Sunday, May 29, 2011

I just don't make sense, do I?

So, I'm reading (and drooling) over recipies over at ... and I get a craving.

For Popsicles.

The brand name ones. That are in the yellow box.
The box that has lime, banana, and root beer-flavored Popsicles.

We do not have any.
It's Sunday, so we're not going out to buy them.

Curse you, delicious Popsicles!
Popsicles that taunt me with childhood memories of your delecability!


Curse you. Curse you and your delicious nature.
Cure the fact that you are in my grocer's freezer section and NOT in MY freezer. RUDE!

(Seriously, I was always THRILLED to get this one. Because there weren't any orange Popsicles to eat my way through first ... to get to the Holy Cherry Grails in the box.)
(This box was excellent ... since NO MATTER WHAT YOU GOT, IT WAS AWESOME. ... I want a million boxes. And a huge freezer to store them in. Thank you.)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Crazy Dream Chronicles - Victorian Crime

Yeah, I have NO idea what was up with my head last night ... but my dream was VAIR, VAIR entertaining.

Somehow, I ended up time-travelling (or being in a movie? Where I had time-traveled?) to Victorian England.

There had been a murder.
The Bobbies had enlisted me to help investigate.

(I wish I remember all the details of the case ... it'd make a LOT more sense.)

And, thankfully, I had modern sensibilities on interrogation on my side.

There were two male suspects. One was the only friend-type of the murdered man. Tall, slim, mustachioed man. No motive, really.
The other was a boxer (played by Matthew Broderick) ... again no motive.
AND, when I was questioning him about how the murder occurred (involving a steam locomotive), and I had him point WHERE on the train all the children were berthed ... HE POINTED TO THE FRONT OF THE LOCOMOTIVE.
ANYONE who's been on a train before would KNOW that the front of the locomotive doesn't contain rooms. It's where the steam is made. There's no physical ROOM for ANYONE to have a berth in there.

So, therefore, the culprit could NOT have been HIM.

It wasn't the bastard son (chirpy little orphan, raised on the London streets) of the murdered man. Who helped me to package up his father's belongings. He could write ... a little. But the handwriting was all wrong.

So, that left only one person left. The woman (played by Billie Piper. I know!) ... I sent the Bobby after her. she ran around the back of a warehouse at the trainyard. I darted into the front, to make sure she wouldn't get away.
She had eluded the Bobby ... and I ran toward her to apprehend her (Dude, though I was in a corset and skirts, I was HARDCORE.), but she pulled out ... either a short rapier or a long dagger. And she had a whole shelf of split wood (for burning in fires) behind her.
I grabbed for a small piece of wood on the dirt floor to toss at her ... try and brain her, y'know ... But I missed. And she started throwing some split logs at me. One pegged me right in the chest. Ow.
But I was able to grab one and lob THAT one back at her ... which disarmed her enough that I was able to wrestle her to the ground.

And, since she was resisting arrest AND her head was next to one of the supports of the shelves, I did jam her head into that support pole.

"Sorry," I panted. "Actually, no, I'm not. You killed that man. I hope I broke your jaw."

And ... since I was a time traveler, I TRIED to fit in ... but hee.
I kept making reference to Cyrus Barker ... a Victorian-era Private Inquiry agent.
Who wasn't written about until this century.

(The hardcover introducing him and Thomas Llewelyn came out in 2004.)
So, I'd make a remark about how Cyrus Barker would be pleased with my progress ... and the Bobbies or the suspects would furrow their brows and nod. They probably figured that this was some person that I knew personally. Ha.

But, yeah ... I time-traveled, I interrogated, I tackled ... A good dream, overall.

Now I kinda want to get myself some Vicotrian-era get-up. I could always dress up as an anachronistic time traveler.
Not that anyone would really get it.
Not like most people get my costumes.
(Really, I worked HARD on my Jem! or my Jayne cross-play costumes. And no one outside my immediate circle of bests got them. ... Really, I don't think ANYONE that I hadn't told got either of them. ... *sigh* I just guess that I choose the hipster-type costumes -- Obscure, you wouldn't have heard of them. :P)

Seriously, I think of GREAT costume ideas ... but no one would really get them. At least, not at our church Halloween parties. Michael says that I should be She-Ra. I lean towards Daria. Michael also suggests that we go as Green Arrow and Black Canary (though, really, HOW would I get that one walk-in-front-of-the-Bishop-appropriate??????????? Hmmmmm???????????)
And, truly, I'd LOVE to dress up as ballroom Sarah from Labyrinth. (I've LOVED that dress since I was ... five?)
I'd almost think of dressing as Molly McGrue ... or even the Lady Amalthea... but no one would get it.
Unless they're obsessed with The Last Unicorn (like I am).

But ... sadly, anything I can think of to dress as that people MIGHT get ... seems too mainstream.
(And, really. Once Michael and I dressed as the Mad Hatter and Alice. Unless he was RIGHT NEXT TO ME, people had NO IDEA who I was. So ... obviously I was too obscure. Or just CRAP at designing a costume. BLEH.)

Really, it's ALMOST JUNE ... and I have no ideas.
It was really crappy and disheartening that my brilliant cross-play idea ... fell so flat.
I can't help it that so many people are unfamiliar with one of the BEST. SHOWS. EVER.
I mean ... I had the HAT! I had a Blue Sun shirt! I had BOOTS! *sigh*


So, yeah, give me some costume ideas.
If nothing else, I'll buy me a striped shirt and some chunky frames and go as a hipster.
Which seems like a sell-out.

And NO, being a Cereal Killer is not an option. Too mainstream. And the ones that I've seen lately appear to be a last-second throw-together costume. Tres tragique.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Well ....

Remember how I mentioned SOBBING through the last bit of Annie?

Then Michael and I watched last week's episode of Glee last night (since the season finale is tonight ... then SYTYCD is on THURSDAY!!!!) ...

I was a hot mess. (Not too surprising with an episode titled "Funeral," you know.)

Then I shared a couple articles with Michael:

How Slavery Really Ended in America (via New York Times)
(About Major General Benjamin Franklin Butler, Fort Monroe, "contrabands," and the Emancipation Proclamation. ... It's six pages long. And TOTALLY WORTH IT.)

Shocking Photo Created a Hero, But Not to His Family (via CNN)
(About James Zwerg, Freedom Riders, Civil Rights ... this is the one that gets me bawling.)

As wonderful as out nation can be ... we have some horrible things that happen.
At the same time, as horrible as things are ... there are some AMAZING people who do AMAZING things.
I don't have words to encompass how awed I am by Zwerg's humility ... or how heart-wrenching it is to read about the guilt he carried around for decades. Poor man. Poor, wonderful man.

I need to step it up.

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Oh-So Quiet (Shhh. Shhh.)

The kids are down for a nap.
We watched the last third of Annie (FINALLY) together.
They enjoyed it.

I sobbed. Which I usually don't do.
(Stupid period.)
But, but, but .... Daddy Warbucks! He's so ... SAD!!!

Then we watched CATS.
While Bruise whined about "Is it over yet?" because he was "firsty" for chokwat miik.
Yeah, that's how we say chocolate milk, if we're imitating him.
Sweet little boy with a lazy tongue.

I did NOT cry during CATS.

The kids opted to make their own sandwiches as I made them chocolate milk.
Then they were SUPPOSED to lay down QUIETLY ... and I talked to Bri.
Then Bucket came out with a bloody nose. And I Kleenexed her up and sent her back to bed.
Then she comes back out, having bled through that Kleenex.
... So I get her nose wiped (the bleeding HAD stopped. But she had this (TMI ALERT!) huuuuuuuuuuuuuge clot in her nose. Seriously, it's like two inches long. WORD. Got that cleaned up.
Then I stuck some Vaseline in her nose -- keeps things moist and helps prevent more nosebleeds.
Yes, I KNOW this.
Sent the kids back to bed. Until I came in to tell them naptime was over.
And I STILL had to go in and tell them that talking, NOT being in their own bunk, dinking around ... THOSE THINGS ARE ALL "NOT NAPPING" ... And I made sure that they KNEW what I was saying.
(You know how in "Rush Hour," Chris Tucker's all "Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?" to Jackie Chan? ... I use that. A lot.)

SO, I was talking to Bri...
We both know that we're in Savior of the World ... but we don't know yet what our roles are.
We do know that they need LOTS more guys. And that Joseph's role hasn't been finalized.
So, if you're in the area, and you are a guy (or KNOW a guy) who has stage talent and is interested, send him on over. I'll let you know the audition date and place. Just comment your email. I won't post that comment. Because I treasure your privacy. ... So, unless you explicitly TELL ME to publish your addy, I won't.

I've blown my nose about a bazillion times.
And coughed a ton.
I think I've lost my sense of smell again. Boo. Sucks.

In OTHER news, here's where I've spent FAR TOO MUCH TIME amusing myself:

A Bad Case of the Dates: Makes me SO, SO, SO GLAD that I'm not dating.
Eff Yeah Nerdfighters: Because I <3 the Vlogbrothers. Even back when they were Brotherhood 2.0
(I also have gone through the archives at Too Sexy for my Wand ... with a NSFW address ... but it's full of Harry Potter, Glee, Dr Who, etc geek-fun. And the Since I've Found Serenity tumblr is great Firefly fun. Bri and I send each other a lot of links. ^_^)

Bri had me read Mormon in Manhattan, which made me miss being in theater (back in high school). And, at the same time, be VERY grateful that I don't have to date weirdos. :P Natalie's got some STORIES.

I've also been going through some cooking blogs and crafty blogs.
(ADDICTED to YoungHouseLove. ADDICTED, I SAY!)

I should cook dinner. And I need to watch last week's episode of Glee ... since the season finale is tomorrow! EEP!! (Why do I think that today is Thursday?)

(Could it have, say, something to do with the fact that I've been SICK? And SLEEPING? And not seeing Michael a lot? ... Sure, we had a date-ish on Saturday. But, but, but ... I was SICK!)

I keep checking my eyes ... making SURE that I'm not getting the pink eye back. I don't want it. EVER.
Never wanted it in the first place.
Had it thrice.
First time was ... around sixth grade.
Had it TWICE this year. Oy.

I'm wondering it _I_ caught it, out of my immediate family since I had such a compromised immune system ... having the PLAGUE already, you see.
Yeah ... maybe I'll just get me one of those bubbles. For those immune-compromised folks.
Except that it'd be impossible to get shelving done. Those doorways are a little narrow.

Ha ... I went to let the kids out (Bucket cried out in her sleep) ... They're both ZONKED. Not getting up at all.
Obvs, they DID need that nap.
Not going to say that I KNEW IT ... Okay, I KNEW IT.
Totally did.

Now to fix something for dinner. But what???
I'll make something.

In other, OTHER news, Michael's teeth are healing up great. Yay! ... Still needs two more wisdom teeth out. And that one implant done. And a bunch of cavities (from his old bridge) filled. Poor guy.

But Mom's coming up again. Yay! It's been almost THREE WEEKS since I've seen my momma!! That's way too long. And we have to get our B&BW freebie this month. It'll be the last Thursday that we can do it for May.
We like our freebies. Word.

Okay. Now to make dinner. ... Once I figure out what to make. Hmmmmmmmm .....

You know what's a good feeling?

The feeling of NOT HAVING PINK EYE.


Still snuffed up and have a little cough. Raspy voice (because of the cough).

But the pink eye has left the building! WOO-HOO!!!!!

Thank goodness. I hate the pink eye. It is evil.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Things I think I really, really want ...

Being addicted to the interwebs gives one quite a few cravings ... or, at least, a VERY strong yearning to try:

  • Trader Darwin's Chewable Melatonin (at Trader Joe's). ... It's mint-flavored.
    Maybe that means I won't wake up with "Kitten Breath."
  • Vanilla Beans.
    I just want a LOT of vanilla beans. Like a crap-ton (that's a ... metric measurement. Yeah. *shifty eyes*)
    I could make my own vanilla extract (give me a reason to be carded. Ha!).
    OR Vanilla butter (scoops the innerds of the bean into a stick of butter. Stir. ... Sounds delish!)
    Or all sorts of amazing vanilla-ness-essence.
I also see cute manicure ideas. Or hairstyles. Or ideas for sprucing up my house.

I can has unlimited incomes, please?

Sunday, Sweet Sunday ...

I skipped church today.

There was only going to be one hour. AND we'd be meeting with the other family ward. AND I am still sick.
Michael went. Since he had to do PPIs (Personal Priesthood Interviews) with some of the guys from EQ (Elders' Quorum) after church.

The kids stayed with me. Since it'd have been bad to have them running amok during the PPIs.

My children are LOUD.
At least, they seem TOTALLY LOUD when one is sporting a throbbing sinus headache.

Michael and I were up around 7. He gave me a back and neck rub. Sweet man.
We took a shower and I used my neti pot. I put on my nightshirt.
Michael left around 8:45. He'd fed the children, too.
After a while, I headed back to bed with that sinus headache.
I TRIED to sleep. I even used the "Relax and Sleep" app on my phone to give me something to listen to that was NOT my children lumbering about like stampeding elephants ... or shrieking at each other. Or shouting.
Freyja-cat snuggled with me, under the covers. Until Bucket came in (again) and stole her away. (Freyja escaped at her earliest opportunity and came to snuggle with me again. During my two-hour nap. Good kitty.)

I finally got up, added yoga pants and my ubiquitous Old Navy clearance sweater (the greige-colored, thick knit one), since I was cold.
Had some soup (it was 2. About time I ate something, right?) ... and some Kool-Aid.
Took some Dayquil, Cold and Cough DM, and used the neti pot again.

Noticed that my pink eye is gone. PHEW! Thank goodness.

I'm still tired. Even though I've spent more time sleeping than usual.

I think my body FINALLY is trying to kick this bug. Finally.
I'm ready. I'd like to be healthy and have energy to clean my house and read and take my kids to the park and such again.

It's almost six now. I'm ready for bed.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bring out'cher dead!!

So, when I last left off, we were prepping for my SIL T2's birthday party.
We brought a salad. Caesar. From a bag. (Two bags, actually.) That's how I roll. :P
(No, really, Mom C asked me to bring a salad to go with lasagna. I didn't just wake up and say, "Hey! Let's be CLASSY and bring bagged salads to celebrate Michael's baby sister's birthday!!" ... No, really. :P)

(Methinks that I protest too much.)

BUT, I tried to stay away from most people ... since I was losing my voice and had to blow my nose about a bazillion times and was coughing into my elbow (I'm an EXPERT at the Dracula Cough ... you see, it's call that, since you look like you're trying to imitate Count D, with the cloak ... you do see, don't you?).
And I used a TON of hand sanitizer.

Because, not only was I sick ... but one of Michael's siblings' families had/was getting over/was JUST getting .... PINK EYE.

So, I give my kids THE TALK.
No, not that one.
The one about, "Do NOT let your cousins touch your face. Wash your hands. And then wash them again. And use my hand sanitizer. And use it some more. You only need a drop. Rub it into your hands. Make sure you get your fingernails. Get the webbing between your fingers. Make sure not to miss your cuticles! Do not get pink eye!"
THAT talk.

I really did ask Michael if we should leave early (like before dinner. [Sorry, Mom. You know how I hate pink eye. But it's true, I really did talk it over with you son. As a possibility]), since (1) I was sick, (2) I didn't want the kids to get pink eye again (since they JUST had it at the beginning of February ... from the same set of cousins), and (3) Michael JUST had three teeth pulled. And we were waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in.

But he opted to stay. And, overall, I'm glad that we did.
I got to hold my sweet, little niece (different set, so NO pink eye), and got her calmed down.
Yup, I think I've got me a favorite niece.
(Not that I don't like my others. ... But ... well, truth be told, I've never been one of those baby-hungry women. I liked MY kids when they were infants ... but I'm not a huge "I NEED/MISS having a BABY!!"
However, I do like to snorgle my sweet little niece. Maybe because she does remind me a lot of my Princess Bucket.

So that was a huge, good thing.
And I got to snuggle with Baby C even though I'm sick ... because I got sick from her.
And I still love her. :)

However, when we got home, I gave the kids the eye drops for pink eye. Just in case.
They don't have it.
But guess who does.

It's not the kids. (Duh, I just TOLD you that.)
It's not Michael.
It's not Freyja.

Or the hedgehogs.

Yeah. Me.
Who used TONS of hand sanitizer. And tried to not be around my other nieces and nephew. Or their dad (who JUST got it today).

At least, we already had the eye drops. Which is good.
And, unlike my poor SIL-squared, I don't have an allergic reaction to them.
(Poor girl.)

So, I've been trying to get better from pink eye (and not pass it to the kids, Michael, or the cat (because you can pass it back and forth. Yup. D*** bacteria.) and from my sinitus.

I'm TIRED of being sick. Since I got it just after Mother's Day. (Lucky!) And then I got pink eye on top of it.

Good thing I don't have cattle or camels or sheep. Since those'd be going next.
(Yes, Job reference. Because I can. Not because I'm really all that righteous.)

But, yeah.
My sinuses HURT. Which makes me TEETH sore.
I keep coughing because of the post nasal drip. So my throat hurts, my voice is going, and I puke up small gobs of mucus that I've swallowed. (TMI. Sorry.)
I'm TIRED ... Like, Michael had me lay down. And I finally did. And I woke up, like FOUR HOURS LATER. And still managed to fall asleep at night (well, I did have some Nyquil).

Good things:
(Since I've got to balance it all out, right?)
  • Got to snorgle my newest niece.
  • Since I caught it early, this is a really mild case of pink eye.
    I still look like hell. But there's less goop. Just lots of RED.
  • I got a nap. And Michael got the kids all put to bed for me.
  • Having sunshine-colored nails (China Glaze Lemon Fizz, if you NEED to know) is a nice touch.
  • My dishwashing-inflicted wound is healing. It'll leave a scar, but it's healing.
  • My rolled ankle is just about all better. Thank goodness. That took a few weeks. And I still don't know how I did it.
Seriously, I'm about ready to take a plumber's snake to my sinuses.
IF I didn't worry that I'd accidentally pull out my brains in the process.
... WHAT? You mean YOU didn't harbor aspirations in the fifth grade to become an Egyptologist?
(No, really. I read ALL the books I could in the school library about Ancient Egypt and mummies. I'd have to turn them over, so I wouldn't see the covers at night, though. Yeah, I have issues.)

But, yeah, I've used a neti pot TWICE today. Took my inhalers. Still tossed up phlegm in the sink. Took some "Cough and Cold DM" ... Last night, I used my neti pot, took the DM medicine, an allergy pill, AND some Nyquil. And a zinc lozenge (so they make YOUR tongue numb, too? That's the only reason I really don't care for them. Because my tongue feels all fuzzy for about an hour afterwards.) AND a cough drop.

I was actually able to breathe through my nose last night. And I slept.
I am now developing a sinus headache, though. Drat it.

But Michael made me tea (Raspberry Zinger) with honey.
And I drank some tea with honey (Herbal Sweet 'n' Spicy with a bag of Sandman P.M.) while we watched a movie last night.

I woke up whispering. And wasn't coughing until I was fully awake.

Now, if only this dumb thing would FINALLY run its course. And take the dratted pink eye with it.

Thankfully, though, my little niece isn't showing signs of pink eye. PHEW.

Time to go take some more drugs ... We have some Dayquil tablets. Yay.
I'm going to be a FUN DATE (since the healthy children have a birthday party to attend) for my husband.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Catching up

Okay ... so when I last did a real blog ... it was just after Mother's Day ... What have I done since?

... Um ... what HAVE I done?

Let's see. Mom and I have been sick. So I haven't volunteered (last week and today. Boo.)
Today, I'm losing my voice.

Last Thursday, Michael needed to use the van, since his tires were shredding. We needed to replace then. And we wouldn't have money to do that until payday (Monday). So, we were a one-car family for a few days.
I was kinda pissy about it.
So I took a shower where I berated myself for being all pissy, since it was illogical.
Then I declared, "FINE! I'll never plan to GO ANYWHERE EVER AGAIN!!"
Which then led to another self-beratement for being illogical.

Stupid PMS.

So, Mom C called Wednesday night, right after my shower ... and asked if there was anything I needed. (YAY for unsaid prayers being answered!!)
So, she came with us to storytime Thursday and took us out to McDonald's. And it was fun to get to hang with her.
Went Visiting Teaching Thursday evening, then over to the EMCOM (Emergency Communications) meeting at church (for the HAM radio people).

Friday ... I don't recall a lot ... lemme check Facebook ...
Oh! I found that Netflix finally has made some apps for various Droid phones.
Luckily, mine's one that they did. Phew!! So I donwloaded that.
There was a momentary flicker of power. Turned off the computer and the VCR. No biggie.

Saturday was the Stake Relief Society Activity -- "Education Week in a Day."
They offered a bunch of classes ... I went to four of them (And Bri will hook me up with recipes from the class she co-taught about cooking and food storage with allergies [including gluten-free cooking]):
"Getting More Out of Your Scripture Study" (based on Elder Bednar's "A Resevior of Living Water."),
"Spiritual Growth Through Music", "Music in the Home", and "Finding Joy Within."

I didn't go to the new FamilySeach lab, since Michael and I already know how to use the new FamilySearch Website. I also missed "Strengthening Relationships", "Successful FHE Ideas for All Ages", and "Modern-Day Women of God" ... since you only had so much time. And they were offered at the same time as other classes (e.g., Bri's class was during the classes on music. Her mom's class on Finding Joy was during the first and last class periods).

All the classes were good. It was fun. And I got to see some friends.

Then I went home. Michael and the kids had gone to the park and then baked cookies (for Home Teaching.... And for us) while I was gone. ... I had offered to take the kids to the kids' class at the RS activity, if he wanted a relaxing day. He opted to spend time with the Bedlamites. He's a good daddy.

Then, in the evening, he and I started working on the dishwasher ... which we'll finish tonight (Need a new hose). We scrubbed out the filter parts that we could get to. YUCK! SO NASTY!
And we got sprayed with some Drano-water.  Crazy times. :P

Sunday ... Michael walked to church for his early-morning meetings. He got a blister.
I gave a friend a ride in. Church went well.
Bruise asked me, "Where's P?"
"She's sitting over there," I pointed.
"Why doesn't she sit with us??"
Doesn't he realize that a lot of us like our own spots?
(Though, really, she was more than welcome to share our pew.)

After church, we drove P home, drove back to church to get Michael after HE got done, drove home ... made some lunch, got Home Taught, and then Michael headed out to do some home teaching. He ended up skipping the Stake Priesthood meeting (too much for one Sunday)  .... and , if he hadn't needed the car for Home Teaching, I'd have tried to go to choir at church. Oh well.
Then we got the kids in bed and he headed out to give a ride to a stranded friend.
So I took the trash out.

Monday, Michael went to work, in the van. Came home, took the truck over to get new tires ... we met him at K-mart to kill time while the tires were replaced.
Earlier, while I had worked on doing dishes (all by hand ... since we need to replace that one hose), I cut my hand. I accidentally clinked two glasses together. The Corel one was the one that broke. And I didn't notice it, until I had my hand in it, with a sponge, to clean the inside.
I used one band-aid ... had to replace it with another. And I taped it on there tightly, so the blood'd stop flowing. It did.
I cut a bit of a chunk out right on the knuckle below my pinky finger. At the right angle, my wound almost looks like Mickey Mouse.
I felt completely stupid.
And I was PMSing.
And I knew it wasn't any use getting stitches, so I sucked it up. And then typed out a terribly-typed email to Michael letting him know what went down.
Yeah. Winner.
So, with all of that happening, and being all PMS-y ... I ended up crying in K-mart with Michael.
Then I bought two pairs of rubber gloves and a one-hole punch ... since I had cash to cover those and I NEEDED to have rubber gloves to do the dang dishes.

And Michael made dinner. Well, he cooked it. I had the meat marinating ... but I couldn't wash and prepare potatoes with one hand. GIMP. I'm glad he puts up with me.

Yesterday, I got all the dishes done. I made the kids food. I made dinner. We went grocery shopping (since the paycheck cleared. Phew!) and put gas in the vehicles.

During the day, though ..... Oy. Not my best day ever.
Bucket sprayed orange kid-shampoo on the wall that Michael and I JUST REPLACED two weeks ago.
I made her clean it up and sit in the naughty chair (i.e., time out) while I called Michael. Who backed me up if I needed to make her sit in time out all day. Which is pretty close what came to happening.
Except that ... when I got out of the bedroom, after talking to Michael for about four minutes, she was over at the couch, watching Bruise play on the Wii ... and then she tried to make a mad dash back to the naughty chair.
So she got another punishment. Oy.

Later, Bruise came to me to report that Freyja-cat pooped on the daybed in their room. So I got to clean that up, strip the bedding off, and put it in the washer.

THEN, Bruise was playing on the DS so intently that he ignored his body's cues and peed his pants.

So, since Monday, I've dealt with just about every bodily fluid ... and then some.
  • Blood - My hand
  • Shampoo - Bucket ... doing .... whatever. She STILL doesn't have a good reason for it.
  • Poop - Freyja
  • Pee - Bruise's pants and the carpet
  • Vomit - I threw up in the sink. Stupid body, swallowing mucus while I sleep. Gross.
  • Mucus - Since I have sinitus ... and the kids caught my cold. It's the Mucus chronicles around here
And did I mention that I'm losing my voice? Winner. /sarcasm

AAAAAAND my phone was all, "You're running out of application space on your phone" ... which is what led to my having to reset my phone on my birthday.
I did a fast reboot. It came back. Then I deleted programs that I don't use.
That worked.

But, hey, there have been good things, too:
  • Netflix! On my phone!!
  • Bri introduced me to Grooveshark
  • Don't have to factory reset my phone.
  • Got Swype to work on my phone again (LOVE that keyboard. It's spoiled me.)
  • Got to visit with Dawn and Bri and Rebecca and Tia and Jadie on Saturday.
  • Our dishwasher smells much better!
  • My Bath and Body Works order came in! ... And I got compliments on the bag I got from it on Saturday. ^_^
  • I read an ebook on my Droid.
  • Our edited DVD order (thanks, Mom!) came in! Now I can watch Black Swan and Billy Elliot! And Die Hard (with Alan Rickman. ^_______^) ... and a few others.
And I mentioned that Michael heard me talk in my sleep. That makes me laugh. The past few weeks ... we both ended up talking in our sleep. And being able to be understood. That's funny to me.
At least, in my dreams, I'm accomplished!

In other news, I love my neti pot. And Afrin. And NyQuil.
And my skinny jeans. (If only I matched in being skinny! Oh well!)

And Michael's noticed that, IRL, my most common phrase (my catch phrase?) is "It is what it is what it is." ... I'm just trying to accept that things are ... the way that they are. And that, sometimes, you can't change it. You just deal with it.

Like, say, sitting here hacking  and blowing my nose. ... And taking Garlic tablets (nature's antibiotic!) and drinking liquids ... because, one way or another, I'll get over this. Either I'll get all better ... or else I'll die. Either way, this cold-thing won't last forever.
Thank goodness.
And I'm hoping that my immune system kicks its butt. STAT.

Okay. I think that I've covered most of the last week and a day. Phew!

Crazy Dream Chronicles - In which Stephen Colbert appears

I don't recall all the details ... but this was one ... INTERESTING ... dream.

So, I obviously appeared in something. Like a play or a class or something.
And I got some presents. From Stephen Colbert. Who came to my mom's house to see me.
(So, I must have been high-school me.)
In a suit. (He's wearing a suit. Not me. I was .... in a shirt and jeans, I think.)

And I asked if I could give him a hug, all while heaping praise on him. Because he is pretty awesome.

So, the presents!
There was a fun floppy-beret style hat with spangles. And a fashionably-baggy sweater. I tried those on.
And ... a black bikini.
Not only was it way too small ... but as Miss Manners would say, a lady never accepts such personal gifts from a near-stranger. (Truly, accepting any clothing items from a man one isn't married to, sets a bad precedent. As would accepting perfume or lingerie from a man you're not married to. At least, back in the day. It would imply ... an unsavory relationship.) ... Still? A bikini? No, far too personal.
But he was very nice about offering to exchange it for something else. And the right size.

And Mom and my aunt were there, so I introduced them to him. And show off my fun hat and sweater. And he tells them about the other gift ... and that, apparently, there are red panties in that package. WHAT??
I think he was joking about those. I hope.

And ... as we're talking with each other (somewhere else -- I think we were in a car?), he's talking to me about running away together.
And, although we do seem to get along rather well ... and we both think highly of each other ... Suddenly I KNOW that he's married. And has kids. ... And that I'm with Michael ... so this relationship isn't going to work out. Because we're both taken. And I'll be no man's doxy.

And then, we're sitting on the bottom of a bunk bed ... and he's kissing me. And I push him back (though he's not shabby at all. Nice thing about dreams. :P), and I'm all, "We're MARRIED. To other people. We can't do this. I'm really sorry. I like you a lot. If things were different ... but they're not."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my subconscious' brief relationship with yet another celebrity.

Except for somewhat inappropriate gifts ... and trying to run away with me, dream Colbert was quite nice.


Wow ... 800 posts. Really?
No one ever accused me of being concise. :P

So, let's do some factoids about me:

  1. I'll admit that I'm rather addicted to the internet. I love being able to check my email, look up words or Wikipedia entries, read blogs ... It makes me happy.
  2. When I do remember my dreams, they -- more often than not -- are really strange. I suppose that "normal" dreams are too boring for me to remember.
  3. I don't remember dreaming that night, but last week, Michael had to wake up in the middle of the night. As he got back into bed, I murmered, "Well, that's done, then." "What?" he asked. "I've learned that whole language." And then I was blissed out into full unconscious mode again.
  4. I am a bit of a grammar/word geek ... And, therefore, I don't think that I'll ever know a whole language. Language is constantly evolving. 
  5. I still am sad that, like ten years ago or so, Crayola discontinued some of their crayons. The ones I miss most of all: cadet blue, Indian red, and Red-Orange (how will I color Ariel's hair now?????? It was PERFECT!)
  6. Only now am I starting to realize that I don't have to be slim, button-nosed, or classically elegant to be beautiful. I am a mess of imperfections ... but I am pretty, regardless. (I know, Michael. It's only taken me over a decade of you telling me, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I'm starting to come around. I never said that I was quick on the uptake.)
  7. I am a bit of a font whore. I love fonts. I don't know that I have a favorite ... but I do obsess a bit when I'm asked to make calendars, newsletters, or handouts. 
  8. People started telling me that I was weird and that I had a big nose back in second grade. I did TRY to not be weird ... but it's really who I am. So ... I've accepted that I'm weird. And I try to let my kids know that being weird isn't a bad thing. .... It just makes you different. And that makes you special.
  9. I still don't know what color to paint the bathroom. Or the hallway. Or the kids' room. Or the kitchen. Or the laundry room. Or the kids' bathroom. 
  10. I still am a little sick. Stupid sinitus. Making me cough up mucus until I throw up. Ugh. And the mucus keeps coming. So gross.
  11. My house is never really and truly clean. Maybe once the kids are in school, I'll achieve it. For at least 15 minutes.
  12. My left ring finger? Someone put my fingernail on crooked. ... It's only noticeable when my fingers are close together. ... I like to think that it makes it look like my ring finger is trying to snuggle up to my middle finger. Ah, L'amour.
  13. I actually got caught up on dishes yesterday. I plan on repeating this. And then Michael will fix the dishwasher. And it'll be easier to stay caught up.
  14. Now that I'm 30, turning 40 or even 50 doesn't seem like such a big deal. ... Why 30 was so scary ... I just don't know.
  15. Although, now that I'm no longer in my 20s, I question doing certain things. ... But I wear my skinny-cut jeans anyways.


  • I wish that I had been more confident in school growing up. Like Stargirl.
    This way I wouldn't have cared that I had a big nose, big boobs, and didn't date much (besides that first boyfriend). I wouldn't have thought that maybe that first boyfriend would be the only guy to love me (which I did fear at the time) ... and THAT'S why none of the guys at school asked me out.
    I wouldn't have jumped to the conclusion that since I wasn't ever at the top of my fields (singing, acting, academics) that I wasn't really talented at any of those things. Or that, since I only got a female lead part once, it was because I wasn't pretty or talented enough to play a romantic part. (I did get a lead once. Because I could act and sing. But I didn't think of it like, "Wow! I'm good enough for this!" ... I was mostly like, "I'm glad that I got this. Good thing I can sing a little. Phew.")
  • As much as I LOVED summer for its freedom, I wish that I had put myself out there and gotten summer jobs. I think it would have eased a lot of things later on.
  • I wish that I didn't always compare myself to others ... because, usually, when I do that, I find myself wanting.
  • I wish that I hadn't thought that my first boyfriend might possibly be the only guy to ever love me. Just because guys at school weren't falling over themselves to ask me out, I was still really worthwhile (and I still am!) and ... I am kinda a big deal. Most people like me. Or at least put up with me (sometimes, perhaps, out of morbid curiosity to hear what crazy thing comes out of my mouth next. ... Hey, I suck at guile.)
  • I wish that I wasn't so hard on my mom when I was growing up.
    I am getting it back in spades. :P And it'll only get worse before it get better, judging by my growing process.
  • I wish that I hadn't taken it to heart when people said that I "run funny." I should have tried Cross Country or something. Maybe I'd have learned to enjoy running. Who knows??
  • I wish I hadn't (repeatedly) quit piano lessons. Or ballet class.
Things I want to do:
  • Swim with dolphins.
  • Learn to scuba dive ... or, at least, go snorkling along a coral reef.
  • Take the kids to Disneyland. And, if possible, Disneyworld.
  • Give our house some curb appeal.
  • Paint the rooms (like I talked about above).
  • Have a house with a backyard for playing and BBQs.
  • Get a full two years' food storage.
  • Watch a sunrise on the beach as a family.
  • Watch the aurora borealis. And maybe the aurora austrailus, too.
  • Make a habit of reading my scriptures. ... and learn how to STUDY them.
  • Make time in my life and form an appetite for exercise.
  • Take dancing classes with Michael. Especially tango
  • I confess that I have a more-than-slight interest in Burlesque. However, I won't be performing it.
  • I also find tattoos fascinating. But I won't get one. I'm too indecisive. And I don't like pain. 
  • If I ever got another piercing (I have a hole in each earlobe. And a second hole that I don't use in each), it'd be a couple small hoops at the top of my left ear. But I probably won't. Unless the prophet tells us that the limit on earrings has been lifted. No biggie. I could always get some fake ones, if needed.
  • It wasn't until I had children that I understood why people drink.
    If it weren't for my religious beliefs, there have been days that I'd be knocking down shots.
    (Of course, since my uncle was an alcoholic ... and addictions do run in the family, it's good that I never start. Thank goodness for the Word of Wisdom!)
  • If it weren't so expensive, I think I'd go under the knife. Get a breast reduction/lift and a tummy tuck.
    But, it's EXPENSIVE. And it'd also be like saying that I can't handle what I've done (and what the kids have done) to my body. ... I've earned my sagging stomach. Even as much as I don't always love it. At all.
  • I'm so used to living in my brain (Hello, academic bookworm!), that I'm not all that in touch with my body. Or so it feels. Which makes me even more neurotic. Oy.
  • If I had a superpower, I'd probably opt for healing powers. Because I'd be able to actually DO SOMETHING to make things better. ... If I couldn't have that, teleportation would be pretty awesome.  ... If I was able to KNOW when/where empty spaces were. This way, if I was touching a car while teleporting, I wouldn't squish anyone or something. Because that'd suck.
So ... yeah ... there are some factoids about lil' ol' me for you to have. Who knows ... maybe they'll be helpful for Jeopardy! or something.

Now to write a catch-up post ... and a crazy dreams chronicle.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Regained the will to live ...

Don't get me wrong, Mother's Day was good.

  • Michael made me an awesome omlette.
  • The kiddos surprised me with a card they and my mom made together.
  • I got a rose at church.
  • Mom bought me books and chocolate while she was up last week.
  • The potato salad I took to C&A's for lunch was well-received (It's my Terra's recipe. SO YUMMY!)
Then I ended the day losing the battle with a crap cold. I couldn't stay awake watching Ironman 2. That's SAD.
Of course, the full dose of Benadryl probably had something to do with it.
(Hey, at first, I just thought that maybe my allergies were totally acting up! Oh, I was wrong.)

I woke up a couple times during the night to wipe my nose so I wouldn't snot all over my pillow.
(That'd be SO GROSS. Ew.) And I was just really exhausted.

So it was nice that the kids are self-sufficient enough to play in the living room, watch shows, and raid the fridge while their poor, sick momma steals their menthol-infused baby bath and lounges in either the bath or the bed ... and attempts to nap. (Doesn't work. My kiddos are pretty active. And they like to check on me ... to makes sure that I "won't be lonely." They're sweet. Sometimes a little misguided, but very sweet.)

In the afternoon, on Monday, I took some DayQuil ... and it FINALLY kicked in. Like, I went from feeling absolutely pitiful to having the energy to do the dishes. It was a VAST IMPROVEMENT. Between my allergy meds and DayQuil, I've regained the will to live. Phew!

Today ... I haven't done much. I'm bummed that my mom's sick, so she's not able to come up to see us this week. Next week. So, yeah, just send her good healing thoughts/prayers/energy. I don't like it when my mommy's sick.

She and Nana called to let me know they got the cards we sent (I used ... I also made cards for Mom C and Michael's Grandma. We meant to call Grandma I this weekend. .... Oops.) ... Nana's not doing the best either. Her hearing is going. :( And she says that Uncle M, who suffered a stroke just over a year ago ... he's not doing so well. :(
Well, he better stick around until mid-July ... my cousin (his daughter) is getting married this summer.

Besides that ... just reading a bit, watching some DVDs ... that sort of thing.

I realize that this is my 799th post here. I should do something special to celebrate my 800th post ...



Not that it wouldn't be interesting or whatever ... but because, GOSH, that would take freaking FOREVER!
Sorry, I can't commit to doing that.

Maybe I'll post some pictures or something.

Or I'll just try to actually REMEMBER that 800 is a very round number. :P

Or maybe I'll clean the kitchen. Which is not a very bloggy thing to do ... but it's something that needs to be done. And, just maybe, doing it in CELEBRATION of my 800th post ... No, I don't think it'll really make it any more enjoyable. Might be worth a shot, though.

I haven't heard anything about casting results for Savior of the World ... but, hey, it's nice to know that I make a decent impression.
(Seriously, one of the gals in RS gave me very lovely compliments on Sunday. Hee! It's nice to hear that "when you read those lines, they sounded like your own words!" *preens* ... I'm trying not to be insufferable ... but it's really very, very nice to know that you have a  bona fide talent. ^_^)

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Baffroom ...

So, yesterday, after Michael got home, we got to working on fixing up our bathroom ... Michael repaired/replaced the piece of wallboard (or sheet rock, whatever you want to call it) by the shower. (When we bought this place, there were two holes in the bathroom walls. Obviously, someone was looking for the pipes for the shower. They found them on the second try.)

Then we taped up stuff and Michael (once the second battery for the drill charged. The first battery seems to not hold a charge. Boo. ... We'll upgrade to a Mikita someday.) put up corner beads (they're these strips that you ... well, you put them in corners. I had no idea they existed). We still have to mud the seams of the panels that make up the wall. Then it's texturing, priming and painting!
... I still don't really know what color to paint the walls. Light blue? A light sage green? Cream? Beige?
All I know is that we want ONE color in there. Something slightly spa-like.

We also need to tape, mud, texture, and paint a few more rooms ... The hallway (where ONE of the kids has ripped some of the paper off the paneling *sigh*), the kitchen, the hall bathroom, the kids' room, and the kitchen.
I think I want to paint the hallway cream. Just to lighten it up. Right now, the paneling is this tan-and-cream thatched pattern. Just cream? That would look nice ... get it a little more airy-feeling.

Today, I got ready and then we headed back to auditions. Yeah ... I got a text from Dianne asking me to come back to read again.
I'm still tickled about it. ... They liked me! They (obviously) REALLY liked me!!!

I read the same scene that I had before (I thought maybe they'd have me read for one of the other female speaking parts), but with two other girls. ... The little girl that I read with?
SHE WAS GOOOOOOD. As in, she was excellent. I was really blown away.
Then I got to read with one of the YW I served with. Which was also really fun.
(I miss my YW. A lot.)

Another of my YW, as I was leaving, grabbed my arm and told me that I was amazing.
Isn't she sweet??? (And, NO, I already adored her before she said that.)

I can't write what we did/where we were/who we saw next (well, after we ate lunch). It's a SURPRISE. So you'll just have to wait.
But I did get to kiss my husband while doing that. Heh heh ... no wonder I feel that today's been a great day:

  • Got to read lines with great girls
  • Rocked my red lipstick
  • Perfected my gel eyeliner (Seriously, I was SO happy. It's the little things.)
  • Got to smooch my handsome man
  • Took a nice, hot bubble bath (almost fell asleep in it)
  • Am about halfway through the latest No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency book (YAY!!)
  • Started reading Uglies to Michael (About to head to the Rusty Ruins for the first time!)
  • Had a lime Slurpee (Michael got banana. The kids opted for cherry. Those were fine ... but I'm LOVING the lime. Yum!)
  • Made my Terra's AMAZING potato salad for Mother's Day lunch over at C&A's house.
  • Cleaned up my side of the bathroom counters. (It looks SO MUCH BETTER. It's not even funny, y'all.)
  • Found that Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast is on Netflix ... so I don't have to check it out from the library (someone has it on hold). I can watch it whenever. Yay!
Yeah, it's been a bit of a busy day. Two appointments ... and we ended up missing Free Comic Book Day. Oops. We didn't head over to the comic book shop (next town over). Oops. Maybe next year.
But, really ... if that's the only blip, that's NOTHING.

Hope you all had such a serendipitous day!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Two weeks??

Has it really been nearly two weeks since a REAL BLOG?

Wow. Sorry about that. Obviously I've been lazier than I gave myself credit for. :P

Okay, what HAVE I been up to??

  • Dad and L were going to come up to visit, but L fractured her finger working on Nana's old patio (Bricks + finger = OUCH). So that was put on hold for a little.
  • I've been volunteering as usual. We went to "the new McDonald's" (the one in the next town, with the INDOOR playplace. And free baby cones with the Happy Meals, if you ask for them) this week. New toys. I have no idea what Zoobles are. Cute, but yeah. And Bruise is the happy owner of little figures of Robot Batman, Black Manta, and Aquaman ("He's everyone's favorite Superfriend!").
  • I gave Michael his birthday present early. (NO, NOT THAT. :P) We bought an air compressor (and a hose and attachments for it). Then, while Mom was watching the kiddos, he took me out for a Slurpee. YUM. (I REALLY loved the lime flavor. I kinda want another ....)
  • I've gotten through a few books. Which is awesome. I love to read, but I haven't been doing a whole lot of it. SAD! But, if you liked The Hunger Games or Uglies/Pretties/Specials/Extras, you'd probably like Matched. It had some similar flavors to it. And it's set up well for a sequel. (Oh, look at that! There IS a sequel now! Ha!)(And there's another sequel in the works, too!)
  • Last week, I got an impromtu Girls' Night with my Bri and some friends. Watched Mrs. Winterbourne, ate popcorn, watched some clips on YouTube ... lots of laughing.
  • It was also Grandpa C's birthday. We took flowers to Grandma and had a visit with her.Then we went to take flowers to the gravesite. But the cemetery closed at 5. Boo. So we went back the next day. I'm sure that Grandpa got a chuckle out of that.
  • Michael's cousin was in town (from New York). She watched the kiddos for us while we went on the Youth temple trip. The guy in charge of the baptistry? I ADORE him. He had glasses with bright red rims. He complimented my smile. We talked about his glasses. He's around 60. His wife was awesome, too. I wish they lived in my ward. *sigh* ... But then if everyone that I wished lived in my ward DID live in the ward, ... well, I'd probably have a few STAKES of people I adore. ^_^
  • Mom and Dad C should be moved up now. That's pretty exciting. They are looking for a house in the area (but not in our town or ward). But it'll be good to have them close again. I know that Bruise and Bucket will be thrilled to have them tons closer. ^_^ (And it made it MUCH easier to put an emergency contact on the forms I had to fill out because ....)
  • We registered the kiddos for Kindergarten. We applied for the Dual Immersion (English/Spanish) class. Which will be in the morning. Which means that I need to make sure that I'm REALLY READY to be up-and-running by 8:30 (Class starts at 8:50. But I like to be EXTREMELY PUNCTUAL. Because I'm a freak like that. I openly admit to it.)
    But STILL!!! My BABIES!!! Starting KINDERGARTEN!! It doesn't really seem real.
  • After I shopped so much, I shopped again. My birthday money is TOTALLY GONE. ... But, right now, my fingernails reflect one of those purchases. Most of my fingers have Tiffany-blue nails (China Glaze - For Audrey), which I am totally digging. I saw it sometime last year ... and I kept finding myself thinking about it. And I'm so glad that I finally bought it. My ring fingers are silver. Which usually leads people to rub those nails ... kinda like a genie might be in there. :P It makes me laugh. They ARE really shiny.
  • I picked up some new things yesterday. A polo shirt, a lightweight white sweater, red lip stain (which I ROCKED yesterday. Ask Bri!) , some black gel eyeliner (which I do like a lot more than liquid liner) ... The makeup was from Target, in the E.L.F. section. Which made those things only $3 each. I LOVE not spending a ton. (Though, I was SORELY tempted by the Pixi Eye Bright Liner. I usually just use a cheapo white kohl pencil to line my inner rims. But this is a nude liner. And it's waterproof. I'd like to give it a spin sometime.)
So, yesterday night was the first night of auditions for our stake's Savior of the World production  (which will be in December). We'll just be doing Act One ... the story of the Nativity.

But, you know me ... I was being really ambivalent about trying out. I haven't auditioned for anything since my freshman year of college. THAT'S OVER A DECADE AGO. Seriously, that was Fall of 1999. How sad is that? AND there are some CRAZY-TALENTED people in our stake. I knew there'd be competition. AND since I'm in the throes of hay fever, sometimes when I sing, I squeak or my voice isn't immediately there.

I don't feel like the most talented person in the world. And, since I haven't been doing much performance ... I do worry that I'll lose these few talents that I have.
I haven't sang many solos in my short career of performing. I think I sang two in Choir in Jr. High. And I've had some songs that I sang for plays and musicals in high school (Yes, I did feel like hot stuff, getting to be the gal who gets to sing in plays that are NOT musicals. It's a nice thing. BUT it's not like I had tons of competition. I was the one who didn't mind singing in front of people. At times, rather scantily clad, even. :P).


But Bri was trying out. And on the first day. So I agreed to go. I got my paperwork filled out ... had to RACK MY BRAIN to remember the names of the plays and musicals I'd been in, since they asked for previous theater experience. But I was able to remember them. Even the one that our Drama teacher wrote. Phew! (The Google did help looking up and confirming names of other characters I'd been.)

And I went. Bruise decided that he DIDN'T want to audition. Punk. He says he'll audition when he's seven. Whatever. :P
So, I sang "My Redeemer Lives." Because it's a SHORT song. And President Hinckley wrote the lyrics, so that makes me happy. And it went well.
And they had me read a part, to see how I did. And that was nice. Familiar.
(I'll totally admit that I get a little practice at this, since I read aloud to the kids. And, sometimes, to myself.)
And they had me sing my range ... and I was able to hit that high C (C6, if C4 is middle C). PHEW!
(My lower range isn't that great I only can get to the E below middle C.)

But it's REALLY NICE to know that I still am a soprano ... and that my wonderful Costco allergy drugs are working. ^_^
(No, I'm not being paid for any of these product mentions. Wish I were! :P)
But it's nice to KNOW that part of my identity is still intact. Especially since I had a devil of a time following other parts in music. (Like Arnie, my school choir teacher, said: "Sopranos are the dummies of the choir." ... since we almost ALWAYS get the melody. I am not all that adept at picking out the harmonies. :S)

I did go home about ten minutes early, since the kids were getting restless. And they had said that once a family was done singing and reading for auditions, they were free to go. I had already read and sang ... and Bruise wasn't auditioning. (Neither were Michael or Bucket) ... So we headed home.
And the vocal director (otherwise known as my fantabulous friend, Dianne) texted me to see if I was still there to read again. Oops! Oh well.

I couldn't sleep much last night. It was kind of fitful from 11:30ish until 2:30, when I woke up to ... um ... powder my nose, per se ... and then I couldn't go back to sleep. So I just sat in bed with my phone's screen turned to a really low light, did some Sudoku, played some Fruit Ninja, searched for song lyrics for songs that were in my head that I couldn't recall immediately. I eventually fell back asleep around 5 AM. And woke up again after the kids came in to snuggle.

I might be in need of a nap today. We'll see.

But did I mention how I looked for auditions?
When I get nervous, I notice that I REALLY primp. Because it gives me something to do.
I was so lucky that we got married first thing in the morning ... And that Jonnie-Bean was the one to do my hair and makeup. Because if that hadn't happened, I'd probably have ended up with some crazy make-up look ... just so I'd have something to do with my time/hands.
But, as Bri told me, I looked really cute.
Because, heck, if I had a chance of really sucking or flubbing things up, at least I was dang well going to look good doing it. 

Yeah. I'm really special.

Also, I like to load the washing machine. With the soap, color-safe bleach, softener, whatever ... it makes me feel like I'm some kind of Alchemist. And, instead of turning lead into gold, my goal is to get awesome-smelling, clean laundry.

Yes, my freak flag is a-flying today. 

Counting ...

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