Sunday, July 29, 2007

Overheard in our home

There are many conversations that occur in my home that I have a hard time thinking would occur in other homes (or would be uttered by other people).

Here are examples:

Scene: Michael and I are talking in bed before we fall asleep. The topic is my new goal of working out. (Which is ironic, seeing as how I'm munching some pilfered-from-the-kids'-stash M&Ms)... I am musing aloud to Michael that I don't know the correct form to use when doing crunches (which has been taken care of via workout videos at FitSugar.)

Me: So when you do crunches ...
Michael: *interrupts with a snort*
Me: *as if he hadn't said anything* ... When you HYPOTHETICALLY do crunches ...

I mean, do you know anyone else who has conversations like this?
Is it just that I bring out the wacky in people?

Probably not, since one of my friends, as she was about to hang up as she was driving, suddenly blurted triumphantly out to me, amidst giggles, "My skirt's made from CURTAINS!!"
To which I drawled, "Scarlett, you gow luv-li-ah by tha daee!"

Or the fact that Michael calls me out, pretty darn often, when he's changing diapers and Bucket starts to sing her version of the "song" we have for getting dressed or undressed. (It's a kind of mishmash of "The Stripper," "Bad to the Bone," and "The Bunny Hop." And it keeps my kidlets pretty happy as we're changing a diaper or putting on a sleeper or PANTS or something. And, so, Bucket will join in with some well-timed "duh-DUH"s. She's got decent rhythm.

OR Michael will call me out when, as he's closing up the diapers, the kiddos will call out "bye-bye" as they wave toward their crotches. ... With Bruise being HYPER-AWARE of his ... boy parts ... and PLAYING with it just about ALL THE TIME, we've (meaning: the kids and I) made a habit of saying "Bye-bye Mr. P3n1s. We'll see you later/We'll see you at bathtime!" or "Bye-Bye V@gin@! We'll see you at bathtime!" ... I keep hoping that if they're aware that their little-person bits aren't going to disappear without giving a leave of absence, that MAYBE I won't have little children who HAVE to HAVE their hands in his their diapers ALL THE TIME.

TANGENT: Today, as I went to get the kiddos from Nursery, Bruise was trying to escape as soon as he saw me. I met him about two steps out of the door, as Sister D was telling him to come back. He immediately turned to her and said, "Bye-bye!!" and raised his arms so i would pick him up. He obviously had a good day ... and still was glad to see me. As soon as Bucket saw him get picked up she, staying inside the door until she was told (by me) that it's okay to come to me, started crying. Not because she didn't want to go.
Since she whimpered and cried until we got to Michael, I think that she was (1) tired -- should I phrase it as TIRED!!!1! -- and (2) missing her Daddy.

Oh ... and she sometimes snorts when she gets to laughing too much. Which makes me laugh hysterically in return. Good times.

And Bruise hopped up while I was dressing him for a nap today ... and I was changing him on the daybed in their room ... and landed his eye on the metal frame. Ouch. He's going to have a shiner tomorrow. I'll see if i can get a picture of this latest battle wound. Poor guy.

But the kiddos were very well-behaved at J&A's wedding shower Friday night. The drive home wasn't the most pleasant, since it was about 2.5 hours after their bedtime ... but we're working on catching up on their sleep.

Oh, and woot for me: Even though I haven't been using the treadmill every day, I have been exercising each day this week. I've exercised over 120 minutes this week. Go me! (Maybe it'll make a dent, even with all the snacking and ice cream I've had this week. :S)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Stick a fork in us -- for we are done!

Yes, NOW we can discuss all things Potter. Michael and I finished Deathly Hallows tonight.

Overall, I am satisfied with the book. I'm sad that the series is over ... but it was good. There were some surprises ... There were some things that Michael and I were able to deduce (and then give each other the squinty-"I'm-SO-right!!"-eye).

Times I cried: Three.

[SPOILERS!!!!!! If you want to be all surprised, DO NOT read any further until you've finished your copy. Or the copy you've checked out from the local library. Or that you've borrowed from your bestest buddy.]

I was NOT prepared for the first death.
Michael thought it was weird that I cried over the owl and not the elf. (I was just crying on the INSIDE for our favorite house-elf. Who we're SO glad does not sound like Jar Jar Binks. Praises be!)
Moody's death didn't really phase us. He's a warrior. He went down fighting.
It pissed me off when Fred died. I didn't cry. But I felt like punching Rowling about a bit. You DO NOT separate the twins. That's just inhumane.
I cried over Lupin and Tonks. I had predicted the marriage troubles ... I just wasn't sure in advance why they'd come along.
I cried when Harry was in the forest. Harder than I cried for Hedwig.
I'm SO glad that I was right about Snape. SO glad.
I'm sad that we don't know Ginny's patronus.
I'm sad that I don't know much about Luna as an adult. Who did she end up with? How's business going with the Quibbler? Is she ever pestered by Nargles?!? I MUST KNOW!!!!
And I had a suspicion (that I was correct in supposing) about Neville's future.

[SPOILERS OVER. Not that, if you haven't read the book, you should still be here. Unless, *sigh* you don't like surprises ... and that's why I've tried to make my spoilers a little vague. If you really, really want me to discuss the book, let me know. ^_^]

Now to email my Cynthia, so she has someone to discuss it with. Since most of her friends have to wait (poor dears!) for the French translation.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Back In the Saddle On the Treadmill

[Contains NO Spoilers. Reading is safe. There are allusions to the previous books, but I've tried to make it safe and welcoming to those who haven't been Harry Potter-mad.]

Only halfway through Deathly Hallows (and still hoping against hope that [1]Snape is good at the end and [2] that the Deathly Hallows does turn out to be a band).

This weekend wasn't the most ... conducive for my attempt at getting back into shape. The last time I ran (before today) was Thursday.

So I ran .8 miles ... then weighed myself (since I'm trying to track part of my progress with facing that evil wench the hard facts of the scale once a week (Like Garfield, I now am developing a bit of a dislike for Mondays).

The good news: my butt and thighs are bouncing less as I use the treadmill.
The bad, bad, terrible, horrible, no-good news: I gained THREE pounds.


In other news, Bucket's talking more. She can identify nearly all her body parts (as in, I ask "Where's your ___?" and she'll point to it). The one I like best is this exchange:

Me: Where's your butt?
Bucket: *slaps butt with the cheekiness of the captain of a cheerleading squad*
Me: *erupts into delighted giggling* Good job!

(Yes, I am that bad. It's part of my rebellion. If you don't know this rebellion, email me. I'll tell you. It's a really stupid rebellion ... but it's what I do. ^_^)

Bruise is still the strong silent type. If he happens to get up before Bucket and is hanging with me, just the two (or three, if Michael's here) of us, he'll be a little more loquacious. His pronunciation still needs a little more effort ... but I'm not too worried. Boys (especially in a set of multiples) usually don't pick up all the verbal skills as quickly as the female of the species. Besides, Bucket tries her best to talk for him nearly all the time. And to discipline him when he's gotten himself in trouble ... which leads me to another overhead tidbit in this house:

Me: *sternly* [Bucket], Mommy is the one who disciplines [Bruise]. You are not the mommy. Mommy is the mommy. And I have the stretch marks to prove it.

Yeah, there's parenting at it's finest. Look and learn, y'all. Look and learn. *rolls eyes*

So what have I been doing lately? Besides neglecting my fitness goal this weekend? Let's see...
My mom came up and we had a fine time.
Michael and I saw "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" -- I think it's the best movie thus far. Really. Even though I didn't like the book as much as Goblet of Fire ... probably because I was sobbing too hard to finish reading it aloud for the last quarter of it. But I was prepared. And i didn't cry. You SHOULD be so proud.
My stepdad got sick, so Mom headed home a few hours earlier than we expected. (don't worry, he's okay now. It's all cool. My mom takes really good care of him.)
We received our copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, took our shower and started reading as soon as we got dressed. (We've made a tradition just about the time that Goblet of Fire came out to read the Harry Potter books aloud together. Before HP&GOF came out, we were able to speed through the first three books. We read GOF and waited and waited and waited (and waited) for the fifth book. We devoured that together (as soon as Michael got home from work in the after noons, we'd read and read aloud for a few hours). Then came the waiting for book six - The Half-Blood Prince - and then the requisite rabid reading of that (Trickier, since we had to time it around nursing infants). Now, we have to work the reading between naptimes and bedtimes so that we'll have very few distractions. Wish us luck ... since Michael works long hours, it adds another obstacle.
With any luck (since we also have to watch SYTYCD), we'll wrap up the reading by this weekend. Hopefully.
We went to the birthday party of one of our nieces.
Had a family reunion (my side of the family). I got to see one of my cousins, which was excellent. Bruise and Bucket had a good time with her. ^_^ It was great to see the family. I never get to see them much anymore. *sigh* And the food's always good at the reunion. I need to make one of those Jell-O fruit and cream salads ... Or not, looking at the fact that I GAINED. THREE. POUNDS!!!! Ugh!

(Can I just tell myself that it's water weight? Or that it's muscle? Or that the scale is a perturbed little bint?)

So, as Michael and I are reading ... I've gotten very self-conscious that I read for comprehension and not content (teacher-friends will get what I mean. For those of you not in education ... or needing a refresher, here's what I mean: I won't always read aloud exactly word-for-word. But I usually DO, as I'm reading quickly, choose words that are equivalent and make sense in the sentence. Like I see "everyone" and say "everybody" ... Sometimes my brain doesn't pick the right type of word, though ... and Michael will the catch me [usually while we're driving and he can't see the word I've botched] and that's usually when I notice it) ... And so, now, I'm a lot more insecure about reading out loud.
Well, that and Michael's talked about my "Hagrid-voice" being like a pirate's ... and now, I'm nervous enough about it that Michael's sad that I don't do the Hagrid-voice. (I can't do it ... I've forgotten how. Really!)

BUT, as I was going to say in the first place (then why didn't I?), I got to the point where I was making too many mistakes as I read aloud ... that and the spells in their quasi-Latin are HARD for me to pronounce. And I wasn't very good as reading the German very well. Oops. So I made Michael read while I took a breather.

Michael agrees that it's a very hard book to read aloud. And told me that I've done a remarkable job.

I think I'll keep him. :P
Since he's catered to my vanity and pets my hair and all. ^_^

Still, if you try to give me any spoilers, that offer of kicking you in the head still stands.
Just so you're informed.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Controversial Friend

So, my friend Kari emails me to check up on me ... I had commented on her blog and (unbeknownst to me) someone STRONGLY disagreed with my comment ... and Kari had to erase quite a bit of comments, since she's cool like that.

She was all worried that I was hurt and licking my wounds in the corner and scared to comment (Isn't she sweet??) ... In reality, once I comment on a blog, I usually don't review that blog. Call it my blogger-tunnel-vision ... AND, also, I was catching up on other blogs archives and (thusly) not catching up on my regular blogs to read (or posting on this one).

But, yeah, I sparked controversy ... well, me and the gal who disagreed and posted comments expressing her opinion ... and the other girl who defended me (C, if you're reading, thanks! That was very sweet of you! I'm blushing! ... I have no real idea exactly what you posted, but I appreciate you coming to my defense.)

So now I owe Kari some cookies (and C, if you want them, I can make you cookies too. ^_^)

THEN, when Mom and I took Bucket and Bruise to the library for storytime, one of the shelvers I worked with (the one who trained me when I got hired a couple years back as a substitute shelver) told me that I had a letter to the editor in the paper.
And that my stance on paid family leave was very well-written and clever.
And I had to tell her that it was a stock letter that was suggested by that Democracy In Action website that sends out information (like STOCK letters) for people to email or fax to their State representatives or senators. (I'm on the Moms Rising email list.)
And, obviously, one of the papers in our area printed my letter.

Which kinda freaks me out, since I kinda like to fly under the radar ... but kinda makes me happy, since I've managed to help get the word out about paid family leave and how it is a viable possibility ... and kinda makes me laugh, since I'm not a really political-type person.

So, here's what makes me even more controversial:

- I firmly believe in voting. And that if you don't vote, you don't get to gripe about the government.

- I'm not an extremely political person ... I like Mitt Romney's stance on SSM and abortion (two EXTREMELY important matters for me on a moral ground --- even though I like many people who deal with same-sex attraction ... and I'm so conflicted about it. Since I cannot condone it on a moral and religious ground ... but I love them dearly as people. And I just don't like abortion at all. There are only a very few instances where I would condone it ... and even for those, I would ask the person/family considering it to think very hard within themselves. I do think of as akin to murder, but I wouldn't think any less of any person who did it after thinking very hard about it. I think it abominable if used as a form of birth control. It's just adding irresponsibility to irresponsibility. And that is my opinion. Take it as you will.)
BUT, I also like Obama's stance on responsibility and innovation in the areas of conserving our natural resources. And, yes, this is mostly due to the buzz by the Green brothers' site.
And I don't like Hilary Clinton. I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her. Nor as far as I can spit (not that I'd ever do THAT, I'm a lady.) I think it's nice that a woman is running ... but I wouldn't vote for her. Ever.

Hmmm ... Maybe I am a little political after all.
I believe that we should vote for someone who will use his or her office (and the power that it encompasses) responsibly. And, yes, I do think that people (politicians AND celebrities) should hold themselves to a higher code of responsibility, especially when they are in the public eye.

I support breastfeeding in public as a baby's right, not just a mother's right. (It's a mother's right to decide how she feels it best to give her child nutrition. It's a baby's right to eat in public if he or she is hungry. Infants and toddlers cannot fight their own battles for themselves. It's up to us, as adults, to protect their rights and safety.)

I feel that parents have the right to make decisions for their families, GUIDED BY (not ordered by) laws. And, if it's a requirement for children to be in car seats for X amount of years AND have height and weight requirements that must be filled, then car seat manufacturers should be held accountable for ensuring fully-tested (not just up to MAYBE 35 mph, but to speeds of at least 75 mph) and AFFORDABLE (to all families) carseats.
[Oh yes, I'd love to have those Britax car seats for Bruise and Bucket ... but at around $300 each ... we're not able to afford those. We were barely able to scrape the money for the Graco seats (which we like a LOT, too). Still, it's insane.

I may not be clogging (well, that either) blogging for the next few days.

(Also, if you send me spoilers, I will have to hunt you down and kick you upside the head. I'm just sayin'.)

Okay, I have to get dressed and start reading. Since the kiddos are napping.

Also, the movie for book 5 was most excellent. My favorite of the HP books-into-movies thus far. I highly recommend it. Also, the preview for Get Smart was HI-larious! I asked Michael if I could have that movie's children, I loved it so much.
And the preview for Enchanted made MICHAEL and me want to see it. (I'd already heard good things regarding it on the blogosphere, now I am SO excited for it!)

So, yeah. I don't mean to be all controversial. I guess I just am. And I'm excited that our book arrived today. I was thinking it might take until Thursday, since we got the free shipping ... but, lo and behold!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

I took another quiz. Are we surprised by the results?

Which HP Kid Are You?

Not one bit. :P

And, I finally wrote my bishop about the I'm-sorta-in-a-calling-but-not-since-it's-in-the-other-ward ...
And I'm not in that calling anymore. At least for now.

I should be cleaning the house (read: mostly folding loads of laundry), but (as you can tell) I'm not.

I am trying to get through my massive stack of library books. I'm doing well. Finished three in the last three days. (Note to self: I really suck at keeping my "books I've read lately" widget updated. Oh well.)

The kids are supposed to be napping, but Bucket's screaming for some reason. I should go in (and, I'm guessing, change her diaper) so she can sleep. And I can get stuff done.

Oh, and I did my mile today. I'm down a pound. (Yeah, kinda daunting that I've jogged/walked nearly six miles last week and ALL I've lost is ONE pound. Sigh.) But that just leaves me 30 pounds to go until I reach my goal.

Oh, and I've been doing some crunches. Maybe I can get rid of my mummy-tummy *rolls eyes* We'll see.

(And the whole plan of getting to my weight-loss goal by Christmas ... well, that's dependent upon me losing TWO pounds per week. So ... maybe by my birthday. *deep, irritated sigh*)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

You know you're a geek when ...

Yes, I do not deny my geekdom.

Especially when I have a dream that resembles nothing so much as a Firefly fanfic.

In which Mal is robbing a gas station. On earth.
And Kaylee's trying to keep him from choosing one that will get him put in prison ... Kinda like a version of Bonnie and Clyde, but not.
ANNNNNNNND THEN, somehow they end up in a concrete basement with the threat of imminent death (isn't that how it always goes?) and they realize their hidden love for each other ... and make out like teenagers at curfew -- If those teenagers happened to be in a reenactment of Romeo and Juliet.

I mean, it was a little tender and all.


You mean that you don't have freaky-butt dreams involving television series or places that you have and have not been? And a lot of gas stations?


Well ...

Um ...


Friday, July 13, 2007

Back on the wagon treadmill

Worship me, y'all!!

After taking a day off (due to summertime-induced laziness), I got back on the treadmill. At first I was all, "Maybe I'll do a half-mile ... I didn't run yesterday. And the day before that, I only did .85 miles ... A half-mile would be good. Right?"

WRONG!!! A half-mile would excuse my laziness and, perhaps, let me off the hook of having a GOAL (that goal being a loss of squishy-bum-osity and jiggly-thigh-ness). And, for my vain nature, it's a rather important goal. (Aside: especially seeing as how my breakfast this morning was two packages of fruit snacks ... and a couple slices of nectarine. Gotta work on that being the OTHER way around...)

So, yeah. I did my mile. Drank a little water. Got a shower. I feel all lady-ish again, seeing as how I took the time to shave my legs (Note: Normally, I'm a COMPULSIVE leg-shaver ... this week's been, um, not-so-normal. But I'm back to normal. Phew! Since I was being driven crazy by the, um, unnatural tactile-icity of my legs the last two days.)

TANGENT: I'm so glad that Hok didn't go home from SYTYCD. I heart Hok. But there are a LOT of really good dancers this season. Pasha's really cool. I hope Lacey continues to do well, since she is the lone Latter-Day Saint this season (But Sabra's from Utah, so it's possible ...). Last season there were, like, THREE FOUR (Benji, Heidi, Jaymz, and that girl that went to prom with him ... Um ...Allison. I'm pretty sure that's the one.)!!

Okay, could I use any MORE ellipses or parenthetical remarks?? This is getting crazy.

Teh Boobage ...

Yeah, the title is a link. A wonderful LOLcat link. One that makes me laugh every single time. ^_^

Here, though is another link about people getting all up-ins about NIPs (Nursing In Public).
However this link is about a nursing mom who's not only asked not to nurse in public at someone's home (which is understandable -- the way the author of the email asks, however, is NOT) BUT the nursing mom's ALSO asked to regulate her husband (the brother of the email's author) shirt choice!?! From the email itself that the sister-in-law sent to the nursing mom (and you get some follow-up in comment 47 ... Yeowch!), I'm getting some blatant (or should I say OVERT) hints of passive-aggressive-it's-all-about-me-NOT-my-daughter's-birthday-ness-essence.

In the word of Stephanie from Full House, "How Rude!!"

So, since it IS my blog, and I CAN, I'm going to wax eloquent (yet again) on my breastfeeding experiences. Because I've sure enjoyed it. (And I'm not trying to be smug or boastful. I know that I was totally blessed -- waaaaaaay more than I deserve -- to be able to breastfeed at all. Since I've had some friends who've impressed me so much getting through some touch circumstances. More power to you. You are stronger women than I. Seriously.)

I have nursed in public before. (I've even nursed my now "older" babies -- over 6 months -- in public).

The time that I received the most comments of a not-so-positive nature ... at a pizza parlor with my family. One aunt was worried that I might be arrested for indecency (not possible. Breastfeeding is not a form of public nudity. One reason I love my state). My mom (she's so funny. I do love her) wanted me to cover up more. Still, as a new mom, if Bruise was covered, I couldn't see what I was doing. I accidentally flashed her and my stepdad some boob as I got Bruise latched on (we had used all the f0rmula we'd packed on Bucket). And I accommodated her by using the blanket that I had with me. A quilt. (Not exactly discreet, I think. :P) It kinda makes me laugh.
I can understand that they were worried about the other kids running around the pizza parlor getting an eyeful ... but I was wearing a nursing shirt. Once Bruise was latched on, we were good to go.

Still, I have to say that the times that I haven't used a blanket, I've not had any negative feedback.
(In fact, a few months ago ... I think it was March ... I saw a new mom nursing her child in a mall. I totally gave her a smile and a thumbs-up. She smiled back.)

We've long reached the point where I can't nurse Bruise and Bucket modestly in public. They're rolling around in my lap, grabbing each other's hair, pulling my shirt up even more than they used to ... It's kinda crazy. But I still enjoy the whole nursing. I get to feel needed. And I don't freak out about my kiddos not getting the fat they need in their diet or whatnot.

I still think the funnier times that I've breastfed have been involving other people:

1 - Impressing my aunt (NOT the one who was worried about public nudity. This is my other aunt) by tandem feeding. She was SO amazed. It makes me smile. (Ju, if you're reading, "hi! Love you!)

2 - Nursing (I think it was Bucket) at Michael's cousin's house. H (his cousin) walked in on me. Was I flustered? No. Was he? A little. It's sweet when boys are SO worried that they've embarrassed you. (I know he wasn't scarred. His wife has breastfed, too.)

3 - Nursing Bruise in the church lobby. A member of the bishopric (our church's clergy for you friends of other faiths ^_^), coming over and kissing Bruise on the head while I'm sitting and nursing. Different, but not unwelcome. Brother H is good people. And, regardless of being from an older generation, gave an obvious -- yet silent -- declaration on his stance on NIP. Rock on!

4 - My second baby shower (I had one down in my hometown before the kiddos were born. The second in the town we lived in, due to giving birth early AND scheduling difficulties, was after the kiddos were born.)where Bruise (I think) got hungry. I figured that due to the age spread, I should leave to feed him. Sister B was all like, "No, stay! Isn't it great that right now you can supply everything that your children need?" So, there was nursing galore. (Since after Bruise got done, Bucket needed some milk. And I nursed her while helping clean up. And people were impressed. Which was cool.)

So, yeah, overall, I've LOVED my experiences nursing. Am I ready to give it up, after 18 months?


It's really funny. Before I had kids, I knew that I wanted to nurse. I was hoping (HOPING) to make it six months.
Then, after I started nursing and as time went on, I figured, "Well, let's shoot for a year." Whereas, Michael figured that once I started getting bit I'd stop.
Then, regardless of the biting (which, thank heavens, has been very rare), I kept going. I get my cuddles, I feel needed, I have a failsafe for knowing that my kidlets are getting the food they need ... and, as a bonus, I'm burning some calories. ^_^

Now that I've made the 18-month mark, I keep thinking ... Hmm, maybe I can get to the WHO-recommended two-year mark.

And, yeah, part of it is because I AM too lazy to fix "real food." :P

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

it's not easy being green ...

Michael, as I watch Brotherhood 2.0, will accuse me of liking one or the other of the Green brothers best.

I've been reading Hank Green's articles in mental_floss since before I knew who Hank Green was.

John, however, is now one of my new favorite authors. (Even though he does throw profanity around more than I'd prefer ... but, for who knows what reason, I don't mind READING profanity as much as I mind HEARING it.)

They're both brilliant. And hilarious.

Hank was, in the early days of the internet -- before everyone and their dog had email addresses --, known as a bit of an expert on Mars. As in, the BBC contacted his 15-year-old self for help on navigating through NASA's webpage. (I'm guessing a little on the age. He was in 10th grade. But STILL!)
Hank also writes songs. I still find myself humming "Helena, Montana" every so often.

AND Hank has this awesome quote from when he was interviewed:
7-Imp: What is your favorite curse word? (optional)

Hank: A lot of curse words are just bad words for good things, so on principle I don’t like that they even exist. Like they’re words for body parts, or functions, or animals, stuff that we should appreciate and not be ashamed of. I like curses that are actually bad things. I say “Poop on a stick!” a lot. It’s hard to imagine a situation where poop on a stick can be good.

Yeah ... AND Hank really fostered my crush on Neil Gaiman.
Well, Hank AND my friend, Roxy. She told me about his Sandman graphic novels ... and Coraline, which is being made into a movie (AS WE SPEAK) with music by THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS (Squeeee!!!1!). (And I loved MirrorMask, too.) (And am looking forward to the movie of Stardust.)

Now, if I could just start building up my confidence to post stuff In My Pants, I could be a real and genuine Nerdfighter.

Workin' It ... my booty, that is ...

So today I (finally) got out of bed, put on my workout clothes and hit the treadmill after brushing my teeth.

I didn't do a mile. I only did .85 of one. I can't even say that I was going a WHOLE lot faster. And now, after about 30 minutes and a shower, I still feel rather like crap. I've had about a half liter of water ... but I'm still not feeling as god as I could.

And, Kari, don't be too proud of me for working out while it's hot. We have central air here. (One of my clinchers when buying a home.) So, really, I have no excuse NOT to work out ... well, excepting my habit of being a lazybones and not doing it.

And, Michael, glad you're reading. ^_^ Even though, when you first started talking, I almost thought that I had told you more on the phone than I really had. Ha ha ha, Honey. You're a funny-joke-man. :P
(For those of you NOT my husband, when I got back from a Webelos meeting where our one boy didn't show up ... and his father, a cubmaster, didn't bother to let the other leader know ... Grr --- BUT, getting back to my point, Michael started talking about my workout regime. Things that I didn't recall telling him ... but that I DID know that I blogged. He's all talking, and then I started grinning and blurted out, "You read MY blog!" -- He's not into blogging, refuses to get a MySpace page [if he did, he'd boot my #1 friend to #2 ... but since he's never going to to it -- he's bound and determined -- it's not an issue. M, being my friend since 3rd grade, is safe in her spot], but I still love him. ^_^)

By the way, Blood and Chocolate ... Not a good movie. I remember reading it after LOVING The Silver Kiss ... Maybe I'm just not into werewolves or something. Who knows? But, back to the movies ... the special effects? Not so hot. But they did get real wolves, as opposed to The Day After Tomorrow (which I couldn't even pay attention to), with their cheap-heinie CGI wolves.

Also, I've noticed that I'm not really good at watching movies anymore. I'm out of the habit. I'll watch a movie while reading a book or painting my nails or something. It's like I have to multitask or something. (Exception: episodes of Firefly and old favorites.) Why is that?

And today, since I'm feeling lazy, I'll only include the highlights of my workout soundtrack (Note to self, HOW many times, exactly, does "Lady" by Lenny Kravitz appear on that playlist?? Gotta fix that. Had to skip it twice.):
"Hey Ya" - OutKast
"Sikamikanico" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Feel Good Inc" - Gorillaz
"Break Me Shake Me" - Savage Garden

There you have it. The rest of the songs were skipped.

And, as a bonus, here's a taste of my crazy dream chronicles:
I was in a semi-Jane-Austeny-novel-world.
I had written someone's name (not mine or whoever I was) in green ink. It was an obvious forgery, since that person only ever used green ink.
I woke up before I got caught.

I have no flippin' clue what it means. Maybe that I need to read more Austen? Maybe that I should buy some green pens? Maybe that I hate being in this semi-calling-but-not-since-it's-not-in-my-ward-but-my-bishop--hasn't-put-me-elsewhere ... and I don't like not having any clue as to who to go to for information about this new ward (well, except for Michael, since he can get me information) or having any authority or whatnot. Grrr.

Yeah. Limbo is not an LDS doctrine. Heck, at this point, it's no longer really a Catholic doctrine (warning: satire column at that link. It may be offensive to some. Because, as satire, that is its job description). And, even though it's sort of nice having so many people being so glad that I'm still acting in this calling until my bishop decides if he's keeping me here or placing me in some other position, I'd much rather have something official, know where to go for information, and have the authority (from being called, sustained, and set apart) to tell my leaders what I'd like to see happen. (Not to speak ill of the Lord's anointed, BUT the other leader and I are feeling like our superiors are being a bit of space cases, bless their hearts).

Yes, I'm getting a little punchy and rebellious.
I suck. I should be more of a lady. And assertive. Not passive-aggressive.

Any pointers? Michael tells me I should talk to our bishop for some guidance. And I know he's right ... I just have to figure out what I need to say (and I'm probably going to do it in email, so both he and I can have a meeting of our minds at our own leisure. Yet another reason I pink puffy heart the internet and it's internetty goodness).

Allanna, OUT! (Hey, if Ryan Seacrest can do it, I can too!)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We're runnin' ...

Today -
Had the treadmill set on a little higher. Ran a bit. (Even sprinted a little. Haven't done that for a long time.)

Estimated 115 calories burned (since we don't have the plug-in thingamajig that takes your pulse ... Well, I haven't the foggiest about how it estimates the calories). Jogged about 1.15 miles.

Times I nearly fell off, trying to reach my water: 2
How much water I drank: 3/4 L

Today's soundtrack (my iPod got recharged. Songs have been shuffled. Keeps it feeling fresh and all. Yeah, that's how I roll --- I think the oxygen-deprivation's gone to my head.):

Song 2 - Blur
Abracadabra - Sugar Ray
Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall
Ch-Check It Out - Beastie Boys [Skipped]
I Fell In Love With a Girl - The White Stripes
Rock Your Body - Justin Timberlake [Skipped]
Celebrity Skin - Hole
Plan B - Mute Math [Skipped]
Ready for the Good Times - Shakira [Skipped]
Black Suits Coming - Will Smith [Skipped]
Come On Eileen - Save Ferris [Skipped]
Let's Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas

Feel: Sweaty like the pig. But good. In desperate need of a shower. Desperate.

But I'm learning never to underestimate the power of music. And I'm so glad to have an iPod. A bazillion points to Michael.

now I'm getting a shower before the kiddos demand to be freed (even though I JUST put them to nap about 30 minutes ago) and try to finish the Maltese Falcon while I still can.

Wither the Fries?!?

So, as a bit of a lactivist, I get worked up when I hear of restaurants and airlines and stores that kick out women for having the NERVE (*gasp!!*) to nurse in public and offend people who think that an adult's "comfort" is more of a priority than the security and care of an infant (or a toddler, even ... heck! My kidlets are ALL about comfort nursing. And I they're 18 months old! ... However, since I can't tandem nurse modestly, I nurse in private. Still, if I could get away with feeding only one at a time, I might still do a NIP [Nurse in Public]).

But seriously, THIS is crazy.

And I say this not just because it boggles the mind, but because I have some friends who would have loved to nurse, but couldn't.

I think that it's just plain STUPID to get up in everyone's grill about how their baby is getting their food.
Heck, if people want to use f0rmula, that's their choice.
And, just because someone's feeding a baby using a bottle, that doesn't mean that there IS f0rmula in that bottle. (When I watched T's son for a month, 90% of the time the bottle he received had her milk in it.)

Geez Louise ... There are things that we really should be all up-ons about.
The use of a bottle vs. the use of the breast should not be it.

Now, the people who say that f0rmula is healthier for babies ... that it can prevent obesity??
That's something that I take a bit of offense with. (You tellin' me that my milk isn't good enough?? Hello!! It's all-natural, grade-A milk! You can't say that about your processed milk. So there! *sticks out tongue and wiggles booty in their general direction*)

Other things to get all up-ons about:
Child abuse
Repeat offenders
Honor killings
The price of oil (Why is it THAT expensive? Are they milking frakkin' DIAMONDS to get it??)

I think that it's great for a baby to be fed. Some babies never learn to nurse productively. Some mothers can't establish a good milk supply. Some have physical conditions that make it too difficult.
If you've ever nursed, I salute you.
If you've ever wanted to, I salute you.
If you've pumped, I SALUTE you (I used to try to build up a reserve. THAT's some hard work!! T would come over and nurse while pumping the other side during her lunch break. T, I SALUTE you. K, you too. You da bomb!!)

I think that we, especially as women and mothers, need to be kind.

How else are we supposed to teach our children (or nieces and nephews ... or our FELLOW PEOPLE) that everyone deserves (and should be treated with) respect if we don't do so ourselves?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Here's where I get insanely candid.

So, I now have a goal as far as my body goes.

I'm just a little bit fat. According to the BMI charts, I'm just over the line (by two-tenths) into obese.

I'd like to, for the sakes of my family, my health and my vanity, get my BMI down into the normal range. To do that, I need to lose 31 pounds. I *could* (technically) lose up to about 70 pounds ... but since I find losing weight (and just the act of getting motivated enough to get off my lazy duff and actually, I don't know, EXERCISE) a challenge, I'm going to use the smaller numbers for now. Especially since I haven't seen myself weigh that little (in comparison to what I weigh now, thankyouverymuch) in about, oh, FIVE YEARS.

This weekend, as Michael helped T2 move, she called me and asked if we'd like a used treadmill.
Since I've been hoping that having a treadmill in the house would be motivation, I jumped on the chance. My only question was "Does it work?" THAT's how eager I was.

It takes up some of our precious room. The kids like to climb on it. (In fact, Bruise, sporting another bump and bruise from this weekend -- fell off of a chair onto the corner of his toybox -- was sitting on it this morning, reading C is for Coco.) Michael's used it a couple of times.

This morning (not even ten minutes ago) was my turn. I re-plugged it in (thanks, kidlets), turned on my iPod, and let loose.
17 minutes later, after completing one mile, burning about 100 calories, sweating like a pig, I stopped.

And even though I HATE being sweaty and feeling my boobs and butt a-bouncing as I walk/jog, I felt GOOD. I'm one mile towards my goal.

And, thanks to my iPod, I had an excellent workout soundtrack. I only got through a few songs, but they were good ones:
"Surf Wax America" - Weezer
"Body Movin'" - Beastie Boys
"Smile" - Lily Allen (Yes, it does drop an F-bomb. My bad. It's not very well-edited.)
"Suddenly I See" - KT Tunstall
"Rock You Like a Hurricane" - The Scorpions

However, I also discovered today, while trying to fill in my statistics for the Glamour Body challenge ... I can only do, like, FIVE modified push-ups. And my crunches are PITIFUL.

So, while I'm using my treadmill for my cardio (so I don't have to be all self-conscious as I try to load up kids for a jog OUTSIDE, HEAVENS FORBID!! Where people might LOOK at ME and my blubbers a-bouncin!!!), I can work on a little strength training and (ESPECIALLY) toning.

So, maybe in about two years when I have my (cue: hyperventilating) 10 year high school reunion, I won't be quite like I am right now. Hopefully I will be MUCH better.

And, I feel the need to be. Even though I have a great husband and a wonderful family ... but the CHEERLEADER is getting married. Even though I'm a college graduate (and I somehow managed to graduate with honors ... and I didn't mean to, since I didn't really realize that it was tied in with grades ... and I'm not trying to brag. I just like getting good grades. REALLY good grades. It's how I was raised.), I just don't feel that I can compete with a really popular girl who teaches dance for a living and is getting married.

I should be ashamed of the Nerdfighter that I am. A true Nerdfighter would embrace the fact that she wasn't all popular and svelte her whole life. She would rejoice in the fact that she reads. A LOT. And that Joshilyn Jackson (JOSHILYN JACKSON!!) replied to an email. And ERIC D. SNIDER(!!!!) referred to her as "devoted reader Allanna," because THAT, there, is FAME. Because he is amazing. And has responded to multiple emails from her (which makes me, I mean HER, squeeee with excitement). AND Joshilyn Jackson forwarded this Nerdfighter's compliments to Shanna Swendson, who was happy to hear them!

I mean, what's not to be thrilled about about this girl?

But, you know, I always manage to find something. Like now -- I'm a little bit fat, don't fit into my jeans from high school, and I have clutter around and still have boxes in the front room of our house.

STILL, I'm working on these things. I've lost a little weight since being pregnant. I make more healthy choices as I eat -- even though I do NOT cut out treats. I MUST have my ice cream. And I start to eat less of it when I have it. Sometimes. ^_^
I'm trying the FLYlady stuff again. I'm not good at wearing shoes or getting a shower first thing ... but I can get better.

And, you know, I'm determined to get better at spiritual things. I really rather suck at reading my scriptures. I get a daily email from Read the Scriptures with my daily reading. And I SKIM IT. *Gah!!*
Sure, I pray. With the kiddos or with Michael. I need to work on MY relationship with my Heavenly Father.
I also need to get in the habit of having Family Home Evening. Since we've got the munchkins, I think I'm going to start using the Nursery manual (since I can access it online. Since I'm all FRUGAL like that) for the lessons.
Since the kiddos are still pretty pre-verbal (but Bucket is TRYING!!!), I can't assign them prayers or songs ... and I need to expose them to the Children's Hymns more. And the regular hymns. (Hmmm. I think 90% of those are available online. I LOVE the Church's website!)

Well, I should sweep, mop, vacuum, finish up the laundry, prepare for my (maybe last, who knows?) Webelos meeting, get ready for FHE and the Great-grandfolks (the kiddos great-grandparents, not mine. Mine have all ... um ... left this mortal coil, per se.), read a library book, watch The Maltese Falcon (since I fell asleep for most of it. Gah!!), and clear the clutter from my desk and the kitchen counter-thing.
Oh, and get a shower, too.
Among other little tasks I'd like to complete. Just so I feel all productive and crap.

So, I'd better, like, shut up and get to work. Just maybe. ^_^

Friday, July 06, 2007


I feel the need to get a few things off my chest.

1. I'm a bad Mormon. I love coffee-flavored and Irish cream-flavored things.
And when I'm extremely bad, like toeing the line of Perdition-and-maybe-Outer-Darkness, I eat some Ben and Jerry's Dublin Mudslide ice cream. And savor each and every sinfullicious bite.

2. I just about cried with gratitude for the beneficence that is Sarah Jessica "Fashion is Not A Luxury. It's a Right" Parker. Have you READ about Bitten, her line of clothing? Pieces start at around $20 (What the chicken? I totally misread that at first. It gets better-->) prices top out in the $20 range ... and she makes them in sizes 0-22! A celebrity, a designer, that realizes that not all women (a) are stick figures and (b) have a bazillion dollars to spend on an accessory, let alone a pair of jeans or a shirt or something.
I heart her.

3. I am irrational.
Michael and I were discussing how Bruise and Bucket would be going into Nursery at church ... we'd have two hours free of hissing at them to "Be QUIET!" or chasing them around the ward building (and, in my case, slamming my GINORMOUS DIAPER BAG OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM [!!!], DEATH AND DESTRUCTION into innocent bystanders).
And I got a little chocked up that I won't have a little whippersnapper with me the whole time at church.
(The only downfall to being this free: I'll have NO excuse for not paying attention in Relief Society. Drat!)
(ADDENDUM: Bruise and Bucket LOVED Nursery. It was odd not having to wrestle a little one for my piece of mind ... but I might just get used to it.)

4. I think that my craziest pet peeve is people who mix up similar words. I get uptight about this.
Everyone understands the differences between "to," "two," and "too."
Same with "yea," "yay," "yeah," "ya", and "yah."
And if they don't, they should.
When someone types "Yea!", I immediately want to respond with "Forsooth!!!"
Yes. I really do. Uncontrollably. I have to REALLY suppress this urge.
And "yah"? That's for directing livestock.
"Ya" -- total Anglicized bastardization of the German "ja" ("yes").
It works that last nerve I have.
And I'm kinda hypocritical, too. Since I don't always pay COMPLETE AND TOTAL ATTENTION as I type.

So sue me.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day! (Unless you're not American ... then, um, Happy Fourth of July!)

Today we have a BBQ to go to. It should be fun.
The last two episodes ever taped of Drive will be aired tonight. We're taping them, at the least. No, FOX are big, fat liars who WILL NOT air the last two episodes (that I've only been waiting TWO+ MONTHS FOR) after they SAID that they WOULD air them. {NOTE: I had to search through the FOX website. They've moved them to July 13th. Same 8/7c time slot. If they move it ONE MORE TIME, I'll be ready to send them some serious, serious hate mail.)

Instead, we're stuck with Anger Management with Adam Sandler. Which I truly couldn't care one iota about. (I started to watch it once. I try to feel guilty that I don't know how it ends.) As you can tell, it's not one of my favorite movies. Neither does it have ANYTHING AT ALL to do with this holiday ... or is it a cool-at-all movie. Why couldn't they have, at least, shown Independence Day with our favorite "sassy black man"? (Sorry, grammar elite, the Brit punctuation makes more sense in that sentence.)

Oh well, we'll set off some bottle rockets and play with sparklers.

I finally got one of the library holds I originally requested in April 2006. It's a set of CDs of 80s music. There are some seriously good songs on here. It makes me happy. I also have started Terrier by Tamora Pierce. And I'll be devouring An Abundance of Katherines by John Green along with Wicked Lovely ... and about 20 other books that I want to get through. Six of the books I picked up were my holds that had arrived ... I grabbed a few that I had been wanting to read off of the shelves.

And now I've really gotten book-geek-ed out. Sorry.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

That'd be a good name for a band ...

I was talking to R (another of my bestest friends).
She was buying a dress since she had some extra spending money (on account of her husband spending more than we thought he had on his hobby -- he bought some stuff for his online game from an, ahem, alternative dealer).

"Black market gil," I said. "That'd be a good name for a punk band."
Then I went off about how SHE should start this band and dedicate their first song to her husband and I started making up lyrics in an affected punk-rock voice. And, as I tried to say "loooooooo-ooo-ve," it sounded odd. Like Chewbacca.

And since, naturally (and I love to say "naturally" in sentences where its meaning has some irony), whenever I think of zombies, I think of R (which she and I also joke about), I came up with "Zombie Chewbacca." And I told her that she should dress her younger daughter as Zombie Chewbacca for Halloween, because it'd be cool.

OR maybe "Zombie Chewbacca" would be the first hit by Black Market Gil.

You never know.

THEN I thought aloud that R could TOTALLY scrapbook those pictures of Offspring2 in a Zombie Chewbacca costume. And I nearly started to cry from the absolute brilliance and hilarity OF a scrapbooking page of a one-year-old child dressed as a ZOMBIE CHEWBACCA.

And then I wondered aloud if it's PMS that's making my sense of humor all punchy and crazy. Then I immediately responded to myself that, no, I'm always this way, nevermind.

And then we talked about life and our kids and how we missed each other and she's needing to try on dresses so she had to go, bye.

But, if I ever have a surplus of fake fur (as if I ever HAVE had ANY at ALL ever before), and I desperately need a costume, I suppose that I have an option.

And if you ever steal my idea ..... I SO want PICTURES. Pre-scrapbooked, please.
I'll try not to wet myself.

In other news, I went to the library. A book that the (electronic)card catalog showed as being lost was there. On the shelf. The library ghosts love me.

And I left with TWO BAGS FULL of books.
Because I'm a weak-willed person.

But I'm able to cross off quite a few books from my list of "To Check Out and Read/Study/Ponder (if they're in when I go to the library) Books."
Go me!

Counting ...

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