Tuesday, June 30, 2009


*dryly* As you can probably infer from the title of this post, my calm facade is starting to crack.

If by "starting to crack," you mean to say that OMGosh! I have coming up in a matter of DAYS about the most STRESSFUL TIME OF MY EXISTENCE (with, perhaps, the exception of my sole-responisbility when I was student teaching ... you know, that period that I threw up every morning due to stress, nibbled lunch, and ate a sensible dinner ... and dropped a good five pounds ... probably all in tooth enamel).

Here's my itenerary (unless you're a stalker or a thief. If you are, I'm lying. This whole time, I'm going to be bunkered at home, cleaning my arsenal and polishing my VAST knife collection. They're already all sharpened. I just like that glossy sheen to them.):
  • This weekend, we're throwing the bridal shower. And visiting family, family, family, and more family. Then ditching the kids with grandparents for the next week ...
  • Since on MONDAY, I'll be deserting Michael to go to Young Women's Camp. Unless I'm running a fever, then they'll send me home so that I don't spread the bird flu the swine flu (What's next? Cerval Cat flu? Platypus flu? I can never keep the old ones straight, anyways. Just be glad that I didn't refer to it as the Spanish flu. Since, you know, I wasn't actually ALIVE to live through that one.)
  • Then I'll be ditching camp to run back home and make sure that I have EVERYTHING ready (including myself!!!!) for Mer's rehersal dinner (and getting reunited with the kids) and the wedding.
Yes, I've been in denial for a few weeks. I DON'T want to deal with all of this. No flippin' way. Especially since I'm STILL mucus-laden and hoarse. This is crazy. And I'm nearly hyperventilating about it all.

I'm SO, SO, SO glad that I have Roxy as one of the other bridesmaids. She's keeping me sane. She and I went in together on the present for Mer. (CUTE!! ... I'll tell you after the wedding, probably, since I don't know when I'll next have TIME or the PRESENCE OF MIND(!!!) to blog next) And she's taking on the veggie tray for the shower. Phew!!

So, I'm just working at getting the rest of the food-stuff and games-stuff together ... And then I have to pack, pack, pack, PACK, PACK!!!!!!1!!!1one!!!!1!

Pack the kids' things, pack for our stuff, pack for camp, pack for the wedding ... Pack the stuff to do Bucket's and my hair ... *sigh*

And I folded most of the kids' laundry in our room. I think I should get a National Medal of Honor for that. Only, what, about seven more loads to finish folding ... since Ginger-cat decided to PEE in our bathroom (well, those clothes were already dirty, but still!!!) and on a pile of blankets (yes, those DID need washing, BUT they were on CARPET! EWWwwww!!!!). It's amazing that she's still alive.

Oh, and probably TMI or something -- but the toilet seat in our bathroom (not the hall bathroom) has a crack in it. And it keeps pinching my butt/thigh (my buthigh??). So we're going to replace that.

AAAAAAND, I need to cut Bruise's and Michael's hair!!! And I should try to give myself a facial before camp ... and upon arriving home from camp .... and remember to use MONDO amounts of sunscreen .... and, and, and ...

Oh, and do the dishes.

And restart the computer so that my stupid printer will spit out all the things that I need printed. Ugh!!!!!!!!!

And I need to finish "Tea Time for the Traditionally Built" before it's due (in two days!!!!!! Ack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


SO ... who wants to pet my hair and tell me that I'm pretty and NOT-at-all fat, regardless of how my bridesmaid dress makes me feel (well, okay, I just look like mah BOOBAGE is nearly twice the amount as is usual ... which is, I must say, quite the feat!)
(On overhearing myself: At Jo-Ann's fabric yesterday, as Roxy was buying some fabric. We were talking about how the bodices of our "dresses" -- they're seperates -- showcase our ... endowments, per se. I told her, "Hey, I'll do your hair if you pin my boobs! ... Just not literally pinning my boobs, because that would HURT." And the gal measuring fabric was all snickering into her shoulder. Poor girl.)

(Also, Rox and I were at B&N, picking out little booklets for Mer's gift ... with three three-year-olds. As we're perusing a certain ... area ... of the self-help section ... I guess it does count as relationships ... we have various passers-by giving us some glances. Rox mutters, in sotto voice, "Yes, we're looking at sex books. We just don't have ENOUGH kids, can'cha tell??" ... Oh, how I cackled. It only got better when Bruise observantly exclaims, "Wook!! Dere's a wowwipop on dat book!!" ["Look! There's a lolipop on that book!"] ... No, I didn't allow him to glance at the innerds of ANY of those books. Not a glimpse!)

Ah, yes ... the remarkable life and times.

Now, really ... I just HAVE to get through the next, what, 12 days?? Once July 12th is here ... I'm going to be SO DAMN HAPPY.
(Sorry for swearing. But it NEEDED an explitive. It's for descriptive value. Pinkie swears!)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reunited! And it DOES feel so good!!

Do you KNOW who just called me??????

I bet you don't!

BUT, my freshman year of high school, I got to be friends with Stephanie. And I spent the night at her house, like, ALL the time! (When I wasn't over at Roxy's or Terra's or Meryl's or my own house, anyways.)

And, after about a year, she and her family moved away. And she'd give me a call every so often. Then life happened ... and I graduated and went to college and graduated college ... and I'd find myself thinking about her, wondering how she's doing and all ...


And she's on Facebook, so I have immediately added her! Squee!!!!

Okay, so my list of "people that I adore and have lost touch with" has gone down by one! YAY!
(Because, seriously, I HATE HATE HATE losing touch with my friends. It really peeves me off!!)

I'm so excited! Can you TELL??? (No. Of course not. I'm just THAT stoic. /sarcasm)

Okay, now to get back in touch with:
  1. Shaneeka from Thordyke Elementary.
  2. Katrina from Thorndyke Elementary.
  3. Emi, who attended my high school (South Umpqua) as a foreign exchange student.
  4. Amy from WOU's ed program.
Those four are my long-lost priorities. IF, for whatever reason, you're reading this and know who I am and have fallen out of touch with me ... well, get back in touch! (And my omission of you from this list is a near-unforgivable failing upon my part. And I'm VERY lucky that you are such a dear, kind, MERCIFUL soul and put up with me so much. *puppy dog eyes*)

But I'm SO glad that Stephanie went to my house and talked with my mom and that my mom had her call me!! Squee!!!

Addendum to yesterday's post: Hero (who I know from college ... and who is lucky enough [rightly so] and has the excellent taste to be married to Prissy) wrote a MOST EXCELLENT post regarding Michael Jackon's death: A Missing Piece of Culture.

Go! Enjoy it! I did!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Smooth Criminal

I think that these two links best honor Michael Jackson ... by remembering him as he was, full of promise and bursting with talent.

I very rarely think of MJ as "Wacko Jacko" or as his late, pale, altered face.
I almost always think of him as he was when I was growing up.

I am saddened that he's gone. He was such a huge impact on music, on dancing.
If you were cool, you could do the moonwalk. (I, sadly, have never managed to be cool.)

One of the records (YES, I listened to records. And cassettes!! Before CDs came out, when I was in Jr. High ... and I didn't really start listening to CDs, we only got a CD player when I was entering high school. Not exactly cutting edge, huh?) I remember listening to over and over and over was "Thriller."

How I loved that album (I even have it on cassette!!) ... the fact that Vincent Price does the epilogue to the title song is just gilding the lily.

I grooved to "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" ... I remember seeing Captain EO at Disneyland (I don't remember MUCH about it ... except that it was in 3-D. I watched "Moonwalker" when it was on Showtime ...

I have always been sad that he chose to get plastic surgery ... it totally changed him, I think. (Totally off-topic: And Rupert Everett?? What WERE you thinking?? Had SUCH a crush on that man ... then he had to get some work done ... He's not nearly as hot anymore. SO tragic!!)

He made some very unwise choices in his life -- the choices leading up to his trial were not good, at any rate. I also know that he didn't have the easiest childhood. Still, he could have made some better choices. And I'm sorry that he wasn't able to do that.
I'm sorry that he is gone.

Because I still picture him as he was when I was a young girl.
When he was the epitome of fame and talent and charisma.
When he was known as this innovator and genius of music.
When most girls had a bit of a crush on this soft-voiced, mild-mannered superstar.

Sometimes nostalgia is such a sharp knife in your heart. (To me, anyways.)
Sometimes life is just not very fair. (To him, anyways.)

I choose to still remember him as I best knew him. When he was shining with potential, on his rising star, fresh-faced, snazzily-dressed, innovating dance and music videos.

It still sucks. But that's the way it is.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Funny conversations ...

One thing I love SO dearly is my collection of friends. They totally make me laugh. And they just GET me, you know?

I mentioned in my previous post that Roxy came to see me (YAY!) ...
Well, while we were chatting on the couch, Michael had left the TV on. I had put it on mute, since it was an episode of House that I'd already seen (the one with the dying dad played by the guy who was in The Ring and Bride and Prejudice? You know the one? ... And where Hugh Laurie's water pipe breaks? That episode.)
AS I WAS SAYING, Roxy and I werre chatting. ... and I started looking past her for a sec. Didn't mean to! Pinkie swears! She looks away from spoiling my cats, over her shoulder at the TV, and starts cracking up.
"Only you, Allanna, would be distracted by a half-naked Dr. House!"
"He's not half-naked!" I weakly protest. "They just aren't showing everything."

Yeah, yeah. The lady doth protest too much. Celeb-crush, much?
(That and earlier in the day, one of my friends tried to correct me on who was and wasn't in Sense and Sensibility - the one with Emma Thompson. I had mentioned that it had Hugh Laurie and Alan Rickman ... she thought I was talking about them as the two male leads. And she'd be right, the two male leads are Hugh GRANT and Alan Rickman. BUT!! Hugh Laurie is in it!! He's the deliciously-accented and delightfully dry-humored Mr. Palmer. ... It's the sarcasm of Dr. House! But with the lusciously plummy accent!! Squee!!)

And there's the exchange between my mom and me the other morning:
Mom: How are you doing?
Me: *rasping* I'm still sick. I'm doing okay. But my voice is kinda gone.
Mom: Oh, I guess I could have just read your Facebook status, huh?

Hee hee. My mom's cute. I love having her on Facebook. It makes me happy.
Even if I have to type her first name, instead of just "Mom," to send her gifts/hugs/flowers. ^_^

My daughter is cute/funny/hilarious/morbid.
Here's the latest example.
"Mom! Mom! I am gonna tell you a story."
Me: Was it a dream?
Bucket: No, Mom. It's a story. ... Once upon a time, all of us -- me, you, Daddy, Mutti, Grandma, Grandpa, Poppi (my stepdad, in case you didn't know)...
Me: And [Bruise]?
Bucket: Yes. We went to a castle. A big castle. And there was a bad witch. A mean witch. And she kick us out of the castle.
Me: Did she throw us out?
Bucket: NO. She KICK us out.
Me: How did she do that? With her magic?
Bucket: No. With her FOOT.
Me: Oh. ... So she literally kicked us out. She must have a very large foot. Did it hurt?
Bucket: What?
Me: Where she kicked us. Did she kick your butt?
Bucket: Yes.
Me: Did it hurt? Did your butt hurt where she kicked you?
Bucket: No. So I took a sword and cut her into tiny pieces.
Me: Wasn't that a little drastic?
Bucket: No.
Me: I mean, couldn't you have ASKED her to be nice? Or gotten a lawyer to sue her so she'd let us in the castle? Or called the police since she was that mean?
Bucket: No. I cut her up. THE END!
Me: Oooooookay. .... Okay. Just don't cut up more people, okay? Can we manage that?

I also had emailed with my brother-in-law, J, about a video I had seen on youtube. He emailed me back and totally made me laugh.
I had suggested that HE play a certain song for someone's birthday. And if he didn't like the idea, forget that I ever mentioned it. Or, if he REALLY LIKES the idea, he could still forget that I mentioned it ... and take all the credit!
As he responded, he wrote "all the credit!! jk"

Seriously, I need to start a fan club for J. He cracks me up SO much! Unfortunately, when he gets married, I'll have to give up my position as president of the fan club. Oh, horrors!! :P

... Also, last night, I realized that in order to share all the hilariosity that is Michael and me watching SYTYCD, I'd have to tape-record us.
I just never remember everything that we (usually HE) say during the night.
I do remember him saying that Nigel and Mary Murphy and Cat seem to be trying to shut up Toni Basil. And him being pretty sure that she's done some drugs in the past.
I remember wondering aloud what Mary Murphy's drink was? Maybe a LONG ISLAND Iced Tea?? Toward the end of the night, she was pretty ... um ... happy. Yeah. Happy.

And, for some reason, I just really don't care for Phillip. Michael agrees that he's kinda goofy looking (I know, I know! I'm shallow! I'm fully aware of this!) ... and I know that he IS a very hard worker... I just don't like him much.
Michael tried to figure out why ... finally I just said, "I don't KNOW. I guess beacuse he's just not Hok." [I REALLY, REALLY liked Hok. I'm glad that Benji Schwimmer won. But I really adore Hok.]

But, really, if you listened to the two of us watch these shows, you'd really agree that we have a future as real-life Waldorf and Statler. Except that I'm a girl. But still.

Also, I'm still VERY, VERY BITTER that Fox is not every planning on releasing DVDs of the seasons ... or even just some of the best dances of the seasons.
They're all like, "Blah, blah, blah ... there's not enough of a market ... the music rights are too expensive ... blah, blah, blah."
Then WHY ON EARTH are there DVDs of some of American Idol??

I had griped a little to Michael as he was recalling a few dances from a couple of seasons ago (which means that they were a couple of YEARS ago) ... and I couldn't remember these dances well at all. And I grumped, "Well, if SYTYCD WANTS me to remember past performances, it'd be nice if they RELEASED them on DVD. *grumpy sigh*"
"Not that you're bitter or anything," Michael smugly observed.
"Me?? Nooooo!"

Yeah, this has been a rather long blog full of nothing in particular. Oh well. It's keeping my mind off the fact that my sinuses are still sore, I've got that wisdom tooth coming in (with a CANKER SORE on my cheek against it! Ai-yi-yi!!), and that I really have little-to-no-voice left. I can either croak or whisper. And, if I feel it's REALLY warrented, I can give a quick shout.
But I mostly don't want to talk at all.

Or look in the mirror. With my plague, I've not been sleeping so well, so I look ... TIRED. OLD. NOT GOING TO BE AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL. (Not that I've seen that show for about a year or so. Is it still on??)

Also, I'm still ticked off that Max was eliminated last week. I still think that Jason should have gone. We've got contemporary dancers up the wazoo (wahzoo? How does one spell that??) and Max was a Ballroom (Latin Ballroom, to be precise) dancer!! There's not tons on the show!
If HE had been in it, that Paso Doble wouldn't have been half as awful. (And seriously, I may just be being a little catty/bitter, but WHO chose those costumes?? EEK! They were vair, vair distracting. And I LIKE the Paso Doble, so this was a huge disappointment to me.)
(You want a GREAT Paso Doble?? Go watch John O'Hurley in Dancing with the Stars. He was AWESOME. LOVE him!! And he's not a PROFESSIONAL-type dancer!!!!)

Unfortunately I cannot find a video of him dancing the Paso Doble ... but if you ever get a chance, you should totally, TOTALLY watch it!!!!
He's a wonderfully hilarious man. I like him very much.
(Whenever I spend Tanksgiving with my Mom -- she, Julie and I watch the dog show. We always root against the poodles [They win WAY too often!] and I ADORE O'Hurley's commentary. It makes me happy. And I'm not even a dog person!!)

Okay, I'm shutting up now. Soon it'll be time to feed the kidlets and put them down for a nap. And follow suit myself. ^_^ Yay!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sorry for not blogging sooner. I'm trying to remember what all has gone on since I last blogged.

So, last Wednesday, we had storytime ... and I'm sure that we did something else.
Thursday was storytime in the next town over, complete with doughnuts and snacks for my kidlets (SPOILED!!) and chatting with my dear library ladies and gents.

Bucket, as one of the library guys walked in, asked me, "Mommy! Who 'dat??"
"Oh, that's J[library guy]."
"I love him."
"...Well, don't get your hopes up, girl. He's already married. And his wife is really nice. She works here, too."

When I told him about it, he joked to Bucket that he'd probably be single in a couple decades, when she's old enough. Ha!! (And he better not be. Not that I wouldn't have fun with him as a son-in-law [He's frakkin' HILARIOUS!] ... but his wife is very, very nice and darling. And I'd have to kick him in the shins if he screwed that up. ^_^)

Friday, Michael went into work for a couple hours. I washed the cats and powdered them (FLEAS! HATE FLEAS!!!) and we went to the aquarium while the flea bombs went off.
Bucket and Bruise were very excited to touch sea stars (YES, I HAVE taught them that they are REALLY called sea stars. It was drummed into my head. Ergo, it's drummed into theirs.) and the baby sharks and rays.
They're still skittish about touching the abalone, anenomes, chitons, sea lemon, sea cucumbers, and the urchins. But they love seeing the little crabs in the touch/tidepool display. They'll come around.
Then we went to dinner while we aired the house out. Mexican food = DELICIOUS. I had the chicken mole (it has CHOCOLATE IN THE SAUCE!! And, though it sounds strange at first, it's really, really good. Bucket kept asking for more. ^_^ My little gormand.)

Saturday was spent at home -- C and A and the cousins came over. C climbed under the house to help rid us of the NASTY plastic underneath that some animal in the neighborhood decided to use as a giant toilet. (GROSS!!) While he was down there, a cinderblock got knocked/moved ... some dumb bunny who set up this place (it's a manufactured home ... almost as old as I am) set all the venilation ducts on top of water pipes. And DIDN'T secure the pipes to take the weight. So a pipe broke ... and we were without water for a little.
With four kids needing to use the toilet. Eeps! Thankfully, we were able to get that taken care of in about an hour. Phew!

Oh, and Saturday, I started getting sick. Just a nasty allergy-feeling-thing. Which has turned into a full-blown cold. AND one of my wisdom teeth is really making its presence known. (And guess who doesn't have dental insurance?? [Me.]) So, the last few days, I've been trying to sleep in, drug myself up, blow my nose constantly, hack into my elbow-pit, and NOT sound like death warmed over. Fun!!

We missed the first day of the community's free wading pool (this is the last year for it!!!!) because (1) it was a little cold, (2) the kiddos were not making life easy for me -- so I wasn't in any mood to take them anywhere fun, and (3) I had the plague.

It was mostly a sore throat and a stuffed-up head. Now it's moving out of the head and into my lungs. And I think that I've lost my voice. Just tried to sing a note ... I had nothing. No arias today, my dear self. Nope! Okay, I was able to get one note out.
And my speaking voice is quite breathy -- like I'm imitating Marilyn Monroe. With a wisdom tooth poking itself through. (It's not the pain, my dears. It's the pressure.)
(But ibuprofen takes care of that. Once (1) I take it and (2) it kicks in.)

Yesterday was storytime at the Carnigie building here in town.
The one that Bruise pronounces as "Carney." ("Circus folk. Small hands. Smell like cabbage." <-- Anyone going to name the quote??)

In other news, I am THISCLOSE to catching up on the dishes. The ones that I mostly hadn't done since family went back home after T2's wedding. (I know!! LAZY!!) ... and I have a matric crapload of laundry to wash. (And fold. And put away. Sigh.)

My friend, Roxy, came to visit the other day. And give me fun prezzies!! She gave me two CDs of these fun Japanese singers, Kokusyoku Sumire, and a DVD of anime. ^_^ Of course, I've not been awesome enough to listen to/watch it all yet. AND I forgot to lend her my copy of the complete Princess Ai manga. Crap! Oh well. She and I will be seeing each other next month for SURE, since we're both in M's wedding. I'll just have to make sure that I'm made of awesome and remember to pack it to give to her!

Okay. Now to move a load from the wash into the dryer and get more clothes washed. It'll be nice of I have more than one pair of pants that I can wear. Ugh. And let's get the kiddos to clean their room. And I'm NOT doing it this time!!

Oh -- and Progressive is accepting responsibility for 60% of damages. Yay for some reimbursement! Phew! That's WAY better than paying for everything. Phew!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some resolution ... Phew.

The van is back. And the back bumper is gorgeous. (I think they may have washed the van, too. Yay!)

It was a little crazy. Went to story time, got home, got the call that the van's done (Seriously, it took a DAY to be all done!! That NEVER happens!), worked out with the shop to pick it up, worked with the rental agency (srsly, use Enterprise. They treated us SO well! Next time I need a car, I'm SO going to call them!) to return the van ... then noticed that the shop was charging us twice our deductible ... so I had to call our insurance and get that cleared up.
(Since so many people have a certain amount as their deductible, I guess people didn't notice that we have a small deductible. Yes, I KNOW that we pay more in premiums ... but when something happens, I don't want to have my head implode trying to figure how to pay the deductible. Okay? ^_^) ... and went and implemented EVERYTHING.

And the kids are down for a nap. Phew!

And I don't know if I've eaten anything today. I've had a Kirkland-brand shake and a couple cans of Coke (hey, they're left over from family visiting. And I like Coke fine. Vanilla Coke is even better. Or cherry Coke. Or Cherry Vanilla Coke. ... and the Cherry Dr. Pepper wasn't too bad, either.), which could explain why I was so nauseated thinking of paying twice our deductible.

BUT, things are MUCH BETTER now. They'd be totally awesome if SUDDENLY and MIRACULOUSLY we had a huge windfall of money fall in our laps. In a completely legal way, of course. And not involving anyone's death or misfortune. Then I could pay off this van and buy Michael a Corvette and a very nice truck and I could get a nicer car ... or at least get a button-box installed in my van. And a CD player. And power sliding doors. And replace the missing headrest. And have it painted something PRETTY-er.

Materialistic much? Me? Nah (YES.)

But it's very nice to have this whole thing behind us.
It'd be NICER if the insurance companies would both agree that it was NOT AT ALL my fault (which it really wasn't, since I was stopped when he backed into me) and Progressive will pay my insurance back for repairs and refund us our deductible.

I did a load of dishes yesterday. I totally am deserving of props for that, right?

Now I should go watch some videos due back at the library tomorrow. And read some books that will be due soon. And eat something nutrious. Then read to the kids when they get up from the nap that they should take.

OH! Last night, after we'd put the kids to nap, I heard what sounded like Bucket laugh. So I shouted (yes, I used the manual intercom) for them to go to sleep. Then there was screaming. Uh-oh. ... Turned out that Bruise had gotten his leg caught in the footboard of the bed next to his and was half-dangling out of bed.

He's fine. He was just mostly scared. And it did hurt. But he didn't even sprain anything. Phew!!
I think I got some grey hairs from that, though. Oy.

And a funny: As we were driving back home from the shop, Bucket was asking (and this is her new thing) if I loved her.
Me: Yes. You know that I love you. I love you very much.
Bucket: Even when you're mad at me??
Me: Yes, even when I'm mad. I still love you. I always love you.
Bucket: Bruise! Do you love me? Even when you're mad at me?
Bruise: No.
Bucket: *gasps* You don't LOVE me?????? *like, she's TOTALLY aghast about this.*

It made me laugh.
Hope it brightened your day, too.
(But seriously, Bucket asks just about EVERYONE if they love her. It's almost funny ... if it didn't seem like she's digging for compliments. Silly minx of a girl.)

And Bruise's big thing now is to zerbert my cheeks. Usually in the middle of story time.
He's getting really good at it.
Or he'll curl up in my lap, put his arms around my neck, and tell me, "Mommy, you a punk!"

Yup. That's my little Cassanova, there. *sigh* I've taught him well. :P

Monday, June 15, 2009

Google Verb Meme

Okay, so Bri CALLED ME (on the PHONE, people!!) to tag me.

Here's where it kinda started (if you know Hank and John Green, you might have seen this video before. I've been lax and lazy and so have gotten behind on following their vlog. I know, I know. I'm an epic fail.):

But, here I go. I'll let you know if I had to mispell my name (since I AM quite singular) to get the results.
(And also, I am refusing to steal any from my own blog. That feels all cheaty-mcCheatersons)

1. Allanna needs to turn 6 more or gain 150 more Vampire points to reach the next level: Vampire Jedi!
  • Wow! I never knew that (1) I was really a vampire or (2) that I was a Jedi!!

2. Allanna looks like a pilot.
  • Sweet!! Did I borrow my friend Sarah's aviator hat? If so, I'd better get a haircut. It looks WICKED CUTE with a little bob!

3. Allanna says Happy Birthday Mom
  • Aww, look! I'm a GOOD daughter! (I'm my mom's favorite only daughter.
    (And if you do this search, you actually get a few comments that I've done. Most of them are on breastfeeding blogs. So, yeah ... I'm nothing if not a wealth of lactating info. :P)
4. Allanna wants a gumball that costs 30 cents. Show one way she can pay for the gumball with exact change, using just nickels and dimes.
  • And I'm educational!!
5. Allanna does not have any Contacts at this time.
  • I have NEVER had any contacts, for the record. I've never had glasses, either.
    (And after this one, the next result IS referring to me. From
    Childplayx2's blog. Makes me feel all famous. :P ... Deanna was commenting that she also has to tell her children that SHE, not them, is the mommy. Good to know I'm not the only one.)
6. Alanna hates this art piece. And im pregnant and im drinking and taking valium. Have a great day.
  • Unless I wanted to use a book review of one of Tamora Pierce's books (not a bad thing at all, since I own copies of most of her novels!), this was the best one. There was one result that popped up with the correct spelling of my name ... but it doesn't belong on this blog. Too much profanity. And I don't think any of you are indiscriminate in your intimate partners, per se. And, even if I did think so, I'd say it in a much, MUCH kinder way that was used. I'm just sayin'.
7. Allanna asks bluntly.
  • They pegged me, huh? Although, I can try to beat around the bush, I am usually pretty candid and will cut to the chase. Unless I don't feel completely comfortable around you. (Not your fault! Just pet my hair and tell me that I'm charming. I'll spill my life story, then!)
8. Allanna likes to be Mummy, it kinda gives it that 'no parents, sleepover' type feeling for them all!
  • It's cool and all, being the mom, sure. But my kids are VERY aware that I'm the mom ... so I DO get to be bossy.
9. Alanna Eats Food.
  • Yes. Yes, I do. Not going to even try to deny this one. You got me there, you did!
10. Alanna wears a Vera Wang gown with Chantilly lace appliqu├ęs and an organza fan-tiered skirt
  • Well aren't I fashionable! And, obviously, in debt! Where did I get the idea that I could afford something like this? I had better have rented this! Or found it at Goodwill or something! (And be wearing a shrug or jacket, since there aren't many Vera Wang dresses that I've seen ---not that I've seen all that many, sadly -- with sleeves.)
11. Alannah ain't never been arrested for walking in her sleep.
  • Because, to my knowledge, I've never gone sleepwalking. Obviously my name-sharers and I are quite the law-abiding folk. *preens*
12. My Auntie Alanna Loves Me!
allanna loves granddaddy.
Allanna loves to eat <-- Obviously. Or I would be fitting in my high school clothes. I love you... but Allanna loves you more. :).
Allanna loves you very much.
Allanna Loves Sully <-- Dude, on Dr. Quinn? He was da bomb! Handsome, capable, tortured past, AND let his woman be a helpmeet? Pretty awesome guy, I'd say. ^_^
  • Seriously, I'm all about the love, aren't I? *double-preens*

Yup, that's the end of it.

SO, I'm s'possed to tag 5 people to take this on themselves.
And I really kinda hate tagging folk, since what if they DON'T WANT to/don't have TIME to?
But I'm going to do it anyways. Since my friends (that's YOU!) are fun.

So, consider yourselves tagged:
If you REALLY don't want to do it, I'm not going to judge you. But I kinda hope that you will, since you all will have fun answers. ^_^

Friday, June 12, 2009

"That was rubbin'"

Props to you if you know which movie the title alludes to.
Hint: It's from 1990. And I didn't watch it until I was around14. Which was about halfway into the decade. I'm nothing if NOT anything near cutting edge. I grew up under a rock in some respects.

SO, what's been keeping me busy (and away from you beautiful people)?
  • My mom came to visit. Which was superfun.
  • Except for the part where we were leaving storytime Wednesday and a guy backed into the van. While we were in it. *sigh* (That's what inspired the "rubbin'" quote. "No, no, he didn't slam you, he didn't bump you, he didn't nudge you... he *rubbed* you. And rubbin, son, is racin'.") (That was your last hint.)
  • My sister-in-law, T2, is gettin' MARRIED tomorrow. We have family up visiting and working on stuff for the reception. My main duty, besides a little hosting? T2's flowers. I need to take pictures of them for you all, don't I?
  • And filing a claim and setting up a rental for getting the van fixed. From what we can tell, the damage is mostly cosmetic -- about a three-inch crack on the rear bumber and a swath of paint damage. Whee. At least no one was hurt.
But, yeah. The most exciting thing for the kids is TALKING about the "crash" (Totally just a fender-bender) and how the car is HURT and there was a big bump.

It really wasn't my fault. At the point of impact, I had stopped and was honking my horn repeatedly to alert the other guy to STOP and NOT HIT US, you know? (I , after giving my testimony of the incident, asked my adjustor if there were anything that I could have done differently to avoid the accident. She told me that, no, I had done everything right. Which is a VERY validating thing to hear.)

Funny thing about it: He and I had gotten out of our cars to exchange info and assess damage. He was SO visibly upset that I asked him if he needed a hug. He did.

Send us prayers and god mojo that the insurance companies will agree that I wasn't at fault ... and Michael and I will get our deductible refunded. We could use those funds. ^_^

Well, family is back! Gotta go feed them!!
Ciao, y'all!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

For my fellow bibliophiles

I have a friend who's an awesome gal: teacher, reader, mom, likes to run (for FUN!! Can you believe it? Well, maybe you can. But my lazy-buns self is still flabberghasted at the idea. :P) ...

AND, Kari and her friends have a blog, Reading for Sanity. Right now (until June 30) they've opened up a giveaway.

All you have to do is become a follower of their blog (like, SIGN UP to receive updates follower), write a snippet about it on your blog or social networking site (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) and leave them a comment with your name and which of the books they've reviewed that you'd like to read next. (Seriously, they've reviewed a LOT. Lots of different genres. ... Of the newest reviews, I TOTALLY recommend "The Thirteenth Tale." It was really, really, really great.)

At this point you have, what, 22 days and just over eight hours to get signed up. So, go! Go read some reviews, see if there's something you need to add to your to-read list. (THIS list, for me, has passed 2000. Yes, I have issues. BUT I use goodreads.com to keep track of what I have read and what I want to read. TOTALLY beats the ten scribbled-out scraps of paper I used to rely on. ^_^)

Come on, what are you waiting for? You could win FIVE books!! (I don't know which ones. That just adds to the mystery! Whee!!)

And, hey, if you win ... and, um, you don't WANT some of those books ... you can TOTALLY send them my way. I'll love them and adore them and pet them and call them "George."
(I may be joking about that "George" part. You never know with me. :P)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Oh My Flip!! Chekkit Owt!!

If I were EVER to redo my wedding, I'd SO want to do this!!!!!

Brian & Eileen's Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

(And I love the song. It's a good song to run to on the treadmill. On the RARE occasions that I run. But when I walk/run on the treadmill, THIS song is an awesome motivator. And Freddy Mercury was such a ROCK STAR -- even if I can't condone his lifestyle, dude, this guy was SO awesomely talented!! Cannot describe it!)
But, srsly!! I LOVE this idea. I totally cracked up laughing SO many times watching this!!

(You did too, right???)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Fan Grrl!!!

Okay, I don't know if you're aware of this ... but I have a bit of a fan-girl crush on Seth Green.

I mean, what's not to adore about the boy??

He was SO sweet and wonderful as Oz in Buffy the Vampire Slayer! 
(I mean, honestly, who else can deliver lines about how the animal cracker money MUST be French? ... Gosh, I love that scene. That right there, and my Cynthia, is the reason why I can say "I mock you with my monkey pants" in French. ... Yeah. Random Allanna trivia GALORE.)
He's hilarious.
He has a cameo in Weird Al's "White and Nerdy" video.
(Yes, he DOES that little butt-slap in front of the action figures. And I giggle.)

And in interviews, he's just ... great. I like him. If I threw a dinner party of people that I'd want to just listen to ... oh, he'd get an engraved invite, I tell you.

And then, THIS!!

It just made my day. I like that not only is he an actor ... but he's all fiscally fit. Go Seth!

Counting ...

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