Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nabbed from Prissy

1. Do you like blue cheese? It's not terrible... But It's not what I go for first.
(I was put off Blue Cheese for YEARS thanks to my father telling me that "Blue cheese is made from old milk. For some reason, that just nauseated me to no end.)

2. Have you ever smoked? 1-It's totally against my religion. 2- My mother has asthma which is ESPECIALLY triggered by cigarette smoke. 3-My Pop-pop died from lung cancer. 4- I've always thought it is rather disgusting. Short answer: No. SO not for me. (I had a nightmare once where I was laying under a piano, smoking. And my mom caught me. And I felt TERRIBLE!!!! And so I've NEVER been at all tempted.)

3. Do you own a gun? No. Am I against it? Heck, no. If Michael ever had a job where he'd be gone during the night or for prolonged periods, I'm so getting one. And learning to confidently and competently shoot that sucker. (Also, I like the IDEA of a shotgun -- results in lots of pain, no so much fatality ... But, DANG, those suckers HURT me to fire. I cried.) (I totally recommend books my Massad Ayoob if you're wanting to learn about guns. He's totally made of awesome.)

4. What flavor Kool-Aid was your favorite? I like Fruit Punch, myself. Or Cherry. Or Strawberry. I was never a huge fan of Blue Raspberry, though.

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Not so much. I actually kinda LIKE going to the doctor's (not for gyno-appointments, though. Those are a necessary evil of being endowed with a uterus). But it's nice to be told, for the most part, that you're fine or how to get well.

6. What do you think of hot dogs? On the one hand: Pig's lips. On the other (more dominant) hand: YUM. I love the ones with cheese inside. Or the cheesy Polish dogs.

7. Favorite Christmas movie? Elf or It's a Wonderful Life. OH!! How could I forget my ALL-TIME favorite?? A Charlie Brown Christmas. Hands down!!

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Water. I'm kinda boring. And cheap.

9. Can you do push ups? Yes. But I don't on principle.

10. What’s your favorite piece of jewelry? My wedding set, the jade pendant from Grammy, the blue topaz ring from Grandma Darlene (or her wedding band which I occassoinally wear on my thumb), and the tanzenite ring from my Nana. All, really, because of their sentimental value to me.

11. Favorite hobby? Reading, blogging, and hanging with my dear people.

12. Do you have ADD? Perhaps ... but not enough to be diagnosed. I just sometimes have a short attention span. Usually when I'm really tired or stressed.

13. Do you wear glasses/contacts? No. However, sometimes I wonder if I have astigmatism.

14. Middle name? Um, it's kinda obvious. Lee. Only the coolest middle name ever. ^_^ Ask my friend, Pie (her nickname).

15. Thoughts at this exact moment. Why the bedevilment does my pinkie hurt so much?

16. Name three drinks you regularly drink. Water. ... Water ... and Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade.

17. Current worry? Heh. Money. And if I can lose 20 pounds before my high school ten-year reunion. Or if maybe the popular girls chubbed out, too ... so I'll look good even in comparison with them. (Yes, I AM just that vain. Deal with it. You know you love me.)

18. Current hate right now? That Politics is such a screwy practice. Why can't we be upfront without having to SPIN EVERYTHING?!?

19. Favorite place to be? With people I love, be it friends or family.

20. How did you bring in the New Year? I think we went to bed early.

21. Where would you like to go? I'd love to go globe-trotting ... Scotland, England, Germany, Egypt, India, Antarctica, Russia ... and to Disneyland with the kidlets.

22. Name three people who will complete this. Um, I don't really care. Whoever WANTS to do it, I guess.

23. Do you own slippers? Yes, but I usually don't use them often, since they're buried in the closet with all my other shoes.

24. What shirt are you wearing? My new black V-neck T-shirt. Comfy and cute in its plainness.

25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? I wouldn't know. If anyone wants to donate to the Satin Sheets for Allanna fund, I wouldn't say no. ^_^

26. Can you whistle? I can whistle ... but not whistle melodies.

27. Favorite color? I like too many. Teal is a safe bet.

28. Would you be a pirate? I don't know if I'm totally hardcore like history's female pirates were. But it's fun to speak like a buccaneer. Arrrrrgh, me hearties! Avast ye!!

29. What songs do you sing in the shower? Depends what I'm in the mood for. Sometimes Broadway musicals, sometimes songs from the radio.

30. Favorite girl’s name? I'm still working that out. I met a girl named Jerrica, which was cool. If you have to ask why, you've lost all your "Child of the 80s cred.)

31. Favorite boy’s name? I have a few.
32. What is in your pockets right now? Nothing. Even though my skirt has pockets.

33. Last thing that made you laugh? Probably something that Michael said. Can't recall off the top of my head. I'm a little tired.
34. What vehicle do you drive? Honda Odyssey. It's alright.

35. Worst injury you’ve ever had? Either a hairline fracture in my arm or the reason I have a scar on my forehead. Or the reason for the scar on my collarbone.

36. Do you love where you live? It's a good town and a GREAT ward (church congregation). I'm not IN LOVE with my house, but it's a good place.

37. How many televisions do you have in your house? 2. Both were (greatly appreciated) gifts.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Prodigal ...

So, you long-time readers may recall how I was SO. UPSET. a while ago because Michael and I had bought Bruise and Bucket little no-spill bubble containers ...

Well, shortly after that debacle, Bucket lost her blower. No flippin' clue where it could be.

We found it in the couch.

IN the couch.

I had set it aside so I would pick it up before the kidlets woke from their nap and put it with the rest of her bubble-stuff.

Heh heh. Yeah. The kidlets woke up, found it, fought over it. It disappeared again.

Michael pointed it out to me as we gave goodnight hugs and kisses.

It's now reunited with the bubble-cup-thing.

Only like a month later.


Yup, that's most of what's gone on around here. I weeded the yard today. So instead of looking like a jungle, it looks more like a huge expanse of dirt. At least I'm not antagonizing Mr. HOA. ^_^ Poor guy.

And Bruise was playing with my sunglasses ... which are a little old. I've had them longer than I've had the kidlets! Broke BOTH arms off of them. So I bought a new pair of cheapie glasses. At least these are still sorta cute. And they don't slide down my nose. That'll be nice.

Michael's telling me to come to bed. ... AFTER I make sure that dinner's put away. ^_^ It's always nice when the missionaries flatter your cooking.

Friday, August 29, 2008

About a bridal shower ... and other things. But be warned.

NOTE: Corrected the lightning video link in the post a couple days ago. Sorry about that. Now you can go watch its awesomeness-issity.

It's a week until my sister-in-law T1 gets married. CRAZY. Her bridal shower was yesterday. It was good to see everyone and to meet some of her other friends. (I know some of them ... like B, who I had in a few classes at college. A FUN girl. Totally FUN.) It was a very nice shower.

I won one of the games ... making words out of the letters in the bride and groom's full names. My best ones? "Thief," "Faint," "X-ray." ... I play to win when it comes to word games, baby.

The wife of one of our past bishops remarked, "Well, Allanna. I noticed you had quite a few four-letter words in there." (Like cats, rats, coat, etc.)
And I turn to her and throatily say, "They're my specialty."

Because I am JUST that mature, y'all.

T1 was worried that I'd continue the tradition of a mutual friend (and roommate) or ours in gifting the bride with a teddy bought at Goodwill.

Not. On. Your. Life.

Enless I'm EXTREMELY good friends with you. I can think of maybe two friends that I might try that with. And that would be in conjunction with getting a REAL present.

And that Goodwill teddy I was gifted?
Went back to Goodwill.

I just couldn't bring myself to give lots of prophylactics or manuals or anything in front of Grandma C. She's a sweet lady. She can handle lingerie ... but anything that I'd be tempted to get to be funny/racy/etc ... I am not about to be the cause of anyone's cardiac arrest. (I just totally typed "cardinal arrest." Now I'm picturing a little red bird in cuffs. *snrk!!*)

Well, I should (keyword: should) do another load of dishes, throw some meat in the fridge to defrost, clean the kitchen and bathrooms in preparation for all the company that will be descending arriving next week. And meet with Dianne (who's totally saving my heinie) to discuss all the pictures that we'll be taking on the temple grounds and at the reception.
And I should get a shower. Sometime.

But I was very proud of my little Bucket yesterday. She understood that I had a party to go to for adult ladies. And she let me go without tears. Just hugs and kisses and wishes that I'd have fun. How cute is she?? (Bruise wasn't so keen to have me go. But he took it well. Especially since Michael bribed him with pizza. Not that either of the kidlets ate much of it. But still. It's the thought that counts, right?)

More on the Mr. Roger's Front

So, here's the latest ... I got a reply a few days ago from PBS:
Thank you for writing to PBS regarding MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD.

This iconic series holds an extremely special place in PBS's heart. Together, PBS and Family Communications, Inc. are committed to evolving the role this cherished series plays in today's media landscape, ensuring future generations of children can experience this rich, unique content.

PBS will continue to distribute repeats of MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD to all member stations. PBS stations have the option of broadcasting the series everyday or once a week as best suited for their local community interests. For those that choose to air the series daily, PBS is feeding 185 episodes over the summer, allowing easy access to a library of episodes. For those stations choosing to air the series weekly, they can pick up the weekly feed this fall.

PBS continues to invest in the MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD Web site at, enriching content with new games, activities and resources for kids, parents and teachers. In addition, PBS and Family Communications, Inc. are planning to preserve MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD content and make it available on demand through Web streaming so families can access it 24/7. We will also engage Fred Rogers' many active fans to vote for favorite episodes, share stories and more.

Kevin Morrison, COO of Family Communications, added, "We've been working with PBS on the details of the distribution of MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD in 2008-09 and are pleased that stations can choose to continue to show the series each day or once a week. Fred Rogers was one of the pioneers of public television and it's exciting that he will now be a new media pioneer on an expanded PBS KIDS Web service. Both PBS and Family Communications have some great ideas to make this a rich resource for children and parents for years to come."

Our support for MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD reaches far beyond the TV series and Web site, including participation in comprehensive viral campaigns such as "Sweater Day" in March and various sweater drives across the country. PBS has carried on the legacy of Fred Rogers through his TV show, the Web and PBS station community outreach activities for years because of the incredible impact Fred has had on children.

Fred Rogers' values are embedded in all the work we do and have been an inspiration to new generations of children's producers. Everyday, PBS KIDS is taking children on a journey to learn about themselves, others and the world around them, a philosophy that's very much inspired by Fred Rogers' work and his dedication to the betterment of all children.

We appreciate your interest in our programs and hope you will continue to watch and support your local PBS station.

PBS Viewer Services
Well, it's not GREAT news ... but I am a little happier in knowing that there will be 24/7 streaming of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood ... Now, when I get lots of monies, I need to get a TV set up where I have it hooked up to the computer. Because that would be awesome. And, also, we can all curl up in front of the telly, as a family, to watch Mr. Rogers and learn to be a better neighbor. Because Mr. Rogers is made of awesome. And I pink, puffy heart him. (And not just because he was a handsome young man. Dude, have you seen him in the tapes of when he was speaking to encourage subsidized public television?? Brad Pitt, look out! AND Fred Rogers was faithful to his wife. I'm just sayin'.)

So ... if you do feel strongly about having your local public broadcast station showing Fred Rogers everyday, you really do need to make your voice heard. But if you don't really care ... ... ... Well, you can still be my friend. But not my best.

(Joking!!) (Sorta.)

Besides, I rather like it when, if I have to be awake that early, cuddling with my kidlets in my big bed while watching Mr. Rogers. It's a good way to start a day. Encourages me to yell less and to work harder at keeping my patience with my little hellions dear, sweet bayy-bees. Because I do love them almost all of the time. ^_^ (There are times, I'll admit, when I love them less than they deserve. Because I am a flawed little sinner. Which is yet another reason why I'm glad that we can repent. Because, Heaven knows, I need repentance and the power of the Atonement in my life.)(Just keepin' it real.)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stuff to Share

So, yeah, here are some links and vids and such.

From me to you.

With lurve.

Srsly, is this not AWESOME?
I likes me some lightning. Except for when a storm knocks out the power. Because then I can't go online. Sucks much.

From the ever-charming and darling FoldMyLaundryPlease - Her BIG Project! (and I'm in it!)
(And you can tell that I'm not the only one with a webcam.)

So, go, GO! And show her some lurve. She totally is deserving of your affections, okay?

And to get in touch with my inner Belle (Antebellum Belle, that is), The BBQ Song!

Nabbed from the Fail Blog:

Ken Lee ... You're a "lucky" man, all right. Very lucky, indeed.

For my shoe aficionado-friends (Prissy, I'm looking at you), here is the SECOND VOLUME of the World's Craziest Shoes ... which are all overpriced, of course. ^_^

Since I'm just that odd, I kind of liked these contacts. If I wore contacts.

Why you shouldn't date a T-Rex.

Why it'd be cool to date a unicorn.

If you've ever read the novel "Rebecca," you'll probably REALLY enjoy this podcast episode (7 min. long). If you haven't read it ... you'll probably still enjoy it.

Yesterday was Eric D. Snider's birthday. HERE is one of his hilarious blog posts. I have to remember to share it with best-friend-T (She loves Bring It On.)

If you want to see how you look if you were in a manga, go to
This is me:

What do you think? Any resemblance?

And, lastly, because as much as I like the Twilight series? I like mocking it even more.
Here is the BESTEST EVAR preview I've seen for the Twilight movie. (From SmartBs Blog)

Monday, August 25, 2008


We are back from our whirlwind trip from Cali. Michael missed us. The house was clean on our arrival ... He even fixed the toilet that started to leak (deluged) right before we took off Thursday.

Saw Grampy (the kidlets' great-grandfather. This was the first time they've met him. The last time that we saw him was when we told him and Grammy [who has since passed away. Explains why he was having a wedding reception, no?] that we were having twins. When we were getting together to spread my uncle's ashes. Very circle of life, huh?) and met his new wife. She seems really nice. She brought us all presents ... crackers and snacks for Michael and me (I get the coffee-flavored crackers all to myself. Yes, I'm a terrible Mormon. I like the flavor/smell of coffee. It comes from my coming from a long line of "Friends of Other Faiths." ... And the fact that at my Nana's house, a treat I commonly received was coffee candy. Oh, yum.) and pajamas and an outfit for each of the kidlets. Bucket is running about in her Abby Cadabby outfit ... complete with wings on the back and a little petal-skirt on the shorts. Very cute. Bruise was sad that his new truck PJs were dirty. He wanted to wear those today.

The kiddos got to try swimming in a swimming pool. At first, Bruise didn't really like it. But now he really finds being towed around a pool, in his little inner-tube, to be a huge highlight. Bucket wants to love swimming ... but she's so trepidatious about it. She says that she does want to take swimming lessons next summer, though. That'll be good.

The drive into San Francisco was crazy. We got caught in rush hour traffic before the toll bridge we took. Oh my words ... and it didn't help that one guy didn't have very bright brake lights (the light in his back window was OUT ... We almost smashed into him. Good thing Mom's car and Julie's car all have very good brakes ... and that we didn't take the van). And Mom and I REALLY needed a bathroom. :S

But, overall, the trip went well.

Bucket threw up once a day with all the excitement ... and she loves to eat. And doesn't always know when to stop. Friday, she tossed her cookies in Julie's bathroom. Saturday, she filled three linen napkins at Grampy's reception. Sunday, she puked all over herself and her carseat on the way back to Oregon. Ugh. That was crazy. I'm still trying to get the stains out of her new shirt.

But, yeah. It went pretty well. Mom brought her portable DVD player (she bought it especially for the trip. We know that we can get lots of use out of it. ^_^ The kidlets watched movies all the way down. They even napped a little on the way down. Bruise seems to be a bit of a better traveler than Bucket (she wants to be "up" and held during the drive), but Bucket did a really, really good job of going to the bathroom in the toilets. She only really had a bad day of it yesterday. Bruise was filling up his Pull-Ups left and right. *sigh*

We should be caught up with insurance. *sigh* Anyone want to give me a trust fund? Any wealthy, philanthropic readers out there wanting to pay for some of my kids' college? Just thought I'd ask. ^_^ (But, really, if you're out there, I'm not too proud to accept it. ^_^)

I really do feel that things WILL work themselves out. I've been praying a lot about it. Keep feeling that it'll be okay. ... But you know me. I'm impatient. And I like me some monies. ^_^

I also like me some swimming pools. ... If we ever get to the point where we build our dream home, we are having us one of those indoor pools. Swimming year-round. And a hot tub/whirlpool/spa/whatever you call it. (Bucket LOVED the hot tub.)

Today, I'm just going to concentrate on getting caught up on things ... do some dishes, fold some laundry, finish cleaning out Bucket's puke carseat, do some reading, maybe take a nap, snuggle with Michael ... that kinda stuff.

I'm pretty wiped still ... but, considering that I haven't been sleeping all that well lately, it's hardly surprising. *sigh* I'm working on that.

And, hey, I impressed my mom by using a curling iron to straighten my hair for the reception. Go me.

And everyone thought that Bruise and Bucket were so adorable at the reception (you can tell they didn't see Bucket upchuck, huh?).
As Bruise was chasing/being chased by Bucket and the other little girls on the dance floor, one of the girls came up to us (she might be three-five years old) and said fervently to Mom and me,

"He is SO handsome."

That's my boy. Breaking hearts at this tender age. Keep it up, little man. But be kind. ^_^

And, Bucket? Stop throwing up. You don't want to be sick.
Neither do I, sweetheart. Neither do I.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blargh ... plus some cute stuff. And some poop.

So, I get a call ... Michael's going to be taking care of some financial stuff while I'm gone.
He's me big, strong man. Helping me to not worry so that my brain melts and seeps out my ears.

BESIDES THAT, we went to storytime (survived!), got the kidlets' summer reading program prizes (a book each, and coupons for blueberry-picking and free tacos), then we hit Target and Costco.

Sadly, Costco did not have TONS of free samples out. Whatever.

But the kids were generally well-behaved and cute.

When I asked Bucket if she wanted to do a little shopping, she's all "No. I do BIG SHOPPIN!!!"

That's my girl.

We picked up Pull-Ups. Bruise has Cars and Bucket has Princesses. She's been so thrilled to have her "princess panties" that she went pee in the potty at least three times. And even pooped, too! That's some serious motivation when you've got panties with "Swinderlella" on them.

Bruise ... well, he's taken to wearing his Cars UNDERWEAR ... and he pooped too ... just not in the toilet. At least I caught it before it got ground into the fabric or anything. *phew*

I'm tired. I couldn't sleep last night. Ended up staying up until midnight. And I have so much to do and I'm completely unmotivated ... and then I freaked out with the phone call from the Dr.'s office ... But I've prayed and Michael's going to take care of it and things are going to work out. Somehow. But they will.

Hey, anyone wanna join my "Don't Have Enough Money" Club? The only requirement is that you don't have enough money to buy everything you want. Bonus points if you totally second-guess purchases after a while. Extra bonus points if you wish that you didn't have to eat. Ever. ('Cause. DANG Y'ALL, I'd be saving a veritable CRAPLOAD of monies if I never had to buy food.)

But things will be okay. Someday. And my mental health number will go far down. And I won't text my husband about a bazillion times. And I'll spoil my kids and never worry about retirement (or social security) or the price of tea in China, etc., etc., so forth.

Well, I'd better unleash my children from naptime.

Take care, everyone! I probably won't blog until Monday. So ... yeah.
If you seriously miss me too much, go to and watch Dr. Horrible. And sing along with the Laundry Day song. And start reciting the dialogue.
And if that doesn't help, go rent/buy Firefly. I'm just about Kaylee. With some Wash thrown in.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Working at Chillaxing.

With the trip to Cali looming in the not-so-distant future, I've been acting ... well, um ... "pissy" seems to describe it. :S

Yeah, Michael deserves a medal for putting up with me. As do the munchkin brigade. (Even though THEY whine and set me up for my own tantrums.)

BUT, I finally got up my courage and went to Ross to look for something cute to wear to my Grampy's reception. I found two skirts. And I went to Payless for a pair of shoes. Found two pairs on sale. All in all, I spent about $35 ... but I'll get some good use out of these clothes. (I almost bought a cute little black skirt ... but I didn't think that the zipper would last well. It was sticking already. And I HATE fighting with zippers. They always win.)

Totally different note: Here are cute things that my kids say --
  • "Swinder-Lella" = Cinderella
  • "NO MORE FISHIES!!!!!" = 'Mother, no thank you. I do not care for any Goldfish crackers. Thank you for your kind offer. (although it's MUCH cuter in retrospect)
  • "calla-pitter" = caterpillar
  • When reciting the alphabet, the letters 'E' and 'J' ... along with L-N can be omitted. Dunno why.
I'm sure that there are VERY many more cute things that Bruise and Bucket come up with ... but right now, I need a nap (and I'm SO not getting one) and can barely think at all.

And I need to make some pesto today before the basil from Mom's garden goes bad.

You know how you're typing or just sitting and you're all tired and dizzy? Yeah, the last couple weeks have kinda been like that.

BUT I have a good start on my secretarial duties. I just about have the calendar done (the calendar itself and the list of activities by group on the back). I also have been downloading cute fonts like crazy. I've been reading a little (trying to get through all the books I've checked out. And TRYING to get to the ones that I've borrowed from friends who love me so much). I painted my nails (fingers AND toes), so that I look pretty and feel pretty and feminine and darling. I caught up on comics and read most of the usual blogs. The kidlets and I actually made it to storytime (and stayed for just about the whole thing!) and read a little at home. Good stuff. I feel a very little bit productive.

Oh. I realized that I really haven't eaten anything nutritious for lunch. Crappit. That probably explains the dizziness and the kille headache that I had earlier.

And I should do the dishes and make dinner and such. Wish me luck on that. And getting packed. Maybe this time I won't forget to pack myself underwear. Not like that has ever happened before. *shifty eyes* Like last weekend. *more shifty eyes*

Also, I notice that I make even more typing mistakes when I'm tired/dizzy. Thank goodness for the add-on spellchecker (One more reason to love and adore and cherish Firefox.) (Until you accidentally add a misspelling of "with" to your dictionary. Any ideas how to fix that? Send them my way, please!)

And, just so you're aware, I won't be blogging a ton this week. Being away from a computer for half the week does have that effect on me. But I'll try and make it up to you, okay?

Now to throw some clothes in the washer, finish loading the dishwasher, figure out a meal for dinner, and ... do something else. I know there was something. Probably make a check-off list of what to pack and how to pack it. I get a little anal-retentive about it after forgetting important stuff. (Hey! At least last time I remembered all Michael's clothes. There's been many a time as I pack late at night that he hasn't had pajamas or the like. Yeah. Sign me up for wife of the millennium there.)

Oh! And my massage mitt came in the mail yesterday. Wonderful! Michael gave me a back rub with it last night (i gave him one first. See? I can be nice and share and all that), and I used it with my body wash in the shower this morning. Tres nice. Mais oui.

Okay, now to be all productive before I start getting all crazy again.

Wither the fries?!? Bruise is asking to watch Back to the Future. Um ... isn't that a little ... precocious? I mean, isn't he supposed to want to watch, like, Froofy the Dog or something?
Darn that cool-looking Delorian.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Return with Honor Exhaustion

Well, since I'm blogging, I'm sure that you can tell that we survived the weekend. And it was a god weekend, really.

Friday, we dropped Michael off at his carpool-place. Then we jetted home where the kidlets ate breakfast and watched a movie while I ran around loading all the stuff that I packed/was packing into the car and did some last minute chores (little things -- dishes, cleaning the catbox, laundry ... stuff so the house won't stink). Then, we got loaded up a few hours later so I could drop some letters by for a couple of gals that I visit teach.

After dropping off the first letter, the munchkin brigade decided that a mutiny would be a good idea. A mutiny of tantrums, that is.

And it wasn't a good idea. I got them loaded back in the car. Even as Bucket kept declaring, "I no wanna see Daddy. I wanna go in house." (Meaning that she didn't want to go into the van, even if it meant she could go see Michael. She would rather go inside the door we had knocked on ... of a nice sister who works nights and is SLEEPING. ... Not an option.) And we stopped by the other gal's place. AND JUST CAUGHT HER ... so, hey! I've got a face to match with the name. (And who says that miracles don't happen?!?) THEN we got loaded up in the van again, Bucket took a nap, Bruise pointed out cars and motorcycles and trains and such ... a car of boys waved at me (kinda weirded me out), and we got safely to Michael's office where we visited with his boss and a few coworkers.
Then we went to Trader Joe's and shopped at Borders ... where I was a complete bargain huntress.

I got my mom a card and some trinkets for inside the card (her birthday's tomorrow), a church bag (I wanted a new one. I got it for $6 when it would normally be around $18), a book (only one more in the series to buy. And, really, do me a favor -- Buy Shanna Swendson's books, especially the sequels in her Enchanted, Inc. series. Maybe then her publishers will let her write the fifth one. They're totally awesome!). AND I got three DVDs. Here, let me brag illustrate my shopping maven skillz:
  • Signs - Normally $12.99. I got it for $7.99 ($5 savings)
  • Clueless - Normally $12.99. Got it for $5.99 ($7 savings)
  • Lars and the Real Girl - Normally $27.99. Snatched it up for $7.99 (Yes, really. I totally scored a savings of $20! No, you don't need to bow. Oh, stop. Flattery will get you everywhere. I mean nowhere!)
But, yes! I was amazing! I know!
(And also, Lars and the Real Girl? Crazy premise. You'll read it and be all, "Um ... Special movie, huh, Allanna?" ... but SERIOUSLY, it's about the most darling show. It's sweeter than Juno! And I really liked Juno!)
(Seriously!! Michael isn't a big fan of buying most shows on DVD. ... If it were up to me, we'd have LOTS more shows [Still NEED to buy Never Been Kissed], but Michael was actually in favor of buying this one. So, really, it's supergood.)

But, yeah, so we got loaded back in the van (Bucket and Bruise didn't throw tantrums because they knew we were going to see Nana!! (my dad's mom).)
And the drive down was pretty uneventful. We got to see my Nana, chat, Michael took a nap (it's Pop-pop's chair. Seriously. It's the sleepingest chair you'll ever encounter.), the kidlets played and read with Nana, we ate (Family tradition. Almost the first question when you visit family is, "Have you eaten?" ... probably explains why I should drop another 20 lbs. Sad, but true.), we chatted more, changed diapers ... and headed to my Dad's.

Again, absence of tantrums. "I go see Gan-pa!!" was the excited exclamation. Phew!

Now, Bruise surprised me quite a bit when we drove in. My Dad opened the door when we drove in and Bruise pipes up, "Hi, Grandpa!" ... Usually the kidlets don't know what to call my dad. It made him (my dad) feel pretty special. Yay!
We had some sandwiches and chatted and drank juice (the kids LOVE drinking juice) and the kidlets watched cartoons (Bruise especially enjoyed vintage Scooby-Doo. That's my boy).

And I taught L (my dad's girlfriend) how to lock/unlock the ice dispenser on the fridge. (Bruise had figured out how to use it. He grabbed his glass and all! Too clever, that boy.

I also made the best drink: Pour a glass of lemonade with LOTS of crushed ice. Then pour some cran-raspberry juice in there. Swirl the glass around (I'm too lazy to get a spoon). Yummers!
Seriously, who needs alcohol to make a delicioso drink? (Answer: Nobody. That's who. Just keepin' it real, here. ... Especially since my children kept stealing sips of it. It was just THAT good.)

Then we went to my mom's.
(Confession out of the blue: I keep referring to my mom and stepdad's home as "my folks' place." And, um, I did it in front of my dad. Oops.)
The kidlets love to play at my mom's. She's got lots of kids' books, a collection of toys, the piano, a plethora of Disney movies ... and a garden (so Bucket can water the plants. And we can scream at Bruise not to step on the plants. ... It's not like that's one of the reasons to have the garden ... but it is one of the direct effects. Confession: I scream the loudest). And there are the dogs and some cats ... It's very fun for the kidlets. ... And Mom keeps scanning yard sales and such for more fun things for the kiddos. No wonder they LOVE going to see Mutti and Poppi. ^_^

Saturday, we actually got a little more sleep than I had expected (the kiddos slept REALLY well. I was shocked!) and hung around the house ... mostly watching HGTV (oh, if I had cable ... that'd be one of the channels I'd watch far too much!). Mom and I took the kidlets around the yard. We picked up the ripe apples that had fallen (Mom makes applesauce. It's good enough to stop tantrums. ^_^), saw the doggies (Bruise and Bucket got the help spray the naughty doggies. ^_^), and went into the garden to help pick zucchini, tomatoes and basil.
That evening, we went further south to my friend Jessica's baby shower. (Jessica, Terra, and I were near inseparable at church. Total mischief-makers, really. Lots of slumber parties, talking about boys, passing notes in Seminary! Oh, we had SUCH fun!)

But Jessima, as we call her, is due next month. And I hadn't seen her since her wedding over a year ago. She's so cute being all preggernated! (one of the topics at the shower was how HUGE I was when they saw me at my baby shower. Yes, I was large. Carrying twins does that. *wry grin* To say that I was the size of a small seagoing vessel? Not much of an understatement. :P)

I won a couple of shower games. Mom and I tied for first on the game where you write the names of baby animals. (We both missed that a baby eel is an 'elver.' Who knew? ... I mean I knew I had read it somewhere ... but I could NOT, for the life of me, recall it!). I also won on the word scramble. I didn't think that I could have won. I missed SIX of them!! The people who got next closest both got 16 ... Terra being one of them. Terra, who was SURE that she would totally suck at it. (Terra who has some fun pictures of me on her camera. Since she left it unattended a couple times. One, she knew about right off. And it's going on her iPhone. And she's declared that she'll show it to EVERYONE at her job. ... the other one? Well, I don't know if she knows about it yet. But she didn't by the time I had to leave. Heh heh heh.)
(It's fun to make faces and take your own picture on your best friends' cameras. Especially when they're not watching. Heh heh heh.)

Then we jetted back home. Michael had an early-morning meeting ... like butt crack of dawn early. *sigh* And I was subbing in the Beehives (the 12-13 year-old girls) class, so it's not like we could skip or anything.
And my lesson went well. The girls like me. (As well they should. Since I'm their camp director AND the YW secretary. And I say things like "sucktastic" and they think my handwriting is loopy and cute. And they're all fun, sweet girls ... so it's really great that I like them, too. ^_^

Then we missed visiting teaching. The gal that my companion and I were going to visit with wasn't at church. *sad face*
But I got visit taught. I have excellent visiting teachers. I love them. They're seriously made of awesome. And it's always fun when they come to see me.

But, I really should finish doing some more work on the calendar for next month (for Young Women's) and make sure that we have a playdate today. (Poor Jenny. I don't know how she's surviving without a computer. I think I would DIE.)

And, at Jessima's shower, Keri told me that my blog's entertaining. Awww! You're too sweet. And you know that flattery gets you everywhere. ^_^ (You should check out hers. LOTS of cute baby pictures. She's there in the blogroll. She can vouch that Terra, Jess, and I were never really on-task in Seminary. ^_^)

Oh ... also, Bruise thinks that it's amazingly fun when the van drives over the bumpy strips on the side of the highway. "Whoooooooa!!" is what he always says.

Also, the kidlets handle thunder very well. Yay!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Extra! Extra! HP News!!

HP being "Harry Potter" ... Not "Hewlett Packard" or "Huge Porpoises" or "Hardy Petunias" ...

In case you were all confused.

But, prepare to gasp in dismay ---

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? You know, the film version we were expecting to watch in theaters around Thanksgiving?

Postponed until Next July.


My day just keeps getting better and better! [/sarcasm]

(Truly, after the debacle that was storytime ... and I put the kidlets to nap ... I folded laundry and watched about half of a movie. And most of the laundry is put away. I still have another load to fold ... and dishes to do ... but things are getting done. Slowly.)

(but, adding to the list o' suckage ... One of my favorite shirts? Came out of the washer and dryer covered in stains. Grrr. Torks me off, it does.)

(But the munchkin brigade is now happy and sweet. Even if I've forbidden them from watching any more shows today. I'm surprised at how well they're handling it. Sweet!)


The on-going saga of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood continues. And it's rather sucky.

So, I wrote to our local public television channel. Here's the response:

Dear Allanna,

Thank you for contacting Oregon Public Broadcasting. I appreciate your taking the time to write.

After Labor Day, Mr. Rogers will air on Saturday and Sunday only at 7:30. The program that airs on Sunday will be repeated the following Saturday.

PBS continues to invest in the MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD Web site at, enriching content with new games, activities and resources for kids, parents and teachers. In addition, PBS and Family Communications, Inc. are planning to preserve MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD content and make it available on demand through Web streaming so families can access it 24/7. We will also engage Fred Rogers’ many active fans to vote for favorite episodes, share stories and more.

Again, thank you for your interest in OPB. It is through your support that OPB remains independent and strong. We could not do it without you.


OPB Member Center

Sucks!! Nooooooo! Mr. Rogers on the telly only twice a week?!?
(At least having it streaming online is a small concession ... but, really, I want a channel with All Fred Rogers-All the Time, dagnabit!

So, if we are going to change this, we're going to need to seriously flood some public-broadcasting offices with emails and letters and phone calls. (Hey, maybe the next time that they have one of those days/weeks/months where they're fundraising, we should just start calling in ... not to donate or get a membership ... but to vent that we're not going to donate until Mr. Rogers is on their channel everyday. (And, hey, if you want to get Barney outta there, I'd have no problems with that. Just keepin' it real.)

BESIDES that, the other thing I have to vent about is that my children are gettin' on my nerves. Like a ton.

We went to storytime today (I know! We actually made it! And almost on time!) ... and not even ten minutes into it, Bucket's all, "I hafta potty." And I'm all, "Can't it wait? It feels like you already went!" And she's all, "Hafta potty. Mommy. Potty." So, Bruise gets in on this by demanding water. So I take them to the bathroom. Bucket refuses to go. "Bruise-y potty." "So, you're telling me you DON'T have to potty?!?" is my dangerously hissed reply.
And, of course, Bruise doesn't want to go pee. So they get their drinks from the water fountain. AND THEN they don't care to go back into storytime. So I take them over to the children's section so I can grab a library activities calendar for the month ... and Bruise starts to play with the train table as I pick out some books for the kidlets. Bucket starts to play with the toy kitchen in there ... and promptly melts into hysterics when I look for books around a shelf not ten feet from her, but out of her line of vision. (And, I DID tell her where I was going. It's not like it was a total shock, mind you.)
She decided to keep screaming. And so I needed to get us the hell outta there. And, taking Bruise away from the trains? ... Let's refrain from talking about it ... except to say that his tantrum put hers to shame. And he KEPT. AT. IT.

Enough that a girl motioned to me that he was too loud and needed to quiet down.
Yeah, thanks much. how about YOU calm down my son as I'm holding a stack of books about a foot high and trying to calm down two toddlers.

Hey, I've been going to libraries for YEARS. Probably more years than I've been on this side of the womb, really. I know proper library etiquette. And I am more than aware that my children, especially my tantrum-throwing little wanna-be Incredible Hulk is NOT demonstrating a good example of proper library etiquette.

Excuse me while I headdesk a little, okay? And be proud of me that I did not throw him over my knee (spilling my said pile o' books) and give him a hiding. Because, oh, I was tempted. But I knew that (1) it wouldn't be good parenting, (2) I'd regret it and feel very guilty if I DID do it, and (3) it would just make him scream even louder ... if such a thing were possible. And knowing him, he'd find a way.

*headdesks away*

Okay, I'm back. I got the screaming brigade out to the van, lectured them firmly about proper library behavior (why do I keep wanting to spell 'behavior' the Brit way? Maybe because I AM just that pretentious?), and went to fill up the gas tank.

Oh, and to help my little problem of the kidlets waking me up every morning, we've put a lock on their door. It keeps them in their room during naptime and bedtime. If only I could get muzzles, too.
(Jooooooooooooking! Don't call CPS on me yet. ... Though the thought of muzzling my darlings is sorely tempting, I know that it is NOT GOOD PARENTING. So I won't do it. Just like how I won't hang them on the walls with duct tape. ... VERY temping at times. But it'd rip the panelling in the house something fierce. Oh, and it's not a good way to treat one's offspring.) (Because most of the time, I DO remember that I love them fiercely, with the passion and intensity of one hundred grizzly bears.) (And then, there are the times when I have to REMIND myself that I do love them with the passion and intensity of one hundred grizzly bears.) (And there are those other times that I have to remind myself that it's only about another sixteen years and they'll be off to college and stuff ... and I can sleep in the whole day, if I so choose.)

(Anyone else have to go through those reminders?) (I'm not a terrible person, right?)

But, yeah, I need to finish folding laundry, put a load of dishes through the dishwasher, pack for a quick trip to visit family, and go soak my head or something. And doing some visiting teaching would be good. I have plans to do that.

So, um, yeah.

And I need to make food. Yeah. Fun. Wish me luck and all.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


As I was changing a diaper:

Me: Bucket! What in the world did you eat?!?
Bucket: No, Mommy. I no eat world.
Me: Um, no, I wasn't asking if you ate the world. I was asking what did you eat to smell like this.

(Sometimes it goes more like, "Oh my gosh, your poo ... What did you eat?!?" "I no eat poo, Mommy.")

And Bucket has also entered the "why" phase.

"Go to your room. NOW." "Why?" "Because you were whining." "Why?" "I don't know. You tell me." "Why? Why, Mommy?" "I really don't give a care. Just get in your room."

(Yeah, can you tell that I'm tired?)

The young women at Mutual (the weekly meeting for the youth ages 12-18 in our wards/congregations) thought it was hilarious that I used the term "sucktastic."

Yup, here I go. Not even three days from being sustained and set apart, and I'm corrupting the youth. Go me.

But I do have to say that my skin was super-friggin'-soft from the cornmeal mask/scrub and the oatmeal-yogurt-milk mask that we did. My one finger with all the hangnails looks (and feels) better from the scrub, too.
And I now have some carnation-scented bath salts. Might use them today. Who knows? ^_^

I've tried to be productive in my calling (before I have the chance to run out of steam). I revamped the roster (put it into an Excel File and added everyone's emails ... along with general updates), created calendars through December (I still need to enter in all the calendar items, but I have them formatted and with the value of the month and all on them ... with a SCRIPTURE and all. I mean, I've been on fi-ah! Like with flames and smoke and all.

I also FINALLY put away the basket of kids' clothes that's been in our room for WEEKS. (I still have a few loads of laundry to fold and put away ... but, oh! Getting this done is a HUGE step forward. Very huge.
And I did a load of dishes. After they're through the dishwasher, I can unload/reload and handwash my pans. And we're good. Especially since Michael (thanks, Hon!) vacuumed under the dining room table.

But I did clean off/tidy up the computer desk yesterday. And I finished one book. Started another this morning. Skipped storytime and playdate. (Sorry, got caught up typing up a letter to the Visiting Teaching sisters that I can't get ahold of by phone. THEN I needed a shower. AND the kids weren't dressed. ... Then I just kinda stopped caring so much. I'm freaking out a little about the trip to California next week. However, once that's over, my schedule should feel a little less packed.

I hope.

Oh, I really hope.

And, I also hope to start sleeping better at night. I don't know what it is, but, gosh, I sure haven't been waking up and feeling ready to conquer the world. (Maybe conquer lovingly discipline some little children who won't let me sleep my dear, sweet babies ... who won't let me sleep.)

And maybe the package I ordered will FINALLY come in today. And I can make Michael give me a backrub with my "Ultimate Massage Mitt." Maybe? Please? I've been waiting and waiting for it. I want my magical massage mitt with its little rubby-nubs of wonder. (Seriously, the gal selling it at my friend T's party, rubbed my arm -- near the wrist -- and oh! Heaven!! I so flipping NEED my relaxation! Gimme NOW! Please?)

So, yeah. That's what's going on here at La Casa Loco. (Seriously, though. I am just about to order a couple of straightjackets. Size XS. kthxbai!)

I hope that you are having a nice day. And that your laundry is folded. And that you're getting all the sleep that I'm not. (Maybe I should call in Rainbow Brite and have her battle the Dream Stealers again. Note to self: Get Rainbow Brite's contact info. Look into this.)

Oh, wow. I SO need a nap. Or some sanity.

Getting the nap will be easier.

Monday, August 11, 2008

This post has nothing to do with baked goods. Except there's some sweetness happening.

The rules for the "Brilliante Weblog" award are:
The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
Link to the person you received your award from.
Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
Put links to those blogs on yours.
Leave a message on the blogs of the people you have nominated.

I can't give it back to Dianne ... thought it's tempting. And she does deserve it. And is totally sweet for giving it to me. ^_^

SO ... In no particular order:

Prissy - Because she's worth it. Totally. Just read her blog. You're sure to agree.
(Because if you don't, the terrorists have won!) (Well, maybe not. But it sure doesn't help.)
(Just keeping it real, okay?) But, really. She's amazing. And too modest to admit it.

Vanilla Joy - Yet another mom/RL-friend blogger who seems to totally do it all.

Brooke - She just started blogging ('bout time!) and she makes me smile. Go and adore her.

Cristall - Because she's artsy and fun and amazing. And she's pretty, too. (I could go on and on.)

Sandra - She's achieved her goal of starting her own fashion line. I mean, really! How cool is that?!?

Sheri - Because (even though she usually doesn't blog), she's darling and writing a book and GETTING MARRIED!!!

And, last, my Bri-bri. Because I luff her.

So ... yes ... I actually do know all these girls in real life.

And, yes, they are all amazing. Go check them out, show them some commentin' luv (or buy their work -- Cristall paints, Kelsey (Vanilla Joy) has some books and crafts in her Etsy shop, Sandra designs clothes), and have fun!

(So, you seven chickies, your mission -- if you choose to accept it -- is to award seven of your favorite blogs/bloggers. Have fun, meine liebchene! Hope you enjoy your fame!)


I just read online that PBS is planning on removing Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood from their daily syndicated programming.

(Oh, why couldn't it be Barney? I hate that show.)

But not Fred Rogers! Fred Rogers who practically LED the cause for Public Television.
(Seriously, it's like the USA removing Ben Franklin's picture from the $100 bill ... Ugh! Don't do it!!)

If you're all upset-ted by this development (as I obviously am), here are things that you can do, as given by

1. Write to Let them know that you don't support this decision (Bonus points if you're a member. I'll bet they'll listen extra hard. ^_^).

2. Write to your local public television channel. Let them know that you want your Mr. Rogers!

3. You can also join the Facebook group "Save Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood!"
If we can show PBS and its affiliates that there are lots of us who are willing to let our voices be heard, we can make a difference.

And, really. I'd be very sad if Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood wasn't on everyday.

And I'll be completely torked if Barney IS. ... HATE that purple dinosaur.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Now that it's official, I can let you in on my calling.

I'm the new secretary for Young Women's!

(And, what's really sweet ... Not only did I get applause from the girls for accepting the calling, but one of the girls was all, "If clapping were allowed in Sacrament meeting, I would have applauded then, TOO!")

(No, really! They love me! And I'm going to try SO hard not to corrupt these sweet girls!)

Now, my calling is made even sweeter because I'm not the only secretary. The other secretary, S, has been released from her secretarial duties and is the Personal Progress gal (For those readers who don't get all the church-speak, Personal Progress is ... Um ... how to explain it. It's a program enabling young women [ages 12-18] , through the making of and completion of goals, to hone their talents and grow in a Gospel-directed way. Think of it kinda like Boy Scouts -- but for girls and instead of patches, the girls can get pendants for a necklace or charm bracelet. Clear as mud?) (And, hey, you people that DO know about the Personal Progress program, feel free to jump in with corrections and clarifications.)

But, yes, I've been sustained and set apart. I need to buy some dividers for my folder (As a secretary, I've got to be organized!) ... and if I have to go to Target for dividers, I'm going to take advantage of back-to-school sales and get some art-stuff for the kidlets.
(Since I know that Bucket is going to be SAD, SAD, SAD when our Monday playdate ends -- since school will be starting back again. I've got to distract her somehow. Maybe I'll actually get off my duff and start working on fine-motor skills with the kidlets. Make some copies. Get them working on writing their letters and numerals. Work on one-to-one correspondence [So that when Bucket is counting, she's actually COUNTING, not just rolling through her numbers. She often will count up to twelve when I only have, say, FOUR items. Bless her sweet heart.])

There are very many things that I really need to work on. Might as well get started.


Right now I'm starting to work on not devouring my little boy. As he keeps starting to throw tantrums. Because he never started to take.a.nap.the.little.bugger. (Not literally. He doesn't seem to swing that way. But he does irritate me when he refuses to nap. And, in doing so, keeps Bucket awake. ... So what did I do? I eventually ignored them. Michael was able to take a nap. I did a little hand treatment, finished my issue of Cosmo and Glamour. ... Somewhat productive.)

Okay, my kids are cute. Bucket climbed out of the bathtub and ran, nakkers, past me into te living room, where she stopped, because she couldn't find him (He was around the corner in the kitchen. She practically passed him on her way to the living room).
"Where Daddy be? Mommy, where Daddy be??" ... And then she ran by me. Completely nakkers except for her little hands covering her nips.

... Which quickly became less cute as she peed on the carpet in the hall. Ugh. But Michael took care of that.

And Bucket and I had a discussion on where we can and cannot pee. The bear potty? Yes. The frog potty? Yes. Mommy and Daddy's toilet? Yes. Bruise and Bucket's potty? Yes. The carpet? No.

She had the option then, generously given by yours truly, to either submit to a punishment or to suck the puddle in the hall back into her bladder for a redo. She handled her punishment very well. And is running around, chattering to her toys seconds later.

And she was very somber about not getting to wear her panties or get a sticker or a cupcake because she didn't go in the potty or toilet. And now they're back to playing with Michael. Good times.

Oh, and Michael was working on a newsletter, doing some research ... Did you know that Albany, Oregon has its own mounted posse? It's mostly volunteers, providing their own horses, tack, and most equipment to help the police department.

Seriously. You don't believe me, go look it up. It's SO for real. But crazy at the same time.
I mean the next town over from where I grew up had their Vigilantes for Justice. Not that I ever heard anything about them ... there were just a couple signs posted as you drove into town. Still, what's next? Maybe another town has its own trebuchet or something.

Okay, I'm blathering. Enough that I'm starting to notice it. ^_^ Shutting up now.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

I had a clever title ... Then I needed a nap.

Well, Bruise and Bucket have taken to watching my old Powerpuff Girls videos (Michael was the one who got them started on this).

Bruise was sitting in my lap with a little Early Reader book of the Powerpuff Girls. He starts pointing to them and naming them off. "Bubble! 'Uh-Er-Cuh! Girls!"
(Yes, he will say "Bubbles" and "Buttercup." Blossom? Eh, not so much.)

We went to the aquarium today. Just a quick trip. The kidlets were very happy to see fishies. And we were very happy to get ourselves a membership to the aquarium. If we go four times this year, we'll totally have more than our money's worth out of the membership. (I think we can do better than that. And we get a little discount in the gift shop. It was nice to get a sheet of 3-D motion stickers for the kidlets [potty-training rewards] for less than the sticker price.)

We also had a little picnic lunch by the Yaquina Bay lighthouse, then let the kidlets run around on the beach for a bit. Once they were nicely wet-legged and sandy, we brought them back to the car. I'll try and post pictures soon. Maybe I'll even update my Flickr site. That might be the easiest ... Maybe.

But, suffice it to say that we had a good time. There wasn't too much whining. Bucket even walked for a portion of the day (I declare that the girl is part spider monkey. She CLINGS and must be CARRIED when we're out. I don't know why).

I also managed to finish The Host. I liked it. (One of my friends is almost done with Breaking Dawn. She's not loving it as much as she loved the first two. I liked the first two ... but I'm more of a Team Jacob, myself. He's good for Bella. ... And "perfect" guys? Well, I'm the type that likes guys with some imperfections. Makes me feel better. I can't live up to perfection. So, Jacob it is. ... And my friend? She's totally Team Edward. And right now she's liking Jacob better than Edward. ... Also, she and I are totally missing Plucky, the vampire chicken in Normal Mormon Husband's parody. (I've linked to it before and am far too lazy to do it again. It was just a couple posts ago. I'm sure you'll find it. Or just google "Breaking Dawn parody, Plucky, normal Mormon husbands" and click the link for the blog by Normal Mormon Husbands. There are three links (since it was three parts long. And it was very excellent. Totally chortle-worthy.)
And my friend is wondering, since she really is NOT liking Breaking Dawn so much, if The Host might not be somewhat auto-biographical, if you know what I mean. And I think you do.

In other words, abovementioned friend has given me a cute haircut. And she cut my mom's hair too. Mom and I have some sweet sideswept bangs going on. (Thanks Bri! I like feeling cute! And I'm glad you were able to come over! Thank your husband for letting me monopolize you for a few hours!)

My mom enjoyed Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Bri thought it was ... "interesting.") ... and if my mom liked it, you probably will, too. Since my mom is cute and fun. So go to and go watch it!! And watch it again and again if you like it! I mean, really. It's free and fun. And you can even sing along. I do! (Seriously, ask Bri and my mom. They'll tell you that I can quote portions very well, indeed.)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Randomosity ...

As I'm about to start typing, Bruise asks what I'm doing.

"I'm going to do some blogging."

He thinks and says, "I boggin', too."

So, if there are some ... illegible posts soon, you'll know what's happened.

In other news, Bucket's got a fever to go with the cough and runny nose she's been sporting. It's going down, but I think we're skipping going out today. Poor gal.

I'm about halfway through The Host. It's pretty good. I like it more than the Twilight series (Please don't throw rocks at me).

I need to do a load of dishes, vacuum the living room, fold a bunch of laundry ... and figure out dinner and whatnot for today.

But, to distract me (again), here are some fun things for you my dears:

The lyre bird is wicked cool:

But the parody is amazing, too:

And here's a Brain Age-style game - click the numbers in order, as fast as you can, in the spot you recall them being.

I'm sure that you all have seen the collection of hilarious exam answers. But if you haven't, here it is again. (For the record, there were a few that I hadn't seen in past collections. But maybe your collections were cooler than the ones I came across.)

Who said it - George W. Bush or Batman:

And I loved this live-blogging of watching Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.
(Hint: Go watch it on No, really. Just do it!!)
I now want to see if the University of Phoenix offers a doctorate in Horribleness.
Just wondering.

But, yeah. That's really about it. Now I should start getting all ... idk ... PRODUCTIVE and stuff.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Now, this week, I've been tired. (I mean, hey, it's been DAYS since I last blogged. The laundry has still gone unfolded. Etc., etc., etc.)

And when I'm tired, I get irked VERY easily. Especially by people that whine and scream. Which, at times, is the perfect description for my children (Lord love them, but, OH, they can WHINE!).

SO, even though there are times when I'm am more than willing to devour them just to stop. the. whining., I am, instead, going to tell you some cute things that they've done.

Last week, we (the kidlets and I) were driving into the next town to rendezvous with some friends that I haven't seen in a while (YEARS, in some cases) (And, yes, I KNOW, I'm actually being SOCIAL. Oh. Em. Gee, y'all. the apocalypse is coming. You know it).

So, as I'm driving, I look back and both the kidlets are OUT. They've finally fell to the sweet siren call of slumber (after fighting a nap ALL. DAY. LONG.) ... As I'm about to pull off the highway, a couple motorcycles pull up alongside us in the next lane.
Bruise, pulls himself out of unconsciousness long enough to squeeze open his eyes and murmur, "Cy-cah, Mommy. Mo-or cy-cah." ... Until I respond, "Yes, Bruise. There are motorcycles." "Yeah. Cy-cah." And HE FALLS STRAIGHT BACK ASLEEP.

Hilarious? Yes. Darling? Double-yes.

And, oh, my son is becoming such the little boy.
As he came back from a little outing with the grandfolks, he stops by my chair and farts.
"Bruise! I heard that!"
He just grins at me and tells me, "Mommy, I stinky."
Yes. Yes, he is. And thinks it's hilarious.

Bucket still plays scared of her uncle C. It's kind of hilarious, since he totally plays into it. He finds it absolutely hilarious that she says that he's "scary me." (As in, "Do you love Uncle C?" "Nooo. He scary me. [He scares me.]")
I guess it makes up for how her cousin B (who Bucket LOVES!!) was scared of Michael. For YEARS.
(And once, it was his fault. He did scare her. It was nothing that C wouldn't have done, though. But, oh, she wouldn't hug him or even WALK near him for the longest time. Now that she's four, though, she'll give him hugs out of the blue. So I think it's all worked out.)

Bucket also has NO QUALMS about making he opinion known. Especially when she's tired.
She will yell, "NO! I NO WANNA go home! I stay Gramma!/I stay 'Brina (a playdate friend)!" or "No! I NO WANNA nap time. I watch show!" or "No, Mommy. I no want nap time. I'm happy!"

They still freak out when I clip their nails. I don't know why. But they do.

And it was very sweet this morning, as they crawled in bed with me, when Bruise kept trying to talk to Bucket. And Bucket whispered back to him, "Shh, Bruise! Mommy s'eepin!" (as if I really could sleep when these guys are awake ... which is why I really suck at taking naps ... But I appreciated the thought.)

Bucket loves to sing her ABCs ... even though she leaves 'E' out. And Bruise's humming it, too. They really seem to enjoy that the ABC song is the same tune to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and if I sing one of them, I'll have to follow up with the other. ^_^

I got caught up on dishes for a few minutes yesterday. Then the missionaries came over for dinner. they're so nice to like my cooking. But I did actually have a dessert made this time. And they felt so spoiled. ^_^

Even thought, at one point, Bucket came through the room, farted, and ran off giggling.

Yup, that's my girl. *rolls eyes*

Now Bruise is begging for an orange. (I've gotten it for him now) "Orange. Orange. Mommy. Mommy, orange. Peeze."

(Almost funnier was last week, when he was in my lap, IN MY FACE, negotiating getting a snack. "Mommy. Snack. Snack-k-k-k. Snack-k-k-k. Mommy. Peeze. Snack. K-k-k-k. Snack. Peeze." ...Well, it made ME laugh.)

Sorry if this post is all ... not making sense. I'm really still waking up. If I could, I think that I'd just take a five-hour nap, so that I could get back to feeling less like the walking dead. But, with my munchkin brigade around? Don't think it's gonna happen.

And we have storytime in a couple hours. And I have a shload of laundry to fold.
And at least three books to read. So, yeah. And a load (and a half) of dishes to do.

It's all good. And, hey, at least I have some near-constant entertainment.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Another reason I think I'll keep him ...

Yesterday, Michael and I watched Juno. (Something that I've been wanting to do for months. Thanks to our local library, we were FINALLY able to borrow it. Phew!)

There's an exchange between Juno and her dad that was very sweet:

Juno MacGuff: I’m losing my faith in humanity.
Mac MacGuff: Think you can narrow it down for me?
Juno MacGuff: I guess I wonder sometimes if people ever stay together for good.
Mac MacGuff: You mean like couples?
Juno MacGuff: Yeah, like people in love.
Mac MacGuff: Are you having boy troubles? I gotta be honest; I don’t much approve of dating in your condition, ’cause well… that’s kind of messed up.
Juno MacGuff: Dad, no!
Mac MacGuff: Well, it’s kind of skanky. Isn’t that what you girls call it? Skanky? Skeevy?
Juno MacGuff: Please stop now.
Mac MacGuff: [persisting] Tore up from the floor up?
Juno MacGuff: Dad, it’s not about that. I just need to know if it’s possible for two people to stay happy together forever, or at least for a few years.
Mac MacGuff: It’s not easy, that’s for sure. Now, I may not have the best track record in the world, but I have been with your stepmother for 10 years now and I’m proud to say that we’re very happy.
[Juno nods]
Mac MacGuff: In my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person will still think the sun shines out your ***. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with.
Juno MacGuff: I sort of already have.

Michael kinda snickered at Mr. MacGuff's description of how someone might hold you in their esteem.

As Michael walked out of the room (to check on the kids or use the facilities, I can't remember), I called after him, "So, Honey, does the sun shine out of mine?"

"It lights up my world."

Heh. He's a keeper. And, sorry girls, he's MINE.


He also puts up with my little crush-let on Stephen "Twitch" Boss on SYTYCD.
(Seriously, if Bucket were about two decades older, I'd push for her to marry him. He seems like such a NICE boy. And, yeah, I sound all old, reffering to him as a "boy" when he's just two years younger than I am. Maybe I should get my cousin S to meet him. Although, I think that it might freak out Nana. Bless her sweet Kentucky-born heart.)

Also, Twitch was in Hairspray! I had NO IDEA! (He's a dancer in there. But the fact is -- He's in there. Michael was the one to notice him!)


Question: Do you ever get songs stuck in your head? Not just that ... but do they play in the background of your mind, like internal white noise? Like how Michael will turn on the TV just so that it's not so silent in the house?
But in your head? Did I mention that? Is this normal?


Other question: I find myself, in social situations HYPERaware of conversations. Enough so that I find it a little difficult to have a conversation with just one or two people. I can HEAR the person I'm talking to. But I'm terribly distracted by the other twelve conversations going on around me.
Is this normal?

Oh, and it's A FRIEND that has those things happen. Not me. Of course, not me! Pshaw! Like *I* would ever have a problem! Tra-la-la and Fiddle-dee-dee and all that!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Twins -- What's it like?

Now, bear with me, I have VERY little experience with being around one infant.

(Background: I'm an only child. I also have a bit of a fear of baby-babies. I've yet to hold my infant nephew ... partly due to the fact that he's always being held by other people. That and to the fact that I'm slightly petrified by the fact that I could accidentally drop. him. on. his. head. AndthenI'dgotoprisoneventhough-
(So it's just safer if I wait for a little while to play with him. Right?)
(It's not that he's not cute. He is cute! I assure you! I'm not avoiding him because of his looks! Pinkie swears!)

BACKPEDALING to the topic at hand, though ... So, be aware that I don't know much about babies. Besides my own. And the COPIOUS amounts of research I did while terrified and nauseous incubating my litter.

From another mother of twins (one who had a set of twins, then two singletons <-- That's twin-mom-speak for "just one baby at a time, like the sane parents do), I was given this wisdom
Twins are harder in the infant stage. [You have to change diapers, feed/nurse, go sleep-deprived, etc., twice as much.] Once they're old enough to play with each other, it's so much easier than having just one. You actually get some free time.

And, really, it's true. I send my kidlets off to chase/tickle/play with each other... so that I have time to neglect them remember that I'm an individual first ... and read or blog or paint my toenails or take a shower or remember to EAT or the like.

When Bruise and Bucket were just wee little things, straight out of the birth canal ... Yes, I was TIRED. I remember feeling like I was sleepwalking through my life there for a while. I would be in a conversation with someone ... and I would be talking and talking ... and I'd lose myself for a minute ... and then I'd realize that I was STILL TALKING. And I could only HOPE that I made sense the whole time.

And that whole BS (that's butterscotch, of COURSE!) of "Nap while your baby's napping" ... That does NOT WORK when you have twins (or probably when you have more than one child). Because even when BOTH children would be asleep at the same time, I'd be too wired with the adrenaline of "Oh-Em-GEE-I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing-
that I wouldn't be able to fall asleep for a nap. And the few times when I ALMOST managed it, I'd get a phone call. Usually for voting or for charity. (So don't feel bad it you called me during the time that I had infants. I probably wasn't quite napping. And I'm sure that I made no more sense than I would have if I HAD managed to fall asleep.)
So, yeah, I started to take advantage of their naptimes for things like SHOWERING (which explains my habit of being in my jim-jams until around, oh 2 in the afternoon sometimes nowadays) or READING or (on occasion) playing a video game or EATING (since I don't have to share what they don't see me eat. Mwha ha ha!).

Now, I will say that sometimes I think it would be easier to just have one child to work with at a time. But, truly, I am grateful that I have my little tag-team. I was an only child. Bruise and Bucket never had to feel that the other usurped his/her position. They have an instant bestest-buddy. They have LOTS of experience sharing and realizing that the world doesn't always revolve around him/her.

Sometimes, though, I would worry that I may let somethings slip through the cracks. Like how I was a little worried about Bruise's knowledge about colors. Bucket's really a crackshot about knowing (and saying) her colors. Enough so that she usually doesn't let Bruise have a turn at showing us his knowledge.

Overall, my kiddos aren't TOO clingy. Bucket's got a bit of a tendency to want to be held and coddled more as Bruise runs out to play with more people.

I do feel that I raise my voice FAR too much. But my friends tell me that I'm a good mom. (And I appreciate the flattery. Now, just pet my hair and I'll make you some baked goods in return. ^_^) I do try to let my kidlets know that I love them both so very much.

Another kinda-funny thing resulting in my overall inexperience with small children (I mean, yeah, I baby-sat when I was younger ... but I still barely knew what I was doing. I was probably more fun that way. ^_^) is that I can parent more as a sister-type than a mom-mom. I usually am not hovering or overly-protective. (I usually don't leave them alone a lot ... but that's more of a not-getting-a-babysitter-thing, really).

Example: I toss those big play-balls at Bruise and Bucket's heads. They think it's a riot. And, hey, I get to let off some steam, right? (I do it GENTLY, don't freak out.)
And, besides, I'm doing them a favor. They won't be like me -- freaking out when playing sports and a ball comes flying toward their faces.

And, really ... I worry about strange things. I do have to know that they'll grow a little apart. Especially around the time they hit puberty. They won't have all the common ground they have now. That makes me sad. I also feel like they're just on loan to me. I love them to death ... but I know that either one could be taken from me without a moment's notice. And I try not to get freaked out by that. (But, oh, it ticked me off to no degree about that happenstance in HP7, if you know what I mean.)

But, really, having twins can be superfun. Except for the preeclampsia and being absolutely GINORMOUS, it was really fun being pregnant with twins. Especially once they started moving. It was almost like having a mosh pit in your uterus. Good times. (And hey, you got a good hint of your children's dynamics before they ever made their appearance in the world. You could rather tell who'd be the instigator. ^_^)

There are the sweet, sweet moments that you wouldn't get with just one baby -- like the first day I was left on my own to be a mom. I woke up to no crying. I wondered to myself, "I wonder if anyone's awake. Maybe one of the kidlets is hungry?" And I padded over to their room to check. Bruise and Bucket were lying in their crib, snuggled together ... and she was sucking on his ear.

And with only having one child at a time, you don't have to learn how to tandem-feed, let alone how to tandem-feed without flashing your family at get-togethers. ^_^ Of course, you're not instantly outnumbered, either.

Still, you don't have to worry about spoiling one child too much. That your child will be lonely.

There will be times when you want to tear your hair out. Heck! There will be time when you want to tear THEIR hair out. There will be times when you say to yourself, "So THAT'S why hamsters eat their young." There will be times when you'll give yourself time-outs. There will be times when your twins will hit, kick, bite, pinch each other.
But there will be the times that you're given sweet, sweet kisses and hugs in tandem. The times when one will say to you, "We friends. Mommy, Bruise-y, Bucket all too friends." There will be the times when you walk into their room to check on them ... and they'll be snuggled together in a pile of pillows and blankets on the floor. Or the times when one is hurt/crying and the other will, unasked, walked over and give his/her sibling a hug and a kiss. Or the tickle fights. Or the snuggling as we watch a movie.

But, yeah, twins are sometimes a real challenge. But they are also really fun, too.
Expensive, but fun.

If there are any questions about twins (especially MINE), post in the comments. I can write a follow-up to this if you need more answers. ^_^

The Results (of my latest Poll, that is)

So, my dears, you have voted. I will post the results, just so you know that I really, really DO listen to you. (And I'll pander to your desires, too!)

Now, I'll list the topics, starting with the ones that got the most votes and go down to your (obviously) less favorites.

Here we go!

What Allanna will now know to blog about:
  • Cute things that Bucket and Bruise are doing - 5 votes
  • Funny family stories, please. - 5 votes
  • Bring on the humiliating stories! - 3 votes (wow, I thought you would jump on this. I do a LOT of stupid stuff. ^_^)
  • Church stuff ... you sinner. - 2 votes
  • Um ... *nervous look* ... I like cheese! - 2 votes (Wow, we've got some dairy-lovers out there, huh?)
  • What's it like having twins? Even though you really have no experience having just one at a time. (Breeder!!!!1!) - 2 votes.
  • Just shut up and post more fun links and videos! - 1 vote
  • Other - 1 vote (Thank you, Brooke. Now, you have to tell me which subject I should blog about. I'm not letting you off that easy. ^_^)

Now, I'm not surprised that the main reason most of you are here is my munchkin brigade. They're pretty adorable. I know. ^_^ And I'll make sure to keep the twin-tales coming.

I'm still really surprised that more of you didn't vote to hear for more of my humiliation. I mean, I've got so many to choose from! ^_^

But, to get it out of the way, my next post will be all about what it's like having twins. From my very limited experience.

And I'll still be keeping the links and videos coming. I like sharing, you know. And I'll try not to share TMI, if you know what I mean. And I think you do. :P

And, oh, I'll wrack my brain for lots and lots and lots of funny family stories. (Most of them will involve me ... but I'll make sure to give my family members some screen time. ^_^)

But as you have voted, so let it be done.

And, if you start getting bored with me, hit me (figuratively, please!) with some requests. I can do requests. ^_^ And if I can't do that exact one, I'll try and fake it do my best.

Counting ...

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