Saturday, February 26, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 26

Day 26 - What do you think about your friends?

Um ... that's a kinda stupid question. What do you think I'm going to say?

I love my friends. They're the family that I wasn't blessed with through biological ties.

Yes, sometimes I don't get why they make certain choices ... Heck, I go through that with my biological family.

My job is to love them regardless. And I take my job seriously.

My friends are there for me. They love me (even when I don't deserve it). They make me laugh.

Why shouldn't I do the same for them?

My friends are awesome.
When I don't understand why they do things, it give me an opportunity to learn about a different point of view. And an opportunity to practice unconditional love. And I LIKE loving my friends no matter what.

I like knowing that they do have someone there for them (and I hope that they're aware of this fact, too).

The short of it is that I love my friends. I'm protective of them.
(And that's why it's REALLY HARD for me when I have two friends that don't get along.  ... I mean, I adore them both! Why can't they adore each other, too? Oh well. Like I said, it gives me opportunities for personal growth. And that's a good thing, too.)

And, yeah, it also explains why I get so sad about falling out of touch with friends that I had in the past. I do think about them and wonder about them.
  • Jamal, my neighbor. Who was patient and kind enough to have tea parties with that little blonde brat (me), even though he was older and probably didn't enjoy them at all.
  • Sabrina, my best friend in first grade. She had glasses and red hair. When she got Chicken Pox, it went into her lungs. And her family moved away once she was better. I hope she's okay. She was so sweet.
  • Billy ... the boy in first grade who was always in trouble. I hope that he's not in trouble. And that he has friends. He didn't really have any in our class. And that made me really sad.
  • Rosanne ... she and I were friends in Kindergarten. She moved before first grade started. She had beautifully thick brown hair. And she was so patient with me. Such a nice girl.
  • My Emi-chan. Her email stopped working when I was in college. And I'm a terrible snail-mail pen pal. I miss my Emi-chan. A lot.
  • My friends from fifth grade: Shaneeka and Katrina. I was the one that moved away. And I miss them. Along with quite a few members of Mrs. Summers' class at Thorndyke Elementary.
There are others ... lots of others. But, yeah, those are the ones that come to mind right away. Thank goodness for MySpace and Facebook, which let me track down a good deal of my old friends and classmates.
But, no, I haven't found everyone yet.

And I'd like to.
Because they are my friends. And I love them.

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