Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In which I mull something over ... Bear with me ...

(Aside: Hey, my last post was #666 over here at Blogger. I find that relatively amusing. Heh.)

I don't know if I am necessarily looking for validation ... or if I'm just needing to write this to work it out in my head. ... Do you ever do that? Just write something out so that you might start to understand it yourself? ... Either way. Don't feel pressured to comment. Or pressured to NOT comment.

As you might know, I have quite a few friends that I make effort to keep up with. Some of them are from school. Some are from church. Some are from both. ... There are friends that I have who have chosen to leave the church. Yes, this makes me sad ... I love my religion ... but I love them because of WHO they are, not just because of what they believe.

Sunday night, one of my dear friends wrote:

I'm having an issue. As most know I'm no longer active in the religion
I was raised in. I still have many friends who are. Even though I
don't participate it is part of my foundation, why I am who I am.
Tonight I heard examples from two different people saying the same
thing: they were told they would be welcome to sit in the foyer but

needed a special permission to enter the chapel of a regular ward.
What?!? This is not the church I know. When did this happen? What
about the "visitors welcome" that is on the outside of every building?
What is the point of missionaries if the new people aren't made to
feel welcome. I'm actually ashamed to be tied to this faith....

Then, among the other comments were two others of my friends who have left the church. One struggles with her testimony ... but often talks to me. She told the original poster-friend that they should get together (since they are also friends) and discuss how something that was so influential in their lives just isn't part of their lives now. And I'm all for that. ... I see it exactly as how it'd be for me to get together with one of my high school friends to rehash old times.

Then, another of my friends from my home ward, who has left the church said that she'd advise people to avoid all churches, since they're all full of hate.

And ... that just really hurts my heart. I love the friend who wrote this. We grew up together. I just feel so terrible that she feels so embittered toward all churches. I don't know exactly what caused this ... and so I have no idea what to DO in order to fix it.

Because that's what my first reaction is ... "How do I fix this??"
I like to make things better. It's what I do. When my friends are sad or irritated, I try to make them laugh.
(And, hey, not to toot my own horn TOO much, but ... I'm pretty good at it. Just sayin'.)

All I can think of to do is to just pray about it ... and continue being her friend. And, with about 20 years' experience, that's not too hard at all.

Now, back to the original post, I have NO IDEA where people are getting the idea that visitors aren't welcome in the chapel. My best guess is that maybe people have come during the middle of Sacrament Meeting, when the bread and water are CURRENTLY being passed among the congregation. When that occurs, the doors to the chapel are closed. The sacrament is sacred. We don't want people walking in and out ... maybe bumping into the deacons (or other men) passing the trays.
I mean, if someone arrived RIGHT. THEN., yes, they wouldn't be able to just walk into the chapel. But, within around five minutes or so, the chapel doors are opened again, and they'd be able to find a seat in the chapel. (Or in the overflow room, if the chapel is full.)

It is possible that some members could be taking it upon themselves to make up new rules for the church. But, last last I checked, these individuals are not the prophet. Nor are they responsible for drafting new church policies.

Now, it is possible that the individuals that my friend talked to did confuse the temple with our regular meetinghouses. Because, unless you are a member of the church (baptized) ... and in good standing (holding a current temple recommend), you are not able to enter most parts of the temple.
It's not because we don't love you. It's not because you aren't cool enough or whatever. It's because the temple is the house of the Lord. Sacred ordinances happen inside. We still love you (and, if we don't, that's OUR OWN PERSONAL FAILING. No lie. You could totally call us to repentance on this. And you'd be right.)

I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. I know that our religion, that all of Christanity, is based on LOVE.
If God didn't love us, why would he CARE enough about us to send His Son to redeem us?
And, if God loves us all that much, why should we not love all His other children to the best of our abilities?
(And, yes, we will fail. And fail often. But we should better dang well TRY.)

The MEMBERS of the Church are not perfect. We are not resurrected beings. We are just regular mortals. We have our weaknesses, our foibles. 

Lord knows, I have plenty of my own. 
  • I don't pray or read my scriptures often enough.
  • I am often distracted by my shallowness.
  • I can be VERY lazy.
  • I am not the most patient. I do not suffer those I consider to be fools well.
  • I do not always take care of my body -- which I should treat as my own personal temple -- as well as I should ... which is why I'm ... not as svelte as I'd like to be.
  • I am easily distracted -- I don't always reflect upon spiritual matters with due reverence.
  • I can be very hard on myself ... When I should love MYSELF as Heavenly Father loves me.
  • I am materialistic.
And, really, I'm sure that I have many, MANY more faults than these.
Still ... though it's beyond my understanding, God LOVES me. ME!
It's ... completely beyond me how He does. (Or how my friends and family love me. Because there are times that I'm VERY unlovable.)

Still, it shouldn't be THAT hard for me to wrap my head around that concept ... I mean, loving people is (for the most part) not very difficult for me.
Overall, I LIKE people. (Maybe not hugs crowds of them all at once ... but I enjoy chatting with people. Or telling complete strangers that I like something about their outfit (It's so nice to GET a compliment from someone who isn't obligated to please you. Why not pass it along?? I mean, really??)
And, really, when I consider people to be my friends ... it's because I genuinely like them. They're MY people.

And knowing how protective and adoring I am of my friends, that lets me get an inkling of how Heavenly Father feels about us. About me, too. And it's ... really amazing.

And that's why it stings so much when I realize that one of my friends ... doesn't feel that love at church. At any church. (Truly, I'd feel a bit better if she felt at home at SOME church. Doesn't have to be my branch of religion. Could be Buddhist or Jewish or Muslim or a Wiccan group or something ... just as long as she didn't feel that ALL churches are hateful and unloving.)

I do feel a bit better that our seminary teacher (among other members of the Church ... or friends of members) did share that no, we don't exclude visitors from Sacrament meetings. Or any part of the church building. The temple ... well, visitors are welcome to walk the grounds and sit in/visit the lobby and the atrium (inside garden). ... This is to help protect the reverence and sacredness of the temple. That's the only reason.
(Heck! There are lifelong members of the church who, at times, are not worthy to enter the other parts of the temple. It's not just a "You're not Mormon, so you're not welcome"-type thing. At ALL. It's all based on personal worthiness.)

Still ... to think that churches are built on hate ... (Well, besides Frank Phelps' "church" ... I only use the quotes because I consider it an organization built upon hate and power and money. Not, in the least, love. When one's "religion" can be considered a hate group ... well, I can't consider it a church. That's me.

Yes, people have accused the church of being "intolerant" and the like.
But we do not preach hate towards those individuals whose actions and choices go against the commandments. We are COMMANDED to love them. They are children of a Heavenly Father who LOVES them, regardless of their choices. He LOVES them perfectly. And so should we.

We cannot condone actions and choices that distance people from God. But we are NOT to condemn the PERSON.
It's just like what my mom would tell me (OFTEN. Ha ha ha) as I grew up: I will always love YOU. I won't always love what you DO.

So, yes, we are NOT our CHOICES. Though, more often than not, our choices shape our characters. This is why it is important to choose good things. Don't we all want to be good people? Don't we want to be known by those around us as people who are kind, smart, and caring?

Don't we all desire love?
And, really, that is, to me at least, what the Christian religion is about.
(I only speak of Christianity because that's my area of experience. Born into a Methodist family who converted to Mormonism when I was three. Both sects are centered on Christ.)

Truly, Christianity is about love. Without it, it wouldn't exist.

If God didn't love us, he wouldn't have cared enough to sacrifice his Son so we could return to Him.
If Jesus Christ didn't love us, he wouldn't have chosen to suffer for our sins -- enabling us to repent and live in Heavenly Father's presence again -- or to have died for us -- so we can all be resurrected.
If they hadn't loved God more than their own lives, our prophets and apostles ... ALL of our leaders, truly ... wouldn't have sacrificed their time, energy, ... and, in some cases, their own lives for us.

Without love, it wouldn't be worth it.

Without love for God and for our spiritual brothers and sisters (READ: EVERYONE), we wouldn't sacrifice the time that we spend at church. Or the time that we serve others. Or the energy that it takes to create and maintain a family.

Without love ... we are nothing.
We would be selfish, animalistic beings. We would place no value on empathy, on kindness, on altruism.
Without love, it would be every person out for him/herself.
Whereas, when I go to church, I am surrounded by people that have searched for truth ... that have searched for something that makes sense of this existence. I have found it in a Gospel that is centered on love.
Love for God. Love for others. Love for self.
Love that is shown through Heavenly Father's continued revelation to His people, through His desire that ALL have the opportunity to hear the Gospel and be able to receive their own saving ordinances; through His teaching that families are forever, that we are all precious to Him, that we are responsible for being good stewards of what we are blessed with -- and that we are commanded to help the less-fortunate to be able to achieve financial self-dependence.

This IS a Gospel and a Church built on a foundation of Christ. A foundation that is crafted out of perfect love.

This is what I believe.
I don't ask you to feel the same.
I love you regardless.
And I thank you for letting me have this opportunity to try and work this out in my head and on paper.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey ... my nails and hair almost match!

Yeah, I got bored (obviously) and as cool as my sweet blonde streaks were ... I just wasn't happy with them.

So ... I colored my hair again.

It's dark brown (Revlon Cornsilk #30, to be exact. No, I had to buy it with my own money. And, really, it was the cheapest box. The only thing I would prefer? More than one conditioning treatment. Since their conditioner [which smells of ylang-ylang] works really well.) ... and it almost matches my nails, which I painted "Pat on the Black" (Sally Hansen. And, no, I had to buy that with my own money) ... which is a REALLY deep purple.

So, yeah, it's not an EXACT match, but it's close.

People at church did figure out it was me ... though a few did confess that they didn't know, at first, who was sitting with my husband. *lol*

But, yeah. When I get bored and in a bit of a funk (DEFINITELY a description of my Saturday self), coloring my hair helps. And doing my nails is a huge bonus. ... In fact, after I got back from church, I switched my toenail's polish ... it was old and chipping and fading. I went from a sweet, shimmery orange to a bold, blue-based shimmery pink.

Yes, I know. I live a VERY exciting life, no? :P

So, let's see ... Valentine's Day is a cute movie. It's kind of like He's Just Not That Into You ... but better. There's the same gimmick of multiple story lines ... but Gary Marshall made them really flow into each other more smoothly. So, yeah. That and Ashton Kutcher is growing on us. And, strangely enough, Jessica Biel is growing on me. (I still don't care much for Jessica Alba, though. She's gorgeous ... but I'm not overly impressed by her talent. I may eat my words on that someday.)

We went to the zoo on Saturday. It was CROWDED. We did get our member appreciation gift (this year, they had insulated lunchbags. Last year's gift was reusable tote bags with the Predators of the Serengeti logo. Useful, yes). They also gave out coupons for a free dino souvenir. And, gosh, but I had the HARDEST time with that. I'm not completely stupid, I'm aware ... but I read it as "free dino souvenir -- Yes, ANY souvenir!" And then it was only the OFFICIAL souvenirs ... pins or magnets (the bookmarks had sold out) and ONLY with a purchase.
I was just SO FRUSTRATED. I mean, we fought our way through the heavy flow people, against the direction of traffic, to the DANG gift shop and THEN there were ALL these hoops to jump through! (Or, at least, that's how it FELT) ... And Michael was grumpy ... so I got grumpy ... and, yes, there I was browsing through the gift shop, tears running down my face as I searched for something cheap to buy so my d*** kids could get a d*** free souvenir with that d*** coupon!!!!

So we got lollipops for a dollar each ... minus our 10% Zoo Member discount.
So, yeah, 89 cents and a healthy serving of tears and frustration.

And then we came home after going back through and seeing all the animals that we really wanted to see. We even went through the Dinosaur exhibit (animatronic dinosaurs) before it left.

We grabbed lunch at Taco Time (Burritos. YUM.) and I got the YW calendar done. And then it was time to get ready for the RS Broadcast. And ... I really didn't want to go. I was tired and frazzled and grumpy.
And I got asked, last minute, to drive another gal ... who then called up and cancelled while I fretted and fumed over how I couldn't do anything with my hair and I didn't want to wear a skirt ...
So I skipped it.

I know. I'm a BAD example. Don't follow me. PLEASE.

And, after I cheered up a bit (and put on pants again), I dropped off a DVD at the library and went and bought some hair color. We put the kids to bed and Michael put on a movie as I colored my hair.

It is a little darker than I thought it'd be ... but it's fun. It's almost black. And black hair IS WAY FUN. And it was fun to paint my nails a color that almost matches my hair. And now I have cute BRIGHT pink toes ... that almost match a lipgloss that I put on this afternoon.

And my hair is really soft. That makes me happy.

And, I learn that Michael likes dark brown hair on me better than medium-brown hair. Good to know.

I had a meeting after church -- Michael was able to take the kids home. PHEW! And I have ANOTHER meeting this evening. *sigh* Day of rest? I wish!
Oh well. At least next weekend is General Conference ... so we can listen in our jammies. *lol* Michael will have Priesthood session ... so I don't get to keep him around here for that. But I suppose that the kids and I will manage somehow.
Ooooooh. I need to get speakers before conference! I want to actually be able to hear the speakers over my little minions ANGELS.

But yeah ... I have different-colored hair. I like it. ... Now, if only it'd get past this awkward grow-out stage, everything would be awesome, right?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Four days later ...

Let's see ...

Monday I met my stalker. Ha ha ha. (See previous post. Totally harmless.)
I also read to the kiddos. We read a couple little books and THEIR NEW MAGAZINE!
(Mom got them a subscription to Zoolets, the Zoobooks for the 4-6 year-old set. Bucket LOVED it. We got to read ALL about ants. And, on their Facebook page, we got to watch videos of Humming birds, which the kids really enjoyed.)

Tuesday ... let's see ... we didn't go to storytime. I looked at the clock and it was ten minutes until it started. At the farther library here in town. And I hadn't gotten a shower or dressed in real clothes or anything. Oops.
We did get together with Jenny to go walking. And I found that my free pedometer/odometer says that I walked a shorter distance than Jenny's iPhone (with GPS). So, YAY! I've done more work than I thought! Whoo!!

H and I went Visiting Teaching that evening. We did visit one of the sisters we're assigned to. And we dropped by at another's house. She wasn't home. Oh well. And I mailed off letters for the ones that don't wish to be visited or called.
And I made it home in time for Glee! Yay!!!!! Glee, oh how I've missed you!

Wednesday, Mom came up. We went to storytime and McDonald's without any problems (well, I almost got into an accident. I should have been looking harder ... and the teen driver shouldn't be whipping around corners so quickly. It would have been my fault, though.)
Volunteering went well. I ran out of holds to shelve, so I tackled a cart of new books. And I nabbed only three of them. You should be so proud of me!

Michael had EQ business, so the kids and I did storytime by ourselves. It went pretty well.

Thursday ... was an off day for me. The kids woke up REALLY early. We went to storytime ... and I was SO frustrated that Bucket WOULD BARELY sing along or perform the actions to the songs (and, when she DID, it was with the attitude of St. Peter being crucified upside down upon the cross.) ... and Bruise was doing an AWESOME job singing and dancing.
But it was nice talking to the volunteer coordinator (I don't see her often at the library. And she's really awesome. All my library people are. Yup, I love my library).
I was feeling so off that I bought a present for a friend's baby shower ... but missed the shower.
Jenny and I did go walking around the mall (since it was too rainy to do laps around any of the parks) ... I forgot my pedometer and her GPS wouldn't work inside, so I don't know how FAR we walked, really. But we did walk for about an hour, pushing our strollers.
Still, at bedtime, I was pissy enough that we didn't read story-story last night. Poor kids.

They crawled in bed with me and we snoozed a bit this morning. At one point, I poked Bruise or something and he whispered, "Mom, you a wee-do [weirdo]." "You are one, too!" I whispered back. "Yeah," he agreed. Funny boy.
We went and Visit Taught the last sister on our route. H wasn't able to make it, so it was the munchkin brigade and me. It was nice to see C outside of church. And REALLY nice to get to talk to her and get to know her better. ^_^
Then the kids and I got back home and chillaxed until Michael got home. And I made sure to be ready to give blood. Turns out the last time I gave blood was back in 2002. No wonder I was nervous! :P
But my one vein is still good. And it's GREAT to be around people who WANT to be there and who enjoy what they're doing.
AND, I got to donate blood IN THE RED CROSS BUS! I've never been in one of the buses before. I've always been in a building (my high school, an ELKS Lodge, church ...) before.

I didn't get woozy at all. YAY!!!
And we got pizza for dinner.
And one of our friends in the ward came over so I could give her a Facebook tutorial. It was great getting to visit with her. She's been so busy, getting her daughter off to college and all.

Oh ... and I'm TOTALLY eligible to do double red blood cell donations! And that fact changes my overall goal weight.  Since you can't be under 150 and donate double red. I can totally handle that ... it'll make it a lot easier to reach THAT goal weight. ^_^

I think I've run out of things to blog. And just in time. Time to watch Valentine's Day with my wonderful husband.

Monday, September 20, 2010

My family is awesome.

As I had taken the kids to the park today to "feed the duckies," I got a text from my sister-in-law, T2.

"I see you. :)"

I looked around for a sec, trying to see if I could see HER ... Not really.

I texted back, "Where are you???"

"Next to your van." ...

And sure enough she was! In her vehicle.

So my stalker joined us and ate her lunch as we watched the kids play. And we chatted. It was very fun.
She said that she thought she was all boring. Not at ALL! She cracks me up. Good times.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's been one week ...

Well ... almost a week, anyways, since I blogged. Sorry. I've been lazy and busy.

I didn't get the job I applied for. And I'm okay with that. It'll be nice to have time with my family. (Just like it would have been nice to have medical insurance and some extra money ... but I'm not going to get bent out of shape about it. ... I'm going to ENJOY the fact that I'll have this time to spend with my husband and kids.)

Tuesday ... what did I do? I didn't take the kids to storytime. They said they didn't want to go. So we stuck around the house. And I went jogging/walking with Jenny. ... That's all that I really remember. I've been pretty tired this week.

I did lube up my feet with Vaseline. No blisters! Yay! And it's cheap! ... And my feet are nice and soft, which is a plus. ^_^

Wednesday, Mom and I took the kids shopping for Halloween costumes instead of to storytime (the kids' choice!). We found their costumes right away. Exactly what they wanted. Bucket is going to be a "pink Misty cat" (aka - pink leopard-print cat) and Bruise is going to be Darth Vader.
I picked up Vitamins and iron supplements (to try and not be so tired).
Then we went to McDonald's where I was berated by a man in the parking lot. Oy.

Bruise had run around to my side of the van and opened my door for me. My side mirror bumped (lightly) the side mirror of the car next to ours. No damage was done. While we were walking into the restaurant, the guy (older ... 50s?) got out of his car and yelled, "THANKS FOR BUMPING MY CAR!!" all sarcastic-like.

I called back that I hadn't meant to and that there was no damage, but he was all out of sorts, "YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO DO THAT!!!!!" And he was really upset.

It sounds stupid to complain about it, but I was really upset by it. I didn't TRY to hit his door. I parked inside the lines and had to SQUEEZE out of my door, since his car was so far over on the passenger side.

Before we left, Mom checked to see if his peach-colored car was still there. It wasn't.
I have an awesome Mom. Not only does she come up and watch the kids so I can volunteer ... and we can have fun together, but she also makes sure that the big-bad-bozo isn't going to tell me off anymore.
(I really worked at not bursting into tears. ... And really, it wasn't like I did a fender-bender or anything. *sigh*)

I got COMPLETELY caught up with the holds at the library ... so I had nothing to do. So I shelved the new books section (like old times) and came home with a bag full of books (like old times) ... though about half of them were from a trek upstairs so I could look at some books about running. Might as well know stuff from the experts ... since I really don't know what I'm doing. *lol* (But it's true.)

Thursday ... we went to storytime. And back home. And Jenny's blisters were really bad, so I went for a run on my own ... with the kids stuffed into the jogging stroller. (They've gotten heavier. I mean, it's been nearly a year ... :P) I only did over a mile around the park. I just wasn't feeling it. It's easier to push myself distance-wise when I'm running with Jenny. All the chatting makes the time go faster. And it's nice that SHE will keep track on her iPhone. ^_^

Friday ... I went and got waxed. It wasn't as painful. And it went a little faster. Always a plus. And then I fell into a funk. I don't know why. But it was a funk. After the kids went to bed, I made myself some chili-cheese burritos (I should have eaten earlier. But nothing much sounded good. I mean, I DID have some baby carrots with hummus in the afternoon ... And it was good) and Michael put on "School of Rock." ... Yeah, it's good that he gets me.
(Note to self: I need to buy Nacho Libre. Michael doesn't care for it, but it sure makes me laugh. Stretchy pants ... "They think I don't know a buttload of crap about the gospel, but I do" ... Good stuff.)

Saturday was our shopping day. We went to Fred Meyer (since I'm a closet hippie and have a soft spot for their natural foods section) and I bought Selenium capsules, organic coconut oil, and the BEST-TASTING Vitamin C. [This is the kind that my cousins would get. And I'd LOVE being at their place and eating one. Yum!]
Then we headed over to Win-Co. Then over to Costco ... where they had samples of Dave's Killer Bread. We have been buying it ... since they carry it at Costco. But they had a BIG BOOTH with all the kinds of bread featured. (Even Spelt and Rye breads! [Rye is low-gluten!] and they were GOOD!) The best, though was the Killer Sin Dawg ... which, when you slice it, is a whole-grain cinnamon roll.
Can you tell that I love free samples at Costco?

(Also, funny thing -- Bruise doesn't like Chili-Mac or Burritos, since he "doesn't like beans." But the boy LOVES him some Hummus!!!! Cracks me up. ^_^)

After we got home, Jenny stopped by (really, JUST AS WE GOT IN THE DOOR. Girl's got GOOD timing!) to let me borrow her copy of Mockingjay. (Seriously -- She gets me physically active AND lets me borrow books??? She's AWESOME. Totally rocks. ... AND she lets me play with her husband's Wii. [The kind maufactured by Nintendo. Not the FIGURATIVE Wii. That'd be SO WRONG. ... You're laughing, aren't you Jenny? :P])

(Yes, we have the 12-year-old-boy humor down pat. :P)

I got geared up (lubed my feet with Vaseline, put on my running shoes, grabbed my iPod and pedometer) and ran in the rain at the park. I did just shy of 2 miles in about a half-hour. With the walking around while we did errands, I had walked just over a mile and a half. So I counted that toward my total.

Oh ... Other errand that I almost forgot! I went to Borders and picked up the latest copy of Mental_Floss (BEST. MAGAZINE. EVER. -- I'm addicted to it, Glamour, and Allure. But Mental_Floss is really the awesomest. And the hardest to find.) and Changeless (sequel to Soulless ... which was a great read.) Yes, I WOULD enjoy some Victorian-era paranormal romance. Thank you!

And I also filed my nails into oval-tips (as opposed to the more rounded-square tips that they were) Friday afternoon. It's taking me a little to get used to them. They look nice. Just ... different, you know?

But, yes, Jenny's been a good example to me. She's gotten me out running. Even when she's not there to motivate me in person. ^_^
And I actually *GULP!* registered for my first 5K next month. Kinda exciting/terrifying.

BUT I GET A T-SHIRT! And I get to do it with Jenny. So, at least, I'm not there on my own! ^_^

This morning, after I got dressed and I was popping lunch into the slow cooker, I got a phone call. To sub in the Beehives (12-13 year-olds) class. And I did it!

I also broke the slow cooker ... it cracked as I was putting things in it. And Dianne, my excellent friend (I really DO have the best friends. I have such excellent taste in friends, if I may say so. And it IS my blog, so I shall!), let me know that I can easily replace the insert and/or the whole kit-caboodle at Goodwill for a VERY fair price!

Seriously, how do I get such EXCELLENT friends? I'm so flattered that they hang with me!
(I'm not completely unfortunate in appearance or demeanor ... but I totally don't deserve them. I'm glad that they love me regardless! Maybe it's my mad skillz at quoting movies?? :P)

And I had a meeting this evening. And I'm glad that it's over. I like having open slots of time. ^_^

Tomorrow, I need to get RE-CAUGHT UP on the dishes, vacuum, read to the kids ... make them read to ME, and (with luck) finish Mockingjay so I can return it to Jenny. I'd like to finish it this week, anyways. ^_^

So I'd better go do that, huh?


Okay, so a few months ago, I mentioned that Bruise and Bucket had both listed things they could do? And I had lost Bucket's list?


It had been tucked into the logbook that we track the van's mileage and when/how much gas is filled. *rolls eyes*

But I found it!

So, Bruise's list read:
  • Play with robots.
  • Play with Star Wars Legos.
  • Play Star Wars game on the DPS. [This is really MY Nintendo DS. And, as part of playing it obviously entails erasing ALL my progress. TWICE. ... Not like I'm at ALL bitter. Nooooooooo.]
And here's Bucket's list:
I can do many things. :)
  • Lay on the floor and take a nap. [Um ... when? Barely ever! But, I guess it's true that she CAN. :P]
  • Jump on the floor.
  • Have fun with my cousins.
  • Say goodnight to my mom & dad.
Yes, cute things. And those last three are what she MUCH MORE enjoys doing that that first one on the list. :P

Regardless, my kids are cute. And they can do things. ^_^

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In which I attempt to catch up ...

So, where did I leave off last time ... Walking/Jogging/LOCOMOTING with Jenny, Michael fixing the water heater ... What else has gone on?

Friday, I was talking to Michael after he got home from work. I had been looking online for new shoes, trying to find a good deal for after payday (and fantasizing about using the Nike+ system -- where you put a doohickey in the inner sole of your running shoe [Of course, they'd like you to choose to use a Nike shoe, but it appears that you can DIY a fix] and it'll sync with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPod nano to track your running [time/speed/distance]. And it can even play certain songs to help you stay motivated ... which seems really cool. ... If I didn't have Jenny to exercise with, this might be the only way that I could stay motivated to run/jog/whatever solo.)  ...
So, I was looking at show prices, getting a feel for how much I'd have to spend at, say, Target. And asking Michael why I was getting blisters and what I needed to do and all that (since, let's face it, I've never been mistaken by ... oh ... ANYONE as an athlete. This is really uncharted territory here for me!) ...

And Michael's all, "Well, let's go take a look at Costco. We'll get you some shoes and socks and Lego Harry Potter."

That's when I REALLY perked up. Because I've been wanting that for a while! (Especially after Bruise erased ALL my progress on Lego Batman. :,,,,( I know, I know. My life is HORRIBLE!!!!!! /sarcasm)

But, yeah. We went to Costco and I got a pair of Adidas for less than $30. And the fit well. And, hey, looks like I've gone down a little in my shoe size, since the 8 that I got isn't too tight. ^_^ Now, if only my thighs and  hips will follow suit. ^_^ ... I will admit, though, that after my second run, I was looking at my legs and I do see a little definition. I really don't think it was there before ...At least, I never NOTICED it there. (Thank you, magic Definition Fairy! :P)

I got to use my new shoes and socks Saturday morning while the kids were at the church to practice for the Primary Program on Sunday. I went to the park, armed with my new shoes and socks, a supportive bra, Michael's iPhone (for the free running program on it, so I could monitor how far I'd gone and how long I was out there) and my iPod (for the music). (Also, I need to create a workout playlist again. My old one is lost in the void that is a crashed hard drive -- remember last year? Yes, that's one of the casualties. *sigh*) ... I did laps around the park, dodging a man and his two dogs ... and I walked/jogged until I started to get another blister ... then I limped home. So, I was out there for just over a half-hour. And, according to the odometer app, I went just (JUST) over a mile. It could have been better ... it could have been worse.

Then I took a soak in Epsom salts and smeared Absorbine, Jr. all over my calves, ankles and knees. And I put band-aids on my newest blister (on one of my inner toes -- It's gone now. Phew!) and the veteran blister on my heel.

Then Michael came home and we relaxed for a bit before picking up the kids and heading out to Shrewsbury Faire. We didn't see any of the jousts this year ... but the kids both are enjoying their Faire swag. Bucket is the proud owner of a pair of rainbow-colored fairy wings and a matching wand. Bruise is becoming a swordsmaster with a wooden cutlass almost as long as he is tall.
Maybe next year, I'll get together costumes for all of us. For now, Bucket just gets to walk around in one of her dresses from her costume trunk.

We headed home after enjoying some shaved ice (Michael opted for Cherry/Blue Raspberry. I had Dragon's Blood [Strawberry]/Banana ... Next year, I think I'll get Cherry and Strawberry. Or Cherry/Lime. The Banana syrup was fine ... just really artificial tasting. Which isn't terrible in a snow cone ... but the cherry was REALLY GOOD.) and I made Lemonade Slushies in the blender.

In other news, the kids LOVE the Lego Clutch Powers movie. They've watched it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
And, really, I have no problems with that. Good clean humor. Yes, I'm being won over by Legos more and more.

The Primary Program on Sunday went well. Bucket looked very nice in a white dress with her hair done nicely. Phew! They said their lines into the microphone. And Bucket did WAVE. VERY. OBVIOUSLY. while in line to speak. Funny girl.
But not nearly as sweetly funny as one of their friends in another class who made his way up to the microphone and said with perfect diction and excellent volume into the microphone, "I NEED HELP." And our Primary president (the gal in charge of the 3-11 year-olds in our ward) was more than willing to whisper his line into his ear. Which he delivered.
His mom was trying to keep her composure. It was great.

It made me nostalgic for some of the past Primary programs in my home ward. Especially the Brinkerdinks (as I love to refer to one of the families in the ward. They've since moved. And the youngest boys are on missions! I can't believe it! I always think of those two as being six and four .... *sigh*).

Still, they were always a hoot ... For Mother's Day one year, the primary children sang a song in Sacrament meeting and then, one by one, told why they loved their mothers.
The Brinkerdink youngest totally made my day with their answers:
J: I love my mom because ... she buys me candy and LETS ME EAT IT!
(As opposed to all those moms that only let their children LOOK at the candy. :P It just gives me the craziest mental image. And I start giggling like a loon.)
K: I love my mom ... BECAUSE I DO!
(I had to, LITERALLY, refrain from pumping my fist, "YES!!!!" Since that was the answer that I wanted to give. It was awesome.)
Of course, K was also hilariously entertaining to watch when the kids sang. He was the ground bass of the Primary. For such a young'un, his voice was a LOW monotone. And he had POWER ... You could ALWAYS tell when he was singing. Oh, I really miss that.

Let's see ... when we got home, the kids and I made cookies.
NOTE TO SELF: As much as I love Paula Dean, I must remember that the back of the chocolate chip package has a much better recipe for chocolate chip cookies. That is all.

Yesterday ... we didn't do much at all. I played a LOT of Lego HP (I'm ALMOST ALL DONE!!)

We skipped storytime today. And Jenny and I got together and did almost two miles. It was really warm. But, hey! We got out there! That's got to count for something! Looks like slathering my feet with Vaseline prior to getting out there is working. I'm not feeling any new blisters ... so that's kinda awesome.

Oh, last night, I looked online and found a recipe for homemade Tend Skin -- it's for razor burn and you can also apply it on blemishes. This is a GOOD FIND, since I don't have the funds to spend $20 on 4 oz of product. And I already had all the ingredients at home -- Isopropyl Alcohol, Witch Hazel, and Aspirin. Really, if I ran out and bought all those, it'd still be less than $5. And I even had a properly-sized container to keep it in! Go me!

Now, should I go make myself a pore strip? Since I do have milk and gelatin .... Looks like people on Youtube are trying it out and it appears to work (NOT THAT I DON'T TRUST MICHELLE PHAN! She's such a cutie ... and I like the homemade sugar scrub that I learned from her ...) (OH! Looks like you can do the same thing with white school glue ... Huh!)

But, yeah ... that's about what all has gone on around here.  Unless I remember anything else ... like details from my CRAZY dream the other night. (Short story: There was a haunted red crayon. Like the wax had been used to torture/kill a lady WAY A LONG TIME AGO. And there was incest between cousins. In Regency time ... And I couldn't leave my Nana's old house, since I didn't want to let the ghost out. ... Yes, I KNOW. My subconscious has ISSUES.)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Back in the Saddle ... not a literal saddle though. It'd be cool ... but it's not true.

We made it to storytime. I didn't even try to take a shower. I just reapplied deodorant and made sure I didn't stink. The kiddos stayed up near the front, listening to stories and songs (sometimes participating) and watching the puppet show. Bruise was THRILLED to sit with B and L, a couple of his friends from his class at church. It was cute, watching Bruise and Bucket, clutching Stripers and Black Misty-Cat (a toy tiger and a toy black panther, respectively), sitting with their pals.

Then I took them to McDonald's. It wasn't raining, so I figured they could play ... except that the outside walls in the play place enclosure were being painted. Oh well. We still had fun.

We got home and watched Fairie Tale Theater's version of Little Red Riding Hood. And I got a voicemail from Michael asking if we had any hot water yet. ... since his shower was cold that morning. What?
I checked. ... Nope. No hot water.

He did come home about an hour early to work on the water heater. We had to replace it. It's all done, since he's a total rock star.
I was totally virtuous by heating up water on the stove so I could wash the last of the dishes ... Yes, Virginia, there IS a time that I'm caught up with the dishes! Woooo!!!!

Bruise had a meltdown (mostly due to the fact that he was cranky from NOT taking a nap) because Daddy couldn't watch the Lego movie that we checked out from the library with them. RIGHT NOW. Poor guy.

Michael went and bought a water heater, took the old one out, and (with my help) got the new one situated ... when it was time to leave for his meeting. I had him eat first (Yes, I even made dinner. Go me! And this was without running water! And I cleaned the dinner dishes and got the dishwasher loaded, too! I KNOW! Crazy, huh??).

He did have me measure a pipe's diameter. He needed to buy some parts at Home Depot on his way home. I got it right. He got pipes put together and glued (since these are PVC pipes, not the huge and expensive metal ones). Then we waited and were able to turn the water back on. And waited for hot water ... which got fixed this morning. One of the wires had broken. But Michael fixed THAT ... and we got to have WARM SHOWERS today. And he came with us to storytime, which was fun.

Also, last night, when we first turned the water on, the kitchen sink's faucet was being all weird. We had fine water pressure from all the other faucets in the house ... Turns out that a bit of glue from the pipe that Michael put together got stuck in the aerator on the faucet. That was another quick fix.

I did manage to get together with my Jenny to go walking/jogging today. Her middle child and my munchkins played at a park while we did laps (GREAT DESIGN FOR A PARK, by the way. Totally awesome). She and I are both sporting blisters. She has two. I have one ... and some tenderness on the ball of one foot. It was great getting together with her. We got to visit AND work out. Go us!! Now we have to plan which 5Ks we want to do. We joked that we're only going to do ones with the best shirts. Ha ha ha. (At this point, I think doing ANY will be a good thing.) We did walk over 5K today. And it took us almost an hour. Then we let the kids play some more, she fed her youngest (who had peacefully napped in his stroller the whole time), and we walked back.

And, on the way home, I had a drink of water from my pink 1L bottle ... and the kids BEGGED for a drink, because they were SO THIRSTY. And then spilled 1L (minus an ounce or so) on the floor of my van. *sigh*
So I told them to stop talking. And next time, when I ASK them to wait until we get home, to ACTUALLY stop whining and wait. It's not like we were all that far from home! *sigh*

Jenny and I did plan that, when it IS raining, we'll have a back-up plan of doing laps around the mall. It'll be dry and we can use our smaller strollers. She will use her odometer on her iPhone (seriously, what apps DON'T they have?) and all will be well. ^_^

In other (related news) my legs and feet are SORE. And I need a shower.
And I get a HOT shower. ^_^ Yay!

I think that's really all that I have to write ...

Well, that and I think it'd be fun to Disco dance. Like the routines on SYTYCD. But I'm not in shape for that yet. I need to build up my stamina and endurance. But it would be AWESOME.

Yes, I like Disco music. DON'T JUDGE ME!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Catching up and ... blargh

Okay ... so after Michael got home Friday, I had JUST gotten out of the shower and dressed. No makeup or anything. I didn't really feel totally motivated. Oh well. Then we headed up to Portland to go to the LEGO tour (downtown at the lawn in front of the Pioneer Courthouse). We did find a GREAT parking structure. It was really clean and all. And it was a GREAT price. I know when I'm going to park NEXT time!

The Lego tour was to promote the new Lego board games that have come out. They had some GIANT SCALE models that people could (and we did) play with. We tried the Ramses Pyramid and the Race 3000. Also, there was a drawing where, if you guessed the number of blocks in the minotaur sculpture (we didn't. As fas as I know, anyways), you could win a prize pack with tickets to Legoland. We didn't play the Minotaurus game, though Bruise wanted to. And the kids each got a page of Lego stickers.
Then we went to OMSI, since we have a membership. (Did I mention that we have an OMSI membership? We totally do! I love OMSI.) Our membership info still hasn't arrived, so we got a temporary pass. Which is pretty cool. Now I can take the kids to the Science Factory or to the A.C. Gilbert House. For free. And free is my favorite price.
After OMSI (which was SO QUIET around 3:30 Friday afternoon. We usually go Saturday mornings and it's MUCH busier then!), we headed over to the Lego store. We'd never been before. It's cool. Michael and the kids really enjoyed it. I looked at all the keychains and wondered why they didn't take advantage of the opportunity to sell, say, Lego-themed clothing or something. ... Yeah, I'm more of a Playmobil-type girl myself. (Seriously, compare the Lego Advent calenders for this year with the Playmobil one? You'll see what I mean. ... The Playmobil one has BADGERS!!!!! I don't have any badgers in my other sets. And, dude, when Christmas comes around, I usually put all my woodland-type creatures [boars, deer, foxes, bunnies] around the creche. Because ANIMALS ARE SMART AND THEY WOULD RECOGNIZE THE SON OF GOD, DANG IT! You know they would.)

But, yeah, ... so that was a long day. And then the phone KEPT RINGING as we were putting the kids to bed. *sigh* And that was how we learned that we had a BBQ to go to Saturday afternoon. And that we were trading weeks for cleaning the church. Which was fine. The 11th was already plenty busy for us ... so  ...

That brings us to Saturday. We woke up, got dressed, cleaned the church. Michael and Bruise vacuumed (and Bruise DID help) while Bucket and I washed the windows in all the entranceways (which should read: Bucket SAID she'd help, but I did about 95% of the work myself since she "was too tired." And I ALSO spent so much time squatting to clean the bottom halves of the doors and full-length windows, that my thighs BURNED Sunday and Monday).
Then we went grocery shopping. And bought juice and soda (people drank the juice. Nobody touched the soda) for the BBQ at C&A's place. And we went home, I gussied myself up, in case pictures were taken. I mean, I'm cute and all ... but if I'm going to be in pictures with a pretty and thin, gave-birth-to-four-babies-type sister-in-law  and an eight-weeks-along-pregnant sister-in-law, I don't want to look too unfortunate.

Yes, I AM sick in the head. I should know better than to compare myself to others. Still. I had VERY cute hair and make-up. And even though most of the things I wanted to wear were in the washer, I looked quite nice.
So, OF COURSE, no pictures were taken.
(Murphy's Law, I tell you! It exists! If I had gone in my grubbies without a hint of make-up, I'd have been prominently featured in at least ten pictures uploaded to Facebook. I'm just saying.)

Sunday, we had to get up early for our latest niece's blessing at their ward. We, of course, were the first to get there. Since Michael and I are, naturally, terminally early. Even though I really was longing for another, oh, ten hours of sleep, I looked cute. (Cute enough that after H's blessing, when we got back to our ward -- the kiddos stayed up to attend Primary and play with their cousins and hang with their grandparents -- a couple of especially cute and darling YW told me that with my hair, I looked 15. ... It's nice to be told that you look about half your age. Let's hope that I keep this up. This way, when I'm 70, if I wear my hair just so, I might pass as 35. :P)
(Have I mentioned how much I love my YW? And not just because they shamelessly flatter me. Though that does help. ^_^)

Michael and I had to figure out what to do with a few hours without kids ... So, we made some plans.
  • We ate a salad -- Added Asian dressing, mandarin oranges, and chow mein noodles. Yum!
  • We watched half of Season 3 of Arrested Development.
Yup, we're major partiers! Woooooo!!!
Then his folks came by with the kids, bearing pizza and flat root beer (It wasn't their fault it was flat. They had stopped by A&W and the new girl was SO excited that "they showed me how to pour it without any foam!" that she didn't realize, poor thing, that no foam = no carbonation = flat soda. It wasn't terrible ... it was just like DRINKING, instead of sucking on, a root beer barrel candy.
Then the kids stuck in Ep. 3 of Star Wars (Revenge of the Sith -- aka "The Backstroke of the West" if you love Engrish. There is profanity in there, since the dubbing translations are so bad.) and Mom C, Michael and I fell asleep. (I was OUT for almost all of the movie. Yup. As I've grown up, I've graduated from READING during social events to SLEEPING during them. Winner! :P)

After we got the kids dressed and ready for bed, we curled up with the last episodes of Arrested Development and then went to bed. And watched some Daria and ate ice cream.

Monday ... that's right. We cleaned house. The kids' room, our room, the front rooms. Laundry was folded and PUT AWAY. Closets were cleaned. It took HOURS. But it looks much nicer. I now have most of the dishes done. I still need to clean the kitchen ... but the floors are vacuumed.

Yesterday started out well. The kids had been asking for oatmeal, so I made some. (Not like it's hard. I mean, if you can make Ramen Noodles, you can make oatmeal.) Of course, I had to explain that, NO, we're not making INSTANT OATMEAL, we're making REAL OATMEAL. ... And they liked it enough to eat all of it ... and Bruise even finished off my bowl of it, too.

Then we got ready and went to storytime (after I played some Mystery Case Files: Ravenhurst ... Yay for free games! If you're a Borders Rewards member [the free membership!], you are eligible for free games. They put out two titles every so often. This is the second MCF title. And now, instead of the Mah Jongg game they had, it's a golf-themed Solitaire ... which isn't too bad. And I don't even care for golf. What can I say? I love free things!) and stayed for a little for the kids to play with puzzles. Then we went back to the car. In the rain. (The kids had jackets in the car. I forgot to put Michael's and my just-in-case jackets back out there. Oops.) And we stopped by a used bookstore downtown ... so I could maybe pick up the other two Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books. And their hours had changed. 12-4, MWF for now. Stupid economy. Since it wasn't even 11:30. *sigh* 
So I went home and Jenny and I agreed to cancel our plans to go running (we're helping each other get in shape. Her goal is to run in a local 5 K ... and to train up to a half-marathon at Disney. My goal? Get off my not-quite-in-shape duff so I don't get diabetes. And maybe I'll get stronger lungs and all. ... But I am resigned to the fact that, unless I have to be accountable to a running/walking buddy, I'm not getting anything done at present.) ... I'm hoping that Thursday will be amenable to our plans. (Again, I'm telling you. Murphy's Law. I hate that law.)

So, the kids DID NOT take their nap. So, when they came out (AGAIN), I told them, "Fine, you go and play. I'm going to my room and watching a show. Don't come in. Don't talk to me." (It was a documentary about modern burlesque theater. Yes, I have an interest in it. Not so much anymore. Probably a good thing, no? I like more of the classic burleque -- the costumes and the glamour ...Just not the same anymore. Oh well. Not like it's a hobby that I should go into. And now I really don't care to. So that's all well.)

And the documentary was so long that Michael, even coming home late, got home before I started dinner. So he warmed up leftovers.

And then, when we were putting the kids to bed, we read a scripture story and prayed. Then we sent the kids off to go potty. And I asked Bruise (who returned first) to turn on the nightlight and the storytime light (a lamp). Bucket DID NOT LIKE THAT and she turned off the lamp and then turned it back on again.

So I declared that when the lamp gets turned off, that storytime is over --- since she felt that it was more important that SHE be the one to mess with the lamp rather than enjoying a story and getting to turn it off at the end of the chapter.

Which spiraled into her breaking down into a screaming fit ... which necessitated a trip to a cold shower and new, dry pajamas ... and moaning for "story-story" ... to which I posed the question "Did throwing a fit and crying get you what you wanted? Was it really effective?" and I also told her "Tough BEANS. You're not getting story-story tonight."

(Um, can I get a medal and perhaps a substantial cash prize for not using a different term NOT involving beans? I really deserve it.)

Then I put them to bed, telling Bucket that I still loved her, "Perhaps not as much as I SHOULD. But I do love you." and then I did a load of dishes and tried not to cry. Because I felt like ... ... BEANS, per se. (Iykwim. Aityd.)

So, yeah. I've been rather successful in the repressing the negative body-talk. Now it's just my period working at robbing me of sleep and making me feel totally incompetent as a parent. Joy.

Stupid period. Stupid hormones.

I remember waking up yesterday from some dream where I had obviously tanned too much (something I don't do at all) and I had huge, black freckles on my arms. Like leopard spots. Weird.

Okay. I should run a brush through my hair and throw on some daytime clothing. It's almost time for storytime.

But, yeah. I hate days when I do the right thing (teach my daughter that throwing a fit and demanding HER way isn't going to help her in the real world and ... more often than not, will result in some very negative consequences) ... but I feel completely like crap.

FUN! ( /sarcasm )

Excuse me while I go soak my head or something. I only have about 30 minutes before storytime. *sigh*

Friday, September 03, 2010

In which I need to clean up the house ...

To start out with, BRING ON (more of) THE CRAZY DREAM CHRONICLES!!!!

Seriously, what's up with my brain??
In my dream, Michael and I were ... somewhere. Not like it's important to the plot or anything. And I found a parrot. A white one. Like a Cockatoo ... but with a smooth-ish head, like an African Grey. And she was nice and had no home. And Ginger-cat was still alive (or else Diana-cat turned white, too) and I had to keep them from killing each other while I slept, since ... like ... I didn't have a big cage for the parrot. And, obvs, my dream-self is TSTL [too stupid to live ... like some characters in books and movies] enough to forget that I do have a cat carrier and could, you know, stick the cat in there.

(Besides, if the cat WERE Ginger, she avoids birds. Probably because of the EXTREMELY bad-tempered cockatiel we had that CHASED her around. Poor Gingi-cat)

STILL ... in the OTHER part of my dream. Michael and I were driving around. And we were driving along a bridge in the MIDDLE of a river. It didn't CROSS the water, it just went along the middle of it. Very scenic and all. And it was the middle of a dam or something. And, suddenly, the water was rising and getting into the bottom of the vehicle. And the it was like the car was actually a boat the whole time ... or something ... And we're scooping out the water as fast as we can. And the parrot is all wet, so I stick her in my shirt so she won't catch chill and die or something. And I'm floundering in the water in the bottom of the boat for all my lippie glosses and etc. from my purse, so that I can put them all back in my purse before we upend the boat and get rid of the last inch or so of water sloshing around the bottom of the boat.

What does it mean?????

Besides that, since I've only been up for about 90 minutes, I haven't done much. Lately, I've been finding it VERY HARD to get up in the morning.

I got up, blew my nose (EXCITING!!!!!), and came out of the bedroom. Checked email and am still in the process of checking facebook. Wished a friend a happy birthday (what would I do without facebook to remind me of the birthdays of friends that I don't already have memorized???) ...

As a bit of an aside, I really am loving Google. I mean, I usually am VERY stodgy about change. But I have developed faith in Google and their ability to make awesome things.
Yesterday I opted into trying out their new "Priority Inbox." This morning, they showed that their filters are pretty darn awesome. Nice!
I also updated my Google Calendar (since it's synced with my Cozi calendar, that works out really awesomely for me. And I now have a better idea of what all church activities are upcoming. Yay!

(Unfortunately, the local parenting ... newspaper/periodical thing isn't updated. So I don't know of all the community events. Yet.)

I am pleased to report that right now, even with Mother Nature looming ever-so-close on the horizon (if you know what I mean. And I'm sure that you do. Since I don't USUALLY yell at telemarketers, no matter their level of competence. Or lack thereof.), I am actually in a pretty good frame of mind. Even without taking Valerian.

I'm working hard to not berate myself about my body. And, you know what? It's really helping. When I notice that I don't look so great, I'm able to tell myself, "Well, it's most likely because you're a little bloated/ you just coughed until you threw up/the lighting isn't right ... because normally you look pretty awesome. Good for you!"

I'm also pleased to report that, since I had Michael give me a blessing (and, really, the priesthood is AWESOME. Just saying. Not that I want to hold it. No thanks, I have enough on my plate already!) , I have not gagged from coughing! Yay!!!!

Awww ... Bucket just made my bed for me! (Right now, with the weather, we're just sleeping under a duvet-wrapped down comforter ... but still!)

I still need to do the dishes ... but the kids have cleaned the living room pretty well. Now they're working on their room. We're doing the timer thing. It's working. Yay for that!

I also need to clean the dining room table (Most of which is the kids' dishes. We're still trying to get them to put their dishes in the sink after eating [ha ha ha. I was typing and I typed "reading" instead of "eating" ... We know where my priorities are. Ha ha ha.]) ... and scoop out the cat box. And tidy the bathrooms and the side table.counter.

But my desk is looking better. Yay!

In other [EXTREMELY GIRLY] news, I think I've become a convert to waxing. I know it sounds a little lazy, but it's REALLY nice (and makes my showers shorter) when I only have to shave my legs. Yes, things are growing back ... but all fine and light. And, since I never wear tank tops, it's not a huge deal there. And, really, I'm not showing people my other bits ... well, besides my husband, waxer, and doctor ... so that doesn't matter.

Yes, there is a little discomfort as some areas grow back ... but it's not the constant itching that accompanies shaving. The only downside is that it is a bit expensive. Oh well. As long as Michael says it's fine, I'm totally continuing. ^_^ And, if we had more money to throw around, I'd spring for my legs, too. I'm totally fine with admitting that I'm just that lazy. (But, HUGE PLUS? No razor burn and there's only been a few few ingrown hairs. Yay!)

Also, [Still girly/ bordering on TMI], I really am liking the Certain-Dri anti-perspirant. (Disclaimer: They don't know who I am at all. I did manage to pick up what I bought on sale, so that's a plus. But I had to pay for my products. They're worth it, though.) I have both the regular one [to use at night] and the "A.M. Refresher" ... it smells nice and goes on well.
I also am using the Secret Smooth Effects (in Satiny Tropical) that I bought on clearance. I like how it smells.
Honestly, this is a little embarassing. I was shelving books (and therefore perspiring, since you can work up a sweat and, honestly, I'm not in the best of shape anyways) and I was thinking, "Gosh! What is that smell?? It smells REALLY NICE!!" ... Then I realized that the wonderful aroma I had noticed ... was my deodorant.

Ha ha ha!!! At least it's better than realizing that you DON'T smell nice, right?
At least I wasn't accosting patrons to find out who smelled so nice. :P
(I don't do that. I mean, if I walk by someone and they look or smell especially nice, I'll let them know. It's NICE to get compliments! ... Truly, one gal, as Michael and I were walking around, had to roll down her window as she was stopped at a sign, so I could tell her how much I loved her haircut and how flattering it was on her. At least Michael finds it endearing that I do go out of my way to let people [especially women] know when they look good. ... Sometimes, people don't even notice when you're passing them and tell them how much you like their shirt or how good a color looks on them ... But, still, I've TRIED.)

But, yeah. That's probably more info than you wanted to know!

Oh ... and I'm TERRIBLY a lurker when I read blogs. I try to comment on my friends' ... especially now when one wonderful gal (I adore you, Jocelyn!) mentioned on facebook how much comments mean to her ... And really, I couldn't argue at all about the CRAVING ADULT INTERACTION bit. ^_^

Okay. Now I really SHOULD unload/reload the dishwasher, clean the table, do another load of laundry, clean off the counter, and ... oh, yeah, take a FREAKING SHOWER. I think everyone will be happier with me if I get that done.

Especially since Michael and I are going to take them out for a surprise. ^_^

Thursday, September 02, 2010

One quick thing ...

It had been a trying day. Besides working on my application, both kids got hurt.

Bucket cut her finger in the library. I don't know how.

And she pushed/knocked Bruise out of the car once we got home ... and he skinned his knee and bruised the other knee.

As I was telling Michael about our day, before rushing off to a YW meeting, I informed him about Bruise's knee.

Michael asked if Bucket did it on purpose.

"No," Bruise informed us. "It was an assident."

I love how he pronounces some words. Funny boy.

(In other news? Our Stake YW leaders love our young women very, very much. And they are all awesome, awesome ladies. As is our ward's YW presidency. YW is such an awesome calling. I love it. ^_^)

Okay. As you were.

Another crazy dream ... Have at it!

So, in the LAST crazy dream that I had (last night), I had gone grocery shopping on my own.

I had gone to Win-Co. I did my shopping. I pushed my cart out of the store ....

.... And realized that I had NO. FLIPPING. CLUE. where I had parked.

So, there I am, pushing the cart up and down the rows of cars.

I saw my older two nieces, dressed in princess dresses, with my sister-in-law (their mom), who was wearing a Barbie-Pink turban (complete with glittering fake ruby), walking into PetCo.

I didn't want to attract their attention since I felt like a complete and total dweeb, searching for my car.

As I walked up another aisle of cars, a guy tried to grab my cart and make me give him MY groceries!
(Somehow my purse was on my arm and not IN the cart like usual, so I didn't have to worry about that.)
And I was pretty darn peeved about that. These were groceries that we bought with HARD-EARNED MONEY! And I was NOT going to let them go!!!

When the guy kept trying to take my groceries, I yelled at him to let go before I kicked his @$$.
(In my dream, I YELLED that phrase, I was SO MAD. I normally don't say that at all.)

And he did let me go ... to keep looking for my car.

And that's it. What do you think?
I know I have issues. Plenty of them.

Which ones does this dream showcase?

Should I or Shouldn't I ...

... Well, I did.

I waffled for about a week. Today I completed it. And a good portion of the stress in my life is over.

I updated my resume and I asked people to be references and I applied for a job.


If I do get the job, it'd be part-time. And I'd have benefits. Like HEALTH INSURANCE-type benefits.

Worst case scenarios:

  • I don't get the job at all.
  • I get interviewed but the job will be for a time that won't work in my schedule at all
    (since the kids are still at home and Michael works out of town)
  • WORST CASE POSSIBLE: They call me in just to laugh at me and strip me of my volunteer position at the library.
    (And I KNOW that THAT one is SO not going to happen. They love me!)
But, yeah. I spent a good portion of this afternoon getting my application all together and turned in.

And, while doing that, my blog came in VERY HANDY ... since I had blogged when I first started as a substitute shelver forever ago (in my life, BK ... you know, before kids. The LAST time I was employed at all). I really couldn't remember when it was that I had been hired. Lo and behold --- my blogging came in INVALUABLY!!

ALSO, while I was compiling my resume and everything (and FREAKING OUT), that DANG TELEMARKETER called AGAIN!
I mean, really???

I recognized the voice and the lag between my responses and his ... and the fact that he opened, "I'm calling about your computer" was also a giveaway.

I pretty much lost it as much as I ever have with a telemarketer.

Me: "NO. I do NOT want you to call us. I do NOT want to be on your calling list. Remove me from your calling list. ... Did you remove us? YES OR NO???"

Him: " ... ... Why are you talking like that?"


Him: " ... I am calling about your computer problem--"


Him: "I--"

Me: "DO NOT CALL US AGAIN!!" *click*

Yeah, don't mess with me when I'm writing up my resume! Especially if you're a SCAMMER --- I'm looking at YOU, Online PC Care!!!! With my best Stephen Colbert eyebrow-quirked-glare!!!!

But, yeah. I got it all done and submitted. Now we're just waiting ... and relaxing.

I'm SO glad to get that over with.
Please do ignore the fact that I really did put it off until nearly the last minute. The deadline for applicants is tomorrow. ... That's why I had to get it done TODAY.

But, yeah. ... In other news, I'm in a book slump. I have books checked out from the library. But I'm not at all motivated to read them. ... I don't often fall into a book slump.

The last time that I recall going into a book slump was a couple summers ago. And I read John Green's Looking for Alaska which was great. ... Probably I should sit down and devour my (AUTOGRAPHED!) copy of Joshilyn Jackson's Backseat Saints.

Well, until I decide, I am reading issues of Rachel Ray's cooking magazines.

... Oooooh ... Is there a new mental_Floss issue this month???? Hmmmmm.....

But, yes. That's what has been keeping me busy. Waffling about applying for a job opening and not reading.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Best quote of the evening ...

Me: [to Bucket, as she's eating dinner] Do you like peas?

Bucket: I LOVE peas! They make my brain happy!!

... It kinda makes up for the fact that Bruise barely touched dinner.

In other news, the worst part about being a holds shelver (that's what I do when I volunteer. I shelve the books that people have on hold) is that you CAN'T check out any of the cool books that you see. (When I first volunteered at the library, I shelved the new books. And I was SPOILED! You could nab ALL THE BOOKS YOU WANTED! ... well, as long as you read them in two weeks ... since that's when they'd be due. Man, I had some varied reading during that 18 months. I'd just put anything that piqued my interest aside to check out. ... And I had tons of time, since I wasn't working and I didn't have kids ... though, at the end, I was heavily pregnant. But I still had tons of time to read.)

Now, when I see any books that catch my interest (and, yes, sometimes I DO judge a book by its cover), I have to actually *GASP!* remember the title or author or keywords and then put a hold on it when I get home.

Now, I saw TWO books that looked REALLY good that I hadn't seen before. I only remember ONE of them. *grrrrrumbles*

I don't remember much of ANYTHING. Except that I think it was a YA novel. And it was blue. ... I think it was blue ... I shelved a LOT of books ... and I was kept quite busy. I managed to get us all caught up on the holds by the time I left. I think I shelved ... um ... *counts* ... maybe seven or so carts. And I did run back a few times to check the carts in the back (the ones I hadn't gotten to yet) for holds for patrons.

And C, one of my library ladies, sent me home with some (unclaimed for MONTHS) goodies from the lost and found. A light jacket and a sweatshirt for Bucket. A jacket for Bruise. And a couple stuffed animals. Bucket's claimed the small dachshund ... and has branded it a chihuahua  ... since she REALLY loved the Skippyjohn Jones books. You know ... the whole, "My ears are too beeeeg for my head. My head is too beeeeg for my body. I am not a Siamese cat, I am a CHIHUAHUA!!!!" thing.

(Srsly, if you haven't read any of the Skippyjohn Jones books, HIE THEE AND GO READ(eth) THEM!!!!)
(No, really. They're WAY CUTE.)

Okay. It's time for me to close this up and read Scripture story and story-story (at present, still Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic). So I'd better get this show on the road.

Especially seeing as how Bruise is dressed up in his "How to Train Your Dragon" Toothless pajamas. Complete with hooded cape. And the hood has Toothless' face on it.

And he's getting squirrelly in it.

Oh dear, he's taken off flying with it.
(Not FLYING-flying ... just the regular 4-year-old "flying.")

Okay. Shutting up now! Gotta go!

Counting ...

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