Thursday, February 03, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 3

Day 3 - A picture of you and your friends

Now, really, I had these HIGH ASPIRATIONS of getting some great photos and scanning them in.
But, between the fact that I have a terrible sore throat, no energy, and TWO children with THREE examples of Pink Eye between them ... Yeah, just accept these offerings from Facebook. *attempted grin*

Here is my Comedy class, Junior Year.
Gosh, I REALLY miss my troupe. I try and keep in touch with them. Some I do better than others. Especially my Cynthia in Belgium and my Roxy (who's wearing my clothes in this pic. And she makes them look GOOD. Dang it! :P)

This is prom, my senior year. I went with my Emi-Chan (who I've since lost contact with. HELP!!!! Anyone???) But these are most of my girls from high school. A lovely, wonderful bunch of girls that anyone'd be lucky to hang with.

My Terra Dawn!
And, NO, I'm NOT groping her! Pinkie-swears!!

Pie and me, FINALLY getting together after, what, EIGHT YEARS??
She's lived too far away to visit. :(
And our schedules usually didn't work out when she was in the state.
But fate smiled upon us and we had a playdate.


A (not at all great) picture of my mom and me.
We talk almost every day. And she loves me even when I'm unsufferable (like ages 0-20, for example.)

 My husband's side of the family. We're in the front of the boat.
I hope that they'd agree that we're friends.

Somehow, I don't have a picture of Bri and me on Facebook.  Or of Bret. Or Ty ...
Or of A LOT of my wonderful friends. (Please don't be offended! I know I'm a screw-up! Send me pictures for the future!)

And Michael and me. Because he's my best friend.
He's the most absolutely perfect man for me.
And I'm glad that he loves me for what I am.

So ... yeah. I do have some great hard-copy photos ... but I just didn't get energetic enough to scan them all in. Hope you still like me!



cute pics...I wore a dress similar to your prom dress to my junior prom, only green. I should find that pic and post it sometime. :)

Rachel S. said...

Dude, is your friend Pie really named Ladonna? If so, I totes went to high school with a bunch of her sisters.

Allanna said...

Dawn - I NEED to see your prom picture! I'm cracking up at the fact that we were practically twinsies! :P

Rachel - YES!! She's totally awesome. I don't know her sisters as well, but if they're anything like her, I'm sure they're most delightful. ^_^
(And that makes me a little jealous, you getting to go to school with them. Don't worry. I won't hold it against you. ^_^)

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