Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crazy Dream Chronicles - Blood and Kisses

Or even anything Charlene Harris.
Stop interrupting, okay??? :P

So, here's (what I recall of) my dream from last night:

I was an actress in some action show for TV. Kinda like Xena or something.
And I looked a lot more like Felicia Day than myself. Like, I was thin and my hair was red and it was longer ...

BUT somehow, practicing something in my dressing room, I totally sliced my shoulder, right by my bra strap. And it was deep. And it was bleeding. A LOT. (Like the one time, irl, where I got a scar helping a friend move. It was a cut and, since I was wearing a black shirt, I didn't realize it was bleeding. Or even anything more than a scratch. At least, not until I ran over to my apartment and started taking care of it. Oy.)
(But this was WAY bigger and deeper than that. Like, I really needed stitches.)

SO, there I was cut and bleeding. And I didn't want to bother anyone. And I think that my make-up artist was somewhere else. So ... I went over to the next dressing room/trailer/whatever (my dream wasn't very specific), where the male co-star was.
And I knew that, in this dream, I wasn't married. But I might have been dating someone. And my co-star? I tried to avoid him. Since he came off as a bit smarmy or something. But he bothered me.
Still, I needed help. Since I couldn't even put a band-aid on my cut by myself. And it was bleeding and I needed to get it to stop. And we were going to be shooting. And I felt dumb enough anyways.

He lets me into his dressing room. I take off my shirt and you can see that my top (underneath. So, yes, I still dream that I wear garments. No wonder I avoid the smarmy guys. Because what if they want to do more than talk??!?!?) is covered with the blood seeping from that cut. I move my top and bra strap a little and he's very gallant and helps get me taken care of. (I know that more than a band-aid was involved. But I don't know. I'm an Ed major, not a doctor, okay???)

And there's this change in the atmosphere, y'know? I excuse myself back to my dressing room to get changed and cleaned up. Since, y'know, we have to film some more scenes in a bit. And I'm okay enough that I don't have to tell anyone else how I apparently attempted to fillet myself as I practiced some stunt in my room earlier.

Then we're on the set, ready to shoot some scene.
And it's a scene where we kiss.
So we do. ... And it's really nice. Like, getting lost in the moment, coming back to reality all dazed and eyes unfocused ... that type of nice.
As in, the director is clearing his throat when we didn't stop when he said "cut" ... especially as how, up until then, I had put as much distance as possible between my co-star and myself. Which kinda annoyed the director.

And, as my head slowly stops spinning and we pull away from each other, I can only think ... well, "wow" ... and that I need to break up with my boyfriend.
And wonder how much of the dizziness is caused by the kiss ... and how much is caused by blood loss.

.... And, um ... did I mention that Mr. Used-To-Be-Smarmy ... um ... hee hee ... was Nathan Fillion.

At least my dreamself has good taste. He's reportedly just as charming off camera as on.
Be still, my little fangirl heart.

So ... there you go. Another unsolicited look into the deepest recesses of my psyche.

Strangely enough, this is one of my few celebrity crushes who isn't married. Weird.

But, yeah. Acting, blood, macking on Fillion ... what a strange dream.
I was a little annoyed that Freya kept waking me up. ... And then the kids got up. So I don't recall all the details. Oh well.

Good thing that Michael's not the jealous type. And, as I told him, "In my dream, I wasn't married. So it wasn't cheating!!!" And he just gave me that look. ... You know, the look I get a lot. From lots of people. The one where they smile and roll their eyes and shake their heads. The look that says, "You are crazy. Nobody really is going to judge you. Good thing you're so adorably adamant. Silly Llanna ..."

Because Michael believe that the vast majority of the time?
Dreams are just dreams. They don't mean anything. So don't fret about them.
Sometimes, yes, a dream is more than just a dream ... but usually?
Don't worry about it.

I'm glad he feels that way ... since, wow, my dreams are wack.
Not wiggety-wack. Just the regular kind.

Friday, April 29, 2011

My thoughts on the royal wedding

I caught a few pictures of Kate's dress. She looks beautiful. As always.

I sure hope that William's as similar to his mother in temperment as well as in looks. If so, their marriage has a chance of success. (Mom and I talked, while she was up, about Charles and Diana's marriage. What a tragedy that ended up. And Fergie's, too. ... Sarah Ferguson, who is also a darling lady.)

I loved this link that a friend posted on facebook: WhyAmericansShouldCareAboutTheRoyalWedding

... I remember, back when I was ... um ... thirteen or so?
I saw pictures of the princes. And, since every little girl wants to be a princess, I thought about marrying one of them. William's always been handsome, but ... I dunno. Too mainstream? ... And Harry's too young for my tastes. So, from an early age, I knew that they weren't my princes.
(And, really? Could they hold a candle to my man? H to the no!)

I'm glad that the wedding went well, apparently. (I wasn't waking up at ungodly-early-o'clock to watch it. And I don't really care to see it. ... Though, from a picture at Too Sexy For My Wand, Rowan Atkinson was in attendance. I was tickled by that. He's pretty dang amazing.)

I hope that they have a happy marriage. And that they break from the current mold and stay faithful to each other.
(Seriously??? Charles, if you really didn't love Diana enough to stay faithful, you shouldn't have married her in the first place. You could have abdicated, Camilla could have gotten a divorce and run off with you. ... But, really? At the same time, your only hope of having such attractive children? Well, yeah. You can see where I'm going with that. Sorry, it's catty. But ... it is my opinion. And I'm not always the kindest. ... But, really ... if being the future king was more important to you, you should have stayed faithful to your wife. Or you should have sacrificed the throne and run off with Camilla before shackling poor Diana into such a sham of a marriage. Based on your past examples of such selfish and careless behavior, I'm GLAD that the government is mostly in the hands of Parliament. Seriously, little kinglet, you blew it. Di wouldn't have strayed if you had actually, you know, treated her like you CARED about her at all. ... It would have saved a lot of heartbreak. And possibly her life.  Just sayin'.)

Before that debacle, I might have really taken an interest in modern-day British royalty.
I guess that most of my interest died out with the Prince Regent and Beau Brummel. (Those clothes? *drools* All the manners? Yeah, I'm a bit of a geek for that.)

Still, I hope that William and Kate -- even while living under the magnifying glass -- are happy. And stay happy. I hope that they treasure each other. Every day.
And that no one cheats and that no one dies tragically.
Y'know, more like A Midsummer Night's Dream. As opposed to Hamlet.

Okay. I'm going to go paint my nails. And get a shower.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I came, I shopped, I conquered ...

Well, I did a pretty good job.

I spent my Borders Bucks AND got an awesome 20% off ENTIRE PURCHASE coupon (and with the extra 10% off purchases with the upgraded Borders Rewards card) ... I got awesome deals. I ended up spending just under $30 ... and saving $40. I love it when I can do this.

Later, we went to Old Navy, since they had a special (polo shirts = $6 ea.) ... They also had a sale on their clearance bottoms ... all those were $6 (or under), too! ... So I bought a pair of slacks-type pants, a pair of athletic/yoga-esque pants, and ... a pair of skinny jeans. Yeah ... now, I just need the hipster glasses. And some more scarves. And shirts with stripes ....
(But, really? I am kinda in love with my new jeans. And for only $6??)

Yesterday, the pollen count was insanely high. Darn that birch pollen!! One of my sisters-in-law and I had to get some Benadryl from my other sister-in-law. After that kicked in, life was much better (read: less snotting. PHEW.)

But I got to meet my newest niece. I still haven't held her yet. But she's a cutie.
Kinda reminds me how Bucket looked as a baby ... and we all know how lovely my daughter is. ^_^
(Of course, there are likenesses to little C's parents, instead of Michael and me ... But she's from good stock on both sides.)

Okay, I HAVE to stop blogging and watch (what's left of) Kung Fu Panda (also just $7 at Target! Woot!!) with Bucket before she disowns me.

Birthday Backlog ...

Okay ... so I've now had some time to get used to the idea that I'm now ... THIRTY.

It's rather a milestone. I mean, sure it's the oldest I've ever been ... but it sounds so ... final, you know?
Maybe it's just me.

But, truly? I don't feel any different.

Let's see....

Mom got me clothes (shirts and a skirt that arrived the other day). She also took the kids out and got me a DVD holder/shelf/thing that I put together and stuffed the rest of the kids' DVDs into. It's nice to have around 200 DVDs out of the Entertainment center into a shelf/thing so they can SEE what shows they have.

Mom and Dad Cox gave me a gift card to Barnes and Nobles. (Need to use that ... since you all are aware of my addiction. ^_^ Not denying it.)

Nana and Grampy both sent me checks (which I FINALLY cashed) ... and have spent ... on books and at Bath and Body Works (Cherry Vanilla and Country Chic, in case you wondered).

Julie gave me money. And she and I had gotten our nails done together.
(I just removed my pedicure polish a couple days ago. My toes are now Revlon "Opulent Pink"... bought on a Kmart clearance. Since that's how I roll. ... I've done two different manicures to myself this last week. Now, my nails are also Opulent Pink ... except my ring fingers are FingerPaints "Key to My Art" [gold].)

My Visiting Teacher brought me flowers. My RS president left a gift bag -- water bottle, gloves, and Alyssum  seeds.

Dad and L gave me money ... which I've spent. Nail polish, fast food, lotion and body spray at Victoria's Secret, various bits.

Bri and I are going to get together and work some magic on my hair. Sometime.

But, really, I'm quite spoiled.
We got up Saturday morning (Michael got to sleep in, after his HUGE TEST).
We got ready and headed over to the Verizon store (my Droid was being ... problematic. Had to reset it. And I spent most of the rest of the day, in the car, reloading all my apps as Michael drove).
Then we headed to Eugene, dropped off books at Michael's work (since he had borrowed them for the test), and headed to a couple malls. We walked around 5th Street Market ... I saw lots of stuff I'd like in the kitchen store. Of course, we looked at The Elephant's Trunk (toy store).
Then we went to the Valley River Mall ... free samples at See's (the pineapple cream??? YUM!), bought a package of Little Pops (easier for sharing with the kiddos) ... and walked around. (And I popped into VS and bought some [HIGHLY DISCOUNTED, since that's how I roll] lotion and body spray ... Island Escape, so it's "beachy coconut and sugarcane" ... a nice, yummy, summery smell. And, yeah, 75% off. LOVE IT.)

After we got home (and ate Wendy's bacon-cheeseburgers), we watched a DVD from Netflix and relaxed. Then, around 6, we went to Novak's for dinner. Yum!

After dinner (we were too full to FINISH dinner, let alone think about dessert. Such a travesty! :P), we headed over to Target. ... I got two set of Lego Harry Potter -- The Quidditch Match and Dobby's Freedom (complete with Luscious Malfoy.) ... Now, I just REALLY NEED (shut up, it is a need) Diagon Alley (WEASLEY TWINS!!), The Burrow (ARTHUR AND MOLLY WEASLEY! BELLATRIX!), and The Hogwarts Express (RON!!) ... Though, I might kinda need Hargrid's Hut ... since we have the older Hagrid, so he looks jaundiced next to the other Professors.  Just sayin'.

And, YES, the kiddos are VERY. PUT. OUT. that Mommy doesn't let them play with HER Legos.
I have them over the TV, so everyone can LOOK at them. But, no, they don't get to play with them.
I'm mean. I'm perfectly aware. And they kids have gotten used to it. ^_^

But, yes, I had a good birthday. 15 days ago. A good birthday, indeed.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Angst Chronicles

So ... I was all set to vacuum the house. (CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!!!! ... Well, no, not really.)

And it wasn't picking up stuff. Weird.

Because it was stuffed with backed up lint and moist baking soda (from vacuuming up Bruise's puke-fiasco last week).
So, I unplug it (LOOK!!! I'm responsible!!) and disassemble it, clean it out. Put it back... no, wait, forgot a part, re-take it apart, put ALL the pieces back, fix it up ... plug it in, test it out .... AND THE BELT BREAKS.


So I fume and fret ("Everything was going well and NOW THIS!!!!!!! I'M SUCH A SCREW UP!!!! I BROKE THE VACUUM!!!!) ... then calm myself down and take the kids to Target to get new belts (since they come in pairs. Like Noah's Ark...

And I also picked up a few necessities. WHAT?? (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1 is TOTALLY a necessity. As is Megamind for only $7. Yeah, I know, right????)

And we came back home (with a pack of Junior Mints, since the kids did pick up and obey pretty well) so I could do FIX THE VACUUM 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO.
(Okay, not really Electric Boogaloo ... but it could have very well been, if I hadn't had the vacuum unplugged.)
(Yes, I'm a wuss. The idea of being electricuted? The idea of burns or, well, ANY pain, really?? Not a fan. I'll admit that I'm a coward. It's amazing that I survived labor ... Though, honestly, I really did whine my way through Bruise's birth. Then they really gave me the drugs for Bucket's extraction. Heh. That was sooooo nice. Just some pressure. And she came out so pretty, all gorgeous-shaped head. Breech extraction is so the way to go. ... Because I'm a wimp. .... Which is why I really, REALLY didn't want to need a C-section. Because those are involving LOTS of pain and recuperation. Like I said, I willingly and freely admit that I'm a coward and a wimp.)

SOOOOOOO ... where was I??
Ah, yes. Fixing the vacuum.
This went faster ... especially since I left it disassembled in the hall. :P
Put on the belt, put it back together, insert and tighten the screws ... VOILA!
And it works!!! And the house is vacuumed! PHEW!!!!!

(But, if I had to buy a new vacuum, I did price the one we'd get at Target. ... As much as I'd love a Dyson, it's not in the budget. So I'd get the newer version/step-up from our decade-old dust-sucker (Seriously? That's what the German translation for vacuum means. Literally: dust sucker. Awesome. Makes me smile.).
Which is about 1/3-1/5 the price of a Dyson.
But, hey, at least I don't have to do that now.

I am mighty Llanna. I fix vacuum. I vacuum floor. I not sick.

Now, Mighty Llanna do dishes. And laundry. And shower ...
Yes, I did just throw on some cotton yoga-ish pants and an old sweatshirt (and a bra) to go over to Target. They are just that lucky.
I brushed my hair and teeth before I went!!
(I had to step it up, you know. Not like I wanted to be featured here. *snickers*)

In other news, I've totally chipped the nails I painted Wednesday. *sigh*

But ... the angry bees are leaving. My mental health number is falling from its previously dangerously high levels. Things are leveling out.
And I'm not going to attribute it solely to the three Valerian capsules I took last night ... though I think they helped with the sleep that I desperately needed.

Hope you are having a better day ... with no household appliance angst.

Earth Day

Me: Hey, kids ... today is Earth Day.
Bucket: What's Earth Day?
Me: ... Um ... it's a day that we celebrate the Earth.
Bruise: ... By becoming astroNAUTS?????

So ... now I know to teach lessons on conservation. Okay.

Alright ... we've talked about trees, electricity, and water.

My work here is done.

*askance glance*

Well, I feel like a ninny after last night's post.

What is it about being a new day (and having a deep sleep) that puts things into perspective?
(No, really, I'm not usually so calm and philosophic about life. Honestly.)

In other news, the painters have arrived ... so to say ... so that's a good way to temper the crazy.
(Though, really, I wish there were some literal painters here ... so that my kitchen and bathrooms, the hallway, and the kids' room could get a fresh look. *sigh*)

And Freyja just jumped in my lap to snuggle, so that's a bonus. Ohhhh ... and she's purring. Mm. I like that.
Wasn't there some study about purring affecting beta waves in the brain or something? If nothing else, it's a little superficial massage for my thigh (since I have my legs crossed, with one knee braced against my desk. ... I even have rough skin right there, to prove how often I sit this way. >.<)

Okay, so in my emails this morning, I have $15 to spend at Borders before the end of the month. I have books that I want to buy. I'm doing it. And, if I head to Borders, I should turn in library books to the library in town there, anyways.
Also, the Buy-3-Get-3-Free special at BBW ends today. I WANT some Cherry Vanilla scented stuff. And I'm getting the matching lippie. I wants it. It's my preshssssssssssssssussssssssssssssssss. (Okay, not really. But srsly? Cherry Vanilla? Yum! And it's one of their lip glosses that I don't have to guess at the flavor before I buy it ... Why do they have lip glosses named for the new scents and no sign to tell what they MIGHT taste like? The ones I've gotten NEVER taste like the perfume [THANK GOODNESS. That'd be gross. Just sayin'.]

In other-OTHER news, the last of my birthday presents arrived earlier this week. Two shirts and a skirt from Downeast Basics. And, HUZZAH!!! This skirt fits! (I have a skirt one size down ... which is adorable. And doesn't fit. It's my motivation. That and the chub I'm sporting. I WILL lose weight. I will. Somehow. ... And I had to send back a dress last month. The skirt-part fit ... but, oy. The bodice? Mah bewbs hurt just thinking about it. ... They don't make dresses that are suitable for the almighty rack. Ugh.)
So, hey, now I have TWO suitable skirts that fit for church. ... I have an old denim one ... but, if I sit too long, the slit ends up creeping ... so, when I got home, that slit was showing off my rear pretty well. Hope it wasn't doing that as I traipsed through the church hallway a couple weeks back.  :S

Plans for the day:

  • Vacuum -- Living room, dining room (who has a carpeted dining room?? ... We do. >.<), hallway, kids' room (especially to pick up the last of last night's puke-fiasco).
  • Dishes. Since that's an ongoing thing. No shocker there.
  • Fold/put away the laundry on the couch (Not even THINKING about the laundry in our bedroom ... except, now that I said that, I AM ... so my denial isn't working.... CRAP).
  • Get showered and dressed.
  • Food. We should eat breakfast. 
  • Go into town. Drop off library books (both libraries, really). Go to Borders. Come back. Go to BBW so I can get nice-smelly stuff. Because smelling nice makes me happy.
  • Trim Freyja's claws ... since it was a little painful when she was trying to "make biscuits" on my thigh w/o a protective layer of denim in between. Ow. Now she's going for my breastbone. And my pooch.
  • Read scriptures. (Not just skim them. ... yeah. I'm guilty of that modus operandi. My fault we don't have the sealed portion. I admit it. If you have any pointers, send them my way.)
  • Pray
  • Take my vitamins and allergy pill. (I used to love, love, love Spring. Now I have postnasal drip ... and it's SO COLD!! (32F on a beautiful, late April morning?? Wither The Fries, y'all?)
  • Lunch with Mom C ... we still haven't decided where to go. The kids love McDonald's. Michael doesn't. I don't care for Burger King so much. We could do Jack-in-the-Box, Carl's Jr., Wendy's, or any Mexican (or American-Mex) ... Bucket keeps saying that she wants Chinese food. (No, she DOESN'T remember puking. Or waking up. At all. *martyr look*) (Yeah, I called it.) (Wish I hadn't.)
But, yeah ... in other news, Michael's still much better than I deserve.
I was still in hormonal-freak-out mode ... and I was all, "Why do you even love me? I snap at you, I look awful when I cry, I'm chubby now, etc., etc. Why??? How can you even like me?"

And he's all, "As a wise prince once said, I love whom I love."

Yeah ... he totally quoted The Last Unicorn at me. Bonus points to him. And I also award him ten internets.
He earned them.
He's a keeper. Totally.

But, phew. He still loves me. The angry bees are on their way away (hope they're not coming to you. I hate those angry bees. The angry bees that get in my head and hate me).

Okay. Time to break out the vacuum. ... And, if I have time, I have about twenty library books to read. *sigh*

But, good news, I've kept all food down since Tuesday afternoon. And my acne flare-up is flaring down.
And there are fresh strawberries in the fridge. And Orange-pineapple juice. And Orange-mango juice. And pretty eggs. And I woke up (finally) feeling like I just might be able to face the day.

I REALLY need to clean the carpets now, though. Maybe that'll be my goal. Rent a cleaner. Since there are, like, THREE stores in a mile radius that I can rent one from.

Can I just say, for the record, that Freyja's an ADORABLE cat.
She was worth the wait.
(Though I do still miss my Gingi-cat ... but Frey is a good balm to my soul. ... And I'm glad that Michael puts up with her fur [and his allergy] for me.)

Thursday, April 21, 2011


So, Monday, I came down with this nasty bug.

Suffice it to be summed up with Michael's comment about 4 AM Monday night -- "I'm surprised, after this long, that you have anything left in you."

Yeah. Not so pleasant.

This was after Saturday when Bruise puked all over the hall --- RIGHT OUTSIDE THE BATHROOM.
And I took Bucket shopping with me. Free BBW lotion (with coupon!) and a pack of those shaped rubber bands for her.
Then we got home and SHE puked. At least twice. Michael took care of that, since I took care of the hallway since he was out helping Dad C unload a trailer.

And that brought us to Monday where I felt nauseated. Carsick, even. Queasy.
We got dinner after grocery shopping.
I still am irked that I wasted that portion of the cash I had on hand. Since it all went into the toilet. Before schedule.

Tuesday, I was thrilled that I kept down water. Finally took some generic Immodium (TMI, I'm sure).

Mom came up (this was planned) ... she was also queasy, too. We were a pair. But she took care of me.

Wednesday, I took a pregnancy test. Just in case.
Nope. Just sick and late.
(Which was a little bit of a disappointment balanced with relief. Since, really, where would we put another kid in here? ... And, at the same time, a part of me screams "OHNOZ!!!!! I'M BARREN!!!!" every time I get my period. Yes. I'm complicated. So??)

I really must be PMSing right now. I'm a prickly bundle of irritation and irksomeness. I don't even want to be around me.

Bucket puked tonight. In her bed. She's now on the top bunk, so she puked on her blankets, Bruise's coverlet, AND the carpet. And the rugs in the bathroom.

Does it make me a bad mom to admit that times like this make me want to just check out for the day? Like, okay, that's enough for this 24-hour period. My duties are supposed to end when you fell asleep ... what fresh hell are you giving me NOW, child? I played video games and watched a show with you. THIS is how you repay me for my efforts?!?!??!???

Don't get me wrong, I still love her. Mostly.
My mother's love for her is tempered with a measure of frustration.
Chalk it up to being human.

But, really, she won't even remember throwing up. At all.

And the house stinks of vomit.

I just want to crawl in a hole and hide.
Even though Michael was the one who took it upon himself to do most of the work.
And here I am, being a terrible wife and mother. I'm snapping at him and irritated over nothing.
He deserves better.

I'm just really tired.

This could have been a really great day.
My mom was here. That's always fun.
I've kept food down. For the last two days. No puking for me! ... That's great, too!
I don't have to worry about where to put another crib in our house. That's a HUGE relief!
I made PERFECT hard-boiled eggs ... like, the yolks were YELLOW and not greyish.
WE COLORED EGGS! And the dyes turned out well. Like nice and brilliant!
Michael made dinner. And it was really good.
I had taken videos of the kids with my phone. That was fun.

And then ... as Michael and I are trying to watch a movie ... Bruise gets all worked up (CRYING! There were TEARS! And WEEPING!! And WAILING!!!) because he wants someone to snuggle with.
Someone HUMAN ... so Freyja's out. So are the seven stuffed animals he has in his bunk.
And it has to be in HIS bed (so he couldn't crawl into Bucket's bed with her). And Daddy won't do. Only Mommy.
... But, but, but ... Michael and I are watching a movie ... *sigh*
So, I did go in and chat with him. And we talk about going camping in the summer.

And about how he needs his own quillow ... instead of stealing Daddy's or mine.
And what he wants it to look like. (For the record -- like Jango Fett -- blue and grey and white. But blue and white will suffice.) At least he's decisive, right?

Then, as soon as he's sound asleep and Michael and I are watching the show?
Bucket screams ... and it's the puke chronicles, as told above.

It's stupid. My friends are having WAY worse days/weeks/months/years than I am ... but this is what's ... what's just too much for now. It's so stupid.

I'm tired of being nauseated. I'm tired of being tired. I'm tired of puke.
I'm tired of being all PMSy.
I'm tired of feeling all stupid.

I'm going to bed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

For Kicks and Giggles

Every so often, it's fun to do the "[Your Name] needs" meme ...

And, since my name has a more unique spelling, I have to try it a couple ways.
Because, The Google suggests that I'm REALLY looking for "Alana needs," I'll do that one first:

  • "Alana needs a middle name" - Nope! My mom loves me. She gave me one. I like it!
  • "ALANA NEEDS YOUR NUMBERS!!" - Um, why am I shouting? And ... maybe I do. If I want to talk to you on the phone, I sure would need your number. Yes. *nods*
  • "Alana needs your Kokua." - I had to look this one up. Kokua = mutual assistance/pitching in (Hawaiian). This is probably true. We're all in this thing together, no?
  • "Alana needs a miracle NOW!" - Again, who doesn't need a miracle?
    (Aren't our lives all composed of tiny miracles? Isn't every breath we take a miracle? Isn't finding a friend a miracle? ... I guess it depends on your perspective. But I like to think that life is composed wholly of miracles. Then I get to be a super-sleuth and try to notice them all. Then I get tired and go back on facebook.)
  • "Alana needs some feedback."  - Hey, I'm not going to deny it. I LOVE it when people give me feedback (well, unless they're being jerks about it. ... I thrive on praise. I wilt under severe criticism. Just sayin'). So, yeah, if you WANT me to write about something, I'll totally blog for comments. *wink*
  • "Alana needs money." - Sure! I'll gladly take money! I love to use it! I'd love to have a cushy savings account/ trust fund/ something! ... Because, with enough money, I could totally change the world! KIVA.ORG MICROLOANS GALORE! HEIFER INTERNATIONAL AND WORLD VISION DONATIONS DAILY! END HUNGER! END POVERTY!
    ... And, yeah, I would probably also buy new shoes. And clothes. And a gym membership (somewhere with childcare, massage, and hours that work for me. The Anytime Fitness here in town? TOTALLY NOT open "any time". What's up with that????? Just call it "Anytime during-the-eight-hours-that-we're-open-during-the-weekdays-and-maybe-on-Saturday Fitness". I mean, really. Srsly??? Ugh.). And more makeup. And a bigger house, since the kids will need separate bedrooms at some point. And regular maintenence for the vehicles. And supplies to give our current house cub appeal. And KILL ALL THE ANTS! (That's how I know that Spring's arrived. ... We had ants crawling around the living room. And in our laundry. GROSS.) And organize my house. And learning to eat sensibly-sized portions. And regular mani/pedis/massage/waxing. And medical insurance ... And generous donations for Toys for Tots and wonderful things like that. .... Yeah ... I know that I'm selfish. But I want to end hunger and support world literacy, too.
  • "Alana needs a boyfriend" - Um, NO I DON'T. I have a HUSBAND. Who's my bestie.
    I mean, I have guys that are friends ... but I don't need a  boyfriend. That'd just be skeevy. Ew.
  • "Alana needs hugs" - Sure. I'm all over hugs.
    Unless you're a creeper.
  • "Alana needs a roommate" - Um, really? I have THREE. One of which is permanent. And I have three animal housemates, too. I think I'm good. Until I pop out another loinspawn/drop another litter ... then I'll be perfectly fine with having four or five housemates (for about the next 18 years).
Yeah, so that's what The Google tells me for almost-my-name.

Let's see if there's anything better with my name:

Wow. TWO results. And one of them is me griping about a facebook game. (Geeky much?)
But, yes ... this is what I need according to The Google.

Now, if I made a more serious list ... Hmmm ....
Allanna needs:
  • to find a way to motivate herself she can start cultivate the following habits
  1. to exercise
  2. to read STUDY her scriptures daily
  3. to make the time for personal communion in prayer with Heavenly Father
  4. to clean the house without whining like a whining whiner
  5. to leave the house and take her kids places --- like the park
  6. to stop feeling fat ... and then self-medicating with food. (Yes, I admit it. I'm a stress-eater. And a depression-eater.)
  7. to suck it up and start USING her HAM Radio license (The plan: Start next week, check in with the Stake on Sunday evening. Wish us luck!)
  8. to suck it up and start using the sewing machine
  9. to suck it up and fold the laundry. And PUT IT AWAY, too.
  10. to start getting through all my library books.
Okay, that's enough for now. But, yeah ... if I start exercising and learning correct portion sizes (and learn how to eat THOSE and not feeling like I'm STARVING), I could totally make my goal of losing, like, 50 pounds (which will still be a healthy weight for me).

However, in other news, when we went to visit a friend yesterday, she complimented me ... asked me if I'd lost weight.
Actually, I've put on two pounds.
But I was tickled.
I admitted that I gained those last two pounds ... and that they must be "skinny pounds." ^_^

Sunday, April 17, 2011

What my son wants

As we are sitting on the pew at church, he struggles to pull an I Spy book out of his rucksack.
So I ask him if he needs a different bag.
"A purse?" He asks.
"Do you WANT a purse? I guess if you want one, we can get you a man-purse."
"Yes. I want one wiff a picture of Darff Aver on the front."
Now to be a good mommy and get him one.
A Darff Aver (Darth Vader) man purse.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Crazy kids....

As we're waiting for Michael:
Bruise: Daddy's not here yet. What's the point???
And then the kiddos ask why I'm laughing. *sigh*

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh, that boy of mine ...

As we put the kids to bed, I tucked in Bruise.

"I wanna be snug in a bug in a wug," he told me.

So I had to explain that it's really "snug AS a BUG IN a RUG," or else he's insinuating that he wants to be eaten by a bug.

And then he was making funny noises (like his evil laugh ... sounds like a villainous Frenchman. Love it!), I told him that he was a goofball.

"No, I'm NOT a GOOFBALL!! I'm CUTE!!!!! I'm just cute. Not a cute goofball. Just a Bruise Cute."

He's right ... he IS a cute little boy.

... In other news, Bucket has told me that Lola would be a great name for a girl like her. And I should call her "Lola [FirstName]" or Lola Bucket.
... At least it's a bit more original than the names that I told my mom that she SHOULD have named me (back before I learned to LIKE having a unique name/pronunciation/spelling). Which, for the record, were Daisy (I watched a LOT of Disney Channel. And face it, Daisy's pretty awesome. She's pretty, smart, and independent. So, hey, at least I have taste, right?) and Anne (for Anne Shirley ... You know, Anne of Green Gables, etc. ... And, really, there's a core of me that's just as romantic, dramatic, and imaginative as she can be. Oh, how I longed to be her bosom friend. ^_^).

Bucket ALSO tried to get me to tell her how to write a sign that would say that the kids in their room don't have to take a nap. Ha ha ha ... yeah, right, girlie. I don't THINK so. But nice try.

We talked today about money and value. How a penny is one cent, etc, up to a dollar. The kids were shocked to realize how many pennies it takes to buy toys. (To tell the truth, I'm shocked, too.)

That's most of what's gone on today ... The high point of Sunday (besides church in general and my visiting teachee making it to church on her own ^_^) was that I took a nap.... Which wasn't all that restful since I kept waking up about every 15 minutes since Bucket STOMPS around like an elephant. *sigh* And Michael and I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End ... which made us stay up late. :P
And then we watched our edited DVD of The Lost Boys (LOVE THAT MOVIE) last night.

I should write about my birthday ... and I will ... probably on Thursday. Since I'm tired now ... and I'll have company tomorrow and volunteering ... So, yeah.

And I need to prepare a little 2-minute presentation about Marjorie Pay Hinckley (my choice) for the RS Activity Thursday.  I can do it. It's two minutes. And, really, all the sisters at church already know that I'm ... special. (Outspoken? Geeky? Unique? Odd? All of these fit. :P)

Monday, April 11, 2011

How I get free stuff ...

Since you asked (this is for YOU, especially, Robin!), here's what I do to get free stuff.
Because I love you. (And I LOVE that you asked! ^__^)

I follow some pages on facebook. That's pretty easy, right?
And, to learn WHO I should "like," I follow a couple more pages.

Freebies4Mom usually gives a heads-up on which companies are offering freebies.
So does MoneySavingMom.

I did sign up for the email newsletter for the daily freebie from AllYou magazine (sometimes they're not that feasible for me. I COULD have gotten a free mascara sample, if I drove to a J.C. Penney with a Sephora in it. ... I'd have had to drive about 45 minutes to get to a mall with one. Kinda negates the "free" of the freebie, no?)

Every so often, I remember to check the free samples at Or Target.
I know there are other stores that do these, too. Every so often there's some at Costco or Sam's Club. But usually you need a membership number for those. USUALLY. (There have been exceptions.)

I'm a Purex Insider ... So far, I've received a full-size laundry detergent and a trial size of the fabric softener crystals (reminds me, I need to buy some more.)  If you want to apply, go here.

I have a VERY BELATED book review to post before I can get a new free book from BookSneeze (used to be Thomas Nelson Publishing). You sign up, agree to review books honestly. You get to choose which title is sent to you (one book or DVD at a time) and then you post a review on your blog and on a commercial-type site ( or something like that). Then you report back with the links ... and *voila!* you can request a new book or DVD. ... Now, sometimes, there aren't a lot of titles available. I'll be honest. And, really, this one that I STILL haven't done (since like Thanksgiving) is because it was the most interesting one ... for Michael (who I'll pass it to after I review it).
After you review the book, you're free to do whatever you like with it. I've kept most of them. I gave one to my aunt. And this one will go to Michael. ... Once I FINALLY get it done.
(If only I could also get free books from Quirk books ... I'm quite eager to read the new P&P&Z book, Dreadfully Ever After. CAN. NOT. WAIT. ... Yes, this is a guilty pleasure of mine. And I still need to read Android Karenina. *HAPPY GASP!!!!!* Hee!! There's even another new one! The Meowomorphis!! Kafka with KITTENS?!?? I NEED this! ... or at least to get it from my libraries. *eager nodding ensues*)
(YES. I KNOW it's not PROPER LITERATURE. But it's my form of literary crack. ... Could be worse. Could be smut, right? :P)

I also have gotten some perks from So far, I've won two books in drawings. That's exciting. I've read one (I REALLY need to read the other. I've not been reading nearly so much this last year. What's WRONG with ME??!?!?!??). And they do say that if you review the titles that you win, you do get a slight advantage in future drawings you enter.
(If anyone wants my copy of Impulsive [contemporary romance], let me know. It was okay. Racy. And with some explicit scenes/language. But okay. I was glad that I won a copy, since my libraries didn't carry it.)

Those are my best bits of advice. Just keep your eyes out for free samples or contests.
I won a pair of Ryka running shoes a couple years ago. So pretty. (If they had a similar style, I'd link to it. But you know how fashion goes. :P)
Pretty much a complete shocker on that one, since I didn't really have my hopes up at all on that.

And, of you know that you'd like to make the commitment to spending $$ on laser hair removal, if you enter in the drawings for those, your chances are pretty good at getting a call back. Just sayin'.
I think I have a $300 discount off of a package. ... Too bad that it'd still be over $1,000 out of pocket.
(I think I might have mentioned [a few thousand times] how I hate shaving. :P)

But, yeah ... just keep looking. And if a company is offering a free sample that sounds too good to be true and needs TOO MUCH INFO ... just be careful.

I wish I could be one of those couponing mavens ... you know, the kind that spends, like, $20 for a month's worth of groceries.
I'm not. But I do have a CRAPLOAD of free shampoo and conditioner samples.
Which is better than a poke in the eye. *nods*

Go forth, young Padawan. Make Llanna proud. ^_^
Save much, sample greatly.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

THIS is what happens when I get bored

Freyja likes to sleep around the house.
Under my desk, or behind a chair, or under the sheets in bed.
And I take her picture.
(Not ALWAYS. But sometimes.)

 And, when I get REALLY bored, I shake things up by trying new things with my hair.
As Katie told me, "You're getting in touch with your inner Mad Men."
(Confession: As much as I love the costuming, set, and Christina Hendricks,
I've never been able to get into the show. ... Please don't hate me.)

Though, really, Joan Hollaway wears AWESOME clothes. *sigh*

Just FYI

In case you notice some strange posts, I'm trying to learn how to use my Droid to blog.

I'm TRYING to get it to upload the RIGHT pictures from the CORRECT albums ... but, well, gorramit it, it doesn't want to work.

I got bored and did mah hairz. Then I had to add the eyeliner to match. And THEN I worked VERY HARD to get pics that weren't blurry and that didn't make my face look chubby. (Shut up. I can think that there are times when I look a bit more photogenic than others. And, when it looks like I have a double chin up to my cheekbones, that's NOT going to make me think it's a flattering picture. *sigh* ... I have issues. I know.)

SO ... just bear with me. I'm really trying to get it figured out.

And, yeah, don't tell all the ladies at church that I'm having such difficulties. For some reason, I seem to have gotten a reputation as a bit of an internet/facebook maven. ... Probably because I'm always at the computer. :S

Now, I have Niska quotes about "reputation, Malcom Reynolds" running through my brain.

NISKA:Yes, good, you have a reputation. You do the job, no complications, that's what.
Malcolm Reynolds gets it done, is the talk.

MAL:Well I'm glad to hear that.

NISKA: Do you know what a reputation is?
It's people talking, gossip, it's not... to hold, touch it, you can't. Not from gossip.
Now I also have reputation, not so pleasant, I think you know. 

Cute Things My Kids Said Recently ...

"Isn't your sister wonderful?"
Bruise: NO. She's SMART.

"Mom, come see what thing is in our room!!"
(It was my mom. Who I knew was in there. :P)

"We got you a secret surprise. I can't tell you about it."

"Why can't I marry my sister?"

To Bucket: Why are you so pretty??
Bucket: Maybe it's because I'm a vegetable?
(Maybe taking the "you are what you eat" motto a little too far ...)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Birthday Week Extravaganza ....

At this point, birthday celebrations are going into the two-week celebration ... Not that I'm complaining. ^_^

I already wrote about how Dad and L came up, we ate burgers and ice cream cake for her and my birthdays, and they went home.

I also wrote about General Conference (well, the fact that it HAPPENED. I know I haven't covered all the talks or anything like that. ... Suffice it to say that I love following the #ldsconf Twitter stream while listening/watching conference. It helps me pay better attention and catch great quotes. And everyone's names. ... and, I'll also confess to looking up some of the speakers, so that I know their callings in the church. Yeah. Cheater-cheater. :P)

So, Sunday, I was a little pissy because I was making sausage gravy while Dieter F. Uchtdorf was speaking in the morning. Oh well. My gravy is good ... and I'll be able to read his whole talk soon. And even watch it again online. Not the end of the world.

Michael and I started a fast Sunday. I stopped eating at 1:30 ... even though I hadn't had lunch. Michael started before dinner. We fasted so that he will pass his test Friday. The BIG TEST. The one that, when he passes it, will give his his Engineering license. So, yeah, please say your prayers.

I also went with my friend K, one of my past Visiting Teachers and our ward's Relief Society president, on some visits to a few of the gals in our ward with April birthdays. It was nice. I enjoy hanging with her no matter what. And, after we visited, she picked my brain on some of the names on the ward list (she's only been president for a few months ... and between Michael and me, we know a chunk of people in the ward. Especially Michael does. Being Elder's Quorum president will do that. And he was the Executive Secretary before being in the EQ presidency. So, yeah. He knows LOTS of people in the ward that I don't.) and then she and I talked about Facebook (I'm in it. She's not. But her son is. And he was all, "I should friend Allanna!" And she ran that by me. OF COURSE!)

Monday, I mostly hung out, cleaned house, and nursed a headache. And, once 1:30 rolled around, the alarm on my phone of "Okay, you can eat now!" (YES, that IS what it said. What???), I ate two bowls of chili with tortilla chips. And then I ate something else. Something sweet. What was it? Oh well ... but I was TOO FULL to eat dinner at all. Even though I did cook dinner!

AND!!!! My newest niece was born!!! Yay! T1 went into labor in the morning ... and little C was born in the early evening. ^_^ Yay! And she's adorable! (Well, they BOTH are, but I know you were asking about Miss C.) So that was exciting. ^_^

Tuesday, I finished doing the dishes before Mom and Ju (my aunt) came up. Mom has to work Thursday and Friday this week (subbing), so the visit was a little earlier this week. "But Mutti ALWAYS comes on WEDNESDAYS!" was a discussion that we had. *rolls eyes* LOL.
Julie and I went out to the salon where I get waxed ... but instead of THAT, she and I got manicures and I got a pedicure.
I really SHOULD have looked at what the colors were named ... but after looking at the OPI website, I THINK these are the colors (in case you care):
Julie's nails: Isn't That Precious (it's this light pink. Like near the bottom of a rose petal. Almost a cherry-blossom pink)
My nails: Feelin' Hot-hot-hot (a bright pink. With a hint of coral to it. I think of it as a poppy-pink.)
My toes: {Maybe ... not sure} Funky Dunkey {but I don't know. It's not nearly as dark as it looks online} (A creamy electric purple.)

Seriously, if you are local and want the name of my salon (Yes, I call it mine now. If I had more money, I'd definitely go back for more things. OFTEN. This is the first time that I've gotten a manicure, not acrylics or anything. And I enjoy getting pedicures. And I like not having to shave ... I wouldn't mind trying the teeth whitening or the facials or body wraps. ... I don't think I'll do tanning, though. I'd rather lay out in the son for that, really. ^_^), I'll totally share it with you. Just ask. I'll let you know.
Now, the prices were a little higher for mani/pedis than a few other places I looked at (but not by a lot). But the atmosphere and kind, friendly people totally make it worth it.

After we got back (during which time, Mom and the kids went shopping and did some cooking),  we hung out and got dinner ready ... so Michael could grab a bite before leaving for EQ visits ... and we could eat dinner. And we got the kids ready for bed ... and had baby cheesecakes (topped with Nutella or sugar-free raspberry preserves) and ice cream cake. YUM!

The kids both picked out birthday cards for me. Bruise's plays "September" and Bucket's plays "Happy Birthday" (on strings). And they (meaning Mom, ha ha ha) bought me another DVD rack. So I got that set up and put the REST of the kids' DVDs into it. And gosh, it sure looks nice. ^_^

I showed Julie how our Netflix works (they don't have Netflix. Yet, anyways. Ha ha ha.) ... we watched the pilot of "Keeping Up Appearances" and then "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog." ... But I don't think she liked Dr. Horrible all that much. *sigh* I know that I'm kinda obsessed. I'll admit it.

Today, we got up ... I got showered and dressed (did my face and hair later) and Mom, Ju, and the kids had breakfast (I'm terrible at eating brekkie. ... Also, I got phlegm or something in my throat and threw up in the shower. Ugh. Hate that. ... Could have had something to do with the fact I had a stressful dream. I was, in my dream, driving a big red truck. And the kids were in it. And I was turning onto a local highway from a different road than I usually go -- but one that I HAVE used IRL. And we got into an accident and were blocking both westbound lanes. And I turned around to check on the kids. I think they were okay ... and I woke up. BUT I KNEW that the truck was all totaled. And that we'd have to pay the deductible. And THAT'S stressful enough in and of itself.  Ugh. Stupid stressy dreams.). Then Bruise played on the Wii, I got made up and hairs did ... and then I fixed Bucket's broken drawer. It took two screws (one was missing, the other had been stripped) and Michael's electric drill (for the screwdriver) ... and maybe 5-10 minutes. Yup ... I'm kinda a big deal. And this is one LESS thing to have on the Honey-Do list.
Then we went to McDonald's. And Mom, Ju, and the kids stuck around home and I volunteered.
Then I came home and Mom and Ju had to leave. :(
But it was a good visit.

Sometime Bri and I are going to get together and change up my hair a bit. I'm looking forward to that. ... I'm going to try and grow it out. Short hair is fun and all. But I do like having hair long enough to play with. The cut I'm growing out doesn't make it easy to do any vintage-y type hairdos. Oh well. A few more months. Or years. Either or. :P

Oh! And I got my Target Beauty Bag (freebie) in the mail today. That was fun! I'll put up pictures or something. But, let's see ... here's what was in it:

  • Fekkai Shea Butter Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner samples
  • Pantene Fine Hair Shampoo (travel size bottle)
  • Sample of Revlon Hot Pink lipgloss
  • Nivea lotion sample (bottle) - Sea Minerals and Lotus Blossom scent
  • Neutrogena Naturals lip balm
  • Coupon booklet ... all this inside a cute little 
  • Sonia Kashuk travel make up case.
Yes, I was pleasantly surprised. ... That's one of the bonuses for signing up for freebies. Since it takes a few weeks for them to arrive, I kinda lose track of what I'm waiting for ... so it's always a bit of a surprise when things come. ^_^ Yeah, I'm kinda special like that. :P

Okay ... I THINK that's it.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

In other news ...

Did I tell you ...?

The other night I had such a weird dream.

I was sitting at a round table in a beige room. Kurt Hummell (from GLEE) was at the next table.

We kissed. (I was a younger, more fashionable version of myself ... since this was a dream. Seriously, I was cleaning out my dream-self's closet. *sigh*)

I turned him straight.

.... So strange.

Although, really, I do love me some Kurt. He's so sweet. I just want to hug him. And bask in his awesomeness.
(Watching him get bullied? I was rather irate. As a teacher, if you KNOW something's happening and don't stop it? You can get in serious trouble. So Mr. Schuster and a few other teachers would have had some serious disciplinary action. Or maybe have gotten fired. Just sayin'. ... But I had to tell myself  "Suspension of disbelief, suspension of disbelief ..." Just like I had to in House, when that one detective was harassing House and Cuddy. Because that shouldn't have happened like that. Cuddy'd have gone to his superior and gotten him reprimanded. I mean, REALLY.)

(Still, it doesn't explain my dream. At all.)

Not dead ...

Really, I'm not dead. Just being neglectful of the blog. Now to try and recall what all's gone on since I blogged. *sigh*

So, I told you that I gave blood. And almost passed out.

I really can't recall anything about Friday. I think that I must have spent the day catching up on the Neatorama and Mental_floss blogs. Michael can't remember doing anything either ... So, yeah.
OH! That's right, I chatted with Bri. She was thinking of going to Portland to the Hank Green concert ... but both she and her husband ended up sick. Boo. But she did drop by to visit for a sec. Since I needed to pass off Season Two of Castle to her (what a better way to spend a weekend when you're sick than to watch Nathan Fillion? ... Nothing else is coming to mind!).

Saturday, I worked at finishing preparing the lesson for Relief Society (the women's class at church. Well, the women who aren't in Primary or Young Women's). It was the TFOT ("Teachings for Our Times") lesson from the last session of General Conference. I got to teach from President Boyd K. Packer's talk, "Cleansing the Inner Vessel." And it's a great talk."
The main points that I tried to cover were repentance (including forgiving yourself) and love. Because that's why we HAVE this experience on earth. I mean, really ... the gospel is all about love. And faith. And love.
But, yeah. If you really, really care, I can post my notes from the lesson. If you don't really care, then suffice it to say that it was a good talk. About keeping yourself clean, the importance of the family, repentance, and love.
And we got the opportunity to be helpful to a sister in the ward (I'm one of her visiting teachers. Michael is one of her home teachers). It's nice to be helpful.
Oh, and the kids and I went to Bath and Body Works to get the free lotion sample. Pretty nice! I even grabbed the travel-sized spray to go with it. Michael likes it ("Country Chic") more than the previous new-release scent, "Carried Away."

Sunday ... I got connected to the Wi-Fi at the church. NOT THAT I REALLY USED IT. But, in case I need to be connected, I'm set up. And I used my Droid to read along with the Scriptures during Sunday School.
And I taught my Relief Society lesson. I had handouts for, like, 50 women.
Including myself, we had less than 15. Overplan much?
And I had over 20 quotes and scriptures to pass out. Regardless, since we actually DID get some discussion going (PHEW!!!!), we didn't do all of them. And that was fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine by me.  People told me I did a good job. So ... phew! I'm so glad it's over! And that this isn't my regular calling!!!!!!! *LOL*

Monday ... Hmmm ... what went on Monday? Gosh ... THIS is why I should blog more often. So I don't forget. *sigh*
I don't recall a whole lot. I think I cleaned the house for the most part. Since, when I chatted with Dad and L, they said that they might come up Tuesday (which they did. But I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I?).
And Michael requested that I make some bland-er type foods. We'd been eating foods that were a little hard on our bellies. I have a stomach that's practically cast-iron. I'm a freak like that. But I'm totally down with having tuna casserole (which I made) or chicken and rice or stuff like that.

Also, Monday evening, as we were getting the kids for bed, Bruise showed us a coloring page from his Conference packet (The kids' teachers had given them each a packet of worksheets and coloring pages to do while the grownups watch/listen to General Conference). The picture was a boy sitting in front of the television, watching Thomas S. Monson, and thinking of prophets from the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith.
Bruise showed it to us and said, "Wook! Dat boy doesn't want to watch dat show. He wants to watch de udder one."
And, oh, I nearly wet my pants on that one. My son is cute.
Bucket, not to be outdone, refers to what I call "my fat" as "my skinny."
("No, Mom. I'm not playing with your fat. It's your skinny!" :P)
We also watched Mean Girls 2 ... It wasn't very awesome. We didn't HATE it, but we didn't really LIKE it, either.

Tuesday, Dad and L came up. We went to Burgerville (under rennovations. It's all fixed NOW, but not when we went. *sigh* Isn't that the way?) and ate burgers. Then Dad and I went to Target to pick up instant coffee (for Dad and L) and to search for the holy grail of Easter candy ... something that Dad's brother gave him a couple years ago. By Cadbury. The closest that we could find were the mini cream- and mini caramel-eggs. The caramel were CLOSE ... but not quite.
And we grabbed an ice cream cake from ColdStone for L and my birthdays. Yum.
After they left, I whipped up some enchilada-esque stuff. (Flour tortillas filled with cream cheese and black beans. Baked in green enchilada sauce and topped with more black beans and mozzarella cheese. Hey, it's what we had!) Then, we skedaddled out the door to a visiting teaching appointment.

Wednesday, Mom came up. We went to McDonald's before I took off for my volunteering. We shopped a little. Bruise got a little ninja Lego. Bucket got the little Rapunzel doll. So they were VERY, VERY HAPPY. We also bought Tangled, which the kiddos watched with Mutti (my mom). We ordered pizza. Pretty low key.

Thursday, I jumped on the Groupon available for 4 tickets (2 adults, 2 kids) for the local aquarium for $25. Mom headed home.  Bri needed to get out and take some pictures, so she and I went downtown and played with out cameras while the light was still good. Michael and the kids stayed home and watched Tangled.

Friday, Michael expressed a desire to wash the cars. So we did. WE got the van 99% done by the time he pulled in. Then we started in on the truck. Clean vehicles! Crazy!
Then we continued our mad, crazy, partying ways and ...... WENT GROCERY SHOPPING.

Yup, we are wild! Woooooooooo! Part-ay!!!!!

Then we came home and put away groceries. And the kids played Legos and watched Return of the Jedi  with Michael. And I took a nap with Freyja. And we got the kiddos ready for bed. And Mom and Dad C came by to visit. And I lent a couple more books to Mom, since she's enjoyed the books she's borrowed from me thus far (Phew!!! Is it just me, or do other people find it a little scary to recommend books to other people? I know I'm a weirdo. I may like some books, but YMMV, as they say). ^_^

Today, we got up and settled in and watched/listened to General Conference.
I sit at my computer desk, notepad in front of me as I take notes. I have two windows of my web browser open: One is for the conference video feed, the other is Twitter's search for #ldsconf ... This way, when I miss a quote or need a name, it's THERE. And it's fun to see a journalist from our stake tweet.
(I got retweeted! It made me feel FAMOUS. For, like a second. Then I just was relieved that my tweet didn't sound too trite. ... Then, of course, another couple of people responded to a couple things that I had retweeted. One was rather antagonistic. *sigh* Hey, I DO support and sustain Thomas S. Monson as a prophet of God. You don't have to agree. However, when you insinuate that I don't know "the truth" of a religion that I've been in for almost three decades? Yeah ... Some people's children. I'm not going to be offended. More like just shake my head and move on. Doesn't dignify a reply, really.*sigh* Oh well.)

While I'm furiously scribbling notes (and occasionally playing a game on facebook. Oops.), Michael's on the couch, working on ... something. I think it's a timeline for the Book of Mormon. Yeah, I'm a bad wife, I didn't really pay attention. Oops.
The kids did color a bit in their conference packets. During the afternoon session it was ALL about playing with Legos.
THIS is why I have (and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) the speakers we have for the computer.

Someday, though, our goal is to get a TV that we can hook up to the computer. Then we can watch conference on a BIG screen. (And I can still have my monitor with the Twitter stream. *grin*)

Yes, I DO geek out about conference. I'm aware.
I might get motivated and post my notes from the sessions ... but, oh, there's a LOT. And I'm TIRED.

When I whined yesterday (via chat) to Bri about being tired and "why am I tired ALL THE TIME????", she responded, "you're pregnant."
Me: But my body's keeping it a secret ... so I keep having a period. And I'll just be one of those ladies that has a baby on the toilet, since I never knew I was preggers in the first place. I'll be in the paper! Like one of those teen moms!
Her: Ha ha ha
Me: THAT's why I'm a little heavy. I'm just pregnant with an elephant! I'll TOTALLY make the paper now!!!!
Me:Since I've been a little heavy for a couple years. MUST be an elephant! I'm saving the world here!

Yes, that's how I roll. Since I've been stuck with this higher-than-it-should-be BMI for a few years, I'm OBVIOUSLY an unaware surrogate for an elephant. OBVIOUSLY.
I just haven't figured out why the elephant-foetus is spread over my body and not just in my uterus. *shrugs* Of course, it'd be a really SMALL elephant. Since I'm only around 15 stone (yes, I refuse to use pounds. That'd make me feel FAT. Stone is a wonderful, slightly-archaic measure that makes me seem quite lithe in comparison! Fiddle-dee-dee!), whereas a baby elephant should weigh in at around 11-16 stone. ... So, ergo, it I HAVE an elephant calf in me, I'm practically a skeleton! ... Which means that I could DEFINITELY benefit from some chocolate truffles. And some cheesecake. And Mashed Potatoes. And anything else I could possibly stuff down my gullet. Yup.

I hope the baby elephant comes soon. How awesome will that be? I'm sure that I'd adore it ... but we really cant afford to feed it 125 pounds of food a day, really. So we could give it to the zoo. And come visit it fortnightly or so.
I'm sure I'd be in the Guinness Book of World Records. Or maybe a feature at Ripley's "Believe it or Not!" ... and that might cover some of the kiddos' college tuition ...

Yes, I've thought this through far too much. I should shut up now.

But, in other news, Michael'll take his BIG. TEST. OF. ENGINEERING. this coming Friday. Please pray. We rather NEED him to pass. Any prayers, positive thoughts, good muju, etc is very much appreciated.

Thanks!! Hope you're having a good weekend!!

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