Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some People's Children ... (SCAM WARNING)

So, I got a call a few minutes ago ... telling me that I won a $5,000 grant from the U.S. Government.
Because I'm such an upstanding citizen (i.e., I pay my taxes and haven't declared bankruptcy).

A grant that I never applied for.

And, really? My father-in-law works for the IRS. They're not giving out money willy-nilly.
(They want what they are owed. If you pay more, let them know. They'll give it back. If YOU didn't catch the error in their favor, they probably won't look for it either.)

So, yeah ... if you're contacted to call 202-621-0644, be aware it's probably a scam.

I looked online (as I went through the proper channels of reporting this to the FTC [Federal Trade Commission ... we ARE on the Do Not Call list. And have been since it came out.] and our state Attorney General) and I'm not the only one they've called.

The people who HAVE called back to give Elzina Jones ("my accountant" was what I was told by the man on the phone) their grant approval code? They've been asked for their bank routing number. Or have been told to make a donation ... anywhere from $300-575 ... before they can get "their" grant money.

When someone asked how they could be sure this wasn't a grant, they were told to call 202-621-0600, which didn't work.

So, yeah. Just wanted to let you know.

(Yeah, I'm feeling kinda cantankerous and punchy today. So I was TOTALLY READY to be doing some legal-type paperwork. Bring it, scammers. I'm smart enough to RECOGNIZE a scam when I hear one ... AND I'm internet-savvy enough to know how to search for what to DO about it. Bring it. I will bring you down. And THEN I'll blog about it. )

(Though, honestly? I'd rather have the $5,000. ... But, *sigh* since that's not even REAL, I'll settle for a little internet-vigilante justice. Along with completely-through-legal-channels justice.)

Yeah. Just call me SuperLlanna -- slayer of spammy scams.

If you need me, I'll be working out my costuming ideas.
Until I get in total shape, I'm eschewing spandex.

Do you think that sweats and a ponytail would be too stereotypical?
... If I can get my hair to stay in a ponytail. It is a little short at present ... Hmmmm.

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Jennie said...

The funny thing is, those that know anything about grants etc. (i.e. college students who can do the process w their eyes closed) Know that they will not get anything that they have not applied for, and you never have to pay money to get grant/loan money!

Hmm... kinda hoping I get called up now so I can frazzle them, and question about the above specifics concerning being awared grants

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