Monday, February 28, 2011


Today is obviously my day for freebies!

I like freebies!

I checked my email inbox this morning to learn that I won a mini High Impact Mascara from a Clinique drawing.
Yay for mascara! And it'd fit in my purse! (For those days when you leave the house ... and THEN you realize that you've forgotten to put on mascara. Has anyone else done this before? ... If not, then A FRIEND did it. And told me about it. Yeah. *shifty eyes*)

And the FedEx gal (who knows my name ... and loves it. Aww!! ... so she doesn't even have to look at the address) brought me my first Purex Insider sample. I get to try the new Purex Crystals fabric softener.
And they get bonus points for packaging.
I haven't run a load with the sample YET (and there's enough for FIVE LOADS in it, WHAT? YES!) ... But it smells really nice. It's Fresh Spring Waters. And it smells nice and clean.

And, hey, they even gave me a coupon for a FULL-sized bottle of the crystals for free. (I'm kinda excited. Free?? TOTALLY my favorite price.)

If you want a coupon for $1 off, go to Purex's Facebook page. If you "like" them (not just, "Oh, hey. Purex. They're cool." I mean: You click the LIKE button.), you can print out a coupon. I printed one out this morning. It's good until the end of March. Just in case you wondered.

So, yes. I should go do a couple more loads of laundry and try this out. ^_^

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preciosamama said...

What a Happy Monday!!!

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