Monday, February 14, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 14

Day 14 - A picture of you and your family

One of the shots from our first family portraits.
The kiddos were about, what, two or three weeks old.
Ignore the huge zit I had. Ugh.

Christmas 2009 ... Not the portrait that we sent out to family
... However, really, it's the one that really CAPTURED us.
Sister-in-law, T2, took this.

Last Christmas' portrait ... again, not one of the ones that we sent out.
But I think it captures more of our personalities than the others
(And hides my gut. :P)
Here's  ... US!
  • Michael - oldest of five children, descendant of Pioneer stock and Southern hospitality. Good at math, physics, science ... Knows how to deal with all sorts of people. Served a mission. Makes me laugh and keeps me grounded.
  • Allanna - only child of divorced parents. Mostly from Yankee stock (so it's funny that I'm the one who likes okra and grits). I'm the one who's more trenched in literature, grammar, and Broadway musicals. I like to chat with people and make new friends. I'm the flightier, more emotional one.
  • Bruise - Our boy. Adores LEGOs, Star Wars, video games, Larry Boy, and funny videos on YouTube. Started off as a sleepy, silent type. Now, he can chat as much as his sister and WILL demand your attention. He's smarter than he wants you to know. He's a cute, funny boy who makes me laugh every day.
  • Bucket - Our precocious princess. She dresses up like a butterfly (or Cinderella or Rapunzel, etc.) and can wield a light saber as well as her brother. She loves to talk and to read. She's eager to give the right answers in Sunday School. I remember her, tiny in my arms, the day she was born -- she opened her eyes, took a peek, then ROLLED HER EYES ... as if to say, "REALLY. This is not living up to the description I was given. Oh well. I suppose I can make the best of this situation."
Like I've said before, I really had no mothering experience (barely any dealings with babies at all) before I became a mom. I think that Bruise and Bucket are learning to be patient with me as I figure this all out.

And, you're probably sick of hearing about it ... but I'm going to say it again, I'm so grateful for my husband. He really is the perfect guy for me. And I'm dang lucky to have him. He's better (WAY BETTER) than I deserve. And I'm so happy that he enjoys slumming with me. ^_^
It's awesome, getting to watch movies with him. We can snark together, laugh together, ... and he doesn't make fun of me (on purpose) when I get all teary-eyed.

My family is awesome. It's true. ... And it's completely due to God's grace (and wonderful extended family -- siblings, parents, and grandparents). 

I am blessed to the point of being totally spoiled. It's true.

(Also: Happy Valentine's Day. I hope that you are aware of how loved you are. ... If you don't feel loved, ask me. I'll give you reasons why I adore you. For realz.)

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