Thursday, February 10, 2011


I was so, so, so close to being totally back to healthy again. *sigh*

And then I ruined it by doing housework. Boo.

After my blessing the other night, I did have a rough night. Ended up taking lots of drugs.
  • NyQuil
  • Chloraseptic
  • Ibuprofen (couldn't take Tylenol. That's already in NyQuil. But Ibuprofen's metabolized differently, so you CAN double up that way)
  • Afrin
  • Cough drops
  • LOTS of water (which necessitates getting up to pee in the middle of the night)
... I THINK that was it. I think.

Tuesday night wasn't the best night for the family. Bucket woke up screaming after midnight.
I went in, rasping "What's wrong?"
"I have to FROW UP!!"
*rasping* "Then go to the toilet."
And she was off like a shot.

Two hours later, Bruise is crying. "I FREW UP all over my bed!"
Good thing that I couldn't smell anything. Michael got the boy cleaned up. I got his bed and clothes rinsed and in the laundry.

THEN we were able to finish our night's sleep.

Last night was better. Except I had to take the litany of drugs again.
I HAD been feeling ALMOST EXCELLENT yesterday. My sore throat was ALMOST gone. My sinuses were GETTING clear (I did have one side that was sore enough that it caused a toothache. How weird is that?) ... and then, I must have pushed myself too hard. Because, by the end of the night, it felt like someone was shoving a needle through the side of my throat. And I was stuffy again.

It's not like I did a WHOLE ton. I didn't GO anywhere. No driving, walking, nothing.
I talked to my mom on the phone. She has bronchitis. And she kept laughing/hacking because I'd say something (being serious) and she'd think it was hilarious.
(EXAMPLE: She's worried because she needs to teach a lesson at church Sunday. I told her to get a sub. "But it's so last minute!" "Um, Mom?" I rasp ... seriously, I sound like a zombie. "Just call someone now, give them a head's up. Worst case scenario, you'll be feeling better and they won't have to give the lesson that they've prepared for. ... And you'll know that at least ONE PERSON will have read the lesson." AND SHE STARTED LAUGHING. And then hacking. "Stop making me laugh," she chokes out. "That wasn't a joke. I was being serious. I can't help it that people think I'm hilarious when I'm not trying to be. I'm YOUR daughter." --- See?? I was being completely serious. And my OWN MOTHER thinks I'm joking. :P)

(This is why I really can't play the straight guy in comedic scenes. Because people figure that I'm joking even when I'm not. *sigh* It's a curse, I'm sure.)

Soooooo ... this morning, I wake up, stuffed up and sore-throated again.

I TOOK IT EASY YESTERDAY! I tried to get a couple little naps (the kids aren't that helpful for that)
(Example: As I'm laying down, wrapped up like a mummy to try and sweat it out, like Michael does when he's sick ... and it's harder for me, since I maintain a lower temperature than he does. Just sayin'.
Bruise: *knocks on my door and waits for me to TRY to answer* Mom??
Me: *sounds like Death* Yeah? Whaa-a?
Bruise: When you get up, Mom, could we make coooookies??
Me: Uuu-uh? I --- Maybe?
Bruise: Okay. *closes the door*)

I did make his bed, so he could sleep in it. Since his sheets were clean.
And I changed the sheets on OUR bed, so that (since I was feeling better) I wouldn't get Michael infected with all the germs. ALL the pillowcases were changed. Just in case. And I Lysol-ed our bare mattress. JUST IN CASE.
And I opened the blinds (UV light helps destroy viruses) and aired out the room. JUST IN CASE. Since it was a beautiful day.
(As opposed to when we were heading for bed. And I ask, over and over, "Is it cold to you? It feels so cold. Is it just me?" And Michael assures me that, no, the temperature IS plummeting. In fact, now, it's FREEZING outside. But it's sunny. It only LOOKS beautiful. It's COLD.)

Bruise had his last dose of eyedrops last night. Bucket will get her last dose here in about an hour. She'll be GLAD when that's done. They both look back to normal. (Except for the coughing and puking). I noticed that my eye is fading. But it's only red where the white is normally exposed when my eye is open. When I move my eyeball, I notice that there's a line ... and the areas that are usually NOT exposed are still white, instead of the slightly-pink tinge on the exposed part. Weird.

I made smoothies for the kids and me (frozen blueberries, honey Greek yogurt, and some skim milk) ... one of the few days this week when I've actually eaten breakfast. And the kids were excited about it.
And then they don't drink them. WHAT??

But, yeah. Yesterday, all I really did was throw clothes into the washer and dryer ... and carry them to the couch (or to the bedrooms). And I warmed up some soup (for me) and made Nutella sandwiches for the kids  for lunch. I put a casserole in the oven (and had to move it to the microwave -- time constraints) and tossed a salad ... then dished all that up. I started the dishwasher (didn't unload it). I took vitamins. Nothing really active. I played some video games with the kiddos. I gave the hedgehogs food and water. Still haven't cleaned their cages.
Maybe it was the blowing my nose a BAZILLION time ... and fending off two nosebleeds (maybe more? They blend together after a while). Or all the coughing.

And I'm not going to talk about all the mucus I'm dealing with.
Because it's gross.
And there's a lot.
And I'm SURE that THAT was TMI right there.
I'm sorry.

Though, as crap as I felt getting up this morning ... I'm ALMOST back to where I was yesterday afternoon, when I was feeling pretty dang awesome. For a zombie-voiced snot factory.
Though, at this moment? My sinuses feel GOOD. Not COMPLETELY clear ... but they're not sore or stuffed up.

My throat still hurts ... but the pain's duller.
I don't know that my head's feeling very with it ... not quite yet.

So my goal today is to make the kids take a nap ... and to follow suit.
And, maybe to get a hot bath with the kids' menthol-infused baby bath soap.

Because tonight is the ward RS (Relief Society) Activity. And I need to be there. And I need to not infect anyone. Or scare anyone, for that matter.

So, wish me luck. Because I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.
It's true.

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