Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What was your favorite movie as a child?

In no particular order:

The Princess Bride
The Dark Crystal
Saturday's Warrior
Some animated version of Little Women that we taped off of Nickelodeon.
The Last Unicorn
Ernest Goes to Camp
The Little Mermaid
Sleeping Beauty
Any episode of Fairie Tale Theater
The Fantastic Adventures of Unico
Clash of the Titans
The Neverending Story
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Sea Prince and Fire Child (http://www.amazon.com/Prince-Animated-Shiriusu-densetsu-Legend/dp/6300137236)
.... And there was this animated verision of Greek myths that we'd rent from a video store that went out of business, like almost 25 years ago. It told the story of Perseus and Medusa. And I have NO IDEA what it is called!!

So .... that's MOST of what I recall watching over and over as a child.

Explains a LOT, doesn't it?

What are shows that really shaped your childhood? Have I already named them? Are they completely different?

No, REALLY, I want to know what I NEED to have my kids watch. ^_^

And, hey, if you can figure out that Greek Mythology one, I'd really appreciate it!

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Oh ... about my dreams .... Here's another humdinger ...

So, the other night, I had some dreams that tell me that I don't want to move to Alaska.

Since that's where I was living in this dream.

But I still DO want to GO to Alaska ... I really, really, really want to see the Aurora Borealis.

If you're weak-hearted, you might not want to read these. I'm giving you warning.
Because, obviously, my subconscious is one evil piece of work.
Seriously, I don't want to meet my Id in a dark alley. ... Therefore, my ego is serisously a super-ego, battling that puppy 24/7 ... if you believe Freud. Which I don't know that I really do.
Some of his theories are WACK.

Not wiggedy-wack. Just the regular kind.


But, in the first dream, I was in this house. But it wasn't MY house. But I was there ... and ended up being chased around by some woman (who DIDN'T live in that house) with a big, sharp, pointy knife.

(I had better endurance in my dream than I do in real life. Just sayin'. I should probably work on that, huh?)

In the SECOND dream (or crazy dream, part 2), I was in a house in Alaska that WAS my house. And ... there was a guy ... like a mix of Michael and my dad. But neither, really. And we had a Canadian friend. Who reminded my much of my friend, Priss (not her RL name, but her blog name. She knows who she is. ... And I think that a few of you do, too). -- Mostly because of her looks (dark-haired, slim lines, pretty). But still ...

SO ... in this part of my dream, Not-Michael, Canadian Friend, and I were in my Alaska House. And this man breaks in. And I think that he tied both Not-Michael and Canadian up. And then he's grabbed me and thrown me to the floor and demands that I take off my jeans.

And I REALLY don't want to. Because I know what that means he plans to do.

And Not-Michael can't/won't do anything. Just kinda shakes his head and won't meet my eyes. Or Break-in-guy's, either.

Canadian can't help me, being tied up ... and Break-In-Guy has a weapon ... a gun? ... but she just looks at me with such compassion and sorrow. Just about breaks my heart since it seems like maybe she dealt with that before.

And then, right before I woke up, Break-In-Guy doesn't really DO anything. It's, like, just a lesson for Not-Michael ... who might be in politics or a judge or something and made the wrong verdict or whatever in a case regarding Break-In-Guy's family or something.

And so, I wake up being all .... WITHER THE FRIES?!?!?
But I'm glad that I didn't have to take off my jeans.
Okay, how SAD is it that I have to look at my blog to remember what I have and have not posted?

... Maybe I don't want you to answer that.
Let's see ... I'm still crazy and hormonal (THANK YOU, MOTHER NATURE ... NOT! ... And if I were not a Christian woman, I'd tell you EXACTLY what I think of her at this exact point in time.).

This manifests in FUN ways (yes, that was sarcasm). Like when the DVD player decides not to work, I treat my dear children to a LOUD lecture on how to press the freaking STOP button on the DVD player before taking the DRATTED DVD OUT of the player!!!!

(However, once we restart the DVD player just shy of a zillion times ... okay, like, THREE times ... it will work again.)

Once it started working again, we watched Disney Earth (GOOD) and the NOVA (PBS) documentary on bees. Which the kids both enjoyed. And so did I.
(Truly, it's SAD how rarely I sit with the kids when they're watching a show. They've watched DVDs that I've been in the room for ... but have paid no attention to ... I know, I'm such a LOSER!)

Another way that my PMS manifests is ... well, here's the story.

Last night, Michael's telling me about an employee at work. Who, while trying to do something for the company website and signed into Michael's Gmail account, CHANGED HIS PASSWORD AND TRIED TO CHANGE HIS USERNAME.

It sounds kinda funny and really pitiful. But, my sakes, I was IRATE. I was ready to go and give this individual a *****-slap or something.

Michael took it in stride, let me know his new password (since we often sign each other in and out of accounts as we share his laptop) ... worked at calming me down.
(And the calming down process finished around 10:30, after I browsed through the Coldwater Creek catalog. Yes, the prices are WAY OUT OF MY LEAGUE ... but some of the pieces they offer are pretty nice. If I had them, I'd wear them.

Yeah, so that's that. Seriously, if anyone ever tries to reset one of my passwords, looks like I'll probably go apoplectic on that person. So, yeah, just be forewarned.
(AND THAT IS NOT A CHALLENGE. DO NOT TAKE IT AS SUCH, any aspiring hackers out there. Please. I'm asking nicely.)

Gosh, paranoid much? Me? NOOOOOOoooooooooOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!
Where'd you ever get such a preposterous idea?? *shifty eyes*

Here's a little vignette from this morning:
Scene: I am checking Facebook before I study for my class. Bruise pops out of his room and sees me at the computer.
Bruise: *whispers* Is Daddy s'eeping?
Me: No, Daddy's not sleeping, sweetie. He's at work today.
Bucket: *hisses at Bruise from their bedroom* I TOLD YOU!!

Yup, that's what goes on in this household.

OH! Speaking of what a total failure I am as a mother, I hadn't even THOUGHT of teaching the kids racial tolerance or anything until one of my friends posted an article about it on Facebook.

And so, I pulled Bucket up on my lap to ask her about people with different colored skin.

And, oh, my jaw dropped for a bit. And I was VERY QUICK to correct her that people of ALL skin colors are just as smart and kind and everything as we lily-white palefaced honkies.
(Okay, maybe I didn't call us Honky folk, but it was implied.)
And I showed her pictures of my Pie (as I can refer to her, my token Black friend) and her kiddos ... and we talked about Princess Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog) and how cool and smart and wonderful these people are ... And I think it sunk in a little.
(Now we watched videos about Martin Luther King, Jr. and Brown vs. The Board of Education and discussing "Separate but Equal" -- note that I can't refer to that travesty without putting it in quotation marks -- and we started talking about other cultures [like the Maori with their AWESOME Haka. Love it!!] and things. And I think that they're starting to get it. Phew!!)

So, tomorrow night is my last radio class. Next week is the test. Then I'll have free Wednesday nights again ... to watch GLEE!!!!!! (Not like I'm at all excited. ... Truly, I've been really crap about watching television. Even DVDs. How sad is that? Oh well.)

Tonight is our ward's YW New Beginnings ... where I get to tell about and pass out the new ribbons that girls have earned. So, yes, I should put on some make-up today. ^_^

Looks like we're missing storytime today, since the kidlets didn't get their mess picked up in time before we prayed and did a little scripture story this morning (Look! I'm putting forth an effort! Yay!! Now if I can just keep it up, right?????). Oh well. More time to fold some laundry, do a load of dishes, read a book (for me) and to read together and watch a show (for the kids).

I got one package in today -- one of the books that Mom and I ordered -- Kabumpo of Oz (the 15th in the Oz series. This is the second by Ruth Thompson) ... We had a devil of a time getting a copy with illustrations. This one is a library discard. There's a hole in one page, so I'll be guessing a little on what words are supposed to really go there. But I'm glad that it has the awesome John R. Neill, "Royal Illustrator of Oz" drawings in there. ^_^

Oh, you might laugh at this ... Sunday night, as Michael and I were getting ready to go to bed, he had been reading my newest copy of Mental_Floss magazine (which I haven't gotten to yet) and remarked about Bing cherries ... how he didn't know before this where they were first grown. And he made me guess. I got it wrong (I guessed California ... it's really Oregon) ... and when he told me the right answer, I was all "*gasp!* Oh, that's right! There was that fruit orchard! And Bing isn't the name of the owner of the orchard, it's the last name of the Chinese immigrant who worked his farm. The owner named it for him, since he worked so hard on the orchard! That's right!" (And it is. *preens*)

Michael: How do you know this?!?

Me: I read it. .... I don't recall where exactly. But, I was reading it a while ago.

Michael: Why am I not surprised?

So, yeah ... I guess there really is a reason why one of my friends has told me (time and again) that, if she ever is on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," I'm the friend that she'll be phoning.

It's nice to be good for something. ^_^

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What household chore do hate to do the most?

Um ... with how untidy my house is usually, you might think that I really hate to clean at all.

I don't mind any of my chores really ... I just hate having to do them over and overandoverandOVERANDOVER again.

But I really don't enjoy cleaning up stinky things. Like the kids' bathroom and old dishes. Because they're stinky jobs. Ew.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

In which I WHINE ...

Okay, so one thing that peeves me off -- this health care bill that just got passed.


Yes, REALLY. And, not only haven't our congresspeople NOT read it, they voted to pass something that will NOT affect THEM ... just the REST of us.

(As you can tell.)

I mean, have we NOT learned ANYTHING from NCLB (No Child Left Behind)??????


Also, I'm on my crazy hormonal slide. So I'm yelling at my kids and ... mostly ... wanting to crawl into some private little cave to ride out the storm. Until I can be civil again. Which may or may not EVER happen. Or so it feels.

My hay fever is driving me nuts. I kept forgetting to take my nice little 24-hour pill (LOVE COSTCO and their cheapo generic OTC pills. ^_^) ... so sleeping has INTERESTING ... and, add to that my lovely monthly bout of insomnia ... and YES, I'm so awesome. Don't you totally wish you were me?????

(Wise answer, in the style of Will Smith: "Aw, HELL NO!")

(Yes, this is why you keep me around. The candor and the celebrity impersonations. Right?)

So, yeah. I'm cranky, sleepy, hopped up on fake Allegra and nasal spray, and having those d*** crazy bees in my head.
(yeah, that was really sarcastic. I'm sorry. I'm not trying to take it out on you. Sorry.)

Oh, and in the Zombie Farm game that I really like? Well, it looks like I really do have to break down and spend a dollar on it to really progress. Stupid blue tombstone. I HAVE to buy it to use the blue zombies. OR to buy the red tombstone that'll allow me to use the RED ZOMBIES (which I haven't earned anyways, yet. I'm still just at level 10. I mean, yeah. 99 cents is not all that much ... but Michael thinks it's ridiculous, paying real money for digital goods .... and really, it is. But .... I'm complicated. *sigh* And crazy). So ... yeah. That's that.

I have a pile of books that I'm eager to read ... but I keep getting distracted ... and I have lots of other things that need to get done .... *sigh* My own dang fault for procrastinating ... Oh well.

Yeah. Don't you LOVE me when I'm all nuts? I've taken a dose of Valerian. .... I wonder how much you could take (THEORETICALLY) before it had a BAD effect? Hmmm.

But, yeah. That's really what's up right now.

And I still haven't tried to dig up those dang blackberry canes that want to take over the yard. *sigh*

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What YouTube video made you laugh recently?

The Nature video (from the PBS program) of the flamingos doing their mating dance ALWAYS cheers me up.
Good stuff.
I can't ever watch it without cracking up. I don't know why.
I love it so.

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My poor, poor neglected blog ...

I apologize that I haven't been writing a whole lot lately. Mostly I don't think about doing it ... or I somehow run out of time ...

Yes, I do have books sitting on my nightstand and shelf (and in the car), waiting to be read. That's a usual. My house could be cleaner ... but here I am, making time for YOU, my dear little blog.

Sooooooo ... last blog was *gasp!* TEN DAYS AGO?!? Yep, I shall account for (what I can recall) my doings. ... Let's see ....

Michael's getting us into some better financial shape. One credit card is all paid off. So that's REALLY good. We've almost got the kids' hospital bill from when they were born all paid off. BIG PLUS. If we're very good (and we're trying to be), in a couple months, we'll just have the car load, his school loan, and the mortgage as our debt.
(Anyone else find it a little strange that mort = "death" ... and it's in the word for house loan? ... Maybe it's just me. *shrugs*)

But, yes. So that's one BIG thing. I try not to freak out about money. I hate not having money. I have not having ENOUGH money to pay all the bills (i.e., stay caught up on all the bills) and have enough left over that I can think, "Okay, self, let's put some of this away into SAVINGS ... and, well, let's go buy something fun. And get a pedicure or something decadent!"

We're not quite there yet. But, oh, I'd love to be. I'd love to be FUN again. To enjoy shopping not just for "what can I afford to buy that won't make me feel like a giant, blubber-butt WHALE ... if I can FIND anything like that?" To be able to find a cute purse that will work for me ... not just something that'll get me by until we have enough money again to afford something that makes me happy (And I'm NOT talking about holding out for something by Louis Vuitton or Burberry -- I had to look up the proper spelling for both of those! :S ... Though they do make some very pretty-pretty handbags.) (Also: HOLY FLIP! I think the Burberry bags are gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but MY WORD!! Some of them are more expensive than our monthly house payment! Even the ones on sale! AAAAACK!!!!!)

But enough about that ... what else is up in my life?

We took the kids out for a weekend of culture. There was a Youth Theater production of Cinderella over at one library ... and they kids did well (though, I think they did enjoy the production of "Willy Wonka" better the week before. The next day was a special ballet production at the local library. A local ballet studio did a lite version of "Coppelia." Bruise actually clapped for it. Bucket LOVED sitting on the floor for a first-row view.

Later on Saturday, when Michael was heading out (taking the van) for a meeting, Bruise called out to him as he left, "Don't crash the car!!"
(WHAT??? It was really funny, though. )

I started playing a came on Michael's iPhone -- Zombie Farm. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, it's seriously fun. It's (mostly) free. It looks like there's no way around paying money (99 cents) for one game item to let you use the blue zombies. :( Oh well. I don't get to play it a whole bunch, since Michael has the iPhone with him all day at work.

Tuesday, he took the day off of work so we could celebrate our anniversary. Mom came up to watch the kids for us ... and we took off for the day. We went to the temple, then we headed down to watch a movie. We saw Alice in Wonderland in 3-D, which is always fun. We also bought candy (for the movie) at the Dollar Tree (since we're SUCH big spenders! ^_^) and browsed at Borders (I did buy the latest copy of Mental_Floss with some of my birthday money. The first thing I've REALLY wanted to buy with my little stash. I'm so protective of it!)

Oh ... Saturday, after we had gone to the library, we went to Target to return a gift Michael had bought me (The thought was nice ... and he's right, I can be hard to shop for). So, in exchange for a yoga mat and bag (I have a yoga mat ... which I don't use all that often. THOUGH I SHOULD. And I've never needed to carry it anywhere. But he did pick out cute ones!), we got new tension curtain rods for the living room -- to replace the terribly twisted ones that have seen MUCH better days (just regular cheapo curtain rods. And when the kids have played with the sheer curtains, they've gotten in SUCH bad shape).
Soooooooo .... Michael took the kids to the park, since my PMS-FREAKOUT was starting, and I set to work putting up the rods (instead of reading or taking a bubble bath or anything). ... And, of course (I say "of course," when I really should say "it figures," but bear with me!), as I get the first tension rod set up so it'll be long enough to stay up in the window, I manage to cut the back of my hand. And start bleeding.

Now, do I really freak out? Do I call Michael's cell and beg him to come home and patch me up?

No. Why would I do that? I skitter off to the bathroom, grab some tissue to blot the blood and start applying direct pressure until I can use up the last of one roll of medical tape to awkwardly wrap my hand so I can finish putting up those bleeping curtain rods. Because DAMMIT I'm ready for my living room to look NICE.

And, by the time that Michael and the kids got back, I had the rods up (he did have to tweak the length on one. But that's fine) and had my hand properly bandaged. (It's healing well. No infection or anything. Aren't you proud?) I think I had also finished a graphic novel or something.

I got a 94% on my quiz in my HAM radio class last night. My test is in two weeks ... can you believe it? I think that I'll do fine. I should be fine. Just have to study a little more and I'll be ready.

FUNNY STORY: Monday, since the kids had worked hard to take a nap, I rewarded them with a trip to the library to play (in the children's area. Since it was rainy). Bruise was tapping on the window as I got in the car. And I asked him not to do that.

"Wook, Mom! Sweepeeo tapped on my window!!!"
"WHAT? Who?!?"
"Da shiny wobot!"
"OHHHHHH! C-3PO!! OHHHH! *laughs*"
(Bucket) "Mom, why are you laffin'?"
"*between snickers* Because I thought that [Bruise] said that SLEEPY PEOPLE were tapping on his window!"
"No, sleepy people wouldn't tap on your window. They'd TAKE A NAP on your window! But only in a movie or a story!"

(To make more sense, we had discussed with the kids earlier that some things that happen in movies or stories would NEVER happen in real life. So you don't have to worry about, say, an alligator suddenly appearing in your car and EATING YOUR HEAD. Just so that's cleared up. )

But, yeah, life with my kids is not a boring thing.

Like when Bucket comes running, screaming ... "What's wrong? What happened?" "The wall hit me!!!" "Huh? Like it just JUMPED out and hit you? What?" "No! Come with me! I'll show you!" ... and she proceeds to explain that she was standing on a soccer ball, looking out the window. And she went to reach about two feet over and the soccer ball shoots out from underneath her and she, apparently, banged her head on the window sill.

Yes, we DID discuss that we don't stand on balls. They're not very secure.

One more story that I've forgotten to share. And, um, if you have a weak stomach, you probably shouldn't read it. Just to warn you.

Saint Patrick's Day, I made the kids egg-in-a-hole for breakfast. And I scrambled the eggs with green food coloring before I cooked them in the bread. They were GREEN. Like, EMERALD GREEN.

Bruise and Bucket snarfed them down. AFTER they had eaten lots of dried apricots. LOTS of dried apricots. Then they had a peanut butter cookie each.

We (Mom, the kiddos and I) go to storytime. And then, about 3/4 through, Bruise, in my lap, has a burp-that's-more-than-a-burp ... if you know what I mean. So I clap my hand over his mouth, pick him up so he's straddling my other arm, and rush him out of a closed room in the swinging door of the ladies' room where he (are you ready for this? Really?) BARFS ALL OVER THE FLOOR.

Thank goodness it's a tiled floor. Instead of the carpet that we were on in the storytime room.

So, I try to get him to go throw up anything left in the toilet. But the boy's so efficient that he's emptied his stomach in one go. So I try to keep him out of the HUGE puddle o' puke ... and I'm working at cleaning it all up with paper towels and water. And not slipping and falling on my butt in the middle of it in the meantime.

So, we change our plans from taking the kids into the next town while I go volunteer to having the kids and my mom stay at the house (and get McDonald's to go instead of eating at McDonald's) ... which is a double-good thing since the boy ended up having, um, "Revenge of the dried apricots" in his pants. If you know what I mean. .... And I think you do. ... Or you could easily figure it out.

But my mom's much better about cleaning up THAT than cleaning up vomit (she's got a wicked-weak gag reflex) ... so we called ourselves even over that. Oy.

Okay, THAT story's over. And since I mentioned it (when it happened) on Facebook, my librarian-ladies at my library knew all about it (three of them have friended me) ... and, bless their hearts, but they think it's rather hilarious. And, it is ... in a gross way.

The joys of motherhood. ^_^

Okay. About 30 minutes until my Visiting Teachers come over. My house is ..... um ..... decent.
And, after they're here, I think I might try and take a nap. Or read. Because I'm beat. Between cleaning a bit, baking brioche (did I mention that? I should have!), going to the temple, going out with my husband, shopping with my mom, hanging up curtain rods (and injuring myself in the process), my HAM radio class, playing games on the computer, reading, staying up too late ... well, I'm pretty beat. Thank goodness our weekend has arrived!

Of course, I want to spend part of tomorrow working on our yard. Rain or shine. Which is going to be GREAT with my hay fever. *rolls eyes* But those blackberry vines that keep encroaching in our little yard? They're SO going down.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What one thing are you exceptionally good at?

I'm exceptionally good at many things ... just silly little ones.
Self-depreciating humor
Reading books
Recalling random bits of trivia
Avoiding housework
Yeah ... if you wanna boost my ego, you're more than welcome to flatter me.
(Michael did. And I'm not sharing what he said.)

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Book Review - Nelsons' Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts (Third Edition)

Nelson’s Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts is a very nice resource to supplement one’s study of the Old and New Testament. Handily, its sections are compiled in the same order as the books of the Bible, so it’s easy to find which sections you’re looking for. This book contains all the maps contained in many of the bibles published by Thomas Nelson … and they recommend that you copy them and use them for personal or class study.

This is a BIG book … over 400 pages of maps and charts and references. I originally ordered this because my children love to look at maps, to know where things are. I plan on using this as we read the scriptures together. And, as they grow, we can use some of the discussion in the book – there are sections that discuss the author of each book of scripture or the historical context or the literary themes occurring. If you’re looking for a beautiful reference manual for help in your own personal bible study or to help facilitate class discussion and understanding, you should give this a try.
(Seriously, EVERY PAGE is in color. And the maps are very clear. It’s PRETTY.)

Disclaimer: As a Thomas Nelson Blogger, I received this book for free. This is my honest opinion. If you would like to receive free books as part of their BookSneeze.com book review program, go sign up. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

I review for BookSneeze

You can, too. ... If you want to. No pressure. But I'm not going to say no to free books.
Yes, I have a problem. I'm aware of it. :P

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What was your worst travel experience?

Probably back in the 90s ... my dad and I had gone down to Knott's Berry Farms (and had a great time). However, our return flight out of LAX was delayed. Which caused us to miss our connecting flight. ... And it just kept going downhill from there. The second flight was fine, but the connecting flight was overbooked. So we flew to Seattle instead of Portland. Another flight down .. and Eugene's airport was fogged in (since it was December, no surprise) ... so we had to land in Portland and take a bus down to Eugene. ... All in all, I had woken up around 7 AM that morning. And I got into bed around six the next morning. It was crazy. This is why I'm always trepidatious when it comes to air travel involving connecting flights.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Ponderings and Symphony of Science

Okay, I may be geeking-out a little here ... but I have to say that I really adore the "Symphony of Science" videos, autotune and all.

Here's the newest one:

I can't explain PRECISELY why I love these videos so ... but they just make me happy. They make me feel like things are right with the world.

Lots of people declare that religion and science are complete opposites ... that to accept ONE seems to mean completely disregarding the other. That, say, if you are a scientist, you cannot believe anything based on faith. Because science is all based on empirical evidence. And you cannot observe things by faith. ... And, going with that same train of thought, anyone who accepts things by faith must be a brainwashed, simpering idiot. Because, if you're going to believe in something that you cannot observe, then you have to believe in anything and everything that is unscientifical.

However, as you know, I don't follow that school of thought. I truly do believe that religion and science do support each other. In beautiful and subtle ways.

One thing that I love, as I learn more and more, is how all knowledge becomes more and more intertwined -- that mathematics is the basis for music or how so many stories are based on the same ideas or tropes, even stories taken from cultures half a world away. It makes me happy to know that knowledge supports (and is supported by) knowledge in other areas.

And, I find that this is so -- not just in academic learning -- but also in religion.

Yesterday, in Relief Society, as we were talking about the Creation, it struck me. The first step taken in creating the earth was to organize matter. It's not that *BOOM* from nothing SOMETHING appeared ... And it reminded me of science classes that I had taken (gulp!) a decade or more ago -- that matter is not created or destroyed.

Now, I may be a bit of an anomaly... I never put it past myself ... but I do believe in intelligent design. I also believe that living organisms can and do evolve. And, really, I don't see why there's such a huge rift between those who accept Creationism and those who accept Evolutionist theory. I think that there's room for both. (Of course, I'm also the type who feels, really deep inside, that the world would be such a better place if people just could set aside their differences and JUST. FREAKING. GET. ALONG. ... But that, again, might just be me.)

Still, going back to the video above, there are sound bites that I just ... they just resonated with me:
  • "I don't feel frightened by not knowing things. I think it's much more interesting" - Richard Feynman
  • "The story of humans is the story of ideas that shine light into dark corners" - Jill Tarter
I think that's one reason why I enjoy learning ... I mean, yes, I keep becoming more and more aware of how little I really do know ... Still, I get the opportunity to witness how intertwined knowledge and truth are; how intricate the connections between science and religion are.

It's a beautiful thing. It makes me happy. I feel more and more at peace and at ease.
And I just wish that everyone had a chance to notice this ... to share in it.
Because ... well ... if they could, just for a minute ... I think it might resonate with them, too.
And the world would be a better place for it.


Now, I don't say that everyone needs to be a member of my own faith. There's truth in all religions (at least all religions that I've learned about) -- and, from my limited experience in life, I've found that people who believe in SOMETHING seem to be happier than those who have no belief in anything that cannot be proved through experiments here.

If you are an atheist, that's fine. I accept that. Same as I would if you were Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Southern Baptist, Catholic, Muslim, Wiccan, ... you name it.

I'm not going to tell you that you're wrongwrongwrong ... and I only ask for the same esteem in return. It's cool to be different. It's something that makes life not boring.

Besides, if you're my friend, I like YOU for you ... not because of what you choose to do or to believe (though, honestly, you might get bonus points for your talents ^_^), but because of who you are. And, probably, because you make me laugh. I love people who make me laugh. ^_^

(And if you are going to tell me that I'm wrongwrongwrong, that I'm going to Hell to be with the murderers, child abusers, puppy-kickers, and people who talk and text in the theater; that by being a member of my church I'm automatically stupid, banal, asinine and probably faked my way through college -- since THOSE KINDS of people are against any form of education ... Well ... I'm not promising anything, but I will confess that you do lose a bit of credibility for showing so little respect. I am willing to discuss my beliefs. I'm less willing to be insulted over them. Especially if I don't already know and adore you in real life. Just keeping it real.)

Still, don't you love Symphony of Science? If you like the songs, you can download them for free (except "A Glorious Dawn ... That one's available through iTunes). Or the videos! ^_^ I like that they share the cool stuff. ^_^

What I've been up to ...

... Well, besides answering the random formspring.me question every couple of days.
(Though, I really do have to thank you when you submit questions. I really appreciate being able to respond to what you really want to know. ^_^)

Okay, so my last REAL blog post was just over a week ago. Now I have to think of everything that's gone on.

- I've cleaned the house (which is, of course, messy again).
- We went to the aquarium ... It was a good trip (SHORT, but good), even though they've taken down the Oddwater exhibit (so the kiddos were sorry not to get to see the "Nemo-fish" and "Dory-fish" or to pet the baby sharks and skates.
- We took the kids (with the YW) to a middle school play (in which one of our YW starred! And she was GREAT!) ... and the kids, well, I was really impressed. They paid attention and enjoyed it TONS! Maybe I'll have some "let's go to the theater" buddies?? I suppose that I'll really know for sure this Friday (we'll be going to see a free Youth Theater production of Cinderella ... It should be great!)
- I'm still taking my HAM radio/Amateur Radio class. Test is 4 weeks away! Wish me luck! (Overall, I'm doing okay. I just don't like it when I'm not getting 'A's on all the quizzes. Yes, I can pass with a C --24/35--, but I like to do REALLY WELL. Because I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Therefore, I'm sick in the head. But you already knew that.
- We went down to visit family this weekend. (If you're on Facebook, you'd already have put that together, I'm sure. ^_^) We also got to go to the historical museum in town (which, sadly enough, I hadn't been to in ... um ... around ten years. :S And I LIKE museums!) ... and we were able to attend church with my folks (since Michael doesn't HAVE to be at church for meetings with his new calling. ^_^), where I got to see and catch up with lots of people from my home ward (which has been dissolved and reincorporated into a new ward) ... and quite a few parents of people I went to school with.
- Last week, I finally broke out my Mom's old sewing machine (which she passed on to me after the sewing machine that my MIL had given us bit the dust ... and I helped Mom order a new one). Now, I'm NOT a seamstress at all. I love the idea of sewing, but it scares the CRAP out of me. BUT I faced my fears and repurposed two T-shirts that I really never wore (one of which I have NEVER worn. It just wasn't my style. But it had a cute applique on the front) into tote bags for library trips and such. (One I'm using for my radio class. It is perfect for fitting my class manual, a notebook, a water bottle, and snacks -- like the Sour Patch Kids that I was snarfing last class. #^.^#)

I've also been working at speeding through my library books that are coming due. So, yeah, if you click through to my GoodReads, you can actually see what I've been finishing lately. Instead of what all is just sitting around the house or on my nightstand for me to get around to reading.
Let's see ... what have I read this last week-and-a-half ...
  • Peter and Max (Fables) - Bill Willingham [tie-in with Fables graphic novel series]
  • Your Four-Year-Old & Your Five Year Old - Louise Bates Ames [two non-fiction guides]
  • Sorcerers and Secretaries (vol 1-2) - Amy Kim Ganter [graphic novel]
  • Secrets to Die For - L.J. Sellers [fiction murder-mystery - Michael heard about it on the radio and thought it sounded like something I'd enjoy. Yet another reason I love this man.]
  • Shakespeare's Christmas - Charlaine Harris [murder-mystery]
  • An Ice Cold Grave - Charlaine Harris [murder-mystery]
  • Chapter 4 of the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual. I need to study Ch. 5 today. ^_^
  • The Zombie Survival Guide: Reported Attacks - Max Brooks [fiction graphic novel]
  • Barefoot Gen (vol. 5-7) - Keiji Nakazawa [graphic novel series about the aftermath of the detonation of the A-bomb over Hiroshima. Partly autobiographical. Harrowing.]
  • Top Ten: The 49ers - Alan Moore [graphic novel]
Um ... I think that's mostly it. Right now I'm also reading through The Pioneer Woman Cooks (yes, the cookbook, not just the blog) by Ree Drummond.

And, yes, that's most of what's keeping me busy. Being on the computer (usually facebook), reading, cleaning my dirty house, spending some time NOT ignoring my children (ha ha ha), and {like I need to do RIGHT NOW} feeding my family. *sigh*

Sooooooooo .... what's new with you?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Would you ever consider going back to teaching?

I really don't know. I like the kids and all ... but the responsibility and all the stress?
Michael barely got much of my attention when I was student teaching, to be honest.
I really don't want to do that to my family. And, really, it'd cost almost my whole paycheck to pay for childcare. ... So, no. I wouldn't ever teach full-time. I'd much rather work in a library. Or start a wedding planning business with my gals Bri, Dianne, Katie, and whoever else would want to get in on that. I'd even take a massage course so we could play up spa treatments for brides. ^_^

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

which book do you recommend?

Om my words ... you HAVE to narrow it down to what type you're in the mood to read.
If you want a really good murder-mystery (and don't care about language), I just finished L.J. Seller's "Secrets to Die For."
Marcus Zusak's "The Book Thief" is AMAZING.
If you want a classic, go for Jane Eyre (Charlotte Brontë) -- Rochester is THE BESTEST Edward.
If you need a romance, pick up anything by Lynn Kurland.
If you need a good picture book, I recommend EVERY SINGLE BOOK by Mo Willems (We are BIG FANS of The Pigeon).
... ... ...
Is there a genre that I didn't cover that you're desperate for a recommendation? I can name more if you'd like. Lots, lots, lots more. ^_^

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

If you were stranded on a desert island, which one person would you bring with you?

Duh! I'd totally bring Michael. He's my bestest!
And then we'd play our new favorite game ... the one where he names a movie and I do my best to quote from it. ... And I get bonus points if I can figure out the connection between movies. ^_^

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The Lincoln Bedroom has the softest bed .

But did you see Abraham Lincoln's ghost??? Did he talk to you? Did he give you any voting advice?????

And was the bed a Tempurpedic? Or one of those sleep number ones?

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

If you were offered the job of U.S. president would you take the job?

Probably not. It's pretty thankless ... and I don't understand politics enough. And, since I'm honest and I don't do guile well, I'd have LOTS of people mad at me.
But it'd be cool to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom ... chat with his spirit, maybe. Abraham Lincoln is DA BOMB!! ... and see where being president got him? Just sayin'. :P

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Saturday, March 06, 2010


If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?

Well, after my talk on Sunday, I'd have to say selfishness.
Since, if we rid the world of THAT, people would be kinder and more tolerant of everyone around them. And we'd get rid of most crimes and all that crappy stuff. Politicians would really be working toward the greater good. ... Yeah, I can't really see a downside to this one.

It'd be that or cow farts. Since that's the real reason for all the pollution nowadays. JOKING!!!

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Friday, March 05, 2010

The last few days ...

  • My radio class is going well enough ... I am learning most of the material. I think I'll be doing okay on my test next month.
  • I hate how money (and the not always having enough of it) is so incredibly sucktastic. Can we go back to the barter system?
  • I'm grateful for having running water. And electricity. And a healthy family.
  • My Uncle Mike is doing better, thanks for all the prayers. His right eye -- the one that he wasn't supposed to ever see out of again? He has double vision in it. Right now, he's in some heavy physical therapy. If you can pray that he can regain his speech, that'd be really awesome.
  • Michael stayed home (to work on the truck a little) yesterday. So it's like we have an extra-long weekend. Which I'm really enjoying very much.
  • I've been ON FIRE with the hand looms that my mom gave me as an early birthday present. Bruise and Bucket each have a hat (which they SLEPT in last night), and I've made one for my (currently in-utero) little niece ... and a few to add to the ones our YW group is donating.
  • I learned my MIL's favorite color. ... Yeah, how did I not know this for the last ... almost nine years??? (Answer: Because I'm a BAD, BAD daughter-in-law. ... I kid. But I could be better!)
  • We went to the aquarium this morning (and I was a complete lackwit who forgot her camera). And almost couldn't get back to our house. The street we live off of was closed (and there's no back way to get home). Thanks to a kind policeman who let us through so we could make lunch. ^_^
  • Also, Bucket and I had a grand time walking barefoot on the beach and splashing our feet in the water. ... And we saw a pelican. They're HUGE!! I really had no idea! ... And there was a Heron outside of the aquarium, by the bay. Good birding today. (YES, you KNEW that I was that much of a geek. ^_^)
On the way home from Costco yesterday, Bucket was trying to make us guess what she had put in her hat. It was a little toy cat ... and I was making wild guesses

Bucket: Guess what's in my hat??
Me: Is it ... WORLD PEACE?? An Elephant? A LLAMA???
Bucket: Guess what I have in here. And this time, Mom, say "kitty."

And, as she made me guess again, Michael declared, "RUG!"

How does he manage to make me love him more than ever???
Seriously, it's this wicked habit of his.
Not that I'm really complaining. ^_^

Also, you might enjoy this -- As I was driving the kids to the library, Bucket decided that she wanted to be silly.

Bucket: You're not my mommy.
Me: Oh, REALLY?? Then who am I?
Bucket: You're Daddy.
Bruise: (suddenly breaks into the conversation) You can't be Daddy, You're not a DUDE!! You're a DUDETTE!! That means that you're a GUUUH!!
Me: Huh? I'm a what? A "guuh?"
Bruise: No! You're a DUDETTE!! A GUUH!! NOT A GUY!!! You're not a BOY!
Me: Ohhhhhh!!!! I'm a GIRL! Yes ... I AM a girl!

Yup, Bruise is VERY aware of who's a girl and who's a boy. It's really very funny to me.

... And, I really wish that I didn't have to say this ... but it appears that I do ... BUT this is my blog. I reserve the right to moderate posts. I deserve the right to not be insulted on my own blog and formspring.me. If this means that I will, in the future, have to make my blog private, I will.

I believe that, in order to show respect for others, I accept that not everyone will have the same beliefs, especially in regard to religion, as I do. And I refuse to belittle them for that. I ask for the same respect from others.


Yes, if you read that and were all, "Huh? What's that about?" Don't worry about it.
It is related to the post from, what, Monday? I think it was Monday.
Someone has issues with my choice of what I read. And has issues with Joseph Smith. And seems to think that the most effective way to handle this is to try to make me feel bad for being what and whom I am.

Yes, it is annoying. And this will be the last time I will refer to it. I will not be rewarding this sort of behavior with any more attention, positive or negative.

If you really have an issue with my Church, I can send a couple of very nice people to your house to discuss it with you.

However, I will not be paying you any mind when you type at me in that manner.

(And really, everyone? Thinking that expanding one's horizons with education or reading myriad books is "Anti-Mormon?" Truly, that's a very laughable comment ... and seems to show precisely how little that individual knows about my church and the teachings of the prophets. Poor dear. ... I'm sure that he or she is less than pleased that I'm that amused by that comment. Truly, it has been VERY stressed during the last, oh, two hundred years or so, that we - as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - should get a good education. And, really, from learning about MY church, I've been better able to learn about and appreciate other religions. It's a beautiful thing to learn about all the truths that are embraced and all the wonderful and lovely people who have a different set of beliefs than I happen to have.)

And that's all I really have to say about that.

Now, I'm desperate for a nice soak in my tub with a good book. I have a few Charlaine Harris novels sitting on my nightstand, calling my name. Or there's the Pioneer Woman cookbook that I JUST picked up from the library today.

And who else thinks that I should totally watch the commentary on the DVD of Dr. Horrible? (You know that I should. Because it's going to be LEGEN... wait for it ... DARY. ^_^)


What was the worst place you've traveled to?

Um, I haven't traveled to many places (SAD, huh?) ... Michael says that based on the weather, the South would fit as an answer (since I couldn't think of anywhere that I really didn't like ... but that humidity? I am a delicate little Pacific Northwestern flower).
But I really did like being there in Mississippi and Louisiana. I'd have liked to have more time to tour plantation houses and look at the cemeteries (people buried aboveground? Really?). And I really want to go back sometime. Like, soon!

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Thursday, March 04, 2010


Where would you like to spend your retirement?

Truly, anywhere with Michael. But I do like to be close to my family.
And I really do want to travel. Michael has an idea to get a houseboat and just sail around. Which is cool. But it better not get a leak and soak any of my books. Because I'd be SUPERPEEVEDOFF.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Highlights of a Playdate

So, yesterday, Bruise, Bucket and I cleaned the house a bit. (1) We were having a playdate and I couldn't remember if T and I had decided to have it at HER place or at mine, so I wanted to cover my bases (and it was too early to call her since she usually works a swing-type shift) and (2) my Mom's coming up, so a clean-ish house is a nice thing to surprise her with, right?

Then I (FINALLY) got a shower and we got ready to go. And I made sure to use my GPS since there are multiple ways to get to T's house and I wanted the shortest. This is why I love my GPS. And, really, I didn't have T's address in there. But I have my BIL's (brother-in-law) who does with his family. So it worked out pretty brilliantly. ^_^

T was SO excited to serve a snack. She had been browsing around online and found a couple cute ideas. She really loved the strawberry mice, but since strawberries aren't in season, she opted for the monster lips/apple bites. The only hard thing about making these are that the slivered almonds tend to break easily. But they're really adorable! ^_^

One of the especial highlights for me (besides getting to chat with T and her husband -- adult conversation? For me? Really?? I tend to forget how much I miss it!) was when T and I finished making the apple bites.

She called down the hall to her son ...
He runs out of his room, "Is it SNACK TIME??"

Oh, I almost wet my pants on that one.
And, yes, I made sure to ask permission to blog that.
(I can usually tell, when she calls to chat, if it's been a REALLY trying day due to if she refers to her son with that nickname ... and growls it with sincerity while he's out of earshot. ^_^ Can't say that I've never felt that way about my kiddos. I just love that she really does it. ^_^)

Her son did throw a block as he, Bruise and Bucket were playing. It hit Bucket. Near the eye. She was really okay. We iced it (and if I'd been a COOL mom, I'd have had some Children's ibuprofen there to give her. But I'm not that cool.) and put some ointment on it ... After some cuddles, Bucket was ready to play again.

T felt HORRIBLE. But, really, you can't control your kids a whole ton. I was a little worried at first since Bucket did have a little blood (nothing that you'd need any stitches with ... I hate the thought of having to go to the ER or anything for stitches. I mean, taking Bucket in to have her lip glued ... that about killed me. And she totally did that one to herself! This was NOTHING compared to that).
Truly, it was more nerve-wracking when Bucket came from the bedroom after a scream ... She ran out doing one of those "silent screams" ... You know, you can tell that they're screaming, but they run our of air and don't take a breath ... and she was doing that enough that her lips had turned purple. That got me rather concerned.

But she calmed down within a minute or two. The cut barely bled at all (as opposed to when she got her lip on the desk ... like a year ago! Or was it longer? It was April 2008. So, nearly two years ago. Phew!) ... so, yeah, we're fine.

She was feeling just about all better by the time we went home (a few hours later). And, before that, she felt fine enough to play and watch movies and to NOT want to leave. ^_^

I told her she would probably have a little bit of a shiner, to which she asked, "Why will I have a shine?" So I had to explain what a black eye was. And really, hers is not bad at all. The area under her eye is a little puffy, it's a little purple, and she has the little ... cut? Would you call it a cut? What else could you really call it?

As you can see in this picture I took before she went to bed. Just because I like to document my children's lives so. (And, like in the case of Bruce's "rocket thumb," so I can make sure it doesn't get any worse. Since I'm mentally healthy like that. ^_^)

So, here she is!

Yeah, it's not too bad at all. It's on her right eye. And it doesn't look at all bad. It's even looking better this morning. ... And, yes, she was bored of my trying to get a really good picture. So she started making faces. And this one made me laugh the most.

That girl. ^_^

But, yeah. We're all fine. Bruise had a great time playing with T's son (he has his own train table! Bruise was in HEAVEN! And there were cars and some Transformers and a giant teddy bear and a giraffe tent! What's not to adore?? ^_^ And Bucket enjoys playing with all those things, too.)

At one point, T's son asked Bucket if she'd like to play in his room. As she said that she would, I immediately announced, "Leave the door open!" And T laughed.
"Hey, I just want her to be in the habit NOW, so it's not a surprise rule when she's older."

Then Michael and I discussed that when I told him about that last night. He was a little surprised to know that I had entertained boys in my room when I was a teenager. The door was always open. I think that Frankie, my first boyfriend, had only been in my room once -- I think all we did was pick out what nail polish I should wear to his baptism. And that was before we started dating. And my Ty-Bro had been in my room before... but it's TY. Seriously, he's like my brother. So all we did was talk and make really silly jokes. ^_^
(Truly, and ANY of my friends from school would back me up on this, my room was almost CONSTANTLY in a state of COMPLETE DISASTER. This is why you all should be SO. FRICKEN'. PROUD of me when I tell you my house is pretty clean. Seriously. Just so you know.)

So ... yeah. That's most of what all happened yesterday. Cleaning, playdate, dinner, the kids' bedtime routine, and then Michael and I watched Truly, Madly, Deeply (with Alan Rickman rocking an 80s mustache).

As Alan Rickman came on screen, Michael asked me, "So, with mustache or without?"

For the record, I think that very few people's appearances are vastly improved with facial hair. I'm used to my dad either way (as I should say as a dutiful daughter of a man who won her hometown's Beard contest. My picture was in the paper with him. I was ... maybe four? The first time my name was spelled incorrectly in print. *sigh* NOT the last time. ^_^)

Also, Happy Dr. Seuss' Birthday! Go read the Cat in the Hat or What Places You'll Go! or My Many-Colored Days or The Lorax or something! ^_^

Monday, March 01, 2010

Aftermath ... ^_^

So, another catching-up type of blog ...
  • My house is still halfway clean. I helped the kids CLEAN-clean their room this morning. We still need to vacuum in there. ... I need to catch up with the dishes and laundry and clean the counters and table ... and clean off my desk. AGAIN. But, besides that, things are looking pretty good!
  • The YW Retreat went really well. I think that, from watching the YW finish up so many of the cute little knit hats on the circle looms, I may know how to make one now. Mom's bringing up a loom so that I can see how well I really paid attention. ^_^
  • My talk went pretty well. People told me they liked it. Complete strangers told Michael in the hall that they liked it. I've gotten reports that teenagers in the ward paid attention to it at REFERENCED it later (much to the shock of parents and leaders ... and ME!). So ... that's good. Kinda scary, but good. ^_^
  • Watched Lost in Austen last night. It was pretty cute. If you like Jane Austen shows, you should rent it/check it out/whatever. Even Michael says that it wasn't as horrible as he had feared (which for him, regarding Regency-era things, is HIGH PRAISE indeed. :P)
  • My HAM radio class is going well. I need to study Chapter 3 today and tomorrow, since I haven't made the time any other day this week. :( But I did decently on the quiz last week. I'd have done better if one of the answers in the Question pool in the back of the manual wasn't INCORRECT! (I still feel betrayed. *pouts*)
But, yeah. Things were kinda busy this last week -- YW Retreat, my talk for church, doing some Visiting Teaching (I didn't get to everyone. D: Oops.), and the general insanity that is Wednesdays.

I think we've given up on Bucket going to the Hip-Hop class right now. Maybe the next ballet class that Jennifer gives, we'll get involved again. <-- I don't think that's a real sentence. Hmm. Maybe it is. It's just wonky. Oh well, it's MY blog, I can write crappily-constructed sentences if I please. :P

Well ... I would try and construct wonderfully witty prose for you. But I'm really still a bit wiped out from the weekend. And the mess on my desk is seriously wigging me out. (Control freak? ME?? Nooooooo.....YES.)

That and my kids are telling me that they need to eat. Geez. I mean, really. I just fed them LAST WEEK, right? (And every day, pretty much, for their whole lives. Except for those days that they were staying other places ... like when I've been at camp and all. ^_^)

Okay. Now to get that all done and to go to a playdate. Okay. I can do this.
Oh, and I should make dinner sometime. :P

Welcome Troll! Goodbye Troll!

Okay, I'm glad that I moderate the comments on my blog ... since I got a little bit of a doozie.

And, wow. It was submitted as a comment on my previous post (about favorite sports), so it really makes NO sense in its context.

I won't publish the commenter's webpage (since I don't care to give him or her any hits for this kind of behavior -- and also to protect him or her from any irate readers on my behalf ... since I know that you love me so. ^_^)

I'm disappointed by your book list. I expected an open mind. Instead you seek out books to confirm your own bias. You might as well let the Church correlation department rate your reads. It's a pity that your mind is limited to the absurdity of your own religion. So sad.
Wow ... just wow.

At first, I was just a little ... flabbergasted that someone would make that kind of comment. I TRY not to be offensive. And, gosh, but I DO love my religion.

And then I was all, "Dude, really? Of all the things you could nitpick about me, you pick my book list first? Really?" And then I started snickering into my fist.

It'd be like someone telling Mother Teresa that she'd be SO much more effective if she just put on a coat of lipstick ... Really, it's kind of absurd.

Now, here's where I might get a little high and mighty ... The liberal side is all about preaching tolerance for others ... AS LONG AS YOU ARE PRACTICING WHAT THEY SUPPORT.
Yes, we must respect everyone's differences -- UNLESS you are white, Mormon, straight, or a native of the United States.
Really, that's how it comes across a lot.

It kind of makes me laugh in a way.

And, yes, I know that I'm being so hypocritical ... I'm less than tolerant of some others of God's children. As I'm talking about tolerance. And I'm completely aware of this as I talk about it. I acknowledge my failings in regards to this.

Still, instead of being offended and hurt (probably what this troll's goal is), I'm mostly amused.

Because telling me that my list of things that I READ is biased. ... Well, it strikes me more as FUNNY than as offensive.
(I'm not going to argue this fact. It probably is. Because life is short and I really don't have the time, what with motherhood, being a homemaker, a volunteer, and an active member of my church, to WASTE time on books that I don't want to read. There are MANY books out there that just do not make my TBR pile. And anti-religion ones are on there. And, yes, I do like to read books that support my faith. Are all the religious books that I read written only by LDS authors? Ha! No! I LOVE C.S. Lewis, Madeline L'Engle ... and I review books for Thomas Nelson ... which is NOT LDS-specific. Yes, I DO like to buy and read books from Deseret Book. I plodded my way through Pullman's Golden Compass trilogy. Even though the final book was SO anti-religion, especially anti-Catholicism. ... I could argue that I've read a wide selection of books. Including some VERY secular types. But I won't.)

You can tell me that my religion (or ANY religion) is absurd. And I'll probably just raise an eyebrow and try to hide a smile. I won't try and cram the validity of faith down your throat. That isn't respectful to you or me. I really hate to Bible-bash. I respect your right to your own opinion and only ask for the same respect in return. I don't expect that EVERYONE will agree with my every opinion. That's not at all reasonable.

However, as much as you try and bash my religion, my faith, and my confidence ... well, you won't win. I have my testimony. I may not exercise it as much as I should. But I KNOW that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. I KNOW that Jesus Christ came to earth to teach us how to return to our Heavenly Father. I KNOW that He suffered for the sins of all mankind -- everyone who ever has lived or will live -- to enable us to repent and return to our Heavenly Father's presence. I KNOW that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, a man called of God. I KNOW that we have a living prophet on the earth today, Thomas S. Monson. I KNOW that he is inspired by God as he leads this church. I KNOW that these things are true.
You can mock me all you want. You can mock my faith. You can mock the Church, the prophets, our beliefs. That does not change what I know.

And, troll, I still love you. I may shake my head in amusement and a little pity at this situation (even though to say it that way makes me sound oh-so high and mighty -- and you and I both know that I am just a person. I'm falliable. I have issues). Still, regardless, you are a daughter or a son of God. And He loves you. As I should ... and I will work to do as best as I can. ^_^

But, truly, we can just agree to disagree on my book list and the topic of my religion and my faith.

Because it'd be much nicer to be your friend. And I'm willing to do so. But friendship is based on mutual respect ... So ... *shrugs* ... yeah. I'm just not feeling it right yet.

(I could close this with echoing "So sad." But that just seems a little vengeful and juvenile. So I won't. But, in all honesty, the thought DID cross my mind. Thought I'd be honest about that. *embarrassed grin* ... See? Told you I still have LOTS of progress before I'm really saintly.)

Yeah, this comment didn't get published on the post that it was submitted. Since this is MY blog and I have that right. ... But I figured that it did warrant some discussion.
(And I figured that you might be interested in knowing EXACTLY how I reacted to this. Since I try to do nothing but keep it real. ^_^)

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