Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh, make up your own title ...

Okay, where did I leave off?

So, I wrote the letter to the missionaries. And emailed a copy to the Ward Mission Leader (so he'd know what was up). When I gave it to one of the elders at church, he's all, "SWEET! Thanks!" And... well, I just looked at him with an expression quite like this: O.o <-- See how there's no smile? And one eye is all BOGGLING. Yeah. There may have even been a quirked eyebrow.

Haven't heard anything back. However, I have a feeling that either they will or they won't be a little more considerate and effective in managing their schedule in regards to the members of the ward that volunteer to feed them.

It's kind of a crapshoot, though.

What else ... Oh. I was asked to talk to the Singles' Branch Relief Society (the women's class, for those of you not fluent in Mormon-speak) about eternal marriage ... and how Michael and I met, blah, blah, and how I feel blessed.
I brought in three pictures: One that went our with our wedding invitations (We're on a slide! We're so cute!), one from our wedding (We're KISSING!), and our last family photo last fall (where I have practically BLACK hair ... I wanted a change. :P).

And I talked about my crap dating record in high school, how I went to college with hopes of finding a husband (but I DID have a backup plan of being the crazy cat lady living in a Victorian house with 98 cats ... since 99 would just be TOO MANY. No, really. I had it ALLLLLL worked out. Well, except how to BUY that house ...) ...
And, well, you'd almost have thought I was doing comedy stand-up in that church lesson. I know that I have a  ... singular, per se, look on life ... but gosh, these gals were quite entertained.
I mean, I DID work to be spiritual when I could. I have a testimony of eternal marriage and the importance of being sealed together in the temple. I love that, as long as I am faithful to the covenants that I've made with Heavenly Father in the temple, I am GUARANTEED to have these blessings. And this even goes for the blessings that I received when I was sealed to my parents when I was a child.
I have a family where our relations are not just "till death do you part." And I love that. I love that my children will ALWAYS by my children (With all the frustration and effort I put into my relationships, I'm glad they are going to last.) ... And, as an added bonus, as long as I am faithful, I am promised that THEY will always come back to the church. (And, as a girl who has quite a few friends who've strayed from the proverbial fold, it comforts me that their parents have that reassurance.)

I mean ... it never made sense to me that God would command us to create families and these loving relationships only to end them when we leave this life. I'm just saying.
... And, if I may be so bold, it never made sense because that's NOT how it's supposed to be.

Also, I think it's lovely to KNOW FOR A FACT that my husband thinks I'm worth the sacrifices that he had to make to be worthy to be married and sealed to me in the place I've ALWAYS wanted to be married.
(And vice versa. I could have made many decisions that would have made me unable to attend the temple, without time and repentance ... but he knows that this was a priority for me, too. ^_^)

I can testify that our Heavenly Father loves us. And He wants the best for us. I know that He has commanded that we be sealed to our spouses and family so that these loving, familial bonds need not be broken at death. He wants this for us because it is a GOOD thing. It will give us joy. It will help increase our love for each other.

(At the same time, I will admit that not every marriage will work out. Even ones sealed in the temple. My mom's birthday present this year, the one that made it most memorable for her, was receiving a letter from the First Presidency of the church -- President Thomas S. Monson, our prophet; and his two counselors -- granting her a temple divorce from my father [who left the church over a decade ago] and giving her the freedom to be sealed to my stepdad. ... and I have other friends who've seen their marriages not work. But, I will say that I've received many blessings from being sealed in the temple. And I would be thrilled if everyone could receive them. They make me happy. I want everyone to be so happy.)

... Since Sunday, what's happened?
Let's see ....

I was productive and set up a doctor's appointment for the kiddos (need a new shot. Ugh. I TRIED to get everything done on time. But one was EARLY! So they need another. I have a feeling that I'll need to take them out for ice cream to make it up to them. :P

We have dentist appointments set up. They'll have theirs before they start school. I'll have mine after they've been in school a couple days.

I got to go to the OB. Set up a new appointment for next month ...
Also did the first of two tests for the Sequential Screening (check the nuchal ["New-KAHL"] tube for any threats of being born with something like spina bifida, run blood and urine tests to rule out any genetic issues [like Trisomies or something]) ...

The ultrasound was different ... there's only one in there, so I'm amazed at how much room the bean has. But the nuchal tube (when we could get the bean to cooperate. Ha. Takes after me. Ha.) looked normal. Yay.
Little Bean moved around, was swallowing, had his/her arms thrown up over his/her head ... like I do when I sleep. Ha. I got to see his/her brain, spine, ribs ... It's a very different experience having just one in there.

The blood draw (when I made it to the right floor. Oy. SO -- the ultrasound is done on the FIRST FLOOR. The LAB is on 2. I got mixed up and went to 3, the one where my OB's practice is. Then I had to go back to 2, THEN I started to head over to the side of THAT floor ... and then had to turn around and go back to the elevator and go to 3. *sigh*) was fine. I can't look when I get pricked. But once the needle's in (and, OH, my darlings ... I forget that Blood Drive needles are SO MUCH THICKER than these. This was such a tiny needle, since they only needed to fill, like, FIVE tiny vials ... Instead of a pint bag and THREE BIG vials.), I'm fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

Then I got to do a "clean urine catch." For this, you take your little cup, a piece of gauze, and a wet wipe. You clean your bits (front to back), wipe away the wet wipe residue with the gauze, make sure your cup is open ... and you start peeing in the toilet, move the cup in so that you're catching mid-stream pee, and move the cup away so that you FINISH peeing IN THE TOILET.
I always end up peeing ALL OVER my hand.
(But, as my OB assures me [and I assured myself every time I have to clean up pee ... or when I'd change my son's diaper and he peed in my face that ONE time ... and Dad C cracked up. Can't blame him, really], healthy urine is sterile.)  ... But still, I worked to wipe off the outside of the cup as best as I could for those poor lab techs. And I washed my hands REALLY well so I wouldn't have pee-fingers. Gross.

My OB visit went fine. I'm down to under 200 pounds. Yup, I've lost a bit of weight. Since I've been so nauseated. And I got to talk with my doctor about ... regularity. So I'm now drinking at least one glass of *shudders* Citrucel a day. Ugh.
I've found it easiest to get down later in the day. And with some crushed ice added before I mix it in the blender. It's a fiber smoothie.
And just writing about it is turning my stomach this early in the morning. Ugh.

But it was a good visit. My blood pressure is fine, the bean's moving around and has a healthy heartbeat (160 bpm, iirc. From both the ultrasound AND the Doppler).

My mom and I took the kids to Target. Bucket got Barbies (Barbie and Stacey roller-skating). Bruise got a new Lego game (NINGAQ, in case you were DESPERATE to know). I got deodorant, that GREAT Citrucel (blech), and a Zeno Blemish Reducing tool.
I have to say that it works. I've been breaking out a ton. And I've been working at washing my face with cleanser and my Derma-New brush. Then using a Microderm treatment (with the microderm scrub head on my Derma-New). THEN a little 1-minute peel Olay product  ... and my right side of my jaw was all SWOLLEN from all the zits. Ew. ... But, after only using it 3 times, the Zeno has really helped. My face is almost clear. YAY!!

Wednesday was mostly the regular ... Volunteering after McDonald's (since all the nausea I've had, my appetite is SO much smaller than normal. And I don't crave sweets. It's so odd. I mean, I don't recommend morning sickness as a diet tool, but if I can keep this up, I might just be a healthy weight after this pregnancy. And it'll be good to not eat HUGE portions.), then ordering pizza.

Oh! Monday night, the local library had a special presentation. The Reptile Man ( did a presentation. And it was pretty cool! Lots of snakes and lizards. And a few turtles. And a Gila Monster! (I don't think I've ever seen one in person). And a small alligator. ... The kids liked it. They liked it enough that while I volunteered, my mom took them to the second show on Wednesday.)
He does birthday parties and things ... It would definitely be worth looking into. He's really good with his animals (he's been handling them for 38 years) ... and he's REALLY good with the audience. He was HILARIOUS.

That's really most of what's gone on ... Oh, I did get sorta-fitted for my Savior of the World costume (in December, if I haven't mentioned it, we're doing Act 1, the nativity story). At least, I know my fabrics and how they'll be used. Since I'm pregnant and my measurements will be changing in the next three months, they're not going to sew it until MUCH later. ^_^ Can't blame them. I still need to find sandals. But that's okay. Who knows? Maybe my feet will get wider ... hopefully nowhere NEAR as wide as last time (With my preeclampsia, my feet swelled so BADLY. I normally wear around an 8 or 8-1/2. I had to buy a pair of size 11 loafers, and the tops of my feet were like overly-stuffed pillows out the top. Ugh.)

In other news, I'm feeling better. Much less puke-y. My neck still hurts, especially in the mornings ... but it's nothing that I can't deal with.

We got woken up around 3 AM with thunder and lightning. The kids slept through it all. But there was TONS of lightning. Sometimes, it'd even flash DURING the rolls of thunder. Pretty cool.
Freyja-cat wasn't bothered at all. I gave her some loves (since she was on the bed, snuggled against my legs) and she wasn't fazed at all. She's a good girl.

Oh, one other bit of fun ... was it last week or this week? Can't recall. But Bruise and Bucket were roughhousing in the living room and Bruise caught the back of his head on a corner of the TV stand. There was blood. But not for long. He's fine. No concussion or anything. Phew. ... I think it was last week.

I also need to turn in the kids' summer reading program sheets. *sigh* Work, work, work.
And, since we don't know when the kids' bento boxes are going to come in, we might need to buy them back-up lunchboxes. But, besides that, we're just about ready for school. PHEW!

So, yeah ... how's YOUR week been??

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blergh ...

So, I woke up today to find out that I somehow really slept on my neck WRONG.

I took a hot shower. Not much help.
When Michael got back from cleaning the church, he rubbed Tiger Balm on it. Nope.
I went to my costume fitting ... which is not totally a fitting, since my measurements are going to change.
BUT, for the record, LET IT BE STATED, that I have "a nice waist."
Which will go into hibernation for a while ... but, really, it's nice to hear a costumer tell you that. ^_^

After I got back home, I grabbed my buckwheat (or something) microwave heat pad and used that.
Then I popped two Tylenol (the only painkiller I can take. *sigh*) and took a hot bath.

I can now MOSTLY look over both shoulders. But, gosh, it still hurts. Neck, shoulders, running down along my spine between my shoulder blades (and across my shoulder blades). Ugh.

Then I took the kiddos to a birthday party as Michael left to go to a meeting where Elder L. Tom Perry will be speaking. ... He should be on his way home now.
And I popped a frozen lasagna into the oven. Yum.

The kids had a BLAST at the birthday party. There was a huge inflatable swimming pool with a SLIDE and a TOWER set up. Way fun.
And a swimming (then a dress-up/costume) party was perfect, since it's been the hottest day of the year.
I rolled up the legs of my maternity jeans, so that I now have more like maternity capris.
And I ended up slurping down THREE glasses of ice water while I was there.

It was fun, since I also got to chat with one my friends who's moved outside out ward boundaries (our congregations are, for the most part -- there are a few exceptions, organized by geographical location. In case you wondered). Very nice. And I got to chat with her husband, too. He's a hoot. We miss having them in our ward. But they have a lovely (and larger) house that better fits their needs. And that's really what's important. ^_^ Besides, now I know where they live ... so it'll be easier to get together sometime, right?


In other news, I'm going to be crafting a tactful, yet displeased letter ...

We signed up to feed the missionaries ... even invited another family to eat with us ... more than two weeks in advance.
The missionaries called up the night before to cancel ... for plans that they knew about WEEKS ago.
Not very responsible. If they knew about a conflict, in advance, wouldn't it have been nice to have rectified that? Rescheduled?

Especially since, last month, we had signed up and they never called or showed up at all. :(

So, I'm going to bring it to THEIR attention and the Ward Mission Leader's attention that this is not good behavior. It hurts feelings and does NOT build trust or unity in the ward.

Now, how to say it ... since I should tell them, as I put it to Michael (and a few other people I kvetched to), "If you want GOOD FOOD, come to my DAMN HOUSE."

(Michael had offered for us to drop a meal off to them ... and I didn't feel like making a dinner EARLY for them. So I went to the dollar store and left a bag of food for them ... I was nice. I didn't just give them each a Cup O' Noodles, like I first thought of doing, I was nice. I put a pack of spaghetti noodles, a jar of meat pasta sauce, a box of scalloped potatoes, and a jar of pears. A healthy meal.

Blow me off once? Shame on YOU.
Blow me off twice? Shame on ME.

We're not signing up to feed them for a while.
Like until both these guys are transferred out.
Or until I act VERY CHRISTLIKE and forgive them for not showing consideration for anyone else's life. Just saying.

So, yeah, onto writing that letter.


It's better than punching them in the junk, though.
I think that you all should be VERY PROUD of my restraint.
And the fact that I didn't call them back to lambast them about PLANNING AHEAD and COMMON COURTESY, ETC., ETC., ETC.

I should get a frakkin' MEDAL.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pride goeth ...

I was SO PROUD of myself for not throwing up at ALL yesterday. A full 24 hours without puking (there were some queasy moments) and no NEED to take my Zofran (anti-nausea). It was pretty awesome.

Then, when I FINALLY get up to get cereal for my daughter?
I have to run, run, RUN to the bathroom sink and empty my empty stomach.

Stomach acid. It's not yummy.
At all.

Well, I've had ONE really good day now that I finally reached 13 weeks.
Because, truly? I'd like to NOT have to take my anti-nausea anymore.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Again, I've been remiss in my duties ...

Obviously, I need to make sure that y'all know this: I am fine.
As far as I'm aware (and I'll know FORSURE-FORSURE Tuesday afternoon, what with bloodwork and another ultrasound), the bean/fetus/whatchamacallit is FINE, too.

ClotWatch 2011 has passed. And, starting Friday, my chances of miscarriage drop to about 1%, so that's a little more reassuring.

At least until I get the ultrasound and results from THIS coming blood draw AND the next round (about a month later) ... Here's hoping for nothing out of the ordinary. No nuchal abnormalities or any Trisomies ... Honestly, really ... this is MY child we're talking about. Normal? Not a chance.
Healthy, though? No real genetic abnormalities? THAT'S what I'm talking about. ^_^

Let's see ... what's gone on since I last blogged?
  • Mostly just popping my Zofran (at least once a day) to stave off the nausea. Still.
  • Still volunteering at the library. 
  • TRYING to get the house in some semblance of order. Which doesn't happen very easily when you spend a good deal of your day lying in bed (because you feel less nauseated AND you are to the point where you NEED a nap between 2-5PM, though whether you GET one is not guaranteed).
  • Went down to visit family ... saw Nana. She's doing okay. I worry about her, though. I mean, when you START OUT with SIX grandparents ... and now that I'm down to just TWO (and a new stepgrandma, but not the one that was my Grammy) ... AND the fact that I'm a resistant-to-change only child ... well, does THAT make sense that I'm a LITTLE antsy?
  • The kiddos and I got to hold kittens at my Dad's. A stray had a litter of four. ... It's been a long time since I got to hold little fuzzies. 
  • Michael and I got a touch of food poisoning (well, HIM more than me. But it's not good when you're VIOLENTLY ill even AFTER taking Zofran. Oy. I have some broken blood vessels in my eye lid. Time to put concealer on, right?) at a family reunion.
  • I COULD talk about the side effects of Zofran ... and I'm NOT talking about the headache I was warned about. *grumbles* I've had one MILD headache on Zofran. With the OTHER, MORE PERSISTENT side effect, let's just say that I'm working VERY HARD to take more fiber (Yay for Fiber Gummi Chews!) and water ... and ... um... stool softener capsules. SO not fun.
    Especially when you throw up those capsules. Ugh.
    Like I said, I could talk about those side effects.
    But I won't.
Yesterday morning, I woke up and checked my email and such on my phone (pretty, pretty Droid. O, how I adore thee!) ... and then I noticed something out of the ordinary.
I was using my 3G (Verizon's internet), not our home wireless.
So I made sure that my phone was set to connect to wireless (sometimes I turn it off). It was.
And I check that it still has our home wireless saved in it ... which it did ... but said that it was "Out of Range."
WHAT?!!??!? HELLO!!! I'm RIGHT HERE! At HOME! I'm seriously, MAYBE twenty feet from the router!
So, I drag myself out of bed and check the router/modem ... And, *gulp!*, all the lights are off.
I power cycle it (turn it off and back on again). Nothing. I check the power strip (which restarts the computer. Which needed to be restarted ANYWAYS), no dice.
So I call Michael. And I did make sure that our phones are working (since DSL is on our phone bill ... so, no, we're not behind). And I do check the phone cord outside (where it's plugged in there). It's all fine.
SO, then I call the phone company. And I got a nice gal who transferred me to a nice (Indian?) lady from Tech support. She commended me for doing a power cycle, had me switch which outlet the modem was plugged in to (no change).
And she gave me a very, very technical diagnosis: "Sounds like your problem is that ... it's BUSTED."

Now, I TRIED REALLY HARD not to snicker.
And I swallowed my urge to quip, "Oh, 'busted.' Is that a technical term?"
You should be SO PROUD of my restraint.

So, I got to discuss whether to rent or buy a new modem. AND, if the phone company sent it, it'd take a couple days. HOWEVER, Wal-Mart (which, though I have no issues with, I do love to refer to as Voldemart) does carry modems that are compatible with our DSL. So, when Michael got home, we skedaddled over to the OTHER town got some sundry supplies:
  • Wireless modem
  • Concealer (I was almost out)
  • Laundry detergent (ditto)
  • Small container of Tums (since our travel bag didn't have ANY in it. And Michael could have used them.)
  • Gummi Prenatals (since tossing up a Prenatal is NASTYSAUCE).
  • Two small laundry baskets ... so the kids can help put away laundry. ^_^
  • Sobe Lifewater (Strawberry Dragonfruit)  - For me, since I was thirsty and nauseated
  • King-size Twix bar - for Michael and the kids to share.
Then we went to Costco. And bought the kids a hot dog to share. Michael got a Carne Asada bake. I debated about (and decided not to get) a Berry Sundae Fro-yo. I don't regret it. I was a little hungry, but not in the mood to eat.
Though, I did take my gummi vitamins (Prenatal AND my new Calcium and Vit D gummies). I had already taken my (DELICIOSO!!) Fiber gummies that morning.
(Seriously, they are nummers -- Strawberry, blackberry, and peach. The peach taste JUST like a gummi-version of the Jolly Rancher peach candies. Which are my faves. Those and the fruit punch ones. When I can get those. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm ....)

But, yeah, got the modem set up (had to use the new power cord, but the other cords were already in place. So that went SO much faster this time). Got it all configured ... and I'm back online ON MY COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!

*sings* Reconnected... and it feels so good!!

Michael had complimented me earlier during the day about how I kept my sense of humor even without the intertubes ... and I had to admit that since my phone still got internet (Thanks to my AWESOMEST of ALL AWESOME HUSBANDS [Don't argue. He's the AWESOMEST to ME. Your spouse may be the coolest to YOU, but mine is the BESTEST to/for me. Just deal with it. {Step away from a confrontation with the scary, hormonal, pregger lady. Just back away. Nod and smile. Once you're a safe distance away, turn and RUN. GO! GO! GO! GO!}]), since Michael opted for the unlimited 3G, when it was still an option. ^_^

So, that should get us caught up to today. I cleaned the house (well, most of the public quarters): did the dishes, swept the kitchen, cleaned the dining room table (left the Harry Potter Legos on there for now ... Just the Hogwarts Express set and the Knight Bus. Not ALL of them ... Still need The Burrow and Diagon Alley. ... Yes, those ARE needs. What??), vacuumed the floor, hung the bird treats on the Sweetgum tree out by the kids' window. Only threw up once, when I was working on the two pots that I had to handwash. Oy.
And I did a couple loads of laundry thus far.

Mom's coming up today. Her birthday is Friday. So, if you're friends with her on Facebook, make sure to wish her a happy 29th birthday.
What? She's SO 29.
(So what if I'm 30?)
At oldest, she's 29-1/2.
Which rounds down to 29.
(In the words of Adam Savage, "I reject your reality and substitute my own!")
(This is kinda like how my Nana, though she's really 80 now, will ALWAYS be 57 to me. But not very much like that at all.)

(Is it weird that I REALLY, REALLY wish that I had Adam Savage as a big brother? I adore him. He's so fun. Michael relates more to Jaime, but I'm a HUGE Adam fan. ... Which explains a LOT about Michael's and my relationship. He's the Jamie to my Adam, the Shawn to my Gus, the cheese to my macaroni ... ^_^)

But the kids are happily watching Netflix (they were sad they couldn't yesterday). I'm happily surfing the interwebs, playing my Facebook games, blogging, sharing links and links and links with Michael ...

Now to get a shower before my mom comes.

Hope that you all are doing well, too!!

One thing that's nice about all the puking that I'm doing ... and how I barely eat ... I'm eating better (when I do eat) and I'm eating better portion sizes. (At McDonald's last week? Eating a MEAL is too much. I just need my Quarter Pounder (no onions, extra pickles) and a smoothie. Then Mom lets me pick at the salad she doesn't finish.)
And Michael noticed that I look skinnier. Which is nice.
My wedding ring is getting looser.

Speaking of my ring, I took it off to shower (put my haircolor renewal stuff in my hair ... now it's more red than light brown, but that's okay). I forgot to put it back on until Michael came home, which woke me up from my nap. I went to the bathroom ... and went to put on my ring. AND I COULDN'T FIND IT!!!!!
Because Michael picked it up and was holding it.
But it's safely ensconced back on my finger again. PHEW.

I had to buy new sunglasses Monday. My old pair broke in my purse.
So I got some at Ross for cheap. And they're cute.
When I went to go shopping, I left the kids with Michael (who'd come home early since he was still sick).
I gave the kids hugs and kisses. And Bucket told me, "I'm going to miss you SO MUCH, so I will hold your love in my heart!"
Where does she get these things?
It was adorable, though.
Bruise made sure to tell me, when I got home, that he missed me a lot, too. ^_^

I have sweet kids. And a sweet, wonderful husband.
Hopefully this little incubatee follows suit. ^_^

Monday, August 08, 2011

Again with the crazy dreams ...

First things first: I'm doing fine. Obviously, my resting and drinking a little more water than usual was what my body needed.
(I still need to scrub out/deodorize the BIG fridge ... and do dishes. I'll be popping a Zofran before I tackle those. AND putting some lavender oil on my wrists.)

But, yeah ... I've been having some nutso dreams.
A couple days ago, I dreamt that I had my baby. And s/he had DARK hair. Like straight and black-ish.
Not what I expected.

Then, last night, I dreamt that I had a teacher's meeting. And it had a costume theme. And Michael and I (where were any of the kids??) lived in my hometown. I parked at CBA (the private school in town, which is NOW CCA. No longer a "Bible Academy" but a "Christian Academy.") and walked down the street to some new costume store (that's not there IRL). The teacher's meeting was further down the street with a Minnie Mouse theme. Yeah. ... I mean, I've been to quite a few teachers' meetings (with my mom AND as a student teacher). They don't have costume themes. Not usually, anyways.
But, at the shop, I ended up buying some Mickey and Minnie Mouse sticker sheets to put on my face. (Um ... srsly? That's a crap costume.) And went back to the van. Which had a $40 parking ticket. For a first-time offense. I was SO ticked off. I wasn't in the shop very long! (It was a small shop, anyways.)
And so I decided to just skip the meeting and go home. Since I didn't want to find another place to park and the meeting was starting, I could see costumed gals going into the building.

It wasn't until I woke up that I realized that I couldn't even park there in real life. Because, IRL, where I parked was a courtyard, with a (now defunct) fountain. ... And they've even gated it in now.

But, yeah. My dreams are weird.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

ClotWatch 2011 (with gratuitous amounts of TMI)

So, I had a bit of a scare today.

Before we left for church, I went to the bathroom ... and upon wiping my ... um ... delicate bits ... (Yeah, TMI, I KNOW. Sorry.) ... well, there was blood. Like BRIGHT RED blood.

So I continue wiping (with clean paper, natch) to locate where it's coming from. I was thinking that maybe I just strained a little too hard (TMI), but I normally don't have THAT much blood when that happens. But, no ... it was coming from the front. EEK.

So, I call the off-hours/weekend number for the OB's office. And the doctor on call called me back. Judging by how far along I am, that I'm not having cramps, ... he told me not to worry about it. Not unless I start cramping or if I start passing clots.

And, at the end of Sacrament (first hour) at church, I went to the bathroom again ... and there were some clots. Not big ones, not like a period-type-clot (TMI again.) ... but something. So I work VERY HARD to keep my composure and get through Sacrament.
After Sacrament, Michael and I walk out to the car (to put the kids' church bags away and to talk without witnesses). He offered to get another Priesthood holder so I can have a blessing ... but I demurred. Since I didn't want to make a huge deal out of something that might JUST be nothing.

So, Michael skips Sunday School with me and I do some Google-fu about miscarriage symptoms ... which I wasn't having. (I do get nervous, but any cramps I have are just (TMI ALERT, joy) gas pains and constipation, not anything that'd make me double over in pain.

Of course, I'm worked up enough that I can't really stay composed ... so Michael agrees to get the kids after church so I can go home and lie down (on my left side. Because that's what the Google says to do).

I went home and looked up images of miscarriage clots. JUST IN CASE. And, really, my itsy clots were NOTHING in comparison. Especially since those were from earlier in a pregnancy than mine has progressed to. PHEW.

Still, I was on ClotWatch 2011.
And I'm pleased to report that the bright red bleeding stopped quickly. There's been some brown spotting last night and just a smidge this afternoon. And there have been no more clots at all.

Still ... if this is ALL due to my stupid nabothian cyst (I think it's gross ... it's a cyst that looks like a nasty zit, on my cervix. And, when it's angered, it bleeds. Stupid thing. Harmless for the most part. But, really, who wants a nasty-zit-cyst on her cervix?? NOT. ME.), I'm SO. STINKING. READY. to have it burned or frozen away. But, overall, it's "normal" and doesn't cause problems ... except for when I'm preggers and it gets all angered and bleeds and then I FREAK THE CHICKEN OUT.
I do recall having to call my OB a few times during the kiddos' incubation, due to that stupid cyst getting all stupid. Ugh.

On the other hand, the Google says that of all the reported pregnancies with bleeding between 7-11 weeks, 96% end in a successful, viable pregnancy.  And I was reading on a forum that it really isn't unheard of to have some bright red bleeding after going poo. And they're fine; their babies are fine.

So, I've relaxed today, a friend (what a sweet friend) is bringing dinner tomorrow. ... I'm not going to stress about this.

In other news, we FINALLY came up with a girl's name that we like, that feels RIGHT.
We've had a boy's name since the kiddos were still in utero, since we didn't know if we'd have two boys, two girls, or one of each (Thankfully, it was one of each. So I COULDN'T get them mixed up in the bath. PHEW). So we had two boys' names that we REALLY liked ... and we could only get ONE girl's name that we liked.
But now, thankfully, we're prepared (as of Friday evening). We still have a boy's name and now a girl's name, too. ... Now to figure out where The Bean will sleep when we bring him/her home. And get a stroller ... since we only have double strollers. Ha ha ha.

But, yeah, that was my OVERLY EXCITING DOINGS of the day.
Yeah, this is one of the things I hate about being pregnant at this stage (besides my amazing nausea this pregnancy), until you start feeling the kiddo moving around, you DON'T KNOW if things are wrong or if they're still okay.

If only Infant Dopplers weren't $399-$499 ON SALE. Because I'm about ready to get one ... if money were no object. Just for some added peace of mind.

Stupid damn friggin damn freaking damn cyst ... how I hate thee.

But, yeah ... still on ClotWatch, but it's dropped from level orange.

And the whole adrenaline rush? Leaves me REALLY tired.
Just sayin'.

Friday, August 05, 2011

It's the small things ...

Today, I feel like a total rebel.

I had TWO glasses of juice today.

Do I NEED two glasses of juice?
Not according to my doctor, who -- during my first pregnancy -- told me, "You only need ONE glass of juice per day."

But, you know what? I drank that second one ANYWAY.

*cue evil laughter*

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Equilibrium, maybe?

So, I'm working at pushing myself to eat. Even when I have no appetite.
I finally (yeah, it's almost noon, I KNOW.) had a cup of soup.

I haven't thrown up today. Which is good.

And I've done some housework today and yesterday. A definite improvement.

In other news, this may be a television-addicted pregnancy.
Well, a Netflix-addicted one.

So far, since yesterday, I've watched the first two episodes of Dollhouse (yes, I watched it when it was on TV. BUT that was a while ago.) and an episode of Downton Abbey.
And Michael and I watched the pilot of Sliders last night.

Yes, I'm sure that's cemented my geek cred.
Especially, since I made sure to look up and add Quantum Leap to our queue.
We both loved that show.

Hmm. I wonder if Netflix has Unsolved Mysteries for the queue?
Because I still love watching reruns of that series.

A couple more weeks, and I'll be in the second trimester. ... Which, I hope, will mean that my appetite evens back out. ... As in, that I'll HAVE an appetite.
I wouldn't even mind cravings ... because that means that I'd WANT to eat something. *sigh*

Oh well.

But, yeah, if nothing else, I'll just watch more Dollhouse and Downton Abbey.

Counting ...

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