Monday, December 17, 2012

Funny stuff my kids say

I don't know why I usually only have things to post that Bruise has said.

Bucket is quite a cut-up, too.

It's hilarious to see their senses of humor developing ... especially as they understand more and more.
So, say, reading Amelia Bedelia books is a totally FUN experience with them.

Bucket was making Marvel Superhero Squad characters out of construction paper.
As she showed one to Bruise, he quoted, "Hulk not understand!!"

THEN he started snickering as I was laughing. His snicker is great.

Earlier this weekend, I was sitting by Bucket, trying to get a movie to play.

"Why is it taking so loooong?!?" She monologued. "I love waiting. Except when I hate it. Then I start whining!! ... Why are you laughing? Are you laughing at me?!??"
Amid giggling, I choked out, "I love you."
"Why do you love me??"
"What," I asked. "Do you want me to hate you?"
"Yes. Yes, don't love me. You're supposed to hate me."
"Tough luck on that, girl!"

And parenting can get harder as they get smarter.
"Mom?" Bucket asked. "Remember how last night you told me to count to 300 so I would fall asleep?? I did count to 300. I counted by fives and tens."

And, after a family member passed some gas, Bucket asked, "What was that? Did they make that sound WITH THEIR BUTT?"

As we were putting together the gingerbread house last week, watching The Charlie Brown Christmas Special (It's not Christmas until I've watched that. And I need to watch it again, sans distraction. Preferably with popcorn and hot cocoa. Because, dammit, I NEED a little Christmas spirit.), Bucket turns and looks at one of our decorations on the table.
Yes, yes it is. That's why I bought that one.
(A couple years ago, I went to Hallmark after Christmas ... got ornaments for the kids. And, since the Charlie Brown Christmas decor was 50% off, I picked up the tree and a figurine of Linus. He's dressed as a shepherd. On the base it says, "That's what Christmas is all about."
I have it next to one of my nativities.)

Kids do say the darndest things. And that's one of the best things about being a parent (or an aunt/uncle or older cousin or whatever).

Why does it ask for a title? I'm no good at titles.

Well ... where to start?

I'm still not full of humor and amazing witticisms today.
I'm close to seven steps from bursting into tears (unlike this weekend, where it was more like three steps away).

Howsabout we just start with a recap of the weekend...
  • The kids got home from school shortly after Michael got back from doing some visits for Elders Quorum. I made sure to give them hugs ... and not to burst into tears, which would probably freak them out.
  • We ran some errands with the kids ... picked up a hold at the library, turned in some books, took them to the bank to put the contents of their piggy banks into their accounts (Bruise and Bucket also made their first withdrawal from their accounts. Money to buy each other Christmas presents), and to the mall to pick up our portraits (I had to go back later to get our cards) and for Bruise and Bucket to get each other gifts.
  • Michael made dinner while I ran back to get the aforementioned cards. As I went, there were lots of sirens approaching the mall. Apparently, as I headed back home, a fire truck was stopping at a local restaurant. I have no idea what was going on ... but I hope it all went well.
  • Michael had me watch a couple episodes of Psych to help get me cheered up again. It was a good effort. I wasn't feeling like crawling into the shower, curling up into a ball, and weeping. ... But I wasn't about to break out into a Vaudeville-esque routine, either.
  • Saturday morning, our ward (congregation) had our Ward Christmas Party/Breakfast. We ate pancakes, scrambled eggs (well, not Michael. He's anti-egg.), sausages, orange juice, and hot cocoa. We sang hymns and the youth put on a little production. Bucket didn't want to get up and sing. We didn't force her to. She also complained that she had a headache and a stomachache. Then she was mad/sad when I, shockingly, wouldn't let her run around with the other kids (Hey, if she's not feeling well, running around screaming is NOT any cure for a headache. And I'm not taking a chance that she'd throw up the hearty breakfast she'd bolted down shortly before). So, after the breakfast was over, I took her and Bubbles, who was getting fussy, out to the car. They fussed and cried and I read a book and waited for the menfolk (Michael and Bruise) to finish helping clean up so we could go home.
  • I know that we cleaned the house. Bruise ate mashed potatoes! And we did talk to the kids about Sandy Hook (I'd much rather they hear about it from us than from kids at school. I learned that one quickly after last year ... a car got caught in some flooding [which they passed on their bus route]. A mother and little boy drowned. The other passengers were able to get out. I hadn't thought about telling my innocent Kinders about it. However, one of their fellow bus-mates did. So much for keeping them sheltered, right? ... Well, at least I always knew, even before they were born, to talk about the birds and the bees with them.)
  • Speaking of ... we finished reading "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" on Saturday evening. And, since one of the lines in it was about some kids being accused of always talking about sex and underwear, Bucket asked me, "What's sex?"
    "Sex is how babies are made. It's what mommies and daddies to to make a baby." And I told them that it should be between married people. And that they should wait until they're married, please.
    If they ask any more, I can give them more specifics ... They're aware that people make babies. And that, as we've stressed, they shouldn't be doing any of the things to make babies until they're married.
    (I strongly stress to them that if they respect a person, and that person respects them, they'll wait. I know that not everyone feels this way ... but, well, I figure that if someone genuinely loves you, they'll take your well-being with more concern than their being able to satisfy a biological impulse. ... That and I've seen so many wonderful girls [and boys] hurt when they're so intimate and things either don't work out ... or things go VERY badly. ... Again, I'm aware that you might not share that opinion. And I'm not going to judge.)
  • We went to church yesterday. I got to make it through MOST of Relief Society (the women's class) before Bubbles started squawking. Oh well. At least, after we left the room, we got to talk to a couple people in the hallway. That was nice.
  • Had to do ANOTHER factory reset on my phone. Looks like we'll be getting new phones soon. What with how this one is starting to freeze up or turn off when I plug it in to charge ... It's an old phone. At least, unlike Michael's phone (my older phone), it stays on when it's in my pocket ... so it could be worse, right?
  • Michael had more EQ visits. The kids watched more Schoolhouse Rock (yes, they are my kids. Now to get them started on Bill Nye, Science Guy. And Mr. Wizard).
Bubbles had a fever this morning. I gave her Tylenol and, as she was acting tired after playing for a half hour or so, laid her down for another nap.

The kids headed off to school, all bundled up, with their lunches and a gift for their teachers. (I'd rather get it to their teachers early than late.)

Washed some laundry. Emailed Michael. Made some phone calls for my calling (church responsibility) and reported back to my Relief Society president. Got a shower. Put a load of dishes into the dishwasher. Talked to my dad and his girlfriend on the phone.

I'm about halfway through A Christmas Carol. Then to read The Forgotten Carols

Before I put Bubbles down for another nap, I cuddled her on my chest/abdomen until she fell asleep. But her fever's gone ... so that's good.

And I'm battling the ants again. They're trying to take over the hall bathroom. And, well, anywhere else they can think of. I'm hoping that this is their last stand of the year/season. We'll see.
Regardless, I need to buy another container of the organic/child-and-pet-safe ant killer.

And ... I need to paint my toenails. I'll feel better. I just need to get round to doing it.
And I should paint Bucket's and Bubbles' toes, too. Why not, right?

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I spent the majority of yesterday feeling sad ... like two steps from tears.

It's just so ... I just don't want to believe that anything like that COULD happen, let alone that it DID happen.

My Facebook feed is full of people expressing their sorrow and compassion for the children and school personnel who were killed, and their support of the families and community involved. There are pledges being made to hug our own children more ... as there are many families that aren't able to do so.

There are people making calls for stronger gun laws (however, where it happened, the state gun laws are stronger than most).
I maintain that it's important that we have our Second Amendment rights ... Now, do we need, as a civilian population, to have assault rifles? Probably not.
I also maintain that these last two shootings are proof of how our nation is failing at handling mental health issues. If we removed the stigma AND increased the availability of care (especially emergency care), events like these might be avoided.

But the posts on Facebook that hurt most are the ones that ask "How can people believe that there's a loving God if He lets things like this happen. And then people say it's God's will. If there was a God, wouldn't He stop these things before they even start?"

And ... well, that's where faith does help. Even during a trial of faith.

If you don't believe in God, an event like this is harder to handle.

  • Men and women who invested a lot of energy and emotion into their offspring have an empty return.
  • They'll never see each other again.
  • Chemical imbalances (or something) along with the existence of firearms results in the unpreventable loss of life.
  • Etc.
Now, I can see why people will ask how God could allow this to happen.
And, with my understanding of the gospel, I can start to make an explanation. However, since I don't know everything, it is a limited explanation.

  • We have a loving Heavenly Father. He is all-knowing and all-powerful.
  • We are His spirit children. He loves each and every one of us. He wants the best for us.
  • It is important to Him that we have a mortal experience, to be tested and tried, so that we can learn to be like Him. Eventually, we will have opportunity to be like Him, truly.
  • As part of this mortal experience, we must have the ability to discern between good and evil. We need to be able to make choices, to have free agency.
    Without the ability to choose for ourselves, we cannot learn.
  • Every one of His children who comes to earth has the same gift of free agency.
  • Our choices have the potential to affect others ... it's not only having an effect on ourselves.
  • The effect of others' choices often gives us important learning experiences ... and we should take the opportunities for learning and growth when offered (or else there will be other, tougher lessons ... since we do NEED to learn and grow).
  • Heavenly Father also knew that we all would make poor choices, at one point or another. We would sin. And that sin would separate us forever from Him, as a spiritual death. We also would, with our mortal bodies, be subject to physical death.
    He knew that to overcome spiritual and physical death, we needed a savior.
When, in the preexistence, before any of us came to earth, there was a council in Heaven. Heavenly Father presented this plan, where we could grow to become like Him.
When He told us that a redeemer was needed, two of His children volunteered.
Lucifer proclaimed that he would make everyone be good. No one would ever be hurt or sad. No one would ever sin. Everyone would return to Heavenly Father. ... And, in return, Lucifer would receive the glory for his part of the plan.
Jesus also volunteered. He would allow us the freedom to choose, knowing that there would be consequences for those choices. There would be pain and sadness. ... However, he would come to earth and take the effects of our sins upon himself. He would suffer and die for us so that we could repent and live with our Heavenly Father again.

As I said above, we needed to have the freedom to choose for ourselves. Without the ability to choose, how could we learn? How could we prove, to ourselves, that we can be like our Heavenly Father?

And (as you probably know. Or deduced), Jesus was chosen.
There were other spirit children who followed Lucifer as he rebelled. They were cast out ... they never received mortal bodies. They are unable to progress ... they are damned. They, however, do hae the power to influence those of us with mortal bodies. They, along with Lucifer (now Satan), have the power to tempt us, to lead us astray.
They are miserable with the knowledge of what they gave up ... Their goal is to prevent us from progressing, to prevent our return to Heavenly Father's presence.

Jesus came to earth as the Messiah. He came humbly, born to a virgin, in a stable. His bloodline was that of the king of the Jews. He lived a sinless life, with the power and ability to bless, to command nature. He taught, through his sinless example, how we should live. He withstood temptation. He was hated and mocked by some. Others followed him and his teachings.
And, in time, he prayed for us in the garden of Gethsemane. He took upon himself all the sins of all the worlds, creating an infinite Atonement.
He was beaten and mocked and crucified for no crime. He allowed himself to die.
After three days, he was resurrected. He appeared to those he loved ... he proved that he was alive be eating and by letting them touch him. He then appeared to his followers on the other side of the earth -- He blessed them and established his church in the Americas. Then He returned to His father's presence, having completed all the work He was sent to do.

And He will come again. And when He does, it will be good.
We know, from the writings of the prophets (ancient and modern), that the world is going to be a complete mess. And, well, it's pretty much there.
So ... we just need to keep the faith and stay strong. This will end and we have wonderful things to look forward to.

Because of the Atonement, everything will be made right in the end.
Justice demands a price ... and it will be met.
Mercy is made possible through Jesus's suffering. If we allow Him, through our faith in Him, and by repenting, He takes upon himself the effects of our sins. We pay a much lower price as he takes our stripes for us.
Through His death and resurrection, we are able to overcome death. We will be made perfect. We can be reunited with our loved ones.
We also have the blessings that come from the covenants that we make in the temple ... that our family bonds are not broken upon death. Heavenly Father's plan for us is not "til death do you part," but eternal. Families can be together forever.

These are huge and wonderful blessings that are offered to us.

And ... that is how I know that we have a loving God.
Yes, He allows us to choose for ourselves. Because He loves us.
Yes, bad things will happen to everyone. That does not mean that he does not love us.
(Think of it this way -- would you appreciate your parents putting you in a bubble and monitoring every move made around you, picking out all your friends, what you can read, what you can think? Even if you knew that it would prevent anything bad happening to you? Really? ... If so, then maybe you're better than I am. I have an independent streak.)
AND, because He knows that bad things happen ... and that we bring some of them upon ourselves ... and that our choices and actions do affect others, He has made it possible for everything to be made right.

And, when you think of the horrible, terrible choices that others make that affect so many others, you have to remember that Heavenly Father allows them to make choices and doesn't kill them off as soon as they have a bad thought BECAUSE He is giving them the opportunity to repent. To come back on their own. To try and  make things better/right.

There are awful things that happen. People are killed, tortured, raped, beaten ... and many, many other things  happen. Miscarriages. Sexual Abuse. Bullying. Natural disasters.

Heavenly Father doesn't allow these things to happen because He doesn't care.
He allows them to happen ... even though I know that it causes Him intense sorrow to see his children doing these things to each other.
It's not because he can't stop it ... He allows us to make our choices. Even when it's not what He wants us to do or when He knows that it's something we shouldn't do.

But ... there is always hope.
He sent His son to make things right.
Everything will be made right in the end. All justice will be fulfilled. Mercy will be extended.
All wrongs will be made right. All sorrows will cease. All will be well.

We just have to be patient and keep the faith.

If we follow the commandments of the Lord, if we keep the covenants we have made as perfectly as we can, we will be blessed. And we will bless others.
(If we don't murder people, aren't we preventing their pain? And the pain of their families and friends? And that's just one example.)

When I start to get discouraged, I find myself remembering these words:
Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight,At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more,When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death,And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again.
(From The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis)

Which is especially fitting, since it is Christian allegory (spoiler!).

But ... Heavenly Father loves us. He has given us the ability to have everything made right. We can be assured that things will be better. Even though it can be hard right now. But things will be better.
We shall have spring again after this winter of suffering.

Friday, December 14, 2012

What. The. Hell.

Okay, I'll admit that the shooting in the Clackmas Town Center was unnerving.
Because, yes, as an Oregonian girl, I've been there.
And you don't ever think to fear for your life when you're Christmas shopping (now, maybe trying to get a parking spot ...).

But ... I cannot even fathom of what a person would think of to go into an elementary school to start a shooting spree.

I ... have no words, really. I feel awful, sick at heart, for these families who are so affected by one person's selfish, evil actions.
I also agree with many others that the media is just doing too, too much.
You do not interview an 8-year-old who just escaped from a situation like that.

I don't care how much it benefits your bottom line. You need to show respect for the grieving families.

... I still ... I can't imagine what could cause anyone to do anything like this.

The only explanation that starts to make sense is demonic possession. And I'm not using that lightly.

I don't think gun control is the answer. These are criminals doing evil things. They're not going to stop just because it's hard to get a gun.
The man who opened fire on the Clackmas Town Center food court stole that weapon.

I think that there are a couple things that will help ...

As Michael says, we need to get focus onto the family. We need to love each other more.

I also think that we need to remove the stigma from mental issues. Stop judging. If there's a chemical imbalance, we're not helping by making it seem like it's a choice that someone is making.
I highly doubt that anyone WANTS to be depressed or suffer like that.

Remove that stigma so people won't feel like failures for needing help.
And make it possible for them to get help.

It's crap like this that makes me want to defund Congress IMMEDIATELY and put that money to work IMMEDIATELY.
If we could prevent horrible things like this happening ... wouldn't it be worth it?

I wish that I could have just prayed harder or something ... but how could I ever conceive of such a thing happening?

I feel blindsided.
And so, so sorry for the families and friends of those who shouldn't have died today.
Their poor community.

I snuggled Bubbles once she woke up from her nap.
I was tempted to go pick up Bruise and Bucket from school ... but I refrained.
I will snuggle them as soon as they're home. Within an inch of their lives.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'll come up with clever titles ... later.

So, I did a couple loads of dishes yesterday. And most of the laundry's gone through the washer.

My phone is still being weird ... It'll charge and shut itself off. Which, if I weren't waking up in the middle of the night, could be problematic, since I use my alarms to (1) wake up/know when I need to start getting out of bed, (2) know when to send the kids out to the bus ... in case I'm not watching the clocks, and (3) know when the kids are loading on the bus after school, so I can make sure to be home and have the door unlocked for them.

Also, it's nicest when my phone's turned on, so I can more accurately keep track of when Bubbles is waking during the night and when she's nursing. Just so I know.

Probably my best response last night, as Bucket smacked her brother ... since he, somehow, made her mad as we were JUST ABOUT to start delivering Christmas cookie plates to folks (well, we took them to almost everyone. One gal wasn't home. And one ... is gluten-intolerant. Whoops! But she appreciated the gesture. Even though I felt like a jerk. But, in my defense, I didn't know before. Now I do)...

"Start behaving so I can get in the dang spirit of Christmas!!"

Yes ... I am JUST that good.

Bruise was in fine form, asking, "Can we say 'Here are your free cookies??'"
"Um ... how's about we just say 'Merry Christmas!!'?"

Bubbles was getting a little cranky. At the next to last drop-off, as Michael and the kids went to take the cookies, I crawled over a seat to perch and nurse Bubbles. Who, apparently, was pretty upset ... and wouldn't keep a latch.
Michael got back to the van and, as I started to put myself away, questioned, "Are you feeding her??"

I think it had just been a long day for everyone. Normally, he takes it in stride when I pull nursing shenanigans like that. (Whoa ... I just spelled "shenanigans" correctly on the first try. Do I get brownie points for that? Or just brownies ... I'm not picky.)

Also, last night, as we were relaxing before bed (and trying to get Bubbles to settle down for sleep ... ended up just putting her in her bed and letting her fuss herself to sleep. For all of, what, five minutes? Then she was OUT. For about 6.25 hours. Nice!), we were watching a couple episodes of "That Mitchell and Webb Look."
It's a sketch comedy bit from Britain. Not always the safest for kiddos. But it's pretty entertaining.
One recurring (had to look the spelling of THAT up. Ugh.) sketch is the game show "Numberwang."
Seriously entertaining for me ... because you CANNOT figure out the rules. Just go watch a bit on YouTube. ... And, on an episode that I watched last night, it was "N├╝mberwang" ... YES, IN GERMAN.
Maybe even more nonsensical ... hard to tell. And they did a "Wordwang" ... just with words, instead of numbers. Very fun.

There were ants all over the cutlery drawer this morning. So, the cutlery tray AND all the cutlery are going through the dishwasher this morning.
In other news, almost all the dishes are clean now!

I'm about 3/4 through "The Mansion" (a short story that President Thomas S. Monson reads ever Christmas). If I get through it this morning, I can start "A Christmas Carol" and a few other things that will, hopefully, get me into the spirit of the season. (Though, honestly, I'm on pins and needles for payday. I want to buy someone a duck or bees or something from ... I like to give something useful.)

As the kids left for the bus this morning, we found that another family at church had the same plans that we did yesterday evening. We received a plate of cookies, too! I'm sure that the kiddos will enjoy those this afternoon.

I pulled out some board books to read with Bubbles (I'll admit, I'm not as good at that as I should be) ... and, golly, did I feel guilty. As soon as she saw books!! for her!! She was all excited wiggles and smiles. Guess I know what to pack for her for Sacrament meeting at church, huh?
And, at the same time, it's good to know that she takes after me in that regard, right?
I wonder if she'll start reading before Bucket did?

Well, I should go move laundry (so I'll be sure to have clean underoos. Rather important, no?) and unload the dishwasher (so we'll have eating utensils again ... besides a plethora of baby spoons).

I think one thing that's bothering me is that, especially when I have a little to cart around at church, I start to feel like I'm just going through the motions. A big part is that I suck majorly at doing personal prayer and scripture study. Any advice on how to feel like I'm getting more than just a social boost when I go to church? (If nothing else, I know that in about nine more months, Bubbles will be in Nursery ... and I'll get to go to Sunday School. Especially since I'll have no excuse for missing it. Is there a good personal study guided-type site that you like? Just trying to get ideas. Thanks.)

Monday, December 10, 2012

A title might make this seem like a better blog post...

Sorry for not blogging ... like, ever.

I can't exactly say that I've been busy.
I just can't always think of anything to say. I don't feel interesting or witty or ... much of anything right yet.

I've got a start of Christmas shopping done. I have ideas for most of the nieces and nephews and my younger cousins. CRAP!!! I just thought of another present to buy. For the son of my cousin. I've only met him once ... but he's just a little younger than Bruise and Bucket. He'd like a present, I'm sure.

I think Bubbles is teething. Because she went from sleeping rather well to ... well, NOT. And she's pretty irritable. She tugs on her ears, but there's no fever. And she wants to be held CONSTANTLY. Except when she doesn't.
Giving her Tylenol or Ibuprofen seems to help ... and she has a well-child check-up in a couple days.
She won't let me look/feel at her bottom gum. But her top gum is puffy where her top teeth will come in.

Speaking of teeth, Bruise (BRUISE!!) lost his first (spontaneous) tooth Saturday night. He was very excited ... until it came out. Because there's pain and blood involved. But, still, he was very proud.
He put his Tooth Fairy money ($1) into Bubbles' piggy bank ... because SHE doesn't have as much money as he and Bucket do. And he's VERY CONCERNED.
Also, he and Bubbles had gotten some candy-type prizes at school on Friday. Since Bucket only got one and he got two, he gave her one. Because "I just want her to be happy. And this way, she can have two and I have one."
"Aww, [Bruise], you are such a sweet boy. Thank you for doing that." I told him.
"I just want for persons people to be happy."

I don't know how I raised such a sweet and charitable boy.
Must have gotten it from his father.
Because I can be plenty selfish.

Bucket is reading more and more. She and I read Shel Silverstein's Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook together.
(Michael was very impressed by how I read the spoonerisms. I felt that I was very halting and rather slow. But, no, he was impressed. Bless that man.) Bucket enjoyed it, though she made me read her some of the stories in it the correct way. However, most of them she'd figure out on her own.

And I found out that the kids DO understand most of the humor in Amelia Bedelia. Which makes reading those together much more fun.

So, since I last blogged, what's gone on? I had to check my calendar...
  • The Partylite party came and went. Mom and I were the only folks who were there. Besides Bri, who brought her daughter (a.k.a., "Bug"), who's three weeks younger than Bubbles. They're insta-BFF. We even got some pictures of the two of them in matching jackets. Good times.
  • Bruise got his fondest desire (besides owning the GINORM Lego Death Star) as I took him to a salon to have his hair cut. He got to watch a DVD and sit in a Big-Wheel-type truck as the gal snipped away at his hair. He no longer looks like Shaggy off of Scooby-Doo.
  • We got family photos taken. Bubbles has her tongue sticking out in nearly each and every one. Good times. And I looked at them ... at MY being in them, and I was pleasantly surprised that I don't think I look hugely fat in them. Which is not how I usually feel about my presence in photos (at my present state and size).
  • The kids (Bruise and Bucket) went to a friend's birthday party. He had a Nerf shooting party. Good times.
    This friend of theirs is from a GREAT, GREAT family. We adore them. Both he and his sister will coo over Bubbles (In fact, this SEVEN-YEAR-OLD BOY told his mom that he REALLY HOPED that Bubbles would be at the party. Yes, we adore their whole family, too). Michael and I enjoyed chatting with parents there (We know the birthday boy's parents. And I know another mom there from volunteering at the school. And there's the birthday boy's aunt ... who I've added, with permission, on Facebook. Since I loved chatting with her at her nephew's party last year).
  • Then, that night, I came down with the flu. (I knew it wasn't the plague. I checked WebMD.)
    Fever, chills, headache, swollen glands ... I was doing okay, just feeling "off" Saturday evening/night.
    I woke up Sunday morning, after Michael had left for his meetings before church ... and I was supposed to get the kids ready and to church ... Ugh.
    I shambled over to the couch and curled up there. Bruise and Bucket got dressed and, per my orders, ate some string cheese. I got Bubbles up and dressed. Nursed her a couple times (so, with the LACK of pain doing that, I knew it wasn't Mastitis ... which was my huge fear.) and fielded phone calls for Michael.
    Michael, bless him, called me back and agreed to take the kids to church so I could try to sleep off the pestilence. I did get a good two-hour nap ... where I felt better. Not so delirious  (I knew that I wasn't safe to drive. So, if Michael hadn't gotten the kids, I'd have set them up with a movie while I attempted to sleep. Having a nearly-silent house, though helps so, so, so much).
    I ran a fever for about two days, total. And the lymph nodes in my neck were so swollen and sore. So it hurt to swallow ... but not because of anything inside my throat. My glands are still a little tender, but nowhere near as bad.
    I was better in time to take Bubbles to a Children's Health Expo for a little. And to volunteer in one of the kids' classrooms for reading group (Got to be in Bucket's class this last week. I had missed her class before, since Bruise was sick one week).
  • Bruise and Bucket had their dentist appointments.
    Bruise has no cavities. Phew!
    Bucket, sadly, had one ... on a PERMANENT tooth. *sigh*
    We'll get it fixed in February (this place is really busy).
  • Bucket gave a talk at church. I missed it, since I was sick-like-unto-death. But I helped her write it and practice it. She got a blessing from Michael so that she could be brave and give her talk in front of all the kids in Junior Primary (the 3-7 year olds). She reported back that it went awesomely. Michael confirmed that she did a very good job. She could have been a little louder ... still, I'm REALLY proud that she was able to get up there and DO it. She's growing a lot.
  • We went to the local Christmas Storybook Land ... there are lots of dioramas set up of fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and even children's movies. At the end, Santa is there. Kids get to talk to him, sit on his lap, and get a candy cane.
    We got pictures of all the kids with Santa, all together. Bubbles was fine ... if a little confused. But she didn't scream or cry or anything.
  • The kids were excited to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah. We "lit" a candle on a felt menorah wall hanging that I picked up. I would have made latkes, but the stupid potatoes all had sprouted. Ugh. We played the Dreidel game yesterday afternoon. And we talked about the history of Hanukkah.
    No, we're not Jewish. But I like Hanukkah. I like learning about other cultures.
    Learning about other cultures makes me happy. And gives me a chance to learn about other people and how they think. And, let's face it, we NEED a LOT more understanding and compassion in this world.
  • We celebrated our oldest niece's birthday. We got her art supplies and a book. We ate pizza and chatted with family (while Bruise and Bucket played with their cousins). 
  • We also went to our Stake's Christmas Fireside.
    Michael was standing in the back with Bubbles most of the time. And Bruise and Bucket were with him, mostly.
    I was very frustrated for the most part. There were SO, SO many kids who were walking around or talking or playing on iPods/iPads (which isn't terrible ... except when you're in a darkened room. Then  ALL I can do is be distracted by lights and movement in my peripheral vision).
    I just wanted to listen to the people sing ... and either I couldn't really hear them. Or I'd have kids trying to talk to each other over three aisles of chairs ...
    THEN Bubbles decided to throw a tantrum during the closing prayer.
    Michael gave me his keys so that I could escape to the car and cry in private. ... Well, with Bubbles, who I strapped into her car seat while I waited for the kids (with Michael) to get their cookies.
Today, I'm working at getting dishes and laundry done. VERY exciting.

Later, after Michael gets home, we'll all go deliver plates of cookies to our Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching families.

I really ... I hate to say this ... but I'm just not feeling in the Christmas spirit right yet. And I'm worried ... What if this is something that a viewing of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special won't fix??
It's always worked before ... but I'm scared to try it this year. Because, if it doesn't work, what CAN I do??

I've wrapped most of the kids' presents. I've gotten a start on presents for family and teachers ... I'd have finished by now if I had all of the month's paychecks at once (have to wait a week before we can finish).

I think that, no matter what Bubbles is up to, I need to just get out my December books and read through them. And the Christmas Story. And, as Michael suggested, pray. I've been distracted and flightly. I need to treat priorities LIKE priorities.

But, yeah ... I should get started on these (between loads of dishes, laundry, and making dinner):
  • The Christmas Story (Luke 2)
  • A Christmas Carol
  • The Mansion
  • The Forgotten Carols
  • The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
And, of course, Christmas movies ... with lashings of hot cocoa, popcorn, and eggnog
  • The Charlie Brown Christmas Special
  • Mr. Kruger's Christmas
  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • Elf
  • The Muppet's Christmas Carol
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon. Not the Jim Carey one).
After payday, I'm going to buy someone something USEFUL at
And maybe help finance someone at
And maybe help the kids get a present for Toys for Tots.

And I'm going to paint my toenails. Because that NEEDS to be done.
And, while I'm at it, I can give Bucket and Bubbles pedis, too.

And write a Christmas-letter newsletter to email out.
And send out some Christmas cards.

Hopefully, once I get all that done, I'll be totally in the spirit of the season.
And I won't feel like such a horrible person.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Not quite twenty days later ...

Yes, yes, I know. I'm ashamed, too.

Because, overall, it's not like I've been WILDLY BUSY or anything ... Not really.

Let's see what all I HAVE been up to ...

  • The local Veteran's Day parade was actually on a SATURDAY this time, so we got to go as a complete family. We found a decent spot to sit/stand. The kids got lots of candy. Bubbles got some attention from a float of ladies in retro dress. Very fun. Then we went home for hot cocoa.
  • Mad cleaning of the house. About to be repeated.
    Since we found a sitter for the kids for the rehearsals where Michael and I BOTH need to be there.
    And, after a week with the kids home (and getting back from visiting family  ... and decorating for Christmas), I need to touch it all up. Again.
  • Bruise, Bucket, and Bubbles had all gotten sick.
    It started Monday (the 12th) ... As I was MAD CLEANING, Bucket said that she didn't feel good. She had a headache and felt like she had a fever. I felt her head and compared it to her brother's. They felt about the same. So I told her she could clean or go take a nap.
    So, she went and laid down. And crashed HARD for a couple HOURS.
    ... So I took Bruise's temperature. Sure enough, he was running a fever.
    And these fevers would NOT break. So I kept dosing them with Tylenol or Ibuprofen and pushed liquids like CRAZY.
    Tuesday, they SHOULD have gone to school (Monday was a no-school day) ... but they were still running fevers. And Bruise coughed enough that he freaked himself out.
    I called the school AND the doctor's office, cuddling him in my lap. Got in for an appointment. It was just a virus. Not hand-foot-mouth or anything. Just a virus. Keep them out of school until the fever's gone. Lots of water. Tylenol. Ibuprofen. Cool baths ... just that sort of thing. And, if Bubbles caught it (which she did), lots of nursing and Tylenol.
    Bucket went back to school on Wednesday. I walked her down the street to the bus stop, with Bruise on the phone. Covering my bases.
    Bruise finally went back to school on Friday ... right before they started a whole week off of school.
    Bubbles was sick starting Thursday evening ... but after Tylenol, nursing, and a bath, she was back to her happy, healthy self again by Friday afternoon.
  • Have I mentioned that we replaced the old thermostat in the hall? Well, we did. And then the heat pump wouldn't kick on. Turns out that we needed ONE more wire. After a couple weeks, we finally ("we" = Michael) fixed it.
    When we got back from a couple days away for Thanksgiving, the house was 55°F. Brr! And, when we tried to heat the three main parts with our heaters (two heat fans in the bedrooms and a heat dish in the front room), we kept tripping the breaker! Oy! ... But about two inches of wire later (after we BOUGHT the wire), we have heat and the house is staying around a much-more-comfortable 68-70°.
  • I have MOST of my Visiting Teaching done for the month. And I have an appointment to meet with the last gal on our route. I'm glad to have that. I feel a little (well, more than a LITTLE) guilty when I only chat up my Visiting Teaching sisters in the hall at church. I want them to know that they really are deserving of a visit ... even if I'm a lazy screw-up more often than not. >.<
  • I'm hosting a Partylite party for a friend who's just starting up her business. THAT'S why I have to clean the house today and tomorrow. And I need to go buy snacks, too.
    I have no idea who all is going to show up. Hopefully, there'll be more people than when I threw a Tupperware party. Since I think that NO ONE showed up besides Mom Cox and her sister, who sells Tupperware. I felt really bad. But we had some REALLY good salsa.
  • I set up my nativity scenes today. My Playmobil one and my Calico Kittens one. And a small olivewood one that was a present last yeat (it's small enough to be an ornament).
    I also put my Linus figurine from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special by them. "That's what Christmas is all about!"
  • While at Fred Meyer on black Friday (we went out late. Didn't get into town until about 7:30. Very low-key. Just hit Kmart and Fred Meyer and went back to my mom's, where she was watching the kids. I went to Costco on Saturday and got my cookbook. That was it, really. Oh... we also went to Target, where I picked up Season 5 of The Big Bang Theory for $13. Score!! And I didn't have to wake up crazy early at all. That's right. Be jealous. :P), I picked up a pack of dreidels. In a week from this coming Saturday, we can play the Dreidel game! I have gold chocolate coins! I have a little wall-hanging/Velcro menorah ... I'm rather excited.
    Yes, you SHOULD expect this from me. I'm the token Mormon who LOVES using Yiddish.
    Also, when my mom's school would do Christmas Around the World for their holiday open house, she ALWAYS was Israel. I know that she has a real Menorah around somewhere. It was HARD to find one, too. ... I should totally make Latkes this year.
    (Seriously, last year, I KNOW we bought THREE dreidels ... And I cannot find them ANYWHERE. SO ANNOYING.)
  • We're now on the last Harry Potter book ... After that, the kids are asking for "The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda" for bedtime story. Then, after that, "Ella Enchanted."
  • For the last week, I've been rather crazy (thank you, hormones. Thank you.) ... You know it's BAD when, as you've put a few coins in the Salvation Army bucket-thing, and the bell-ringer wishes you a merry Christmas ... and you get all teary-eyed ... Yeah. I mean, I get teary-eyed regardless, with Christmas songs ... so it was pretty nuts.
    Now, it should ease up for a few weeks. Thank goodness.
  • We drugged up the cat (with her Kitty Prozac) before we left. Good move ... we came home and she was nice, relaxed, and NOT HAVING HAD PEED ON STUFF while we were gone.
  • I cut Michael's hair ... since we'll be doing family portraits this Friday. I'll be taking the kids in for haircuts (well, not Bubbles. Her hair's not that long) ... Bruise'll get tidied up ... and, well, I'm not wild about how I did Bucket's hair. I'll have someone who KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING get it all cute.
  • My phone was freaking out ... so I had to do (another) factory reset on it. *sigh* So Michael and I will be shopping for new phones soon.
  • I ordered some bras ... which is kind of a big deal. My size is not ... a standard size in most stores. Which is crazy annoying. So, I ordered some from overseas. It'll be nice to have more than ONE nursing bra that fits.
  • My nails have all broken off ... probably from all the cleaning.
  • I know it makes me sound like a grinch, but I really get sad for Christmas eve at my Nana's old house.
    Part of it that I got to see my cousins ... and, for the majority, Pop-pop was still alive. Uncle M hadn't had his stroke ... that house ... I really miss it. I miss the smell of it.
    I also miss Christmas morning up at Grandma D's (my mom's mom). Even though almost all my cousins, growing up, were boys who didn't share ANY interests with bookish, girly me. But ... well, it was always nice.
    I think one reason I enjoy cooking Thanksgiving dinner, on the years that I've hosted, is that the smell of a roasting turkey always takes me back to Grandma's house.
    What? No! No, I just have something in my eye. Like a contact ... or a seasonal allergy.
  • We also went to the kids' school's Book Fair. You know me, I'm a sucker for anything involving books. Especially books that you get to KEEP. I freaking love that.
  • Bucket got some hand-me-down dresses from another girl at church. They're in great shape. 
  • We went to the local mall's Kids' Club activity ... Breakfast with Santa. After a free breakfast, they got to go sit on Santa's lap. They also got free (felt) Santa hats and goodie bags.
That's really most everything that I can think of to fill you in on.

The kids have been developing their senses of humor ...

At the dinner table on Thanksgiving, Bruise's cup is full of juice
Bruise: *to my mom* This is wine! JUST KIDDING! I'm lying!

Bucket, as I told her some stories about what she'd say when she was little: Wow, I was really bossy back then!
Me: You still are, sometimes. But I still love you.

Yesterday, she walked into the front room and announced, "Something smells strange! What smells weird?"
I told her, "You smell weird."
She and I looked at each other levelly for a second ... and burst out laughing.
We are so strange.

In other news, Michael's been summoned to Jury Duty. It should happen in January.
Isn't this, like, his third or fourth time? I've only been summoned once ... and I wasn't ever selected to be on a jury. (Truly, I didn't mind. It would have been AWFUL having to arrange childcare ... especially since I was still nursing Bruise and Bucket a lot.)

Okay ... I should now shut up and focus on cleaning the front rooms. If I can just get the front room, dining room, kitchen, and hall bath in order, we're GREAT. I could be mostly done TODAY. Then, I could watch Downton Abbey or something during Bubbles' naps tomorrow. ^_^

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

resulting in disappointment

So ... I'm going to buck up, put on my big girl panties, and deal with it.

But ... I'm a bit disappointed in the election results.

I had hoped that Romney would be elected. Because, really, his stances on most issues are the closest to mine.

And, really, Obama hasn't kept all that many of the campaign promises he made last year. I'm still HELLA irritated that Obamacare was passed without us knowing what all is really in it. So much for transparency.
(Though, as Michael pointed out, if Obama repealed NCLB [No Child Left Behind], I'd probably feel better.)

But, I had also hoped that if Romney had been elected, that this country would start knowing that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints aren't all just crazy, polygamous, women-hating cultists who have horns and worship a guy from New York ... or a flaming lizard. (No, really, I hear the most interesting theories about my religion sometimes.

And people would know that we're not Amish, either.

Most of the other state issues went with how I voted ... So I can feel better about that.

Michael and I did our best to vote almost every single incumbent out ... unless we had a very good reason to keep one in. But I don't think we did.

Seriously, how Congress has been all "If you people don't like what we're doing and approve our pay raises and all, we're going to CUT [Medicare/Veteran Benefits/Education Spending/Etc.]!!!!!" ... and that just pisses me off.

My mom and I agree that The House and Senate should NOT be allowed to vote for their own pay raises.
We also are of the opinion that their benefits should be completely cut ... they should be required to have the same health/life insurance that is available to the public. And their paychecks should be much more similar, too.

Heck, I'm all for Benjamin Franklin's stance on what Congress should be paid ... It should be done by volunteers. Seriously ... this way, after four years, they would be ready to reenter the work force. They'd do it out of the goodness of their hearts, out of real concern for their constituents.

But, yeah ... like they're going to actually do that.

Man, I am feeling really jaded about politics ... and I had hoped that, after the election, I could feel happy about it. But, not really ... I mostly feel tired. And disappointed ...

... but, well, I can feel better that, with the popular vote, it was PRETTY DARN CLOSE.

It would have been lots worse if Romney had lost by a complete landslide.

It'll be interesting to see what the next four years have in store ... I sure hope that gas prices go down.
And, if we're going to be fined/taxed for my not having health insurance, I hope that they actually get health insurance prices to go WAY down. (Seriously, health insurance has not gotten ANY more affordable since 2008. Wasn't that part of Obamacare??)

But, yeah ... I'm mostly just really tired of this all.

About half the people on Facebook are gloating that their guy win. The other half are lamenting the state of the nation, foreseeing calamity and destruction just around the corner. There are a few who are being graceful losers (and a few graceful winners) ... but those are pretty few and far between.

I am thinking that I'm just not going to post anything about it.
I mean, yeah, I'm disappointed ... but ... it's not like my saying anything about it would change anything.

Of course, I almost feel that my vote was wasted ... which sucks.
Especially when there are too many outspoken people on facebook (bloggers that I follow, not personal friends ... well, most of them), who claim that voting for Romney is voting for a man who hates women, liberty, and is the devil incarnate who would pander only to corporations and eat the young of the lower-classes while bathing in the blood of puppies. Or something to that effect.

I was really hoping that he'd win and get the country in better shape within the next two years (as opposed to four years without much as-promised change), just to shut those nay-sayers up.

I just want results. And I want them NOW. I want gas prices and health insurance and cost of living DOWN. I want people to HAVE jobs and security. I want our nation to be self-sufficient. I want higher education to be affordable. I think that we should subsidize the arts, like they do in Europe. I think that prisons should be places of punishment, not vacation homes (seriously, if WE can't afford to have a weight room or cable, neither should murderers, rapists, or puppy-kickers). I think that we should punish rapists and child abusers more. I think that the banks that put our country into this mess should pay back the money we gave them, with a FREAKING DECENT INTEREST RATE, and start doing what they promised -- loaning money so that we have GROWTH happening and jobs available!! I think we should start taxing companies prohibitively who outsource jobs overseas (because, face it ... money talks. If we get it so that keeping jobs HERE has a positive effect on their bottom lines, companies will DO IT). I think, that if people are so concerned about weight management, we should subsidize gym memberships (or, at least, exercise equipment). I think that we should implement more public transit. I think that libraries are even MORE vital to communities during a recession, and their funding should be supplemented, not cut. I think that all public servants should save their districts/states money by only allowing room/board and basic needs to be covered by taxpayer money ... the rest they do through their own savings and concern for their constituents. I think the we need to start getting it so that people on welfare can get OFF welfare. It needs to be a temporary measure. Once people are able to take care of themselves, they'll have more self-respect and be more involved in what THEY can do ... as opposed to what the county/country can do for THEM.

I mean, really, is that so much to ask?

... Don't answer that. I don't think I could take it today.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Dear sinuses, SHAPE UP OR ELSE. Love, Me.

Yeah ... I'm sick. FUN! (not)

What all has gone on since I last posted a bliggity-blog ... Um ... Let's see...

Not a whole ton ... I had a vocal rehearsal last week. Funnily enough, the sheet music that we were given varies slightly from what the vocal director has. ... And those of us with solos didn't even have music for those.

I'm doing the first soprano thing again. I can hit the notes, if I'm warmed up. And it's easiest for me to hear that part, since that's what I ALWAYS sing. (Seriously, when I'm told to sing alto or bass or tenor? I'm rather HOPELESS.)

Friday, Michael installed our new thermostat. Took the kids TWO DAYS to notice it at all.
Bucket cut her hair ... a bit in the very front. A week before picture retakes ... So she's sporting bangs now. Yup, I cut them myself. And I cut a couple inches off the rest, per her request.

We carved the kids' pumpkins. They turned out nicely.
Bruise went for a scary face. Bucket drew her witch face design on her pumpkin. Bubbles' had a happy face.

We took the kids up to the zoo for HOWLoween (scavenger hunt with a treat bag at the end). It wasn't horribly busy ... since it was raining. We all got rather wet (Bubbles' polar fleece pants were moist, but dry on the inside ... her legs, though, were so cold!!). I forgot the weather-cover (like a rain jacket) for the stroller. I also managed to only have room for TWO pictures on the camera (forgot to [1]bring a spare card and [2] download the pictures onto the computer from the FULL memory card. *sigh*).
But, for Bubbles' first trip to the zoo, it went pretty well.
After the zoo, we headed to a mall so I could use a couple coupons to get my freebies.

But, after being so wet and cold for so long, Bubbles and I have developed colds. (She's already nearly back to normal. Just a runny nose now. ... I, though, have clogged sinuses and a cough. Joy.)

We made it home in time for Michael to run to Costco for a few things so I could make a dish for the ward potluck (I made tuna casserole) then to go set up. Then he swung back around and picked us and the casserole up for the dinner. It was a good activity.

Sunday, we had church and then choir in the evening. Before choir, we watched The Addams Family.

Monday ... we missed the local library's Halloween Storytime. Instead, though, I dug out my copy of "The Dark-Thirty" and read a story to the kids, instead of the usual chapter of Harry Potter.

Tuesday, Bubbles and I went out while the kiddos were in school. We went to Safeway, Target, and Sally Beauty (got a decent black nail polish. Along with base and top coats. So I could redo my nails. Again.).

Yup. My life is pure and thrilling excitement, no?

Yesterday, when the kids got home from school (they had a party in class. NOT A HALLOWEEN PARTY because their school doesn't do Halloween, but a party to celebrate their unit on pumpkins and apples. I sent them to school with some cider and cookies for the class), I was going to take them straightaway, in costume, to Mom and Dad C's ... but, their neighbor-friend came in with them because she was sure that her family wasn't at home (no cars in the driveway) and said that it was locked. She hadn't knocked on the door or anything. ... And her brother usually gets home before her and HE'S old enough to be home alone. When I went to walk with her to her house, lo and behold, her family had returned.

So, I called Mom C back and told her that we'd be on our way!
So, I took a cobra ninja, a red ninja, and a fluffy owlet to Grandma's for hot cocoa and doughnuts.
Then we swung by the house for their bags and headed over to the mall to meet Michael and take the kids trick-or-treating. After that, we took them to a Halloween party that one of the local churches was hosting for the town. (Bruise and Bucket liked the bounce-ship and trying the rock-climbing wall. Bucket also got a snake painted on her face, to go with her costume.)

Then we went home, put the kids to bed, fed Bubbles some banana and cereal, got her to bed and went to bed after she was asleep. Michael and I are both fighting off colds. Mine's got a head start, though. So I'm rather miserable.

Today, I got the kids off to school, got a shower, and Bubbles came with me to help a sister in the ward pack before she moves this weekend. Bubbles was pretty well-behaved, in the Moby. Two other sisters and I helped until we ran out of boxes.

I think I'm about caught up on laundry.

I won't see Michael today until about bedtime, since he's at rehearsal directly after work. Which makes tonight a little hard, since my head's killing me ... and I don't know how to nap anymore.
I think we'll just do quesadillas for dinner. Something easy.

Mom was going to come up today ... but she needed to make an appointment, so I'll see her Sunday instead.

I battled ants last week. It was crazy. They mounted two separate battles. I, armed with my trusty, organic spray, thoroughly trounced them. ... In other news, the dishes are all done. (Though it was months-old Skittles they were after).

My kids say funny things.

Yesterday, Bucket was aghast that I didn't have a costume of any kind (Sad, I know.)...

Bucket: Wait!! You can go dressed up as a mommy who says, "BLAST IT! I forgot to grab your treat bags!"
(Which, as you can guess, I had just said, moments before.)

Dang it, Bruise has been having some great comments. And, my brain is now too foggy and aching to remember them. Dang it.

Well, be assured that my son is hilarious. And that I'm a crap mom for not writing it all down. Drat.

Bubbles is waving and giving high-fives. She's started babbling and singing more.
I think her favorite song is the theme to Star Trek (with Cpt. Picard). I had to sing it to her, as best I could, to get her to finish eating her cereal last night.

Okay. I think I'm going to take a nap. Or a steamy shower ... to get rid of all the gross that's living in my sinuses today.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Yet another post in which I catch up from the previous post ... Since that's how I roll, y'all.

So, when I last posted, I was gearing up for Curriculum Night.

And we went and it was good.
Michael showed up about 15 minutes into it (since he drove straight from work).
He and I passed Bubbles back and forth (mostly to him, though, since I was taking notes).
Bruise and Bucket got to play with their other classmates (and the non-baby-aged siblings) in the cafeteria.

At the end of the night, there was a drawing from the names of the students whose parents had attended (and  the student had to be there, too. Of course.) ... Bruise's name was picked out. So he scurried over to the prize bucket and, without ANY hesitation, picked out a pen with a clownfish on top.
When you squeeze the fish, its eyes bug out.

Bucket says that we need to get her one, too. And that she KNOWS they're at Staples, because we've BEEN there and she's SEEN them.

Friday, I made SURE to get a shower before Michael got home (Thursday, I BARELY got a shower before Curriculum Night. Gross.) ... and he got home and Bubbles IMMEDIATELY woke up.

So, we went out to lunch for a date (of course, taking Bubbles with us). We went to a local Thai place, which seems to be our new haunt. Ha ha. But it's small, the food's good, and the service is pretty quick.

Bubbles snacked on some bits that I had brought for her (yogurt bites, puffs, and the like) and drank from her sippy cup. We shared our spring rolls and entrees with her (Michael got the Drunken Noodles again. I broke from tradition. Instead of getting Chicken Pad Thai, I got Yellow Curry Chicken. YUM! It was a little spicy, but it was REALLY, REALLY good. Bubbles liked it, too ... except that I don't think she's used to such spicy fare on her little tastebuds).

Then we ran some errands. Took the filters (didn't fit) for the fish tank back to one store. Ran to old Navy to pick up a few things while I had a good coupon. Ran to the tea store so I could get what I needed to start using my teapot (Infuser for the loose-leaf tea, a scoop for the tea leaves -- I have an infuser and a scoop for a CUP of tea. But I needed those for a POT of tea -- and a tea light warmer, for the pot to sit on and stay toasty ... so I can drink all 3-4 cups of WARM tea).

Then we headed back home and Bubbles took a nap before the kids got home.
It was raining, so we stayed in.

Saturday, we went grocery shopping and then up to Michael's folks. Mom C invited us to come up and paint/carve the pumpkins she had left over from her Activity Day girls (like Boy Scouts ... but ... not really).
Bruise chose a cat in front of the moon. Bucket chose an owl. And, for Bubbles, we chose a happy bat in front of the moon.
Of course, since it was CARVING being done, the adults did most of the work.

My speciality is cleaning out the insides of the pumpkins. Michael carves the kids' pumpkins. ... However, we did learn that I still am good with a smaller knife (like an Exacto-type knife) ... You can take the girl out of the classroom, but you can't take the classroom out of a teacher's daughter.

We ate pizza and the kids and their cousins watched The Lorax (which Michael and I found WAY too politicalized to enjoy ... However, Betty White is always awesome) and Madagascar 3.

We got home and got the kids into showers and pajamas. Then it was bedtime.

Yesterday (Sunday, if you lost track), we had church. Michael went to his early-morning meetings. The kids and I were getting ready. The neighbor girl was coming with us. I told her to come at 8:30, since that's when we leave.
She came, originally, at 8 AM. Then 8:10 ... When we still weren't ready and asked her to come back at 8:30, she apparently waited for those 20 minutes on the porch.
I feel bad ... but, Bruise and I weren't DRESSED all the way.

I need time to help kids find clothes, get them fed, and take care of Bubbles, AND make sure that I have everything for church.

She also told me that her mom said it was fine if she stayed for lunch.

I told her that I'd have to discuss it with Michael.
(We told her to come back over after we'd been home for 20 minutes. It gave us a chance to make lunch and clean up a bit.
However, she'd gotten into trouble and didn't come over for lunch at all.
... Michael DID, on the drive home, (he took Bruise, Bucket, and their friend home in the truck. Bubbles and I were in the van) tell her that she needs to let other people extend the invitation.
She seemed to understand it when he asked how HER mom would like it if Bruise and Bucket came over, saying that THEIR mom said it was fine for them to stay for a meal, without asking.)

After lunch, we had some downtime ... then I ran off to go Visiting Teaching.
Then Michael ran off to a meeting.
Then the kids and I ran off to join him at the church for Choir.
I also had made some calls to get meals taken to a family who'd recently had a baby in our ward.
(Hey, it's my calling. And I'm thinking that I have this calling because it'll help me get over how crap I am at calling people.)

Michael and I got our scripts for Savior of the World.
(He's already off book ... he'd SAY it's just because he only has ONE line ... I maintain it's because my husband is just that awesome.)
I THINK, if I work at it, I SHOULD be off-book MAYBE by rehearsal. If I work at it.
I mean, it's only five lines. And they're in dialogue. So it's not like I have any monologues to memorize.

The music will be the fun part ... right?
I should probably familiarize myself with it, no?

That and clean the house. I'm off to a slow start ... Got laundry started. Ran a load in the dishwasher.
However, Bubbles wants me to be RIGHT NEXT TO HER, if not holding her whenever she's awake.
I'd have gotten a shower during her morning nap ... except I was talking on the phone instead. Oops! Oh well.

But, yeah ... I think that gets everything caught up. Unless something majorly exciting happens between now and when I blog next. We'll see. No promises.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crazy Dream Chronicles - Part A and B

I had two crazy dreams:

In the first, I was a princess. A Disney Princess ... but a modern-day-type one.
Which, truth be told, is a lot more boring than you'd think.
You have to just go about your life, knowing that you're a princess ... but without the cool, poofy dresses or talking animals.

BUT, as I was being a princess, attending college (which was at my alma mater), my mom came to visit me.
She and I decided that we were tired of going out to lunch everywhere in town and that we were going to visit the gardens (which somehow replaced where, IRL, are tennis courts at my college).

I kept noticing boys, since I was a single princess.
However, though they all seemed like nice guys, none turned my head. So sad.

I was driving my minivan around (TOLD YOU being a modern-day princess is not all it's cut out to be!), looking for a parking spot.
One of the side doors came open randomly.
I hopped out and smeared one nail of my fresh, hot pink manicure.
AND I turned around to find that I was in front of a HUGE crowd, like a movie-premiere-red-carpet crowd. And they were laughing.
And a friend from high school, K, was there ... and she was wearing mittens on her feet.

My mom was aghast and SURE that K had told everyone about the door and my nail and THAT'S why there were laughing AT me.

Nonplussed, I pulled a Geoffery Chaucer (being the version of Chaucer in A Knight's Tale. As evidenced below:

See? Like THAT.)

And it didn't matter at all that I had a crappy van and nail polish smeared all over my left palm.

Mom and I got out of the van, beloved ... or, at least, respected.

As we were inside, we saw Prince Phillip.
Like Sleeping Beauty/Princess Aurora's prince.

And Mom was going to set us up ... but I told her that he's my best friend.


In my second dream, it started with me sitting in the middle-back of some pews in a much darker chapel.
There was a cat in my lap. Someone else's black cat jumped into my lap ... and I was petting both kitties.

There MIGHT have been more cats in my lap ... and my main concern was that I was now going to have the reputation as THE CAT LADY in the ward.

I went to a class ... somehow ended up at a movie theater.
I had Bubbles in my lap.

There was a game that I wanted to play. On my computer or a BIG phone.
But, since we were in a movie theater, I thought it (the light from the screen) would be distracting.

However, the people in front of us were WAY distracting.
Obviously, in the words of Shepherd Darrius Book, they are going to the "SPECIAL HELL."

This game was ... different.
It was like a cooking game? And a rearranging the fridge game? And a taking-ingredients-down-the-street-to-be-cooked-at-your-restaurant game?

Like I said ... it was ... odd.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Welllllllllp ...

Mom got home safely ... right about the time that Bruise and Bucket got off the bus.

I showed them, while Bubbles napped, the new clothes we got for Bubbles ... and the new leggings for Bucket (who outgrew about half her leggings ... apparently, she's outgrowing a lot of shirts now. What's up with that?!?) and a new shirt for Bruise, so HE got something, too.
However, he was bummed that Bucket got more clothes than he did.

So we all sat down and read a Berenstein Bears book and talked about how, sometimes, life just isn't fair.
And they went out and played with the neighbor girl. And I did my nails.
And promptly messed up one ... so redid that ... and messed up some more ... so I just redid that whole hand. ugh.

I was NOT very energetic, so we had leftover spaghetti for dinner.
When Bucket took my bowl back (I didn't eat until after giving Bubbles a bath and overseeing Bucket's shower ... Michael was in charge of Bruise's shower), she remarked ...
"This bowl is so FREAKING warm!"
And I responded, "You don't need to talk that way."
Yes, I am a hypocrite.

I ALSO pushed three children out of my uterus AND graduated college AND had a TRYING last term of student teaching ... so, well, I think that I've EARNED the right to say "crap" and "freaking"...

However, I am trying to wean Bruise and Bucket from saying "What the ..."
JUST because Bumblebee, the Autobot, says it, does NOT make it acceptable for my kiddos to.
Just like how a set of their cousins have a house rule that you do NOT say "stupid" or "butt."
Every house has slightly different rules. And you try to respect that without giving up your integrity ... like, if a friend's parent offers them a sip of wine at dinner at THEIR house, they can just say, "Oh, no thank you. We don't drink wine." No biggie.
And we try not to say "stupid" or "butt" at their cousin's house.
However, when their cousins are here at MY house? I am not all that careful.
My house, my rules. :P

So, in other news, my kids apparently have lost faith in the bus system.

Back in September, the bus route changed, since there were SO MANY KIDS on the route.
They split the route that my kids were on (Sadly, Bucket's bestie was moved not only from her bus route but, also, into Bruise's group at school. Muy tragico0. We were given a list of the stops for each route (in case our route had any changes), along with what time.

I usually send Bruise and Bucket out the door about ten minutes before the time posted on there. Since, they do request that you get to the bus stop about five minutes early. And ... after their first day of Kindergarten, when we MISSED THE BUS, I wasn't taking any chances.

So, after they waited for ten minutes (so, according to the timesheet given, the bus was TEN minutes late), the and the neighbor girl ran back to the house stating that the bus hadn't come and they needed a ride to school.
Thank goodness I had on a robe.
I ran to the bedroom and put on shorts (in 40-degree weather. WINNER! ... Well, it's not like I had to get out of the car) and a sweatshirt. And a bra, too. That's important.

And we all loaded into the van and I got them to school. After we passed the corner, where the rest of the bus-riding students had ALREADY BEEN PICKED UP WHILE MY KIDS FREAKED OUT. *sigh*

But I got them to school, safe and sound.

I called the school to give them a heads-up. And, per their instruction, also called the bus garage (though, at first, I wasn't wanting to. Since, after Monday's fiasco ... when one of the gals working there [not the head gal, though I did talk to her, too. Head gal was LOVELY] finally called me back (I called on Tuesday afternoon ... didn't hear back, so I called back on Wednesday morning), I had the impression that she thought I was making a huge deal out of nothing ["Well! That was QUITE the message!"]. And I don't want to be a bother, really. I have no desire to be THAT PARENT. ... At the same time, though, when my kids are a half-hour late AND crying? I do think that I deserve to know the bus driver's account of the story. I don't want him to get in trouble ... I just know that I'm not always getting all the info from my six-year-olds, no matter HOW hard they're trying to relate all the facts to me).

I talked to the NICEST guy at the garage. He told me that I was ALWAYS welcome to call with ANY questions or concerns ... which made me feel a lot better.
AND I learned that, at our stop, the bus didn't get there until about seven minutes later.
(So the kids were freaking out that the bus was THREE OR FOUR minutes late ... instead of being about ten minutes late.)

*rolls eyes*

But, hey, I also now know that I can keep the kids in our warm, dry house for just a little longer ... which is great news with the wet and cold weather coming in.
So that's good.

Tonight is Curriculum Night at the school (so we're missing rehearsal ... but I put that we'd be unavailable this  Thursday back when we auditioned. So ... it's clear. And I emailed the director a couple weeks ago to reminder of the fact that Michael and I weren't going to be there last Thursday or today. ... I DO try to be responsible and cover my bases. ... Also, it appears that HALF the cast wasn't there for the last rehearsal.

Oy. Good thing it was just the read-through and getting to know everyone. Still ... that's really harsh.
This week is starting to get familiar with the music ... Good thing we have the CD. ... I should start listening to that, right?)

But I'm glad to get to meet with the kids' teachers and to learn what is going on in their classroom.

I feel so clueless this year.

Last year, the kids brought home weekly homework ... so I knew from that what concepts were being taught.
AND their teacher, bless her sweet heart, wrote WEEKLY newsletters home with information on what was happening in the classroom.

I miss that.

And I know that I shouldn't EXPECT weekly newsletters ... but ... well, when we ask the kids what went on at school, usually they'll just tell us about recess or lunch. If pressed, they'll tell us about learning to write their numbers or count to 120 or something ... but, well, they're at SCHOOL for about SEVEN HOURS (plus another half hour for the bus) ... I KNOW that they have to do more than count for SIX HOURS plus recess and lunch.

(Though, sometimes, Bucket will tell me what "Free Friday" activities she's done in her class.... I mean, that's a start, isn't it?)

If I didn't have an infant, I'd try to be there, volunteering in their classrooms at least once a week (and volunteering at our local library once a week, too) ... But ... since I can't BE there, I feel really ... lost in regards to what is going on at school.

And, the one sad thing about being in SOTW is that rehearsals are on the same weeknight that PTC meetings are scheduled. *sigh*

Oh well.

In other news, I've done the dishes and thrown a couple loads into the washer so far. Rather productive. Still need to get a shower and dressed professionally enough to attend curriculum night.... At least my nails are cute, so that's something. (Maybelline Plum Paradise -- cheaper dupe of Essie "Sexy Divide" -- base with a faux-gradient of Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Be-Jeweled ... Ring fingers have the glitter starting at the tips. The rest have the glitter starting at the cuticle. They look rather like the first set here: ... except the glitter is purple-based. Almost silver-lilac with larger pink sparkles in there. If you really cared.)

And ... yeah. I think that's most everything to report.

UPDATE: Just for you, Robin, since you asked so nicely. :) complete with chips, hangnail, and all.
(Since I missed seeing you at church!)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Still haven't cleaned off my desk ...

... because I am GOOD at procrastination.

It's like an ART, y'all.

So, since we last chatted (Ha. Most like, "since I last chattered away at you and you pretended to listen, nodding and smiling placatingly"), what's gone on ... Hmmm....

Monday afternoon, I got a call from L (a gal from church. I VT her. Our kids ride the same bus home. In fact, her son gets off one stop after mine).

L: Are [Bruise] and [Bucket] already home?
Me: No, not yet. *checks clock. It's about 15 minutes past when they normally get home* I suppose the buses are running late again.
L: Well, [her son] just got home. He said that there was a lot of commotion on the bus and that the bus driver missed the stop, couldn't turn around without getting stuck, and that [Bruise] and [Bucket] are still on the bus, crying.
Me: Well. ... I'm going to call the bus garage and see what's up. Thanks for letting me know. Thank [her son] for telling you.

So, I call the school. The office worker I talked to called the bus garage. The driver had also called the garage, telling them that they'd missed the stop and he'd drop the kids off after the route's done. The gal at the school asked me to call her back when the kids got home.
(Which I did. I also texted L to let her know, too.)

Bruise and Bucket came, half an hour later than normal, RUNNING down the street, CRYING.
Like crying so loud and hard that I could hear them halfway down the block.
Bucket was worried that they'd NEVER get home.
Bruise just told me, "MOM!!! I MISSED YOU!!!!"

I got them calmed down ... (reported back to the school that they were home now) ... and shared a story about when I was in first grade. (I rode the bus, like, once a week to go to my aunt's. Once, I got on the bus on the wrong day. I told the driver, as soon as I realized it, and he just told me to hang out while he drove the rest of the kids home. Then he took me back to the school and I ran home from there. No biggie.)
They felt better that I'd been there, done that. (So has Michael, in full disclosure.)

I called the bas garage yesterday to get the full story. I was told that the kids forgot to get off the bus.
Which is odd, since THAT never happened before. And that NONE of the six-or-so kids that get off at our stop remembered.
And that L's son, when I've talked to him, is not one given to overexaggurate.
I quizzed Bruise and Bucket about it after they got home.
No, they didn't FORGET to get off the bus. (Theirs is the first stop. That makes it difficult to forget, no?)
And all of the kids were on the bus for the whole trip.
What they reported was that kids on the bus were being REALLY LOUD. Some were using inappropriate words (Yes. "Inappropriate words." That's a direct quote.) One kid was screaming.
The driver drove past the stop. Then he called in to the garage, went through the route, and swung back around to drop off the first-stop group.

Ah! On the answering machine is the response from the bus barn. Not only were kids loud, but the windows were REALLY steamed up from the rain and all the kids' body heat. It was an accident.
And I need to let my kids know that as long as they're on the bus and the driver's there, they're safe. And that sometimes a wrong turn is made and these things do happen.
(For the record, my kids have already experienced a driver making a wrong turn. They can handle that. It's when the bus barrells past their home ... I'd be a little worried, too. But it all ended well enough.)

Besides that, I've tried a few recipes from Pinterest. Most have been great.
I'll warn you that making mac 'n cheese with cooking the noodles in milk ... the sauce gets REALLY THICK REALLY FAST. The flavor was fine. The texture wasn't so great.... since it was done before Michael got home from work. So the noodles were really mushy in a THICK sauce.
I'll give it another try sometime ... I'm giving it the chance that it was totally MY fault, not the recipe's.

We finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Monday night. I got through it without crying ... too much ... this time. (It's Michael's favorite of the series. I still like Goblet of Fire ... plenty long without too many people dropping like flies. *sigh* Between Joss Whedon, Steven Moffat, and J. K. Rowling, I should have embraced the fact that every character I've ever loved will DIE. ... But, hey, I'm an optimist. I go into every book thinking that every character will come out alive. Well, unless it's a murder mystery. Then someone will die. And I always hope it's the most repugnant character in the novel.)
We've started Half-Blood Prince ... Then it'll be Deathly Hallows ... Then .... I'm going to have to figure out what to read to them next. Maybe The Little Prince and some more Roald Dahl... Such choices.

I cleaned the fish tank (well, most of it) today. It was getting gross.
Let's hope that I haven't given the fish a death notice by removing the grossness of their tank.
I did squirt some StressCoat in there ... Let's hope they make it through.

If not, Bucket's asking for neon Tetras for her birthday. Or another goldfish. Since, as I told her, I'd worry that the goldfish she has would nibble on the Tetras.

Bubbles has started waving. And she'll give high-fives ... especially to my face. *rolls eyes*
But, overall, she's still her affable, sweet self ... even though she's not sleeping as thoroughly as she could.
Someday, hopefully soon, she'll start sleeping through the night on a regular basis. Instead of falling asleep around 8 and waking up at 2 AM. Or midnight. It depends. But I'd like for her to sleep from around 8 PM until ... how about 6:30 AM? I could settle for that. I'd prefer 7 AM ... but 6:30 would be nice. I'd even be willing to get her for a dream feed around 10, if she'd consistently sleep until 6:30.

Well ... I can't think of anything else to write ... So ... yeah.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Crazy Dream Chronicles: Oh, Canada ...

So, as usual, I don't remember ALL of what I dreamed ... because, well, don't get me wrong.
I LOVE you ... but I am NOT getting up at dark-thirty AM just to write down a crazy dream.
I NEED my sleep.
My kids will agree.


Here's the gist of it ...

There was a group of travelers. They were backpacking/camping.
One of the campers had his girlfriend with him as they were in the ITBC - International Territory of British Columbia. (No, it's not really a thing. I mean, British Columbia IS real. I've been there. I loved Victoria, BC. But the ITBC is NOT a real thing.)

Her name is Anna Baldwin.

As she spooned him, apprehensive about camping in the open, under a canopy of dark firs, he told her about spooky stories of the area.

When the camp woke up later, she was gone.
No trace of where she could have gone.

They met up with a scientist (who was relating this story to me, in my dream) and no one could figure out where she went.

And, I woke up wondering which would be freakier .... if all her stuff had been left with the camp.
Or ... if none of her stuff was there ... like she'd never been there at all ... the spot where she had lain or where her chair had been were completely undisturbed ...

Then, I had to wonder about my sanity ... asking myself a question like that in the middle of the night.

But, yeah ... I do find myself wondering, in real life, what happens to people who've just disappeared?
Not the ones who've run away or been kidnapped, but the ones who are there and then aren't at all ...

Like Oliver Larch ... he went out one winter night to fetch water from the family's well ...  His footsteps in the snow just ... stopped. And they could hear cries of help ... but couldn't reach him at all. Since they were coming from the sky.

SERIOUSLY, this kind of stuff kinda freaks me out.

And then I have to dream about it ... what gives?

I have no idea what's supposed to have happened to this Anna Baldwin who disappeared in my dream. I have no idea why my brain made up a fake place for her to disappear in.

Of course, I suppose it would be even stranger if, when I DID look up the particulars, there WERE a real case with Anna Baldwin being a real person who disappeared in a real place.

... Why can't I just have regular odd dreams like NORMAL people?

(Well, if I did, then I really wouldn't think to write about them, now, would I? And then what would you do? ... Probably something much more productive. :P And what fun would THAT be?)

Still, I don't think that I want to go camping in the middle of the woods. I'll totally stick to campsites. Especially since there are TOILETS. And SHOWERS.

And, well, if you know a blonde gal named Anna Baldwin ... tell her to dump her jerk of a boyfriend and stay out of the woods. Just because some mental is worried about her.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stuff my Son Says

Bruise ... has such funny ways of describing things.

And it's not helped by the fact that his diction is not the clearest.

Bruise: Mom, is Bri your friend that's FIRST?
Me: First at what?
Bruise: No, Mom. VERSED.
Me: ... Um ... Can you describe it to me?
Bruise: Your friend. She married a man and he was bad and now she's VERSED.
Me: OH!!! DIVORCED! Yes! ... But Bri is going to be married to a man who treats her well. She won't be divorced anymore. You're right.

And, then, we were talking about wedding outfits ...
Bruise wore his grey suit with a turquoise shirt. Bucket wore a deep turquoise chiffon dress.
I wore a dark teal cotton dress and those nude heels I keep talking about. :P

Me: And, can you grab those nude heels? Those ones that make me really tall?
Bucket: The ones that you're wearing for the wedding? That are peach colored?
Bruise: The ones that make you look like you're standing on your tippie-toes?
Me: YES! Those ones! Thanks!!

Things like this make being a mom a fun thing.

Breathing Room

Let's see ... When I last blogged, it was Monday and we were gearing up for my BriBri's wedding ...

Monday, Bubbles got her flu shot. She cried, but only until I picked her up. Then we skedaddled back home.

Tuesday, I skipped Zumba (AGAIN) and ... what did we do ... OH! Bubbles and I went shopping (groceries) and then we walked a couple blocks to Visit Teach a gal ... who had JUST laid down for a much-needed nap. So we had a quick, lil' chat and Bubbles and I hoofed it back home ... where (due to the rocking as I wore her in a sling) she was tuckered/soothed enough to take a lovely nap.

Wednesday, Mom came up.
My stepdad's been diagnosed with dementia ... it could be Alzheimers, even. But it's still mild.

I was getting a crazy-painful lurker zit coming in under my nose. So I pulled out all the possible weapons that I could -- I dabbed at it, repeatedly, with tea tree oil ... I did an oil cleanse and steam ... I scrubbed at it with a Buf-Puf ... I scrubbed with an almond cleanser ... I did an aspirin mask ... I did a clay mask ... My mom brought up her Zeno (since my Zeno Hot Spot got all used up. Stupid 80-use limit) ... And, what do you know? By the evening, that zit was going, going, gone!
(Of course, Thursday morning, I ended up with a DIFFERENT zit on my temple ... Oh well.)

Mom watched the kiddos while I got together with Bri and her MOH and we got pedicures.
Bri had gorgeous teal polish with teal glitter... so there was some depth to it. Very cute ... it's the "something blue" of her wedding getup.
C got a rich, deep, bright pink with pink glitter (OPI "Teenage Dream") on top. Tres cute.
I opted for three coats of a glittery champagne (OPI "Up Front and Personal," if you really wanted to know), which is a lovely neutral.

I couldn't fall asleep very well ... so I painted my fingernails that night (Sally Hansen "Dune" ... which matched the nude heels that I would be wearing).

Thursday morning, after a fitful night of sleep (I dreamed that we were moving house. I'm not great with change.), I woke up to my cell phone ringing at 5:23 AM. Caller ID says that it's my stepdad...

Me: Hello?
Stepdad: Hello??
Me: [Stepdad's name], Are you okay?
Him: Yeah.
Me: Is everything fine?
Him: Yeah.
Me: What's up?
Him: This is your husband.
Me: Um ... No. This is ALLANNA. Are you okay?
Him: What? ... Allanna?
Me: Yeah.
Him: Is your mom there?
Me: Yes. Yes, she's here. She's sleeping. ... Since it's FIVE IN THE MORNING.
Him: How are you doing?
Me: I'm tired ... since it's five-twenty in the morning.
Him: Oh. Well ... can you tell her that I called?
Me: I will. When she wakes up. I'll tell her.
Him: Okay. Thanks.

Yeah ... Mom has told me, time and time again, that he has NO CONCEPT OF TIME.
Point taken.
He obviously missed the speed dial button for mom's cell ... And he, though he never remembered calling me, was VERY sorry when he learned of it.

Mom left shortly before Michael got home.
Bubbles and I made a last-minute run over to Ferd Meyer to pick up some window paint for the wedding car, per the MOH's request.
Then Michael got home and we went to pick up Bruise and Bucket from school.

Got them, jetted home ... they threw their lunchpails into the fridge, and we started getting them ready.
I did Bucket's hair and Bruise's hair ... they changed into their wedding clothes ... I changed into my dress (and nicer sandals) ... last minute touch-ups to my hair and make-up ... Michael was in a suit by this point.
We got in the car and took off .... only to return home to grab my heels. *SIGH* ... Grabbing them, I tripped running out of the door. Had to re-paint my knee with the Sally Hansen Airbrushed Legs spray. :P Just a small scrape. >.<

We got there and waited around and helped out with last-minute things so that everything could go without a hitch.

The ceremony was very nice. I almost burst into tears a couple times: When Bri and her dad came down the aisle. I mean, she was so happy, glowing ... I know it's cliche. But it's totally true.
And her husband's vows ... I'm so, so happy for her (for them BOTH, really) ... After all the crap that she's had to deal with ... It's just totally following what John Bytheway said: "Sometimes the wrong one is the right one to lead you to the BEST one."
And ... yeah ... she and her husband are such a great, great couple.

(Also, the food?? SO FREAKING GOOD. The Stake President and I agreed that the stuffed mushrooms were AMAZING.)

Bucket was complimented on what a good job she did as flower girl. Bruise did a great job, too, carrying the banner announcing Bri's entrance. (Bubbles, too, did a good job at not crying or being a terrible distraction. Michael stood with her in the back.)

Bruise and Bucket ended up with the garter and bouquet ... Well, technically, MICHAEL caught the bouquet (the wind blew it right to him), but he gave it to Bucket. Bruise, although he liked the WINNING aspect of getting the garter, had no desire to keep something frilly ... so he gave it back to Bri. :P

We had to leave a little early. The kids were all tired ... and, well, the adults were tired, too. But it was a really lovely wedding. All of Bri's and C's planning paid off.

Friday, there was no school (Thank goodness!!) ... and the kids, Bubbles included, let me sleep in until about 9 AM. Which I obviously needed. (Bubbles did wake up a bit during the early morning, but she let me put her down in her bed again ... so I got some more sleep.)

Michael got home from work and we relaxed for a bit ... then we headed out to get pumpkins.
It was a bit cold and rainy, but it was the best time for us to do it.
We were the only people on the hay ride ... sadly, since it wasn't the one guy, the kids didn't get a chance to drive the tractor this year. Oh well.
But we were able to pick out our pumpkins and buy some cider and doughnuts and get back into our nice warm car.

Saturday, we mostly just stayed around the house. I went to a Scentsy party and put in an order for Mom and me. Then, later, we went out to pick up some milk, butter, and a few other sundry supplies (Got a weed wacker for $25!! That was exciting!) ... then Michael and I settled on the couch, after putting the kids to bed, with a few episodes of That Mitchell and Webb Look. (Sketch Comedy sounded like a good way to spend the evening ... since "The Omega Man" was ... well, it wasn't very good. But, at least we could get that off the Netflix queue.)

We had church today ... Came home, ate lunch, Michael and Bubbles are napping. Bruise and Bucket are "cleaning" their room. I figured that I'd blog a bit. Need to do some laundry, dishes, plan some meals, tkae out the garbage ... Maybe I'll get a nap. Or a bath ... A bath sounds really nice.

I need to finish setting up Visiting Teaching appointments ... but, besides that, there's not a whole ton on the calendar.
Well, besides Savior of the World rehearsals ... I mentioned my not-up-to-standards-at-all audition, I think? (If not here, definitely on Facebook) ... Well, regardless, Michael and I both have speaking parts (and singing. Everyone has singing parts, at least in a chorus. I have one line that I sing solo.) ... Michael is Thaddeus (a disciple) and I'm Mary, Mother of James.
So ... if you want to see Michael in his musical-theater debut (and see me do more than just walk across the stage a few times :P), we'll be performing in March.

I think that's about everything!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday ... Bloody Monday (Not really. More like "bloody" in the Brit-sense. But not. Since it hasn't been THAT bad or anything. I just don't want to be awake.)

Well, let's start with my To-Do list for today:

Set up VT appointments
Call W Family re: baby here? (For RS ... when will they need meals? Gotta set THAT up!)
[Bubbles]'s flu shot
Face mask
A million sit-ups (Or a hundred. Or ten ... Whichever comes first, right?)
Listen to conference
Read scripture
Buy milk
Target run (Q-Tips! Hairspray! Maybe pantyhose! Or at least, the Sally Hansen Air-Brushed Legs spray!!)
Scrub shower (since it's kinda gross. Not gonna lie.)
Organize makeup (Since it looks rather like that part of the counter got hit with a disaster-area WMD.)

Yeah ... good luck on this, right?
Especially since I didn't put "Feed Bubbles about a million times. Or, like, eight- really. But still" on there.
And I need a shower.

But, even though it's been a mostly-fun weekend ... I am EXHAUSTED.

Let's see, what all's happened?

  • Thursday, I was able to whip the house into SOME semblance of order ... at least I got the dishes ALL done. Phew!
    Mom came up.
    We talked about my stepdad's last doctor's visit. (He's been diagnosed with dementia. So has my Nana. Different types, though. Looks like I now will get to read up on that ... so I can be more-than-usually-informed about at least two types of dementia, along with Type 2 Ushers Syndrome. And y. Pestis. But that last one is just for fun. Not because it's in our family (At least, not that I know of ... New goal: Track family history through the plague! ... *sigh* I'll be done when I'm like, 80. And that's ONLY if I have good luck.)
Friday, we got the kids off to school on time ... even though my alarm on my phone didn't go off.
Mom and I went shopping and got presents for Bri's lingerie shower.
(FOOTIE JIM-JAMS FOR THE WIN! ... No, really. Bri LOVED them. ^_^)
I made a card to go with the pajamas.
I was able to catch a ride up to P-Town for Bri's Bachelorette party.
We went to Darcelle XV's ... which is ... well, it's a Drag Show Review.
It is NOT family-friendly. I mean ... okay, I thought that I'd heard a crapload of profanity before. I was, really, quite the potty-mouth my Sophomore year of High School (Yes. Between that and wearing belly-shirts and strappy tank tops ... and thongs [but people didn't get to see THAT], that was most of my rebellion. Yeah. I know what you're thinking ...
Yup. Totally ... Though I do use the term "bad-heinie."
  • While we were there, one of the girls had ordered a Strawberry Daquiri off the Non-Alcoholic menu. As she ordered it, the server (who, since we didn't know his name, we referred to as "Bedazzled" as we talked amongst ourselves), asked, "The regular kind?" "Um ... yeah."
    Well, turns out the regular kind is the one with alcohol.
    She took a sip. "I think this tastes weird." Bri took a sip and before she could warn me, I had a sip.
    OH MY WORD. My mouth was on fire and then went numb and I almost threw up.
    I know that some people love them their drinks ...
    I also know that I have relatives that are alcoholics ... I know now that that's NOT going to be an issue for me.
    "Do I need to talk to the Bishop?!?" was my question.
  • Michael, when I got home and told him, responded, "Did you do it on purpose?"
    "Are you going to do it again?"
    "I think you're alright."

    We escaped (well, most of our party) before the strippers came out. Because, let's face it. I have seen enough man-parts in my life. Especially since I had a toddler boy (who's grown into a sweet child who doesn't run about in his nudiepants. At least not nearly as much). Just sayin'.

    Bri, H, and I waited for the rest of our party outside, then texted that we'd meet them either at the car (while Bri and H changed out of their heels. I was wearing my Toms ... so, though I didn't have a cute, Girls-night-out outfit, I was totally able to walk for miles, if need be. But I'm glad it wasn't.) or at Voodoo Doughnuts.
    I got a Bacon Maple Bar there. SO. FLIPPING. GOOD.

    Then H and I drove back while the other girls took Bri out dancing.
    Oh, H and I did get a random high-five from a nice guy while we walked to Voodoo.
    Bri was bummed that he didn't give HER a high-five, so we shared our high-fives with her.
    Good times.

    I didn't get home until 2:30 in the morning. Michael waited up for me, bless him.
    Then Bubbles woke up at around 5 AM. *ugh*
  • Saturday (and Sunday, too) was General Conference.
    I did a CRAP job of listening. I didn't even take notes, like I usually do.
    Michael got a nap on the couch, then headed out with Bruise and bought a (push) lawnmower.
    I colored my hair (since I had this weird ombre thing going on. It wasn't a cool-ombre ... because it went dark roots--blonde(-ish) inch-or-so--brown(ish)-six-inch-remainder.
    If my roots had been the lightest part, I might have left it alone. However, since it was this weird Neopolitan  it had to be changed. So, now it's a mostly-uniform dark golden brown.
    Which will still look good with my dress on Thursday.
    I did get a nap in the afternoon, while Michael was at part of the Priesthood session of Conference (He came back half-way through, so I could make it to Bri's lingerie shower).
    It was fun to see so many friends at Bri's party. C (the maid of honor) has an amazing knack for decorating and planning parties. (Must be a nice talent to have. I mean, I can host Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners ... since I can cook, apparently. But cute decorations? ... That's not my forte at ALL.)
    There was a Pure Romance party, too. I got Pink Cupcake-scented Body Dew. I smell delicious when I wear it. I did also pick up some massage oil and a heated massage pad. (They were on SALE, y'all!! If you need one this month, while the sale's going ... let me know. I'll give you the consultant's contact info.)
In full disclosure, I know that I could never be a Pure Romance consultant. Mostly because I have the sense of humor and propriety of a twelve-year-old boy.
I mean ... Michael and I were going through the online catalog (see if there was anything that we couldn't live without) ... and, well ...
Me: "I obviously don't know or remember how to be sensual at all. Why are you even married to me?!?!??"
Him: "Don't worry about it. Let's go watch zombies."
(Since we had one last episode of The Walking Dead to watch).

We are so, so romantical.
I can't get through a catalog, due to punny names without snickering like a loon.
So we snuggle and watch a group of near-anarchists blast away rotting corpses.
(I don't blame them for being near-anarchists ... the whole infrastructure has fallen apart. They TRY to establish some rules. But it's HARD.
This is why Michael and I do plan on what to do if the Zombie Apocalypse ever occurred.
He knows how to make a flamethrower.
He will use a shotgun and a longbow.
I will man a crossbow, a machete, and ... well, I'm better with a rifle, since there's not as much kick-back.
(Seriously, as we watch this, I ask questions like, "Can you use the other end of the gun? Like for blunt-force-trauma? ... Without bending the barrell?" ... Yes. We are so, so special.)

The other bit of excitement yesterday was when I was wearing my new heels (for Bri's wedding) around the house.
Bucket tried to turn off a lamp and ended up unscrewing the switch. I strutted over there, screwed the dratted thing back in, and during my dismount from the arm of the couch, entangled my heel in the straps of Michael's drill's bag.

I glanced my cheekbone against Bruise's tough cranium and landed on my knee.
I rubbed Arnica cream into my cheek and knee and used an ice pack on my cheekbone ... I look fine. Phew.

I also had a burst of energy last night ... got rid of a TON of old magazines in the bathroom. It looks a lot more open/neat in there. Now to just get my make-up and stuff all organized. Then it might look like a bathroom and not like a make-up counter exploded. >.<

But, now, I REALLY need to get a shower. And Bubbles woke up from her (SHORT) nap.
So, I should feed the girl, get her settled safely, get a shower, and then get on completing the rest of my list.

Even though ... I really would like a quiet day. Reading and napping and watching shows/movies sounds lovely.
I'll get that someday ... like when Bubbles is in kindergarten, right?

Counting ...

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