Saturday, February 05, 2011

Frak my life

Bucket now has pink eye in her other eye.

I knew I should have just given her eye drops in BOTH eyes. But I was being (foolishly) optimistic.

And I have this crap cold. It's all about the post-nasal drip (so, hey, at least my nose is mostly clear ... since it's all dripping in my throat) and a sore throat from DAH DEBIL. (Whenever I say it like that, I always think of The Waterboy.)

I took a nap last night, hoping that I'd feel better. But I didn't. So I missed one of my friend's parties. LAAAAAAMESAUCE.
It sucks being responsible and trying not to get everyone else sick.

And it looks like I'll be missing church ... to keep the kiddos from spreading pink eye (which I HOPE they didn't already give to anyone else. Oh, gosh, I sure hope they didn't).

Now, to design that sign up sheet for childcare for the RS activity. *sigh* At least I can get that done.


And please excuse my language. But I really get irritated when I'm sick. Stupid germs.
At least it's THIS WEEKEND and not last weekend.

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Jennie said...

I was with my sister in law in portland last night watching "Living Legends" from BYU (dance group) and this chick behind me just kept hackin and hackin! smelled of cough drops and vapor rub... stay home chicka! keep your germs to yourself! Its one thing if you talk and you cough... but when you can't go 5 minutes w/o coughing atleast 20 times just by sitting there?!? Yah. felt slightly germaphobic

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