Wednesday, February 09, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 9

Day 9 - Something you're proud of in the past few days

Um ... since I've been sick the last few days, I don't know of anything much to be proud of.

Mostly, since I haven't DONE anything much.

Well, let's go through what I HAVE managed for the last few days:
  • I haven't died. Always a plus.
  • I haven't clawed open my face to relieve sinus pressure.
    But I'm too vain and too pitifully lazy to do that in the first place.
  • I've been pretty vigilant about giving the kids and myself our eyedrops.
  • I THINK that I've typed MOSTLY coherent blog posts. I really wouldn't know. I'm kinda addle-witted right now.
  • With my wonderful friends, my family's remained fed.
  • Even though I overdid it Friday, between Michael and me (mostly Michael), the house isn't in too much of a state of shambles.
  • I took a shower. I took a nap. I used my Neti pot. 
  • I sent a thank-you email or Facebook message to the kind friends who've brought over food.
  • I stayed coherent enough (but had my eyes shut, since I was tired) through The Killers to know major plot points and how it ended. (Better than I did during Inception. We have to rent that one again sometime.)
  • I haven't yelled at the kids.
    Mostly because I CAN'T. No voice/whispers = not yelling. No matter what.
    And trying to yell HURTS.
  • I taught my kids their Sunday School lesson Sunday morning, since we weren't healthy enough for church, that didn't mean that we couldn't have their lesson.
  • The kiddos seem to pretty much know their scriptures for the month. That's good, right?
  • I've drank TONS of water/herbal tea/cocoa this week. 
  • I took advantage of the fact that I lost my sense of smell last night to take care of Bruise's bed ... that he threw up all over (top bunk) ... Okay, all over his pillow and that immediate area.
    Two hours after Bucket woke up screaming ... and then ran to the bathroom to throw up.
    No sense of smell makes cleaning it all up SO much easier.
    And, at least, BRUISE remembers waking up in the middle of the night.
    Oh, hey. I just asked her. She DOES remember this time. Okay. Good.
  • I've SORTA kept up with washing and drying the laundry. Michael's done the hard parts of folding it and getting it off the couch. Good man. 
  • I got a Priesthood blessing. I'm grateful for our Home Teacher who answered our call. And then went out with Michael to give another member a blessing. The Priesthood is awesome. (And not just because Michael's EQ President. Really.)
  • I did read my scriptures (okay, Michael's set of scriptures) and prayed on my own yesterday. Now to keep it up, right?
So ... overall, I really haven't DONE a whole lot. At least, nothing to be really proud of. I haven't made any crafts. Barely made any meals (There was the Mac n' Cheese that I threw up Monday. Nothing to brag about. I don't remember cooking anything after that. I don't recall doing MUCH after that.)

  • I followed Michael's counsel/orders yesterday and slept off most of the day while he stayed home, cleaned the house, and kept the kids fed and occupied. ... And he wonders why everyone thinks he's such a saint. He's of the opinion that taking a day off to take care of your wife and kids is not such a big deal.
    Maybe not to him. But there's a reason I started crying with relief (and gratitude) that he offered. ... I really didn't know how I was going to make it for nearly twelve hours, feeling like I was, on maybe four hours of sleep.
    Yay for Heavenly Father inspiring Michael to know just what I needed. Since I didn't want to ASK him to give up a sick day or a personal day ... especially since he had to take time off for HIM being sick last month. AND to take the kids to the doctor's last week.
    And double-yay for him being open to inspiration. It's awesome. And VERY appreciated.
Still ... like I said, I don't have much to brag about. I did clean our bathroom a little the other day. But our room (and the kids' room) is still a mess. The dishes are pretty much caught up ... but that should be a regular occurrence.

So, yeah, if you want to put in your two cents about what I've done that's so awesome, go ahead and comment.

I think I'm going to go take another nap. After I administer eye drops. 
Try and finish getting this plague out. 
Michael's modus operandi of wrapping up and getting warm enough to sweat it out has some serious merit. If only this virus would stop fighting back. Stupid virus. 

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Rachel S. said...

Sounds like you're doing pretty awesome! The bar is lower when you're sick, after all. :) Also, yay yay for your hubby!!

Also also, holy crap. Falling asleep during Inception sounds like something that could cause lifetime trauma.

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