Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Motivation ... Hit and Miss

The kids woke up INSANELY early. 
Seriously, Bunny was banging her toy pots and pans in their room at around six-frikkin'-A.M. 

Michael asked them to sleep a little longer.
Bless that man.

I made them breakfast. We went to storytime. We came home and read some more stories and did the calendar (Still working on the days of the week. To them, every tomorrow is "Friday!!" ... Oh, sometimes I really wish it were!), fed them lunch, sent them to take a nap -- with the understanding that if they didn't take a good nap, they weren't going to be able to watch a video.
(I also did mention that whoever took the better nap would get to choose the show. Unfortunately that was a bit of a moot point ...)

I now have deemed it that a good nap means that I don't have to yell at them more than twice before they fall asleep.
Is that asking too much??

But, while they slept, I did fold some laundry. And I worked at repairing another of my dresser drawers ... and I'm still missing MY screwdriver. I have no idea where it is!! (Hon, any clue?? You know, the red one, the magnetized one from my stepdad ... that you can change the heads on it? Says "ACE Hardware? The one that I constantly refer to as MY screwdriver? I miss it!!)

(Yes, I do have MY  own screwdriver. I also have MY own hammer -- a lightweight tack hammer. It fits my hand well. And Michael refers to it as "the girly hammer." So OBVIOUSLY it is mine. Since Michael is NOT a girly-man.)
(And, yeah, I can be all territorial about things. I'm an only child. Sharing isn't something that I had to do all that often, okay? ... But, for me, growing up? Being able to share was rather a treat! So, yeah.)

But, yeah, repairing that drawer? ANNOYING!!!

And then we had to go back to the library because I had turned one thing in yesterday that goes back to the OTHER library system. Oops! (But they were SO nice about it, assuring me that this happens ALL. THE. TIME. ^_^)

And, hey! I made dinner! Go me!!

And .... thaaaaaaat's been my day.
I meant to fold more of the laundry and to finish up the dishes ... Yeah, they didn't get done. Oh well.

But, hey! Michael made the copies that I need for the YW Retreat this weekend! Score!! Yay for having an awesome husband!!

Oh, and if you have being robo-called by politicians (I sure do. It's rather an insult ... "I want you to know to vote for me, but I don't think you're worth the cost of postage. So, um, I'm just going to have a machine call you, since I'm too busy to do it myself. And I don't think you're woth my paying an actual PERSON to dial your number and tell you why I deserve your vote ...."), go to and register your number. I did the free membership (registers one phone number). So did Michael ... and he's LEERY about signing up for stuff.

Go check it out. ^_^

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Best Intentions ...

Oh, I also forgot to mention the OTHER "interesting" thing that happened yesterday.

So, as I got the kiddos dressed, I put Bruise in underwear ... I mean, he should be getting to the point where he can use the toilet. He's decent (at times) with peeing in the toilet ... and, when he is motivated, he can actually work and poop in the toilet.

SO, he comes to me, telling me he's gone poop. In the underpants.

... and there's little turds scattered randomly over the brown-ish carpet in our house.
Bunny's (in shoes) stepped on one (the one on the bathroom [bare, thank goodness] floor ... so I had to clean out the tread in her shoe.

And, for the next hour, the kids are acting like it's some strange Easter Egg hunt.

"MOOOOOM!! Look!! OH NO!!"

And then I'd go and grab it with a tissue. Muttering indecencies under my breath.

He wore plastic pants and diapers (for naptime and for grocery shopping) for the rest of the day.

Now most of his Transformers are getting broken.

Can I just toss him in a box?

I'm getting tired of being short-tempered and yelling.
I'm also tired of having a dirty house.

Tired enough that LOOKING at this dirty house seems to zap all my energy.


Waaaah ... listen to me WHIIIIIIIIIIIIINE. I'm surrounded by a lot of whining and tantrums ... I guess it's not ALL that surprising that I should start to do it, tooooooooo!!!! Waaaaah!!!!

Yeah, pity me, people. Ugh.

I'll be better in a little while. I know. I just need to fold laundry, get it put away, tidy up our bedroom, do a few loads of dishes ... clean off my desk ...

Once the house looks better (and the kids are taking a NAP), I know that I'll feel a little more human.

Now, do I actually get the kids ready and try and make it to storytime? Or do I start cleaning and see if I'm in the mood for it later?

Let's do the cleaning. I can read with the kids myself. And it'll be easier than trying to get in and out of the house. 

Because, um, did I mention that I'm lazy?


Oh, yeah ... and my daughter is nothing if not consistent:

Her elbow always seems to get borked on holidays:
New Year's Eve 2006
Veterans' Day 2007 (The ACTUAL day, not the observed date)
Thanksgiving 2007 (the first time I set it myself)
Chinese New Year's 2009 (also corrected by moi)

(And people wonder why I get nervous around holidays. *rolls eyes*)

Bruise KNOWS now not to pull on her arm.
At least they've all been accidents -- Two of them were really because SHE wasn't being so careful (She can't FLOP. It's just not good.). The first was getting her out of a lamp that she was going to get to fall on her ... and this last one was just playing and being less-than-careful.

I can't wait until her joints are completely grown-up and less flexible.

Poor girl. She just needs to be a little more careful. And not accident-prone like her mother.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Insert clever, yet relevant, title HERE. Thanks.

What did I just do, you may ask?
(Or you may not KNOW that is what you're SUPPOSED to be asking. ... Okay, so ask it!!)
(There. See? Not that hard. And now I can continue ...)

Well, I've put the kidlets down for a nap (So WHAT if Bruise slept for over 12 hours straight yesterday? What of it?!?) ... and after about a half-hour, Bunny is SCREAMING.

So, I pad my pajama-bedecked self in there ... and she's crying and screaming about "Bruise *unintelligble* me!!"

I pick her up. I quiz her, "Did he BITE you? Did he HIT you?"

Finally, I get it out of her -- He pulled her arm.
And I look ... she's cradling that elbow with her other hand ... CRAPPIT.

I try and get her elbow un-dislocated ... and she's screaming and not-so-cooperative ... Not that I can blame her.  It's not something that's happened to me, but it sure seems painful.

Finally, "Sweetie, would some medicine help?"
She tearfully nods.

I get the children's ibuprofen, give her a jigger of it (Okay, so I DON'T know my liquor-stuff well enough to know if it is REALLY a jigger. I just WANT to uwse the word "jigger" in here, okay? It's a funny word. It rolls off the tongue, okay?!? ... Yes, I'm still a little testy. Sorry. ... I'm not TRYING to take it out on you. You know that I love you. Dear reader, you are very important to me. I'm just a little worked up. On edge. I'm trying to get a handle on myself. So, if I'm a little snarky and sharing the same temperment as a rabid, wounded badger on steroids ... I'm just really sorry, okay?)

... where was I? ... Oh, yes ... 'Give her a jigger of' the ibuprofen ... and get her calmed down ...

Wait, back up a sec. As I'm getting the ibuprofen, I'm quickly saying a prayer to REMEMBER how Dr. N taught me to reset Bunny's elbow. I'm able to go through the motions ("Straighten the arm. Rotate to palm-up. Bend the elbow. Okay.") and I go to my daughter, give her the drugs (It just sounds SO much more film noir to say it that way. MUCH cooler than "I gave her a dose of children's Motrin" ... right?)
(And, yes, it IS a drug. I was in D.A.R.E. when I was younger. And I totally rocked the whole "passive vs. assertive vs. aggressive" chapter. I was asked if I had read the chapter ahead of time. Nope!)

... AND then I hold her elbow in one hand, go through the little procedure, and *pop* it's back into the joint.

She just about immediately stops crying.

I'm so glad that I don't have to take her to the doctor's office. Phew.

Besides that, I'm tying to plow through my library books and such.

We tried watching Mad Men. Meh.
At least the clothes are great in it. But, the rest of it?
Well, okay ... it's nice to see YoSafBridge in something. It'd be cooler if it were a show that I enjoyed, though.

Oh well. I'm going to close up and watch Persuasion ... especially since I took the time and websearches to learn how to pronounce Ciaran Hinds' name. (KEER-ahn, for the record.)
And, besides, it's a nice reward to me for being a smart mom who can reset a joint. (But just THAT one, really. I may be able to put a shoulder back into place ... But the lower joints? Or the wrist? I'm no help there.)

(And, the pop of it going back into place is so small that it's not gross. Maybe just because this is my baby girl.)

Ugh. I need a shower. And to fold baskets of laundry. And wash loads of dishes. And to sleep hours of naps. And to read piles of books.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today didn't start off well ... but it's been a really good day.

If you read the previous blog, you'll know that I didn't get a whole lot of sleep.
I went to bed a little late, finished one book. Still couldn't sleep, so I started (and finished) another book. Then I tried to sleep. Couldn't. So I played around on the interwebs until after 2:30. Went to bed. Laid myself down ... Sleep just wasn't really happening. 

I did doze from sometime about 3 A.M. until around 4 ... when my body ... well, let's just say that my bowels have been exorcized. And I'm so glad that Michael was alseep. And that all the lights were off. (TMI, I'm sure, but I HATE it when you have to go in the middle of the night, when all you want to do is sleep ... but NOOOOOO, you have to end up alternating between nausea and ... well, STUFF, and breaking into a cold sweat ... I know that I'm human. Everybody poops. I just don't want to talk about it. ... Let's just say that at first, I wondered if I needed to "lower my cholesterol" [Bri, you'll totally know what I'm talking about] ... and then, NO, I knew that my cholesterol was PLENTLY low. Maybe in the negative digits. Oy.)

SO, sometime after four in the morning, I crawl back into bed, feeling weak and a little shaken, and manage to fall asleep until Michael's alarms go off ... Then I burrow back under the covers until the kids wake up and start squabbling over who needs to throw the wrappers for the string cheese away.

I get up, get showered (Bunny decided to join me), then I did her hair, we got dressed. Wished my Bri a happy birthday ... Got Bruise dressed, went to storytime to meet up with my Katie ... and we all went swimming.

I'll admit that I was a little trepidatious about taking the kidlets swimming. I'm outnumbered, there's a chance they could ... idk ... DIE, and I have to pay money to do it ($9 for the three of us.) ... so if they ended up throwing a tantrum, I'd be pretty torqued off ... since it's not like I could get that money back.

(Geez, aren't I am optimist? Aren't I just selfless?? :P)

But, besides the little fit Bruise had at the library (for -1- not going up the stairs, -2- Not giving him and Bunny gum in the middle of storytime and -3- not leaving at the exact second he wanted to go ... Hey, the boy is three. It goes with the territory, right?), it went REALLY well. REALLY well.

Bruise, at first, didn't want to (1) change into his swimsuit ... until he saw it. The boy has a hard time resisting his favorite characters, (2) get in the shower [Tough luck. I held him and bobbed us under the spray] or (3) get IN the pool ... or (4) get further IN the pool. ... Then he realized that it was really fun. He watched me take Bunny further into the pool and saw that she survived and had fun. ... They enjoyed playing with the pool noodles there ... Bruise ESPECIALLY loved it when I'd shoot water out of them into his FACE. (Yeah, I don't quite get my son, either.) ... Eventually (after one bit where he tripped on the in-pool steps and ended up underwater for a sec --- and had a breather, just sitting on the steps and getting splashed in the face a lot), he demanded that I "swim" his around. I think he's getting really ready for learning how to swim. He enjoys the kicking while I towed him around.
Bunny had a blast sitting on the steps and kic-splashing ... and letting Katie's boys pour water on her head. (She's pretty easy-going. Silly girl.) (Just about makes up for finding bite marks on Bruise this morning. Ugh.) She had fun pretending that she was a bit like Ariel, kicking "like a MERMAID!" and putting her face in the water, to "blow bubbles ... LIKE A MERMAID."

After all the fuss that Bruise had put up about getting IN the water, he REALLY didn't want to leave. So I had to scoop him up. But, after we got dressed (and he didn't pee in the pool ... just in the shower and next to the toilet -- Well, BEFORE we got in the pool, he DID pee in the toilet. I was VERY impressed. ^_^), he was really okay with it. Phew!)

We were able to leave without any melt-downs. Bunny even said, as we got in the driveway, that she was a little bit tired. (Usually this girl refuses to take a nap. Stubborn, like her folks. ^_^ ... For her to admit that she was tired ... Well, she was almost nodding off in the car.)

And, it's been REALLY peaceful around here today. 
If I had the money, I think I'd take them swimming every day (except Sundays ... at least, until we get our own pool. *hope, hope*).
I'm ready to put them in lessons after this, though. And maybe invest in some of those float-suits like Katie's older boys have. ... Looking online, they're called "floating swimsuits." Basically, just swimsuits with built-in flotation vests.

... Okay, the kiddos are in bed. I need to fold a crapload of laundry, do another load of dishes, and figure out what the bedevilment to make for dinner. ... Yup, I'm coming up with nothing. And also getting that little hazy-tired feeling.

I smell like chlorine. I don't mind that. 

I need to drink some more water.

I'm really tired.

small miracles

I'm thankful for the small things ... small to me, anyways.

I have insomnia tonight (explains why I'm up and typing at, what, 1:30 in the morning.)

But I learned that Nie is better. She's alive. She's at home.
I'm not a real follower of hers ... but I read lots and lots of blogs by people who know and love her.
(Backstory: She and her husband were in a private plane crash. No one knew if she and her husband would pull through. They have small children. ... But, as I made mention, she is alive. She is at home. She and her husband are there for their children. ... and THAT is a miracle.)

I'm grateful that:
  • I'm alive.
  • My body works ... It might not do ALL the things that I wish it would (I'm not going to be a prima ballerina, a tennis champion, a gymnist...), but it works.
  • I am not in pain.
  • I am not morbidly obese (And that fat day I was having a while back? Bloating! Stupid bloat.)
  • I am healthy.
  • I have children who love me. Even though, often, I could be much worthier of their love.
  • I have a husband who loves me and puts up with me. And, yes, I'm aware that I don't deserve him. 
  • He loves me anyways. In spite of myself.
  • My family loves me.
  • I have friends that love me, that miss me, that think of me.
  • My cats tolerate me. And sometimes even snuggle with me. And let me check them for fleas. (Ginger had one on her the other day. Got me worried. Haven't seen any since!)
  • (I'm VERY thankful that there have not been anymore fleas.)
  • We have a house ... even though it's not the nicest. It's ours. And, for that, we are willing to do odd jobs and treat it for fleas and ants ... try to make it prettier.
  • We have vehicles that work. We should take care of them better ... but, hey.
  • Michael's employed.
  • My Heavenly Father loves me. Even though I really don't deserve it. But I'm glad that He's perfect -- so He loves me just the same.
  • Jesus loves us ... so, so, so much.
  • The atonement (see above). Because it's absolutely lovely to make choices (sometimes not so lovely to deal with all the consequenses ... especially when it's fallout from someone else's choice). And it's even better that we do have the opportunity to get a blank slate. Because, oh, I am FLAWED. But, if I repent (which I need to do a whole heckuva lot more), I ... can be completely worthy. And that's so nice to know.
  • The Internet -- what else would I do with my time? How would I know anything about the news? How else would I keep in contact with anyone? (I'd actually have to pick up the phone. How scary is THAT?)
  • The World. Because the world is just awesome -- like in the Doscovery Channel commercial.
Okay, it's now nearly two in the morning. I'm grabbing my DS so I can Sudoku myself to sleep.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The thing with feathers

[Completed from a draft Jan 21]

When DID I last post?

Oh well, Let's see what I remember I should talk about ...

Point 1 - We have a new president.
This is cool. I hope that Obama is able to do most of the things that he planned to do.

I do NOT agree with his stance on abortion (but I have strong opinions in regards to that topic. Feelings which can be summed up in my belief that
if you do not feel physically/emotionally ready/mature/able to take care of a pregnancy/child ... well, you'd have better not be having sex. I know that it's a high expectation. But if you are not mature enough to deal with the consequences of your actions ... you shouldn't be choosing to do that. To expect anything else is selfish.) (And I also believe that there are times when that choice is deserved -- when it was not in the woman's choosing to have sex. In cases of sexual abuse/rape/incest -- Well, you get what I'm saying.) (And I also think that in the cases of the mother's health, it could be permissable -- with a GOOD deal of prayer and meditation.) (... But to choose to end a developing life simply because it's inconvenient to you? I think that is selfish and ludicrous.)

(I also think it's absolute BOLLOCKS that minors can't take a Tylenol without parental consent, but that it's permissable to have abortions -- a SERIOUS SURGERICAL PROCEDURE without informing their parents. ... But that is a whole 'nother post.)

STILL, Barack Obama is president. I'm happy for him. I didn't vote for him ... and I'm SOOOO glad that Hilary Clinton is not president. (However, she is pretty close in line if anything should happen, heaven forbid, to our nation's leaders ... Well, I wouldn't be totally surprised. I hope that I'm VERY mistaken, though.) (And HA! Go to her website!! HA! She's asking for donations to "help in cleaning up the last campaign's debt"! HA! ... Fiscal responsibility, anyone?)

... Wow, I'm all over the place aren't I? Sorry.

And forgive me for a bit of schadenfreude on ol' Ms. Clinton's part.

Still, I'm SO glad that she wasn't elected president.
Because Michael refuses to move to Canada. :P

I feel bad, though, for President Bush, though. He had to deal with a lot. And he didn't always make the wisest decisions -- he didn't always listen to people with our nation's best interests at heart. STILL, he could have done lots worse. (No, really ... he could have.)

He didn't cheat on his wife in the Oval Office. And that's a big thing with me.
(And, as I was discussing with Bri today, ... About that cheating ... "But at least Kennedy had better taste in his affairs. Monroe > Lewinsky.")

Marilyn Monroe
more lol celebs

But, really ... I do think that it's far past time that our nation practices a LOT more colorblindness ... eventually someday we won't even make a big deal about someone of a different race/sex/religion running for office.

I really hope that Obama IS good for our nation. I love America. I want America to be good, to be respected, to be loved.
And, really, Latter-Day Saints have myriad reasons for loving America:
- It's where the Book of Mormon happens (well, on the American Continent -- which includes South America. Still counts.)
- The religious freedoms in the United States allowed for the Restoration to occur. Yay for not having our first prophet killed as a young man! Yay for allowing the Church to be organized!

I could go on ... but I'd want to do research first. Lots and lots of research, so that I have ALL my facts straight -- all the i's dotted and the t's crossed, minding all my p's and q's.

But, really ... I hope that Obama's change is all good change. I hope that America only gets stronger and more united. I hope that other countries stop hating us so much.
(I mean, sure, we're a wasteful country ... We're still in our nation's teenage-years, in comparison to the THOUSANDS of years that most European, Middle East, and Asian countries have under their belts, we're still not even three-hundred.)

[And that's where I ran out of coherence and steam]

I really don't remember where I was totally going with that.

This is one of those things that happens when I start blogging late at night when I can't sleep.

BUT here's a decent political site: The Truth-o-Meter, this site keeps track of which promises Barack Obama has kept, which he's compromised on, which ones he's broken, which ones are in the works, and which ones are stalled. Since it's still so early in his presidency, there are a lot that he has yet to take action on. I'm really rather interested in keeping tabs on this.

Now, I have to hustle the (screaming over sharing a toy ... Grr.) kids out to the car for storytime. YES, again. We go to different storytimes. And we already skipped one of them this week, okay?? Now, I need to go before my head explodes, okay? Hugs and all that!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Too silly NOT to share ...

Nabbed this from Bookshelves of Doom:

I totally *srked* multiple times during this!
First things first ... is it just me, or is my old template back? The one with the pink ribbon-bits on the side and the brown and the teal??

Am I hallucinating??

I mean, I wouldn't put it past me, okay? But is it really real, fo' realz??

Besides that ... Land sakes, but am I tired or what?!? Why I am so tired? I don't recall having bad dreams or anything ... I obviously am just sucking at getting a good night's sleep.

That's it. I'm totally downing some melatonin tonight.

And Michael brought me flowers last night. They're pretty. I should get a picture of them.

My meeting last night went very well. I'm so glad to be working with such awesome people. Seriously, we were laughing SO hard ... AND we got stuff done. We have a budget for Girls' Camp! Woot!!

The kidlets took a nap yesterday. Thanks be! And I did a load of dishes in the dishwasher ... which is a definite improvement. I have almost all the clothes WASHED ... just not folded and put away. YET.

And, today, we need to take the kidlets to ColdStone to get their free ice cream.

And, maybe, JUST maybe, I could jump on the treadmill. And then read some books. And get a shower. And make lunch. And, in general, be awesome.

It'd be nice to be awesome ...

I also need to find some materials for a mini-lesson-thing for the YW Retreat.
But first I'm going to help Bunny dress her dolls ... "Now they weddy to GOah ..." (to the dance. Or to Disneyland. I haven't quite worked out which.)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

If I had a clever title, I'd employ it HERE.

We tried Preschool Storytime ... which isn't terribly different from Wobbler Storytime, really. ... We didn't make it through the WHOLE time, but we did get to run into some of our library friends that I hadn't seen for a while. Which was nice.

Right now, I should (1) turn on the dishwasher and (2) fold some more clothes. Then I should (3) take a bath or something ... I'm ending my monthly age of insanity. And, even with Valerian, I'm just not feeling half as even-tempered as I did last month. (Which is yet ANOTHER reason why I feel like bursting into tears at the drop of a hat. No! Don't drop that hat! NO!! NOOOOooooOOOO!!! *bawls*)
Okay, so I'm not QUITE to that point ... but I'm sure not quite on top of my game.

And, since I'm already irritable, I find myself getting even MORE torqued when my dear, sweet, angelic babies WHINE AND SQUABBLE AND ARGUE AND SCREAM.
And then I find MYSELF yelling and fuming and grumbling and being entirely unlovable.

And what is the deal with my darling little girl PEEING HER PANTS EVERYDAY?
She can do WONDERFULLY at the library ... then she'll mosey, at home, to the bathroom and completely empty her bladder, in her clothes, NEXT TO the ********@@#$#@)&*()#@$)(#@)_* toilet.

Yeah, I really have no idea what profanity-laced curse that is supposed to be. Maybe it's like in Home Alone where the robbers are all "Fricker-fracker-*something-even-LESS-audible*"? I don't really know ...

And I'm waiting for that wonder of wonders ... the day when my angel boy finally decides that he's done with pooping in his diapers. I think that next week, I'm just putting him in those plastic pants. If there's a mess, I'm hosing them out in the sink ... and tah-dah! They're clean and ready for another go.

But, really ... I love my children. Why am I such a grump-a-lump? 

Oh, also? I feel fat.
It's like when PMS Geisha is all, "Does this obi make me rook broated to you?" But SO much more. And I don't even have any Funyuns ... not that I LIKE Funyuns ... But, gosh, I could go for some Doritos. Just not the plain ones. They're not an abomination ... but there is something of a travesty about them. *sigh*

But, NO ... my newest jeans? Yes, they don't fit all that great. When they fit FINE, like, last week. And I'm UBER-aware of the ROLL of FAT I have over the waistband ("Thanks, body! I'm all grateful that you hosted the presence of two babies at one time ... but let's just have that skin shrink, like a TON, please. I know that I'm not planning on wearing a bikini anytime soon ... like, EVER, but could we stop hoarding all this skin?? kthxbai.")
And ... yeah, just more of the same. I hate feeling fat. Because, overall, I'm not FAT ... I mean, yes, my BMI is more than where it should be. Hell, it was even when I was dancing and working a physically-strenuous job and being all physically active and all. I'm never going to be skinny. Not even Audrey Hepburn-skinny ... let alone Calista Flockhart or Paris Hilton skinny.
But, oh, sometimes I'd like to.
Because then I could buy cute, cheap bras. And cute, inexpensive underthings. And I'd like to go shopping for clothes again.
(Right now, I like to shop for shoes and make-up ... because shopping for those things don't make me feel fat. ... And it's been this way for a few years now. Ugh.)
("Self-loathing, hey ... how about you just put your sleeping bag here. I have a feeling that you're moving in for a while, eh?? Do you want a smoothie? How about a cuppa herbal tea?")

YES, I AM mentally-crazy enough to have fake conversations with my body and my self-loathing. Joy. ... Just a few more days and then the bloat will be gone and the mental health number will descend into safe territories.

Totally off-topic, I think I want to go to the zoo or the aquarium this weekend. That'd be nice. Road trip! 

Okay, off to do laundry and dishes and reading and relaxing (before my meeting tonight).
I can do this. 
(Actually the meeting should be, for the most part, fun. The two gals that I'm meeting with are GREAT. Seriously EXCELLENT. ... If only there weren't, you know, a MEETING.)

(Yes, I KNOW that the unoffical Fourteenth Article of Faith is "We believe in meetings, we hope for meetings, if there is ANY purpose for which there COULD be a meeting, we will strive to hold a meeting." ... And with my personal distaste for meetings ... yes, I'm a bad Mormon. and we haven't even talked about how I love coffee-flavored candy and ice creams. Yup, on the fast track to Hades ... that's me. :P)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just a day ...

So, yesterday was  ... interesting. I ended up needing a dose of Valerian, which once I took it, helped quite a bit.

I went from feeling like bursting into tears for no reason to feeling like *gasp!* a NORMAL person!

Yesterday, I ran some errands with the munchkin brigade in tow. We went to the mall to get Bruise's tie to wear in my friend's wedding this summer ... the wedding IMMEDIATELY after Girls' Camp ... which I'm the Assistant Stake director of ... So, yes, to say it's a little stressful for me and my OCD tendencies ... well, ain't THAT the gospel truth.

We also went to the bank to deposit the money in the kids' piggy banks into their savings accounts.
I'm trying not to be jealous that they have more money than I do.
And I also hope that they continue to save at this rate. Because then, just maybe, they can afford a term at college ... depending on inflation, of course.

Then we went to the library. And I checked out a crapload of books. I want to read them all before I have to turn them back in. Because you can only renew them so many times.

Then we went home where the children watched shows and did NOT take naps ... and I got to the point where I was just EXHAUSTED of hearing them squabble. Because, honestly, I didn't give a rat's fart about WHO took WHAT from WHOM or WHAT they DID about it.

After Michael and I put the kids in bed (and I took that blessed Valerian), we watched Nim's Island. Which was cute.

And Michael and I determined our list of WORST MOVIES EVER:
The Golden Compass ranks in there. As does Eragon (it's a close contest. Both were MUCH better books which did NOT live up to their potential).
Michael wants to put The Worst Witch in this list ... But I argue that it's exempt -- It has Tim Curry and he's singing a Halloween song:

And that's why I refuse to let it be on this list. Even if Michael refuses to ever watch it again.

Today, I got off my duff and took that kidlets to storytime. Since we hadn't been in a couple weeks, we were a little out of practice ... meaning that Bruise mostly sat wtih me and refused to let me read ... and Bunny kept demanding gum (which, thankfully, she DID follow my directions about throwing it into the trash can when she was done. And NOT playing with the gum in her mouth.)
Tomorrow is the Preschool Storytime at the OTHER library ... so we'll be heading out that way.
And, since we aren't going to Toddler Storytime at the big library, our schedule is a little messed up. I thought that maybe we'd only be able to make it to TWO storytimes total ... but looking at the calendar, it looks like if we go to the other library in our city (The one that I keep meaning to go to, since -- Hello!!-- it's HISTORIC and is from Andrew Carnegie!!), we'll be able to make it to three morning storytimes per week ... which is nice ... since it gets me out of the house. And it gives the kidlets a structured activity outside of church. And maybe I can meet people ... or, at least, act just a little less agraphobic, right?

And, hey, if we wanted to go to an evening one every so often, we do have our options around the area. ^_^

SO, after getting home and having the kids lay down for a nap (which they didn't TAKE ... but it was an effort ... and it gave me some quiet time to finish a book. *phew*), we received a box full of birthday presents from my Nana to the kidlets. Bruise got remote controlled cars and pajamas and slippers. Bunny is the proud owner of faerie princess accessories (circlet, wings, ribbon tutu, and wand), along with her own pajamas and slippers.
The kids have worn their slippers all day. ^_^

So, in other news, I go from absolutely adoring my loin spawn to barely being able to tolerate them. But I mostly adore them, so it's all good, right?

I love how soft their skin is. And how I can get about a bazillion kisses from my son. How my daughter had me wear her circlet and told me that I was "Princess Mommy" and that I needed to follow [Bunny] Butterfly. How impressed she was that I found a book from the library that had her name spelled JUST like we do it ... and in the TITLE, as well!
I love how Bruise put on a box ... and wore it like a helmet. Reminds me rather a lot of Monty Python's Black Knight ("It's only a flesh wound!!").

I mostly love it when my children listen to me. When they don't fight and squabble and whine. When they don't try to RUN HEADLONG INTO THE PATH OF A CAR (Bruise, I'm talking to you. If I get grey hairs, don't act all innocent about it!). I love it when they allow me to read a book. I love it when they want me to read to them (it's their TIMING that I don't always love. :P).

Things are mostly good. Good enough that I'm content. 
I have dinner cooking. I read a book today. I took the kidlets to storytime. I don't have any pressing responsibilities that I'm COMPELTELY behind on (Sure, I should do the dishes and put away the laundry). I've had the kids eat their vitamins. I ate some chocolate. Life is, for the time being, pretty dang good.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The not-so-little-things

Today has been good ...

Yesterday, the kidlets went down for a nap around five ... and slept through the night. And woke up EARLY (hey, they slept for nearly twleve hours). So Michael put in a movie for them to watch as he left for work ... and they (mostly) let me sleep until almost eight.

Bless their dear little hearts. 

Yeah, I had to get up to change diapers (Well, change Bruise's diaper as he was SOAKING through ... and change Bunny's panties, since her diaper was soaked through ...), but that's okay. Since they let me lay down again and snooze for a while longer.

As we left church yesterday, as Bunny gave her plea of "I want Daddy to come too, in my car" (instead of meeting us at home later, since he has to wrap up loose ends at church, and has to come to church early for meetings beforehand) ... and Bruise, as we're pulling out of the parking lot, chirps "Bye Nursery! Bye Twoys!!" ... Which I'm still laughing about.

Bunny's been wearing the tutu she got for her birthday nearly non-stop.  As soon as she's gotten up the last couple days, the tutu goes on. She's such a funny little girl.

Today, I've promised to take the kidlets to the library to play (in the children's section, there's a train table, dollhouse, and kitchen) ... and I'm determined to make good on it.

They love the calendar that Mutti got (technically) me for Christmas ... it has velcro and you can change the month, day, year, weather, and day of the week. I'm working to teach them that not every tomorrow is "SAT-AH-DAY!!!" ... and that days do have names and a set order.
They REALLY enjoyed my vocal reworking of the days of the week set to Beethoven's Fifth. Mostly because I was ending up crowing/shouting "SAT- UHR-DAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!" as we drove to church, I think.

The things we do for our kids.  ... Like play Transformers with them (and learn how to transform them from robots into cars or dinosaurs or other assorted things ... and learn their NAMES and which side they're on [Autobot or Decepticon] ... as Michael said, "You're trying to be one of the cool moms, huh?") while the home teacher was here. 
Or how Michael will humor Bunny by playing with her Disney Princesses Barbies with her.
(It's so funny that when I play Barbies, the Barbies end up talking about shoes. Whereas with Michael, the Barbies talked about dating boys. Bunny just listens, enthralled, as the Barbies talk. So, yeah.)

And, YES, I do need to upload pictures. I KNOW. I'll get to it ... later. ^_^

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random things

What Animal are You?


You are the wolf. You like company, but don't mind being alone at times. You're usually calm, unless provoked or annoyed. You'll do anything to protect your family and friends if need be. You enjoy silence and are a bit mysterious at times. You can be a bit apathetic, but it suits your personality.

Personality Test Results

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Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

And this Fangirl Fantasy Generator is silly, but kinda fun. If you try it, wanna post your favorite? :P

To my children:

Three years ago today, you were born.

I know that I am not the perfect mom ... nor do I even plan on being a perfect mom. But I hope that you do know that I am trying. 

I lose my temper at times. I don't always read to you as much as I should. Sometimes a day goes by when I forget to dole out vitamins or toothbrushes. 

But that isn't because I don't love you.

Bruise, my first-born, my little man ... You can be a complete delight. I love your freely-given kisses and how you love to cuddle. I love how affable you are. I appreciate that you take after your father and love to open the door for people. I laugh at how much you love your Transformers ... and how OCD you can be about setting them up and having them "turna car" or "turna wobot." I love that you are talking more and more ... whenever you can get a word in edgewise with your sister. I think it's hilarious that you demand that we read the Jonah scripture story EVERY night that you are allowed to choose.

I might not appreciate the tantrums you throw ... or the fact that we are still struggling with using the toilet ... but there's so much awesome in you that I can look past those things.
I see you get frustrated as easily as I do. Sorry for passing on that trait. We can work on channeling that ... somehow. Maybe you can help me channel it well, too.

Three years (and nearly twelve hours) ago, we were getting you into the world. It could have been easier. Especially if they had turned up that dratted epidural. You should be proud of me for not cursing. But, oh, dear boy ... when we got through that, and they showed you to me, I knew that you were worth it. I knew that we had named you well. You bear the names of our most-influential grandfathers well. 

I am glad to be your mom. Even when you do small things that, for whatever reason, drive me a little crazy, my silly boy. Like when you crawl on the ground during Sacrament Meeting. Or throw a tantrum in the library. I love you, Bruise. I want you to know.

Bunny, my princess, my fuss-bucket ... Your entrance into the world was smoother, minutes after your brother. You're unique and headstrong, my darling. Refusing to turn and enter the world the common way ... your breech birth was seamless -- they turned up the epidural (FINALLY!!) and when the doctor pulled you out and they let me hold you ... Oh, my darling, you were beautiful even then. I am still amazed that anything so lovely and dainty and precious could have been pulled out of my vag1na.

You make me laugh with your view of the world, your straightforwardness. You really are quite a lot like me ... which, at times, can drive me toward pulling my hair out by its roots. You are like me, but you are also so much better.

I am amazed that you only seem to improve -- you are more clever everyday, more lovely everyday. You are my princess. When we have to correct your behavior, we ask you if a princess would do whatever-it-was-that-we-didn't-care-for. And, most times, you realize immediately upon that question what needs to be improved on.

I love your creativity. I crack up at some of your observations and how you use language ... You love to sing. I think, often, that you need to be in gymnastics or something to help contain your energy.

Oh, my darling, you have inherited your daddy's and my stubborn streak. Thank goodness that you and your brother have also inherited his confidence. If you keep remembering how wonderful you are ... I will worry so much less when you are in school and when you leave home.
You have also inherited my bossy streak. We can work on that one together. I will try to make SUGGESTIONS and not orders. But it helps when I am listened to (or if you and Bruise at least CONSIDER) those suggestions the first (or first DOZEN) time(s) that I extend them. -_^

I'm sorry, Bunny, for when I lose my patience with you. Please bear with me. I haven't been a mom to three-year-olds before. I am trying to get better every day. Maybe someday will come along when I won't make SO many mistakes. Give me time. And thank you for loving me even when I make mistakes.

Bruise and Bunny -- I can't believe that you're three. It's crazy. I also can't fathom life without you two in our family.

I love that you love each other so much. 
I smile when you, Bruise, get up before your sister and come cuddle with me. First you greet me, then you tell me that "[Bunny] s'eepin'." 
Bunny, it's so sweet that you get mad when Bruise won't always let you give him a hug and a kiss. I makes me laugh even more when you will chase after him and try to TACKLE him to give him that hug and kiss.

I laugh when we watch the Discovery Channel commercial about loving the whole world and you both accuse each other (and especially ME) of being a giant squid.

I love it when you try and name everyone in the family (grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles) in your prayers. Or how Bunny asks to "help us listen to Mommy, Daddy, [Bruise-y], [Bunny], and the prophet." ... And I'm so proud of you both when you try hard to be reverent long enough for BOTH of you to say your prayers at night.

I also am very proud of you when you listen and participate at storytime. And I do secretly enjoy it a bit that you orbit back to me at times. It is nice to know that you still need me. And I will do my best not to be too hurt when you're older and refuse to acknowledge me, let alone give me hugs and kisses in public.

I like that you miss Daddy when he's gone at work or for church meetings as much as I do. Every morning you will ask me, "Where Daddy?" And I'll tell you that he's at work (or, on Sunday mornings, at church). 

I am glad that you both are, most times, polite. I'm happy when you remember to say "please" and "thank you." I'm proud that you like to share with each other. ... Like when you, Bruce, will get a piece of cheese or a graham cracker and then hold out your other hand and ask, "[Bun-Bun]?" ...  just to make sure that she gets one, too. (And Bunny, you do the same thing. You'll say, "One for [B'uise]?" And, sure enough, I'm glad to give you one to take to him, too.)

I am glad to tell you honestly that I don't know of anyone who fails to like you, if not adore you. Bruise, the young women at church gush to me about how cute you are. You are a lady-killer ... and you've always been willing to flirt with anything with estrogen. It makes me laugh a little.
Bunny, as a baby, you would flirt with all the boys. You seem a little less interested now ... Your heart belongs to Daddy and your brother right now (which does relieve your father and me a little ^_^) ... but I know that someday that will change. Someday you are going to find someone who catches your heart ... and I can only hope that he treats you with all the love, affection, and respect that you are worthy of.
(Same for you, Bruise -- I know that you will find another woman to replace me as the holder of your affections. And I'm going to try and be brave. But, by golly, she had better love and respect you as best she can (and I'm hoping that she's awesome! Please, Bruise, choose an awesome girl. Even better if she's more awesome than I am. Maybe someone as awesome as your sister??).)
And, you two, I am going to TRY to be a good mother-in-law to your spouses.

Please don't move too far away, when you grow up, okay? I will miss you too much.

And, when you're grown up, you'd better call me. Or I'm going to be calling you.
And don't answer the phone when you're in flagrante delicto. I am just going to imagine that you and your spouse innocently bud the dear grandchildren that you will give me -- like amoebas. 

And, if you do have questions about sex and stuff ... do know that you can come to me. I will give you the best answers that I have. And, if I don't know, I will research it as best I can.
As I will do for all questions you ask me.
Because I love you.
Very much.

(Please, when you grow up, don't move too far way. Can you promise me this?? Please? I'll respect your privacy! I promise!!)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Reporting for duty!

Okay, so here I am ... It's not quite noon, I'm showered and dressed (and wearing make-up! ... Even though when FIRST did my mascara, I ended up with a little hair dragging on my pupil ... which was VAIR, VAIR annoying). I did a load of dishes last night and made dinner ... I still have about three loads of laundry waiting to go through the washer and dryer. ...

BUT!! I dragged myself and the kidlets out of the house and got ALL my errands done! Woot!!!

We went and bought the red decorative sugar for Bruise's cake. We went to the Post Office (where Bruise and Bunny were yelling outside about "Dere! Wobot! Wook! Wook dere! It wobot!!" -- The truck next to us had the Autobot symbol sticker. And the driver overheard me go, "Ohhhhh! Yes! He does have the Autobot sign! You're right!" And he laughed a little. Which was fine.) where I returned a book that I didn't really want that I was TOLD would have free return shipping and which decidedly did NOT have free return shipping. (I'm out $2.93, which isn't a LOT ... but I knew that I was going to be returning the book. And if I hadn't been informed that I would have free shipping, I wouldn't have had it shipped to me in the first place. ... As Jayne says, "There's nothing as deceiving as a low-down, dirty deceiver." Gotta love the Firefly quotes. Applicable to every situation. As are Princess Bride quotes.) Then we went over the BWIDGE!!! (as the kidlets chime in unison) and hit the grocery store for the food coloring gel that the kidlets were too tired to allow me to get on Tuesday. And I returned books underneath the "big library" and we headed back so I could pick up books at the "little library" ... and I checked out a few more from my TBR-list (Yay!) and bought a few of the ones for sale  -- One I had read before and enjoyed (need to get the rest of the series now), one is on my TBR-list, one just sounded interesting (about Biblical-age culture) -- and since they're $2 each, I'm happy.

We then came home, got the mail, and the kidlets are eating (SECONDS!!) their peanut-butter sandwiches ... since we're out of lunchmeat, it was the only option. Good thing they were amenable to it. Phew!

 Now, to clean off the counter and my desk, have the kids pick up their toys (you should SEE their ROOM. Looks like a tornado hit the floor.), and do those dang dishes. And clean the kitchen counters off. And clean out the fridge. And finish that laundry. But, hey ... with the laundry, I just have to wash and dry it. No one's really going to see the ginormous pile of clean clothes, right?? And, in any case, a ginormous pile of CLEAN clothes is fantabulously better (and MUCH better-scented) than a ginormous pile of dirty clothes. ^_^ Right??

And I should clean the hall bathroom.
And vacuum.
And make the batter for the kids' cake and cupcakes.

And take a nap.

And paint my toenails.

But, hey! Once that's done, I have some EXCELLENT books to read!!!! Which should be cool, right??

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Okay, what's up with CutestBlogOnTheBlock??

My template is totally missing. Ugh.

So, since I was tired of that huge expanse of white going on when I pulled up my blog, I've changed the colors around a little. You are really at the right place, don't worry.

Also, my kids refused to nap (AGAIN) and not only are they grumpy (particularly my kittle man) but they were running around and he bit his lip enough to draw blood.
But not enough to need to have it glued back together or anything. Phew.

And Bunny helped me unload the dishwasher, bless her little self.
I still have dishes to do and laundry to do (and fold and put away) ... but, land sakes, I'm BUSHED.


Sorry for not posting more ... I've been POSSESSED with catching up on books and, to be honest, procrastinating doing all the housework that NEEDS to be done.

I NEED to finish doing the dishes. I NEED to finish folding the laundry. I NEED to clean the kitchen. I NEED to clean off my desk and the small counter. 

Also, I need to get ready for the kidlets' birthday this weekend.
I NEED to do the aforementioned housekeeping. I NEED to finish buying supplies to make a robot cake for Bruise and Princess cupcakes for Bunny (Hey, just red decorative sugar and some gel food coloring and then we're golden!). I NEED to wrap presents. I NEED to get the big storage containers filled (and organized while filling them) and out in the shop.

I NEED to take a shower today so that I can run into the library to return books (or I NEED to call bil J or sil T2 to do it for me) and then pick up food colorings and the sugar at the local party store (or, if I run into town, I can get the gel cheaper at the grocery store there).

I NEED to get off my duff and get things done. 

But, hey, I've read my blogs and websites (not comics, yet, though). I should run my shower, then run the dishwasher and a load of laundry while I run errands ... come home, unload/reload the dishwasher and washing machine ... make dinner for the husband that I won't see until around seven (since he'll be coaching the Young Women basketball "team" at church) ... clean off my desk and the counter ... and wrap presents once the kids are in bed. I mean, that should work, right??

If I actually show, like, ANY motivation as I go throughout the day. Hey, I'm just keeping it real.

Oh, and I REALLY (RILLY!) need to brush my teeth. They feel weird.

Oh, in other news, we had some excitement. Bunny accidentally knocked Michael's laptop off a little table, bending/snapping part of the charger it was on. He had to buy a new one. And he needs an oil change in the truck. Poor guy. BUT we did get him a new bag to carry the laptop in, since his old bag was ripping a lot.

And I scored some stuff at B&BW on a nice sale. I have to say that the Fresh Bamboo-scented room spray is excellent. I should get more of it next time there's a sale. Totally awesome stuff. 

The kiddos are just about 100% better from the snot/cough fest. We did buy a warm-mist humidifier to stick in their room as needed. And some of the Vick's menthol-whatever to put in the water. I'll say that from the first night, the kids have sounded much better.

I don't think I have any other news to report. Sorry! That's really about it.
Like any of this was all that pressing ...

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Belated 100 Things

Since I kept FORGETTING when I got to my 100th post on here ... and then when it got to 200 ... and 300 ... Well, I figured that I'd make it right.

SO! Post #400! Better late than never and all that, right?

Now to come up with 100 Things about myself ...

  1. Right now my hair is its natural color.
  2. Mostly because I've been too lazy and indecisive to color it.
  3. The last time I colored it was about two-and-a-half years ago.
  4. I feel at my most feminine when my toenails are painted.
  5. I like the smell of nail varnish.
  6. I like to say that, by shopping, I'm supporting the economy.
  7. I wish I could "support the economy" more.
  8. My To-Be-Read list at Goodreads is over 1700 books.
  9. It's going to take me a few years to get through all that.
  10. I'm SO glad that my children haven't appeared to have inherited my thumbs.
  11. I'm glad that my thumbs WORK ... they just look odd.
  12. But it's fun to say "bracydactyly." I think that's what it is.
  13. Even if I mispronounce it.
  14. Which, really, might make it even more fun to say.
  15. I have a cat who is 17 years old.
  16. This makes me feel a little old, too. Since I got her when I was eleven.
  17. I really hate driving.
  18. Maybe I'd like it better if I didn't have to get the kidlets buckled in. If they'd buckle themselves in, it'd be a LOT easier.
  19. I wish money grew on trees.
  20. I really want a money tree.
  21. I'd be a lot happier about raking leaves, I'll tell you.
  22. It makes me sad to hear that people I know get divorced.
  23. I like to believe (as I DO believe) that most relationships CAN be saved. ... If both parties are willing to work at it. It's not like you plant a garden and leave for ten years, hoping to pick some ripe peas and carrots when you get back. (If you do ... well, that's DELUSIONAL. But I'll still pet your hair.)
  24. I don't know my season ... Anyone feeling really adept at telling me?
  25. I really get burned out doing the dishes. (Which I REALLY NEED to do ... but I just can't bring myself to DO them. Waah! My life is HARD!! /self-pity)
  26. I understand quite a bit of geek/nerd humor. 
  27. I feel bad when I come across some that I DON'T get.
  28. I hate falling out of touch with friends.
  29. It makes me feel like a bit of a failure. I mean, if I like you ... won't I want to still keep tabs on you?
  30. I think that I've gotten a little anti-social since I've had kids.
  31. Probably to do with the fact that I have to pack up their swag, buckle them in the car, drag their swag in, gripe about having forgotten my cell phone at home ... it just is a bit of work. 
  32. Not that I don't love them. Because I DO!
  33. Or else I would have eaten them LONG before this. But I haven't! <-- Proof that I do, indeed, love my little spawnages!
  34. I have little patience for picky eaters. Sad, because I used to be pickier.
  35. I love to chat with cashiers while shopping. Or people in line at the store.
  36. Michael says that I could make friends with anyone.
  37. I don't know about that. Sometimes I wonder about people who want to be friends with me.
  38. I mean, why? I'm cute, I know ... but I'm also a bit insane and unbalanced.
  39. Maybe they just need some excitement in their life. (I'm not digging for compliments. I just don't think that I'm the SMARTEST, MOST INTERESTING, MOST GLAMOROUS person out there. Or even the cutest. Although I am VERY cute.)
  40. My husband makes me laugh.
  41. I love it when he's clever. Which is often. (Another reason I married him.)
  42. I wonder if I quote movies too often.
  43. But there are SO MANY situations which benefit from a movie-quote.
  44. If I ever get upset, you can always tell that I'm feeling better when I quote from Firefly. It's like the litmus test of my mood. I can be pissy, but I'm not all THAT pissy if I can flourish Whedonesque.
  45. I am VERY aware of how I smell.
  46. Which is why I have about eleventeen bazillion lotions and perfumes and body sprays on my counter in the bathroom.
  47. And why I love, love, love my Dove Clinical Strength deoderant.
  48. Even though it makes my armpit-skin feel REALLY weird. Almost sticky.
  49. No, you CANNOT touch my armpit skin. That's just weird. (Okay, Michael, YOU can. But no one else, really. Not even the kidlets. Though they try.)
  50. No, I'm NOT ticklish. It's just odd to have people touching my pits!
  51. I wonder if I should take this list more seriously. ... Maybe.
  52. I want to go to Scotland.
  53. And Japan.
  54. And Great Britain. (And take a lot of money with me to get nice bras! Because it seems that SO many of the bra companies that make bras to fit people with my build are across the pond. No fair!)
  55. And Germany. I mean, why else did I take German instead of Spanish?
  56. Although I can talk about monkey-kings and cat litter boxes in German ... VERY useful. :P
  57. I love it when Lilo says "Then I'd be an ABOMINATION!" Makes me laugh every time.
  58. My nails always break. Except when I wa pregnant. It was a nice bonus. Made up for the 12 weeks of puking.
  59. I would like to slow dance more often with my husband.
  60. I DO love to see the temple. It makes me happy.
  61. I enjoyed getting to play a bad girl in theater. Bad girls seem to have SO much fun!
  62. But I really like being a good girl (most of the time). Less to regret. ^_^
  63. I like mashed potatoes. 
  64. And macaroni and cheese ... cheesy, like at KFC.
  65. I just like comfort foods, I guess.
  66. I read romance novels. Lynn Kurland is one of my favorites.
  67. Also Regency-era romances, since there's less smut. I like ROMANCE, not play-by-play, please.
  68. I also love to read about time traveling.
  69. Which rather started my crushlet on Jerry O'Connell, since he was in Sliders.
  70. In my opinion, sweet pickles are an abomination. Just sayin'.
  71. I was in ballet when I was younger. I wouldn't be goo en pointe, though. My second tow is longer than my first. I'd totally screw up my feet. 
  72. I didn't care for tap dancing, though. So I switched to Jazz. Which was fun.
  73. I quit dance classes in fifth grade. 
  74. I quit Girl Scouts in sixth grade. So I could join chess club. Which disbanded a few months later. And I just didn't get back into Girl Scouts.
  75. Selling Girl Scout cookies did two things -- let me know a few techniques for dealing with rejection ... and got me addicted to those darn cookies. I love me some Samoas. And those shortbread ones, too. And thin mints. But, above all, those Samoas. Love those Samoas.
  76. I always think of myself as a "big" girl. Probably because at 135 lbs, I was larger than most of the girls in theater.
  77. And because I think of myself as a "big" girl, I try to be charming and witty and darling enough CONSTANTLY to distract people from my pant size.
  78. I like to sing. I don't sing all that much at present.
  79. I used to ALWAYS be in a choir ... or looking forward to being in a school musical.
  80. I'm finally coming to grips with the fact that my HUGE high school crush never LIKED me-liked me. His loss. Because I am pretty all right, you know.
  81. What's sad is that it took me nearly a decade to deal. Even though I have like, the awesomest husband.
  82. I tend to live in the past sometimes. Why is this?
  83. I can't crochet or knit
  84. I have a little phobia of the sewing machine. I secretly fear that I'm going to get my hand, then arm, caught in it. And end up looking like Frankenstein's monster. It hasn't happened ... yet.
  85. Thanks to my dad, I have a little phobia of beavers. He told me, when I was little, that if I got too close to a beaver (because, face it, I was the type of kid to go up gladly to anything furry), it would bite my leg off. I KNOW that this isn't QUITE true. But I did scream the one time I ended up about five yards from a wild beaver ... and ran back into the house as fast as I could.
  86. I think I'm spoiled since I have such CUTE, attractive children. So I worry what will happen if I ever have an average-looking child. I hope that I will be cool and love them just as much (if not more). But I know that I'm a little shallow.... :(
  87. I wish I spoke foreign languages well. My German is passable (for a third-grader, maybe) ... but I know very little Spanish. And most of it is not very useful. I mean, really, when am I going to use "I like to dance in the bathroom?"
  88. I enjoy video games. Especially Final Fantasy. Even though I've played VIII, IX, X and X-2, I've only actually finished FFIX. But I'd like to play all of those to the finish. Oh, and I did play a little of VII and I have III on my DS. I need to finish all those, too.
  89. Which might happen after the kids are in school. And I have time to volunteer and keep a clean house ... and play video games. ^_^ And read some of the books on my to-read list.
  90. I would like to write a novel. And have it published. And have some money from it. But I don't know what to write. I don't think that my memoirs would sell well ... Not yet. ^_^
  91. I read a lot of YA fiction.
  92. I'm crap at archery. I keep hitting the inside of my elbow with the bowstring, since I tend to hyperextend my elbow. And I don't like pain. It doesn't help that I'm not great at aiming, either.
  93. I'd like to try falconry. Hawks and falcons and other birds of prey are pretty. ... I hope they don't smell like carrion or anything.
  94. I don't like to eat fish. I can eat tuna and fish sticks, though. 
  95. I used to draw on my desks at school. In pencil. It just felt better than on paper. And I'd erase everything afterwards.
  96. I'm not confident at my drawing style. Maybe because it's kind of distinctive. It's very sketch-y ... and kids in my school (which was a small school, I know) could always pick my pictures out. Which was kind of embarassing.
  97. Yes, I do have neuroses. I'm aware of this. (Once, when I said that I was neurotic, another boy misheard it as "erotic" ... which was nice for comic relief.)
  98. I would love to have a teal-colored Nintendo DS. I like teal.
  99. I would still play with paper dolls. I used to have quite a collection.
  100. I miss having kitten-kittens around. But I won't, since it's too hard to find good homes for them ... and too expensive to take proper care of them. And unless I get a commune, there'd be no room for them. But, oh, the mewings and the purrings and the pouncings (and before that, the fact that they fit in your HAND!!!!) ... I miss all that.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Should auld acquaintence be forgot and never brought to mind?

Happy 2009 everyone. I hope that your 2008 went well.

How did we spend the last day of the year?

The kids were still a little sick (as they still are. *sad*) but we went to Borders so I could use my accrued Borders Bucks (since I am a professed bibliophile) ... and what's really sad is that, as I browsed, I couldn't really come up with anything that I HAD to have. (And, of course, when I'm at home or at the library, I could rattle off dozens of books that are excellent. :P) But I did get a calendar (50% off) and a couple Lynn Kurland books. For when I need some escapist literature. Which isn't terribly rare. ^_^

We went grocery shopping, got some fast food, came home ... Bunny took a nap, Bruise watched a show, I went to pick up another hold at the local library and deposit the kidlets' Christmas check from Grampy, came home ... Bunny woke up, we watched Kung-Fu Panda.

Now, it was rather cute and enjoyable. But I'm miffed at the TINY TINY TINY parts that were given to Jackie Chan (especially, since I LOVE Jackie Chan! He's amazing and hilarious and I adore him!) and Lucy Liu (because she's darling, too). But, besides that, it was very well-done and a fun show.
Also, the munchkin brigade are NOT AT ALL ready to be taken to the theater. Unless I have them wrapped head-to-toe in duct tape. And then it'd only be a MAYBE.

After that, I threw up. Felt a lot better then. Even if I was a little weak and very sour-mouthed. Ugh.

After we put the kids to bed, we watched The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer (and if you've ever had the thought that what you needed was a movie with Cary Grant AND a grown-up Shirley Temple ... well, here you go! It was cute. But rather formulaic. ... And I just don't find Myrna Loy that attractive. She's a fine actress ... and not completely unfortunate-looking ... but *sigh* I think it's her uber-skinny eyebrows. I don't know. And it's completely and totally shallow of me, I know.

Today the kidlets are doing a little better. Still coughing ... and Bruise's nose is RUNNY. And he's got a temperature.  And likes to be cuddled more than usual. Poor guy. But at least Bunny isn't coughing to the point of gagging wuite so much. (Phew.)

But, yeah, we had an early night. Because if there's anything we'd like to do more this year, it's SLEEP. Because sleeping (and reading) is my favorite drug. Oh yes.

Counting ...

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