Friday, March 25, 2011

Little Things

Yesterday, Mom watched the kids so I could donate blood.

I almost passed out when the bag was ALMOST full. Oops. But I got through it and felt better after my head was down, my feet were raised, and I had that lovely, lovely cold rag on my forehead.

I also finally got the dress Mom and I ordered for my birthday in the mail (Returned. I can wear a size large shirt in that line. However, the XXL dress? Didn't fit in the chest. SO TIGHT. As in my chest area [yeah, THAT area] would ache after I tried it on. What gives??).

As we (kids and I) drove home, I smelled something AWFUL ... like burning rubber. And I kept smelling it. And I started to get a little freaked out.
It was the car a few cars ahead of us (then directly ahead of us), burning oil. PHEW!!
There might have been some heart palpitations followed by semi-maniacal, relieved laughter. Maybe.

The kids and I had talked about accidents (like traffic accidents). Then we talked about accidents in your pants. ... which lead to Bruise telling me that, if people noticed, they might say, "Who did that?? Something stinks!!" ... Which had us all laughing all the way to the post office.

Last week, Bucket was pinching my upper arm while I was talking to Mom C.
Me: Stop that. Stop playing with my fat.
Bucket: That's not your fat. I'm playing with your skinny.

Heh heh heh. If only it were, munchkin. If only.

Bucket's also been carrying around poor Freyja, like a baby. Freyja puts up with it patiently ... then runs and hides at the first opportunity. Can't blame her. But she is a really patient and sweet cat. And she snuggles with me. ^_^

I've been practically LIVING in the sweater I bought last week. It's just the right weight, soft enough ... Yup. If I had more money, I'd buy a lot more cardigans. (If only this one had buttons. Not a big deal, though.)

Today, we made a quick run to the local library. I picked up their Joe Hill books (I read Heart-Shaped Box back when it was a new book, and enjoyed it. Michael's going to read it. And I'll read the other books: 20th Century Ghosts and Horns.)

I haven't heard back from any telemarketers ... and Michael's told me that my lack of etiquette was not an egregious sin. And that he'd have supported my blowing a whistle in that guy's ear.
It's not legal here ... but, really, since it's ported in from a call-center in India ...
But I really don't know. If I do something HERE, in a country where it's illegal, TO someone in a country where it may or may not be ... Yeah, I don't want a criminal record.

Though, really, there is a free app of an air horn. I don't know if THAT is, per se, illegal. It's a thought.
Or I just either hang up on them ... OR pick up and waste their time. See how long they'll stay on the line.
OR, I can be like Captain Moroni ... and tell them that they're part of a scam, they're better than that. That it'd suck for them to get arrested/fined/or just lose their job when their company's shut down. That they're being a jerk by scamming money from people's grandmothers and gullible people ... and that they're really better than that. And that they should quit now and get a better, ethical job. Or I'll have to keep reporting them again and again and again. Because I will keep doing it. Besides, to they really WANT to be reincarnated as a cockroach or a tapeworm, really???

Because, really, I don't WANT them to be jerkheads ... but if they continue? ... THEY ARE GOING DOWN. Because being a scammer is NOT ETHICAL. And it's ILLEGAL.
Just sayin'.

Yes, Allanna - Ethical Vigilante. I'm not quite Batman.
More like slightly-insane-internet-addict-girl-who-wears-sweaters-and-loves-sugar-and-cheese-and-bread-and-mashed-potatoes And cats. And books.

Just doesn't really roll off the tongue so well.

But, yeah ... that's most of what all's gone on.
Dad and L got a new (to them) car. That's kinda exciting. They might come visit next week ... so I'll get to see it. ^_^ My VT companion is due any day, so that's exciting. I have get to teach Relief Society on Sunday *gulp!* ... General Conference is the next weekend. Michael'll take his BIG TEST (please pray!). Then it's my birthday (really, the day AFTER his big test = my birthday) and we'll go out to dinner. And I'll order something I KNOW I'll like. ^_^

Sooooo ... what's new in your neck of the woods?


So, Wednesday was Michael's and my tenth anniversary.

Seriously, that's like seventy Hollywood years! How crazy is that?? :P

Mom came up and we took the kids to McDonald's. And I picked up the kids' immunization records (for registering for KINDERGARTEN) and volunteered at the library ... and I picked up the book I had accidentally turned in THERE and a note attesting that I DID turn it in before its due date ... then took THOSE over to the local library where my fine was waived. ^_^

And Michael was home early ... so we left the kiddos with Mom (who fed them dinner and got them in bed) and had ourselves a romantic date night.

Me: Wow, people are going to be all, "What did you do for your tenth anniversary?" And we'll be all, "Oh, we walked around the mall, bought washcloths, and went out to dinner."
Michael: OR "we spent time together."

Yeah, he says that he has no heart ... but then he says stuff like that. ^_^

We also drove around and looked at houses on the market. Just to keep our options open.
And we went to dinner at Carino's. We splurged a bit. We got the Italian nachos, Italian sodas (Michael had Cherry-Vanilla. I opted for Peach-Raspberry. Yum!). Michael was happy with the Five Meat Tuscany Pasta. I decided to try something new. I got the Chicken Picatta (fettuccine and chicken with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and capers in a lemon basil sauce) ...Yeah, I didn't eat a whole lot of it. I would have been happier with the Rosemary Chicken or something in a marinara sauce.
But I figured that, hey, we've been married for ten years. I'll celebrate and be adventurous.
And we ordered a mini turtle cheesecake for dessert. SO GOOD.

Then we went back to the mall and picked up the last two Pirates of the Caribbean movies (on a good sale. $17 for them both), then drove over to the next town to visit the places in our history:

  • First date - Where we saw "Galaxy Quest" back in April 2000 ... now a parking lot for a bank.
  • First impression of me - The Institute Building (a crazy game of Wink'Em.)
  • First kiss - A friend's carport
  • First "I love you"s - A local school's playground (Also where our wedding invite pictures were taken. It's since been completely redone.)
  • Our first apartment together - Where we spent the first half (thus far) of our marriage together and became college graduates and parents. ... We joke that we'll drive by there in another ten years and they still won't have painted. (It was dark, so it's hard to tell if they did. The colors are still the same.)
We just drove by these places. After walking around the mall for so long, our feet HURT.

Then we went back home, chatted with Mom, and we all went to bed. And Michael and I FELL ASLEEP, we were both exhausted. Heh.
I apologized in the morning ... and he told me he was just as exhausted. So, phew! I didn't have to feel guilty.

But it was a nice way to celebrate our decade of being husband and wife. The first of many, many decades more to come.
At the same time, though it feels like we've been together since FOREVER ago, it's hard to believe that it's been TEN YEARS.
This means that I've been married for one-third of my life!
It seems kinda crazy! Ten years? That's a LONG TIME!
But, hey, the math doesn't lie. We've made it.

And we keep forbidding each other to die. Because we LIKE each other.
And we do NOT want to go back to the dating pool. Oh HECK no.

Michael appreciates that I get his sense of humor.
And I'm grateful that he understands me, makes me laugh, and keeps me calm.

I know that it's all cliché to say that I'm married to my best friend.
That doesn't change that it's true. (And I still have girl besties, too.)
I have a husband and friend that loves, trusts, amuses, and inspires me.
It's pretty awesome.

I hope that everyone can be so happy.  

It also made me laugh that, last weekend, my aunt remarked that Michael and I don't fight or yell at each other all the time. What's wrong with us? Ha ha ha. (It was facetious.)
But she was impressed with our marriage. Which is quite sweet of her.

Yes, I'll get frustrated (with situations) and snap at him. And he forgives me.
He's better than I deserve. I'm fully aware. ... and that makes me want to step it up.

Speaking of, I should clean up the house a bit, get dinner started, and finish that dang RS lesson for Sunday (give me strength).

Still, if you're married, I hope you and your spouse are as content as Michael and I are.
If you're single, I hope that you find the spouse that will make you feel complete.

You deserve it. And so does your spouse. ^_^ I hope you find/have found it, too.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BAD COMPANY - Login4Speed

I was contacted AGAIN, despite being registered on the Do Not Call list by this company.

When I was last contacted, about two weeks ago, I asked REPEATEDLY to have our number removed from this company's phone list. We didn't want to be contacted by them. EVER.

Which brings us to today.

Part of this phone call had Austin, a representative of this company, tell me POINT BLANK,


Sooooooooo ... Here's their info, so if they call, you KNOW how they do business (i.e., cold calls, disregarding of the DNC registry, basic harassment, and ignoring people's requests for being removed from their contact lists.).

Login4Speed, Global Computer Technical Center
257 Albany Road
New York City, NY
(689-) 522-8266


I'll admit that my behavior is not getting any better in dealing with them.
After telling them to remove my name and number from their list, that I'm NOT AT ALL interested in hearing back from them again EVER, I hung up on them. (As opposed to when I demanded their address and telephone number LAST time and the guy HUNG UP ON ME.)

I can make excuses that I'm REALLY VERY FRUSTRATED with Login4Speed. But, truly, my poor etiquette is not excusable. But, really ... I've reported them to the Do Not Call Registry and will be submitting a complaint to our state's Attorney General.

Now, really, my heart is still racing and I'm CRAZY IRRITATED at Login4Speed.

In short, Login4Speed KEEPS CALLING. They REFUSE to remove us from their list. I don't EVER remember doing ANY business with them.

They suck. Login4Speed sucks. A LOT.

And, really, I'm entitled to this opinion until they prove themselves otherwise.


UPDATE (11:16 AM):

Looking online: ...
This is a website of scammers.

Now, honestly, I feel a little less guilty for acting like a heinous witch to the guys that KEEP PHONING ME.
I know that their stuff isn't legit. Now I know it's COMPLETELY NOT LEGIT AT ALL.

Still, I should be the better person. And keep my head. And stop my pulse racing. Ugh.

However, if it weren't a bit illegal, I'd totally do a literal whistleblow into the phone next time.
Maybe that'd "learn 'em." Grrrrrrr.

*sigh* But, really, I'm ready to see if I can get the Feds involved.
Why do these dummies keep trying to mess with a woman who (1) can think and (2) knows her way around the intertubes? Really?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What a Weekend

So, Thursday night, we got packed up and watched Inception. Now I have really, really seen it. All of it.

This is my favorite bit:

"It was worth a shot."

Hee hee.

I also liked the "Don't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling" line.

Sunday, in Gospel Doctrine class (Sunday School), our teacher was talking about how parables let you see things from different angles. "Pretend we're on a bus. We're on a trip ...."

And I leaned into Michael and whispered, "You don't know where the bus is going ..."
And he snickered. Heh heh heh. Yup, THAT's how spiritual I am during class. (i.e., NOT AT ALL.)
If you didn't get it, here:

It's the riddle in Inception. I'd tell you more, but it'd be a spoiler.
And, yes, I did misquote it. I know.

Okay ... so jumping back ...

Friday, we woke up early. We got packed up in the van and took Michael to work. I did my makeup in the car while he drove. Even eyeliner. On I-5. Because I'm hardcore like that. Word.
While he went into the office, we took the kids to go to the bathroom. Then we hung out in the van until the shops in the complex opened. We looked for a present for Mom C, went to Borders, and I got a sweater at old Navy (for the exact price I wanted. On clearance for $12. And a pair of boots/slippers for $3. Sweet!!)
Then we got some snacks at Trader Joe's. Yum!

Then I TRIED to drive from Michael's work to The Science Factory and got horribly lost. We're talking I was in tears. And I didn't have the stupid cord for the GPS and it was out of batteries. ... So, I prayed a LOT and drove around and FINALLY got back to Michael's work. And we just chilled in the van until Michael got done with work. *sigh*

Then he drove us down to Roseburg where we went out to KFC with my Nana and cousin. Then we met up with his folks (Dad was in town for work) at McDonald's for ice cream. Then we drove down to visit with Dad and L. THEN, about the kids' regular bedtime, we got to Mom and C's. Where the kids ran amok and played until about 9 PM.
We went to bed once they were asleep. And woke up in the dead of night when Bucket woke up screaming. And then threw up all over her bedding. She even got the carpet in the bedroom. Michael took care of her while I took care of the mess she left. I was so tired and cranky and TRYING to get rid of a sleep-deprivation headache ... and I was heinous. I snapped at Michael.
And then I stayed up to change the load of laundry (since not everything fit in one load. Yeah. That's my girl. /ironical statement).

We slept in a little in the morning and my mom made us breakfast. Then I went out to the shop (storage) and Mom joined me and I have BOXES of books that came home with us. We FINALLY found the BOB Books (beginning reader series) and lots of Juvenile literature (Ramona Quimby books and lots and lots of others). Phew! now to find all my old Barbies and their clothes for Bucket, right?
I also got the smaller cat carrier, since I only have the one, small cat. I'll trade the other (twice as big one) for it when Mom comes up.

Then we headed back early so I could get Mom and me the free full-size new lotion and tote (with purchase) over at Bath and Body Works. And, wouldn't you know it, they ran out of the lotions nearly an hour into the four-hour-long promotion. *SIGH*
I was kinda pissed.
And they didn't have any of the Velvet Tuberose scent there. And that stuff smells AMAZING on my mom. Just saying.
I got one tote. If Mom wants it, she can have it. If not, Bucket can use it. It's a clear vinyl with a fuchsia floral pattern. It's cute ... but I REALLY would rather have had the new lotion. (Country Chic, if you're wondering.)
So, that was a downer.

Then, after we got home, we sent the kids to take a nap (which they really didn't do), and Michael ran out to do something.

And he came back with a Droid for me. YES, a DROID! For me!!
It's my anniversary present. Now I can be online, like, ALL THE TIME! (But I won't. Because I have SOME self-control. But it was nice to check some websites and all while the kids were at storytime today. And I do have scriptures on it. ^_^)

Brought the snack for Bruise and Bucket's class on Sunday. And I got to try out my neato phone as Scriptures at church. ... And I found that I couldn't access any WiFi networks. WEIRD.
Michael and I watched another of our edited DVDs -- Zombieland. Fun!
(My mom would hate it. One of the few things she and I differ on -- supernatural stuff. She's not into zombies or vampires. Whereas, for me? Total weakness.)
The Young Women called me into their opening exercises ... to give me a bag they'd signed. Awwww!!!!
Of course, it made me smile when this happened:
J (16, conducting the meeting): Sister Cox, could you come up to the front of the room?
M (12 or 13, sitting in the row ahead of me): OH MY GOSH, I LOVE SISTER COX!!!!!
Me: I love you, too!!!!
Yeah, our Stake President was there for that. Hee hee.

Monday, I cleaned my kitchen (AFTER I READ SCRIPTURES ON MY PHONE!!!!) and colored a friend's hair.
After Michael got back and we ate dinner (sloppy joes, if you really wanted to know), I headed over to the Verizon store so I could get the WiFi working. And ask the poor employee about a bazillion questions:

  • How come the WiFi isn't working?
    Don't put an antivirus on your phone. It removed the MAC address. Whoops. ... So that required a hard reset = losing the stuff I had on the phone. Besides the pics I had taken, which were saved to the SD card.
  • Where IS the SD card located?
    Take off the back cover and BAM! There it is!
  • How do I take off the hard cover that Michael got? (It's pretty, translucent purple plastic. But the SD card is inaccessible with it on ...)
    Use a key to pop open one side. Then it's easy to pry the rest of it open. Really, it's THAT simple.
  • I have some sound files on my old phone's SD card. They're in .qcp format. How can I listen to them?
    (Stuff like Bruise and Bucket as younger kiddos, laughing and singing songs.)
    Um ... That's harder. Maybe try the Rock Player app?
  • How do I put pictures on/take pictures off of my phone?
    Plug it into your computer with the USB cord and open the media file. It'll all be in there.
Yeah ... I felt REALLY clueless. This is a whole lot more phone than I've ever had. And the manual wasn't very forthcoming.

The Verizon guy taught me some other cool things. Like, taking out the battery (or using the Fast Reset app)about once a week will make my phone run better. I'd never have known that. And he got my WiFi to work. Which is pretty awesome.

And, really, I wasn't too surprised that I had to do a hard reset. I read on a forum that it was the only way to really do it. So I was prepared. And, really, I remembered MOST of the apps I already had installed. And, really, they're all free, so it's not like I lost anything. Besides time. And a couple of text histories. Nothing big at all.

Today, we got up, I reread the talk that I'll be teaching on Sunday (OH EM GOSH! ACK!) andthe kids picked up their room (It's not perfect by ANY means. But it's BETTER.) and I made breakfast. Then we headed out to the main branch of the library here to pick up my hold. THEN we jetted over to the Carnegie branch for storytime.
Then we came home, Bruise read to me, I made lunch, and we're hanging around before we head BACK to the library for an activity (Butterflies and building a butterfly house ... if I heard that right.. Might not have, since I was PLAYING ON MAH DROID. :P)

Oh, in other news, I totally recommend the Tangle Teezer brush. (My mom bought it for us). It's pretty awesome to be able to brush her hair without it being a huge to-do. And, really, I like using it, too. It's like a little head massage ... I've been brushing my hair a LOT lately. 

I THINK that's most everything that's gone on this weekend. All the news in fits of print, anyways.

So, yeah, just pray and hope that my lesson in Relief Society on Sunday goes well.
And, hey, if it doesn't? They probably won't ask me to teach again anytime soon, right????

Thursday, March 17, 2011

One week since the last REAL post. Oops!

Okay, let's see ... what all's been going on since I last blogged?

We took Freyja to her kitty-check-up. She's healthy. They're 75% sure that she's been spayed. She got a dewormer. And ... it appears that she's around TWO years old, not one ... based on the tartar on her teeth.

Stake Conference was this weekend. Michael went to the Priesthood session. We didn't have a babysitter, so we missed Saturday evening's session (for the adults). But we were at the regular session Sunday morning. And I took notes for one of the gals I visit teach (per her request).
I was able to trade notes with one of my friends at church. She mentioned that she'd been to Saturday evening's session but had missed Sunday morning's (due to Daylight savings). So, I emailed her my notes (and printed out a copy for the gal I visit teach) and she sent me her notes AND copies of the talks given by a couple members of the Stake presidency.

Later, in the evening, as Michael and I were getting all the garbage and recycling out ... and cleaning the catbox and the hedgehog's cages, we noticed that there was water on the floor.
Because the fixture for water dispenser/ice machine on the black fridge was leaking in the cupboard. *sigh*
So we turned that stuff off and knew that Michael would fix it Monday evening. After a trip to Home Depot. (Which manifested itself in my dream mentioned previously). And he did fix it.
I declared, "Yay!!! You're my hero!!"

So now, Bucket keeps asking if "[Insert Name] is your hero." Like, say: my mom, my dad, Jesus, Bruise, the cat ... Yeah. It keeps stuff interesting. :P

Tuesday, we (kiddos and I) went to storytime and browsed in the used bookstore at the library. Picked up 4 books. My pics were a St. George and the Dragon picture book (awesome illustrations) and a copy (HARDBACK!) of Ronia, the Robber's Daughter. It's by Astrid Lindgren, who wrote the Pippi Longstocking books. I also read Ronia multiple times when I was younger. ... Like I've said before, I'm a sucker for strong heroine stories.
(As we read "The Book of Three" [prequel to "The Black Cauldron"], Michael and I both agree that Eilonwy is the shizzle. She's awesome. I have to say that Lloyd Alexander does write awesome ladies. Eilonwy, Vesper Holly [OMGosh, y'all. I wanted to BE Vesper when I was in sixth grade. .... and still wish that I was more like her. Awesome.] And Gypsy Rizka is a clever girl. And the girl in Arkadians ... Yeah. I still need to read "The Beggar Queen" and those other books. But he writes strong girls. Yay!)

Tuesday night, Bucket acted up. She pretty much body-checked Michael on purpose (well, in her efforts to give him a hug. But OVERKILL. She knows HOW to be gentle. She just wasn't doing it). And then she wouldn't apologize. And THEN she wasn't going to give her daddy a hug and a kiss.
So I declared that I was TOO TIRED to read story-story (as opposed to scripture-story, which is Michael's job. And which is ALWAYS done). And she wept and wailed and gnashed her teeth.

Which leads us to Wednesday morning ... when Bucket had a headache. So I gave her an apple for breakfast, in case it was low blood sugar or something simple like that. Then I gave her some children's acetaminophen. And she said that her belly hurt and she was going to throw up. And she couldn't. So I gave her a cup of diet Pepsi (WILD CHERRY! Wooo!! Thanks, Mom!). ... And then she threw up. In the toilet. EVERYTHING. Like, water came out her NOSE, she was throwing up so hard.
We brushed her teeth and her tongue. And she curled up on my lap for a nap.
And woke up all better ... in time for Mom to return with food from McDonald's.
So, besides the morning, it was a fine day.
We made chicken and dumplings. But the broth had cooled, so the dumplings ended up mixed throughout the whole dish. Different texture. Still tasty.
And we got cupcakes from Coldstone. Yum.

Freyja likes to cuddle on my mom. And on Michael. And on me, when they're not available. Michael says it's because I don't put out as much heat.
I have PLENTY of insulation. And I'm still cold. SUCKS!
(I mean, really, if I get back to a normal, healthy weight, I'm going to be cold even more of the time. Ugh! My feet are still freezing all the time ... well, except when I was preggers with the kidlets. *sigh*)

My face broke out a LOT last week. Boo. It's not my period, so I have no real reason for it. So I think I'll go back to oil-cleansing. Maybe that'll also help with my lips being so chapped all the time. Oil-cleansing, taking my vitamins, and drinking more water. And maybe I'll even make exercising a priority again. Wouldn't that be nice?
And THEN maybe I could actually, you know, stop eating a bazillion calories per day. Ugh.
I have issues.

But yeah ... not a whole, whole lot is going on.

I need to get my lesson ready for church. I'm not teaching this Sunday. It's next Sunday. And, truly? I'm kinda dreading it. I've never taught a Teaching for Our Times lesson. It's a good talk that I'm teaching from ... but still, I'm really, really nervous. I've read through it. But ... I'm so distracted by kids, the internet, myself ... I'm just not really feeling inspired. Or letting myself be inspired. It's enough to make me want to run and hide in a hot shower.

Yeah, I know. Wah, wah, wah. Call the WAH-MBULANCE.
I'll get over it. Probably by the 28th. The day AFTER I have to teach. Ha. Ha. Ha. /ironical tone.

In other news, I hope that things are going better in Japan.
And I'll be reading John Stewart's book. And then I really want to read Colbert's book.
Can they please run for president? Co-presidents? I want them to run together.
Or Mike Rowe. He knows what the country needs. And he's so affable.

Okay. Now to try and be a little bit productive.

Revisionist History ... and other crazy dreams.

I've had such strange dreams the last few nights. I blame last night's dreams on the huge dose of Diet Pepsi with Wild Cherry flavoring. (And, really, that Diet Pepsi was goood. I REGRET NOTHING... of imbibing it.)

But, oh. So the FIRST dream that I had when I finally was able to nod off ... We were heading on some trip. From a vacation house. Michael and I were there with Mom and Dad C and some more family. And my Grampy was freaking out over the dinginess of some white towels. So Mom C was dyeing them to a light olive-y beige color with RIT dye in the washer.
Michael and I were packing up stuff so we could catch up to the rest of the family to go to Mississippi. We went to a zoo first. (I think it was the San Diego Zoo.) And Mom C called to ask where we were. And that THEY had already landed in Mississippi. And that the second flight we could get on had left an hour ago.

A few days ago (REAL LIFE here), I had another strange dream with Michael. (I knew that we were a little strapped for cash until payday. Which has NOW arrived. But before it did, Michael had to make a run to Home Depot. I'll explain why in the next post.) We were at Fred Meyer, shopping in the kids' section. And we were loading the cart with costume stuff for the kids. Like a Batman policeman outfit, princess dresses and crowns, a Nightwing cape ... And Michael had a stash of dollar bills and things to pay for everything.
And I looked at that stack, then turned incredulously to him, "You can't pay for stuff at Fred Meyer with a baggie of bath salts! They're not going to give you anything for that!!" And Michael's all self-assured, "No, it'll be fine." ... And I woke up before we went through the check-out. So maybe Fred Meyer has a thing about homemade bath salts. Who knows?

The OTHER dream I had last night ... we were with family for bits of it. Aunt A and her daughters made an appearance. We were at a reenactment-type event. Must have been the Italian court, based on the men's hats at one point. There was LOTS of velvet in the costuming. And there was a separate area for kids to play with games and such. And they were having a contest for the most ... something ... girl. There was even a song that must have been on loudspeakers about it. I ALMOST can recall the lyrics. Something about "No, Germany has it. Haiti has it." where Haiti's line in sung in a VERY bass voice.
But the grown-up area wasn't as cool as the kids' area. There was a croquet game where they had women in patterns (to make them taller) as the hoops to pass the croquet balls under. And we were in a play. And Cousin M took the cover off of a manhole in the parking lot and jumped in because she was about to give birth. Cousin K (who DID just give birth last week, in real life) was not jumping in any sewer holes or grates.
And ... WEIRD, I had JUST gotten married to someone else. At first I thought it was my brother-in-law, K. But it wasn't. Regardless, I was looking at him and I was all, "GAK! What have I done?? He's not even cute! He's kinda bald! I don't think we've even kissed! ... Wait, we're married, so we must have kissed ONCE. But I don't know if he's even a good kisser!" And he wasn't opening and closing doors for me or ANY of the nice things that Michael does.

So, yeah, I was glad to wake up from that one.

Because as cool as the costuming was, and as pretty as the stalks of hollyhocks that I was holding ... that guy was ALL SORTS OF WRONG.

And who tries to labor in a sewer hole?? Cousin M would NEVER do that. Not even if she COULD get the manhole cover off!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The last few days ...

... have been overall good.

I have a kitty again. My mom even remarked on how much happier I am since Freyja joined our family. And that was just after seeing me for a couple hours.

I keep finding myself getting irritated with Bucket. She has this habit -- she LOVES to scare people. I've told her, like in Superfudge, "The first time is funny, the second time is silly, the third time is a spanking."
Of course, I don't spank the kids very often. Time-outs are where it's at. That and glaring disapproval with a heaping side of guilt/disappointment. That's how I roll. All gangsteerrrrrr, baby.

We got Freyja a scratching ... It's not a POST, per se. It hangs from the door handle. And she uses it. She's my good girl. The only behavior thing to deal with is that she jumps up on the counters and the table.
But, really? I can handle that. I was a little proud of her for stealing a meatball off the stove (they were cool, no worries).

Yesterday was mostly awesome. Mom came up, I ran by the Humane Society and picked up the paperwork that I didn't have (and needed for Freyja's vet appointment tomorrow), and volunteered.
The parking lot at the library was PACKED. And, so, my van now has a scrape on the back bumper. Someone left a note. From the note, it appears that the other car didn't leave a note on their own. This one just had the license plate number and the fact that the car with this plate scraped my car.

The bumper is plastic, so I don't really think I care. I showed it to Michael when he got home. He shrugged it off. So no real big deal.

The other bummer is that it appears that Freyja has worms. I mentioned before that her hindquarters are shaved (and the fur is growing back in). She was walking on my desk and put her bum quite near my face (Charming, no? Why do cats think that we like that? I don't. And I LOVE cats. I mean, I love them. I don't LOVE-love them. That'd be gross. ... And not possible. ... Would it? ... NOT THINKING ABOUT IT. IF IT IS, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!!).
BUT, as I was saying, with her butt RIGHT THERE, I noticed a little white thing.
"Huh," I thought to myself, "Did she eat a ribbon? How odd."


But, yeah. The vet appointment is tomorrow, so it's all good. I just have told the kids to make sure to wash their hands after petting Freyja and before they eat or touch anybody or touch their faces or look at anything ...
(Though, really, maybe having a tapeworm would be the way to lose some weight. Hmmmm. ... Ew. Can't do it. Too gross for me.)

We got Chinese food. Took advantage of the coupons for the free "Golden Treasure Shrimp" ... I printed out two of them. Good thing. Since the portions were in the tiny, tiny purple boxes at Panda Express. But it was pretty good. Kinda like the Orange Chicken ... but more like a tangier, lemony-citrus sauce with red and green peppers in it. Not bad. If I REALLY liked shrimp, I might order it. (I usually stick to some chicken dish and Broccoli Beef. Yummmmmmm.)

Today is Mom C's birthday. So we gave her a call. ... And got some good news! (No, she's not pregnant.) But I don't know if I'm allowed to share their news yet. But it's good news.

Then, before my mom headed out of town, we ran by Bath and Body Works (had a coupon for a free lip gloss with purchase of any full-size True Blue Spa product. We got the soap bar. So, with a $6.50 purchase, we got $8 lip glosses for free. Now, THAT'S how I roll.). I also chatted with the gal who works there. She is pretty sure that in May, there will be the opportunity to register for a new LUV BBW card -- the one that gets you the monthly freebies. She also told me that she didn't know what April's freebie will be, but that she hopes it's another really good one. Like January's or February's. She thought that March's should have had at least three of the little candles ... but, like I said, it's FREE. Better than nothing, right?

And it's cute that she totally recognizes us when we come in. (Mother and daughter and kiddos in tow, I suppose we do stand out a little. ^_^) It makes me feel special. (I was a little sad that when Mom and I got our swag last week that we had a different employee.)
And we swung by Sally's (Sally Beauty) and got a Tangle Teezer. It's PINK. Which is more fun than just a black one. And it works great on Bucket's hair (and mine, too. But mine's shorter, therefore I have fewer tangles in it).

CONFESSION: I hate having to ask where a product is in a store. I used to work at a store and I had to know where things were. Even the pimentos. Really.
So, when I can't find something that I KNOW that a store carries it ... it's not that it's HIDDEN; it's that I'm a personal failure. Yeah, the logic doesn't work. BUT that's how I take it.

Still, if I break down and ASK an employee where a product is ... yeah, that's a HUGE thing for me. And I asked. And there were only two left. And they weren't with the other hairbrushes. They were on an endcap. Which I walked right by. (But there were below eye level. And it's not like there was a sign. So I feel a WEEEEEEEE bit redeemed from failure-hood.)

And, about twenty minutes ago, our FedEx lady dropped by a box.
I knew it wasn't the kids' Disney Store order. That's going to my Mom's house.
And I got all the new shirts that I had ordered from Shade and DownEast Basics.
(Confession: Shirts that cover EVERYTHING that needs to be covered AND that don't ride up and show off my lack-of-washboard-abs? THEY MAKE ME HAPPY.)

But huzzah! My Purex Insider perks! Another sample!
But this one is a bottle of laundry detergent. A full size bottle!

So I'm trying it out. The big bath mats (from Costco) in the master bathroom are going to be CLEAN.
And they'll smell great, since I'm also using the fabric softener crystals, too.
(Just so you know, our laundry has been smelling pretty nice! Yay for laundry that keeps smelling clean! ... Because, really, going through all the work to get the laundry clean ... it irks me when the laundry doesn't SMELL clean as I'm putting it away. Ugh.)

Michael's and my system for dishes seems to be working out. He knows that if the dishwasher is locked, that means that I've started a load ... and that he can unload it. So, yesterday, he was all, "The dishwasher wasn't locked, so I didn't unload it. Just so you know." And I was all, "GREAT! I hadn't started that load. Perfect!"
(No sarcasm involved!)

(Isn't it sad that I had to tell you that there wasn't any sarcasm? *sigh*)

I have get to teach the RS lesson on the last Sunday. It's Elder Packer's "Cleaning the Inner Vessell" talk from November's conference. I don't think I've ever taught a Teachings for our Times lesson.
NO, it's not my new calling at church. I'm subbing. And the education counselor in Relief Society recommended me as a sub to the regular teacher. *panic!!!!!!!*

It's not that I HATE teaching ... it's just that it's a little stressful. (Especially when you procrastinate it .... Hmmmmm.)
I printed out the talk, so I can mark it all up. And I'll just hope and pray that everyone (or most people) participate so that I don't have to listen to my nervous yammering on (and on and on and on).
But, hey, as long as I pray and do my best to teach with the Spirit, I'll do okay.
And even if I do a really sucky job, I'll survive (my pride might not) ... and, if it's THAT bad, they probably won't call me to sub again. :P Ha ha ha.
(But, no, I like to do a GOOD job on things.)

I also need to make a snack for the kids' Sunday School class in two weeks (next week's Stake Conference. *sigh* TWO HOURS of trying to concentrate and keeping the kids quiet. GIVE ME STRENGTH. ... Last Stake Conference, I ended up taking Bruise out to the car where he sniffled and snuffled. Because he wanted to go home and PLAY. ... Which reminds me, I need to make sure I have a book or a magazine or a pile of catalogs out in the car. Or the DS. Or something ... so that, IF I have to sit out in the car with a sniveling, overwrought child, I have something to amuse myself.)

So, what should I take as a snack?
And what should I make for dinner tonight?
And I wonder where Freyja is hiding?

But my house smells nice from the laundry detergent and the fabric softener. ^_^

Monday, March 07, 2011

*cue happy dance*

WE GOT A KITTY!!!!!!!!

And she's the sweetest kitty ever!

Her skin is stripey!
Her hindquarters had been shaved since she's allergic to fleas.
But she doesn't have fleas anymore.

In the other pictures, her eyes look REALLY amber.
They're actually more of an olive, like you see here.

Can you tell that Miss Bucket is glad that she got to pet the kitty?
After I had that dream where Gingi-cat led me to a new kitty, I geared myself up to go back to the Humand Society.

(Gearing up = taking 3 Valerian caplets. Since my brother-in-law C got me all misty-eyed about Di-di cat that morning.)

Saturday, after noon, we headed out. And we spent most of the afternoon in town. I looked at all the cats there. I asked about the ones in foster care (one set of kittens was, as it turned out, going to be adopted by their foster family. The other foster family wasn't in town to arrange a visit).

I was interested in two cats ... but they just weren't quite right. One was a young brown and white tabby. She was okay. But she would hiss whenever she saw any of the other animals. The other was a fluffy white cat with ice-blue eyes. And she got really rough the second time I handled her.

We were headed out, to think about them, when I saw "Vanilla Shake!" in the cage in the lobby.
I took her out ... and ... it was good.

We still left for a bit. There was another cat at a pet store (still from the Humane Society) to look at. And we needed (Hey. For me, it IS a need.) to go to Borders.

The other cat wasn't right for us. I really wanted a pretty young cat. I've had two cats that passed within 18 months of each other. And, really, the hedgehogs are of an age that they could go at any time of natural causes. I do NOT want any more pets going in the near future.

And the more I thought of it, the more it felt right. And the more excited I got.
So I filled out the adoption application and we headed back. And we were approved.
(This is the first time that I've adopted a pet from a Humane Society. My aunt got Ginger for me from the classifieds. And Diana was birthed by a cat that adopted my folks. Most of my other cats, from when I was little, were either from kids giving away kittens by the store or schools OR were from litters from our cats. Mom adopted the dogs while I was at Girls' Camp or away at school, so I had only been to the Humane Society back home to surrender Rosie, Mittens, and a litter of kittens [and, OH, I miss Rosie] or to give up Poochie [who had started biting kids].)

M, at the desk, recommended that Vanilla Shake! receive a new name ... "A new life, a new name."
Which is what we were planning anyways.

Bucket suggested Strawberry.
Um ... No.
Bruise posed something like "Kitty girl." (Though, if we had gotten a black cat [ESPECIALLY one with a red collar], he'd name it "Darth Kitty." Obsession -- U haz it.)
Michael offered "Freya."

We spent a few hours thinking about it (Hours spent letting our kitty explore the house -- and, BONUS, proving that she knows how to (AND DOES) use the litter box -- and putting together the Lego Hogwarts Castle. Which we got on a WONDERFUL coupon. ^_^) ... and we decided that our kitty girl is, from that point on, "Freya."

Which we will spell as "Freyja," as per a friend's suggestion. (Yes, I am TOTALLY LUCKY to have Karen as my Visiting Teacher. You SHOULD be completely jealous.)

Technically, her name should be pronounced "FRY-ah" ... but "FRAY-ah" rolls off the tongue a little more easily. So that's why we left the 'y' in her name.

But she's really perfect.
  • Young (Today, according to the paperwork, is her first birthday!)
  • Short hair, doesn't shed too much.
  • Grey fur
  • Beautiful eyes
  • Soft purr
  • Nice meow ... which is used on occasion. ^_^
  • Spayed
  • Cuddles on my lap, curls up next to me on the couch, sleeps with me
  • Is nice to the kiddos
  • She'll be great with the hedgehogs. When she was given free reign at night to prowl the lobby, she would just watch the dove in its cage and the rats in their cage. She's really mild-mannered and well behaved. ... We've had to tell her not to scratch the sofa and rug once. And to not get up on the counter and table once. (I don't care if she's on my desk, really.)
My house has a soul again. And I feel so much better. I didn't totally realize how much NOT having a cat around really made me feel. (Even when I was in the dorm and sharing an apartment with roommates, I still had Gingi at home. And, during fifth grade, my aunt had cats at the house. And, once we moved back home, she got Gingi for me pretty quickly. While in Seattle, my neighbors had cats ... so it was okay...-ish.)

But, really ... Saturday was a GOOD day.
Michael passed his HAM Radio test. He'll get his call sign ... sometime soon. In a few weeks, maybe.
We got the new issue of mental_floss and Lego Hogwarts.
(Best part of setting up? I put the invisibility cloak on Harry. "[Bruise]!! Where's Harry Potter??" Bruise looked for a tic, then spotted him and grinned, "He's invisible." Hee hee.)
A shipment of edited DVDs came in the mail -- Last of the Mohicans, The Crow, and Glory.
(We watched Glory last night. They did a really good job. The swears that were taken out [not a lot of them] were edited really well. And they took out the guy getting beheaded by the cannonball.)
(I still need to watch the edited Shawshank Redemption and Love, Actually that we got for Christmas.)
(I ordered some more before the place goes out of business on the 15th: Amelie, Zombieland, Kung-Fu Hustle, Shaun of the Dead, Little Miss Sunshine, and The Lost Boys.)

Just for the record? The Lost Boys is one of the BEST vampire movies ever.
My other top Vamp flicks? Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dracula: Dead and Loving It.
Obviously, I like my supernatural infused with humor. ^_^

But .... I GOT A KITTY!!!!!

And she's soft and pretty and has a wonderful personality and loves Michael ... Life is good. Life is really, really good.

Somehow ... even with how crazy life has been ... as long as I have a cat in my home ... things seem SO much better. Their little spirits are a balm to my soul ... as corny and cliché as that sounds, it's true. It's therapeutic, running my fingers through purring fur.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Strange things, mystifying ...

My dreams lately have been odd.

Not "crazy dream chronicles"-caliber odd, just ... different.

Last night's dream: I was at a party. Like a party-in-high school party. Almost like a reunion, though. Since I knew that I hadn't seen these friends in forever. Christina and I were making sandwiches. Mayonnaise, turkey, dill pickles on white bread. I don't know why it seemed so important.
And I sat down next to Zog and we chatted.
And it was so nice to see everyone again.

I was a little sad to wake up. I s'pose because it made me more aware of how much I miss a lot of my friends.

Wednesday night's dream was also odd.

I was in my room, back at Mom's house. I was looking outside the window, and Gingi-cat was there.
And I was just so amazed to see her. Outside. And I opened the window. And she talked to me.
(I don't think I've ever had a dream featuring a talking cat before. Just for the record.)
And I knew that this wasn't normal. And she led me to this steep hill/grassy cliff. To lead me to my next cat.
There was a little kitten.
Like, not brand-spanking-new-and-wet-from-amniotic-fluid NEW ... but a few days old. You know, all small and compact, eyes and ears still closed -- that type of new.
And ascending the hill/cliff, there was a ledge with the mom cat and the rest of her litter.

Gosh, I really, really miss baby-baby kittens.
I'm all for spaying and neutering your pets.
But I miss ... like, when I was younger ... having a litter of kittens around. Being able to hold one completely in your hand. How they mew. How they purr as they all nurse together. Their little pin-prick-needle claws.

I also miss older kittens. How they play with anything. How all surfaces MUST be investigated. ... How they dive-bomb-attack their siblings.

I miss cats. There's nothing like having a purring cat on your lap. Or on your pillow.
When you're sick, you can snuggle with one ... and ... things are better.

Unless you're allergic, I suppose. Then it probably wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable or soothing.

So, yeah ... I don't wake up thrilled, exhilarated, or even feeling completely rested. Not the last few days.
I'm blaming it on hormones.

Still, I like the idea of Gingi gicng permission and helping me find another cat.
Regardless, I'd prefer to have her. I know her quirks and miss her purr and sounds (not quite a meow. Something more like "mrrnf"). I miss her snobby and rather skittish ways. And how she'd tolerate cuddling. And sleep on my pillow, next to my head.

Just checked the math ... 581 days. One year, seven months and four days.
Still sucks.
Just sayin'.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Somewhat productive ...

I'm almost caught up on laundry (just not the folding-or-putting-away-parts).

I had Michael take back the DVDs to the library on his way to his meeting last night.
I had dinner made for him and the kiddos.
Bri and I snacked on GF kettle/carmel corn while we watched Easy A.
(Pop corn in a pot on the stove with some vegetable/canola oil. Stir in brown sugar. Add some salt. YUM!)

And we also spent time watching funny things on YouTube. And talking about P90X, since she's going to buy it.
(Hey, I'm not quite ready for that YET. Once I stop breathing like a whale as I do WiiFit exercises, I'll think about it. And I need to be able to do push-ups. Because there's NO FLIPPIN' WAY I can do pull-ups yet. I know my limitations. And I'm no help to my family if I'm in traction.)

And we went through my iTunes library. And it was a fun visit. I don't hang with my girls a lot anymore. But I'm glad that Bri's and my schedules worked out so well. And that Michael is fine being the testosterone wheel after he gets home from EQ meetings. ^_^ (Thanks, love! I appreciate you!!)

I've gotten caught up on dishes. I have part of a load to do in the dishwasher. But everything else is clean! YAY!

And, oh, but I NEED to get the kiddos dressed for the day.
AND to go through their drawers and get THOSE organized.
I do not know how to describe the expression on my face as I consider this ... but it's not a happy face.
It's more of a gritted-teeth, rolled eyes, looking askance type of face.

Because, I'll admit it.
When I do it ... the kids, Michael, and EVERYONE ELSE who MIGHT be in the house needs to stay outta mah way. Because I need quiet and NO INTERFERENCE.
It's that OCD tendency ... I want these drawers organized. And if ANYONE gets in my way, no matter HOW much I love them ... well, it's not pretty.
I kinda wish that I could totally rearrange their room, somehow ... probably involving a TARDIS, so that there's enough room to have almost all their clothes on hangers that they can reach (to get their clothes AND to put them away). And anything that can't be hung up could go in shallow bins. Like their socks and underoos. Or they could each have one drawer for each type of clothes: shirts, pants, pajamas, summer things ... that sort of thing. Then they could put their clothes away in some type of organization.

Not that THAT ever would have happened. NooooooooOOOOOooooooooooo. *shifty eyes*


Last night, after I put the kids to bed, Bruise REALLY WANTED to snuggle with someone. It wasn't going to be me [or Bri, either] (because Easy A? NOT appropriate for my babies. Just saying). Couldn't be Michael, since he was at his meeting. And Bucket didn't want to. "Because then I'll be up ALL NIGHT!" was her reasoning. Heh.

So I told him that I loved him. And that, if they both went to sleep RIGHT NOW, I'd make them waffles in the morning. (Not a bribe. They had to EARN this.)

I made waffles. Because I honor my promises to the kiddos.

I also have showered and gotten dressed. I am debating on putting on much makeup today.
Because, really? My skin's looking pretty good. No new zits. And the one that WAS lurking? Decided to die down.
(WHAT?? No, really! I was amazed, too!)
I still have some red spots from ones that are healing ... and my eyes look tired. And I wouldn't say no to some mascara. But, really? I don't look too shabby at all.

Which, considering the fact that I JUST had angry bees in my head? I can't believe that I feel so charitable towards my appearance.
I mean, really, as I was about to get in the shower yesterday, I took a look at myself and was all, "You know, for what all I've put my body through ... I don't look bad at all."

(And then the little voice inside my head was all, "*triple-take* Whaaaa? ... Oh, yeah. Not bad at all. I mean, there could be improvement. But, you're right.")

Truly? I'm a little freaked out. But Michael should be happy.
And I hope it lasts. Because maybe it'll be easier to be motivated to work out and eat smaller portions and healthier foods if it's not accompanied by a huge serving of self-loathing and guilt.

Still, I'll totally admit that I'm so glad to see in video clips and in movies that even skinny girls have upper arms that are a little flabby. It makes me accept myself a little more.
And, really? I totally respect that Kate Winslet is against being photoshopped. And that she speaks out when magazines do it to her.

I haven't seen all of "Killing Us Softly," a documentary about how advertising uses and affects women.

But what I've seen ... I agree with. And it's not the first place that I've heard and read about it.

So, now I find myself reading and watching advertisements much more critically. If I don't see ANY pores on a model's nose or cheeks? I find myself being a LOT more skeptical of claims.
Because, really, being ham-handed with an airbrush or Photoshop? Not proving product claims to me. Unless, of course, this company is going to send someone to photoshop ME in real life. (Didn't think so.)

At the same time, though, I have to remember that making women feel bad about themselves, their skin, their features, their weight ... this is how a lot of these companies sell products.
If I ever went into advertising, I hope that I'd be good enough to create ad campaigns that would make people feel good for using the products. And not fill them with self-loathing.
This is why I do like a lot of the Dove advertisements.
And, for the most part, Garnier does focus on the positive. Or on product claims/science.

But, honestly? I'd LOVE to see advertisements and fashion week filled with a huge proprtion of average people. The ones who aren't size 0-4. The ones that aren't completely toned or slim-hipped.
I'd love to see how these designers can make people like ME look.

It's easy to make a model look like ... well, a model.
I would LOVE to see these designers step up to the challenge.

Like I've mentioned, Betsey Johnson did this with her Pink Tag line at Fashion Week this year.
She had friends and employees model the pieces.
Aren't these girls darling?
Now I know that I would look good in this outfit!
If it were on a size 0 girl, I wouldn't even look twice!
Yes! A pregnant woman!
And she looks wonderful!
Is it just me, or does her face look kinda like Reese Witherspoon?
If I ever wore strapless dresses, I'd consider this one.
I like that you don't HAVE to have washboard abs to show some midriff.
And they look like they're having FUN in these clothes.
This gal is ADORABLE.
And I really hate rompers. ... But those boots? ... SO tempting. ^_^

Now, don't they look nice??
There is still the problem that Johnson's clothes aren't made over a size 12.
Still, as the article over at says, there were some stylists in the audience who appeared to be trying to not show their abject horror at these regular-Janes working it on the catwalk.
Why the shock? These are all beautiful ladies! And, really, it's a much more honest look at the type of people that will be wearing designer clothes. We're not all slim and tall.

I'm average height. AND I'm not slim. I'm obese. ... And even when I WAS at the healthy BMI, my boobs made it hard to find things that fit well. As much as I love the LOOK of a button-up shirt, I had to face that if I wanted one, either it'd fit my waist OR the girls. NOT BOTH.

And then, after I gained weight, I just learned to hate shopping for clothes.
(Shopping for shoes? Make-up? Accessories? Those are all FINE. They don't fill me with (1)self-loathing, (2)depression, or (3) MURDEROUS RAGE that designers seem to think there is only ONE AND TRUE body type ... therefore I am a complete freak of nature and should just wrap myself up in sheets, since CLOTHES obviously aren't made to fit mutants like me. And then I should probably hide under a rock and scare children with my hideous size 16 self, with my ample chest and zaftig, hourglass figure.

Yes, there's a reason I don't like shopping for clothes. And it's not JUST because I'm cheap. (Though, that IS a factor. ... Really, a shirt and skirt can run around $40. FOR ONE OUTFIT!!! ... With $40, I could get a basket full of make-up or cheap DVDs. I could buy BOOKS!! LIKE, FIVE OR EIGHT BOOKS! OR more, if I'm at a used book store, even.)

And, with my size, it's difficult to get stuff that fits at resale places. Unless I want to solely dress in baggy things that don't look good anyways.

Yes, I'm picky. I'm vain enough that I WANT to look good, to show off my figure to its best advantage.
And, really? A muu'muu isn't going to do that. (I'm not knocking muu'muu dresses. They have their time and place. And, really, my hair isn't right for them most times. I need big hair to go with a big dress. Or else I look like a little head stuck on a huge dress. Yes, I have issues.)

Still, until I manage to get myself back to a healthier weight, hating my body/myself isn't doing anyone any good. I've had YEARS of experience ... and it's not had any good results.

So, I'm going to DEAL with the fact that my body is NOT that of a model's. And that, even so, I have every right to be pretty, to look good, to like how I look in clothes and out. That my face and my hair don't HAVE to be my best features. That I am deserving of clothes that make me look and feel good.

Sorry, Michael ... I think that I need to buy another Sunday skirt or two. Until I fit into the new black one I bought last year. I can wait for a while, though. But the desire is there.

30 Day Challenge - Day 30

Day 30 - Your favorite song

Oh my goodness. Srsly?

Asking me this is like asking me my favorite BOOK. You're not going to get one single answer.

Okay ... let's see:
  • "Pocket Full of Sunshine" - Natasha Bedingfield.
    Because of the movie Easy A ... which I LOVE.
  • "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" - Elvis Presley
    Because it's OUR SONG.
  • "Mambo #5" - Lou Bega
    Because this is one of the songs that Ty and I would rock out to.
    It always makes me happy to hear it.
  • "Kiss Me" - Sixpence None the Richer
  • "Lovefool" - The Cardigans
  • "Iris" - Goo Goo Dolls
  • "Sugar Water," "Moonchild," "Beef Jerky," "Know Your Chicken," "Birthday Cake," "White Pepper Ice Cream," "Sci-Fi Wasabi," ... and lots of others - Cibo Matto
  • "The Spectrum Song"  - Ludwig von Drake
    Because Terra and I love his pronunciation of "MAUVE."
  • "Love Me Dead" - Ludo
  • "Alone" or "These Dreams" - Heart
  • "Everything's Alright" - from Jesus Christ Superstar
  • "Pure Imagination" - as performed by Gene Wilder
  • "Duvet" - BoA (Lain opening theme)
And lots of others that I do adore very, very, very much.
And that I wouldn't want to OFFEND by not listing them on my list of favorites.

Those are just some of the ones that come to mind first. And I'm too lazy to sit here ALL DAY and list the rest of them.
It's true. I am that lazy.

So ... yeah. I like songs. I like to listen to them and to sing along to them.
And I am SO NOT going to choose just one.

Yeah, you should ask about my favorite color.
"Um, teal. And pink. And soft lemon yellow ... and opalescent! And grey ... and ...."

Yeah, I like things too much to have a single favorite.
Love me, deal with my lack of decisiveness.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Insomnia ...

So, last night, after finishing washing loads of laundry, I got dinner made.
Then we got the kiddos put to bed and Michael and I settled down to watch Red.

Now, the previews looked pretty okay. And Michael was looking forward to it.

Oh. My. Flip. It was good. And hilarious.
Usually when I have to make a potty break, I'll just tell Michael to fill me in.
"Um, Honey? Would it be mean of me to ask if we can pause it? I have to pee."

I knew at that point that we should totally buy it.
Yeah, it was only about halfway over at that point.
Sometimes you just know, though.

Michael waited until the end to make up his mind.

We totally agree. ^_^

After the movie, we got dinner put away and looked at some things on the computer.
And we headed to bed.

And, oh, one reason I really hate my period?
I get insomnia. We went to bed before 11.
I read a magazine until I was (FINALLY) tired.
Took me over an hour to get to that point. Grrr.

Next time, I should be smart and pop some sleeping aids or something.
(Maybe I should buy some Tylenol PM. JUST for this purpose.)

The kiddos decided to skip storytime today. Oh well.
I was dressed. I was willing. Maybe next time.

I also was TOTALLY productive this morning. (/sarcasm)
I looked at couches on Craigslist.
It'd be nice to have something that my mom could actually sit on.
Since she's usually up here every week.

But, yeah ... I'm now having TOTAL redecorating-type urges.
I NEED to paint the kids' room, the kitchen, the bathrooms.
It is a NEED.

I NEED to go through all my clothes and get rid of what I don't wear. Because, really? I'm sick of doing laundry all the time. Of clothes that I don't wear and that are just TAKING UP ROOM. Because, really? Getting ready for church? Especially when I'm PMSing?
Slightly traumatic when I can't find anything that I WANT to wear, that would fit right/look good.
Especially when I'm hormonal. Just sayin'.

Okay. I've spent the morning loading the dishwasher (We've JUST discovered that Michael doesn't mind UNLOADING the dishwasher. And I don't mind LOADING it. So we now have a system. YES!! It's only taken us nearly a decade to figure it out! :P), making eggies for the kiddos ... I've cleaned up some clutter. I FINALLY did some WiiFit.

My desk is looking better. Not perfect by ANY means.
Refound my HAM Radio license. (Knew it was SOMEWHERE on or near my desk. ... Now I'm scanning it in. Isn't that a novel idea? *rolls eyes*)

I scanned all the pictures that P gave me to scan for her. Put them on a CD. Now I can give her all her swag at church. PHEW.
Found a hedgehog manual that I need to return to one of the YW. Like FOREVER AGO. Oops.

I also have Seph's CDs from months ago. Oops. I'd better figure out a time with Jenny to drop them off. Preferrably this week, right?

Then I can start organizing my OLD external HD ... so that, you know, maybe Michael can use it. ^_^
(And I need to organize iTunes a little, so that all my Glee songs are on the new external HD. Just in case. Because I'm a freak like that. :P)
(And I need to get all the Glee songs onto my iPod. So that I have fun things to listen to on my way to the library.)

THEN Michael and I can tackle Mt. Laundry on the big couch. And Bruise will have underwear in his drawer again. And then I can tackle the kids' bedroom (since more people see it) and then our bedroom and bathroom.

And then I can soak my head.

Seriously. I KNOW that I vacuumed yesterday afternoon.
It doesn't look like it. *sigh*

Okay, now I've cleaned up ONE of the kids' tables. Bruise's table is now the homework table. I put the cute little D'Nealian letter/alphabet/handwriting strips on the table ... so the kids will be able to SEE how to write each letter.
(Do schools still teach D'Nealian? I don't know. BUT it is a neat, easy-to-read form of handwriting. SO ... yeah. ... Yeah, I got nothin'.)
(Except a cleaner desk. And ONE cleaner kids' table. ... Bucket's table is messier. Always. Because she loves to color and to draw. So there are papers and crayons and markers and pencils ALL OVER. ... Like how the train table ALWAYS has Legos ALL OVER. ALWAYS.)

But, on the bright side, while Michael's out doing Elders Quorum Presidency things, my Bri is going to come over and hang with me. Since HER husband's out doing EQ things for THEIR ward.
(Works out nicely, no?)
I think I'll make her watch Easy A. But I'll make her GF Kettle Corn. Because that's how much I love her.

Wow, with all the CRAP (figurative) cleaned off my desk, it seems a LOT larger ... or roomier.
Not all that surprising ... But still!

I want to get some baskets for the table/desk by the loveseat. This way we'll have a basket for the remotes, a basket for the Wii stuff (like the WiiMotes and nunchucks), and a basket for all the DS stuff. Since the kids steal it from me all the time. I might as well just have all the stuff together (It WOULD clear up a LITTLE room on my bookshelf.)

I can't believe it's already March. That's insane.
Of course, there's also the fact that my kids are five. That's nuts. They're supposed to still be babies, right?

Sunday, as I escorted Bucket to the bathroom, I ran into a pal.
C: Oh my goodness! They're getting so big!!
Me: I know. I keep thinking of doing what my grandma threatened -- putting a rock on their heads.
*Bucket and I get into the bathroom*
Bucket: Why did you say 'rock?'
Me: My Grandma Darlene would threaten to put a rock on my head when I was little.
Bucket: WHY??!?
Me: Because I was growing up too fast. Should I put a rock on your head?
Bucket: No. Because I am growing BIGGER.
Me: But you promise not to grow up too fast, right? You'll stay a kid for a while, right?
Bucket: Until I'm a grown-up.

Okay ... I guess I'll compromise.

All right, I need to start dinner. Something with meatballs and pesto.
Probably pasta. 'Cause that's how we roll around here.
We so gangsterrrrrrr. We bein' the PASTA GANG tonight.

I OBVIOUSLY need more sleep. Oh my words.

And, my goodness, but my toenails look appalling. I need to redo my toenail polish.

Okay. I'd better get (back) to work.

30 Day Challenge - Day 29

Day 29 - In this past month, what have you learned?

  • How to schedule posts. Not that hard.
    (HINT: If anything you're reading these last couple weeks says that it's posted at, like, midnight? It's probably scheduled. Especially if it's part of the 30 Day Challenge.)
  • How to marbleize nail polish. Thank you, YouTube videos.
    Thank Michael for the picture.
    And ignore the fact that I hadn't cleaned up the edges of all the other nails.
  • That being sick SUCKS even more than I remembered.
  • That I have really, really wonderful friends. Not that I didn't know this. I did. I was just SERIOUSLY REMINDED of this fact.
  • That Michael gets embarrassed by what he considers overmuch praise.
    (I can't help it that he's so awesome. It obviously is very difficult ... dealing with the fact that he's wonderful.)
I'm sure there are many other things that I've learned this month. But, hey, those are the ones that stand out the most right now.

Counting ...

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