Tuesday, February 01, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 1

The kiddos and I at the Aquarium on their fifth birthday.

Yes, that is the most recent picture I have of myself.
I NEED to take one of the CUTE haircut that Bri gave me ("a sassy bob"). But I haven't done it yet.

Oh, wait, I DO have some pictures from the YW Retreat. ... Wait a tic!
I know that it doesn't show off my cute hair cut ... but Sharon and I were having too much fun.
Please ignore the facts that I wasn't wearing any makeup and that I do not weigh the same as I did in high school. I'm a little sensitive about that. :S

Okay, so there are the recent pictures of me. Now to fifteen facts. Hmmmmm.

  1. I'm an only child. Which, in my church, is rather odd. And, since you tend to look at life from your own perspective, I thought that I'd NEVER be an aunt. EVER.
    Somehow, I never considered that I could marry a man with SIBLINGS. 
  2. I started reading manga in high school. This led to me being known at Hero's Haven (one of the two comic book shops in Roseburg at the time) as "Sailor Moon Girl." ... Since that's one of the series that I'd always buy. (Though I did branch out. Really!!)
  3. I have stubby thumbs. There's actually a real name for it -- brachydactyly. NOT "Stubby Thumb Syndrome" like my Jr. High Science teacher told me. And I BELIEVED HIM. >.<
  4. I freely admit to being addicted to the internet. BUT this works out for a variety of reasons!
    My family will come to me for computer support. Or for internet searches. ... See??? It's USEFUL!
    Some of my friends also ask me stuff ... so I feel less like my brain's turned to mush.
    ALSO, I like to have things to share with Michael (like Neatorama or Mental_floss), so I can still be INTERESTING. ^_^
  5. I always feel better when I've painted my toenails.
    (My toenails don't chip nearly as much as my fingernails. Is this the same for everyone?)
  6. I'm a perfectionist. Which explains why I DON'T do a lot of crafts. When it's not going well, I REALLY want to throw it across the room. And then stomp on it for good measure.
    I only wish I were joking.
    (Seriously, how do I ALWAYS manage to miss a row when I cross-stitch? It's CRAZY!)
  7. I've never had braces. And I've been asked by a dental hygienist if I had.
    I thought, growing up, that EVERYONE got braces and glasses. And I was always kinda sad that I never got them. Until my friends would tell me how much they sucked.
    But I still kinda want glasses. Someday.
  8. I can read in the car and not get carsick. (Except going to the Coast. Those roads are a little too windy.) The things you do as an only child. ^_^ I really like to read in the car. But I usually miss the scenery. 
  9. I don't watch a whole lot of television anymore. I usually am on the computer instead.
  10. I need to read my scriptures more. Like to actually make that habit of doing it, by myself, EVERY DAY. ... There's lots of things that I need to improve on. But this is the one that bugs me the most.
  11. I prefer to bake cakes from scratch. Cake flour, sifting ingredients? I think they make a really awesome cake. I make a mean Nutmeg Feather Cake. ^_^
  12. I usually don't talk on the phone much. I mean, I talk to my mom almost every day. I talk to my dad and uncle about once a week ... but, since having kids, it's easier to chat online or email ... since I don't have to talk OVER the kiddos, you see? But, if you call me, I will talk. I might not call YOU out of the blue (What if you're taking a NAP? What if you're in THE BATHROOM??? What if you're .... um ... *mumbles* otherwiseoccupied ...ahem. ???? I mean, it might not be totally convenient!! ... So, yeah. I kinda suck at calling people.)
  13. If I could get laser hair removal from the neck down, I would. But I might not have the hair on my lower arms removed. Except for the few dark ones there. I have very shiny arm hair. So one of my guy friends told me. "It looks like plastic!" ... And, from there on, I could deal with it. (I had removed it with Nair months before that. Which was different.)
  14. I am getting better about being so crippled by nostalgia. I don't always deal with change. Especially unexpected change. I do long for how things used to be a good deal of the time ... but I think I'm finally adapting. Bit by bit. (Examples of my resistance to change: How upset I am about the Necco Conversation Hearts. How badly I deal with death. How I mourn the fact that I'm not the same size I was in high school.)
  15. I'm not wearing any pants.
    (Chill!! I'm in a bathrobe. Yes. I do need to get a shower, get dressed, and be productive. I'm aware.)
Okay ... there you go!



always nice to get a good laugh...and really, the neck down? Like all the way down?

Allanna said...

I hate shaving! It's true!

And I have some hairs on the knuckle of my big toes. I'd be glad to get rid of those!

So, clavicle to phalanges, bring it on!

Hilary said...

I'd love to have hair removal done from my hairline down. That way I would never have to pluck my eyebrows again (or those random hairs I get on the cheek or neck or where ever because I'm old)! IDK if I'd do my arms, but everywhere else would be gone or cleaned up (eyebrows).

Thanks for the laugh. I wonder if I can be as witty?!

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