Tuesday, December 19, 2017

CrazyDreamChronicles™ ... a THEATRE production ... with MUTANTS!

So, last night, I dreamed that I was going to a middle-school production (since Bucket was recently in a school production of Annie, Jr.) ... and Bucket's choir teacher (who also is in charge of the drama department at her middle school), told me that she needed me to take over the role of Lily St. Regis.

Thankfully, since my dream-self is about 150 lbs lighter than my real-life self, I was about the same weight I was 6th-12th grade. ... Therefore, I could fit in a costume. And it was a 70s-era dress ... but, thinking about how fashion is cyclical, so MAYBE there were some 1930s style elements in it. And the dress kept evolving ... so at one part, I'm all, "HEY!! WHERE ARE THE SLEEVES?? THESE ARE SPAGHETTI STRAPS! ARE WE GOING TO HAVE A WARDROBE MALFUNCTION??" ... And, at another point, I look down and recognize the material of the dress as a floral scarf that I had bought at a resale store ...

Now, Bucket's friend (who REALLY played Lily in our local production) was MAD at me for taking her role ... but, hey, her teacher DEMANDED that I play it.

And I had a small excerpt of the script that I was furiously cramming. And it was NOTHING like the REAL script. Like there were aliens and flying and ...

Segue into another part of a dream, there were a LOT of us. And we were mutants (like X-Men-type mutants, not just genetic travesties). And there was another girl and we were like best friends and we all had to surround the White House, but it was VERY different, like Frank Lloyd Wright design with LOTS of big windows. And I'm pointing out to people, to try and help keep us all calm as we were preparing for a battle, (even though I've NEVER been to DC. Seriously, the farthest east I've been was a short trip to Mississippi, where we briefly went to Alabama and Louisiana) ... So I'm being a long-distance tour guide -- "That third floor? That's their work out area. See the treadmills? ... And the second floor, that's the meeting room. The bottom floor there? That's the lobby and cafeteria."

Yeah, I don't get it, either.

It was rather stressful and not very restive.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Crazy Dream Chronicles Strikes (Yet Again)

So, since I didn't post FIRST THING upon getting up, I only have snatches of last night's dream ...

  • It was at a school.
  • I was a janitor? Whatever, I was there with Michael after hours.
  • There was a display case.
  • In the display case (which was easily opened, ... this is pertinent a couple bullet points down)
  • Part of the display is a tall, thin, skinny-oval egg. It's tan and speckled with darker brown, white, and black spots.
  • The egg begins to crack/hatch.
  • A little animal (about seven inches [or thereabouts] long squirms out.
  • I pick it up.
  • It's a beaver ... a very cute and tiny and well-behaved beaver.
  • I don't know what to do with it
  • I start to browse the internet [with incognito tabs, since I don't have a license for owning a beaver and I don't want to get in trouble, but it doesn't have a mom and I can't bear for it to starve, since it's a newly-hatched BABY ... and, YES, irl, I KNOW that beavers are MAMMALS and do NOT hatch from eggs] for BEAVER MILK, since I know that there's cat-milk for abandoned kittens, so NATURALLY there'd be BEVER MILK, OF COURSE.

    (There's a reason I call these "crazy dream chronicles" ... My subconscious is a very strange place.)
  • I'm working my darndest to sell Michael on the idea of having a baby beaver.
  • He's not really buying it, but agrees that we can foster it while we call a wildlife refuge to take decent care of it.

  • But, I think that when we called, they couldn't take it for some amount of time, so I NEEDED to foster this critter.
And that was the main gist of my dream.


Tuesday, June 06, 2017

#52 Lists - List 2 - List Routines in Your Personal Life and at Work

Right now, I'm kinda horrible at routines.

Lets' see ... here's a typical day:

  • Wake up to Michael's alarm. Fall back to sleep immediately. I'm sure he said a prayer and kissed me goodbye. I usually don't remember. #badwife
  • Wake up slightly before my alarm(s). Check Facebook. Maybe remember to say a prayer. Maybe (on a REALLY GOOD DAY) get a shower early.
  • Bruise is usually awake. Bucket and Bubbles are usually good about getting themselves up, too.
  • Depending on the day, I might, after throwing on some clothes, take Bucket and/or Bruise to a club/class before school (Strings lessons twice a week, Girls on the Run twice a week, Musical Theater [technically twice a week, but conflicts with Strings ...], Track Club [if offered], ...). Otherwise the kids put together their lunches and catch the school bus.
    I try to have the older kids empty the dishwasher and dryer before they leave.
  • Depending on the day, sometimes Bucket has activities [MusicMakers was Tuesday mornings. Library storytime is Wednesdays] ... sometimes I have Visiting Teaching.
    I nearly always get a shower before heading out. Standards, people, I have them.
  • Come back from errands (or take a break from procrastinating). Eat lunch.
  • Sometime during the day, I read to/with Bubbles.
    I also read myself. If I'm really lucky, I get a nap.
  • Kids get home. Unload dishwasher (if it's been run), more laundry. Bruise makes sure to keep up his streak in Duolingo. They relax from school. Maybe go out and play. I figure out something for dinner.
  • Michael gets home. We eat. We chill.
  • Read scriptures and pray together as a family. Kids get ready for bed and go to bed around 8pm.
  • Michael and I chill: chat, watch something (Netflix or the DVD from Netflix or a DVD from the library or something that we own). Sometimes we decide to play a board game or something instead. We head to bed around 10pm
  • Since Michael wakes up earlier, he falls asleep sooner. If I can't sleep, I play on my phone until I'm tired ... then I sleep.
What do I like? 
  • Spending time with Michael, for sure.
  • Chilling with the kids
  • Reading and praying as a family. If the schedule allows, not only do we do scriptures and prayer together, but I also read aloud to the kids. It allows me to share books I love with them.
    (The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Wonder, the Blossom Culp/Alexander Armsworth stories by Richard Peck, ... there are others, of course. But those are the bigger ones.)
What do I want to change?
  • I think I need to start doing FLYlady again ... get more of a schedule for cleaning/housework.
  • When the kids are all in school, I'm going to try to start volunteering at the library. I haven't volunteered at our local library ... but I'd love to get my shelving zen on again.
  • I need to start planning meals. It'll make evenings (and days) a lot more organized.
  • I also want to schedule individual time with each of my kids ... right now, between school making life a little zany, allergies kicking my trash so that I'm exhausted, the house being a sty ... well, it's not so easy to prioritize everything/everyone as they should be.
  • I need to schedule prayer and scripture study for myself ... I know it'll be easier when the kids are all in school ... and when I have a housekeeping schedule in action (Think about it: Get up, get kids to school, throw dinner in the slow cooker, make a cup/pot of (herbal/Rooibos) tea, sit down at a (CLEAN!) table and read and ponder ... then go to the bedroom and have a prayer. After that, tidy up the house, run a vacuum, do a load of laundry and dishes, fold laundry while catching up on my Netflix queue ... run any errands/volunteering/Visiting Teaching ... read uninterrupted (or do a craft ... I do those sometimes!) ... kids get home, help with any homework/spend individual time, meet Bubbles at the bus, get her settled (maybe even a nap for her!), get dinner set out, clean up, scriptures/prayer/story-story ... time with Michael. Sounds pretty sweet, eh?
    Okay, maybe not exactly your cup of (herbal/Rooibos) tea ... but I'm comfortable knowing that I'm kinda boring.
    And I forgot to add going to PTC/PTO meetings and running the kids to soccer, ballet, Activity Days, Scouts, etc ... but you get what I mean.
I like being spontaneous ... but it would help to have a better-implemented schedule in place from which to veer, if you get what I mean?

Someday ... Someday.

Crazy Dream Chronicles: Celebrity Cameos

I'm not remembering much of my dreams ... but what I do recall? Wowza.

A couple nights ago, I remember, in my dream, being at a table. A light colored, round-ish table.
One of my (VERY, VERY EXTENDED) cousins, C, was there.
Pulling up a chair and swinging into it, next to her, was Chris Hemsworth.
They were obviously friends. They joked and bantered ... he playfully pretended to give a chomp to her neck.
Wacky fun.

(And also, NICE! Good for C, getting to be friends with CHRIS HEMSWORTH!! Even if it's just in my dream.)

Last night, I remember that, in my dream, Michael and I ... and other people ... were walking through a house? A house museum?

Regardless, in the dream, there was a narrow flight of stairs. Not TOO narrow.
But I bumped my purse (something that happens VERY often, irl, since I try to be prepared for nearly anything ... which necessitates carrying around THE PURSE OF DOOM™) ... where was I?
That's right ... I bumped my purse into JOSH GROBAN.

And then, classy dame that I am, I started doing the impression of Josh Groban from Kid Snippets.

However, Josh Groban was CHARMED and DELIGHTED and asked me to do it again. And he walked me down the stairs on his arm. Very nice boy, he is.

And, NO, my Kid Snippets Josh Groban impression is not really that good at all.
Just being honest.

.... Now, WHY are these folks showing up in my dreams?
I suppose because Cousin C has Disney Princess hair ... so it makes sense to pair her with the Marvel Superhero (since they're now owned by Disney) with godlike hair.

And Josh Groban has been showing up a lot on my Facebook feed advertisements...

But, no, it doesn't really make all that much sense. Not a lick of sense, really.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Review - Daisy VoxBox from Influenster

** DISCLAIMER: I received a box of free samples to review from Influenster. The products were all complimentary. The opinions are honest and sincere, since you cannot buy my integrity.**

Okay, with that disclaimer out of the way, let's get on to reviewing swag!

Open Sesame!
The lineup
You can't tell the players without a program!


Always Infinity Pads 
These are my go-to brand ... and I was thrilled to get a sample (Because I had used the emergency pad in my purse when I was having a coughing fit for non-menstrual-but-anyone-who's-given-birth-would-understand-reasons ... do I have to spell it out? [I typed that first as "do I have to SPILL it out. Freudian Slip?]).
They sent me pads for a heavy flow ... it's like they know me.
ALSO, part of the box was a coupon. That's handy.
It's a little hard to review a product that I already have used (I don't always got for the Infinity ones) ... But, suffice it to say that I dig these. They work. That's important. Since I hate doing more laundry than I have to.

Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt
 There's a coupon for yogurt. It reminds me a bit of the old Target:Women video by Sarah Haskins:  
At the same time, I do really like yogurt. I like eating yogurt, drinking yogurt, eating yogurt-covered dried fruits ... I'm a yogurt-lovin' fool.
But, yes, the yogurt was good. Tasty. A bit thinner than I'm used to eating lately, since my heart belongs to Greek-style yogurt (or Noosa ... that's good stuff). But hey, a free yogurt! What's not to like, right? (Unless it's a free GREEK-STYLE YOGURT!)

Nature's Bounty Probiotic Gummies
These also came with a coupon.
Given my druthers, I prefer all vitamins/medicines possible to be in gummy form.
These are tasty ... I don't know, though, if they've improved my gut flora. (TMI, I'm sure: I've been crazy flatulent and have loose stools. Maybe these are TOO EFFECTIVE? Maybe one shouldn't be taking gummies for vitamins AND fiber along with these? Maybe I should eat more whole foods? Maybe I should get an enema? [I hope not])
Regardless, these are tasty enough. They're really firm gummies. (The Up and Up brand of Melatonin gummies are MUCH softer. But I know that optimal-gummies-texture is a very personal thing.)

SkinnyPop Sea Salt Microwave Popcorn
It's a pretty nifty idea to advertise microwave popcorn that pops into a box for eating (so you don't get the popcorn oil/salt all over your knuckles and the back of your hand while double-fisting handfuls of popcorn. ... What? You're telling me that's NOT how you eat popcorn, too?
It's cool that they use only three ingredients. I'd be happier if they used something that wasn't Palm Oil (THINK OF THE ORANGUTANS!)  ... maybe coconut oil? 
Setting up the box was pretty easy. And I liked the "pop quizzes" (There were two.)
That's SO fetch!!

Popping the popcorn was pretty simple ... if you've made microwave popcorn that even I can't manage to scorch, that's a pretty big accomplishment.
This is after sharing with my daughter ... it WAS full to the top!
Eating it:  It's definitely not too salty. But, since I'm used to the regular, fatty microwave popcorn, I'm missing that fake-butter flavor. I can't tell if it's the palm oil that tastes so different or if I'm just expecting that movie-popcorn-butter flavoring. Regardless, my mouth felt a little waxy after each mouthful. But my lips weren't covered in that salty, fake-butter film ... so ... okay.
I shared some with my youngest daughter (after I took the other kids to school). She liked it, but agreed that she likes "butter popcorn" more.  (Score one for Paula Dean!)
I think that I'd try this  popcorn again ... maybe check out another flavor (Looking online, there IS a butter-flavored option -- There are three additional ingredients, but they're all pronounceable, so that's cool. I might pick some up to try). The packaging, though is pretty awesome. And I like that I didn't burn the popcorn at all. 
Of course, since I had to go to their website, now I'm wanting to try some of the other flavors available in their bagged popcorn (You had me at "Dusted Dark Chocolate").
Though, the more that I got through the box of popcorn, the more I thought about it as an idea for my kids' lunches ... None of the popcorn was very oily, so it'd pack really well. Maybe I am getting sold on this, after all. (That's the danger of free samples, you know.) 

Live Clean Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner
 These smell AMAZING. I'm a sucker for coconut-scented things. When I was in high school, especially during the winters, I'd throw caution to the wind and use Suave shampoo and conditioner most days, just so that my hair would smell like summertime. So, using this is a throwback to my high-school genius. ... Though these smell more like a sweet coconut, as opposed to the fake, suntan-lotion coconut smell. Still, if my hair were longer, I'd be pulling it to my nose to sniff all day.
When I used the shampoo, I noticed that it didn't lather up as much as my usual Biologe. I checked the back of the bottle, sure enough, it's because it doesn't have sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS), which is supposed to be much better for one's hair. I liked how clean my hair felt afterwards. I might have to try this on my older daughter's hair. I definitely did need a conditioner afterwards.
The conditioner (among other things) is silicon-free ... which should be really nice on my baby-fine hair.  Once I ran it through my strands, I was a little worried that I used too much ... Nah, I'm good. I combed through my hair with my wide-toothed comb and ... my hair felt pretty amazing.
 After using the paper mask (reviewed last), I took my hair out of its microfiber wrap and combed it out again. I even pulled out my hair dryer and helped speed along the drying process (which I barely ever do. 95% of the time, my hair dryer is used to help dry my make-up setting spray. No lie.) ... I don't have the patience to dry my hair fully, so I just usually let it air-dry (99% because I'm lazy).
Yes, I put on some makeup: moisturizer, concealer, powder, eyeliner, mascara, and clear eyebrow gel.
 But, seriously, my hair is SUPERSOFT. And I usually pride myself on my soft hairz ... but my hair is REALLY soft right now. And it still smells amazing. I didn't notice as many bits of my hair being as flyaway as normal, either. ... This necessitates further study. Thank goodness there are full-bottle-samples of shampoo and conditioner, not just the little travel-size pouches. Because I need to see if this is an every-time result. FOR SCIENCE. 

Say Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask

"I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!" ... And I hope that this doesn't offend anyone. This is not supposed to be blackface.

I think that paper masks are great ... mostly because they look creepy as all-get-out.  (You can tell the few times that I've used one in the past because I post it to Facebook and make jokes about "it rubs the lotion in its skin." Because I'm a classy woman like that.)
I've used some of the Say Yes to products before. And I've liked them mostly (I was SUPERBUMMED when the tube of Say Yes to Tomatoes Charcoal Warming Mask that I had bought broke before I even got halfway through it [I'm a superfan of those warming masks, THANKS BIORE, YOU ENABLER. I've been spoiled since high school, thanks to your self-heating mask! Such innovation! No, that's NOT sarcasm, that's SINCERITY.]).  ... ...  So I was looking forward to using this mask. Especially since it warned about giving a "tingly" sensation. ON YOUR FACE!
 I don't know that it's terribly tingly ... it's a little more intense than a bubble mask, though, when a breeze blows through, I'm more aware of it. I noticed it most under my nose (since I was constantly breathing on it), later I noticed it on my cheeks.
I find that with how the paper mask is cut, it's made for someone with a longer and slightly narrower face than mine ... and with a smaller, wider nose. Also, this is the first time that I had a paper mask that I COULD cover my eyes with. Right now, I'm typing with the eye-flaps folded down like panting-dog-tongues below my eyes. It's a little weird for my peripheral vision. 
Do I creep you out?
It smells nice. But, in my limited experience, everything by the Say Yes to line has smelled really pleasant. Whenever I'd adjust it, my fingers (besides smelling really nice) would be very silky soft from the essence/serum/whatever-its-called-I'm-not-a-professional-beauty-blogger-I'm-not-paid-to-know-this-I-just-got-a-free-product-to-review. 

Here I am, post-mask ... All glowy with essence-y-stuff
So, after the mask, I ... for lack of knowing what else to do, rubbed the rest of the essence/liquid-stuff into my skin. My face felt super-smooth (and smelled amazeballs). There's the picture of me ... right above this paragraph. I look pretty darn glow-y and dewy and all. Between washing my face prior to the mask (Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleaner and St. Ives Apricot Scrub) and using the mask, the pores on my face are looking pretty darn nice! 

And so concludes my off-the-cuff reviews of these products. I might have to buy the shampoo and conditioner. I'll give the paper mask another try (maybe while eating microwave popcorn with my older daughter). I'm not totally sold on the probiotic gummies or the yogurt. And I already use the Always brand pretty often.

***Just in case you didn't catch it above, these products were provided for free to review. I am giving my honest opinion. I got to keep the products listed above. You can sign up, too, if you want. These were provided by Influenster.com in the Daisy VoxBox. Legal, legal, legal, blah, blah, disclaimer, blah, blah.***

Monday, May 22, 2017

Layers upon Layers of TEH CRAZEE in today's serving of Crazy Dream Chronicles™

So, since my dream was SO full of the craziness, Imma just going to do bullet points.
(It's not like anything is going to make much sense, anyways. Let's just look at the facets on this brilliant cut jewel of CRAZY.)

  • Michael bought a camper trailer. It was ... in serious need of repairs.
    (Though, irl, his dad often will buy things to fix up. Or he'll "redesign" a plan ... hence the toolhouse he built before he and Mom C moved away. We called it "the birdhouse," since that's what it looked like. ... Michael usually doesn't do this. He's very aware of how much time he has to put into a project AND about how much time to budget to really fix a project.)
  • I took a nap in said dream-trailer as we drove somewhere. Then I woke up and played a computer game. For a small fee of in-game coins (that you could earn, since I'm cheap like that), you could have the in-game band perform a special song.
    Which, as it turns out, they did as a CGI-version of the cast of Daria. Dressed in medieval garb. It was glorious. I wondered if I had enough coins to afford to do it again so that Michael could see the glory of it.
  • When we stopped, I worked to fix up the kitchen counter in there. Then I realized that I need to take inventory and plan for all the pantry supplies (salt, pepper, dry goods, etc) so that we could use the camper at a moment's notice. 
  • In the camper, there was also a rusty, claw-foot bathtub with part of a shower curtain around it. The shower curtain needed to be washed, so I took it down and it was COATED with this weird, viscous, clear gelatin. GROSS. And then the tub was one-third full of this yucky, milky, thick liquid. I considered myself lucky that I had a pair of those yellow kitchen gloves, so I pulled the plug to drain it. And filled it with some clear water for rinsing it out.
    BUT!! The water didn't go down the drain correctly, and you could feel the water sloshing around under the metal-plated floor.
    AND!!!!! In the clear water, there was this black, smoke-like liquid undulating up from the drain. Out of the tub/drain (though I don't know HOW) springs a full-grown chimpanzee with a dead baby chimp dangling by its heel from her hand. She races out the door and drops the stillborn chimp on the junk pile we're parked on.
    Then another chimpanzee ... or maybe the first one came back and traded a dead human baby for the now-living (and remarkably eloquent ... like talking better than most 4-year-old humans) baby chimpanzee.
  • Then Michael and I were moving into a house with his old roommate, B, and his wife, P (I have no idea where ANY of our kids are). We were living in a house together and decided to trade which floors we lived on. They used to have the ground floor. There had been a tiny jacuzzi in the living room, but they ripped it out. So there was this green-tiled area with one of those metal dishes you screw into a wall (but this was in the floor) to hide/stop the pipes.
    And there was a BIG bathtub in the corner near it. That was cool, sure, but, like, what if someone wanted to watch TV while Michael and I used the bath? That'd be really awkward. Even with a shower curtain. It's just a bad interior design.
Then I woke up, since Michael's alarm went off and he wasn't in the room. So I got up, since I needed to ... powder my nose. And I told him about the crazy of the dreams.

And, stepping into the bathroom, I stepped on an article of clothing that the kids left out ... which, combined with the fact that I use body oil spray when I get out of the shower AND we have those peel-and-stick tiles on the bathroom floor ... I slipped in slow motion. I landed (softly, expecially considering my body-type) with my left leg bent under me (like half-lotus or cross-cross-applesauce) and my right leg pointed straight out in front of me.

And, since I am behind on the laundry, my fall was cushioned by the pile of dirty clothes ... so ... tender mercies of the Lord?

Then I went back to bed.

  • Michael and I were going through a drive-thru restaurant, but something was going wrong...
  • MOM and I were going through the drive-thru and we thought we'd get slushies.
    They had three flavors: Orange, Green, and Red ... and those each had a description (but after picking up the house, loading the dishwasher, rushing a kid to school for Musical Theater, and dealing with a Miss Little Chatterbox, I'm forgetting most of the flavors.
    BUT! The mean thing was that the red one was Ginger Dragonfruit, which sounded really intriguing.
    BUT! They only were serving certain flavors on certain days ... or something. And one of the slushie machines was out of order. And I didn't really care for the other flavors as much. And, since they didn't have signs on the drive-thru menu about the limitations on flavors, I was a little miffed. 
  • We got our dang drinks anyways and brought them to Michael's truck.
Yeah ... I don't really know what's up with my subconscious. No clue.

But I need to get myself showered and dressed, since I have a cousin-friend (srsly, we're like 10th cousins, 7 times removed) and maybe her grown-up daughters coming over to watch a movie together. I'll put Bubbles to play on the blue tablet ... it'll be good.

Yeah, I really have NO CLUE what my subconscious is up to. No idea at all.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Second helping of those Crazy Dream Chronicles™

So, since I've been awake for a little, I'm losing some of the details ... but here's the gist:

There was one part in where there were ants. LOTS of ANTS. And I was tracing where they were coming from. They were crawling up a bookshelf (like one that Michael's made for me in our house), but the setup of the house was more like my mom's house (my childhood home). I was debating on getting a spray bottle with water, alcohol, and peppermint oil ... and how badly it might hurt the books on those shelves.


The other part of my dream had me going to the inside of a building. It seemed like a historical building, but also like a used-book store (which, tbh, would be a place that I'd LOVE. Since books, for cheap. And the smell of books permeating the room(s). Love that).

And there was a guy there. Kinda a larger-built guy, bushy hair ... kinda reminds me of the acupuncturist I had after a car accident. Nice guy. Haven't seen him in over a decade.

BUT, this guy, in my dream, he was a painter. And I was looking for a birthday present for Michael. And I figured that I'd get a painting ... since, well, here I am, and here's a local-artist-guy ... and we start making plans. And it'll be cool. And hopefully Michael will like it.

Later, I catch up with the artist again (LET IT BE SAID, that, irl, if I were to commission a painting, Michael and I have already agreed that we'd get it from one of our friends who does GORGEOUS seascapes and florals. Seriously, her work is amazeballs. She also makes a most wonderful neighbor and I miss her very, very much since she moved back to Utah) ... and I'm looking at the invoice....

And, like, I thought I'd be paying in the neighborhood of, say, $300 for a commissioned painting.
It's, like, $2,198 ... and I'm just flabbergasted. I'm GASTED with FLABBER.
This is seriously expensive. And what if Michael doesn't even like it?
So I'm trying to backpedal to arrange something that, you know, we can AFFORD, while not offending his artistic sensibilities.

And that's really about the part where I wake up.

But I do miss getting acupuncture. Pretty relaxing, really.
Not as relaxing as a massage, of course. But still a bit decadent.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Yet another dishing of Allanna's Crazy Dream Chronicles

I'm coughing less ... when I remember to take my steroid inhaler (1 puff in the morning. One at night. ... If I miss a dose, the next couple days are ... interesting).

I keep having strange dreams.

Here's one that I had typed up for my Facebook page:

Well, my dreams were not the most restful. First part, Michael and I picked up plans for a new house, but didn't tour the model home (though it was practically across the street) so I couldn't picture it in my mind to explain it to people.
(You might NOT want to read further, if you're squeamish. Just giving you advance warning.) 
Then we were at a meeting to look at more plans, but it turned into a missionary-type meeting and I was filling out a paper to help tech people (but it seemed more like busywork/fill-in-the-blanks, which was SO NOT REAL) ... then I was sitting on a couch next to [Bubbles] and we're about to say a prayer and I scratch off a scab-thing on my elbow-pit and this pink, gelatinous tube comes out. And it's MOVING. There's a WORM. IN MY ARM. And, since it's prayer, I can't just go get up and gab something to wrap it in and throw it away, so I fling it onto the floor. Then I see there's more in my scab-hole, so I squeeze to get an end and start wrapping more worm around the end of my finger ... and the prayer is over and I get [Bucket] to get me a Kleenex and wrap the flung-to-the-carpet worm and what I've wrapped around my finger into the Kleenex ... and I'm worried that maybe this is just a scab inside my blood vessel from an immunization? Then I realize, as I'm blearing awake that you don't get vaccinations in your elbow-pit.
(Okay, it's safe again.) 
My subconscious has issues.

I don't recall everything about last night's dream ...
Here are the points that I do recall:

  • I was a single, younger (thinner) version of myself.
  • One of my high-school friends was refusing to celebrate Christmas because it's not scientific and was being kind of a jerk about it (wouldn't accept gifts from people, in a slightly abrasive way) ... IRL, he IS a scientist. He's even worked at NASA for a summer and volunteered at OMSI for a bit. But he's pretty cool towards people.
  • My high-school crush-of-crushes was there. He was being aloof. Later he planted a kiss on me (and two other girls) ... even if he hadn't smooched those other girls? ... The kiss was ... extremely lackluster. So, there you go.
  • A woman professor (more adult than the dream-versions of ourselves) got the first friend to be willing to acknowledge the holiday. I was crying and thanking her for saving Christmas.
Yeaaaaaaah. My subconscious is an interesting place.

Okay, I need to get ready to take Bubbles to Musicmakers.
I mostly just want to crawl into bed, read and/or sleep.

Just give me six more months and I can actually do that ... it'll be strange to have all the kids in school. But it'll be kinda cool, too. Errands will be a bit easier. A bit lonelier, too.
I'm sure that I'll manage.

Counting ...

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