Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31st?!?? Already?!?!???? WHAAAAAT???

Oh my flip. It cannot already be the end of the year.

But, apparently, according to all the calendars and major news media, it is!

So ... I'm still a little sick ... but thanks to my mostly-homeopathic arsenal, I'm feeling a lot better today.

(My arsenal?
  • Chewable Vitamin C - Sour Cherry flavored wafers. MMmmmm.
  • Zinc lozenges - Cool Lemon flavor
  • My Neti pot. At least once a day. Usually twice, though.
  • Cold Calm
  • Chestal - for my cough
  • Monolaurin
  • Acidophilus caplets -- to make sure that the good bacteria crowd out all the nasties that are making me sick.
  • My inhalers
  • Sudafed - prescribed by my OB
  • Vicks Vapor Inhaler (it's a tube of Vicks that you can just sniff)
  • Lavender oil applied over pressure points on my sinuses
  • Warm baths with Eucalyptus oil
Yup, that's quite a bit, I know ... and I've been sleeping in. A LOT. I used to get up around 7-ish. Now I'm lucky to be up by 8:30 ... So, yeah, I'm still bouncing back after Savior of the World.)

Bruise and Bucket had half of their dental work done. The other half should be done SHORTLY before BabyGirl comes (still no nickname for her yet). They were both very brave (Michael went back and sat with them while I sat with whoever wasn't being worked on in the waiting room, since they tend to frown upon pregnant ladies being around Nitrous) and are healing well. Bruise had a tooth extracted (BAD cavity) ... so he's sporting a spacer in his mouth (to keep everything in place until his grown-up teeth come in) ... and has a little tooth-hole in there. But he's eating and drinking and doing just fine. Bucket had one cap done (as did Bruise).
However SHE was much more affected by the Nitrous than he was. She was a little loopy and drooling and, well, adorably, pitifully, hilarious.
Kinda like "David After Dentist:"

Besides that, we've kept kinda quiet. Done a little shopping/browsing. I got a new maternity support belt (Couldn't find my old one. Oops!).
We did take the kids to see "Puss in Boots" at a movie theater. It was cute. And, exhausted as I was, I was able to stay awake during the whole show. Michael and I even got to hold hands for a little. (And, really, for $3/ticket, it was great ... even with one lady walking in front of us at least three times to catch one of the kids in her party. But, really ... for less than $5 a ticket, what do you expect?)

Today we cleaned up the house ... well, we made HUGE PROGRESS in picking up the house.
I cleaned up the bathroom counter (which Michael had insinuated he'd appreciate) this morning. He had taken down almost all the Christmas decor by himself (with some help from the kids. And a little from me). We cleaned the living room and dining room, did some dishes, folded and put away some laundry, vacuumed. I cleaned off my desk (It's never PERFECT, but it's a WHOLE LOT CLEANER). I gave Michael a haircut. Finally got a shower and brushed my teeth and shaved my legs and underarms (It's easy to keep up with my underarms ... but my legs? Those are harder to reach. I'm so glad that I'm this heavily pregnant in the cold months. Makes it easier to wear pants and hide it when I don't keep up with my legs).

We still need to finish up the dishes. And the laundry. But the kids' room is a bit cleaner. And our room needs some more work ... but ... well, if I can keep up some energy every day to clean a little, it should be fine when the kids' birthday party comes around in a couple weeks.

Michael went out to pick up sparkling cider (our one big tradition for New Year's. What do we do at midnight? We sleep! Yup, we're such rebels.) ... and came home with pizza and soda. Good man. I'll definitely keep him. Especially since he gave me a foot rub earlier today.

So ... I suppose that I should have some New Year's resolutions ... Um ...
  • We're going to have Family Home Evening.
    We bought a FHE Assignment board over at Deseret Book (on sale, even!!) and the kids are excited about using it. Now to plan what to do. And which day will really work best for us. ^_^
  • I NEED to establish a habit of Scripture Study. I'll accept any and all hints/tricks that you have.
  • I plan to establish a nap schedule ... but this won't get very finalized until after BabyGirl comes. I wonder if she's going to be like her siblings. 10 AM = naptime ... which is the same time that storytime is ... which made life not so fun. Either they'd have a great nap and miss Storytime OR they'd be crankypants during storytime and take a crap nap ... and I'd miss out on a fun opportunity for adult interaction ... *sigh*
  • I will drop the baby weight. Which shouldn't be too hard (*knocks on wood*), as long as BabyGirl is as good of a nurseling as her siblings were. And I really hope she is. I'm a fan of nursing. Cheap/freeish? No prep really necessary? BRING IT ON! ^_^ (Yes, I AM lazy. And I can nurse in my sleep. ... As long as I have something underneath to catch the drool/leaks that occur. Hey, just keeping it real, y'all.)
  • I will go out more often with BabyGirl than I did with Bruise and Bucket.
    Bruise and Bucket are big enough to be helpful. And I'll only have to have one baby carrier on me. (Also, I'm going to try babywearing. Wish me luck!) So I won't have as many excuses for not getting out and mingling with the world. I can't always be a slightly-agrophobic hermit, right?
  • After this girl is born and I have the okay, I WILL put the spark back in my marriage.
    My husband is kind, patient, and long-suffering. He deserves carnal favors rewards.
    Now, I'll just have to find that energy. 
  • When I'm not cooking dinner ... or making healthy lunches and breakfasts for my family. Because that's important, too.
  • I will get RID of this stupid plague-cough.
  • I will make it on time to church ... which will be harder since we're now meeting two hours earlier. And, in a few more weeks, I'll have THREE (not two) kids to get ready ... along with my lazy buns.
And ... I think that's it. For now, anyways.

Also, before I forget, HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!!! Hope your 2012 is full of wonderful experiences and happy memories!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another post in which I attempt to catch up

Still hacking. Still snuffy.
Still tempting fate by using my neti pot with tap water. Yup, we're dealing with a bad-heinie here.

In other news, we survived Christmas. And we had presents for everyone. Phew!!

Now I need to get thank-you notes cranked out. And have the kids do them, too. Better get in the habit, right?? ^_^

What else have we done? Let's go through the list ...
  • We had a playdate over at Joseph and Jenny's. Which was a blast. For the kids and myself. I got to chat with one of my favorite couples EVER. (We've known each other for over a decade ... and Michael's family and Joseph's family have been friends since the early 80s. In fact, Joseph's sister and Michael were best friends in the first grade. I enjoyed getting to know her better during Savior of the World. Good times all around.)
    And they humored me as I added some black humor to the Christmas cookies we decorated. (Hey, the angel's wing had TOTALLY fallen off. It was BEGGING to have some gel-blood and x-out eyes and a screaming mouth! Michael tells me that they shouldn't humor me with this. Spoilsport. :P ... I know that he's secretly proud of me.)
  • We finished Christmas shopping. Even though I ALMOST forgot Michael's grandma. ALMOST. But we didn't. And people seemed to like their presents. PHEW.
  • We went down and visited my family -- Nana, Mom and C, Dad and L, and my Aunt J. And that was very nice. Even though I got about the worst night's sleep, with the kids in the same room (since Bucket was HACKING and snorting. And I had to keep waking up ANYWAYS to pee. And then I couldn't fall back asleep with her racket AND my stepdad's snoring being audible THROUGH the wall. Oh well). AAAAAND, in other news, Mom and C discovered why the well kept running dry (a hose that's leaking will drain it pretty easily! But that's all fixed now. And I don't have to stress about now being able to flush the toilet or wash my hands after peeing THREE TIMES in the night. Ugh).
  • We enjoyed the Ward Christmas party (BEST SWEET POTATOES EVER. Srsly, they tasted like pumpkin pie! SO GOOD!) ... and we also got to go to church on Christmas. We had been told (and so budgeted our time) that it would only be an hour-long meeting. But it was longer. So we were later getting up to Mom and Dad C's than we would have liked. But it was all fine.
  • Even though the kids ended up getting into trouble. ONE COUSIN told Bruise that he had to take off his pants. Which Mom Cox walked in on him with his pants down. Bucket and the other older cousin didn't stop it. ... And later, a younger cousin flashed his goods to the girls. ... I love my family ... but sometimes I really think that some of their cousins are not great influences on my kids. They get SO ROWDY when they're together ... but maybe that's just what happens in larger families (I wouldn't know, seeing as how I only got [older, out of the house-type older] stepsiblings when I was 16).
    Still, I gave Bruise and Bucket THE TALK about respecting everyone's bodies, INCLUDING THEIR OWN, and being like superheroes ... in STOPPING bad behavior. --- That it's okay (in fact, ENCOURAGED) to say, "No, that's not fun/ny. Let's do something else." And that if someone DOES try to get them to take off clothes without their parents in the room, to go tell an adult. STAT!!!! ... And that (I hope) ends my rant.
  • We went to ZooLights ... and waited in a CRAZYLONG line for the train. But it was good overall ... even though this fetal-girl kept trying to stretch out THROUGH my abdomen. Owwwww. And, wow, after all the walking we did, I was SORE. My back hurt, my feet hurt ... and I was exhausted.
  • Bucket got her Christmas wish (after thinking that Santa didn't love her and wouldn't deliver) -- She now has two goldfish: Bubbles and Fishie. They are orange and white fantails. And they've happily acclimated to our house. Freyja-cat enjoys watching them, too. (Well, when she's not playing with HER Christmas swag. Obviously, she was a very good kitty this year.)
  • We've worked at cleaning the house ... progress has been made. And there's still room for improvement. I scrubbed out the shower while I was in there today. I won't tell you how badly it needed it, though. Ew.
But yeah, Bucket got her reply from Santa last Wednesday or Thursday. She read it and cried since Santa described goldfish as slippery and slimy, saying that they might be hard to take in his sleigh.
And she did get a fish tank and supplies for Christmas, along with a gift card to be able to pick out her own fish. It came with a letter from Santa, telling her that Mrs. Claus told Santa that it'd be too cold on the trip to take goldfish ... unless she wanted a fish-sicle. But there was the gift card that enabled her to get TWO fish, a fake plant, a little home for them to swim through, and a thermometer for the outside of the tank. With the $20 gift card, $5 of PetCo Rewards, and a 20% off freshwater fish coupon, we were out of the store only having shelled out eighty cents out of pocket. Phew!
And, when I explained to her, before we went to the store, that the gift card had quite a bit of money on it, Bucket said, slightly awed, "I guess Santa really does love me after all!" Huh, ya think??? :P

I can't wait to be over this plague, this creeping crud that I have. I'd like to be able to breathe through my nose ALL THE TIME. And not cough. AT ALL.
And then, after I have this little girl, I'll be able to sleep at night without having to wake up 2-3 times (on average) to pee. Or I won't go pee and then realize five minutes later that I have to PEE! AGAIN!!!

Later this week, the kids have a dental appointment. And Michael gets to go. Which is good. Since I don't know that they'll let me back with the kids, since they're going to be using Nitrous ... and it's not really good for the baby. And it's not like I can lie about being pregnant, since I'm feeling huge. AND I'm WADDLING (stupid center of gravity having shifted).

It's been pouring today. That should be good for the reservoirs and all. It's been such a dry fall/winter so far.  I hardly knew what to do with non-wet Oregon weather. :P

The kids watched Kung Fu Panda 2 today. They liked it. And I agree, it was cute. I still wish that Jackie Chan (who voices Monkey) got more lines. I heart Jackie Chan.

Bruise has enjoyed playing our game of Battleship (a Christmas present) with Michael.

Oh, we also went to Deseret Book ... the kids had gotten Triple Combinations (for those who don't know Mormon-speak, those are Book of Mormon/Doctrine and Covenants/Pearl of Great Price) for Christmas from my mom. We picked them up Bibles (to complete the set) and Scripture bags to tote them to church. My babies are growing up! They were pretty excited to get their own scriptures, too. Which warms the cockles of my cold, shriveled-up, little heart.

Bruise is reading more and more. At the Book Fair at his school almost two months ago, his choice was a Lego Sticker Book. ... So we've worked it out that HE reads the book (collection description and character descriptions), and as he reads the character descriptions, we put the stickers in there, one by one.
He only has about ten pages left. I keep being more and more impressed by how much of a reader he is.
Bucket still excels at reading. Frankly, I think she'd going to start reading chapter books without any pictures before I'm ready for her to do so.
But Bruise is making such progress. I'm very pleased with them both.

Michael got me a new subscription for Mental_Floss. AND a t-shirt.
(It's the one "I'm an English Major. You do the math." ... No, I'm not an English major. I'm an ECE/Elementary Ed major ... with emphasis areas in Children's Theater and Asian History. I was one year away from having German as an emphasis ... but I was kinda scared of the other German teacher. I had the nice one for my two years of foreign language.)
Now I need to get myself the "Comma Sutra: Making Language Sexy since 1875" tee. It makes me laugh.
So does the "Christians Have The Best Sects" one ... I'm such a bad influence, huh? :P

Well, the kids and Michael will be back at school and work, respectively, next week ... So we're trying to make the most of what we can do right now.
Which makes me REALLY IRRITATED that I'm not completely healthy and well-rested. It feels like I'm dragging down the rest of them. *sigh* Oh well. We're still getting things done.

Even if it involves me being woken up to help save the fish tank after Bruise (trying to be helpful) WAY OVERFED the fish ... and Michael rinsed out almost all the gravel, we had to suction out a lot of flake-infused water ... It was not restful. And I was a cranky mamma-jamma. Ugh. Oh well.

But, besides that, we're doing well and are VERY MUCH enjoying having Michael home for the week.
If it were up to the kids, he'd retire so he could be home that much more.
And, really, I wouldn't argue.
Now, if only we could afford that.

(But we're SO CLOSE now to having the van paid off. Then to pay off his school loan. ... Then it's just the mortgage to go!! Wish us luck! Pray for lots of business for his company! ^_^)

Hope you all had a very wonderful holiday season!

(In other news, we have a Hanukkah velcro chart ... the kids love putting up the candles every evening. Now, if only I could find where I put the dreidels ... since we DID buy those gold-wrapped chocolate coins ... Now, if you can say some prayers so I can find THOSE, I'd appreciate it!!)

Renuzit Fresh Accents - Review

****Disclaimer: I received two free samples of the Renuzit Fresh Accents Air Fresheners for this post.
This is because I'm a Purex Insider. ... Because I like free stuff AND I like Purex.
Just keeping it real. Since these are my honest, candid opinions. Because that's what I do. ^_^

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, I can give you my honest review (since that's the point) of this review ... and of being a Purex Insider.

Truth be told, I ONLY JUST opened one of them today... and I received my kit back in October.
It's been a little crazy around here, can you tell?

BUT, with only having the Winterberry scent freshener out, I can honestly tell you that my bathroom smells MUCH better (Now, just ignore the major pile of dirty laundry and the huge amount of clutter. Please??)

I did notice that Michael's grandma, when we were visiting family at Christmas has the Festive Snow scented freshener in HER bathroom ... and it does smell really nice, too.

There also were three coupons for free air fresheners ... and I WOULD share ... EXCEPT that they expire at the end of this week! Oops!!! So ... well, the thought was there. But, maybe it's just THAT much more important for my house to smell nice. Especially since, in a couple months, we'll have dirty diapers and spit-up to deal with.
(And, really? One of those puppies is SO going into the kids' bathroom. I don't think I have to tell you why. And that's the bathroom that, generally, I clean most often! And it STILL needs air fresheners in there!! Ew!)

But, since I haven't had mine out of the box for long, I can't tell you much about their longevity.
They're supposed to last for 30 days, in case you wondered.
And, judging by the other air fresheners in the Renuzit family, I'm betting they'll last pretty well.
And they ARE pretty. The holders have little snowflake-designs cut out of them. And I hear that they're really pretty in a window or somewhere they can have light shining through them.

If you have any questions about MY experience with them, just ask.
If you just want to know about the product, go and mosey over to and check them out (You can click through to look at the Festive Snow-scented one, too).

And, in full disclosure, I'll let you know that some air-fresheners are WAY STRONG right out of the box (especially to someone who happens to be pregnant and has a bloodhound's sense of smell [well, when she doesn't have the plague, that is] ... This is not one of them. It smells really nice. Strong enough to be noticeable, but not strong enough where I have the urge to wrap it in plastic. ^_^

So, could I honestly recommend this? Sure! It's pretty and smells nice. And it doesn't take up a whole lot of room.  So, yeah, I'm feeling pretty lucky. ^_^

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Mucous Has Arrived ...

Okay, firstly, I FINALLY added my favicon!
Go look! On the tab! That cute itsy-bitsy picture of Bruise and Bucket?
Yup, I made that AGES ago.
And I only learned that Blogger allows favicons EASILY ... starting ... somewhat recently.

But, yeah.

So, what else is going on in my neck of the woods?
Let's see ... I last posted nearly a week ago ... here's the breakdown:
  • We did five nights of performances for Savior of the World.
    Things went well. Michael says that Friday night was probably the strongest performance. But that the "Glory song" was best on Saturday night.
    I totally made that high note my .... PUPPY.
  • Friday night, I started taking Cherry Coke. Medicinally. And another on Saturday. And a Vanilla Coke on Sunday.
  • Sunday, Bucket started coughing. And then threw up. She's doing better. Feeling better ... Still coughing.
  • I am now sick, though. Started with a sore throat and a cough. Now it's just all in my sinuses. So I'm blowing my nose. A LOT. GROSS.
  • I got to help out Friday morning in the kids' classrooms with an art project.
    But don't tell me! It's a SURPRISE for the parents!!! ;P
  • I still need to get presents for the kids' teachers.
    And do laundry.
    And the dishes.
    And clean the rest of the house ...
    It never ends.
  • I need naps. Lots of naps.
  • We drove around town and took the kids to see lots of Christmas lights. That was fun.
  • We've also noticed that Bruise talks a lot more (and uses a MUCH larger vocabulary) since starting school. His Spanish is actually probably better than Miss Bucket's. (Though she IS an overachiever in almost every area ... proven by their report cards. Bruise's was perfectly fine. We're proud of both of them). He is SO PROUD of the fact that he is now a READER and that he's SMART. (Bucket's been a good reader for a while, so it's all old-hat to her, you see.)
  • I need to start working on scarves for them. They've both requested scarves ... probably since I am wearing scarves nearly every day. (This morning? 29°F out there!!! COLD!!)
  • I need to get a haircut. I just don't know how short I want to go. But I definitely want to even out my layers in the back. They do NOT look good. :( Especially when it's cold out and my hair starts to go frizzy. Which is my own dang fault for coloring it as much as I do.
  • I need to clean off my desk ... along with all the OTHER CLEANING and organizing that needs to happen around here ... it's been crazy with rehearsals and performances ... and now I'm sick. Poor house. Poor people who have to live here ...
  • I made sloppy joes last night. They turned out well. Which was satisfying, since I felt just shy of death earlier. (I HATE having to mouth-breathe. It's GROSS.
  • Baby girl is kicking me right now ... Silly girl. She still needs a nickname. And I WANT to give her one. But the other kiddos ... I waited until they were out of the womb and I could get a real handle on their personalities ... And they BOTH have nicknames with the same letter ... should I continue that trend? I don't know .... Thinking is HAAAAAAAAAAAARD!!! Waaaaaaah!!!
  • My neti pot is officially one of my BESTEST friends this week. I should go use it again. Like, right now. So I don't have to be a mouth-breather.
  • We're getting through the Ramona books (by Beverly Cleary) with the kids for story-story (i.e., bedtime stories that aren't reading the Scriptures). They like Ramona ... it's fun. Especially since Michael and I both read (at least some) of the Ramona books when we were kids.
    I would like to read more Christmas-y books to them (e.g., The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, The Forgotten Carols, and ones like those ... but ... we're just running out of time. And the kids REALLY wanted more Ramona books. So I won't argue.)
  • I need to start my holiday baking ... once I'm not a mucous-spewing mouth-breather.
    I'd like to put together some plates of cookies for some folks. And make cinnamon rolls. And maybe gingerbread. Or pumpkin bread. Or all of the above ... ^_^
And ... well, I think that's about enough of my life in summation ... it's mostly been busy ... but small busy.
Tonight, I think Michael and I will curl up and watch another DVD of Big Bang Theory Season 4. Haven't gotten to do that for a long while now.

But we have watched White Christmas (which the kids liked more than I thought they might. But, really, I shouldn't have been surprised. How can you go wrong with Danny Kaye? Or Bing?) and Holiday Inn (which Michael and I watched alone. It was our first time seeing that one. I prefer White Christmas ... you get Danny Kaye in there, too. ^_^). The kids have been watching some other Christmas shows. I need to bring out Mr. Kruger's Christmas (How can you not LOVE Jimmy Stewart? He's so darling. And humble ... I mean, really ... go read about what all he did in WWII. He's AMAZE-balls.) and It's a Wonderful Life ... along with Miracle on 34th Street (the CLASSIC. With Natalie Wood. I didn't care for the newer one. Ugh. ... YES, I AM a snob. I'm aware).

But first, I NEED to get fully healthy again.
And for this little girl to stop trying to push my left hip out. Owwwwww. (I understand that it's getting crowded in there. That is NOT my fault. Stop punishing me!!!)

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Busy, busy, busy ...

And here's why I haven't been posting regularly (well, when I haven't been distracted by reading other blogs, that is):

  • After Thanksgiving, we set up the Christmas tree.
    We also have been watching Christmas movies ... making full use of our Netflix account and the new entertainment system.
    (Michael really enjoyed how clear and vivid "White Christmas" is on our new TV. ... And, remarkably, the kiddos really enjoyed it, too. I didn't think it'd keep their attention ... but, combined with peppermint hot cocoa and some kettle-style corn [I added peppermint syrup to hot cocoa. And air-popped some corn, then added butter, some sugar and a sprinkle of sea salt], they sat and enjoyed it.)
  • I've had lots of rehearsals for Savior of the World. Performances start tonight.
    After the kids go to school, I'm running a few errands, getting a shower, a friend's coming over to help clean up my house (Yes, I have friends that do that!), then I'm running the kids up to their grandparents' house (who will bring them down for the performance ... the kids can go home with Michael. ... But I have to be in stage prep 1.5 hours BEFORE Michael gets home most days. *sigh*). And, after tonight's performance, I'm on clean-up crew ... so I'll be home even later tonight than usual.
    THAT'S why I made sure that we finished reading "Ramona the Brave" last night ... since we won't have time to read that bedtime story until Sunday.
  • Tomorrow, my mom's coming up. She'll watch the kids (and bring them to that night's performance) where Michael will meet them there.
  • Thursday, Michael's taking off early from work ... to take the kids to THAT night's performance.
    Friday, he has his early day ... and they're still planning on coming to that performance.
  • Saturday, I have the cast party (and then a finger-food-type early dinner) and the last performance.
Then I am going to want to hibernate.
The kids have one more week of school after this week ... then Christmas break starts ... and I plan on sleeping in a little.
I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

And, truly? I don't want to go out and brave the 28°F weather this morning.
No snow predicted ... just freezing fog. *sigh*
Better grab my boots and coat and gloves and scarf NOW.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Things I'm Thankful For #29 & 30

Yes, I've fallen behind. AGAIN.

And it's going to only get worse this week. Just giving you fair warning.

BUT, here ... to (belatedly) finish up November, here are the last bits of gratitude (for the 2011 list, anyways).

29. I'm thankful for Christmas music. I love it. Even though I get all verklempt when I think about this poor, little innocent whose purpose is to grow up, teach us how to treat one another, and then be sacrificed by his own people for no crime.
And then I have to think about how amazingly INTENSE this gift He gave us is ... and how all-encompassing it is. And how much He and our Heavenly Father LOVE us to do this for us ... And how wise Heavenly Father is to have forseen that mankind would NEED a Savior to redeem us. And how much He loves us to make it possible for us to not only be able to return to Him ... BUT to be able to make our own choices -- especially when these choices don't always benefit us at all. Or when these choices we make hurt others.
But it's ... awe-inspiring ... that everything will be made right.

I know that not everyone is a huge C.S. Lewis fan (although I very much like his writings and respect his opinions) ... and so I really enjoy his Chronicles of Narnia (yay for Christian allegory! ... And the more that I read them, the more that I find wonderful expressions of the Plan of Salvation ... and that makes me happy.), but, when I think of the wonderful Plan of Salvation (which is, truly, the Plan of Happiness), I do reflect on bits from Lewis' writings.

Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight,
At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more,
When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death,
And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again.

And that comforts me. Quite a lot.
That no matter what has happened, things will be fixed. No one will have to suffer, especially for things that were caused by the actions/choices of others. That, truly, as Isaiah said, "with his stripes, we are healed." (Isaiah 53:5)

It comforts me that, no matter what I, my friends, my family, or complete strangers are going through ... IT WILL BE MADE RIGHT.

There is a plan. It will work out for our benefit.

Right now (and, honestly, throughout all history), there are terrible things that happen.
There are things that occur that I wish my children would never have to learn about.
I wish that I didn't know about them ... in that I wish these things never existed ...

Child abuse, rape, discrimination, genocide, ... so many awful things ...
BUT, we have a true assurance that NO MATTER WHAT, Christ will fix things.

As sung in The Messiah (again with Isaiah ... they don't call him a poet-prophet for nothing!):
For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

The government will be upon his shoulder. He will be in charge. He has the power and the ability to put all to rights. Government corruption will end. Help will go to all those who need it. Justice and mercy will be fulfilled.

And ... the idea of all this ... it amazes me. It comforts me.
It makes me desire to be better, so that when this day finally comes, I will be ready.
I will be prepared to meet the eyes of my Lord, my Savior, my dear elder brother (since we are all children of God) ... whose name we take upon baptism ... and I won't be ashamed at how long it's been since I gave a sincere personal prayer. Or actually studied (as opposed to skimmed) the Scriptures.

That will be a good day. A good millennium, in fact.

But, as C.S. Lewis put it ... "sorrows will be no more." 
And, truly, that is what I would like best for everyone to have.
And I'm grateful that, in the plan of happiness, a way for that has been prepared. Guaranteed, even.

29.1 - After typing all that, I'm grateful for Kleenex.
Just sayin'.

30. Again, I'm grateful for technology (even though sometimes, when it's not working as we'd like it, it CAN drive me BONKERS).
Just this last week alone, I've been able to watch the First Presidency Devotional (well, MOST of it. I'll watch it over again. Promise!!) ... and it's wonderful that they've announced, as a Christmas gift to the world,  the new website that allows us to watch videos the Church has worked on about the life of Christ (They're working on a whole series of Biblical stories).

Also, a cousin (distant) has gotten in contact with me.
She sent me a few pictures of my Nana's (my dad's mom's) grandparents.
I had never seen a picture of Nana's grandmother, Annie, before. So that was a treat.
And, Jo (my cousin) sent me a picture with her father and my great-grandparents ... and she added that she thought the other woman in the picture was my grandmother (aka Nana).
She was right. And I was able to let her know that the other man in the photo was my Pop-pop (Dad's dad). It was very nice to be able to see their pictures again.

I also find fun things to read that keep me entertained (and, hopefully, be a little more entertaining).

And, really, I don't know how I'd get by without my smartphone. It's good that Michael knows me so well to get me something that I really use (EVERY DAY!) and adore. Yup, and doing it through technology just sweetens the deal. ;P

Monday, November 28, 2011

What I'm Thankful For - #24-28

Yes, I took the weekend off. Whoops!!

And here goes:

24. I'm SO glad that the pies all turned out FINE ... though, the apple was REALLY lemony (since I had not only lemon juice, but lemon ZEST in there as well. Still, the caramel topping was sweet enough, regardless.
And both Michael's brother, C, AND Mom C made sure to compliment me on my pecan pie (It's all from ... just make sure to cook it fully. It can take a while. 80 minutes in my case.)

25. Michael and I took the kids out rather late (after 9 AM) on Black Friday to drive up to the next big town and pick up a Shop-Vac.
We wanted the one on special -- $29 instead of $79.99. ... But, by the time we got up there, that model had sold out. :(
But Lowe's was really awesome and substituted another model ... one that regularly would cost $99.99 ... and they sold it to us for the same Black Friday price!!
So ... I'm very thankful to have saved $70 (instead of $50) by sleeping in! ^_^

26. I'm thankful for GPS on my phone, since we didn't really know how to get to all the stores in that town. :P
Which also implies that I'm VERY THANKFUL for my husband for getting me an unlimited data plan back when they were still available. ^_^ (Seriously, this last billing period? I've used over 100 MB of data. That could have been REALLY EXPENSIVE!!)

27. I'm grateful for naps. I was so tired on Sunday. Exhausted.
And Michael drove me home after we took the kids to Primary, dropped me off so I could crawl into bed (where I was dead to the world for nearly two hours), and he went back to church (in case he had to teach the lesson ... but, thankfully, the teacher DID have a substitute lined up), and brought the kids home ... AND he let me have quiet time while he fed the kids and kept them entertained.
(Which means that I'm THISCLOSE to finishing a book. Which I will do after the kids go to school.)

28. I'm grateful that we have our Christmas tree up and decorated. And that we've started listening to Christmas music (Michael's a purist who wants to wait until AFTER Thanksgiving to start the Christmas season. And I understand that. Even though sometimes I get antsy and all "We Need a Little Christmas" before Thanksgiving Day.) ... Even though I'm all hormonal and started CRYING while singing Christmas carols Friday morning. No, really.
And Michael had to explain to the kiddos that "Mommy just really loves Christmas" as I surreptitiously wipe my eyes and grab Kleenex to blow my dripping nose. ... Yay, pregnancy hormones ... you make it THAT much harder to get through the holidays without being all blotchy and moist.

28.1 - BONUS: I'm grateful that, although it's gotten pretty cold outside, I was able to listen to birdsong on my (short) walk back from taking the kids to the bus. It made me happy.
And it was cute to see Freyja-cat observing the birds flittering about as she peeked through the curtains.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not a whole lot going on ...

We took Freyja in for her Feline Upper Respiratory booster.

Both the assistant and the vet commented on what a pretty and sweet girl she is.
(Yup, I'm totally bragging about what a sweet, sweet, gorgeous kitty I have. She's amazing.)

She also got a flea treatment, just in case.

I'll do another one when the weather starts to warm up.

And, as much as she hates being in the cat carrier, she willingly got in it between her weighing and after her flea treatment.

No complaints when she got her shot. ... Which I'm HOLDING OVER THE KIDS, especially after their last flu shot. Bucket nearly deafened me in one ear on that one. *rolls eyes*

And she snuggled with me while I napped. Which was very sweet.

Besides that, I painted Bucket's nails, snuggled with Bruise, read some more of my library book (until my eyes blurred), took a nap, and ate a couple Pumpkin Spice bagels (YUM!)

I also had a shower and a bowl of cereal earlier.

And I filled the gas tank.

And I need to go to the library.

.... Can I get another nap? I still feel fuzzy-headed and want to crawl under the blankets where it's all nice and toasty.

I'm avoiding doing dishes, since I did two loads yesterday ... but, after making pies, I still have another load ready for loading into the dishwasher. *sigh*

Time to get on shoes ... and pick up my hold.
Then to figure out something for dinner. *sigh* :P

Things I'm Thankful For #22-23

22. I'm thankful that I had a productive baking day yesterday.
I didn't curse as I rolled out the dratted pie dough into the pans.
The pans didn't stick together in the freezer.
The pecan pie set.
The pumpkin pie looks good.
I managed an apple pie as well,
And I had leftover no-bake cheesecake filling that Michael and I will treat ourselves to tonight. Yum!

23. I'm thankful for the fact that my kids let me nap.
Even though I had WEIRD nap-dreams.
The strangest part was getting a free slushie ... in the flavor named "Quiet Librarian."
It was hazelnut flavored and bad enough that I, in my dream, tracked down the kids so that I could pass it on to them ... so I wouldn't have to finish it.
AND I woke up with a queasy-ish tummy and a sour-tasting mouth. Ew.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Brain Dump

  • Why is it whenever I blog that my nausea is going away that it rears its ugly head again?
    So, obvs, I'm still taking my generic Zofran.
  • I rolled out three pie crusts this morning.
    I managed not to curse sore cursings at them. Though I DID give that dough a SEVERE talking-to.
    My dining room table, where I rolled out the dough, looks like a bag of flour exploded.
    I should clean it.
  • I'm working at getting the energy to make the pie fillings -- pecan, apple, and pumpkin.
    And then two no-bake cheesecakes. Which I can practically make in my sleep ... if I don't forget to add the 1 tsp. Vanilla. Which has happened.
    Didn't ruin the recipe, though. Which is kinda amazing, since (besides the crust) there are only four ingredients. Unless you add a topping. (Cherry pie filling is my fave.)
  • I'm already exhausted.
    And I still need a shower, to run to Target and the bread store, make those dang pies, and maybe get a nap before our LONG rehearsal tonight.
    I think I might pop half a Unisom tonight. Since I have to be up to take Freyja in tomorrow (with kids in tow, no school!) for her booster shot.
  • I have library books. That I want to read. And I haven't had the energy to do that. Ugh.
  • I had a glass of egg nog (the lite kind) for breakfast. BEST BREAKFAST EVER.
  • I have pie crust dough under my fingernails. Well, under the ones that haven't broken off.
    (I lost TWO yesterday.)
  • I worked at cleaning our bedroom a bit this morning. It's STARTING to look better. There's still a LOT of stuff that needs cleaning.
  • I have beading supplies in the bedroom. It'd be nice to make something with them.
  • Should I make a hat for this nicknameless girlie? Or attempt to make a blanket?
    If I make a blanket, I need to run to the craft store for a bigger loom.
  • Everything costs money. Why??????
  • I really want a nap.
    But I REALLY, REALLY want to have my pies taken care of ... so I should get off my duff and DO THAT.
    Then get a shower and run errands. Even if the kids have to come with me. 
Okay, getting off the blogging now. Pies ... at least the pecan, shower, and Target.
I can do this.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful #21

I'm thankful for ...

Well, lots of things are going through my mind right now.

  • I'm thankful that it's not even 11 and I've gotten some laundry done. And most of the dishes are done, too.
    ... Now to put all the folded laundry away. And to fold what hasn't been folded yet. *sigh* :P
  • That we were able to find Bucket's shoes this morning
    (They were SUPPOSED to be put away in her closet.
    ONE was under the dining room table. The other was just outside the kitchen.)
  • That Bruise comes to snuggle with me in the morning. And we get to chat.
  • How cute it is that Bruise and Bucket are AMAZED when I KNOW about something they've just learned about at school.
    (This morning, Bruise was SHOCKED that his mommy actually KNEW about food groups.
    They were learning about those on their class field trip last Friday.)
  • That I get to feel the kicks and flutters of this little in-utero girl (who still needs a blog-name).
  • Deodorant ... I had put on an antiperspirant after my shower ... but, ugh. So I added deodorant.
    Now I can stand to be around myself again.
    (Michael assures me that I don't stink as much as I THINK that I do. ... However, I refuse to take any chances. You should be happy that I'm thinking of you THAT much. ^_^)
  • That Freyja-cat is starting to sleep next to my chest at night, instead of on my legs ... so now I can turn over in the night without waking up as much. ^_^
  • How much Michael loves the new TV and blu-ray player. I'm glad that he made a great purchase. It's good to have a happy husband. ^_^
  • That I haven't thrown up today. Always a plus. And that the nausea is tapering off. Always a good thing.
Okay ... now to get motivated and make pie crust dough. For Thanksgiving. I can do this. ^_^
(But if I can't, I'm thankful that Dad told me that Marie Calendar-brand crusts are good, too.)

Then I need to get more laundry folded and put away, get the kids from the bus, and have them do their homework. Then, some grocery shopping would not be amiss.
And figure our something for dinner. *sigh*

And I should eat something today. Besides my handful of gummi vitamins, that is.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

And another look into my life ...

So, yesterday, as Bri and I were preparing to get into our costumes for rehearsal, I couldn't find mine.

I had been assured that my costume had been sewed ... and it wasn't where it SHOULD be (with my nametag on the clothes rack) ... so Bri and I were joking around as we were about to track down the gal in charge of costumes.

"Well," I drawled, "I guess I'm just gonna have to go on stage in my NUDIE-PANTS!"

"Just make sure you have a head covering," Bri rejoined.

"Yeah," I agreed. "Because if I didn't have on my head covering, I'd totally look like a HARLOT."
(Since this is Ancient Israel, we're talking about.)

Then I realized that President C (our Stake President ... he's in charge of the wards/congregations in our immediate geographical area) was in the room ... and that I had said ALL OF THIS, not thinking, while he had been in here the WHOLE TIME.

And I sheepishly grimaced, "I probably should have said that in front of our STAKE PRESIDENT."

And he just came over and patted my arm.

Yeah, I think he's been around me enough to not be shocked.
That and he's our county District Attorney ... so it probably takes a lot to really faze him.

Maybe this means that I won't have to worry about any Stake callings (responsibilities) coming my way.
... Or else it means that I really DO need to worry about a future Stake calling. Since they already know exactly what they're getting into.
Oh, gosh, I'm going to be the female J. Golden Kimball of the Stake ...

Well, it's not like I haven't brought this upon myself. :P

Besides, Bri and I have already made jokes about her character (Mary) taking the ceremonial drink like a shot of liquor. (Heh, good jokes there.) OR about how if I DIDN'T wear my head covering (a veil) onstage, since ALL my appearances are when menfolk are around, I'd be stoned as a harlot.
(And, when talking about this, I always look down to my swollen abdomen and gasp, "WHO TOLD?!?" Since I never appear with a husband in this production, you know.)

"Yeah, Mary, take THAT as an object lesson of what'll happen to you if you don't behave!"
And Bri, Trish, and I snicker.

OR, in mentioning the fact that we're all supposed to have backstories about our character (especially those of us who are NOT Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, or Zecharias) ... So I came up with one.

So, our family comes from Tiberius (which I can remember the name of thanks to James T. Kirk. [Trekkie reference! Even though I am better at following Star Wars!]), which is along the Sea of Galilee.
My husband (WORKAHOLIC) is a trader of gems and metalworks. And we've started a speculative freshwater pearl market on the side. (Since I REALLY HAVE NO IDEA if there are pearls in the Galilean Sea. At all.)
And I just am left my my own devices in Nazareth (or Jerusalem, depending on the scene) while he's off making those boucoup bucks to support me and our developing child in the manner to which I'm accustomed.

But, IF anyone isn't happy with THAT story, Michael and I have a theory that my character was abandoned in Ancient Israel by the 16th Doctor, after I missed reuniting with the TARDIS. My own fault.
So, while I'm stuck there, I got married and knocked up. AND THERE'S A SPECULATIVE FRESHWATER PEARL MARKET ... because, dude, that is GOLDEN right there. I'm so proud of myself for coming up with that one.

Also, since I have a piece of rope as part of my costume, Bri votes that I find a sundial (a BIG ONE) to hang from that rope belt ... so I can be an Ancient Israelite version of Flava Flav.
Now, where'd I put mah GRILLZ??

But, yeah, somehow I don't see our costume gal being in favor of that.
But, well, YOU'LL know that I secretly a geeked-out, trapped in another time, Ancient Israelite gangsteeeeeeeeeeeeer. Yeah, boiiyz. Fo' sho'.

And here's what else has gone on ...

So, as I've mentioned, I've resigned from my volunteer position at the library.
Which is a bummer. But ... well, if it's too hard for my body right now, I kinda need to listen to that darn body of mine.

And it gives me a little more time/energy to spend on my family and house.

So there's a balance there.

(Now, I just need to FINALLY get in the habit of personal prayer and scripture study. Any hints/tips/tricks? TOTALLY APPRECIATED.)

Let's see ... what else has gone on lately?

  • I got my results back from my blood glucose test. NO GESTATIONAL DIABETES! YAY!!!!
    This has made me feel a LOT better/less stressed.
  • Mom and my stepdad were sealed last weekend in the temple for time and all eternity.
    This is something that Mom's been looking forward to for a LONG time. And, with my stepdad's health being a bit touchy lately (he's not getting any younger, it's true), it's a HUGE RELIEF that this happened.
    (Although, with the terrible rush-hour traffic on the way back, he now has NO. DESIRE. EVER. to go to Portland ever again. Oh well. Good thing their temple district is the Medford temple. ^_^)
  • Rehearsals are going well for SOTW (Savior of the World). I have a costume ... and it fits with some extra room, since we still have just under a month until performances conclude. (December 6-10th, if you're interested! Just let me know!)
  • I got to go swimming with the kids and my mom on Friday. She and C (stepdad) had got a hotel room with a 24-hour pool. Good times. Even though, since I usually DON'T exercise at all, my hips were TOTALLY feeling it later. But it was so nice to be weightless and graceful and speedy. Yeah, someday, when I had a bazillion dollars, I'll have my own indoor pool. And hot tub.
  • We got a new TV and a blu-ray player (with new speakers). And, WOW ... let's just say that now we know what we've been missing. Michael's in love with it, I think. ... And it's very nice.
    We (meaning Michael) were able to dismantle the old entertainment center (which was broken in places anyway) ... and we got a little cubby-type table thing where we fit DVDs (in front of rows of VHS tapes along the back) and a fabric drawer that's filled with old Playstation 1 supplies, my Sega Genesis and supplies (but not the games. I need to find a place for those), and a collection of wires and such. We also brought in a bookcase and loaded it up with DVDs and VHS tapes ... and our blu-ray player, VCR, Wii, phone, and some speakers sit on the top of the cubby-thing. ... So I can be (mostly) organized with a clean-ish living room again.
    AND we were able to get the Wii AND the VCR to display correctly (after we bought the correct component wires for the Wii).
    The kids are enjoying it, too. They're watching Harry Potter (and the Order of the Phoenix) right now.
  • I totally look pregnant now.
  • I've been absolutely exhausted.
  • I thought that I might have broken the washing machine.
    Nope, just had a REALLY unbalanced load that wouldn't spin most of the water out of it. The white load in there (MUCH LIGHTER than a load of mostly jeans, sweaters, and some towels) is practically half-dry already ... just SITTING in the washer. That dark load that preceded it is ALMOST dry in the dryer. Then I can tackle the REST of the laundry lying in the laundry room ... and then, HOPEFULLY, get a start on cleaning our bedroom, the bathrooms, and the kitchen (again).
    Then I need to read a crapload of library books. And figure out Christmas presents. And what to do for the kids' upcoming birthday, and where this baby girl will sleep when she's outside of the womb (right now, it's not an issue).
    And I need to make pie crusts today or tomorrow. And then make the pies/cheesecakes Tuesday ... just to make sure that they're all ready for Thursday. Yay for Thanksgiving!!!
    ... Honestly? I don't like making pie crusts. BUT, well, store-bought crusts are icky in comparison ... and I LOVE my family (this is Michael's side that we'll be with this year. But I'd do it for my side, too!), so they're worth it.
    Just pray that, when I'm rolling out the stupid crusts, that I don't say any bad words. Rolling out crusts? THE WORST PART. Everything else is GRAVY, baby.
I think that's most everything ... Now you're all caught up!

Things I'm thankful for #15-20

Yes, I fall behind. Often. But that's what I do. :P

So, time to get caught up. Again. ^_^

15 - I am thankful for the fact that my OB and I can be friendly.
I honestly didn't care for her a whole ton the first time around.
But now? I like her very, very much.
She and I talk about shoes and joke about work. We discuss our pets and families.
And it's nice to have someone who isn't fazed by any questions I could ask.

16 - I am thankful that my children live close enough to their grandparents (all six of them!) and two of their great-grandmothers that they are able to build a relationship with them.
I loved living close to my dad's parents and to my mom's mom and stepdad (well, really, her mom. Her stepdad was a little ... intense, per se). I also loved going to my Nana's (Dad's mom's) folks house to visit.
And it makes me very, very happy to see Bruise and Bucket so excited to spend time with their grandparents.
(This is one reason why I can't ever really contemplate moving very far away ... or overseas. Though, with Skype and things, it wouldn't be AS horrible as it would have been even five years ago).

17 - I love my homestate. Oregon is beautiful.
I love that if we drive about an hour west, we're at the ocean. If we drive east? We can visit the desert.
We have an aquarium, a zoo, science museums ... And TREES. Lots and lots of trees.
We have cozy rainy days, warm enough weather for swimming in the summer, a chance of snow in the winter. We have SEASONS with changing leaves ... even though I've developed hay fever, living in the Willamette Valley ... Oregon makes me happy. (For the most part. We won't talk about our state government at this point in time. But, really, if they expect US to keep a budget, THEY'D better set an example. Just sayin'.)

18 - I'm grateful that I do NOT have gestational diabetes!
I called into the clinic on Friday ... and they were glad to report that my bloodwork is fine!
So, I celebrated by having a couple handfuls of peanut butter M&Ms. Yum!

19 - I'm grateful that my mom and stepdad had the opportunity to be sealed for time and all eternity in the temple this Friday. It was wonderful seeing my mother so happy. And it was excellent to be able to BE THERE with her, my stepdad, and Michael (who was able to be a witness).
The temple always makes me happy ... and I'm grateful for the blessings that I and my family have gained through our being worthy of temple recommends. I love knowing that, as long as we honor the covenants we have made, our families are forever families. It's very empowering to know that we can overcome death and the separation that it may entail. And it makes me KNOW that my Heavenly Father loves me (and all His children. No matter what).

20 - I'm grateful (again) for my husband. It's a lovely feeling to blear awake and finding yourself held by a man who loves you, despite all your (well, MY) myriad faults and idiosyncrasies. I am so grateful that he loves me so, even though I really don't deserve it.
It's nice that he enjoys slumming with me.
And that he humors my geekiness ... as we joke about backstories for my character in our production of Savior of the World. Heh. I'll share that one later.
Since the kids and I need to rush out to church NOW. ^_^

Monday, November 14, 2011

Facebook Alert

Just so you know, I posted a note on Facebook with the big name reveal.

I did it as a note, so that you wouldn't have to search through the stream for it days and days later.
I'm so nice.

AND it explains WHY we chose the name we did.

So ... yeah.

And if you don't have me on Facebook ... well, I guess you could always ask. ^_^
Unless you're a creeper. :P

Things I'm Thankful For - #13-14

Yes, yes, I didn't blog yesterday ... oh well.
Obviously we all survived, regardless. ^_^

Okay, let's see ....

13. I am thankful for the fact that my kiddos are learning, bit by bit, to be quieter (and, hopefully, more reverent) at church. Bruise was happily coloring away during most of Sacrament Meeting (like Communion, for you who aren't so fluent in Latter-day Saint Church-speak).
I'm also glad that their Sunday School teacher mentioned to me how much she loves and enjoys her class.
(Bruise and Bucket love her and enjoy their class, too.)

14. I'm grateful for the fact that we are able to pay our bills.
There have been times when money has been tight enough that we've had to work to squeeze water from a rock. But, thankfully, we've never had our electricity or water or phone/internet turned off (It has been by the skin of our teeth before). We, once, almost had our garbage cans removed (and, truly, since we've had those close calls, I DO still get a little nervous when I see the power company, water company, or garbage company trucks in the neighborhood.
Yes, this is a little more information than I usually do share ... but, in full disclosure, how can I not mention it? Without your being aware of those CLOSE CALLS, how can I fully express how many times (and how much) we have been blessed financially?
Even though we're a bit more solvent, I still don't feel like we have wads of cash to throw around.
Which is a reason why I don't do political donations (well, that AND the fact that I'm pretty disillusioned/jaded at present by politics) ... BUT that I STRIVE to donate (and get GIDDY when I CAN) to Heifer International or do a loan ... and, oh, I will be donating to the General Temple Patron Assistance Fund this year.
I don't often do a lot of monetary donations, unless I really, REALLY feel strongly about something.
And these are all causes that I can get behind. Heifer International and Kiva both are groups that work to help others become self-sufficient (AND to help others. Either by passing on the gift [Heifer -- once your animal/garden/whatever is established, you pass on offspring/seeds/a hive/etc to someone else ... and it keeps going] or you pay back the loan(s) [Kiva - which enables donors to assist OTHERS to start small businesses all over the world]). And, with the General Temple Patron Assistance Fund, I can help a person/family to attend the temple ... something that they would not be able to afford on their own. Since not everyone lives in close proximity to a temple.

I also want to donate to the Perpetual Education Fund, which goes with the goals of helping people to be self-reliant. This fund helps individuals to be able to afford education/training so they can be employable and support themselves and their families.

So, as a bonus thing I'm thankful for ...

14.5 - I'm thankful for the opportunity that I have to be able to donate of our finances to help others to become self-reliant and to have opportunities they never have without assistance.
If I had unlimited income, I would very much LOVE to be a philanthropist.
I mean, yes, I'd want to buy books and a house with room for all of us, linen closets, a guest room (or more, since ... as an only child, I will probably be responsible for the care of my parents in their old age ... and, well, let's face it, my folks are not very comfortable around each other. They'd need VERY separate quarters.), a library/den ...
But ... really ... the ability to help?
I LOVE that. And I don't know if it's because I just like to be able to FIX things and make people feel better ... or what ... but it'd be very awesome to be able to write out checks for donations. Especially anonymous donations (or donations in behalf of friends, family, organizations ... I mean, wouldn't that be a cool surprise?).

But, yes, I'm looking forward to when Michael gets his bonus at Christmastime. Then I can pick out a few things from the Heifer International catalog. And maybe finance another Kiva loan. And write out a slip for donations to the General Temple Patron Assistance Fund and the PEF.

Because, really, why else are we all here on earth ... with our different situations and abilities ... if not to be able to help each other?
(And, really, sometimes a smile or a kind word or a hug is just as helpful, if not more so, than a financial contribution. So don't feel like you CAN'T help just because you're not financially flush. Because you totally CAN. Just think outside the donation box. ^_^)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Things I'm Thankful For (#1-12)

Since I've not blogged for a bit, I'm TOTES behind on this.

So here goes ...

Since cultivating an attitude of gratitude always helps me feel chipper-er/more chipper (What IS the comparative form, anyways???).

I am grateful for:

  1. My religion.
    I know that The Church of Latter-Day Saints gets a lot of flack in the news (especially recently) for being a supposed cult or full of weirdos (since, according to the media, there aren't a lot of folks in the world who don't drink, smoke, have pre-/extramarital intercourse, don't wear tank tops or short shorts/skirts) ... But I can testify that I am so glad that I'm a member of this church.
    It centers me. It helps me put things in perspective. It helps me to love those around me more. It helps me to direct my behaviors and attitude in ways that will best ensure my future happiness and that of those around me.
    And, really, what else can one ask of a religion?
    My religion makes me happy. It brings me joy and peace. It helps me make sense of the world. (Not that I understand everything. Nor will I for a looooooooong time ... but it helps.)
  2. My family.
    I am grateful for my family. I'm glad I've been sealed to my husband so that our marriage will not be terminated at death. I'm glad that my children are mine for forever (even though they sometimes drive me barmy).
    I'm so very glad to have a good relationship with my in-laws. I hear horrible stories about people whose in-laws are mean or crazy or something ... but I seriously lucked out with mine! My in-laws are wonderful!
    I'm really glad that my mom is one of my best friends. It's great to have her as a sounding board and a support ... especially since she knows me so well. ^_^
    I'm glad that I've gotten a better relationship with my dad. I don't know that he and I will ever be as close as Mom and I are ... but he's a good guy. And I love him. And I know that he loves me.
    I'm grateful for my cousins and extended family. I'm grateful for my brothers- and sisters-in-law. And my nieces and nephew.
    I'm always grateful for Michael. He really is everything that I've ever needed (and everything that I've wanted). He's a wonderful, supportive husband. He's an excellent father. And he's one of my best friends ever. Even after spending nearly everyday (or at least every evening/night) together for the last decade, I truly can't ever think of anyone else that I'd rather have by my side for eternity.
  3. I'm grateful for modern healthcare. I'm glad to be able to see and hear my children (albeit blurrily and in black and white) before they are born. I'm grateful for pain relievers (especially when it's my loved ones in pain. Toothaches in the middle of the night? We can help!) and vitamins. And, I am seriously thankful for epidurals. ^_^
  4. I'm grateful for Freyja ... and all the other pets that we've had. I'm a strong believer that a cat is the visible soul of a home. And we've been blessed to have wonderful cats (even though, sometimes, their choice of bathroom spots hasn't been the best. :S) and fish, hedgehogs, and a frog.
    Freyja is a balm to my soul when Michael can't be around. And she's good entertainment to boot.
  5. I'm grateful for our home. Not everyone has one. But I'm glad for ours. Even though it is a little small ... and not as modern as I sometimes wish it was. But it's a good home with good memories.
  6. I'm grateful for my children's teachers ... at school, swimming or dance lessons, and at church. They've always been blessed with wonderful people who have worked to teach them AND show their love and appreciation for my children. As an education major, I really appreciate them all.
  7. I'm grateful for the internet ... I love having knowledge and entertainment with just a key keystrokes or clicks. I can look up an address, phone number, book summary, encyclopedia entry ... or watch and read blogs and videos at any time.
  8. Which is one reason why I'm grateful for my smartphone (which Michael bought for me). I can read my scriptures, text or call my friends, check my email, or surf the internet ... or play games. Which is VERY helpful when I'm waiting for my or the kids' doctor and dental visits.
  9. I'm grateful for trees. (Western) Oregon wouldn't be at all the same without them. Even when the birch and aspen trees make me a little miserable, they're all gorgeous and make my home state my favorite place.
  10. I'm grateful for my car. I appreciate having the freedom and ability to drive us to the doctors' offices, to the dentist, to go grocery shopping. I'm glad to have a car that fits our family. And I'm especially grateful that, though it may not be the most stylish ride, it works.
  11. I'm grateful for the servicemen and women who serve our country to ensure our continued freedoms. I'm grateful for the sacrifices that they and their families have made so that we can enjoy the benefits that we do, living in this country.
  12. I'm grateful for our ward family. I love our ward (congregation) at church. People are so kind. Just like at my home ward, where I grew up ... where I truly feel that I have extra grandparents and uncles/aunts. I'm glad that I have such wonderful friends in our ward. And in the neighboring wards, too. We live in a wonderful area.
Okay ... I'm going to finish eating and continue to blink. VERY. HARD. and NOT sniff like a sniffly-sniffler.

Because I SHOULD post ...

Okay, it's been over two weeks ... and I just haven't had a lot to post about, I guess.

So, about the Bucket's lunch situation, I got to talk to the principal on the phone. She was rather shocked that a lunchroom helper took it upon herself to make a judgement call that should NOT have occurred at all. (It's school practice to CALL the family with lunch-related questions). And the principal was supernice. I adore her already. ... Sometimes you can just tell by the voice and its mannerisms. But, yeah, I like her very much and she made a bad situation SO MUCH LESS stressful.  Lovely.

Okay ... let's see what else has happened since I last blogged? (I had to check my Cozi calendar ... how pitiful is it that I really can't recall what's gone on?)

  • We got a new (to us) couch. This one's tall enough that my mom can actually sit on it comfortably. (Our older couch and the matching loveseat ... the loveseat is no longer part of our household, bee tee wubs ... are so low that they are a little, um, challenging to get out of. Especially if you have a bad back, hip, or if your center of balance is changing due to pregnancy. Just sayin'.)
  • Michael took a bunch of stuff to the dump -- our old (broken-ish) screen door from the back, old lawn furniture that's seen better days, a window that doesn't fit ANY window around our house, the loveseat, the old (rusted) BBQ, a dented file cabinet ... Just stuff that we really don't use and won't ever miss.
  • We went to OMSI. We were going to go though the Body Worlds exhibit (since we have a membership, all the traveling exhibits have been included in the price ... but this one is NOT) ... but we decided to wait (indefinitely at present), since we didn't want to spend $56 for the four of us. (If we didn't have a membership, it'd have run us $84 ... seriously, our 5-year-olds would be $17 EACH. WHAT????).
    We may just end up buying the book and DVD set about the exhibit ($40) or just the book ($30) and call it good.
    Because that's SPENCY!!!!
    I could just about get a membership for the Oregon Coast Aquarium for what we'd pay to go ONCE through that exhibit.
    That is just insane.  (I could see around $10/person admission. TOPS. This is OMSI, not a four-star restaurant!) ... Unless I get valet parking, a spa day, AND a plasticized corpse as a souvenir included in that price, well, I am NOT IMPRESSED.
  • Oh! I should tell you about Halloween!
    So, Bruise was Captain America and Bucket was Princess Aurora (her last day with long hair).
    They didn't have school on Halloween (which is just as well, since their school doesn't do Halloween, which is a little sad. Oh well.), so we were going to do Trick-or-Treating in the next town over and go to a party at the library there ... but I was so, so tired. So, we took it easy during the day and just went Trick-or-Treating at the mall in the evening. Then at a neighbor's house. And, after Michael came home, we went to Izzy's for dinner, since they offered free kids' meals AND a little treat bag for the holiday.
    We also had gone to HOWL-oween at the zoo and then to dinner with Mom and Dad C and to Uncle D's haunted apartment during the weekend. The kids had plenty of treats to eat.
    Bruise's toothache came back for a little, but he was doing better ... and has been for most of the rest of the time.
  • Now, with how expensive the Body Worlds exhibit was, I had griped to my friends on Facebook. And one of my friends (an editor at a local paper who I went to high school with) let me know that there was a small portion of the exhibit traveling to our towns (And another friend did see it in the paper and let me know. I have AWESOME FRIENDS, let me tell you!) ... so I took the kids.
    It all fit on one table, that's how small it was. There were two sets of lungs (one healthy, one smoker), a couple spleens, a kidney, a small portion of the large intestines, about four transparent body slices (like CAT scans, cross-sections of the abdomen, taken at different locations), a couple livers (one fatty, but overall okay; the other was so swollen from cirrhosis that it had indentations where it had pushed against the ribcage), a plasticized arm, a cross-section of an arm of a VERY sedentary person ... and an iPad that played a video preview of what the exhibit looks like. I THINK that's everything.
    So, yeah, it was a dinky display overall ... but it was free and local. So I can't really complain.
  • Besides that, I've been keeping busy with Savior of the World rehearsals, cleaning up the house (including REWASHING some clean clothes that Freyja decided to .... baptize by sprinkling, per se, on the couch. Ugh.), and reading library books.
  • I've resigned from my volunteer position at the library. Which is sad. But I've gotten big enough that I am not as able to bend and shelve those lower shelves very easily. And I get light-headed a bit. Which isn't the best thing. ... And, sadly, with budget cuts, I no longer am exempt from fines (I paid almost FIVE DOLLARS in fines. Ouch!) ... and, once my library card expires next Halloween, even if I AM a volunteer, I don't get a free library card. ... It'd cost $120/year. *sigh*
    So I'll be limited to the closer library. ... Maybe it'd be worth it to sign up for PaperbackBookSwap at that point.
    Does anyone have experience using it? Would it be worth it?
  • The kiddos got to go to the pediatric dentist. We'll be back after Christmas for some work on cavities. Bucket had the four cavities. Bruise has six. One of his molars will have to be pulled (the one that's causing his toothaches) and a spacer will be put in. They'll file down the cavities on the back of his front teeth ... those will be coming out within the year anyways, so it's not worth putting fillings or caps on those.
    Bucket lost her first tooth last weekend. Her other bottom tooth is loose already. And Dr. F, the dentist, said that her front teeth aren't very far behind.
    Bruise's teeth haven't been very loose ... but ONE of his bottom teeth is FINALLY getting loose ... which made him feel a WHOLE LOT BETTER.
    I was the one to pull out Bucket's loose tooth. Michael was trying, but Bucket's moist mouth meant that the floss kept sliding off. So I grabbed BOTH ends of the floss, like when you're threading eyebrows? And it popped right out! ... Bucket was most disturbed at the blood. (I had warned her there would be a little!) But she was thrilled to get four quarters from the tooth fairy in the morning.
  • We took the missionaries out to dinner last night. We spent a bit of the conversation talking about what I learned (about a decade ago. Oy!) in my Asian History class in college. ... Yup, an Ed major. And my emphasis areas are unique ... like me. Children's Theatre and Asian History. (I love theatre ... and Asian History was only three sequential classes ... and I knew that I'd be learning something new ... so ... why not?)
  • I've been having strange dreams. Last night, I woke up thinking that I was going to be late for Seminary.
    (Seminary is a religion class for LDS high-schoolers ... around here, it's an early-morning extra-curricular, usually not earning any school credit. I haven't been in Seminary since, oh, June 1999. No one in our house is enrolled. Not for another nine years or so.)
    I also had a stupid dream while I napped the other day. The stupid pugs down the road had started yapping (in real life), and that got into my dream.
    They were chasing a badger around the broken fence that was here BEFORE our new neighbor moved in. Then Bruise and Bucket invited a friend over. And I didn't know this boy or where he lived, so I couldn't drive him home. And then this HUGE, ANGRY DOG was barking at our front door and trying to get in as I'm STRIVING to lock the deadbolt and keep him out.
I've started to feel huge. Not that I really LOOK huge. I'm only 25 weeks now. But there are days that I've been so tired and don't feel like doing, well, ANYTHING.
But the kids are out to the bus on time. I get them from the bus on time. They take lunches to school. They get their homework done ... I may not be the most fun or exciting parent, but they're doing okay.

Bruise got moved up to a more advanced reading group. Phew.
Looks like there were some other kids that needed to be moved up, too. So it's good that I shared my concerns. I just didn't want him to regress. And he's been reading a lot more ... especially signs as we drive.

The one (not great) thing about having children who read is that I have to be a little more careful about what I'm reading online. Since I don't mind READING profanity (I don't like saying it or HEARING it ... but reading it ... I can edit it as I read pretty easily ... unless I have little readers nearby. I do NOT want to hear them ask what "bite-ch" is or anything, iykwim. Aityd.)

We went to the Veterans' Day parade yesterday. We left shortly before it ended. And it took us nearly a half hour or so to make the ten minute drive back home. Ugh. I hate traffic.
And I could tell that I'm hormonal when I about burst into tears seeing the Patriot Guard (motorcycles) driving by at the start of the parade.
Bruise got a balloon sword from a family that had bought one too many ... and Bucket was crying and pouting. Good thing that same family ended up with an extra bracelet that was passed out from one float. *sigh*  .... I really wish that Michael didn't have to work on Veterans' Day. It's much easier to take the kids to the parade when there's another adult. But we survived.
And then he had me take a nap (since he was home by the time we got home, since Friday's his short day) when we got home. Since I was snapping at the kids.

I'm finding it hard to make myself eat this pregnancy. I don't really have any cravings (which has been normal for my pregnancies thus far). But, after all the morning sickness (which appears to be MOSTLY passed. Thank goodness), I don't eat as much. And ... I'm not motivated to expend all the energy to make something for myself to eat (and, heck, when the kids won't eat much of what I DO make for them, that's not much motivation either. At least Michael likes what I cook.) ... and, usually, nothing really sounds good.
And I'm a little worried that I'll end up failing the blood glucose test next week. Since TWO of the pregnant gals that I know have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes ... and I really ....
Well, is it REALLY asking too much for a pregnancy with NO complications?
I've been low-risk so far, which has been a nice change ... can't I keep it up?
After having preeclampsia, which stretched out my skin (even MORE than carrying around two healthy kiddos simultaneously) ... especially in areas that shouldn't have been stretched like that ... is it really too much to ask to just have a perfect little pregnancy?
(Of course, with all the puking that I've done, it's not like it's been completely perfect ... but this girl (still haven't come up with a blog name -- do I keep up with this "b" trend? I don't know ...) is healthy. I mean, what else do I really want? ... Besides more energy, no major surgeries, a better attitude ... *sigh*)

We found out yesterday that my sister-from-another-mister (as we like to call each other) is also having a girl. Which follows the old-wives-lore about morning sickness (as have I).
These little girls are going to be besties. WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT. HA.

So ... yeah. I've been a little ... off. I need to read my scriptures and pray more. Since I've not been doing a great job at that habit. And I need to start that "Things I'm Thankful For" list. ... Which I'll start (and get caught up on.) Stat.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The kids were caught up on shots ... except for their flu shot.
There was no record of a current flu shot.

So, Bruise cried ... then, as he hopped off the table, gasped, "That didn't hurt. Only a little!"

Bucket ... screamed in my ear.

They're both healthy ... they'll never be the biggest kids for their age. But their percentiles are consistent. Nothing to worry about.

And library books are turned in.

I also was reading the handbook for their school.
There is no standard that must be met for cold lunches ... so, more proof that the cafeteria helper overstepped her bounds.

Nice to get even MORE validation.

I'm ready for a nap. As little girlie-fetus is turning somersaults in utero. Silly girlie.
(Also, I had to take my anti-nausea pill this morning. I didn't throw up ... but my body was sure trying to. Just wasn't bringing up anything. Not even the water I had drunk shortly before. Crazy body.)

In other news ...

So, where did I leave off?

Bruise and Bucket's Parent-Teacher conferences went well.
We were a little worried that Bruise was put into such a low reading group (ReadWell Unit 4 ... He was through Unit 10 with my mom this summer. And, yesterday, I tried him on Unit 11 ... He did GREAT. Ready for 12, maybe higher) ... but the reason he's in there is because there's no reading group for anything between his current group and the group that Bucket is in (Unit 27).


I'm just saying.

But they know everything they're being tested on (and more, to be honest). Their teacher, Mrs Y, was glad to know that they enjoy using the dictionary (Yes, I'm teaching how to use reference materials at an early age. That's how I roll, homeskillet.) ... Good times.

And we got them each a book at the Book Fair at school. (I love book fairs. I wish I had a bazillion dollars. :P)

So, Tuesday ... the big thing was that we took both the hedgehogs to the vet. And Phyllis is no longer with us.
But Sari is a healthy girl. ... And Michael and the kids went out for pizza. (Little Caesar's Cheezy Bread? YUM! Michael made the kids save me a piece) ... that was while I went to rehearsal.

But I don't have rehearsal Thursday ... it'll be nice to have an evening off from regular rehearsals ... since we now have practice Tuesdays and Thursdays ... and some Wednesdays in the near future.

Also, a cafeteria helper at the school deemed a lunch that I sent with my daughter as inappropriate ... and had her go get a school lunch (which we've been charged for).
Hello? I packed that lunch. It's not anyone's call if it's not appropriate.
So, I'll be calling the principal tomorrow.
(I've talked to the head cafeteria lady about the charge. I've also let poor Mrs Y know what's going on, since, if I were the teacher, I'd want to know. I know that they'll probably talk to the cafeteria helper about what is and is NOT her responsibility ... but I also want to make sure that this never happens again.)

Really, I posted about it on Facebook ... and WOW, people were pretty irate for me.
Which made me feel validated that I wasn't some hormonal, overly-sensitive, preggo lady. ^_^
I love my friends.

Freyja-cat had a vet appointment this morning. Just to get a Distemper/Feline Upper Respiratory shot. I get to take her back for the booster next month. After that, she's all caught up ... and won't need any shots for another year. Which is nice.
She was very well-behaved. Hated being in the pet carrier ... but, besides that? She's such a good girl. ^_^
I do have to say that we have some really wonderful vets here in town. I've received such wonderful service at both the clinics I've been at this week. That's been a nice thing.

Well, I need to go take the kids to their Well-Child Check-Up.
They shouldn't need any shots ... which will be very nice.
And then I can turn in library books. That'll be a good thing, too.
(If only I had read them all! *sigh*)

Down to a two-pet family again ...

So, Phyllis' appointment yesterday... well, I was (mostly) prepared for it.
And I had the kids with me (since Michael was at work).

We cried.

You know it's not going to be happy fun times when, after your hedgie's been weighed and looked at by the assistant, the vet comes in and says, "This is going to be a depressing appointment."
I did appreciate his honesty.

Her feet were badly infected. It would have been more traumatic for her to have had taken antibiotics and had her feet bandaged at least once a day.

She went peacefully.
When I had to leave for rehearsal, she was still breathing, albeit shallowly and slowly.

She's out buried in the backyard now ... with Gingi and Diana.

The kids are doing okay, though. This is the third pet we've had that has passed on.
And, for hedgehogs, 3-5 years is pretty average. Phyllis would have been 5 in March.

Sari, though, is doing fine. ... It will be a little easier to take care of just one.
And, if it'd be better for her, I am considering re-homing her. Unless the kids are ready to step up and help take care of her. (I can still clean her cage. It's the feeding and checking on her ... and socializing ... I need help with that. Especially, since after this new girl comes, I won't have as much time ... so, if they can develop a habit NOW ... that'd be best.)

The main thing is that I didn't want Phyllis to suffer. And she was in pain.
She isn't anymore.

Being a grown-up sucks.
Caring sucks, too.

But caring is better than the alternative.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Stuff ...

So, in case you're waiting around with bated breath, I still haven't done the name-reveal on Facebook.
I'll get around to it.

Friday, after Michael got home from work, we headed over and bought galoshes. Just plain black ones. He opted for ones with steel toes. I was fine without. And we got a pair of small clippers. Then we went to the pumpkin patch and got our pumpkins. And a gallon of fresh apple cider. (We skipped the doughnuts. This time.)
Then we headed up to Baby Depot and got our stroller and carseat set. (Graco's Alano Flip-It in Circa ... but we got it for $20 cheaper and with a free car seat cover ... which I still forgot to use our 15% off coupon. Oops. ... but, still, it was a really good buy.)

Saturday ... we mostly just cleaned. Michael helped move furniture (EQ duties) in the morning and drove a load to the dump for a family. Then he had the leadership session of Stake Conference in the afternoon. And ... I did dishes, some laundry, cleaned off my desk, cleaned the junk counter (once ... then it got a little cluttered again), cleaned the kids' bathroom, did some more laundry ... We also used up the WIC vouchers before Michael had to take off.
Michael came home after the session and then went to dismantle a bunk bed at a family's home, taking the kids with him (since I NEEDED some quiet time). And I did ... I don't even remember. I didn't yell, that's one thing.

Sunday was Stake Conference. I NEEDED a nap when we got home. And then I went on RS visits with the RS president. And, after I got back home ... I am starting to blank out again on what I did. Cleaned a bit more ... And ... I don't even know.
After the kids got to bed, Michael and I got caught up on episodes of "The New Girl" and we watched what's available of season 5 of "The Guild." (GREAT cameos in this season. Quite awesome.)

Also, I cleaned the hedgies cages ... and Phyllis ... she's been favoring her hind feet for a few weeks. Now it appears that she's been biting them And her tail. They're red and scabby ... and I can't see her toes. Not very cool. So I wasn't sleeping well last night. (Sari Jasmine, her sister, is FINE, though.)
Today, I scheduled a vet appointment (Michael told me to, so I won't feel guilty about it. I REFUSE to feel guilty about it going to cost money. I just don't want Phyllis to be in pain. I know that she's almost 5, which is OLD for a hedgehog. So ... we'll see what happens.) and put some antibiotic ointment on her poor hind feet and tail (which she immediately bit/licked off ... well, at least she's getting SOME antibiotics, right?). But she's eating ... and she was sleeping peacefully when I checked on her this morning. So ... yeah.

And I have Freyja's last needed booster scheduled. Then a well-child check-up for the kiddos.
And I have two rehearsals for Savior of the World this week ... We're getting a new (to us) couch on Friday. Saturday, we'll take the kids up to the zoo for "Howl-o-ween" ... I think I need more naps.

Especially seeing as how yesterday I felt so bad about being a crap pet owner that I couldn't sleep until I got up and checked The Google for what to do. (And The Google, being wonderful, made me feel a little better ... it appears that some hedgies DO bite their feet. And there IS the fact that Phyllis is, really, a geriatric hedgehog.)
Still, with being pregnant ... and with the kids kinda scared to hold the hedgies ... after Phyllis passes, I am thinking that maybe we need to rehome Sari. ... UNLESS Bruise and Bucket are ready to step up and take charge of making sure she has food ... and some socialization every day.

Really, I can handle cats. Cats are good. And fish. I can do fish. ... And, well, I kinda would like to try having a chinchilla ... at least the kids wouldn't be trepidatious about holding one.
But that's a while out. When I have some more time to breathe (and am not in the throes of morning sickness, nesting, or changing diapers).

This morning, I slept in (until around 7:30, what bliss!) ... then I rolled myself out of bed and worked on getting the rest of the house clean before Dad, L, and Nana came up to visit.
I did a load of dishes, got a few loads in and out of the laundry, wiped off the counters and stove, put away THAT load of dishes, ran another load, got the clothes in the living room OUT of the living room (most were put away ... if they had been folded), got the bathmats back in the kids' bathroom, used the plunger on that toilet, found the mysterious STINK in our bathroom (NASTY TOWEL! STANKY!), started another load of wash (hot water, color-safe bleach, OxiClean, fabric softener crystals, detergent), vacuumed, showered, did the pots and pans by hand ... scheduled vet appointments ... and was ready when Dad, et al., arrived.

So, I COULD use a nap.
And we have the kids' parent-teacher conferences tonight. And their book fair. ... Then vet and dr's appointments, my rehearsals ... At least Friday will be kind of quiet. And they don't have school again next Monday (no school today ... that's why I got to sleep in. Did I mention that it was REALLY NICE?).

And I had a weird dream last night. About these cardboard-type bento-like boxes. You had to disassemble them JUST SO. Or else. And DO NOT crumple them up!! (Thinking back, it's almost like Gremlins. Wow. I don't think I've watched that since I was, what, seven?)
Because if you did (which I, of course -- being a screw up, DID), they grew alligator laws and tried to bite off your fingers/hand/arm.
And we were at a mall ... and we had to go to a jewelry store in there, where an older Asian lady (wise woman-type) had to tell us how to stop these crazy alligator bentos.
I don't know if I ever learned how.
It was weird.

And I now know for sure that pears do not trigger my allergy (apples and raw almonds? Yes. Peaches and pears? No.) So I can eat them without my tongue getting all itchy. Good to know. Darn birch/aspen allergy and the cross-triggers. Ugh.

But, yeah ... that's about it.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The results are in!

So, I wore my cool new shirt yesterday. Got quite a few compliments (from the Pharmacist, the receptionist at the clinic, lots of people at rehearsal ... It's nice to be complimented).

Our ultrasound tech saw it and he stated, "That's a very appropriate shirt for today!"
(Thanks, Bri, for encouraging me to wear it! ^_^ And thanks to my mom for buying it for me! And thanks to Rachel for finding it and posting it to Facebook! I couldn't do it without y'all!)
Excuse my messy mirror.
The kiddos like to KEEP. TOUCHING. IT.
Also, my shirt glows in the dark. ^_^
So, Bruise is still having some issues with his tooth. He was fine Monday and Tuesday ... but Wednesday evening, he was feeling it again. :( But we had our appointment with Dr. K. Thursday after school. It looks like Bruise does have a small infection in that HUGE cavity he has. So he'll be taking antibiotics 3x/day for the next week. ... At least he gets the yummy one. Amoxicillin, I think is the name. The pink one.

I think I may have to call, though and get the pain medicine prescription (Tylenol with codine) for Bruise, though. He spent last night in our bed after his nighttime dose of antibiotics.

Then, we went to Target and I picked up his prescription and my generic Zofran. And, since we were running late, I went to the bathroom and drank a bottle of water and a bottle of VitaminWater (this is so that they could get a look at my cervix during the ultrasound. Thank goodness he did that first! Oh, I was ready to burst with those 40 oz of liquids in me!

The only thing I was really worried about, going into that ultrasound (well, besides, peeing my pants) was that maybe the placenta wouldn't be high enough. Nope! It's riding nice and high! It's looking good that, if everything else goes swell, I won't have to have a c-section (Hey, I give myself ENOUGH scars through my clumsy ways ... and I need all my energy for taking care of a kiddo, not recuperating from major abdominal surgery.

Regardless, we got to get lots of measurements done during the ultrasound: arms, legs, head, stomach ...
And we have found out the gender.

                                              You can see her head with profile and her chest.
                                 No girly-bits shot for you.

Bruise carried out his threat of facepalming ... because he isn't quite thrilled (yet) that they're getting a little sister.
Bucket had said before that she wanted a little brother, too ... but, really, she faked us out. She's excited to have a little sister.

Mom's taking it well (She's not wild about the name we've chosen. YET. She'll get used to it. And she's happy to know who this new grandbaby will be). Mom and Dad C are excited. (Mom C called it months ago. ^_^) Dad and L are happy. Nana's pretty estatic, too. Within six years, she's gone from never thinking she'd be a great-grandmother to having three great-grandchildren (and this one on the way will make four: two boys and two girls).

In the tradition of my blog, we're not going to put this kiddos real name on it (since I like having a public blog. It's easier. And it gives my kids some modicum of privacy and protection). But, if you're on Facebook, I'll get to a reveal there ... sometime this week, probably. We've had names picked out for a while (almost six years with the boy's name ... a few months with our girl's name. We'll see if we get to use the boy's name sometime in the future. I told Bruce that, if we're lucky, maybe next time it'll be a boy).

In all honesty, I wouldn't have minded another boy. This generation has been a little girl-heavy.
So it'd be kinda cool to be the family with more than one boy ...
But ... I am excited for this girl. Her name is awesome.
(Nana said, "It's unique ... People are going to be saying, 'It's different.' Then they'll get used to it." She's right. Most people haven't heard it used. Or, if they have, it hasn't been often-used at all. ... I still feel a little bad that Bucket's name is kinda popular. At least she doesn't have another [First Name] in her class yet.)
And, it is true that little girl clothes are ADORABLE ... It'll be good to get more use out of Bucket's old clothes (and knowing family, this girl won't be limited to hand-me-downs, either).

I still ... I'm not used to knowing who's in there.
Michael's called me out on the fact that I still haven't called my fetus by name.
I'll work on that.
He prayed for her BY NAME this morning. Very sweet.

And ... I guess there might be some truth in the theory that girls cause morning sickness.
(*knock on wood* I haven't thrown up for a few days ... Maybe I'm finally getting over it. *hope hope!*)
Now, in a few more months (like 3.5 or so), we'll find out if the old wives' tale about heartburn = hair has any truth to it.

I still am not really looking pregnant all the time. It depends on that shirts I wear. When I wear a regular t-shirt style shirt? I just look ... regular.
If I wear some of my maternity shirts, I can look like I've finally popped.

I still fit into my regular jeans right now. (All that morning sickness had me lose some weight. ... If my old scale was correct before it broke, I was around 218 when I got pregnant. Then I started puking. LOTS. And I'm around 203 right now, and that's after gaining a little weight. So ... yeah, I fit into my regular jeans. The waistband is a little diggy-inny, though, since I'm going to be losing my hourglass figure for a bit. Again.

So, today, I need to clean up the front rooms a bit. (Do dishes. Clean counters. Pick up the floor. Clean the table. Vacuum. Clean off my desk. Clean off the junk counter. Fold a metric crapton of laundry that's living on the couch. DUST. Feed the hedgehogs ... poor prickle sisters. ... I'm sure that I'll find more to do. *sigh*)

And I think we're going to get pumpkins. And maybe a stroller ... since we only have double strollers. And I won't need one of those for a while (if ever, really, since the kiddos have outgrown them.) ... I could look at diaper bags, since my last one? Well, I pretty much wore that one out ... including a few of those freebie ones from the formula companies (Hey, I don't mind taking freebies. Doesn't mean that I really feel obligated to those companies. But I appreciate free, helpful things).

But, yeah ... that's most of what's going on around here lately.
So ... yeah.
So, wish me motivation on getting the front rooms cleaned up.
And not needing a nap (and keeping from snipping/nagging at the kids when they get squirrelly).

Oh! We tried one of the local self-serve frozen-yogurt places. Got to try mochi on mine. It was ... chewy. But not unpleasant. And the raspberries? SOooooooo good. Oh my flip. Amazing.
I had the cheesecake yogurt/strawberry sorbet swirl. Michael opted for cheesecake and cake batter yogurt. The kids went with Thin Mint and tangy (well, Bucket had Thin Mint and tangy swirled with cranberry hibiscus) ... And they learned that gummies don't do well in frozen yogurt. They get REALLY hard to chew.

Well, the kiddo is awake and swimming. Almost just in time to take the kids to the bus.
And ... I'm still working up the motivation to tackle even my desk and the dishes. Oh well. I'm going to get it done. I NEED to. This way I won't be FREAKING OUT when Dad, L, and Nana come up to a messy, messy house on Monday. I can do this. I can.

Good thing that this weekend is Stake Conference. That gives me one extra hour on Sunday. Unless I get stuff done Saturday ... which'd be really nice.

Okay. Time to stop blathering on (and on and on and on) and to get a move on and DO STUFF.

Counting ...

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