Monday, February 07, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 7

 A picture of someone/something that has had the biggest impact on you
My wonderful Mom
My patient husband
The munchkin brigade. Prior to Day One, they've had quite an influence.

Look! I've gone above and beyond! They asked for ONE picture!
Here are three!!

Now, these aren't the ONLY influences. I like to think that I've learned and grown a little through each person that I've been blessed (or otherwise) to meet.

Most people that know my mom and me tell us how similar we are. And it's true. I'm DEFINITELY her daughter. (Just like Bucket is DEFINITELY my daughter.) My mom is who primarily raised me since second grade (even though my folks didn't divorce until I was starting sixth grade. He was away taking independent living classes or working). My mom's the one behind my religious upbringing. And I'm grateful for that.
My mom's one of my best friends. She put up with my TRYING teenage years. She's awesome. (And, yet, she never believes it!)

Michael's a huge influence. He's truly the perfect mate for me. He puts up with all the bad parts ... and acts like it's not that big of a deal. And he loves me in spite of myself. He keeps me calm and grounded. He reassures me. He's my rock. And I'm very, very grateful to be sealed to him for eternity. Anything else would suck in comparison.

The kiddos, my Bruise and Bucket. Ever since we were aware of them (May 23, 2005 ... and that's just when we thought there was ONE. We didn't know for nearly a month that there were TWO.), they've been a big influence. From a few days after we learned that we were going to be parents, and we're talking to my uterus as we sat in the car at Baja Fresh ... to even now (as we're all hacking and under the weather). 
I used to be so absolutely SCARED of being a mom. I, who can barely keep a HOUSEPLANT alive ... how could I be responsible for another person?!?
And, then, to learn that I would be having two babies at once?
Frankly, it was rather terrifying.

I actually was a little sad when they were about to be born ... not because I didn't want to meet them. I DID ... but because once they were born, not only did I lose my free time for a long while, BUT (more importantly) because after they were born, I'd no longer know EXACTLY where they were, HOW they where ... I wouldn't know FOR SURE that they'd eaten well, that they were just warm enough, that they could feel how much I love them by their very environment. And that worried me.

I'm not the most patient or most selfless person. I'm not the best mom ever. But, every day, they're teaching me more and more. 

Other influences (in no particular order. And do not feel left out if I don't mention you by name. Like I said, I try to grow from my interactions with, like, EVERYONE):
  • Jesus Christ - (like, duh, right?) Like the Primary song says, "I'm trying to be like Jesus." And it's true. He's the example that I am trying to follow. (Notice that I don't say how successful I am. :P)
  • My family - all of it -- I think of Mom C whenever I fold towels (thanks!!). I find myself thinking of grandparents and siblings-in-law as I do various activities. Or when I try something new. Or when I read or hear a joke. My family is awesome. Inside jokes and love ... that's where it's at.
  • My friends ... who, to me, are just extended family. You guys are awesome. 
  • People I've met through working.
  • People at church ... Seriously, today TWO of my friends from church brought us dinner. Because I'm sick. And they love me. I am completely undeserving. And I KNOW that I'm completely spoiled.
  • Some celebrities influence me. Without the Brothers Green, I wouldn't have learned about Kiva loans (well, not as soon as I became aware of them). Without a lot of celebrities, I would be a less funny, more boring shadow of myself. And this includes artists, writers, scientists ... the whole gamut of famousness-essence.
I really am like a sponge. I tend to soak up personality traits and idiosyncrasies of those around me.
I think this is why I was counseled to surround myself with friends who will uplift me.
And, so, if I seek you out, KNOW that I think highly of you.

My friends and family are awesome. And I know that I can never say it enough. But you are.

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