Monday, December 31, 2007

Closing up the new year

I had a meeting last night for my calling.

Needless to say, I'm not one of those people that's thrilled at ALL to go to any meetings. But I tried not to be too much of a stick in the mud about it.

And the roads coming home? Another gal from the meeting and I were slipping on the sidewalk and road getting back to our cars. *sigh*

The good thing about this week? Michael's home today and tomorrow.
I REALLY like that. So do the kiddos ... since now the first thing out of their mouth (after either "Mommy!! 'Lo!!!" or Bucket's dulcet bellowing of "Moooom!!! Bruise S'EEPIN'!!!!!") is "Daddy goooooooh" or "Daddy wooo(h)k."

You think they miss him as much as I do?
... Couldn't be.

The last couple of nights, Michael and I have watched "Regency House Party" ... that PBS special from nearly five years ago ...

Michael: It's just like high school. No wonder I don't like the Regency period.

(I did impress him with mentioning Beau Brummel before the program did ... Hey! they were talking about the fashion movement from the dandification to the more austere and dapper-looking fashions ... And Beau Brummel is THE fashion example for that time. The Prince Regent took lessons from him ... well, until they fell out of sorts with each other ...
Yes, I AM that much of a geek. What's the surprise there?)

I do have to say that with all the freedoms we've gained and how society has changed since the Regency period ... these modern women were so totally moved when they received a flower. Much more moved than they'd be if most men presented them with jewelry nowadays.
Why is this?

I had more to write, but what with the kidlets coming to me to beg for snacks and cleaning up the house, I've forgotten most of it. Sorry. Maybe later today. Or next year.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Overhearing myself

So, since I'm always around me, I get to narc on all my ...idiosyncrasies.

During the holidays, we've been able to have some friends come by as they're in town to visit us. One of Michael's past roommates dropped by. It was great to see him, since it's been a few years. Michael had some great roommates. (Another Michael's roommate, but different roommate, story coming up. I just have to remember to tell it before I stop blogging this entry. ^_^)

As we're chatting and the kidlets are playing around us, the topic goes to how it was so nice being two years old and not having to be responsible ... how everything was taken care of for you and you got to play all day and you got naptime ... And Michael and W were both saying that they'd think it would be worth it to go back to being two.

Now, W is a nice bachelor friend. The only reason he's not married yet (and he admits to this) is that he's got high standards. Or as we refer to it, he's picky. ^_^

I turn to Michael and say, "Well, honey, you'd be giving up your favorite activity."

Yeah, I'm a classy girl. Very classy, indeed.
(Of course, if you know me, you know that I tend to be a bit outspoken. Especially when I'm comfortable with those around me. So, if I say anything that could be offensive, you should totally feel flattered. Because if I'm being all prim-and-proper ... well, it's because I don't feel comfortable being completely myself. ^_^

OKAY, so the other roommate story that I alluded to above:
B is another of Michael's roommates. He's pretty fun, too. (Truth be told, ALL of Michael's roommates are really good guys. They're all very different, but I like all of them immensely.)
B is a microbiology major. He's also really into being in shape. He served his mission around Mexico City --- and the stories he can tell about it? Oy vey, my dears! He's got the best "You do NOT want to eat THAT" story I've ever heard.

SO, one time we're all at a party at the apartment of P (and her roommates. P and B are married now, just so you know. Not that it has ANYTHING AT ALL to do with this story).
As we're playing a game, B keeps throwing a pillow at me. I'm getting a leeeeeeeetle fed up with being smacked in the HEAD with a pillow. So I tell him that if he does it again, I'm gonna beat him up.

Truly, my dears, that is about the most ludicrous threat ever made. It's like a newborn bunny threatening Queen Ranavalona the First with a full-scale martial warfare. Or maybe a manatee's planned poisoning of Lucrezia Borgia.

I mean, I'm stronger than I appear (mostly due to the fact that I'm very stubborn and usually VERY unwilling to accept that my body might not want to lift/carry/do things ... Something half my body weight? Sure, I can pick it up! ... Over my head, even! Sure! ... Well ... Maybe.), but still, in comparison to a guy over a head taller than me AND in good shape?

I'm not all that threatening.

So people were a little surprised when, after then next bop in the head with the pillow, Scrappy-Doo little me leaps OVER the coffee table and starts pummeling B in the arm.

Seriously, it's like a kitten boxing the ears of a racehorse. Rather ... surprising and ... surreal.

No, I didn't even leave a bruise ... but I did succeed in keeping my head free from pillow-bops for the rest of the evening.

And most people gave me a little wider of a berth from that moment on.

Because, yo, I'm all UNPREDICTABLE like that. Don't be getting in mah FACE, bro. 'Cuz I be all UP INS yo' face, dude. I'z got street cred, yo.
(and yes, I'm such the whitey-mcwhitersons that when I try to be all ganstah ... yeah, it's very ... ironic.)

So, in short ... Um ... I forgot my point. Never mind.

Still no word on the van getting fixed. *deep sigh*
Please pray that it'll get taken care of SOON, so I can start to get a full-night's sleep again. And I'll be able to take my kiddos to storytime and dentist appointments and stuff.

I'm TRYING not to worry. I'm trying REALLY, REALLY, REALLY (!!!!1!) hard ... but, you know, some more prayers couldn't hurt.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh, and by the way ....

I've somehow managed to lose enough weight that I'm fitting into my old pants.

I still have some that are too tight to button and zip ... so I still have a goal.

But!!!! I'm fitting into my skinnier clothes.

So it's like having new clothes! But I didn't have to pay for them!!!

First, the bad news ... then Belated Christmas Greetings.

Sorry, things here have been hectic ... and when they weren't ... well, I was being lazy.

Our van's transmission is out again. And we're having to fight the stinkin' warranty company to get it fixed (since they only bought a used ... I MEAN "refurbished" transmission, which WE had to pay out of pocket to have flushed [and did TWICE] AND we had to pay for the diagnostic out of pocket, too. All this ON TOP of the deductible. *grrrrr* ... If you managed to follow all that, just know DON'T waste your money on Ultimate Warranty. Their bottom line is much, much more important to them than their customer satisfaction.

At this point, I'm just seriously torqued at them. They didn't get a transmission that worked for even three months (let alone the year that it was "guaranteed" for) and they're trying to weasel their way out of replacing it. (They didn't believe that we had, in fact, flushed the transmission ... And, really, if they're NOT paying for the flush, then they should be paying for a BRAND, STINKIN' NEW transmission ... which wouldn't need that flush. Doesn't that make sense? *sigh*)

If you don't believe me that Ultimate Warranty Sucks, here's some more proof:

Rip-Off Report: Ultimate Warranty
Star Tribune's coverage of Ohio-based Ultimate Warranty
Complaints Board: re Ultimate Warranty's Plain Dealer - Ultimate Warranty's dealings (as in, "Hey! We're going out of busininess because we, Ultimate Warranty, Suck! Hey, we sold more claims than we can pay. How's about you pony up the money that we can't manage??")(Oh, and guess what? The BBB's suspended UW's accreditation! Imagine that!!!) ...And noooooo, I'm not bitter.
And here's the write-up from

As you can kinda see, in short, Ultimate Warranty sucks.

So, really, tell your friends and have them tell their friends that Ultimate Warranty is going out of business, is out of money, doesn't treat their customers well, and that, most of all ... Ultimate Warranty sucks. ^_^ Do it for me.

As for me and my house, we are PRAYING and WEARYING the Lord with our prayers that this transmission will be taken care of (on the same claim so we won't be going into debt to pay a SECOND deductible) and that we won't have anymore problems ... that Ultimate Warranty will cease to suck ... that they will do what is right (not just what's most profitable at that second) ... so that I will have a van that works. So that we'll have a vehicle that the kids' car seats are safely installed inside. I'm so, so sick and tired of this. I just want to either have this fixed for once and for all ... or have the van BLOW UP or something so that I never have to deal with those jokers at Ultimate Warranty EVER AGAIN. Because, for the last time, Ultimate Warranty sucks. And they will continue to suck unless they get their craniums out of a certain orifice and start treating their paying customers with respect.

BUT, in other news, Christmas was great. Lots of food, got to see our families (well, my mom was the sole member of my side who was able to come, but I'm glad she was able to make it), everyone had a good time.

I mean, there were homemade cinnamon rolls, ham, roasted chicken, casseroles, pies ... Really, it's good stuff.
There were games and conversations.
There were happy children ... Bruise and Bucket are talking more (especially Bruise), they loved their presents, they didn't throw too many tantrums. Grandpa and Grandma beat us (Michael and me) at pool ... even after I accidentally bumped a ball out of place with my bum. AND it SO was not on purpose!!

Except for the issue with the van, things are really great. Michael's got the truck working well ... so we have ONE working vehicle.

Even with our late nights, it was great. I really am missing having a house full of people (and I think Michael will start to miss all the cooking I did the last few days ... after the leftovers run out. Roast chicken, mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, marshmallow salad, apple strudel bars, homemade cinnamon rolls, cheesecake ... I was a little busy. ^_^)

Michael spoiled me with a NICE camera and an external hard drive ... both things that I've wanted for such a long time. ^_^ The kidlets are sleeping in the tents (part of a playset) from Mutti. They love the easel from Grandma and Grandpa ... and all the books? Wonderful. I wish that the whole year could be like this (with the exception of the van, of course).

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday ... and that we'll be able to keep Christmas in our hearts the whole year round.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My MiniCity

So .... here's the link. Just click so that my minicity will grow and flourish!

As I'm typing this, my population is TWO people.


That's why you should click THIS once per day.

Then later, when I have a bigger population, you can use the other links (that aren't available now, so I'm not bothering to post them) ... the ones that improve transportation and industry and such.

Yes. I do realize what a complete geek I am.
Thanks much. Bye.

I'm such a bad blogger lately...

I mean, really. It's been a WEEK!! (Well, one day shy, but still!!!)

SO, what's been keeping me busy? ... Um ... now I have to think.

Michael got his holiday bonus, so we've been doing Christmas shopping. The kiddos are talking a little more. They take one nap in the afternoon. My mom came up to visit last week.

I've been getting a lot of my Christmas gifts from people early.
I've mentioned (as in "sung the praises") our Sonicare toothbrush.
(Seriously, folks ... I'm running my tongue over my teeth like crazy when I use that puppy. I heart it so much!)

My mom got us new cookware ... which we needed. I now have my Caphalon set. I used it for the first time yesterday night. And, oh, I have assured her that were I not a stronger woman, I would love that cookware with a love that dare not speak its name. Truly, this is great cookware. I can't put it in the dishwasher ... but it's BEAUTIFUL and NON-STICK and WONDROUS.

And THEN, a couple days ago, Michael was talking about how he wanted to hide my present, but didn't know where to put it. I was thinking aloud and I suggested the shop, since I don't go out there a ton ... but he didn't want to leave it there (since that's where it was stowed for maybe an hour). And so, since he wanted it inside and knew that once I knew what it was, I'd want to get used to it before Christmas ... so I got it early.

He got me a great new digital camera!! Yay! And it takes BEAUTIFUL pictures and it's so different to use that I'm so glad I have this week to practice with it.

Yeah, I'm such a lucky girl. I totally don't deserve him. Or the rest of my family.

IN OTHER NEWS, Bucket is picking up new words.

Her latest acquisition? Fork ... which she pronounces "fruck." She's also working on her colors. The default color? "Pink."

Monday night, when a sister from church dropped by ... she was leaving and Bruise calls after her "Bye!!!" (which is pretty normal .... then he adds) "See you!!"

Funny little boy. He makes me laugh.

Earlier today he wanted to use the potty. So he got to. Nothing happened ... but I gave him five anyways. It's pretty cool that he wants to use the potty. (I need to get on the ball with feeding them regular meals and the whole potty-training thing.)

Oh, and Bruise with that mechanically-inclined brain of his ... he figured out how to remove the lens cap on my new camera. I had to give him a spank, since he's not supposed to rifle through things on the desk ... but secretly? I'm rather proud of him. I'd just prefer him to NOT practice on my expensive not-so-easily-replaceable things.

And the other day --- kiddos were closed in their room playing with blocks (so I could get a shower and a breather). Bruise started calling out "Daddy!!" (Which is how he refers to Michael AND me, no matter how many times I tell him that "No. I'm MOMMY.") and Bucket responds, "Daddy WORK." ... She and I have had many conversations PER DAY that --- well, here:

Bucket: Daddy gooooooh. (And this is said in the most PITIFUL voice.)
Me: Yes, Daddy did go. Daddy's at work. He works so we can have this house and food. He will come home. Daddy will come back.
Bucket: Daddy gooooooh. (If it's possible, this is said even more pitifully.)
Me: Where did Daddy go?
Bucket: Daddy wuk.
Me: That's right. Daddy's at work. He will come home later.

She's a bright little thing.
Not that Bruise isn't. They're just smart in different ways. Which, to think about it, is how it should be. ^_^

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Randomosity ...

... As opposed to the normally completely lucid posts that I write.

... Bueller?

BUT, here are things that I find interesting/funny/etc.

Let me start with a very important message:

Please, think of the children.

Songs for the REAL MAN ...

When I showed this to Michael, his response was, "I sometimes hate my species."
"You mean gender?"
"Yes, that. *shakes head in disgust*"

And HERE is a holiday that I am SO DEVISTATED that I missed!!!
Too bad I don't have the technology needed to go back. *sigh*

I'll blog again later with interesting conversations that I've had recently.

Monday, December 10, 2007

A conversation with Bucket

Scene: Bucket's sitting on my lap a few days ago as I'm (like usual) surfing on the interweb.

I'm just browsing over at Cute Overload and I see THIS.

Me: Oh!!!! Cute!!!
Bucket: *nods*
Me: Do you like it?
Bucket: *sagely nods*
Me: Are you going to get that for me for Christmas?
Bucket: *very seriously nods*
Me: Yay!! Mommy will love getting this. Thank you!
Bucket: *beaming smile*

Yup, my baby knows what to get her mommy for Christmas. I just have this nagging little feeling that she's not going to find it in our neighborhood Target. Drat!

But it IS the though that counts, right???

some cool stuff

So, I don't know if I've posted lately about what a fan girl I'm becoming for Neil Gaiman.

Here's reason #3,762 for why you should adore him: Check it out! I mean, my proposal was great, but this is really cool, too! In a completely different not-in-my-mom's-kitchen-while-covered-in-sawdust-and-hydraulic-fluid-and-Heaven-knows-what type of way. ^_^

And this:

Because I AM such the geekgirl.

So, yeah. I like some of the craziest stuff.

It's been a while ...

Wow, I can tell that I haven't blogged for a bit. Sorry if you missed me and my ... lack of sanity.

The truck's acting up again. I SO wish that I was more mechanic-y ... then maybe I could fix it for Michael. But when? The kiddos have (for now) won the Great Nap War of 2007. So, yes, there's really no naptime in this house anymore. ... Which makes me not want to travel. Ever. Oh well. Bucket will sometimes take a nap in the afternoon. Bruise will conk out (IF we're holding him) a few hours before bedtime.

Bruise has a cold. So, yesterday, after my talk in Sacrament meeting (the first chirch meeting -- in case you're not LDS), I took the kiddos home since Bruise and his dripping snotfest wouldn't be allowed in Nursery (the "class" for the 18 mos - 3 year olds).

BUT we did get out kicker check from our state taxes. Yay! So now I'm not getting much more wrinkled (Did I mention that I'm getting WRINKLES?!?!? YES! and I'm not even thirty!!!) ... and Michael doesn't have to be all despondent because I'm worrying about crap that I have no control over. (Yes, that's one of my talents. Shut up. It is SO a talent. One that I wish I didn't have.)

Bruise is doing better today. Bucket's got a bit of a cough ... but she's had that for about a week now.

The kiddos woke up at around FIVE IN THE MORNING today. Michael dealt with them after his shower ... as I lay in bed (and then the kiddos slept until around 7:45 or so. Nice!). I could have gotten up ... but I really, really, REALLY didn't want to. Not even when Miss Bucket was knocking on their door and saying "Hello Daddy! Hello Mommy! Mommy sleeping!!"

I have to say that thanks to PBS, the kiddos are doing pretty well ... Bruise works at singing the ABC song. Bucket will sing "La la. La la la. Elmo Word." And when we see letters, Bucket will pick out some of them ... Usually the Os and Ss.

I need to figure out what to get the munchkins for Christmas. And their birthday. They really have most everything they NEED. I'm thinking maybe just some small trinkets (think stockings) and maybe trips to do things -- the aquarium, the zoo ... if they were older, I'd really want to drag them to OMSI. (I'm such a geek. I really, really love OMSI and wish I got up there more often. Maybe we'll find some room in the budget for that. It'd be cool.)

We went to Storybook Land this last weekend. Bruise was okay with sitting on Santa's lap ... as long as he got the candy cane. Bucket? Was. Not. Happy. She wouldn't let go of Grandma ... and screamed most of the time, anyways. *sigh* AND my camera's flippin' batteries RAN OUT as we were there. Good thing we'll be going again this weekend. I'm bringing my backup batteries this time. Freakin' batteries.

Well, I think it's time to suction out Bruise's nose again. (You know you're doing a GOOD job when, amid the nasty snot, you're extracting cries of "Daaaaaaaady!!! Daddy!!!" Yeah, sign me up for mother of the year. Oh yes.)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Some cool things ...

And yes, I'm geeky because I think that these are really cool. I know. Yeah, yeah. Quit giving me that condescending look, okay? I know I'm nerdy and all.

BUT these things are pretty neat!

1 - Scientists have created prosthetic limbs that allow the wearer to FEEL STUFF!

2 - There's a strain of lab mice with a gene (Par-4) that fights cancer. And seems to have no ill effects! How cool is that?!?

3 - This is just cute, really ... Here are the mascots for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. They're designed by Meomi (which, pretty much means that they're so Japanimation-y-adorable).

We got our tree today. It smells wonderful. We haven't decorated it yet. We did a family portrait. I'm pretty dang happy with it (which is saying a lot, since I'm really very hard on myself about my appearance --- dang stupid beauty magazines with their airbrushing and crap). Our photographer was super awesome. She even got Bucket (who likes to affect an "Oh, I'm too shy to smile or even LOOK at you, heaven forbid!" act) to smile and have fun. (Of course, the giant stuffed Elmo-beanbag/doll didn't hurt at all.)
In fact, when we left, I had asked Bruise to say bye to T (the photographer).
"Ba-yee, Teeee-yee."

As my heart melted a little ... I'll admit that I'm a little jealous. He doesn't even call me by my name (which, to him is -of course- Mommy). Everyone's either Daddy or Grampa (or Grandma or Nana) to Bruise. Except for our photographer. ^_^

Bucket likes to talk. She's getting pretty good. She's using sentences pretty darn well. "Daddy go." "Ow, hurts" "Please DEET!!" "I like cheese." ... I mean, she's not about to hold court in the salons of Paris or anything ... but ... I'm kinda impressed.

Bruise and Bucket like to jump. And they jump well. If I had the funds for it, I'd be enrolling them in a tumbling class. They'd have a blast.

I have rather cuddly kids. I like that. I have to remember not to take it for granted.

And, for being nursed for this long, I don't think that they're too clingy. (Sometimes, I feel rather like their personal set of ready-to-go udders ... but that's rather understandable when, say, Bruise nurses for five minutes and goes and plays ... then comes back within fifteen minutes to have another go.)

Things are going well. Prayer works. That makes me glad. ... Even when I'm wearying Heavenly Father with some of my prayers, I'm sure. ^_^ But it's good to know that He loves me. It makes me happy.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I've started listening to Christmas music -- I succumb to Bri's praise of Pandora once again.

And, I can't really complain. when they throw in some not-Christmassy music, I can fix it pretty quickly. And, a couple wrong songs (not that they're not GOOD songs ... just not what I want) is a very small song to pay for Bing and Sinatra ... and NO. FRIGGIN'. "LAST CHRISTMAS by FRIGGIN' WHAM!"!

(I declare that if I hear that song once more in my lifetime, I will not be held accountable for my actions. I've heard it THAT. MANY. TIMES. in the last 365 days. Yes, just last year. Oh, my stinking heck ... is that song overplayed!)

BUT, I'm not here to threaten violence due to an 80s song. No.

I have things to share! Nice wonderful things. That make me tear up ... because under my layers of sarcasm and self-depreciating humor, my dears, I am a SAP.

So here goes:

In the spirit of the season, "Shepherds go find the baby Jesus" at Chased by Children.

(*insert me sobbing* "I LOVE the baby Jesus!!"*)

And since I haven't been through anything like this, I really can't RELATE ... but it makes me feel good to know that there are people out there, totally wonderful and compassionate people who are helping to comfort those that mourn one of the hardest losses that I can contemplate: Strollerderby - Capturing Joy During Most Painful Loss.

And then, there's this couple. They're ballet dancers. They're very good. And ... well, she lost an arm in a car accident. He lost one leg during his childhood.

They amaze me. I only wish that we showed such persistence in striving to better the world.

And since I can't have you leaving thinking that I'm all deep and stuff, here's something that makes me laugh. Because laughing is good for you.

The Writers' Strike Version of House, M.D.

*snrk!* I love that.

Now back to my Christmas music. It looks like Pandora is choosing excellently once again. (Thanks Bri!)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some random videos

This first one makes me miss those school and church dances.

These two are too cool fo' school, dawg. I would totally crush on them if I were about a decade younger.

And here are some guys. I know them from high school.
And now I'm about crying from laughing. And missing them rather badly.
Check out this video: DragonMonkey

Add to My Profile | More Videos

The narrator? I've only known him since second grade.
Dragon Monkey? I first met him in junior high. He's just as hilarious (if not more so) when he's not playing a martial arts character.
And the contender? I still crack up about things that he's said.

I also found that another of my high school friends got together with another mutual friend (his old roommate) and they went surfing together. they also have a video on MySpace.

And, dang if I'm not feeling all nostalgic and crap. What would I do differently? What would I have done the same? How much I miss my old group (Hint: Theater freaks rock so dang much. We didn't need to drink at our parties. We were already a little crazy). ... And then there were my church friends who I never get together with enough, either. *sigh*

Well, I need to actually get productive today. There's a lesson to be planned for the Cub Scout Pack meeting (Even if I sometimes forget that I'm cubmaster, that doesn't mean that anyone else is going to let me get away wtih not having crap planned. Right? Right. So onto planning and executing those plans. ... Now I have a mental image of myself guillotining my Pack Meeting Plans. Ha ha ha.), dishes to be done, books to finish, meals to cook (Okay, who'm I kididng? MEAL to be cooked. I barely cook ... unless I get a strong desire to try something new or to make something that I REALLY want to eat) ... oh, and I need a shower. No denying that one.

So, let's get moving. Fun, fun, fun.

For Bri and Melissa

Bri <3 the LOLrus.
Melissa pink puffy hearts LOLcats.

THIS is the perfect gift. Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 26, 2007

I smell like puke

No, really. I do.

And it's not because Bucket's sick. In fact, she's not coughing today.

It's due to some strange chemical reaction between my yummy smelling bath stuffs (gardenia-scented soap and bubble bath ... and that B&BW Monoi bath milk) and some yaers-old berry-scented lotion.

I smelled fine until I added the berry. Then I ... smell like puke.

That lotion's gone to the big dumpster in the sky. Or the bathroom's trashcan.
Whichever's closer.

I think I'm going to take another shower. So I'll smell like a pretty girl.
Not like a sad, sad airsickness bag.

Recovering from Thanksgiving

I'll be honest. I'm glad to be home.

It's also honest to say that I'm sorry that our families don't live closer. It's nice to get together.

Still, it's VERY nice to sleep in our own bed and have the kiddos in their own room. VERY, VERY nice. Especially when the kidlets (namely BRUISE) keep getting into things that are not child-friendly. Or when Bruise breaks a glass-fronted nightlight-thing (which did freak him the H out ... which we were a little grateful for. Maybe he'll be more careful next time). *sigh*

Wednesday night, when we arrived at Michael's folks' place, the kidlets didn't go to sleep until ... at least 10 or 11. No clock in our room. I used the term "Dammit" a few times. Kids were awake early.

Oh, and while the kiddos weren't sleeping, they were climbing out of their pack-n-plays onto the bed in "our" room.
Here's a little look to show you why I may be looking more tired than usual:

SCENE: Bucket climbs out of her "crib" directly onto the bed. She steps on my legs. Walks up to my head and flops down between Michael and myself.
*poke* "Mommy's EYE." "*resigned to a night with NO sleep* Yes, baby. That's Mommy's eye. Careful, please."
*poke* Mommy's NOSSSE" "Uh-huh"
*PAT* Mommy's HAAAIHHR" "Yes, baby. Good job. Shhh, please. Go to sleep. You're being a little loud."
"Ssssssssh!!! Daddy S'eepiiin."
(Because, obviously, her VERY cranky mommy is NOT.")

This was after Bruise rifled through all of Uncle D's stuff (whose room we were staying in), which made me just a LITTLE apoplectic.

Also, Bruise would climb out of his crib at dark-thirty in the morning, crawl his way up the bed, and promptly fall back asleep once he was cuddled. Which is rather cute.

Bruise probably ate his body weight in tangerines. I don't blame him. They're good. However, I'll say that they come out (of him, at least) looking VERY recognizable. And smelling much, much worse for the wear.

We didn't buy anything on black Friday. Which was nice ... except for the fact it's because money's tight. But, hey, we'll be ready for Christmas somehow. ^_^ I think we might start decorating today. That'd be nice. I need to find a CD player so I can start pumping in the tunes ... or, you know, I could just use iTunes and my computer. ^_^

Uncle D loved the pumpkin bread that I brought. And I think that the orange mini-muffins went over well. I got to eat pumpkin pie. And peach pie. And pecan pie. And some apple pie. Mom C's stuffing/dressing was really good. People laughed when I said that if I wasn't married to her son that the stuffing'd have me proposing.

Oh, on the way down, we were able to stop by my Nana's. We got custard. (I've always loved Nana's custard. The kiddos really didn't eat too much of it. They mostly wanted to run around and play ... and after driving a couple hours, I can't say that I blamed them. And, hey, more custard for me!)

On the way back, we saw my dad and L. I got L's computer set up. She now can surf the net and we can EMAIL each other! Yay!!!! If nothing else, I can always send pictures of the kiddos. Which makes me very happy.

I have to plan a pack meeting for tomorrow. Wish me luck. ^_^ And I'm dealing with a little girl who's screaming for attention ... and a little boy who wants to deet ALL frackin' DAY.

I'm ready to get back to normal, I think. Or at least as normal as I get. *sigh*

What's in a name?

I know that, at some point, I should get a nice, decent name/title/THING for this blog. I mean, yeah, I started it in the earlier days of Blogger as a secondary blog (my at-the-time primary didn't host pictures). ...

I mean, I agonize over what to name a cat nowadays. How can I name a blog? Something that is my little vignette that I present to the world. (And, also, how pretentious can I BE? I mean, I just used the term "Vignette!")

Which got me thinking ... My name sometimes makes me laugh. When people say it really fast, (my first and last name), some people hear it as "Monica."
(As an aside, I'm not very much at ALL like Monica Gellar. My house is messy. And I think that I give good backrubs. And, though I do like cooking -- at times -- I'm SO not a chef.)

I feel the desire to rename my blog. But I don't know what exactly I'm going to choose. Maybe I'll just try choosing a different name for it and changing it when I feel that I don't like it quite as much as I would like to (That's the reason my blog's not named "RannaRee" at present).

I mean, Michael and I worked HARD when we were picking out our kiddos' names. Bruise's name ... we had that one picked out. I knew that I wanted my Pop-pop's name in there. Michael wanted our first boy to be named for his Grandpa as well. Bruise's initials were going to be CJB[last initial] ... but we couldn't ever find a C-name that we liked. So I get my little boy named for my Pop-pop. And we had that name picked out before we every got pregnant. I think that I knew I wanted my Pop-pop's name for a boy before I got married.

Bucket ... her name was harder. I originally had a name that I picked out when I was in high school -- the middle names of my Nana and Grandma. As time went by ... and, even in utero, she just didn't seem like that name. So we had to think and work and try to get something that fit and was pretty and that we loved ... since we knew that we'd be saying it for the next fifty+ years.

Since, when we were doing the final namings, we didn't know the genders of our babies, we had to plan for a boy-girl set of twins, a boy-boy set, and a girl-girl set.

I really, really hoped that we wouldn't have a girl-girl set of twins. Not because I would have loved them any less ... but because we still don't have a second girl's name. We have names that we like ... but not a girl's first name-middle name mix that we adore and are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to use.

We do have a boy's name picked out. And it's awesome. Even though we have some friends who've used the same first name for some of their boy children (different families ... it's not like George Foreman, who has all [ALL!!] his children named for him).

The only bad thing about Bruise's name is that it's rather close to that of his eldest cousin's ... who's a girl ... But, since I usually refer to Bruise by his first and middle name when he's getting into mischief, it's not a huge deal.
Besides, when Bruise worked his way out of my uterus, and I saw him for that second ... I KNEW that I chose right. Which was very good, since we had filled out all the birth certificate paperwork prior to their birth. Since we had about a week in the hospital before they made their appearance.

But, now, for my blog? I don't know what to call it. *sigh* Well, either you'll give me some excellent suggestions, I'll have a dream-revelation, or I'll just start trying on names like shoes at Payless. We'll see.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's always nice to succeed at something.

Even if it's just an online quiz:

Your Vocabulary Score: A+

Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!

You must be quite an erudite person.

As you can probably guess, we managed to get back home safely after our holiday weekend. Michael's already in his before-church (pre-church?) meetings. I need to get showered and dressed, get the kids to nap, get breakfast ... and I know that I'm not going to finish my book this morning. *sigh*

And, I've already read two books to Bucket ... who's just run back to me
"Nuh buhk!" ("Another book!! Paaaaaaa-leeeeeeeees!")

I guess I know what I'm doing. I'll report more later.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Leavin' ... on a Spaceship ... Don't know what to rhyme with "spaceship" ...

Mostly because anything I come up with is a slant rhyme or not very clever or both.

BUT, here's my results for a cute little quizzy-poo:

Which sci-fi crew would you best fit in with? (pics)
created with
You scored as Heart of Gold (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

You are a light and humorous person. No one can help but to smile to your wit. Now if only the improbability

drive would stop turning you into weird stuff.

Heart of Gold (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)


Moya (Farscape)


Serenity (Firefly)


Babylon 5 (Babylon 5)


Deep Space Nine (Star Trek)


FBI's X-Files Division (The X-Files)


Galactica (Battlestar: Galactica)


Bebop (Cowboy Bebop)


SG-1 (Stargate)


Andromeda Ascendant (Andromeda)


Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)


Enterprise D (Star Trek)


Nebuchadnezzar (The Matrix)


So, Melissa and I will have to get a bite to eat at the restaurant at the end of the universe.

And I'm glad that one of my tied-for-second options is Serenity. What?? Jayne's lines are totally quotable!

Jayne: She's a witch?
Wash: Yes. She's had congress with the Beast.
Jayne: ... She's in congress??

Yes, yes. I am a bit geeked out.

Now I have to finish getting ready for Thanksgiving (visiting the in-laws). So, I'm needing to bake a loaf of pumpkin bread to bring down, finish the dishes and packing, take out the trash, get the kids to take a nap, take a shower ... Um ... That's most of it. *sigh* wish me luck, since I only have four hours to get everything done.

I think that's it. Maybe. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


(Alternate title: OH my holy heck.)

Seriously, though. Whenever I feel like what I'm doing doesn't matter that much because I'm "just a mom," I'm gonna have to remember this.

Yet another reason I need to get a Nerdfighter pin that says "DFTBA."
(For you non- or not-yet-nerdfighters, it stands for "Don't Forget To Be Awesome."

Back to that video ... Wow. Just wow.

Now I have to work on not yelling at my kids as much, huh?

I guess I'm slipping ...

76%The Movie Quiz - Movie Reviews

Since I don't watch all those 'R'-rated movies anymore, I'm really losing my grip on the "cool" movie trivia. :P

I still firmly believe that Gladiator was terrible. And that 300 looks about a billion times cooler. Probably because it's written by Frank Miller. And he's pretty brilliant. In a disturbing kinda way ... But still.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Lately ...

The van's in the shop, being checked out and all. So the kidlets and I are stuck at home for the time being.

I'm trying to get on top of things for lock-in (a cub scout thing). I need to figure out how to decorate our booth and who to borrow rain gutters from ... if anyone has hints/tips, I'm more than happy to hear them!!

I finally gave up trying to "adjust" my wedding set (it's too big and I can't afford to get it resized right yet), so I'm now wearing my mom's set from when she and my dad were married. It's cute.

Finally, after my in-laws remarking so much about how skinny I seem, I finally weighed myself (and it appears that Bruise and Bucket DIDN'T break the scale by putting it in the bathtub that one time) ... Dude, I lost ten pounds! And I didn't know it! What?!?
Not that I'm complaining. So I only have about ten pounds to lose to get to my goal weight (which takes me to a normal BMI).

We watched Meet the Robinsons last night. SO CUTE! Seriously, it was much better than Michael and I expected. There were parts that kids probably won't get (like a certain spoof of martial arts films) ... but I laughed SO HARD! And Michael was thoroughly pleased as well.

I'm caught up on laundry ... but have procrastinated on finishing up the weekend dishes. May God have mercy on my soul. They'll never get done at this point.

I read The Daring Book for Girls. I have to buy it and the Dangerous Book for Boys. They're both excellent.

I got my iPod working. It wasn't being recognized by the computer ... then it was "corrupted" ... then we couldn't turn it off ... so Michael went to the computer store and they reset it (in about a minute) and it works again. Yay!!

So, yeah. Oh, and my MHN (Mental Health Number) is doing much better. Thanks!

Oh, and Kari? You're so totally right about that Sonicare toothbrush. I pink, puffy heart mine. Happy early Christmas to me! I was able to say "buh-bye" to so much plaque. The backs of my front teeth? They're so flippin' SMOOTH!!! And the back of my bottom teeth are looking/feeling tons (metric tonnes, even) better!

Oh, and I made Michael crack up laughing as we moved the carseats into T2's car (which we're borrowing while the van's in the shop ... I can't drive it [stick shift] but it doesn't matter, since Michael drives it to work anyways) and I was getting frustrated. And I referred to a "gorram seatbelt."
And Michael laughed because, hello!! I'm a Firefly geek!! Next thing you know, I'll be swearing in Mandarin. (First, it'd really help if I actually SPOKE Mandarin.)

So, let's hope and pray that we'll get the van back tomorrow. It'd be really, really, REALLY nice. this way Michael can get to work and I can pick him up from work and we can drive the van down to his folks' for Thanksgiving.

So ... yeah.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Latest stuff

Bruise likes to point at things and ask, "Whazz zat??" ("What's that" in case you don't speak Bruise.)

Bucket likes eating dried apples.

I made cinnamon rolls. They're delicious. I eat two because one's sooo good. Then I feel a little sick 'cause they're so rich.
Then I wait a few hours to repeat this process. Because, did I mention this?, they're goooood.

And it looks like our transmission is going out. After two months. Yes, never buy a warranty from Ultimate Warranty (which, it appears, might not exist anymore). SO, since this transmission was guaranteed for one-year, they'd BETTER replace it. Since we're still working on paying for that stinking diagnostic and flush that they refused to cover.

(Yes, that's really the reason that we got so behind on money. Instead of paying only the $100 deductible, we had to pay another $250 for crap that you HAVE to do to make sure that this stuff works and will work. Yet another reason --besides their obvious *snide* STELLAR */snide* customer service [which entails managers telling my husband that, oh yeah, they don't care. This is the only stuff that they cover. Tough for you. *cue evil laughter on their part and the grinding and gnashing of teeth on our part*]-- that it should be called "Ultimately Crap Warranty" ... and if you don't believe me, go read what they say about Ultimate on RipOff Report.)

So, seriously, start telling everyone that you know that Ultimate Warranty is ... not all that Ultimate. Refusing to pay for necessary stuff, using junkyard parts ... Like I said, not so Ultimate. Once this is done, I'm so posting this story to Consumerist.

On another note, I have an overdue book. I'm finishing it today. I have to. So I can turn it in. Since between the last time I checked online and YESTERDAY there were three holds put on the two copies at the library. *sigh*

So I'm going to sign off.
But, really, for good news ... Bruise is talking. His diction needs work. But he has down the cadence of adult speech. If you listen really hard, you can often make out what he's saying.
Bucket impressed her Auntie T1 with her extensive vocab and knowledge of animal sounds (T1 and Bucket were reading books when T1 dropped by. It was really nice, since I had T1 to distract the kiddos while I rolled out those cinnamon rolls.

And did I mention how good they are??
'Cause the totally are.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Silence ...

My blogging silence is not because I've ritually disemboweled myself due to the stress and shame of the last weekend.

No, I've been a little busy. My mommy's visiting! She goes back home tomorrow, so I've been taking advantage of the time we have together ... even though I did spend a good deal of today at the computer, catching up on blogs, as she completes Sudokus in the rocking chair.

AND!! She bought me moisturizer. Because she loves me.

AND!!! I roasted a chicken. AFTER I brined it. And it was beautiful and tasted really good. And I made mashed potatoes from scratch.

When I asked Michael if he had any suggestions, his response was: "More often??"

Yup, I'm all domesticated. I rule.

The kiddos have new winter hats that fit. (I chose them out at Target while the kidlets and Michael held down the fort. Mom tried not to snicker too loudly as I tried on toddler-sized hats. And then a REALLY cute little girl's Nordic-style hat (with TASSELS!!).

So, now I'm brewing a chicken corpse for broth. It should be good. ^_^

In case you were wondering about that last thing that I was freaking about (the possibility of offending/uncomforting that one awesome girl), I called her Saturday. If she was offended, she was totally cool. She told me that, no, we're fine and that I shouldn't worry at all about it.

(Hello!! I TOLD you she was cool. ... And she knows that I think she's cool. Since I only told her like, oh, THREE times. So maybe she's scared that I'm a total stalker.)

(But I can totally handle that. Because my friends and I love that Garrens Comedy Troupe cover of "Happy Together." The one that reworks the lyrics so it's TOTALLY a stalker's song. And it's excellent.)

And the parade went well. Even though the people were punks and DID NOT JUDGE OUR FLOAT. They told our driver (Since I wasn't there. I was able to hang with the family and take some pictures. Woo-hoo!) that he should have gotten there on time for the judging.

HELLO?!? He was there when registration STARTED. Looks like it's someone else's screw-up. Don't pass the buck onto us. We're Cub Scout-people. We're HONEST and crap.

Oh, and I saw my cool mentor-teacher (not the one that had me stressed enough that I was puking daily and wishing to die. NO. This was the sweet, funny, wonderful one). And I was able to introduce my mom to her. And K (since that's her first initial) told me that once I want to start subbing or anything to let her know. And she was totally thrilled for me to be able to be a SAHM.

See why I LOVE that woman? She's totally sweet and lovely. And she and I GET each other. And did I mention that she's so nice?!? Because she totally is. I could start a fan club.

I should. If it wouldn't be too stalker-esque.

But, yeah. Things are going better. I should get the booth for Lock-In totally planned out. And then totally plan the Blue and Gold Dinner. And then I can take a breath. Before having to TOTALLY plan the Pinewood Derby. And then all the other stuff. *phew*

Yeah. And I'm still going to try and keep my mouth shut more often while visiting teaching.

Just in case.


When I'm not trying to keep my kidlets from getting into trouble. Or stealing my cell phone.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Possibly Offending People One Word at a Time

So, my VT companion emailed me. I may have made a sister we teach feel uncomfortable.

And I've been beating myself up about it. Because that's what I do.

I whine to Michael, "Can't I just never talk? Why do I have to talk?"

then I wonder if maybe, because I'm such a hermit nowadays ... if, because most of the people I talk to are people who know me and love me and accept my eccentric behaviors and, um, my-honest-myself-no-holds-barred conversation ... if maybe because of this I just have lost my social skills. Maybe I just am not appropriate for social appearances.

I'm going to call the sister in question and apologize, JUST IN CASE. Maybe my companion read the situation wrong. Maybe it's no big deal.

But this girl is one who seems cool. And I'd like her as a friend. But what if she doesn't like me?

(P.S. Dianne, I'm so glad that you are so cool and invited me over. I feel a little less like a social pariah. ^_^)

I stress about stupid things: money, possibly having maybe offended or uncomforted someone, this dang parade float (which, in -- oh -- maybe five hours or so, will be completely over. So, instead I can freak out about Lock-In and the Blue and Gold Dinner and the Pinewood Derby. Yay. :P)

The other day I saw a funny T-shirt. It read "Yes, I am silently judging you."

I thought it was funny. I wouldn't wear it because it's not describing me. I try not to judge people.

I, obviously, need one that says something more like: Possibly, maybe, probably running off my mouth again and not being socially-savvy enough to realize that I might be offending you. And, if I do, I'm really, really sorry and I apologize in advance. And will continue to kick myself in the head about it once it's brought to my attention ... even after I do apologize in person.

And then on the back it could say, "Please pet my hair and tell me that I'm darling and that it's okay."

But really, I'm ready to not leave the house. And maybe to take a vow of silence.
After I apologize to the girl.


Friday, November 09, 2007

Overheard around the Bloggosphere

Okay, one's from my inbox, but still ...

But, have you ever been just surfing along the internet tide, reading along and suddenly there's one of the greatest things EVER SAID, right there in front of you?

Yeah, me neither. No! I was just asking a hypothetical-situation question ... *shifty eyes*

Well, I was reading "In the Dark," the movie newsletter by Eric D. Snider (and, yeah, I'm kinda a fan girl for him. He's hilarious!) ... but it's also in the movie review on his site, too!

AND I was faced with, "He isn’t creepy so much as pathetic, screaming and ranting in a way that is (unintentionally) hilarious and that isn’t the least bit intimidating. It's like being menaced by Tobey Maguire." (Emphasis mine.)

Seriously, did you NOT watch Tobey Maguire being all emo in Spiderman 3?? I totally almost wet my pants laughing. It's like ME, Miss Princess of Laughter and Sunshine and Unicorns trying to sing angsty Alanis Morrisette songs.

(Really, it's vair, vair pitiful ... "You Oughta Know ... that I like puppies." would be the best way to describe my performance. If I ever was very drunk and needed to to a karaoke number to make terrorists laugh or else the world would end, THAT would be the song I should perform.)

And, on Mir's last post, one of the comments was SO good.

In Mir's post, her kids were talking and got on the topic that boys can't kiss each other. "Well, no, they can." "Oh! I know what that's called!! MORMONISM!!" "Um, no."
Now, Mir isn't a member of our church ... but a lot of her readers are. And one had the BEST comment. (It's not often that someone's comment can make me laugh more than a post of Mir's, but Meg's comment sure did.)

she was talking about her son (who seems to be like me -- in how we hear lyrics) and how he had really gotten into the Transformers cartoon ... the one from the 80s.

The real lyrics are:
Transformers: More than meets the eye.
Transformers: Robots in disguise

What he hears:
Transformers: More than beats me eye
Transformers: Mormons in disguise."

*wipes tears of laughter away*

Needless to say, Michael LOVED that last line.

Yup, I am rather easily amused.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Just streaming my consciousness ...

I know this is totally beating a dead horse ... BUT ... what is the big deal about breastfeeding in public?

I totally am very blessed in the friends that I have. They put up with the fact that I feel breastfeeding is important ... and that I enjoy it. That I'm an extended breastfeeding mama.

I know that there are people out there who don't feel that children who can ask to be nursed should be nursed. And ... well ... I used to be one of them.

And then I became a mother. A mother who enjoys nursing her babies.
Even when they got older.
Even when they got teeth. (I consider myself VERY lucky that I only got nipped a few times. ...I still get nipped once in a while. However, I like being needed and adored.)

I'm not sure how to wean my munchkin brigade, even if I wanted to.
Part of it is that I'm kinda lazy. It's so dang easy to feed and offer comfort this way.

And, really, I can't find any downsides.

My children love me.
They know that I love them, that I will provide all I can for them.
I've lost weight.
My chest is getting smaller (For me, this is a HUGE plus!!!!).
My children rarely get sick.
I've never had to deal with an ear infection. I've dealt with a few colds, Bucket's case of croup, and the flu. Still ... when I hear that there are moms of singletons out there whose children get cold after cold after cold, I consider myself extremely lucky.
It's frackin' CHEAP. I mean, really. I've probably saved at least a thousand dollars (that we DEFINITELY don't have to spare) on f0rmula.

Now, I'm not a person who's easily offended much. (I usually rise up for a sec, being all, "Whatchoo SAY??" ... and then back down. I'm not into confrontation. And, more often than that, I usually just feel HURT that someone thinks that I'm not doing what's right/smart/ethical/whatever.)

But ... I can get a little worked up about breastfeeding. I guess it's my thing.
Maybe I'm a breastfeeding NerdFighter. Well, at least a breastfeeding NIT. (Nerdfighter-In-Training for those of you wondering what the Helen I'm talking about.)

I do have to say that I think it's a little crazy/hypocritical/whack that in our society, breasts are fine if they're in a push-up bra or selling cars ... but if someone has the audacity to sit on a bench in the park or mall and nurse their child ... Oh, help! I think I have a case of the vapors!

Now, I understand that some people may feel jealous that someone can easily nurse her child ... there are quite a few ladies out there who have had problems breastfeeding.
And, yeah, it would be hard to see someone doing something that you've had problems with ...
But that doesn't explain why the vociferous anti-nursing males of the population are so against it. Maybe they're jealous for another reason? *broad wink. nudge, nudge*

Still ... what is wrong with a baby (or small child) getting food from mammaries? I mean, why else do we have breasts?

And, I have a strong inkling that it's not to sell cars or Victoria's Secret.

Now, since my little leeches are not the most ... sedate ... of nurslings, I usually try not to nurse them in public anymore. Especially since now I can carry around such wonders as Goldfish crackers or fruit snacks.
But ... for kiddos less than a year to 18 mos old, those things aren't an option.

I think it's insane that people want to demand that a nursing mum shouldn't have the right to leave the house. Because, oh the horrors, they'd have to WATCH. HER. NURSE.

Now, let me get this straight. Your rights are being infringed upon because a baby needs to eat ... and you, as an adult, cannot of your own volition AVERT. YOUR. EYES.

Wither the Fries?!?!?

I believe that the baby has as much, if not MORE right to eat in public.
And all this talk about "discrete?" ... That's what a nursing mom TRIES to do. I'd like to see these people try to keep a wet cat/octopus-chimera attached to their chest without flashing some skin.

*sigh* Yeah, I get caught up in this. And I talk and talk and talk about it.

Also, the whole argument that men, upon seeing a breast (even one with a baby attached) will lose control of their thoughts and all ... I don't think that we're trusting our men enough. I believe that they can control their thoughts.

And that it's not my job to do it for them. They are adults. And it's not my brain.

It's like blaming the rape victims for not wearing pants/a longer skirt/saying "no" forcefully enough/being a little flirty/changing her mind/etc.

Which brings me to the whole topic of accountability. And I could spend another week on this (if not longer).
Which would bring me to talk about my stance on elective abortion (I feel it is not needed in our society. We have very good contraceptives. We have many families that would love a child to lovingly raise. And, really, if one cannot accept the fact that no form of "safe sex" is 100% safe ... then maybe that one shouldn't be playing roulette that way. And yes, I know that it's totally not-PC to think that people might not have sex ... but really ... Even I know that one can do many things that don't carry the risk of pregnancy or STDs ... and a good bunch only involve one's self.) (Yes, I have read some smut, thanks. I'm not a complete innocent that way.)

*sigh* See what happens?

And in case you're wondering, since I'm obviously going to bring up all the controversial topics that I can think of now -- I circumcise. Well, I don't do it myself ... but I have had my son snipped.
Not for religious reasons ... but partly because I think it's more aesthetically pleasing (and I'm the one who has to change over 75% of his diapers) and easier to clean. (And, hey! One of the nurses at the kids' pediatrician's office was SO glad. In her experience, she's dealt with so many little boys with painful UTIs. And the common link? Not snipped.)

And yes, I DO know that there IS probably something wrong with me that I cannot fully appreciate the beauty and wonder that is the uncircumcised penis.

But you know what? I also prayed about it. And I don't feel guilty.

(And yeah, when a commenter on a blog that I had commented on regarding my reasons for snipping said in their comment that I was wrong to think that my son's penis wasn't beautiful and perfect as-is [pre-snip], I was a little offended. ... Then immediately I stepped back and thought, "Dude, what do I care? okay, so they think I'm messed-up and crazy. Who cares? I'm the one who's changing diapers and seeing it everyday and having to clean it. And also, why do I care what this complete stranger thinks about me??" [Which, if you know me ... I'm a bit of a people-pleaser. I want everyone to like me. And I'll beat myself up for not achieving this. Usually. Not this time.])

So, yeah. I refuse to feel guilty about that.

Just like I refuse to feel guilty for not having a string of lovers, for not drinking or smoking, for not swearing like a sailor (anymore) ... for accepting some things on faith, for trying to see and think the best of people (well, I TRY. I never said I always succeed on that one).

Seriously ... I have lots of other issues to beat myself up over ... I'm not going to feel guilty over enjoying breastfeeding my kidlets, circumcising my male offspring, or being against abortion. Or big tobacco.

Like not having my kidlets already potty-trained. Or spending too much time on the computer and not teaching them their 123s and ABCs. Or not spending enough "QUALITY" time with Michael. Or not always studying my scriptures (it's more of a skimming. Not good enough). Or not having a firmer bum. Or not having the house in good Feng Shui Chi order.

Now those are things I can feel some guilt over.
Wallow in it.
Let my skin get all pruney.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Now, things that go on in our house .... never quite "normal."

Bucket still won't say her name. She talks pretty dang well for an anklebiter ... here's what she calls people:
"Boos" = herself or Bruise
"Daddy" = Michael
"Mommy/ Daddy-Mommy" = me ... that second one is when she's feeling silly.

HOWEVER, she uses the first-person personal pronoun really well!
"I read." "I deet" (Remember, our word for breastfeeding?) "I get door." (That one was yesterday. I was impressed. It's totally a full sentence!) "I got toes!"

Bruise is talking a little more. Which is great. Usually, it's still one word. My little troglodyte. Adorable. He's coming along.

Whereas, you'd expect that the one of us who reads and is a college graduate would say ... profound things.

Not so much.
Like last night after the kiddos were asleep. Michael and I were chilling on the couch watching an anime (and, in my case, reading a book).

Me: "After dinner and Cocoa-Roos, my mouth tastes like wet dog smell."
Michael: I'm ... happy for you?

Yeah. Brilliancy = me, huh?

Sign me up for that Nobel prize. Maybe the Pulitzer, too.

But, on the bright side, I'm getting through my library books! Yay!! And I'm even (*gasp!*) able to say, "You know, I'm just not into this book. I'm reading something else. This one ... maybe in a year or so. If ever."

AND my mental health number is doing WAY better. (Maybe my freakout had something to do with my painters coming in ... or else the painters came BECAUSE of the freakout ... hard to tell.)

Oh!! I must defrost bread dough for tonight!! Thanks for reminding me!!
(Now you're probably scratching your head and saying, "huh??" ... Just accept that you've helped me remember to prepare for dinner. Yay!!"

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Crazy Dream Chronicles, Part ... Um ... Whatever

So, I dreamed that I was back at school. College-school.

And I was just, like, crashing classes after being absent for so long, since I've had kids and all. So my name wasn't on the roll. At parts, I was with ... it had to be a friend from high school -- who I offered a ride home to, but I couldn't give it to her since the van was blocked in. When I went back to class, I had Michael with me.

The History teacher was so like an English teacher I have had in real life ... and she described how I smelled. Like cornflowers, a fresh breeze, summer and laundry.

Random Llanna-trivia: I worry about how I smell. Almost OC worrying. Which is really sad.

In other news, even though we had an "extra" hour, I did not. Kiddos were awake at 6 A.M. I wanted them to sleep in a while. No such luck.


Other, other news, I made oatmeal for the kiddos. One of Bucket's favorite words (for any type of fruit) is "apple."
I had dehydrated apples in our food storage, so in they went! I asked her if she liked them. Sure enough, she nodded and smiled and ate more bites.
Bruise seemed to enjoy the liberal sprinkling of brown sugar I put on top.

I don't know if I really care for instant oatmeal that much. But, hey! It's healthy. The kiddos eat it. Not bad!!

Now, just to get into the habit of cooking other meals. And to get into the habit of cooking meals during the day for the kiddos. (See, that "Too Lazy to Bottlefeed" shirt I want?? It's TOO TRUE!!)

And, Kari, don't worry about getting emotional about people's stories.
This morning, after Signing Time, Rachel, the gal who does it, was talking about how her daughter, Leah, is deaf. Leah's cousin was born when Leah was a few months old. Alex (the cousin) and Leah both learned sign language so he could communicate with Leah.
THEN, she mentioned another girl who's featured in segments on the show. It's her other daughter. Who has spina bifida. And she was able to learn to sign, talk, and sing.

There I am, with Bruise and Bucket, holding back tears ... and being so dang thankful that I have healthy little kidlets who can walk, talk, run, and dance ...

Yeah, I had to work to not burst into tears. Because Michael would wonder what's possessed his wife THIS TIME.

Friday, November 02, 2007

A bookish post

Bruise, Bucket and I made it to storytime for the SECOND WEEK IN A ROW!!

Yeah, who da man??

Yup, I da man. ... Or as Michael will answer me, "You da WO-man."

Bucket did just about all the hand motions to "The Wheels on the Bus." I was impressed.
Bruise had fun going up to Dana (the AWESOME Children's Librarian at our library). At one point, I looked up from doing hand motions with Bucket on my lap and there Bruise was, bouncing around on Dana's lap. ^_^

Bruise even got a stamp on his hand. A little purple cat to go with the witch tattoo he got trick-or-treating.

Before I picked up my holds, I took the kiddos over to the kids' books. They each got a board book. They were REALLY ENGROSSED in the books this week.

Usually I choose between 4-7 books and they don't seem that into them until after we get out to the car.

This time ... Bucket, who was exhausted, kept her Elmo book open on her lap, even after she was nearly conked out.

Yes, she is my daughter.

One of the staff let me know that there's a circ desk opening.
It's tempting ... but, especially with twins, ... well, with the transportation and the childcare ... I'd be lucky to break even.

Maybe after mom retires ... but that'd be a LOT of time that she'd have to be away from HER home ...

I don't feel that right now is the time for me to go back in the work force. I want to be here to see my kidlets grow ... and I miss Michael too much as it is.


Okay, okay. This post has gone from "bookish" to NOT bookish at all ... Bringing it back around:

Bucket loves her Elmo book. Bruce very much likes the Corduroy book I picked for him. I'm in the middle of a Laura Lippman mystery ... for more books that I'm reading or considering reading in the near future, you can always check the GoodReads widget to the side.

I should get offline sometime so that I can finish my books. Sometime. ^_^

My Mental Health Number

Now, Joshilyn Jackson (or "Joss," as everyone calls her) will, every so often, talk in her blog about her mental health number.

Like one's blood pressure, it is the aim to have a LOW MHN (mental health number).

My mental health number? It's not been that low.

To be completely blunt, we're strapped for cash. I don't like this situation. To me, security = not having to worry about affording groceries. Security is not feeling the pinch when we pay our tithing. Security is not counting the cents before an overdraft appears.

Security is being able to buy a book or two a month. Being able to buy new clothes at least once a season. Being able to go out to eat a couple times a month. Going out to the movies every couple of months. Buying gas without secretly screaming inside in regards to the price (Well, that one STILL might happen).

I'm usually super closed-mouth-ed about our finances. But, I'll let slip that this is the major reason for the huge elevation in my MHN.

So ... if you know any rich benefactors who are looking to sponsor a family ...


(but, really, if you do have an in with Bill Gates ....)

Yes, I do joke ... because it's better than getting an ulcer.

Michael doesn't like it when I worry to the point of stressing.
This morning, I felt terrible ... tight and tasting of bile.

I'd felt this way before. I has to ask myself when that was.
It was that last term of student teaching.
That term that had me throwing up daily or just not eating much more than one meal per day so that I WOULDN'T throw up.

So I prayed.

Yes, I know that things are going to be tight. For at least another paycheck.
BUT, I also now know for sure that we will get through this.
That I am loved.

I mean, yes, I do know these things ... but it's like I'm able to REALIZE these facts more.

Prayer is good. I should do it more often.

So, my MHN is still a bit elevated. But it's WAY better than it was the last 24 hours.

Thank God. Literally.
Very literally.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy All Saints Day!! (Since that is what the day after Halloween is called ...)

Okay, so the kids (and I) are coming off of a bit of a sugar high. (Though, to be completely honest, I'll probably get back on that sugar high as soon as they're down for a nap.)

(Yes, I'll admit that I'll glean some of their candy. I'll even feel a modicum of guilt!)
(What?? They're not even 30 pounds each! [At least, they weren't the last time they were weighed.] It's not like they need the cubic tons of candy that they received! And I, as their mother, DO need the candies. They make me happy.)

Here are the Halloween pictures:

Bucket (or as she now calls herself, "Monkey") is the adorable primate. She looks more like a New World money to me ... but I'm not a primateologist. (Yeah, Jane Goodall has NO reason to worry.)
Bruise (sporting a bruise on the forehead *sigh*) is our Elephant.
(Dianne: Again, THANKS for offering the costume. On a scale of one to ten, YOU are an ELEVEN!)

And yes, since Bruise was an elephant, I did make some Joseph Merrick jokes. But only ones when Bruise was walking around with the elephant head over his own and you couldn't see his sweet face.

Dont' get me wrong! I think that Joseph Merrick sounds like such a lonely soul. He needs a BIG hug.
Or he would if he were still alive.

Here is a picture of the kidlets in the balloon pit at a local party:
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And a video where you can witness my real-life cackle of a laugh:

(Yeah, I got really into filming, didn't I? But, like I said, it WAS only a balloon that hit me. ... Another instance that proves that if round objects -- like BALLS -- are around, that they WILL hit me in the face.)

And one that shows how adorable my children are. And how much they LOVE slides:

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

I WOULD post pictures ... but I really haven't taken any YET.

We went to our church's Halloween party last night. Bruise loved the games. Anyplace that encourages him to throw stuff = AWESOME.
Bucket enjoyed the games, too. She also loved eating apple slices.
(Don't tell Bruise, but right now our monkey-girl has better aim than he does. But he has a bit more enthusiasm. So I guess it evens out.)
The only letdown is that since Michael and I were always holding or corralling a kiddo, I didn't get a single picture while we were there.

I plan to make up for that tonight.

Tonight's going to be busy. Once Michael (who has the van today) gets home, we'll be off to the mall for tick-or-treating, then to the Boys and Girls' Club for our neighbor's son's church's celebration (Hey ... there's free hot dogs, popcorn ... those inflatables that you jump in, AND a big sack o' candies?? Count me in! And it's open to the public. Good stuff.), THEN we'll drop by our neighbors' house, since she specifically asked us to bring Bruise and Bucket by. And they are TOTALLY good people.
(Note to self: Remember to ask them over for dinner sometime.)

After tonight, I think that things will start to slow down. For about a week. Then I can start to get us all ready for visiting family and Thanksgiving. AND there's the prep for the Veteran's Day parade. Give me strength.

I mean, I know that I can make it. It's just getting to the point where I know for a fact (instead of taking it on faith) that I can make it.

And, not to brag, but I was looking at a picture that Michael took of me (as I was scraping out pumpkin guts so he could carve a Jack-Lantern for the munchkin brigade) ... and dang if I don't look rather skinny. When did this happen??

Not like I'm about to be fitting in my jeans from high school or anything, but I'm looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. Which is a nice surprise.

I'm almost caught up in my library books. Which is nice. Since I'm tired of having 20 books that are approaching their due date ... When I've only read, like, THREE of them.

Trivia about me: I feel a little guilty when I have to renew a book.
Yes, really. And it doesn't make sense at all. I KNOW.

SO, in short, I'll post pictures later. The kiddos enjoy eating candy (at first, Bucket didn't like how it felt on her teeth. But she's over that now.

(Note to self: MUST have kiddos brush their teeth. Don't forget!!)
(Unrelated note to self: Cut Michael's hair.)
(Another unrelated note to self: Stop worrying. It's going to be fine. If we run out of candy IF that many trick-or-treaters come by, make cookies. Assure kids that you didn't spit/sneeze/shed in the batter. And that there aren't razor blades or crap or whatever in there, either. If they don't believe you ... well, they're missing out on some good cookies.)

You know what I always really miss this time of year?
The Halloween episode of My So-Called Life.

I found it on tv-links recently. Just as good, if not better, than I remembered.

(Note to self: Next year, plan costume for self. It might be fun. Instead of scrabbling around the house for anything that MIGHT be costume-y. Really.)
(Related note: Start planning the kidlets' birthday party. Get a theme, plan the invites, and decide on food. You'll feel so much better. THEN -- WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BUY THEM????)
(Omiheck!! I've got to buy Christmas presents!!! Crapity crap!!!! *head exploding*)

Excuse me. I fear that I'm suffering from technical difficulties.
I'll be back probably tomorrow with pictures and an un-exploded head.
I hope.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Trivia about me ...

Just in case you didn't know ...

Sometimes I feel like I live in a huge game of MadGab.

I'm way too good as mishearing song lyrics.

Michael still laughs that I thought "Big Yellow Taxi" contained the line "Baby be nice and put up a parking lot."

Hello!! When the guy from Counting Crows sings it, it DOES sound like that.
It wasn't until after I was married that I learned it really says "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

Michael: What's nice about putting up a parking lot??
Me: I don't know ... maybe they are wearing new shoes?

Friday night, as we were out shopping, "Night Fever" by the BeeGees came on.

I learned, yet again, that I don't know songs.

For that chorus part after "The feeling is riight!!" ... Well, I couldn't tel what they were saying. So I just tried to make sense of what the sounds COULD be. And, no, I DIDN'T know the title of the song. Even though I gladly listen to disco.

So, I always hear it as "Niiiiighteeeen Niiiiiighteeee Niiiiiiii-hhh" ... Nineteen ninety-nine. Good year. My graduation year. Cool, cool.

NOT THE LYRICS, so I learned.
They actually are just saying, "Night fever, night fever."


And, then I had to ask Michael about "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" by Michael Jackson.
He didn't know what Jacko was saying either ... but he was sure I was wrong.

As I'm looking it up:

The CORRECT lyrics are "Keep on with the force, don't stop, don't stop 'til you get enough."
What I hear:
"Rock on, be a p0rn star, don't stop 'til you get enough."



Pictures ... Part Four - The Temple

And, finally!! The pictures I took at the temple. (Since, on the last post, the pictures at the temple was [obviously] taken by Michael.)

First, the fountain. The kiddos love water, love fountains.
Shortly after this picture was taken (or was it right before?), Bruise walked into the mud. *rolls eyes*

At the reflection pond.
(Truly, this is Michael's and my temple. We got married here ... and it's so fun/different to be taking pictures of OUR KIDS at the same spots where our wedding pictures were taken.)

Still, they're pretty dang cute.

Since Michael was corralling the kidlets, I tooke the opportunity to try and get some pictures of the temple itself.

*sigh* Such a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful place.

And here's what you see as you get back onto I-5.

Funny aside: One of my friends in college (not a member of our church) referred to the temple as "Mormon Disneyland." ... Since it's right along I-5 and you can totally see it as you drive by.

It stikes me as even funnier since, truly, it is probably the happiest place on earth.
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Pictures ... Part Three

Another picture from the hay ride:

My little girl is so pretty. I know I'm a little biased.
But still!!

And here are Bruise and Bucket on the frog at the local carousel workshop.

One of their aunts is volunteering there. She's carving a hoof for one of the horses ... and they may incorporate one of her drawings (a fairy) onto another of the horses.
Some people have all the artistic luck.
*swallows some little green-eyed feelings*

What the munchkin brigade never do enough of:

Probably having to do with the fact that Bruise climbs out of his crib multiple times. And sometimes crawls into Bucket's crib and wakes her up.
And then I don't get to sleep in or finish a book or fold that ever-growing pile of laundry.

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And here's the kiddos and me at the temple after my college roommate's wedding downtown.
(Hey, if we're going to the big city with the kidlets, let's take them to the temple, too! Especially since, last time, when we went to the zoo, they fell asleep before we left Hwy 26.)

One more installment of pictures to come!!

Pictures ... Part Two

Here's a few of the pictures I took while we went to get our pumpkins a couple weeks back:

Bruise LOVED riding the tractor (he did get to "drive" [on Michael's lap] a real one on the hay ride).



Bucket blowing me kisses after she got her turn on a (non-moving) tractor.
This picture was taken about a minute after she threw a little fit because Bruise wouldn't share the steering wheel with her.


Chillin' like a villain on the hay ride.

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Both the munchkins having fun running around the pumpkin patch. Bruise enjoyed his freedom to wander. Bucket stayed close to us and seemed to like the green pumpkins.

Pictures ... Part One

I did promise pictures, right??

Well, don't say that I never post pictures. Because I do. When I'm not being so incredibly lazy, lazy, lazy.


Bruise is here to PUMP. YOU. UP.
(Seriously, though ... When the kiddos and I went to my mom's, he would NOT stand for Bucket to be on the elliptical. It was HIS SPECIAL ... His pressssssssssssshiousssssssssssss)


Sometimes I take a picture. And am remarkably impressed at how well it turned out. Score!
Besides, if I showed you Bucket in close-up, not-cell-phone resolution, full glory ... well, it'd be like looking at Zeus. With the whole bursting into flames because you. just. can't. HANDLE. the. Adorablility!!!
Consider yourself lucky. I'm protecting you. You totally owe me. :P


Someday, I'm going to get the boxes cleared out from our front room. And my stepdad will bring up the piano. And the children will be happy.
And people won't think that we're in the process of moving out. (How could we be?? We're still moving in!!)
(Yes, it had taken us nearly a year. Which is very pitiful.)


And here's Bruise's "Grinch face," as I like to call it.
But he does look darling in the Mr. PotatoHead glasses, no??

More pictures to come. Cross my heart and lick my elbow!
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blog PIF

I stole this from Dianne (if, by "stole" you mean she told me to sign up on hers ... so it's not very good stealing at all. ... I'll never get my place in the eighth circle of Dante's Inferno. Crap.)

BUT, as I learned today, PIF means "Pay It Forward." And here's the main jist:

I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.

Now, since I'm not a Craft McCraftersons like many of my talented friends, when those lucky three commenters sign up, I'll get to wrack what little of my brain I have left to figure out a nice little prize.

(HINT: Suggestions are welcome. If you know something that I do well ... and you'd like me to do that something, I'm up for it. I have no pride ... well, very little ... left. It's not below me to be a performing monkey for my adoring fans. :P)

... Now I'm really trying to figure out things that I'm good at:
- self-disparaging humor
- reading
- ordering free magazines (You really should see the pile on the toilet in our room. It's amazing. A good foot-and-a-half or magazines and catalogs)
- small (SMALL) home repairs (e.g., something with a screwdriver or hammer. Maybe a drill)
- admiring other people's talents
- finding videos on YouTube (Today the kidlets watched puppies before church. And a monkey teasing two young tigers. I think it was really a gibbon, not a monkey ...)
- being a bit of a geek. Like how I was discussing viruses with my cousin yesterday ... since I'm excited that scientists have found a way to neutralize HIV in the body, not just in labs. ... And I haven't really studied anything, really, regarding rDNA since high school. And I really should, since I kinda miss that stuff.
- making my cousin laugh. It makes me happy.

Yeah, those are hard things to wrap up and send someone, huh?

Don't worry. I'll figure out something. I mean, hello! I'm so Net-Girl! I'll ask my bestest friend, Les Internettes, for an answer. :P

My goodness, I must be waaaaaaay in need of sleep. If I sound to you how I sound to me ... Maybe I'll just order that straitjacket in a size medium (my chesteses can be a little squashed. Maybe they'll shrink?).

(Great, now I'm talking about my boobs again. Shutting up!!!!!)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

One of these things is not like the other ... Or not quite as "like" as the other ...

But, WAIT!! That picture of me was at a totally different resolution!!
I mean, hey, the picture of LaDonna was said to resemble Michael and me evenly.
(We all know that she'd look JUST like me. If we were the same race. I mean, Helloooo ... Allanna -- LaDonna --- We're related! [That's an Ozzy Osbourne story. If you haven't heard it, ask me. It's AWESOME. I miss the Sharon Osbourne show.])


and ... Well, it looks like Bucket DOES resemble us equally.
Never mind ...

Counting ...

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