Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Bucket

Not the best picture ... but, hey! It was taken by a four-year-old, what do you expect??

Bucket is developing quite the vocabulary.

She bosses her brother about as well as I do.

*chasing after her brother* "Come back here, Bruise!"

She tells me what I am and am not allowed to do.
"No eat [Bucket] hair, Mom. No."
"No tickle my belly."

She watches and critiques films, as shown with the conversation we had earlier while watching Enchanted:

Bucket: Girl SAD, Mom.
Me: Oh, Bucket, I don't know that she's sad. She's actually happy. ... She may be conflicted.
Michael: *joking* Bucket, can you say "Conflicted?"
Bucket: Girl dancing!
Me: Yes, she IS dancing. Do you want to dance?
Bucket: Yeah, Mom. Yeah, I dance.
Me: Do you want to dance with boys?
Bucket: Yeah, Mom. Yeah. I dance. I dance with boy.
Me: *pause* Are you going to kiss boys? *looks to Michael as Bucket responds*
Bucket: Yeah! I kiss. AND hug. Boys.
Me: *mentally* Oh. My. Holy. Crap. We've got to lock her up NOW.

But, overall ... she talks well. She impressed most of the family we had up this weekend since she's actually talking to them. Before, well, I guess that she would only talk in the softest tones of a delicate whisper ... I am guessing so that she wouldn't make any mistakes in front of them. She's gained some confidence. I know that both Bucket and Bruise are talking more in nursery.

But, oh, if that girl of mine doesn't nap tomorrow? I may be making an order for two toddler-sized straitjackets.

You only THINK that I'm joking.

As much as I love my girl, she gets superclingy and VERY whiny when she doesn't take a nap. And it gives me a bit of a headache because her whine is at the EXACT. RIGHT. FREQUENCY that pierces my eardrums and goes through my brain like a lightning-hot, briar-covered rod of pain.

It's a good thing that she's cute. And generally well-mannered. And overall very sweet.

And that she makes me laugh.
"No, Mom. No eat [Bucket] hair" indeed.

Now if I can get her to stop chomping on her brother.
(I bit her today. Didn't leave half the mark she left on Bruise. But, oh, did she scream. She did not like that one bit. Let's hope this lesson sticks. 'Cause even though she's not bad-tasting, I don't want to repeat this.)

But she still loves me. Bless her little, forgiving heart. And her sweet Bucket-scented, delicious hair.

(No, I'm not REALLY eating it. But it's entertaining to pretend to while she demands that she sits on my lap, interfering with my typing. *melodramatic sigh*)

Bruise ...

Who broke the Lithia water fountain? ... Okay, it was me!

Bruise has started to talk more.

And he makes me laugh quite a lot. When he's not blatantly disobeying orders. And then smiling just so ... so it's hard to be infuriated that he's subverting that mom-authority that I try to cling to.

One thing that melts my heart and makes me laugh each time is when we play this silly little game where we all (Bucket, Bruise and I) point at each other and say "YOU!!!!" The kidlets got really good at pointing and saying "you!", so I upped it a notch. When they'd point and declare, I'd put my hand to my chest and ask innocently, "Me???"

Now they both do that back. And when Bruise does it, he squeaks it! It's so daintily and innocently done that I burst into giggles each time.

He also loves to point out things he recognizes when we're in the car.

"Frruck!" (Truck!)
"Kahhr!" (Car)
"tWAIHN!! Choo-choo!!" (Trains ... or train tracks. Or semi-trucks.)
"Mac!!" (Semi-trucks. Can we guess who watches a lot of Pixar shows? *shifty eyes*)

It's really cute when he tries to say Lightning McQueen. It comes out more like "Liiih Keen!"

At night, when we're tucking the kids in bad and after we say the prayers, Bruise will demand "kiss!" *puckers and makes that pucker noise until he's gotten his kisses* and "Haahg!" *holds his arm or arms out until Michael and I make sure to give him his hugs.

And, as we're about to go out the door and turn off the light, he'll usually demand seconds.

He's affectionate. When he was sitting next to/on me on the couch the other day as Mom and I watched "Enchanted" (which you should totally watch. I heartily recommend it. Very cute.), almost ever time that Bruise turned toward me, he'd give me a kiss.

Yeah, he's mine. You'll have to go get your own little boy.

and maybe yours won't open the fridge for you. Or turn on the light in his room (involving climbing up the changing table to turn the switch, climbing back down to flip the switch on the cord, AND plugging in the stupid light. He's too clever). Or be absolutely enthralled with doors. He's locked me out once. Good thing that my mom was here to let me back in. That'll be the last time I leave the house without my keys in my hand! Even if I was just unloading the car and getting the mail. Or even if he opens a taped-shut drawer and tosses out all the stuff in the drawer. AGAIN. And that drives me insane!

He's my little punk. I think I'll keep him.

Especially since he's so funny.
We change a diaper ... and he'll say "EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww!!!!!GUCK!!!!!!!"
(Which, come to think of it, is quite an apt description. Oy.)

Or, as I try and coach him to say "Thank you,"

Me: *holding cracker* Okay, say thank you. "Thank you. Thank you!"
Him: Gehguhm! ("You're Welcome!")

And I haven't even described his laugh. He's a riot most times.

Random Crap (i.e., I've been tagged)

(Well, I couldn't come up with a better title. So ... there!)

I got tagged by my dear Dianne (go, go! Check out her new blog! It still has that new-blog smell to it!!), so here goes!

Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Seven facts. That's a lot. At least it's more than six ... And I'm not feeling all that clever. I had a random thing in my head for what to write next time I got tagged by one of these ... but danged if I can't recall it!!

1 - I am weired out by the fact that I've noticed that my dentist is kinda cute. ... It's not like I'm blind or anything ... but even when I was with my first boyfriend (when I was all young and stupid. Michael says "naive," but he's just being kind. I was stupid. I'll openly admit it.), T and J would ask me what I thought of so-and-so (being a guy that was not my boyfriend) and I'd say "Oh, he seems nice."
"But how does he look? Don't you think he's handsome/hot/amazing/etc.?"
And I'd say, "He's an attractive young man," in a non-committal way. And it drove them crazy! (And, to think back on it, I can't blame them.)

2 - Speaking of my love life, I have had some of the strangest crushes. I mean it's not quite like Joshilyn Jackson, who openly admits to having her childhood crushes be Spock, Lurch, and the constellation Orion. ... But, really. I had SUCH a thing for the guy who played Jimmy Olsen on Lois and Clark. (Hey, when Superman's already got himself a girl, wouldn't it be better in that sad universe that is Allanna's delusional brain to be a good buddy-type girl AND have a cute photographer possible love interest?
Other strange crushes: Gambit (from the X-men cartoon. Lawsy me, that accent!! *swoon*), Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre (he's brooding and passionate! And from what I hear, he's not half so self-destructive as Heathcliff.), Prince Lir in the Last Unicorn (who cares if he can't sing so well in the cartoon? Fighting dragons? Writing poetry? All just to IMPRESS a girl? *sigh*) ...

I could go on, but with Bucket demanding to be in my lap and whining. In. My. EAR. So. I. Can't. Think? Not so easy to type. Or even think. But I believe that I made mention of that, didn't I?

Where were we? Only two down? *sigh* This could take a while, huh?

3 - I don't mind going to the doctor or the dentist. If medical insurance and co-pays didn't make me hyperventilate, I'd have no problems at all.
One of my friends, T, has a TERRIBLE time with the dentist's drill. Me? Meh. As long as I know that there's not going to be any chunks or tooth or filling shavings flying into my eye and that I have Novocaine, I'm fine. I just wish I could read or something, since it's a bit difficult to carry on a conversation.
(I still don't much enjoy my gyno appointments, though. Especially the cold speculum. Ugh.)

4 - I love pickles. As long as they're dill. Any other kind? Blech!
Even stranger is that we have a jar of sweet pickles in our fridge. No one eats them here.
I don't like relish either. Which is why I don't much care for most potato or egg salads. I finally have learned to enjoy mustard ... maybe after another 20 or so years, I can add relish to the list. But I'm not going to plan on it.

5 - I love quoting movies and books. But mostly movies, because more people have seen more movies than they have read books. There are some wonderful movie quotes out there. (Right now, my friend C and I close every email with a quote from The Princess Bride. Before that, we've quoted from So I Married an Axe Murderer and While You Were Sleeping. [Any other movies that we've done?])

Some of my other favorite quotable movies:
- Monty Python and the Holy Grail
- well, really, just about ANYTHING from the Monty Python Boys
- Firefly and Serenity (Because Joss Whedon's amazing)
- Sliding Doors
- 13 Going on 30
- French Kiss
- Elf
- Mulan

All right ... how many more to go? Two?

6 - My role model in high school?
Eponine Thenardier.
Yeah, from Les Miserables ... I haven't read all of the book, but I'm very familiar with the musical.
That probably explains a lot.
Maybe too much.

7 - I've never played DnD. No, really! As far as I know, just about every single one of my friends has (or, at least, every guy that I've ever dated). And I, somehow, totally missed out. (Like with paintball. I was going to do it once, but it got canceled. So Sarah V and I went shopping. Where i was hit on in the parking lot. And I had no response. And Sarah thought that the guy knew me and that's why he was talking to me like that. And I couldn't talk because I had no response. And it's NOT because he was all that. He wasn't ugly or anything, but he wasn't my type ... whatever that type is. From my aforementioned crushes, I'd guess it would be fictional with accented speech a bonus. *headdesk*)
I do have a RPG guide for Sailor Moon ... but I bought that YEARS ago because it had so much trivia about the characters and an episode guide.
I never have played an RPG game that wasn't Final Fantasy (and, therefore, on a gaming system.) Gosh, I'm an antisocial old groat, aren't I?

Phew! You still with me? I haven't scared you off? At least not for too long?

And, as far as the people being tagged?
Well, if you've read me for any length of time, I'm sure you know how I feel about that. Tag yourself if you want to. (I know that Dianne's done it. If Cristall wants to do it, she'll email me directly since she likes to be a little private like that.)

I suppose I can mention people that I know read my blog pretty regularly. But no pressure!

My Cynthia, Kari, Jenny, Melissa ... I know that you usually read my ramblings. So, if you want to continue the Meme, I'd love to read your answers.

And, now I'm at a bit of a loss for anyone else who usually reads here. *shrug* So, like I said, if you want to do it, consider yourself tagged. If you don't want to do it, remember -- it's a suggestion, not a command and I'll love and adore you regardless of whether you choose to meme or not.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy belated Easter!

Or, as I've hear it put ... which is blasphemous ... but it still makes me snicker, because I'm just that immature and enjoy the dark humor -- "Zombie Jesus Day."

Don't get me wrong, I love Jesus. And I'm very aware of the sacrifice that He made.
But the idea of Him as a Zombie? It's so ludicrous! How can I help but laugh?

BUT, back to what I WAS going to write about:

1 - Guess what?!? Michael and I have been married for seven whole years! Go us! We've beat, like 95% of everyone in Hollywood! Woo-hoo!!

My, don't I look smug. That's 'cause he's all mine, girls. All mine.

So, we took a little overnight trip without the kiddos. We actually got sleep (what a change!), even if we slept in our van and it got frakkin' COLD during the night. We took some good pictures. We walked on the beach and didn't have to worry about little people in our care trying to throw themselves headlong into the frigid waves.

I did miss them lots, though. I guess I'm just not at all used to not having them around.

2 - We had Easter. And Bucket ate a ton at dinner and ... She didn't puke in the middle of the night! SCORE! And we heard that the kidlets were very well-behaved for their Grandma and Grandpa. Which makes us feel that we're doing SOMETHING right. Even though I spent just about ALL of Easter morning yelling at the kiddos. And screaming at your dear children on the day celebrating the Lord's resurrection? Just doesn't feel right.

The grandfolks (Michael's parents) went home and my mom's up. Which is fun. I like having family around. And, hey! It's my mom's Spring break. The last one she gets (Helloooooo Retirement!). I'm enjoying having her up.

Oh, while we were on our trip, I was taking a picture of a cute little gold frog in a shop window. And some salesgirl obviously had some problem with that. Even though the jewelry shop did NOT have any signs prohibiting pictures at all (I looked!).
She totally ran up to the window and crossed her arms and SHOOK HER HEAD at me like I was some type of pre-adolescent wanna-be criminal. Did I feel chagrined and guilty? Heck, no! I felt like giving her the finger (and not the pinkie one, either) (Not that I would do either of those things). If her business has such a problem with it, put up a stupid sign. Or frost the glass ... which defeats the purpose of enticing people to come in your shops. But really ... if a shop doesn't have a sign telling one NOT to take pictures, isn't it rather all right to take a snapshot of a cute little tchotchke?

Also, isn't is a better idea to attract customers rather than to alienate possible customers?

I could be totally wrong here ... but if you want to know a store where there's a really uppity salesgirl, I'll whisper it in your ear. (Well, I'll type it for you.) I don't know the name of if, but I can tell you that it's the jewelery store near the pet goods store in the historic bay front at Newport. Not too far from the Tavern that writes its name more like "TAV3RN" ... except that the "e/3" is really a backwards capital e ... and it messes with my BRAIN!)

Oh, and I finished Joss' newest book (The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson) and it was most excellent. And I can say that even though I've been waiting for about TWO YEARS to read it. You should totally buy it. And all her other books. And you should read her blog. And also buy all of Shanna Swendson's books in her Enchanted, Inc. series. This way HER publishers will buy her fifth book in the series and that will make me deliriously happy. Because I MUST know more backstory on Owen. And I like the whole series (I've read 1-3, have bought #1, will soon be the proud owner of nos. 2-3, and am eagerly awaiting #4). Oh, and you should totally read Shanna's blog, too.

And Neil Gaiman's blog. And Sarah Beth Durst's blog.
And watch the vlog of John and Hank Green.

And I'm done telling people what they should do.
Unless you're my kids. And then I only WISH I was done telling you what you should do. Because you're two.

Oh, and Bruise got a haircut. It wouldn't have been so short except for the fact that he wouldn't stop MOVING AROUND and trying to dodge the clippers. So it's now ALL one length ... except for one spot above his ear where we trimmed it a little too short. Oops.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Busy, busy

I had such plans for today. And I doubt that I'll get them all done.

Like I didn't take the kiddos to storytime today. Bucket is being all whiney and clingy ... and I didn't feel like telling Bruise to take his hands out of his pants anymore (like I did yesterday. Thank goodness the gal sitting next to me knows us from church. ^_^)
And, did I mention that I went to the DMV yesterday? Michael's still driving legally (as in he's got his new stickers. On the last day. We're that good. Oh, yeah.)
And I washed the bedding (except for the coverlets that I aired out) and we made the bed and folded a (figurative, but close) ton of laundry. Oh, and I also put some of the kids' toys in the shop. Ones that they don't really need.

But this morning, I did organize and clean up the three piles of magazines and random crap on my side of the bed into one (much neater) pile.
I put away the HUGE pile of to-be-hung-up-but-I'm-too-lazy-to-do-it pile of clothes. And I STILL can't find the stupid remote to the VCR in our bedroom. *sigh*
Then I got dressed.
I finally got the kids some eggs for breakfast, did a load of dishes, unpacked the dozens of library books (and put THEM into piles) that I now need to read ...

What I still need to do:
Pay bills (well, make Michael pay them. ^_^)
Vacuum (especially our room, but the whole house needs it)
Stop yelling at my children (which is why they're already in for naptime)
Sweep and mop
Check the mail
Take a shower
Wash one more load of dishes and a load of laundry
Read. Since most of the books I have now are Juvenile fiction, I should be able to read a couple per day. I'd hope. ^_^ But first, I want to read one book I've been waiting to read for a couple years (since it takes so long to get a book from being written to being published and in my library), Yes! I have Joshilyn Jackson's TOGWSS! Yay!!!!

and I also should pack for Michael and me for Friday night, since we're going camping and to visit a friend ... and will I be able to handle not having the kids for a whole day?
(You remember what happened our last anniversary? If not, here's a quick recap. Michael and I were going to the Oregon Caves, leaving the munchkin brigade with my Dad and L. Before we were even a hour away, the passenger window blew out on me, covering me in glass. We still have NO flippin' clue WHY this happened, but it did. And we did NOT go to the Oregon Caves. We found a place to buy plastic, taped up the window's absence as best we could, drove back up and picked up the kids and went home. SUCK!!! Yeah, not the best way to have an anniversary, "let's-go-somewhere-without-the-kids-for-more-than-eight-hours" trip go, huh?) (Not that I'm at ALL bitter about that. *sigh* Okay, I SO am. Because it sucked. And I still get nervous when we drive that far south. Even though we have a different van now.)

But, yeah. Keep happy car and trip thoughts in the backs of your minds for us, okay?? And send me some good housekeeping karma while you're at it. I do have to say that the house is looking lots better already. But it's not going to clean itself, now is it? So I should shut up and start cleaning.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Crazy Dream Chronicles

Lately, when I've managed to fall asleep, I've had some whacked-out dreams.

Last night's featured my friend T (a most level-headed and true friend, let me tell you) and me walking around a Wal-Mart-type store, where we ran into a pair of sisters that I'm friends with from church.
And, in that dream, I wet myself. And I was wearing rather short shorts. In khaki. And my legs, though featuring a small stream of urine, were quite slim and toned.

What does it mean? Who knows.

A couple nights ago, I dreamt that I was hanging out in a backstage-type room. There was a bed and some stuffed chairs ... And there were actors who, if I recall correctly, were all from Joss Whedon shows.

It was fun and paid-back, just chilling with them. And David Boreanaz was just so nice and very funny.

Maybe that was telling me that I REALLY am in need of adult conversation? ^_^

When T came over with her son yesterday, it was really nice just to talk and talk. Like I mentioned, she's just so down to earth and wise and all ... She was able to help me put my trials with money into perspective. And she makes me laugh. And she tells me about her office drama. And I show her videos on YouTube, so it's not like I'm not contributing to this friendship, right? ^_^

As she was leaving, since I'm not the only one that could do with having more money, I said, "T, we should start a club of people who don't have enough money!"

She looked at me for a second, smiled and said, "Honey, EVERYONE would be in that club."

"Maybe not Bill Gates," I replied.

"Oh, no. He'd join too. Peer pressure."

See why I love her?

That and the fact that I can make her blush every so often. Heh.
It's good to have friends. It makes me happy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A funny story ...

Wow, this is my 200th post here. Can you believe it?

BUT, the story I wanted to remember to post:

Sunday, Michael was eating a bar cookie or a brownie or something.
Bucket climbed up on the couch next to him and said, "Bread! Break, okay, DAddy. Please?" Or something to that effect.

And Michael gave her a bite.

Her eyes widened and she sputtered through her mouthful of food, "CHOCOLATE!!!!"

That's my girl. That's my girl.

And ... I figure that I should mention that I am grateful for personal revelation.
After I had talked to the gal at the hospital, I prayed.
The second time I listened a little more (always a good thing).
I had asked plaintively, "Heavenly Father? Will we ever get out of debt?"

And it felt like He had a half-amused tone ... like one that most people use with me.

I pause and look upwards, "Like in about 30 years?" I sighed.


Well, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Which is nice.
And, hey, in about thirty years ... well, that means that hopefully the kiddos won't have to support us in our old age, right? I'm sure that they'll appreciate that. ^_^

*sigh* I just wish it were sooner. Lots sooner. But, hey. At least I *get* to learn patience, right? (Bah. Stupid patience. Gah. :P)

Out of the frying pan ...

So, Michael and I did our taxes, got them mailed in. We'll be getting some monies. And you know that I like having monies ...

And then I learn that we owe about twice that amount to the hospital for when the kids were born. Because I was on the state health plan, but Michael got a new job and got us on his insurance ... and the state plan didn't like that .... and well, yeah.

I thought we were getting further OUT of debt. Guess we've gone the other way.

But the hospital was very nice about it and we can get on a payment plan ... which will give us a couple years to get it paid off. But still ... It'd be nice if we didn't owe even MORE money. And it would have been nice had the state actually LET US KNOW that they weren't going to pay after all ...

Of course, that's neither here nor there. And I should be counting my blessings: Mainly that I have two healthy babies. Even though they cost more than I expected them to. At least they're cute.

And, talking about kids, guess who used the potty?? Bruise did! So he got to choose a sticker. And Bucket tried. And REALLY wanted a sticker and was being good about going to take a nap ... so I gave her a small sticker, too.

Even though they colored on the couch earlier. But thanks be for Method cleanser. It got it out.

Now I have to go in their room and tell them to get back in bed. It's nap time and Mommy's tired and has laundry to fold. And after naptime, we're going to the DMV. And the library. And I'll finish the dishes. And cleaning off the countertops (which look better already, w00t for me). And I'll clean off my desk and vacuum the bedrooms. And clean out our tub and shower. And then the house will be pretty clean. Yay.

And THEN, maybe I'll finally finish the kiddos' baby books. Since, you know, they're over two now. *sigh* And then I'll finish all my library books and win the Powerball and be out of debt and travel back in time and be voted prom queen and I'll have a pony and a pet giraffe and a platypus and no debt and be insanely happy.
And then I'll be hit by a bus. And since I'll have forgotten the slight details of life insurance and a will and all, the children will fall prey to the cracks in the foster care system and my estate will be taxed for more than its worth and if I weren't tragically dead, I'd be on my way to the poor house -- more pitiful than the most pitiful of characters in Dickens' novels. And more verbose.

Oh well. How about to distract yourselves from such a piteous tale that would make Lemony Snickett look like an optimist, you can watch this cute owl from some Japanese show. It makes me smile.

Monday, March 17, 2008

More fun videos

I'm always impressed by Improv Everwhere. And this new one makes me giggle. SO hard.

If you need a reason to be impressed, here's a awesome clip of Swan Lake done by acrobats and contortionists. (Yet another reason to sing the praises of Neatorama. They get some amazing stuff!)

And a commerical that never made it. A little too "controversial."

But I'm still loving the concept. Get everyone involved. And oh, it warms my heart to see everyone playing together. Even if we're involved in a game like this. But still!

It makes me think of something that my high school group of friends would have loved to do. Heck, I'd still get a kick out of it nowadays!

But, yeah. Those are the videos I've been sitting on for a couple days. If you read Neatorama, you've probably seen them all before. Oh well. ^_^ I still like them very much.

In which I prove how illogical I can be

SO, this morning, before the (early, early) alarm went off, Michael and I were awoken by what sounded like the cats wrestling in the bathtub.

I sleepily, murmured in their general directions for them to quit it.

The noise stopped. The alarms went off. Michael got up to take a shower while I snuggled deeper into the blankets and spread my body wider across the bed, soaking up all his leftover body-heat.

And the noise starts again. The cats are on the bed with me.

He throws on a robe and goes to check it out. If sounds like it's coming from under the house. But nothing's open for anything to get in.

As he's out there, I do say a quick prayer that he'll be okay. I love my husband.

And I also hope that it's not a dragon.

... YES, that is what my brain feared it would be.
Did I mention that it's five in the morning? And that I only fell asleep after 11 last night?

And we already know that I'm not the most level-headed being.

And really ... if you were a dragon ... Well, honestly, who would expect to find a dragon under a manufactured home in Oregon?

No one, that's who. Therefore, it's a PERFECT hiding place.

And this is my thought process at five in the morning.

We still don't know what it was, making all the racket. But it's stopped.

And I'm glad.
Because I'm not looking under the house.

It could be a skunk. Or a badger. Or it could be a dragon.
You never know.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Something to make me smile ... Signals Catalog

I'm addicted to catalogs.

Signals is a particular favorite.

I mean, they've got cute plaques and creative little things. And then the garden posts that I NEED. I mean, check it!

If you can't see them, seriously, you're missing out. Here's the product description:
No green thumb? Then these are for you. Three plaques bemoan ("I tried, but it died"), exhort ("Grow, dammit!"), and ponder ("I don't remember planting this"). Each 3½" x 4" plaque comes with a 14½" rustproof hanger. Three stakes speak garden Latin: remorseful ("Plantum Whydidibuyum"), pensive ("Plantus Unknownus"), and poignant ("Bloomis Notimus"). Each is about 3" x 7½". All plaques and stakes are handcrafted stoneware, weatherproof and wry. Made in Canada.

But they also carry books and prints and even jewelry from Edward Gorey (who I really do adore. Yes, I'm a bit of a Goth inside. As much as I usually come off as the bouncy-puppy sunshine princess). And clever mugs and things. This catalog makes me happy. And makes me wish that I had a much larger income so that I could buy so much of their stuff. I go through and think, "Oh, Mom would get a kick out of that! I's like to give that to So-and-so. ... Ooooh, that would be beautiful abover the bookshelves," etc., etc., and so forth.

For me, there's just something beautiful and precious in browsing and wishing when perusing through a catalog. (One of my dearest friends doesn't quite get it -- "Don't you get DEPRESSED that you can't afford it?" Oh, no! I rejoice that it exists! Or, in the case of overpriced things ... like the $575 pair of butt-ugly shoes in an online catalog that shall not be named [partly because I cannot recall its name anyways!], I openly mock them. If the price is outrageous? You've just opened the doors of snark.)(Thankfully, with Signals? Their expensive stuff is usually stuff that I like or can respect.)


A pair of these shoes

By Prada would put me back $790.
Would I ever wear them? No! Because just looking at them makes me break into hysterical giggling. And that was WITHOUT looking at the price!
I mean, when I saw the price (and no offense if you think they're the cutest shoes EVAR. I'm just saying that SOMEONE out there must think they're pretty and worth more than what I paid for my digital SLR camera, including bag), I could have wet my pants laughing.


These lithographs

(And here's the link, since I'm having trouble getting the image posted. Sorry!!)

A set of four, signed by the actors, from The Nightmare Before Christmas = $750

Which would I go for? Truly, probably neither. I'd buy, like three-and-a-half Edward Gorey lithographs, because I pink puffy HEART them. But if pressed, I'd totally buy the lithographs. Because it's a good movie, they're pretty, and I'd be getting my money's worth. I could totally sell them on eBay if I needed to and make a profit. Or I could save them for my grandkids (who would wonder at what an odd little duck their Grandma must be).

But, yeah, I can browse at Neiman Marcus and places like that and not feel like I'm really missing out. I'm special like that. Because I'd much rather use that money to pay for my kids' college education or provide some Kiva loans or get a membership (or five) to the zoo or the aquarium or the science museum or something.

But I really should invest in those Edward Gorey books. They'd make me happy. And quiet those evil angry bees in my head.

Bonus reading: Uncommon Goods catalog or the Museum of Modern Art Online Store.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Something cool

If you need to see some awesome talent, have I got the stuff for you!

One guy, I don't know. He's an artist. Here's his page.
Yes, it's all paper and glue and creativity and hard work.

And the other?

Yeah, I know him in real life. Not totally well, since I'm all older and he's a young'un missionary. But he's a good guy.

And even though I'm so in jealous envy over how talented the Zebster is, at least I know that I can make him laugh. So I've got that going for me.

When we fed the elders last night, Elder Z said that he graduated from Bethlehem. And his companion joked, "In the Middle East?"
Z made a quip about growing up in Nazareth.

"Can anything good come out of Nazareth?" I responded.

They, being all scriptural and all, caught the joke. And I rested on my laurels.
Yup, I got to be all clever. Score for me!

I should note that the first link I posted, the one to Peter Callesen's site? I found that through one of my friend's blogs. Seriously, her blogger name is Vanilla Joy. Dang! How do these people come up with such awesome names??

Not that I'm saying mine's not okay. In fact, I've gotten compliments. All of which make me preen like a peacock named Narcissus. If Narcissus had been turned into a peacock and not into a flower.
(Greek Mythology Nerd Joke alert!)(And it wasn't all that funny. But nerd jokes don't always have to be. Right? ... Right??)

So, if you read my blog earlier today, you were subjected to me venting and being all around wallowing in self-pity and a bit of self-righteousness.

I took it down after talking it out (the situation, which is neither here nor there) with Michael, my mom, and a friend. Y'all don't need to be subjected to me at ... well, it's not my WORST, but it wasn't too far off. And I like you far too much to take my chances.

So, if you did read it (and since there are no comments, I sure hope that means that no one did), just pat me on the head and tell me that you like me even when I'm all PMS-y and crazy like I have bees in my head. Angry bees. Angry bees that are telling me that maybe I'm not smart enough, not good enough, and that not everyone likes or can even tolerate me.

Because you know what? I AM smart enough. I AM good enough. And, doggone it! People like me!!

No matter what the angry bees say.
Because the angry bees are not Jesus.
Because Jesus is nice and He likes me. Even when I'm all cantankerous and cranky and not at all fun to be around. Because He is nice.

Which is yet another reason that Jesus rocks.
And I'm not being sacreligious (or according to Wikipedia, that'd really be blasphemous, since it's verbal and not an action ... but since I'm TYPING it, maybe it might be both. But I don't mean it to be!).
I'm trying to be all serious. Because it's totally true.

SO, after being all upset and sad and crazy-with-angry-bees-in-my-head, I took a bath and read a book that, even though it's non-fiction, it's a fluffy-enough-type book that I feel like a regular person again.

But I can't sleep yet.

And I'm going to be so, so, SO glad not to be cubmaster. Like, it's not even funny how glad I'll be to shed that mantle, let me tell you!

And I got a very nice call from a gal at church. She read my blog! She likes it! Whee! That made me feel all flattered. (I knew I liked her anyways. But now she's got me eating from the palm of her hand. That is, if she wants me to do that ... though I'm insane enough that I'd worry that I might drool on her or something. Not that I'd WANT to ... but you know how gravity is and ... Okay, shutting up now.)

BUT, while I was all crazy with the angry bees in my head, Bucket woke up early from her nap, needing me to change her diaper. So I did. And I had her give me lots of kisses and hugs while I sobbed about what a complete and total failure/jerk/loser I am.

Okay, I didn't sob. I just had tears running down my face and I tried to choke back the sobs.

Bucket took it all in stride. "Mommy," she told me, "No be sad."
Smart one, that girl of mine. Oh, I hope she doesn't inherit my self-consciousness and self-doubt. Let her take after her dad on that one. And Bruise, too. Let them be confident enough to let those can let criticism roll off their backs. Let them be brave in the face of disapproval ... especially when it's the disapproval of those who really don't matter so much. Since you can't please everyone all the time. And it's exhausting to try.

(I take after my mom. We're closet perfectionists. Well, I'm the lazy perfectionist. She works harder. Like the Avis rent-a-car company. :P)

Gosh, when it's late I start to get all philosophical. Weird.
I think that means it's time for me to shut up. Since I don't know all that much about philosophy. I only took the one term in college. And it was just about ethics.

Monday, March 10, 2008

D'ya feel lucky, punk?? Well, do ya??

I was touched that Melissa nominated me for an award.

My first!

Pulitzer, here I come! (Well, maybe once they start a category for "Extremely self-depreciative humored blog of randomness and blathering about one's adorable set of twins." And I somehow don't think that's going to be a category anytime in the immediate future.)

Still! Look!!
And the write up she gave me? I'm so flattered!!!
Allanna of Blather, Rinse, Repeat: Family friendly and very, very busy! She spends all of her free time chasing after two adorable toddler twins. It exhausts me just to read about it. Go Nerdfighters!!

Isn't it pretty?? Look at the award. Covet it, my darlings!! Ah HA!!! You have sinned!! See what a bad influence I am on you!! I've tried to warn you again and again ...

Okay, I'm really sorry. I've got the plague. And so I'm all stuffed up and my ears are half-plugged and I'm coughing in my elbow and I just feel rather puny. So I'm trying to cover up all the whining I COULD be doing with really-odd-and-not-all-that-funny humor. Wow, THIS must be why I didn't go into acting. Because if I accepted my Academy Award with a speech like that? Let's just not contemplate what a persona non grata I'd be!!

BUT, to get down to brass tacks (if I really had any), I need to nominate five bloggers for this award. (If I don't give it to you, don't be thinking that I don't love and adore you. Because I SO DO love and adore you!! I just don't have unlimited ones (in theory ... I mean, I KNOW it's a little jpeg image. And, oh, now there's whining here and I can't think! And it sounds like I gave Bucket my cold. Which is only fair since it's HER not sleeping while we traveled that gave me mine ... but that's neither here nor there and my fingers are getting tired ... *sigh*):

SO, in no particular order:

I tag-back Melissa of Fold My Laundry Please. Because she's nifty and a Nerdfighter and she makes me laugh. And I'm going to actually get off my duff and MEET her sometime. F' reals.

Kari, whose blog is going private, so you might not be able to access her humor, family updates, and shoes. Kari and I have been friends since we carpooled together in college. She's my Aries twinsie and thinks I'm funny. Whereas I'm in awe of her composure and fashion sense.

My Cynthia (pronounced "SIN-tee-ah") who blogs as belgiangirl. Since she's a girl and from Belgium. ^_^ We met when she came to my high school as a foreign exchange student staying with a family we're friends with. We have a bond over Buffy and Supernatural and romance novels. We never see each other often enough, but her blog is such a good way to get a fix of her and what's going on in her life. And I'm a little jealous that she gets to WORK as a LIBRARIAN!! Woot for her!!

Dianne, who's the newest of my IRL friends. But seriously, y'all, she's a genius at crafts. And her blog is wonderful, just like talking to her. You can catch her (for now, since she's thinking of changing her blog's address) at The Other Side.

And last, but certainly not least, is my artist friend (and I'm serious. She's a painter and I love, love, LOVE her floral studies) Cristall. Seriously, if you are looking for some art, go to her blog and see what she's got. She does do comissions. She's open to feedback, as well. But you'd better not hurt her feelings. Because I know a guy ... (Okay, I really don't, but STILL. She's my Cristall and I love her and we quote movies back and forth in our emails ALL THE TIME and I'm still sad that she moved away. But she has a dog and chickens and is very happy. So I guess I'll have to put up with missing her -- and just about everyone ELSE on this list. Except Dianne, because she lives CLOSE. YAY!)

WOW, that was a LONG parenthetical phrase.

SO, if I tagged you, you have the option of passing on the bloggy love to five of the blogs that make your day. If I didn't tag you, well, I won't tell if you want to pass it on. If you need a blurb of why I love your blog, too, I'll be glad to help. Since I do read more than these five blogs (Like almost ten times that, total. But not all of them are personal-type blogs).

Okay, now I'm closing up so I can go hack up my lungs and blow out my sinuses in a cool dark corner while my munchkins watch Sesame Street and remark about the recycling truck or something.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


I'm really bushed. But I can't really sleep. So I'll regale you with our family visit so far:

I went shooting with T1, T2, K (T1's beau), Michael, and Uncle D. First time I've shot a pistol.

Magnum P.I. will not be soliciting my skills anytime this millennium.
At 25 yards, I cannot hit the broad side of a barn. Nor, with how things were set up, could I even tell where my shots were hitting. Hard to correct when it appears that you're shooting blanks. Ugh. But, hey, I did it.

(Note to self: Always pack earplugs in purse. They would be very nice. And look a lot cooler than Kleenex wads in your ears. Just sayin'.)

However, T2 and I did have a shoot-out ... with our cameras. I kind of shoot from the hip. The picture of her taking my picture wasn't too blurry. Score!

Bucket does NOT sleep well when we travel. So if we don't go on sleep-over trips often, you know why. She fights sleep, screaming. And then she won't stay asleep. Finally, around 1:30-ish in the morning, I took her to bed with Michael and me.

This is why I'm the walking dead today. Maybe I can blame my pitiful gunner skills on that. Sound good? Okay, so my story is that IF I had a good night's sleep, I would have discovered that I have a latent ability to shoot a pistol. But, since I'm running on less than five full hours of sleep (since I was awaken on many an occasion with a slap/kick/push to the head/face/back), I will never know that I'm really awesome at this. Oh well. The world's just going to be totally missing out.

Overhead earlier this trip: "I had some sausage. And it gave the the runs all morning."

What a non sequitur, no?

Also, while we watched The Abyss last night (a movie that, in my humble opinion, helped to end the cold war just so that more movies like it could be prevented. And it also makes me think, Ah, that James Cameron. Wants to be the next Hitchcock and is never making it. Poor fool.), the scene where they have to revive the one character who drowns? Well, they rip off her shirt, since to use the defibulator you have to have bare skin. ... And well, let's just use the quotes that ensued from our gathering:

"When they said, 'It's flat,' I thought they were talking about HER."
"What this show was missing? Boobs. Totally."

Now, we're not always such a ... um, INTERESTING bunch while watching movies. I tend to get snarky when I get bored with a show (I blame it on the episodes of MST3K that I used to catch on Comedy Central), but my in-laws are very nice and rather sweet about shows.

BUT, this was just a fun time. We were all really tired, so everything just seemed that much funnier. I almost wet myself when K remarked (toward the end), "Oh no. Only one thing can save him now."

And, I, being the woman of grace and decorum that you know me to be, responded,

He was quick-witted and replied, "Well, TWO things."


Well, I'm going to try and see what I can forage to eat and maybe catch a nap while I have the chance.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Some OTHER fun things

First, a quote from my daughter.

I had put in Cars, which is ONLY their favorite movie (along with Sesame Street and Ratatouille) and was (for a lack of a better term) dancing/spasming to the music as I call out to Bucket and Bruise, "C'mon guys! Are you gonna dance??"

Bucket: No, Mommy. No dance.

And the expression on her face. A skeptical, "You call THAT dancing? Hardly!" look on her face.

I've just been schooled.


Some fun links:

Here's a Flickr pool featured on Whedonesque (Joss Whedon site -- and a nice play on words, if I do say so myself. and I do.): Nathan Fillion helps a fan propose.

I mean, really?? How cute is that?!?
Correct answer: So frickin' CUTE!

I had some of those little happy tears happening. AND Nathan Fillion's face as he shows off the ring? !!! I really, really like that man!

And this, found through Neil Gaiman's blog:

Banner of Barack Obama vs. Hilary Clinton ... and if you're read Gaiman's Sandman series, the dialogue should ring a bell.

I stopped liking Ms. Clinton back when her husband was in the White House. (Sorry Jenny!) Do I think it's great that a woman has run for president? Yes! Not like it hasn't been done before ... but it's a good thing. Do I want her to win? Heck, no. I don't trust her as far as I can throw her. Even though I've got some impressive muscles built up from hefting the munchkin brigade.
I just don't trust her. Being first lady for eight years doesn't make you trained as a president. Just like since I've been married for nearly seven years to an engineer doesn't mean that I'm about to receive my license. But that might just be me. That and Barack just seems so much more ... honest? Down-to-earth? Worthwhile? Heck if it were his wife running for presidency, I'd be willing to vote for her. (and Jenny, if you ran, you'd get my vote. Even thought I'm registered as a Republican. Because you're that good.)

But, yeah. I wanted to make sure that I got those fun things blogged before I forgot.

Oh! Almost forgot!!!

One more video for your viewing pleasure.

This one is specifically for Bri. But I think that it's very excellent.

So this is "geeksta" rap.

(As per usual, nabbed from Neatorama.)

Movie Time. Movie Time. Mama LlannaLee's Movie Time!

(um, you think I've been watching too much PBS? ... Since this is sung to the "jingle" for Mama Mirabelle's Movie Time?)

(EDIT: If you want to see the bottom two videos, you're going to have to click on the post tile or permalink. For some reason, even though the videos ARE really there? They just don't show up. But it IS a really video-heavy post. Sorry!!)

SO, I'm feeling a bit better ... Most of the dishes are done. I organized some cabinets (and found the lids for the kiddo's Gerber dishes. Which I have been wondering where those were for, like, FOREVER.) Bruise got his morning diaper change. Read a couple books with the kidlets. My mental health number is approaching normal.

Well, normal-er.

I still need to get organized for the fund raiser for my new calling and the pinewood derby (Gah!!!!!). And I need to email about a gazillion people (thankfully, it'll be on only two emails. If I can help it. Mwha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!1!

BUT, I promised videos. And videos I will deliver! Yes, yes. Yes, yes.

(They're nabbed from Neatorama. Unless I say otherwise. ^_^)

In no particular oder, allow me to present:

"Kunstbar" - Where you should be very careful what you order.
Also, "kunst" = Art for you who didn't take German.
(FWIW, Michael didn't really care for this one. He thought it was well-done. Just wasn't his thing.)

"Echochrome" is a new PSP came that's coming out.
This did get the Michael Seal of Approval.
I had an inkling as I previewed it that it would.

Here are two great clips of the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain.
If I could play the ukelele and if I were in the British Isles, I SO would want to be in this group.

(Now you're thinking, "So THAT's what he's singing!" At least, that's what Michael and I thought.)

Yes, I <3 this one, too. I like me some contrapuntal music. Yes, I do!

This one had Michael laughing out loud. SO great.
The Japanese people have got some GREAT commercials!

And for an added bonus, this I found on Mormon Mommy Wars, as they were debating which is the best movie version of Pride and Prejudice.

And this one just makes me laugh.

Even though I can't keep the characters straight in this version.
Of course with this version, all that I can think is, "This is a kissing book, isn't it?"

Some things that get me irked

Well, my dears, let me tell you a few stories.

(Don't you love how I've called it "telling you stories" instead of being honest and saying "Listen to me whine like a whining whiner, okay? Kthnxbai!")

Well, last week, when I was getting back from a rare out-of-the-house excursion (Yes, I do tend to live like a shut-in. What??), one of our neighbors came up to our driveway to talk to me while I'm trying to (1) unload the kidlets and (2) cart a trunk full of groceries into the house and (3) bring my purse and diaper bag and a bag full of books in the house.

(NOTE: This is the difference between men and women. Men start talking to you without asking, "Is this a good time?" Why is this? DISCUSS.)

AND he goes on to tell me that when we put out the garbage on garbage day, sometime the mail truck hits our recycling bin and then he, our neighbor, IS FORCED TO pick up the stuff that's fallen out of our bin.


And I REALLY, REALLY wanted to say, "I'm sorry that you feel the need to pick up that stuff, but you don't have to. That's really the mail-person's job, if they're driving into the bin. Which is placed where the garbage collectors want it placed. And if you REALLY have such a HUGE problem with this, you really need to talk to them, not us. Kthnxbai! I have to go wrangle my children and groceries and other assorted crap into the house before aforementioned children KILL themselves, okay?"

But I didn't.

AND, so I've mentioned that I've gotten a new calling? Our dear bishop kinda neglected to mention that I have a SUPERBIG project coming up RIGHT AWAY!

AND to add to that, I've gotten some stuff done for the Pinewood Derby. And THEN I find that we've had one member of the Cub Committee released and I didn't know and that said member was going to be doing stuff and now he doesn't really have to (but he's emailed me and said he can still help a little. Thank goodness!!) ... AND I've been asked if I've called someone who's not even in our ward to help ... and you know what?

I really, really just want to respond and be all, "Okay everyone. You know that since I've been called to my new calling, I'm just in this Cubmaster thing as a technicality so that one girl in the committee doesn't freak out. I don't know crap about the derby. Yes, I've been to one. Do I really care about it? Freak, no. That's yet another reason why I'm not going to be your Cubmaster soon. I know that you all think I'm so good at entertaining boys and that I'm feeling fine in this calling. Yeah, all that? Lies!! Ask D how happy I've been in this calling? He's freakin' scared to talk to me nowadays since I've sobbed to him over the phone about this calling so freaking much!!!!
"And, hey, I only was assigned trophies and certificates at the last committee meeting. And to give some decorations to P. So, if you wanted me to do activities A, B, C, D, E, and G, you should have let me know way earlier.
"AND, hello, I set up this gorram forum online so we could have meetings and not have to leave our houses (or clean them) or waste gas or worry about our kids yelling and running around ... why can't we use it? And I made a website that no one uses. Wah, wah, wah. Pity me, PITY ME!!!!
"Oh and did I mention that I'm really busy with my new calling? Yeah. I just might get terribly ill with the tragic desert flu and miss the derby altogether. I'm just sayin'."

Yes, I'm an awful person, being tempted to say all that, huh?
You can be honest.

I'll just drown myself in some housework for now. And then write some emails that are lots more tactful. (Thanks for letting me be totally unedited, though. I appreciate it.) And then I'm going to pack and try and get a shower and get a free-with-any-purchase bag and maybe read a book and try to not let my head explode. Maybe.

But first, for you my dears, I'll post a metric crapload of videos. Because they're wonderful. Well, they're good. ... They're okay, anyways. And because I lurve you all.

But really, I have to get those dishes done. And fold the rest of the laundry. And I'm determined to do it, dang it!!!!

But first, I must read Bruise a book. ^_^

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tagged (in the heart and you're to blame ... you give memes a bad name ...)

SO, I was tagged by Heather:

5 things on my to do list:
1. Do dishes
2. Fold/Finish putting away laundry
3. Finish plans for the Pinewood Derby
4. Read "The Sweet Far Thing" ... well, finish it, anyways.
5. Head explode.

10 things I enjoy:
1. Sleeping (You never realize how much you love it 'til you have kids)
2. Reading
3. Spending time with Michael (Maybe that should go at the top of the list. Oh, heck. It's not like it's in ORDER, now is it?)
4. Spending time with the kidlets
5. Chatting with friends
6. Shopping
7. Playing with my camera
8. Having a clean house (Again, you don't know how much you miss it 'til it's gone, baby)
9. Blogging
10. Making people laugh

If I were suddenly a billionaire...
Pay off all our debt, build our dream house, invest for the kidlets' college and mission(s) and weddings and their downpayments, buy a gazillion books, take some vacations, go on some dates, never worry about affording childcare for when I want to volunteer or go to the temple or stuff, take care of our families, donate (Humanitarian Aid, Kiva loans, etc.) ... and then go shopping. Yeah. That sounds like fun.

5 jobs i have had:
1. Courtesy Clerk (aka box-"boy" at a grocery-type store)
2. Part-time Clean-up at a plywood mill
3. Babysitting
4. Substitute Shelver at a library (bestest job EVAR!!)
5. Wife and Mother (Okay, maybe the shelver one is the second bestest one)

5 things most people don't know about me:
1. My folks are divorced. (I thought I've always been really open about that! Some people lately seem surprised. *shrug*)
2. I'm an only child.
3. I haven't read David Eddings books. I know that I need to, though. And I plan on changing this fact.
4. My dad's blind. Hasn't always been. I don't really ever think about it. For me it's normal.
5. I've dyed my hair black. And really liked it.

I Tag:
Whoever wants to do it. Just comment when you've done it and I'll check it out. Deal??


Okay, universe ... Ha ha!! Very funny!
I check Lacy's blog and I'm tagged there, too!!

Here it is!

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was in high school. Pining for a (guy) friend, keeping my grades up, and working at Shop Smart.

What were you doing a year ago?
Playing with two darling one-year olds.

5 snacks you enjoy?
Nacho Cheese Doritos, Chocolate (the darker the better), Cheesecake, Ice cream, Tortilla chips and salsa (medium).

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire
(after tithing and taxes)
1. Pay off debt
2. Buy a better house (not that ours isn't nice ... it's just not big enough. [No offense, house. I still wuvs you.] -- But what is my house doing reading my blog? Oh, I must be tired.)
3. Travel
4. Plan some great family vacations
5. Get Michael that tablet PC he's been wanting since, oh, FOREVER.

5 bad habits
1. Letting dishes and laundry pile up
2. Not spending enough time actively enjoying my children
3. Falling prey to the siren song of the Interweb
4. Freaking the hell out over little things
5. Whining!!! (Where do the kiddos learn it from?? Oh, that'd be me, huh?)

5 things you like to do
1. Spend time with Michael
2. Spend time with the kidlets
3. Read
4. Chat wtih my friends (Oh, the glory of adult conversation!)
5. Watch movies

5 things you will never wear again
1. A bikini
2. Strappy tank tops
3. Mini skirts
4. Banana clips
5. Pants that give me a frontal wedgie (Ouch!!)

5 favorite toys
1. My computer
2. Books
3. Our Playstation 2
4. My camera
5. My Nintendo DS

5 people i tag
Like I said before, if you want to do it, knock yourself out and leave me a comment (or email me) and I'll check it out. But no pressure y'all. I'm not about to lay any responsibility on you. ^_^

So, you learn anything new?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Why can I NOT get this out of my head??

Seriously, y'all. I found myself unable to fall asleep quickly last night as this kept playing in my skull:

But I loves it so. With a love that is illogical and unexplainable.

Must be because it makes me laugh.

Also funny: This morning when I told my mom about Bruise's "tragic webcamming accident" Friday, and how we took him to church, she cuts in with "You took him to CHURCH?!?" She was all concerned that people might get the idea that I'm beating on my dear boy. Nope. I told her about another boy at church who was sporting some road rash on his face-ular regions due to his efforts to save his lolly when he took a spill. However, I was glad that Bruise's swelling had gone down considerably. He was looking like Quasimodo there for a bit Saturday morning.

Oh, and for more examples of how I end up being entertainment for the ward:
I received a new calling (so technically I have two right now. For a couple weeks, anyway, since my calling as Cubmaster will be obsolete, since we've rearranged the leadership of the troops. --We'll have another ward combined with ours. Two troops, still. But we are combining the leadership. And you only need one cubmaster. And it's not going to be me!).
Sunday morning, as they're announcing the changes, you're supposed to stand up as they read out your name ... so people know who you are and all.

WELL, as Bishop is reading my name, I was holding Bruise. AND, moments before my name was read out, Bucket DEMANDS that I hold her, too.

So, what do I do? I stand up, both kids held against my left hip ... so I can raise my right hand in affirmation to my calling and the calling of another gal in the ward.

Giggles ensue. Enough that our Bishop had to look up and see what was causing the disturbance.

Yeah, that'd be me. The one pretty much LITERALLY juggling twin toddlers.


And Michael and I joke about how I should tell J. Golden Kimball stories from the pulpit (I did start my last talk with a quote of his. It wasn't one of the fun colorful ones, though. Oh well.) OR how I should quote from Nacho Libre in a testimony meeting.

That quote being, of course:
"They think I don't know a buttload of crap about the gospel. But I do."

That quote warms my heart. SO much.

... I really, REALLY want to use it someday.

Too bad it'd probably send some of the sisters into apoplexies.

Counting ...

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