Monday, February 14, 2011

Huh. That's weird.

So, I'm being a good wife and an okay mom.

The kids have had nap time (by which I mean: stayed in their room and ATTEMPTED to be quiet, coming out about every half hour to declare that they've napped until the appropriate time. Nice try. I know how to tell time. Nice try).

I also have gotten showered and dressed. AND I actually put on a bra and make-up ... neither of which I'd done for about a week. (Being sick nigh unto death trumps putting on a bra. And having pink eye is not conducive to motivating me to put on makeup.)
AND I did my hair into a modified updo.

Therefore, I'm looking pretty cute.

And, as I mixed up a meatloaf and prepped potatoes for the oven, I had to stop for a minute.

I haven't eaten today.


I MEANT to eat something. But (1) nothing sounded all that good and (2) I wasn't hungry enough to make something.
I vaguely remember thinking about making an egg breakfast burrito. And then I was loading the dishwasher or catching up on Facebook or ordering birthday flowers for my Nana (when I called the florists' shop and asked to order flowers, they seriously PAUSED. And then I was all, "Oh! Not for TODAY. NO! For WEDNESDAY!" And then we were cool.) or picking up the living room or some such nonsense.

But ... yeah. So we'll have meatloaf, baked potatoes, and green beans.
And Bruise WILL eat more than half a bite and a portion of air.
(Because I am going to play with him. It's a deal.)

But, yes. That's a good deal of the day. But believe me when I tell you I look cute. I'd take a picture, but ... well, it's HARD to take a good picture of myself with my awesome camera.
(Oh ... I STILL need to take a more flattering picture of myself in my Jayne crossplay costume. And that was back at Halloween. GOSH, I'm behind!!)

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