Sunday, February 06, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 6

Day 6 - Favorite superhero and why

Now, gosh, they are not going to make it easy on me, are they?? This is where my geek flag will fly a bit, won't it?

First choice, off the top of my head: Rogue.
Why? She's overall nice, works around her issues, controls her power, .... and, dude, her usual boyfriend (Gambit) has the HOTTEST ACCENT. (Srsly, his Cajun drawlings? SIGH!)
(HINT: The Wolverine: Orgins movie? My biggest GRIPE about it -- the actor playing Gambit was neither hot NOR Cajun. What gives????? Casting Director, whoever you are? EPIC FAIL on Gambit. I demand a do-over.)

... I do have more, really. But my stupid cold is acting up again. It's finally moved more to my sinuses, but keeping the pluggy ears and the burning sore throat of DOOM!!!!!  Now, where did I leave my brain? ...

I really need to get hold of the graphic novel for Generation X, I bought a chunk of the comic books when I was at the coast with Dad, Nana and Pop-pop ... because the BAG full of books wasn't enough to keep me entertained. ... And I liked the characters well enough. But that was nearly two decades ago. (GOSH, I'm OLD!)

I never got to read all of Fathom ... bu I remember enjoying it. And I haven't read Witchblade, so I can't really make any judgments on that. 

(Now Bruise and Bucket are BOTH playing video games on their handhelds RIGHT NEXT TO ME. So I only hear Star Wars sounds and Tinkerbell chirping on how to fix toys. Cannnot think ... Ugh.)

Truly, when I was little, I wanted to be CatWoman. Because she's practically a CAT! And, when I was reading the Catwoman comics, I really did like Selina Kyle. So she's a contender. I'm curious to see how Anne Hathaway plays her in the upcoming Batman movie.

I also wanted to be She-Ra ... but does she count as a superhero?

Other superheros that I enjoy reading/watching: Hellboy (gotta love a guy who loves cats. And has that great of a sense of humor.), Death (from Neil Gaiman's Sandman ... Dream, the titular character is cool, too. But Death is really awesome.), Spiderman, Batman (Hey, I love a story with a character's history.), I do love the X-Men (obvs, of course. But I would LIVE for Saturday mornings in the 90s with X-Men on Fox's cartoon lineup.).

I still get a little giddy when I hear the opening music:

At this point, I really can't think. Stupid cold. So if you want an opinion on any other characters, just ask me. Or maybe I'll make a part 2 to this. When I can think and am not distracted by noise and having to swallow around a ticklish, burning lump in my throat. (Yeah. I'm pitiful.)

I think I'll make a part 2 when I have Michael to jog my poor, foggy brain.
But send me questions ... I'll answer them in the post. 

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