Monday, February 28, 2011

Product Review - Purex Complete Crystals Softener

So, as I mentioned, I received a free sample of the new (as of December 2010) Pyrex Complete Crystals Softener.

Now to USE them:

First load - 1:20 PM, February 28

  • They're easy to use. You just toss them in with the clothes. 
  • Since this is a free sample, it didn't come with a measuring scoop. I just poured them into my hand until I reached the "load" line on the back.
  • Now my hand smells like "fresh spring waters" ... I keep sniffing it. Like, OBSESSIVELY.
    I'm not worried, obviously ... probably because the crystals are 92% natural.
    I wonder what the other 8% is? From the scent ... I'd guess "pure awesome." Just sayin'.
    (I also wonder about the other scents. Maybe, after pay day, I need to see if Target carries all three scents? Hmmmm. Just for the record, I checked over at to actually see the names of the other fragrances: Lavender Blossom and Tropical Splash.)
2:57 PM - My hand still smells wonderful. Just for the record.

Pulling out the first load - 3:00 PM
(Should have been earlier. But I forgot to start the dryer on the previous load! Ugh!)
  • I can't tell for-sure-for-sure if the fabrics are all softer when I remove them from the washer.
  • I can tell that they all smell great.
  • I threw in the other dark load that was waiting. ... Now my other hand smells delightful.
    I checked, just in case ... contact with skin? No warnings. Just don't get it in your eye.
    Consider yourself warned.
Pulling out the first load from the dryer (around 4 PM):

I had my helper, Bucket, assist me in unloading the dryer.
We noticed that the clothes smelled really good.
She affirmed that, yes, the towels and her pajamas were softer than normal.

I can't swear that the scent lasts for weeks and weeks, but I can agree that it's still pleasantly scented after coming out of the dryer. I'll check the first load again in a couple hours, after laundry is done.
The loads that I did this morning, before my sample arrived? They don't really smell like anything after sitting on the couch for a few hours.

After the second load is done (about 5 PM):
It smells and feels nice.
The first load doesn't smell as strongly ... but it still smells nice.

I'll have to check it again after a week or so.

Will I buy a full-size product?
Yeah, I think so. It smells nice enough that it makes me want it.

I did request 3 e-coupons for my friends. So, if you want one, speak up!
(I don't have them YET ... But I hope to get them soon. If I can't get them ... you'll still like me, right??)

As I said in my previous post, this is probably the best packaging I've ever received with a free sample. Bruise and Bucket were impressed.

It came in a shiny, blue box.

With a slide-out insert:

Inside was the bottle of crystals and the promotional material -- A letter from the Purex Insiders Community Manager (and she writes that this is the same sample that was sent to executives at Target and Walmart, as well as to editors of numerous publications).

It's a really good sized sample. That's five loads' worth in there!

No, my wrist isn't broken. It's just a trifle difficult to use a DSLR one-handed.
Especially if you're leaning on your (low) couch. The things I do for you. ^_^

There also is an informational sheet telling the benefits of using the crystals instead of liquid softener.
(Truly? I love soft towels. But everyone says that using softener makes your towels less absorbent. So I haven't been using softener for a LONG time. ... I wonder if you can use the crystals when you wash microfiber cloths? Because if you use liquid softener, you've pretty much ruined them. ... Don't ask me how I know. I'm sure you can guess.)

Click to embiggen. I figured that if you wanted to read it, I'd facilitate that desire.
Because you're so, so pretty. And smart.

 In short, the informational sheet attests that the crystals will let you use softener on things that you normally wouldn't: towels, children's pajamas (because of the flame-retardant properties), and sportswear.

Now, honestly? I don't have a lot of sportswear. And, really? The stuff I have? Not used so much.
But I have kids' pajamas and towels.

Another cool claim is that, because the crystals aren't oil-based (therefore they work by penetrating the fabrics to soften), the freshness is longer lasting. As in weeks.

I'm game for sweet-smelling laundry. (Especially if someone else folds and puts it away, amirite? ^_^)

Full disclosure here: I received this product as a free sample. And I didn't HAVE to blog about it.
I didn't have to like it at all. What I've written is my honest opinion. I refuse to sell out my integrity. Srsly.
Though, if Purex offered me a bajillion dollars? ... I might be tempted. A little.

And, really? It does smell amazing. I'll let you know if it keeps the clothes fresh for weeks. Remind me, if I forget.

And if you are really curious ... I washed these loads with Arm and Hammer Mountain Fresh detergent. And added Clorox 2 Color-Safe Bleach. And, OF COURSE, the Purex Crystals. And I have one of those dryer balls. The ones that looks like a plastic, curled-up hedgehog. ... I don't know where the other one is. Probably in my pile of to-be-folded laundry. Sad but true, I know.

I had to buy the bleach and laundry detergent myself. Just for the record.
The washer and dryer were gifts. 

Anything else? ^_^

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