounding down or political/whatever in the last week or so.

I'm actually feeling lots better about my health-insurance-less status.
I just can't get sick. ^_^

At least nothing that needs medical attention. ... Anything more than calling for medical advice.
Good thing that I'm not due for another case of mastitis. Because that'd suck.

*lol* ... Right now Bunny is lecturing me on that fact that SHE wears panties. And Bruise, if he EVER goes poop in the toilet, will wear underwear, not panties. (Can you tell what we've had to talk about before? ... I have no problem calling them panties. But Michael put the kibosh on that. :P)

And, as we were getting Bruise dressed ("we" meaning I was HELPING [read: doing 90% of the work] him get dressed), he had to go potty. Pulling up his diaper, his man-parts got caught in the diaper ... "Oh. My pen!s," he remarked. He thinks it's funny when it happens. Makes me laugh a little.

And Bruise is on a TOTAL Jonah-kick. When we get them ready for bed, Bruise DEMANDS that we read him the story of Jonah. With Bunny, we can get some lee-way and read something newer -- Like Ester or Noah or Daniel and the Lions' Den ... But with the boy?
Dude, it's like "my way or the highway [read: Tell me the Jonah story or I'm going to cry like I'm being vivisected ... Where, oh WHERE, could he have picked up these melodramatic tendancies?? *shifty eyes*).

At least he's cute. Especially today, dressed up for church in his little man-suit ... One girl (a teen) came up to me and told me that she just wants to grab him and squeeze him until he suffocates, he's so cute. :P Made me laugh. Sometimes I wouldn't mind throttling him a bit, myself ... but not for the same reasons. Ha ha ha. He really is too cute for his own good. And he uses it to his advantage -- which is when I really wonder how good of a parent I am. As he tries to diffuse his getting into trouble with a winning smile. 

Does he practice in front of the mirror? Or is he really just that cute?

Gah. I may never know.

Oh well. But, hey! I've survived most of my responsbilities for tonight's special activity. (And, yes, it's still early.) But I've bought the sugar cookies, made the frosting today. K (the YW pres) and I decorated the cookies, I transported them to the church ... now I have about two hours before I have to grab my camera and head back over to the church to decorate.

And, oh ... in the foyer, someone's written on the Kleenex boxes, "Do not remove from the foyer. I'm watching you!!"
I'm SO tempted to snap a picture and send it into Passive-Agressive Notes
I laughed so hard. And had to show it to all the people I was talking to. Because I'm a freak of nature. But you love me so. :P

Okay, I'm shutting up.

Reaction ...

(This is in part in response to my friend, Prissy's post. I agree with her ... and I'm not near so tactful as my dear friend. ^_^)

I know that I can (and most likely, AM) inviting flack by saying this.
But I'm gonna say it anyway.

Why the double-standard in how people are reacting to Proposition 8?

If it had been voted down, would ANYONE put up with a single person talking about boycotting Massachusetts or Connecticut or California? Would anyone have put up with a single sign or protester outside a building in which same-sex marriages were being performed?

Would anyone have put up with the success that enabled Prop 8 to have been passed being blamed on Blacks, Hispanics, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Asians, the Inuit, Native Americans, the elderly, Yuppies, or the mentally infirm?
And why haven't the protesters gone after the other groups that voted to pass it?

...To be completely blunt, WHY the HELL is it allowable to blame it on one church? A church whose California voting age population is less than 5% of the population. (I mean, hey if "those dang MaHRmons"  [I spell it that way because, whenever I hear anyone talking smack about the church or its members, that's how they say it! I NEVER hear it any other way. Dunno why.] were in the majority, then I would give them some leeway to complain.)

And then threatening a boycott to a whole other state? Unless those Uthans suddenly developed wings and California citizenship, they really can't be blamed. And you can't blame The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints itself for raising money. They didn't donate a dime (or any other imcriment of money).  

If you're mad about it, then YES, DO what Arnold Schwarzeneggar suggested: Exercise your right to democracy. If it gets voted down, put it on the ballot again. (I think that's really what the blurb that Glassman mentioned in this post's comments refers to. I may not support the vision of the opponents of Prop 8 ... but I am more than willing to let them put it on the ballot again and again. If it gets passed, it gets passed [God help us. :P], but they are within their legal rights to keep lobbying for it.)

Heck, if it HADN'T passed, I'd be for it going back on the ballots. It's always worth another shot, right? But if it KEEPS getting voted down ... I think that would help solve this ... situation.

And, oh my heck, our missionaries wouldn't be allowed in a house of females without another male ... let alone ravage through your stuff!! If my husband isn't home (and, remember, I've got two kids!), they have to wait out on the porch until he comes back! So, that commerical that was being passed around? TOTALLY FALACIOUS! 
(It be like if *I* created a commerical saying that if Prop 8 failed, homosexuals would kidnap our children and raise them in brothels or some such claptrap. I *know* people that have "alternative lifestyles" ... and they're perfectly nice folks. I love them ... and I tolerate their beliefs ... I don't have to approve of their behavior. Heck, I don't approve of MY behavior at times!)

The main point that I have is that, under Californian law, domestic partnerships between same-sex couples is ALREADY protected. I respect that. I support that.
I do not support calling it marriage. 

Calling a same-sex union marriage seems to be a way to "sanitize" and mainstream this into society.  You can put lipstick on a pitbull (since that seems to be the popular phrase) and it is NOT Marilyn Monroe.  

I do not HATE people that are different than me. I may not approve of their actions/choices. 
BUT, as we are taught in church (this church, dear to my heart, that is being unjustly accused of teaching hate and intimidation), we are all FREE to make our OWN decisions. We are not to treat people as their decisions ... we are allowed to repent. (Just because you tell a lie doesn't mark you as a LIAR with an 'L' sewn onto your collar or anything for the rest of your life.) We are all mortal beings, doing the best we can. We all make mistakes, we all have lots to learn, ... and, most importantly, we are ALL children of our Heavenly Father. Jesus loves each one of us, no matter what we do or have done.  ... And, since our goal is to be LIKE Jesus, it is our duty to LOVE every person and treat them as Jesus would.

Does Jesus approve of everyone's choices? (That's like asking, does Jesus like it when we sin/abuse children/kill each other/disrepect the bonds of marriage [e.g., extramarital sex])
No. BUT He still loves us and will treat us with respect.

And THAT is what the Church teaches.

"By their fruits ye shall know them." ... How are people treating each other? 

I find it to be an incredible double-standard that these supporters of same-sex marriage find it acceptable to single out another minority to rail on ... yet, anyone who DOESN'T agree with them is automatically slapped with the title of "INTOLERANT BIGOT" and decried. 

It's really a no-win situation. 

HOWEVER, I do find it very interesting how some of the reactions go ...

how the Church is handling these protesters:

Attacks on churches and intimidation of people of faith have no place in civil discourse over controversial issues.  People of faith have a democratic right to express their views in the public square without fear of reprisal.  Efforts to force citizens out of public discussion should be deplored by people of goodwill everywhere.   

We call upon those who have honest disagreements on this issue to urge restraint upon the extreme actions of a few that are further polarizing our communities and urge them to act in a spirit of mutual respect and civility towards each other.

Hmm ... Interesting. An attitude of "Don't hate them. Be nice and work out your problems."
I really have little doubt that if it were the other way around, and the Church was the one decrying the result of the voting, they (the vocal supporters of SSM)'d be handing out heaping portions of Shut-the-flip-up. 

(Yes, I really do feel that way. So sue me! Well, don't really, because I'm poor and I'd like to TRY to save some money for my kids to go to college ... or at least a trip to Disneyland.)

And, get this, CATHOLICS are supporting us. ... While our beliefs aren't all that different for the most bit, there is OFTEN a bit of a rift between the Catholic Church and the LDS Church.
But the former [Catholic] Bishop of SLC, the
 head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, Bishop William Weigand says:

"Bigoted attacks on Mormons for the part they played in our coalition are shameful and ignore the reality that Mormon voters were only a small part of the groundswell that supported Proposition 8.
"As the former bishop of the Diocese of Salt Lake City, I can attest to the fact that followers of the Mormon faith are a good and generous people with a long history of commitment to family and giving to community causes.
"I personally decry the bigotry recently exhibited towards the members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints--coming from the opponents of Proposition 8, who ironically, have called those of us supporting traditional marriage intolerant.
"I call upon the supporters of same-sex marriage to live by their own words--and to refrain from discrimination against religion and to exercise tolerance for those who differ from them. I call upon them to accept the will of the people of California in the passage of Proposition 8."
I think that Bishop Weigand has put it VERY well -- use the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do to you. (Or as Confucious said: Do not unto others as you would have them not do unto you." ... Or, Rodney King's "Why can't we all get along?" ... Okay, that's just attributed to him. But STILL!!)
So, for all the blathering on and how irritated that I can get about this ... I know that the Church is true. I know that our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, is led by God. I know that we have been told that same-sex marriage is not in God's plan. I know that everyone is my spiritual brother or sister ... and I'm going to love them as they are, God help them! I do NOT have to agree with everyone else. I am entitled to my own opinion and beliefs. I am also entitled to my own vote. I am deserving of respect -- just the same respect as if I did support SSM.
I will respect you, whoever you are, just as much -- regardless of how you did/will/would have voted.
(Hey, I like that whole "Namaste"-thing  -- Because I do recognize that you, like I, have a divine nature. You are of infinite worth. And nothing anyone could do or say will change that. It's part of my whole "life is good/life is precious" belief.)
And just because I might not agree with you ... well it doesn't change how much I like you as a person. I won't shove my rhetoric down your throat. I expect the same privilege.
Okay, ONE bit of rhetoric -- From the Articles of Faith of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (articles eleven and twelve):
  • We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.
  • We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.
If the law is changed, we will follow it. 
And your religious preference is YOURS. As mine is MINE. We don't have to agree on it. Just respect each others' right to worship how we will.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today ... ... yeah.

We skipped out on storytime today, since Bruise was still running a little temperature. He was JUST, JUST running a fever (By less than a full degree, but I wasn't going to take any chances.)

So, he's still in his PJs ... so am I. And it's dinnertime. Yup, way to overachive, Miss Llanna.

Also, he broke a bowl (plastic) that my mom got for him (Okay, it was used, but still! In WHAT universe is it ACCEPTABLE to THROW a bowl across  the room?? I'm right in that spot between wanting to flay him and wanting to curl up in a ball, pet my hair, and sob). At least the plate and flatware are still in one piece. But, hello?!? He got the set YESTER-frickin'-DAY!!

I need more hot cocoa. And a live-in massuse. And health insurance (so that if I DO go bat-in-a-crap-house-crazy, it won't bankrupt us to take me to the ER or something. Straitjackets are rather pricey these days.)
(And you only think I'm joking.)

BUT, on the bright side, Bruise isn't running a fever anymore. His lungs are almost all clear. Bunny is barely coughing. These are good things.

Oh, and hey! I made dinner! Which should make up for NOT making dinner last night (as I felt like crap because I got denied health coverage. Again. ... BUT I have ordered the state-assisted coverage packet ... which I am eligable for since I was turned down. So ... um ... a bonus? Idk).

I'll post a buttload of links and videos soon. Just not right now.

And sorry to be such a total downer. I'll work at that.

Oh -- freakout possibility of the day (besides the plastic bowl fiasco): I took Bruise's temperature before his nap, just to check ... and it was totally subnormal. Like 95.--F. So, I retook it. REPEATEDLY. Still in the 95s. 
What do you do? I made him put on a hoodie and socks, tucked him in and said a little prayer.

After naptime? Back to the high 97s. Phew.

Thank goodness for small miracles.

Also in good new stuff, I read a book today. It was good. It's been a few days since I've read a book. (Total anomaly in my life. Normally, reading is like breathing ... I've just been busy and reading/playing games on the intertubes. Lazy me.)

Well, I think that's as exciting as my life has been today. 
Calgon, take me away!!

(Totally didn't mean to rhyme there.)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hello. My name is Allanna ... and I am one of many people without health insurance.

Blame it on my kids and my body. I had preeclampsia. For FOUR days.

However, if I remove my IUD get pregnant, I'll be covered by the state health insurance. And if I don't develop a case of preeclampsia this time, I should have no trouble getting health insurace (because if you have preeclampsia your FIRST pregnancy, but not your second, you SHOULDN'T get it on your third or however-many-other-later pregnancy).

And, really since I have a family history of it occuring in just that first pregnancy, I should be good.

Maybe I should get knocked up. Just to have health insurance.

I mean babies are fine and all (I'm one of the freaks of nature that doesn't go absolutely crazy over babies. ... I enjoyed Bruise and Bunny when they were babies. Because, hello!, we bonded for nine months! That's longer than most Hollywood marriages!!), but I do enjoy being able to TALK with and understand my kids.

Speaking of my kids, THEY have health insurance again. Yay! President-elect Barack should be so proud! (My pocket book will never be fat, really.) We just found out today, since when I recieved the second notice of "Hey, you had preeclampsia, SUCKA!! Ha ha!! No health insurance for YOU!! Now go cry into your gigantic pillah!!", they DIDN'T mention that Bruise and Bunny had been denied. So I called. And, yes, my babies are loved. THEY are covered.

Also, filling out forms, I learned that Bruise and Bucket really weren't premature. They were born at 37 weeks, so the doctors tell MICHAEL. (What to they tell me, the beached whale of a pregnant woman, lying in a hospital bed for days? I was completely under the concept that I was only 35 weeks. No. If I had been, I'd have been sent into one of the bigger cities for the NICU and all. Details, schmetails, though ... right?) (And, I really did FEEL that the kidlets weren't that early. See?? A mother KNOWS these things.)

Also, sitting in the rain for the parade? Mixed with life ... Bruise is sick. He never gets sick. 
It's not life-threatening or anything yet ... but he is wicked-congested and running a fever (just over 101 F). I didn't know at all until we were headed home after going to two libraries and him running around like a loon at a McDonald PlayPlace. Bad mommy. I mean, he started coughing a little today.  ... He's cuddled on my lap again and about to take another mini-nap.  (So, Honey, with a kid on my lap, dinner may be a little late tonight. But I AM planning on making some. Pinky-swears!!)

But we had a good visit with my mom ... even though Miss Bunny did join in with the group of kids at storytime, smacking the puppet theater (so Scott had to stop the puppet show ... to the sorrow of many children. Bunny burst into tears. Bruise wasn't too fazed. He did get to play with the train table for a bit. :P ... I think, though, that Bunny may have learned an important lesson. I hope so.).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No, thank you

Happy Veterans' Day, everyone!

My mom and I took Bruise and Bunny downtown to the parade ... and, oh, it was rainy and cold.
But, oh, I did get all teary a few times ... Getting so many people together to support the people who've fought and served out country, it warms my heart.

And I about burst into (happy) tears when a Christian school in the community got everyone to sing (with them, as they walked in the parade) "This land is my land. This land is your land. ... This land is made for you and me."

And I heartily approved of the sentiment written on many of the floats: "Land of the Free Home BECAUSE OF the Brave."

I think that my Pop-pop would approve.

And Bruise and Bunny loved their flags and all the candy they received.
One of the servicewomen in the parade even snapped their picture as she was on her boat (being towed by a car) as she exclaimed, "SO tiny!"

Yes, my children are cute. Especially in their winter coats, which make them look like brown marshmallows. :P

And it was even cuter when Bruise would wave or clap or wave his flag or put his hand over his heart (Most of which Bunny adamantly refused to do ... which gave me the desire to eat her, I would get so frustrated. But since she's mostly darling and sweet and dear, she's still alive.)

I like the website Advanced Style, which documents the stylish elderly.
Today's post was especially excellent as it was a bit of a "Where are they now?" for the couple kissing on Times Square at the end of the war (such an iconic picture!!)

It warms my heart (again) that Edith, the lady being kissed, was the Grand Marshall in New York City's parade today. ^_^

Saturday, November 08, 2008

It's probably been about a week, if not longer, since Heather S. tagged me for one of the latest memes going around ...

The gist of it is take the 4th picture from the 4th folder in My Pictures, post it on your blog, and tell something about it.

It's a cute idea ... lets you see into yet another facet of your friends'/fellow bloggers' lives.

So, here I go:
The story behind this picture ... it's a picture that my Bucket Bunny took of one of my dear YW (Young Women) friends, A and me ... and Bruce, who you can just see the top of his head. (I'm still rather impressed. For a two-year-old, she's shot a picture with decent composition.  And it shows off A's awesome earrings, too!)

We were just about to take off from our ward's (congregation's) Fourth of July breakfast ... and A and I were talking (because A is very, very fun. And I'm going to MISS her waaay too much when she graduates and deserts me goes to college.

Bunny also got another shot where A and I are busting up laughing ... and A's about to cover her mouth ... but she (A) proclaims that it looks like she's about to pick her nose. (I don't think so, but it makes me laugh.)

If you want to join the meme, feel free! I'm not going to force you. (You know how I am about that. ^_^)
If you do, though, do leave a comment so I can be sure to drop by your blog and check it out! (Hey, if you're my friend, I probably already hit your blog. But if I don't know that I know you/don't know that you follow my blog ... well, how will I know how awesome you are? Or know to check your blog and see your darling faces/photos?

...I wouldn't.

Good thing I'm not PMSing, or else that thought might make me CRY.

... I am far too insane than is healthy. 

I should go shave my legs. I feel like a yeti. And not in a cute-John-Green-refers-to-his-wife-as-a-yeti-because-she-refuses-to-be-on-camera way.

You probably did NOT want to know that. 
Pretend I never said anything. *whistles innocently while running far, FAR away.*

Friday, November 07, 2008

Linky Dinky Doo...

So here are a whole lot of links for you all!

This may be cooler to me (since my dad's blind and all ... and the fact that I like biology and stuff), but a cornea (transplant) is still working over 100 years later! (It originally came from a donor born in 1885.)

Stephen Hawking is made of awesome. Here he tells of what it's like, living with ALS.

I also like stores that sell fun/odd things. (Dianne, you've seen this before. ^_^)

Got an earworm? Go to Maim That Tune to irradicate it. ^_^

Do you need some cuteness? Here's a puggle (baby echidna)!!

Need more cute baby animals? Head over to ZooBorns ... for cute exotic animals.

Here are some glowing cats. Take your pick of genetically-altered cats in red or green!
(I'm partial to the green, myself.)

And, in case you wondered how globes were made, here you go!

Video, Video, Video, Video, SNARKY COMMENTARY!!

Well, I can't guarentee the snarky commentary, since I do like these videos (or else why would I share them with you? ... Well, I guess I could share total tran-wrecks with you and openly mock them ... but I'd much rather put fun stuff up.)

Here's a cool mushroom. ... I guess you could call him a FUN GUY ... fungi?

Yeah, my joke totally sucked. But I like that mushroom. Wonder if it's edible??

Do you like progress bars? This guy does.
And you know what? I rather do, too.

Oh, and this guy can dance better with crutches than I can without them.
And I'm trying to be be insanely JEAAAAAAALOUS of his mad skater skillz. *sigh*
I don't even PRETEND to UNDERSTAND this one ... and I found it funny.

I totally LOLed during the John Woo one. And I found the Wes Anderson one strangely compelling.

But the point is that I laughed. Maybe you will, too. (And warning: the Kevin Smith one uses a word that I wouldn't use. I'd substitute the word "jerk" or "bum-holey" instead. Just so you know.)

And this interactive mirror is pretty nifty.

Interactive Mirror from Alpay Kasal on Vimeo.
If I had it, I would be too vain for words, though. 
More on the conceptual idea here.

I can't embed this, but I found this a hilarious (if, sadly, accurate) view on the Disney Princesses (and my Bunny and I LOVE us some Disney Princesses!!)

And, oh ... I don't know if I should let Bruise see this or not.

Would it ruin his love of Transformers?
I find it HILARIOUS ... But would he? 
Only one way to find out ...

He likes it!!
He thinks it would be fun to have Transformers living in the house.

This is a fun commercial. Makes me wish that Michael could get home this way. ^_^

Just because I think it'd make for a very entertaining commute. ^_^

This is just a very sweet video:

Very sweet.

And, I THINK that is it for now. Phew!! Happy viewing!!
Thanks for helping me clear out bits of my bookmarks!! ^_^

Counting ...

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