Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crazy Dream Chronicles - May 26 night/ 27 morning

This dream was one that I was actually a bit bummed to wake up from.

In it, we had been seeing Gingi-cat's ghost. We apparently saw it so often that it was totally normal.

"Oh, there's the ghost of Gingi again." "Look. Ginger's ghost is there now."

And then, for whatever reason, our ottoman was near the computer. And Ging jumped on it. And I reached out, out of habit, to pet her.

And she was tangible.

And I held her.
And I pet her.

And Michael could touch her, too.

And Mom and the kids got up. And they could see her and pet her.


And then I had to wake up.


Yes, it's been 300 days. Exactly. 9 months and 27 days.
And I still miss her.
Most days I do okay.

Then I get something wonderful like this and it hits me.

Michael just says maybe I'm having this dream so I'll be ready for the resurrection.
I'd better get ready a LOT faster than I've been doing lately. Because, in my dream, I didn't look much older than I presently am.

But, yeah. That's the only dream that I had lately that really sticks out.

Besides the REALLY crazy one where I was a pretty Asian girl. Who liked kissing other girls. WEIRD. Really weird.

I don't like dreams where I want to wake up and scream, "But I'm NOT a lesbian!!"
(It might make Michael a little worried.)
(And no offense if you are a lady who's attracted to other ladies. I just don't swing that way. You're still a lovely person and the Lord loves you very much.)

These pseudo-real dreams are starting to wig me out.
Because either I don't want them to come true and they DO. :(
Or I'd REALLY like them to be true and they AREN'T. :( :(

Stupid subconscious. Why can't I just have the regular-crazy-butt type dreams?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Um ...

I can use the excuse that I've been a little busy. If you were here, you could look at my house and attest to that statement's validity due to the fact that almost all the laundry is washed, we no longer have laundry piled on our bed (it's on the couch only. Score!) and almost all the dishes are done.

And that I was sick in the head and had the bright idea (which, truly is a good thing) to organize the food in the bottom cupboard (and refill the olive oil and baking powder containers near the stove. Which needed to be done).

I've been using oil to clean my face for most of last week. Grapeseed oil. I didn't break out. Even though it was THAT WEEK. If you know what I mean. And I think you do. (As of today, I'm back to normal. Yay!)

I did have a couple zits. I started using some Mary Kay stuff that my lovely, lovely sister-in-law squared (she's the wife of my brother-in-law, you see) gave me since she's dropping out of the Mary Kay business. And, oh, I've been having SUCH FUN with the load of stuff that she let me have. (Also, I owe her TONS of babysitting.)

In fact, this morning, I did the microdermabrasion for the second time (I think the last time I did it was Saturday). I've had this weird rough/textured spot along my jawline for AGES. It's ALMOST TOTALLY GONE! (I think it's like a callus from my resting that side of my chin on my hand so often. That's my theory.) And my pimples are quickly leaving due to the Acne Treatment Gel (I LOVED it when I used it back in high school. ^_^).

Tuesday through Thursday morning, we had fun with Mutti (my mom). We took the kids into town Wednesday (that McDonald's has an indoor play place) when I volunteered. They were watching "The Clone Wars" on the portable DVD player while I was shelving books upstairs (they were in the van, out of the rain) and it ran out of batteries. So Mutti and the kiddos got to explore the library a bit. ... Bruise was getting a little cranky. Poor Mutti.
After volunteering, we went to Trader Joe's (I picked up Jojoba oil and the Orange Blosson scented liquid soap. Smells SO GOOD!) and stopped by a family farm on the way home. I got lip balms (Berry pear, Vanilla Almond, and Eucalyptus Lime) and lavender body mist and massage oil. Mom picked up some DELICIOUS strawberries for dessert.

We headed home. It was SO WINDY! So windy and rainy, in fact, that as we were cooking dinner (chicken in orange sauce and brown rice. Along with mashed cauliflower, salad, and edamame), the power went out. For an HOUR. So dinner was late. Oops! Oh well. It was still pretty tasty!

Thursday, it was actually nice enough outside that, after storytime, the kids got to play at the park. Which made up for my being the MEANEST MOTHER EVAR!!!!1!!one! last week when I felt too much like figurative crap to let MAH PRESHUS BAYBEEES have fun in the sun at the park. So, yeah. My kids love me again. ^_^

I'm still hacking a bit. I'm sure it's not pneumonia (which my mom was worried about). It's probably just sinitus that's REALLY wearing out its welcome (not that it's EVER welcome).
(In fact, Michael's home sick today. Poor guy. :( ... and poor me. I can't even have fun with him since he's sleeping off the nasty plague. Oh well. We'll have fun later.)

Friday, we went and picked up Bruce's train table (It used to be one of their friend's train table. But he wasn't playing with it much. So his mom offered it for sale on Facebook. And I was lucky enough to jump on that first! _^ YAY!!!!) ... which is now sitting in the middle of the living room. At least he's playing with it every day. And, hey, once we invest in some bunk beds for the kiddos, it'll move into their room.

While we were up north, the kids got to play with their friend (and Michael and I got to chat with his parents. One of whom is one of my besties since sixth grade). Then we went to drop off some things at their cousins' house. And we stayed and played and I got the aforementioned FUN FUN Mary Kay things. (Seriously, my feet and hands are SO SOFT between the Satin Hands and the fact that I've been using Jojoba oil on them. And I've been having fun putting on makeup this weekend. Such fun!)

(Now, to feel any prettier, I just need to drop about fifty pounds. ^_^) (Or tone up my fat and stretched-out skin. That'd help.)

I've also been playing a LOT of Plants vs. Zombies. It's crazy-addictive.

I've also had strange dreams. In one, a friend of mine who was just barely pregnant, told me she miscarried. I woke up hoping that this wasn't true at all. ... It was. :( She got hold of me a few hours after I woke up and told me.

I hate it when I have unhappy dreams that come true.
Of course, Michael asked me if it wasn't better to have some advance warning for bad things. He does have a point. ... Though, honestly, I just never want bad things to happen AT ALL.
Because I'm SO realistic like that. :P

But she's really doing well. And they'll try again in a few months. (They're going to make such CUTE and FUN kids.)

We took the kids to the park on Saturday, in between rainstorms. They had fun. Even though the slides were wet enough that their little buns were SOAKED. Poor Bruise was walking like how I did after I rode a horse (YEARS AGO), all wide-legged. Poor guy. And Bucket loves to run. I hope she doesn't lose that. It'll help her to stay in good shape. ^_^

Sunday was a good day. Church was great (as always). We were home-taught. And, in the evening, we got to go visit with a few of our friends that we haven't been able to get together with for a while. We ate delicious food. Everyone's kids played together (after ours finished playing shy). Lots of fun adult conversation. I got to hold a little baby (who slept just about the entire time I held him. Even though I warned him what a scary old woman I am. ^_^).

No, I really don't have baby fever. I do wonder if I SHOULD have more kids sometime. I mean, I feel really fulfilled with Bruise and Bucket. But am I supposed to have more? What if I have one with Cystic Fibrosis or Down's Syndrome or something?

(I hate having possibilities like those up in the air. I mean, I COULD think of it more like, "What if I will bear the future scientist who cures cancer/philanthopist that ends world hunger/etc.?" instead of just focusing on what could go wrong. But, yeah, I'm kinda scared to have more kids. And our house is small. And, really, I'm selfish. I know it.)

(And there's the fact that I don't have insurance and it costs way too much to get my IUD out right now. Yeah. A money tree would solve all our current problems. Anyone have a money tree? ... Though, to be completely honest, if all our problems can be solved by throwing money at them, they're not THAT BIG of problems.)

But, yeah. I've been reading books, playing computer games, cleaning the house ... and not blogging a whole lot. Sorry!

But did I mention that I have VERY soft skin? I totally DO! ^_^
And I got to socialize! That's pretty amazing!

... Now I just have to make time to finish my library books (and watch the movies from the libraries) and Daria. Oh, I've missed Daria so, so much.

And I get to eagerly await when "Backseat Saints" comes out. Then I'll get a signed copy of that (and of "The Girl Who Stopped Swimming") sent to me. Exciting!!!

And I really, really hope that this stupid allergy/sinitus/cold/PLAGUE is completely gone by then.

Hey, at least I'm not dry-heaving due to the cough anymore. That really freaked out Bruise Thursday morning. And he IMMEDIATELY ran down the hall, "Mutti!!! [Bucket]!! Mommy frew up in da SINK!!!" ... Which freaked my poor mom out, "Allanna? Do we need to take you to Urgent Care? I have money."

I declined. I just am drinking more water to flush out the nasty nastiness. Besides, of the last few weeks when I've had this (off and on), I've only brought up food, like, ONCE. No biggie.

Well, I should get the laundry folded. And all this water really makes me have to pee. And I really don't want to do that while I'm sitting in my computer chair. Because that'd be gross and messy.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My week ... where did it go?

Okay, let's see. So I last wrote on Monday. ... What went on the rest of the week?

Tuesday: I know that Glee was on. And, oh! TOMORROW is the JOSS WHEDON-directed episode with NEIL PATRICK HARRIS!!!!!!! ... Yes, I'm a little excited.

I know that I did some housework. Yup. That was really about it. Did I read any books? I mean, I've been working at getting through books this week. And I've done a decent job! ^_^

My allergies turned into a cold. But that wasn't TOO OFF-PUTTING, since I didn't go in to volunteer on Wednesday. I did take the kids to storytime at the library here. And that, really, was the highlight of the day.

Bucket was waking us up EARLY-EARLY in the mornings. She'd have to go pee and couldn't open the door (you have to turn the knob ALL the way, HOLD IT THERE, THEN PULL the door open). And then Diana-cat had puked in the hallway. And she stepped on it.
And Michael, bless his sweet heart, was the one to deal with all that. I was SO zonked out.

Then Diana kept throwing up at nights. I mean, she usually has a puke once every few weeks. Not every night.
Then I noticed that she hadn't been eating or drinking. So Wednesday night/Thursday morning, _I_ couldn't sleep, and I looked up her symptoms online. We can't afford a trip to the vet's office, so I just prayed (and prayed) and forced water down her throat and gave her hairball remedy ... and, by Thursday evening, she lapped up some tuna water (since I made tuna noodles -- ooooh, SO exciting *eye roll*) and has been fine since.

Except that she's MEOWING. LOUDLY. In the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!
So, yes. She's alive and healthy.
And now I'm wondering if it was really worth the effort.


Thursday ... I think I folded clothes. And read. And was nursing Diana-cat back to health.
(8reads my Facebook posts*) ... Oh, yeah! Bucket threw up as I was getting out of the shower. All over the (thankfully TILED) bathroom floor. Just drank too much water too quickly.
We went to storytime. Where Bruise was in fine form. I think he threw two fits there. And another fit when I told them that I was really just too tired to take them to the park to play when they were acting so overly-tempermental and (in Bucket's case) fake-shy. I really didn't feel like snuffling away on a park bench, surrounded by pollen, when I felt like crap.

So the BOTH threw a fit. In the library. That was fun.
(Yes, that last sentence was SO dripping with sarcasm.)

The big excitement that night was that I took a huge mouthful of NyQuil and a couple snorts of Afrin (best nasal spray EVER) and had to go to bed about ten minutes into the movie Michael and I started watching in the living room. And then I slept like the DEAD. That was around, what, 8:30 that night.
I finally woke up Friday morning around 7:30. I felt better ... but still groggy and snuffy.

And we went to the zoo. Which was busy. Seriously, the parking lot was PACKED.
We stayed there for a couple hours and headed back home. And Michael helped a family move out of the ward. :(
And then he came home and we watched Whip It. (Which was a FUN movie. ^_^ ... Of course, it was made even better by Michael's outbust of, "No, Ellen, don't do it!" when Ellen Page's character is making a bad decision. Yes, the show was a bit predictable. But it was quite fun.)

Saturday, we went to farmer's market and I bought DELICIOUS Blackberry honey. Then we went to storytime at the library. Then we came home and cleaned the van and the truck. Michael and I SCRUBBED the crap outta the stains in the work truck. It looks MUCH better.

We took the middle seats out of the van and I vacuumed the heck outta the van. It looks SO NICE now. We've left the back seat down (after we got all the needles from our Christmas tree, what, almost SIX MONTHS AGO) vacuumed out for Friday. We're buying a train table from one of our friends. Bruise is going to be SO EXCITED. When we told them last night that we were going to drive to [our friends' son]'s house, they were all excited to play with his train table. Heh heh heh.

And, yeah, I didn't make it to the Stake RS meeting. It was 30 minutes before it started ... and I would have had to get cleaned up, put the seats back in the van, give up on finishing the vacuuming or washing it (which we did after we cleaned the inside), and put on church clothes. And tried not to blow my nose, sniff up my snot, or hack my lungs out the whole time. Just wasn't feeling it. I suck. Oh well.

Sunday, I didn't go to church. Because, really, hacking until you start gagging? Well, it's just not really conducive to the Spirit. So, I stayed home and Michael took the kids to church. I rested and finished some library books and drank hot cider. And blew my nose about a BAZILLION times.

My voice is still crap right now. But my nose is clearer today. It's now just a cold.
Still, I'll be happy when July hits and my allergies should be OVER.

This is the second month in a row where my allergies spiraled into a nasty cold. I don't much care for it. ... I'll just have to really make sure to keep taking my fake-Zyrtec.

Oh, and feeding the kids lunch today? Bruise threw a fit because I was making them apple slices with caramel dip.
"I NO _YIKE_ DAT!!!!!!" He pretty-much shrieked.

And I was calm and collecte ... Yeah, I can't keep a straight face even just TYPING that.

I yelled at him that he was giving me crap attitude and I was NOT going to accept that.
And then I made him try the caramel sauce (Srsly, the boy's ADAMANTLY opposed to any kinds of dip. Yes, it was sauce from McDonald's. ... And when we go to McDonald's, he won't dip his fries in ketchup or use ANY dipping sauce for his nuggets! ... As opposed to his sister, who dips her fries in BBQ AND KETCHUP ... Or me. Right now, I LOVE dipping my fries in the Tangy Honey Mustard sauce. YUMMMM. And I'm known to dip my burger in the ketchup. I like sauces! Even Michael uses sauces when he eats! ... I just don't get it. Maybe it's just a phase?)

Well, it's after two now. I should eat something today. ... It just hasn't been on my list of priorities. That and, when I can barely smell/taste, food just isn't all that exciting. :(

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Aftermath ...

It was a pretty quiet Mother's Day, really. Pretty quiet weekend, all truth be told.

Since paying off all the credit card debt and getting caught up on tithing, if I said that money was a little tight, that'd be a bit of an understatement. But, by June, we'll have money. We can start SAVING, which will be GREAT.

The big news is that my mom saw a GREAT DEAL on a computer (CPU and monitor for $399) and that was my Mother's Day present. From my wonderful Mom. And a printer with wireless capabilities. (I really think that she covered Mother's and Father's Day ... since Michael has his laptop back AND is able to print from anywhere in the house. Which he's wanted to do for, oh, FOREVER. ^_^)

We looked around Farmer's Market Saturday morning but didn't get anything. We missed most of the Family Fair at the library ... we had tried to get the kids to take a nap. And Michael thought the fair STARTED at 4. (It was from 2-4. Oops.) And Bruise spilled half a cup of juice in the hall at the library. Urgh! (<-- That is SO a word. I JUST used it.)

Also, speaking of words ... I was THRILLED that on Glee last week, they TOTALLY used the word "man whore." REPEATEDLY.

I started using that back in, like, 2002. That is MY WORD. And it's famous now!
(Hey, I think it's absolutely hypocritical that girls who sleep around are called bad names and that there wasn't a word for guys who do that, really. I mean, "player" comes close ... but "man whore?" TOTALLY describes a guy like that.)

(It's so MY word.)

Back to the weekend ... In Sacrament Meeting at church, Bucket wouldn't get up to sing with the rest of the Primary kids. She clung to my arm and was all, "Noooo. I want to stay with YOOOOOOOOOOOO!" So Bruise was the only child representative up with the rest of the group.

And did he sing?

Nope! He just stood there, trying to hide behind the taller kids (easy) and smiled at me. Didn't open his mouth once, silly boy.

The kiddos made cards/pictures in Sunbeams (paint on their hands to create a flower). Bucket's flower is, of course, purple. Bruise's is red, naturally. Bucket didn't want to give me hers. Ha! (I won. They're on the fridge right now.)

On the way home, Bruise declared that he did NOT want Mac 'n' Cheese when we got home (Sad, but true: Our Sunday lunch tradition is Mac and Cheese ... so that the kids don't ask for it EVERY SINGLE DAY. ), he wanted a PB&J.
Michael: Okay. But what does MOMMY want for lunch? It's Mother's Day. What does she want for lunch and dinner?
Me: ... Oh, gosh, I don't really know. Let me think ...
Bruise: Moooom??
Me: Yeah, sweetie, what?
Bruise: You want fish-eye sooooop.
Me: *laughs and laughs and laughs*

Now, if you're wondering about that, this is a bit of an unspoken family tradition from MY childhood. When I'd whine about being hungry and wanting to know what was for dinner, my mom would tease me by telling me we were having fish-eye soup or worm pizza. ... And I've continued the family torture.

And I was GREATLY AMUSED that Bruise is carrying out this joke. Good job, little man. Good job.

So, yeah ... that's a lot of what's keeping me busy.

And, for the record, Michael made me stir fry last night. Yum!
Also, I'm incredibly behind in folding laundry and doing dishes. That's what this week is for, right?
In other news, my brother-in-law and his wife have gotten me addicted to playing Plants vs. Zombies. (Michael is, understandably, less than thrilled.

In other, OTHER news, I'm actually back on the Windows Instant Messenger (What is it, Windows Live Messenger? I still call it MSN IM. Because I'm OLD SKOOL. ... Or just old.) ... but I'm still on GoogleTalk. I just have less family on Gtalk. *sigh* But I LOVE the Google! Oh well.

But I hope that all you moms had a wonderful Mother's Day. And that everyone was able to wish their mommas a happy Mother's Day (as far as circumstances allow, of course. I think shouting it to the sky or whispering it totally counts if your mom/stepmom/grandma/whoever has already passed).

Okay. I think that's all I have for blogging. *sigh*

Friday, May 07, 2010

For Jocelyn

Here it is! I finally loaded and got Writer to work! ^_^

Now I get to have the pretty font, just like you! ^_^

Seriously, for the rest of you who aren’t Jocelyn, I’m kind of a font dork. I usually load tons of different fonts onto my (or Michael’s) computers … I like having options.

Hopefully this one (Segoe Script) isn’t too hard to read. Because it’s just pretty.

And, really, if you’re looking for free fonts, I’m sure that I could help you find a few sites. Because free is my favorite price ever. ^_^

... Now, if I could just edit the labels in Writer ... for those of you who use it, any hints? Right now I'm just too lazy to look it up for myself. Sad, huh? Oh well. :P

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Unveiling ...

Here's the new haircolor ... thanks to the magic that is my dinky little (BUT WORKING!) webcam.

I had to color it twice to get a really good color. I first did Feria #40 (Espresso) ... and, well, it looked like I missed a few spots and it wasn't as deep of a color as I was hoping for.

So I went and grabbed some Clariol Perfect 10 in #5 (Mochalotive) ... and Michael was kind enough to put it in my hair and make sure that EVERY. SINGLE. STRAND was covered.

And, as you can tell, he did an awesome job. We joked that he may have missed his calling in life as a hair stylist. ^_^

And, I'm glad to report, my mom likes it! She didn't even bemoan a little that her baby wasn't blonde anymore. ^_^

And Michael likes it.

I'm lucky to have a husband who supports my little forays (Woot! That WAS the word I was looking for! I looked it up, just to check! I am the WORD MEISTER!! :P) into messing with my hair and nail polish color. (Seriously, China Glaze Thataway (tangerine with a gold shimmer) looks AMAZING with my favorite pair of Birks. In case that's ever on Jeopardy or something. :P)

He did mention that it's kind of fun when I color my hair, since each different color seems to highlight a different aspect/facet of my personality.

So I had to quiz him about how I'm different with each hair color.
Here's the breakdown for the colors that I've had:
  • Blonde: More sensual (whatever he means by that ... I was going to guess that I was more bubbly as a blonde. Guess I was WRONG. :P)
  • Red: More vibrant
  • Black: More aggressive. And he hastened to clarify that being aggressive isn't a bad thing.
  • My natural hair color (a dark blonde): More subdued.
  • This color: ... Well, I've only had it for a couple days. We'll see. ^_^
Kind of funny, though that my hair color does effect my personality.

But, I guess it makes sense that when I get kind of bored, I usually break out of that funk by changing up my hair and/or nails.

Maybe I just am subconsciously trying to act however a gal with [color] hair would act?

I think the brown hair does look a little more elegant than what I was sporting (a redder shade of my natural color) ... and I do like it. I've always wanted to be a brunette. And, truly, that month where I had black hair? That was FUN. (In fact, Michael always suggests that I go for the black hair again. Maybe because he noticed how fun I found it?)

And, yeah, it's fun to have nail polish on ... and to shake it up.

This is yet another reason why it's really good that I don't have a tattoo or any body piercings. I get bored of things. And it's so cheap and easy for my to switch up my nails and/or hair. ... This was one of the more expensive dye jobs I've given myself ... and it was just around $20. (I can think of two, maybe three, other times that I've used more than one dye. Still, every time, it was under $40 total to fix whatever I've done to my hair. And that even covers trying to go from Jet Black to Platinum Blonde ... which you really SHOULD go to a salon or a professional to do it successfully. ^_^)

But ... yeah. So ... who loves my hair? ^_^ I do!

My presssssssssshussssssssssssh!!!

Michael will get his laptop back.

Because, for Mother's Day, my mommy bought me a new computer.
Staples was having a GREAT deal. We got the last one in stock, even.
(Compaq Presario CQ5320F, if you really want to know. With a new monitor. So it's all matchy-match and gorgeous.)

And it's so, so, so pretty. Wonderfully pretty. And fast. And possessing Windows 7.

And did I mention that it's PRETTY?

Also, my mom let me pick out some plants at Home Depot to replace the (now-dead) butterfly garden sprouts and the geranium she gave me for my birthday. So I have some lavender, violas, and two lovely flowers that I don't recall the names of. My bad. ... but I LOVE the lavender. It smells SOOOOO divine.)

Also, in shopping, I spent most of the money that my dad had given me. (Well, after the tax rebate came in, I was able to be reimbursed for the cash Dad had given me ... which had originally [and UNFORTUNATELY] went to paying for gas. BOO! ... BUT my husband is awesome and let me spend that same amount of money however my little heart chose. ^_^)

SO, here's what I ordered online this morning (it's all preorder, so I won't get it for a while, really):
  • Daria: The Complete Animated Series -- Seriously, I've been WAITING for this for OVER a decade. And it's HERE!!!!! It should arrive around May 17 or so.
  • Joshilyn Jackson's Backseat Saints, her NEWEST book ... and, since I ordered it from the link for her virtual book tour, I'll get it (and The Girl Who Stopped Swimming, which is the other book of hers that I hadn't already bought) AUTOGRAPHED. TO ME. WITH MY NAME. Oh, yeah. ... Now, I won't get these until around the middle of June.
So, yeah, I'm VERY EXCITED about my birthday presents. ^_^

AND MY MOTHER'S DAY PRESENT ... I mean, I only got my mom some flowers and some hand soap (which smells GORGEOUS, I must add) from Trader Joe's ... IS AMAZING.

And we got a new printer. It's wireless and I haven't yet set it up ... I REALLY hope that it works. Because that'll make life WAY EASIER. ^_^ ... And I'll be able to print in color again. ^_^

But, yeah. Things like this really do make up for the past money woes. ... Well, at least until I think about how we've never had a big family vacation.
(However, the kids REALLY want to go camping. I think that I can swing that. ... But I really don't do HARDCORE camping. I like being able to use and toilet and a shower VERY MUCH. ^_^)

Oh, and I was a nice mom. We played at the park after storytime. Yup. I'm feeling pretty good.
And I had jerky for breakfast. Mmmmm. Salty, dried meat. Good stuff. ^_^

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Just a note ...

So, YES, I'm VERY late to jump on the awesome-trend that is NieNie (Stephanie Nielson of The NieNie Dialogues).

I mean, I've known about her for a couple years, since I used to be a regular reader of a couple bloggers who are related to her (they're both friends of Eric D. Snider, who is amazingly hilarious and snarky ... and, in his blog, he recommended some of his friends' blogs.), so I was aware of when she (NieNie) and her husband were in the plane crash.

But I really didn't start reading her blog.

And I have a few friends who RAVE about her blog.

And I kinda put it off.

But, after the newest MormonMessages on YouTube, I HAD to start reading.

She is truly inspiring.

Reading her blog ... well, it makes me want to be a better person and a better mom.

And, seriously, some reader sent her hate mail about getting her hair and a pedicure. Ouch! Even if her family WERE living solely upon the donations of others (which they're NOT. The donations go to cover their medical costs), (1) it's not really anyone's business and (2) seriously, she LIVED through a plane crash, is a good mother of a large family, has daily medical issues ... Heck, if I had the funds, I'd send her to a spa for a month!!

But, yeah. I'm not at all caught up on her blog. And I'm reading going back, which is a little crazy for me.

But if you want a glimpse of an amazing lady, you should go and check it out.

Unlike me, she actually posts pictures. Like, EVERY DAY.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A week and a day ... in one post ...

Yes, I know that I suck at posting regularly right now.

I was going to blog yesterday morning ... and I had nothing to write about.
At least nothing that I could think to write.

We are now out of credit card debt! YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!
We are caught up on bills. YAY!!!
We've paid our tithing (MOST IMPORTANT, really.)
Good stuff, huh?

And I got around to spending some of my birthday money from Grampy and from Nana.
I bought myself a new purse, a metal water bottle, a new pair of tweezers, some face stuff (new moisturizer and face wash) and a Soap and Glory lotion (Hey, it was on clearance and it smells WONDERFUL!) ... I also bought some things at the YW Garage Sale (along with getting a few things for free, since I was there all day and got to pick through some of the things that didn't sell. AND WE MADE OUR GOAL! YAY!!!!).

What all did I get? A gorgeous teddy bear for Bucket, a stuffed Darth Vader for Bruise's bed, a copy of The History of Joseph Smith by His Mother, a couple plastic glasses for Bucket (since Bruise has more cute cups), a little Strawberry Shortcake flatware set for Bucket, some hangers for the kids' closet, a pool noodle, a pair of shoes ... a couple other books. Really, if you missed it, you missed some great deals. I almost got Bruise a Star Wars tent and a couple of radio receivers (STILL NO CALL SIGN, by the way. LAAAAAAAME!) ... but I waited too long and they went to other homes (and truly, I do have a LOT of stuff in our house. I really don't NEED all the things that I COULD have bought and didn't).

I'm getting ahead of myself, I'm sure. ... Well, not really. I told you about getting out of (most of our) debt, getting bills paid (I know, our life is TOTALLY EXCITING! You're SO jealous, huh?), the YW garage sale (which I woke up at FIVE IN THE MORNING for ... so you KNOW that I love my Young Women).

As the garage sale was closing up, I got a call from Michael (who had dropped by and brought me lunch, that wonderful man), telling me that our sister-in-law (who's pregnant) was in the hospital. And that I needed to meet him in the next town, where he was with all the kids (our two and their three cousins). So, I helped ferry some boxes across town, gave up hope for a relaxing bubble bath after nearly nine hours of helping run the garage sale, and scurried over to the park they were at. (Michael's brother had run back to his home to get things for his wife and to get stuff so the cousins could sleep over and attend church with us the next morning). We finalized plans with Michael's brother after the kids played for a while, got a pizza over at WinCo, and met Michael's brother back at the hospital.

Turns out that with this pregnancy, my sister-in-law has placenta previa, so she will have a C-section when this daughter is born. She was in the hospital, being monitored and all, a couple days (she got to go home yesterday), and they'll be meeting this week with a high-risk doctor. She's 32 weeks along right now. The local hospitals around won't have her deliver here for at least another month. So, if you can pray that she and the baby can make it to at least 36 weeks, that'd be AWESOME. If not, they'll have to go all the way down to Eugene (which is the closest NICU) to deliver ... and find someplace to stay down there for a few weeks. And make sure that their oldest daughter has someone to stay at their house, since she's in school ... But, yeah. Life will be LOTS easier if they can make it to at least 36 weeks.

So, we took the kids to church with us. And we sat in the SECOND row (we ALWAYS sit in the first row, since it's by the door and we can take our munchkins out quickly and without much of a fuss if we need to) ... which was noticed by QUITE A FEW people.
You KNOW it's bad when an 11-year-old girl asks you, "WHAT? You ALWAYS sit in the front!!" *lol* Maybe you had to be there. ^_^

But sacrament meeting went rather well. One of our nieces really doesn't have the concept of whispering down. And there were a few squabbles over crayons and books. Bruise cuddled in my lap and told me that he wanted to go home and play. Our nephew snuggled in Michael's lap and nearly fell asleep.
And, OH, but our kids' Primary teacher is AMAZING. She handled having our two nieces in her class with no warning with such grace. She's completely full of win and I do adore her so.

Our brother-in-law came at the end of church and followed us home, hung out for a bit, and then took the kids home. Poor guy, had to hang out in our messy, messy house. I have fallen SO behind on housework. Just not motivated to do it (I'd rather be reading, you know).

OH! Friday evening, we had a ward (congregation) potluck. While people were cleaning up, the kids are running around, chasing each other. Except for Bucket, who's just standing by my side as I chat and wait for Michael to get back from helping fix a leaky sink for a gal who must moved out of the ward. And SUDDENLY Bucket's crying and has a bloody nose. So I have to try to get her (1) to the bathroom, (2)to stop crying/screaming, and (3) to STOP WIPING HER NOSE ON HER JACKET FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!! ... oh, and (4) to clean up the bathroom so it doesn't look like there was a massacre in there ... ALL while working at stopping the blood and getting her cleaned up. It was .... a little nuts.

Yesterday, I tried to get the kids to nap. Didn't work. So I was irritated. But, when Michael got home, we ran some errands (went to one library to turn in books and pick up holds. Went to the other library to do the same ... and pick up one non-hold book. Stopped by Borders to buy the latest issue of Mental_Floss) and went grocery shopping. Good stuff.

Then I colored my hair. It's a color that I haven't done before. I haven't taken any pictures and since I haven't left the house right yet, I'll be a brat and have you guess what color I did.

(My mom's so cute. When I told her that I dyed my hair last night, so she wouldn't be shocked or anything, she immediately asked, "Purple??")
(HINT: It's not purple. Though that might be fun. Maybe I should get some purple chunks, though?)

And did I mention that my girl is reading? It's crazy. ... I suppose that it's not all THAT crazy, since the kids see me reading, like, ALL THE TIME. But she's my LITTLE! Bruise, if he applies himself, will totally catch up. Speaking of, he needs to do his word cards.

I did a load of dishes. I need to do more. And fold TONS of laundry, vacuum, sweep the kitchen, clean the counters, clean the bathrooms, recover the drip pans on the stove with fresh foil ... well, that'll get me just about caught up.

And I'm going to try to get caught up ... but I have some REALLY GOOD BOOKS checked our that I really want to read. .... CONFLICTED!!!!!!

But, I have today and early tomorrow to get things cleaned. And then my mom'll be up. ^_^

Also, I have very few ideas for what to make for dinner. Any suggestions are awesome! (Or I'll just make homemade tuna helper. It does sound pretty tasty. ^_^)

Oh, also, I cursed at my daughter today. Bad me, huh?
(She didn't want to clear her dishes from the table because she might miss some of her DVD. So I told her to go watch her damn show ... and to not talk to me for a little. Yup, stellar parenting there, huh? Ugh. I need to be more patient and awesome. *sigh*)

Counting ...

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