Sunday, February 13, 2011

Addendums ... and insomnia

I can't believe that in my day 10, I forgot to mention Cibo Matto as one of the bands that I love.
(I would still listen to them constantly ... except most of their songs have a bad word in them. And I try to avoid those when I have the kiddos around. Which is, well, almost always.)

But here are two of the songs that I CAN still listen to. And DO.

Sugar Water - This was the first song of theirs that I ever heard. Back from Season One of BTVS (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), in the episode "When She Was Bad." ... YES, I DO know this all off the top of my head.
This is the song that's playing as she's dancing all sexay with Xander.
[Edit: It's Season Two, not Season One. But it's the FIRST Episode of Season Two, so it's not like I was far off.]

Moonchild - This is probably my favorite song of theirs, off their second album (well, of the ones available in the States, anyways). I can't explain why I love it so ... but it just soothes me and makes me happy.
Sorry that this link isn't a music video. But, hey! HypeMachine to the rescue with a good-quality audio. ^_^
Back in high school, I'd listen to this and to Paula Cole's "Hush, Hush, Hush" to get to sleep.

Yes, obviously, I am obsessed with Japanese things. But, hey, Cibo Matto sings English lyrics, so I can sing along! ^_^ ... And I'm still a bit devastated inside that they've been broken up since 2001 ... and I never got to go to a concert. *sigh*

But, yes, I luff their music. If you don't mind some language, you should totally check them out. Their first album was one of the ones I pumped, driving around in the baby truck. Sometimes, Terra and I will quote lines of Know Your Chicken to each other. And, really, besides the one F-bomb, Birthday Cake is great. Especially with a chorus that screams "Extra sugar, extra salt, extra oil and MSG!!!!" Good times.


Michael's flu isn't quite gone.
So we just laid around the house today. He finished Battlestar Gallactica: Season 3 ... and we watched disc one of The Big Bang Theory: Season Two. Ha. Love that show.

We finally went to bed late. And I stayed up a little to read scriptures on my own (aren't you proud?) ... and I wasn't quite tired, so I looked at the manuals for tomorrow's lessons. So, yeah, go me, attempting to be PREPARED for the lessons.

And then I just lay there, trying to fall asleep and not cough enough to wake Michael.
And I lay there.
And I look at the clock ... and I've been just LAYING THERE, TRYING TO FALL ASLEEP FOR TWO HOURS.
And I had to cough and I had to pee.
And, obviously, I had to puke my guts out.
Which I did.
And kept doing.
Even though I took my inhaler and NyQuil ... so that MAYBE I wouldn't cough and gag and puke.

Wishful thinking.

I puked enough that Michael was disturbed out of his NyQuil-drugged sleep to find me, huddled by the toilet.
"Are you okay?"
"I'll let you know."

And I headed back to bed, still shaky after puking that much (don't you hate how shaky you feel after you throw up everything in your system? Like you're made of glass wind chimes?)

(No, I'm not pregnant. Promise.)

And I still can't fall asleep. But I WANT to fall asleep. I really do.
It's just not happening.

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Cynthia said...

Is it bad that I also can tell which ep Sugar Water was from? Such good times we had, watching Buffy. I miss those...

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