Saturday, February 19, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 19

Day 19 - Nicknames you have and why you have them

I think that I did already cover this a little ... but I can do it again.

  • Sweetpea - Because I'm born in April, and the flower for that month is ... the Sweet Pea.
  • Llanna Lee/LlannaLee/WannaWee/RannaRee/LL - Like I explained earlier, this one originated with how my mom would wake me up in the morning ... "'Llanna Leeeeeeee, waaaaaaaake uuuuuuuuup!!" And then it'd devolve into the baby-talkish "Wanna Weeeeeeee, waaaaaaaaake uuuuuuuuuuup!!"
    So, my friends that ever slept over knew who she was talking to. And, since it's really my first and middle names, it's not like it was hard to figure out.
    The last one in this is due to the fact that a Japanese exchange student in Terra's family couldn't pronounce my name. So Terra started calling me "RannaRee," too.
    And my Ty-ty refers to me as LL, short for LlannaLee. It makes it nice and very quick to sign off emails to him.
  • Princess Budderfwy - This is what my Nana will call me. Because I mispronounced "butterfly" as budderfwy
  • I went through a small flurry of nicknames my freshman year of high school. The ones that were used most between my friends and me, as we wrote notes were Groucho
    This was short for "The Ghost of Groucho Marx," which was what Mr. Allen (the Drama teacher) would refer to my makeup in the Spring musical. I was pale with HUGE, BLACK eyebrows. It was quite the apt description.
    The other nickname that year that stuck was from Sarah, who called me Hoggle after the character in Labyrinth. (Even though my Ludo impersonation always cracked her up. But, truly, I do have some more Hoggle-like mannerisms. :P)
  • Love/My Love - These are from Michael. *smile* It's nice to be adored.
  • Mommy/Mom/Momma - As you could probably infer, these are what Bruise and Bucket call me.
Other notable mentions:
  • Missus Coz - Because the Kindergarteners I was student-teaching couldn't pronounce the "x" in "Cox." How cute is that?
  • Sister Cox/Sista Cox - These are from church. We usually refer to each other as "Brother [Last Name]" or "Sister [Last Name]." There are exceptions to the rule. I usually just call my friends by their first name, like always. But, when I was in Young Women's, it felt kinda stuffy when the Young Women would try to call me "Sister Cox" ... especially when they knew me as Allanna. BUT, as a matter of respect, they were supposed to. So, especially when I emailed them, I'd use what they'd usually end up calling me -- "Sista Cox." It kinda makes me feel a little cool.
    Or, really ... more like this:

I guess I could mention how my Jonnie-Bean did, for a time, call me "Goldilocks Cox" after she styled my hair for my wedding. Blonde sausage curls of just the right color. And it rhymed. Good times.

I hope that I'm not forgetting any ... I don't think that I am.
But if I am, just let me know.

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