Thursday, February 03, 2011

Since you can never have too much cute ... and then I whinge a bit

Bucket was playing the Disney Fairies game on her Leapster.

Game: "Wow! Good job! That was a very tricky question!"
Bucket: *matter-of-factly, almost to the point of disgust*  No, it wasn't.

Love that girl.
Even when she asks me FIVE TIMES today, "Mommy, why do you have to put the medicine drops in our eyes?"

Srsly, folks. FIVE. TIMES.

But she is a sweet girl with a wicked sense of humor.

Bruise, while sitting next to Michael, as we waited (and waited and waited) for their prescription to be filled today, told me, "If Daddy tickles me ... I get to tickle DADDY."
This is kind of a big deal, since we are NOT allowed to tickle Daddy.

In other news, I got a temporal artery thermometer. I just really suck at using the ear thermometers. I'll get crazy-low temperatures on the kids. So I'm getting used to this one.

I still cant believe that Bruise got pink eye in both eyes. And Bucket in one. *sigh* But, hey, after starting the eye drops, they should no longer be contagious 24 hours later. ... Let's see, that should make it around fifteen-and-a-half hours later.
I can make it.

I just hope that Bruise starts feeling better. He's never been this sick before. He's always been pretty dang healthy (with the exception of when he was first born -- crazy breathing, jaundice, that sort of infant thing -- and a couple mild cases of the sniffles) ... so this is uncharted territory for me in regards to him.
So, do excuse me if I coddle him a bit. I did my best to baby Miss Bucket when she's ill.


Okay. I'm getting more tea (had a mugful of Perfect Peach. Not sure which one to choose this time. Too bad I don't have the Madagascar Vanilla [Vanilla Rooibos]. Oh well.) and using my Neti pot (Kinda gross. But effective. And it's WAY BETTER than the saltwater gargle remedy. Because that makes me want to yak.).
And then I'll top it off with Nyquil.

Stupid sore glands.
But, from how sore my throat is, I'm not going to gain any weight.
Trying to look on the bright side, see? :P

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