Tuesday, February 08, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 8

Day 8 - Short term goals for this month and when you'll accomplish them

    I did not start out the month with this goal. My goal was to get my KIDS healthy.
    And then I got sick.
    I'm tired of being sick. Because I'm sick enough that I can't sleep.
    I woke up about every couple hours -- my eye was stuck shut or my nose was dripping, or I had to cough or my dreams were weird (and immediately forgotten).
    This goal is going to be achieved ASAP. I wish it were YESTERDAY, before I got the pink eye added to the slew of crapitude that my immune system is dealing with.
  2. Start using the WiiFit again.
    Since I've been feeling so TIRED -- and then got SICK, my exercise habits have sucked. Verily, forsooth, the suckitude is mighty to behold.
    This will be done as soon as I am not a hacking, snotting, eye-crusty mess.
  3. Make a daily habit of personal scripture study and personal prayer.
    We do it together as a family and as a couple ... what's my problem?
    I should start this TODAY. (But maybe I'll actually DO it. Wish me luck!)
  4. I will NOT give Michael the pink eye.
    I'll know if I managed to spare him by next week.
    Please pray. LOTS.
  5. I will call my Nana on her birthday. And wish her a happy 57th birthday.
    Because she's been 57 since I was little.
    This will be done next Wednesday.
  6. I will finish the dishes today. Then I'll be caught up.
    AND I will fill the water bottles. So I can internally drown this nasty virus-from-the-bowels-of-HELL ... which will help me meet goal #1.
  7. I will watch Airplane! today ... since it is due.
  8. I will run by the library to pick up my holds and I'll swing by the insurance office to get Michael's insurance card. Today. And, hopefully, I won't scare any small children or our agent's wonderful assistant.
  9. I will change the shavings in the hedgies' cages. And, if I'm not too close to Death's door, I'll give them baths. ... But I might wait on that until I don't have the pink eye.
    But the cleaning of the cages NEEDS to be done. Today.
  10. I will take a nap. And wash my pillowcase directly afterwards. And Lysol down the bed.
    This will be done daily until at least the weekend.
I'd say that I'd try not to yell at the kids ... but, having no voice? It's too easy. I get to just breathily croak. 

Oh!! I'll put more Vaseline on/in my nose. It's sore on the outside and dry enough on the inside to result in spontaneous nosebleeds. Yeah. Gonna do that now.

And I want to get a cat.
This will have to wait until goal #1 is accomplished. Maybe until we pay off the truck, too. So, in a couple months, maybe?
I miss having a cat. A cat might snuggle with me as I'm miserable and hacking. I want one that will do that.

You know, if I wasn't sick-yea-as-unto-death (slight exaggeration. I feel like death warmed over and run over repeatedly by a bus. Or perhaps a semi.), this list would be different.

Oh ... looks like I have pink eye in my OTHER eye now. GREAT. Good thing I've been treating it ANYWAYS. Let's hope there are enough eyedrops for everyone.

I think I'm going to go pop some Ibuprofen, then use my Neti pot in a hot shower. Then, maybe, I'll have time to change my pillowcase and take a lie-down.

Also, when I'm feeling better, I NEED to clean our bedroom. And the kids' room.
Cleaning ... it never ends. Oh well.


Hilary said...

You need to invest in some Mentholatum for your nose! i put it on my lips (also when chapped) and under my nose every night! The directions don't tell you to do that with it, but it's *THE* best for chapped lips and stuffy noses! Normally you find it by Vicks Vapor Rub since it's supposed to do the same thing. But yeah, if you want something for a chest cold, then go with Vicks. But want something for chapped lips and stuffy noses, go with Mentholatum!

Hilary said...

Oh and I hope you get to feeling better! :-)

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