Monday, April 30, 2012

This is my life ... you jelly?

And by that, I'm asking "Are you jealous?"
Albeit in a satirical, somewhat facetious way.

So, even though my hair did look cute all unwashed ... I NEEDED a bath.
For personal hygiene AND mental health reasons.

I enlisted Bruise and Bucket into watching over Bubbles while she napped.
"Just keep her happy, okay?"

(When she squawked a little, they moved her into the vibrating seat to watch Bruise play Lego Indiana Jones on the Wii. ^_^
When THAT lost her interest, Bucket brought her to me, post-bath and dressing.
THOSE are my tricks, obviously.)

I had a great bath. Soaked in pretty-smelling water, read my book, shaved my legs (GOOD GRAVY, I've let myself go. Ew.), washed my hair, washed my face. Got out of the tub, oil-cleaned my face (since my skin is getting REALLY dry near my nose ... from blowing my nose a bazillion times a day. *rolls eyes*), put on deodorant, got dressed ... and lay on the bed to read some more. ^_^

Of course, while I was in the bath, the phone rang. And I let it go to the machine.

So, after Bucket brought Bubbles to me (and I changed her diaper), we headed back to the living room, so I could feed her (I'd left the Boppy in there. And it makes nursing easier). And I figured that I'd return the phone call (It was my dad).

So I call him, answer some computer questions for L, and chatted with Dad.
Bubbles got a little antsy ("a little antsy" = started screaming), so I picked her back up and started to try to burp her.
My cheek obviously touched the screen on my phone JUST SO that it started calling Michael and put my dad on hold.
I stop the call to Michael.
I call Dad and get a busy signal.
Michael calls back, to make sure that everything's okay (cue: "Awwwww.").
I call Dad again and apologize for accidentally hanging up on him.

Also, Bucket and Bruise were playing the yard.
Bucket was playing dress-up.
So she's out there, sporting a witch's hat, BRIGHT bubble-gum pink lipstick, and grape-colored eyeshadow.
Good times.
It's a wonder that the neighbors don't call Child Services ... letting my six-year-old out of the house done up like a tart (tartlet? Since she is a teeny thing).

Yes, I am THAT parent.
Oh well.
SOMEBODY has to be THAT PARENT in every neighborhood.
Can I count it as service that I've taken that responsibility upon myself, therefore saving ALL OTHER PARENTS from the fear of being THAT PARENT?

I deserve a medal for this, I think.
Or, at least, a free carpet cleaning.
Or a new dishwasher or something.

Hey, a girl can dream, right? :P

On an upswing

So, after getting all of THAT off my chest, I started getting productive.

I got the kids off to school and packed up Bubbles to run some errands after a couple phone calls.

I called my OB's office to ask about the IUD issue (and if I should do anything about it before my scheduled appointment in a couple weeks).
I also talked with the billing department ... And they reported that, no, the external version shouldn't have been denied (even though Bubbles turned back to breech right away). They've already been looking into it and talking with the insurance about it. If I receive a bill, let them know. But they're working on it and it might be a things where they need to change the billing code and resubmit.

That makes me feel better.

I took Bubbles with me to the DMV and got the van's registration (It's on the plates NOW, too. Well, after I came home, before running the last errand).
The DMV gal remarked on how cute Bubbles is.

Then we went to Fred Meyer and got some groceries (last day to use this month's WIC. Better get on it!).
And so many gals there remarked on how pretty/sweet/precious/sleepy Bubbles is. And how Bubbles was in that zoning-before-a-nap (as opposed to the SCREAMING-before-a-nap) state and how she was STARING at me so much.
(Also, GOLLY ... I had the hardest time finding the cheese aisle at Freddy's. We found it. It took part of a lap, though. Humbling for me, since I used to work at a grocery store when I was in high school. Every store is organized a little differently, though. :P)

Then, Bubbles fell asleep. I loaded the groceries and her into the van and we went home for a second.
I gave Freyja some skritches, since she is a good kitty ... except for this peeing-on-the-furniture-and-the-old-couch thing ... in between putting away the groceries, putting the stickers on the license plates, and grabbing the bag to take to the library.

And I carted us off to the library, turned in our ballots (why waste TWO stamps?), turned in the two books I was done with, and tried to renew a couple others (one ended up having a hold on it ... which I was NOT at all surprised to hear).

I also found out that only certain internet providers are having issues with the city's websites (Like the LIBRARY'S PAGE ... people [LIKE ME] can't access the card catalog. Or renew books or place holds via the website. ... Or look at any of the other city webpages, either. But the LIBRARY'S page I use at LEAST once a week. Usually more.)
So I'm going to have to call up my phone company and put some pressure on them to FIX IT, dang it!!

On the plus side, my hair looks GREAT with bed-head. It's all flippy and cute.
And I didn't wash it this morning or anything (I had a rinse-off-from-Bubbles-spitting-up-on-me shower last night).
Well, I DID comb it. But that was it.

So, I've been a little productive today.

Now, it's time to change another diaper.
And wait for a phone call, so I can THEN call about the website.
And I should read some library books. At least make SOME progress in them, right?

Defeatist ...

Lately, well, I don't know how much of it is hormones, how much of if is sleep-deprivation, and how much of it is a slow-decline into insanity ... But, well, I've been a bit unhappy.

It's not a constant thing. It's just one of those "I'm-doing-okay-and-having-fun-OH-GOOD-GRAVY-What-am-I-doing-with-my-life-I'm-a-failure-and-fat-and-horrible-and-everything's-going-difficult-how-can-I-manage!?!?!?!?!?!???"

  1. It doesn't help that I'm at just about my heaviest weight. That doesn't make me feel sexy or wonderful.
    Yes, I am AWARE of the fact that I pushed out a baby 2 months ago (that I carried for 41 weeks).
    I'm aware that my body is working to be the sole provider of food for this gorgeous infant (for at least another four months. Then I'll still nurse, but she'll start eating solid food ... and, oh, the diapers will change).
    I KNOW these things.
    Still, it doesn't help that on a not-good day, THIS is my self-image:

    Yes, yes, I am aware that I'm not morbidly obese ... but there is the fact that, according to the BMI scale, I AM obese. ... If I lose about 80 lbs, I'll be "normal" ... but losing 80 pounds is, well, a CHALLENGE.

    But, still, when most of the ladies in the family (Especially on Michael's side. PLEASE, God, PLEASE let my children have gotten good DNA with healthy, quick metabolisms!!) are on the slim and toned side? Well, I know we're not supposed to compare ourselves with others ... Regardless, I do not feel like I'm anywhere close to being my best self.

    Especially when I used to look like this:
    I still lacked self-confidence ... but my body was in shape.
    And I never lacked in silly.
    I ABOUNDED in silly.
    I must store that in my rack.
    Just sayin'.

  2. No matter how much I clean and clean and clean, my house is still a mess.
It doesn't help that I'm a packrat. I hate to toss out things. I mean, what if we might NEED them?
What heirlooms could I pass down to the kiddos?
(I don't have TONS of things from previous generations. So, the stuff that's pretty or practical that IS from family? I have ISSUES getting rid of.)
I also haven't gotten everything done that I need to. Or that I feel I SHOULD.

I made the kids a chore list. And they're doing a GREAT job at doing the daily routine that I've mapped out for them. Of course, we're only going on the SECOND day of it ... But they're doing a great job.
So far, this morning, they've:
  • Woken up
  • Said their own prayers
  • Gotten dressed
  • Washed their faces, brushed their teeth, brushed/combed their hair ... Well, I did Bucket's, since I am DAMNED if I'm going to let her get head lice again on MY watch.
  • They got their backpacks and shoes ready
  • They made sure that I made their lunches ... which they put in their backpacks
  • They fed the fish. I'll feed Freyja. (Bucket is going to help with the litterbox. BLESS THAT GIRL.)
  • They helped clean off the dining room table
And, since they did all of that, they are now watching cartoons before school.
(Bubbles is exempt from chores for now. If she had a list of chores, it'd go something like this:
  • Wake up
  • Eat
  • PLEASE don't spit up
  • Diaper change
  • Get dressed
  • PLEASE don't spit up!
  • Play
  • Nap
  • More feedings and diaper changes and naps
  • Please don't get frustrated with tummy time.
  • Get changed for bed. Maybe have a bath. If you need it.
    Which is USUALLY after you spit up. Please don't. I can give you a bath even if you haven't.
  • Smile more at your family
  • Please smile at our friends. We want them to think you're the bestest, sweetest baby ever.
    Well, except maybe for your BFF, Miz Bug. She's the only baby allowed to surpass you for now.
    Especially since you're a little older.
    How's about you be the most sweetest, prettiest, bestest 8-week-old in existence? We'll go for that.
  • Please stop screaming yourself to sleep. It is a mite stressful to listen to that.
    Which helps explain why we stick you in the swing and go clean something while you do it.
  • We should paint your toes again in a week or so. You look adorable with painted toesies.
Yup that's about HER list.)

But, for me?

I just want enough room to have everything put away. In an organized fashion. So I can find it all.
I want enough time to play around on the internet AND read all my library books (and the other books that I've bought to read. And to reread some of them, without letting my library books go overdue).
I want the library's website to be fixed so I won't have to run over to the library or call to renew my books. *sigh*
I want to be able to run the dishwasher and the garbage disposal without the laundry room sink backing up.
I want my cat to stop peeing on the couch.
I want my house to smell clean and fresh.
I want to not have allergies or a cold or whatever is easing up ... but that kept me from sleeping well and kept me congested and dripping mucus last week.
I want medical insurance. And for OHP to cover everything without freaking me out by sending a denial for the external version. (Going to call my OB's office to get that cleared up. I hope it gets cleared up.)
I want my IUD to not be problematic (Seems that the strings/wires) are a little long this time. Yeah. That does NOT make me feel like an aspiring sex-goddess. At all. Which makes my mental health number rise exponentially.
I want to NOT feel like bursting into tears over any of this crap.
I want to FEEL motivated to exercise.
I want to ENJOY and look forward to exercising.
I want to have flat abs and NOT have muffin-top OR that pudge that makes it look like my butt is actually an innertube that runs around to the front, too ... which I've had since Bruise and Bucket. Dumb stretched-out skin. (If I had the money, yeah, I think I'd run out and get a tummy tuck. This way I could look cute in exercise clothes. I'd also get a breast reduction, so I could buy bras more easily/cheaply. And I'd feel less like I should be in National Geographic, iykwim. Aityd.)
I want to get a pedicure.
I wish I didn't have bat-flaps (you know, that skin/fat that dangles from one's triceps. Maybe you don't have it. If so, I am trying REALLY HARD not to envy you. Please give me pointers on how you've achieved this. I NEED POINTERS. And hope).
I wish that, among whatever strengths I do possess, reading STUDYING my Scriptures was towards the top.
Also, praying independently. Those are important things.
I wish that I had the time and energy to have a couple DAYS worth of milk pumped and in the freezer. Just in case.
I wish I were more organized.
I wish that I wasn't a little late in getting the van's registration (Doing that TODAY. Along with the last of this month's WIC. *sigh*)

Yes, I feel ineffective and lazy and fat and ... just not at the top of my game.

Okay. Going to change Bubble's diaper and feed her.
Then off to the DMV, the store, the library ... getting the cat urine smell out of one of the couch's cushions (STILL), doing dishes, sprinkling the carpet with baking soda and vaccuming, reading library books, talking to my OB's office ... And tomorrow, taking the cat to the vet to see if she's got a UTI or something that explains why she's being a punk-butt.


I think I might try and get a nap today. We'll see.
And I need to figure out dinners for this week.


Friday, April 27, 2012

El Dia de los ninos/libros + This morning's excitement

Yesterday evening, the kids' school held a get-together with books, crafts, food ... Good stuff.

There were tables that you could go to. Each table taught about a different country/culture.
There were tables for China, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Hawaii ... I think that's it.
Bruise didn't want to do many of the things. But Bucket was interested in checking things out.

There was also a book exchange. I traded in a couple of the books that the kiddos never read for some new books. (Well, new to us, anyways.)

The kiddos did both make a pinata. Not a REAL one. But a lunch sack crammed with newspaper.
They got to paint them. Bucket pasted some streamers on hers.
And THAT'S why I NOW know how to get Tempera paint out of clothing. (Their new Beavers shirts. Oy. But the stains are GONE.)

[IF you EVER need to get Tempera paint out of clothes, HERE'S how to do it:

  • If the paint's still wet - BLOT and RINSE out as much as you can.
    If it's dry - RINSE and SCRUB out as much as you can.
  • Put LIQUID LAUNDRY DETERGENT straight onto the stain(s).
    Let sit for an hour.
  • Then soak the clothes in OXI-CLEAN and COLOR-SAFE BLEACH.
Then you SHOULD be okay. Oy.]

Bubbles was fine the whole evening. I wore her in the Moby wrap and she slept the whole time. No problems.

Michael and I watched "Cowboys vs Aliens" after the kids were in bed (and we were getting Bubbles to sleep). Meh. It's not my kind of movie. And I don't think we'd watch it again.
We do both agree that Daniel Craig should have kept his regular accent. Hearing him speak with an American accent ... was a little strange.

Bubbles slept well for the first part of the night.
Then, around 5 AM, she woke up and was kicking me in the back. I fed her, moved her so her legs weren't in my back, and flipped myself over so I could sleep.

Now, I was REALLY tired (Allergies = I don't sleep as well. Ugh.), so Michael heard me throwing a bit of a fit, and took her out to the front room to sit in the swing as he headed out to do security for Seminary.
(LAST TIME for a while! HUZZAH!! Now we can actually BOTH sleep in on Fridays!)

I finally fell back asleep. Woke up for a quick shower, got Bucket's hair done (since I AM NOT taking chances for her to wear her hair loose and get lice again for a LONG while), got dressed, got the kids' lunches thrown together, fed Bubbles, changed her diaper and got her dressed AS THE ALARM went off that tells us to get to the bus.

We walked almost all the way to the bus stop.

"[Bucket], your backpack needs to be zipped up. *I go to zip it* Hey, where's your lunch?"
"I FORGOT IT!!!!!"

So she, Bubbles (in the stroller) and I RACE back to the house and get her lunchpail. Bruise waits at the bus stop with the other kids.
We get there as the bus is coming down the street.

YES, that was CLOSE.
But we made it.

I THINK that the kiddos MIGHT just understand WHY I ask them to make sure that they have all their crap BEFORE we leave the house.
But I could be delusional.

I think I'm going to work on making a chore chart for the family.
And I have just shy of a million other things to do (like read ALL my library books) ... *sigh*

And I have a cat on my lap who needs cuddles.
But it is pretty cute that she'll lick the inside of my elbow as I'm typing. ... Just so that I'm reminded that, "Hey. This is me, Freyja. You love me. You want to give me cuddles and skritches. NOW. Stop blogging. You NEED to give me some snuggles. NOW. ... NOW!"

I better get on that. STAT.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random Ramblings

Freyja-cat seems much happier now that she's back in our good graces.

(By "she's back in our good graces," I mean "we don't make her sleep in the laundry room. Or, at least, last night we didn't. And we awoke to find that she hadn't revenge-peed on anything." Good kitty.)

Michael and I had a date night last night.
We went out for Thai food. We had the same entrees as last time. And they were just as good.
(I had the Pad Thai. Michael had the Drunken Noodles.) We also split an appetizer of Chicken Sate.
And we had dessert. I don't remember PRECISELY what it's called, but we shared a plate that boasted eight fried wontons filled with shredded coconut and banana surrounding a scoop of coconut ice cream, topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and a cherry.

Even though I couldn't appreciate it as fully as normal since my stupid seasonal allergies are in full force.
Oh well.

Then, since we're wild and crazy (and there weren't any movies that we wanted to see playing locally. We already saw The Hunger Games and, sadly, there's still another week until The Avengers comes out.), we went searching for a new laundry room hamper.
There was a nice one at Costco. But we also looked at Wal-Mart ... and there was a decent one for about $20 cheaper. ... AND I found Piggy Paint polish there.
I'm rather excited about it ... since I can try it out by painting Bubbles's toes! ... And Bucket's, too.

Then we came home in time to feed Bubbles.
And she actually slept really well last night. Nearly five whole hours.
I slept better, too. Since I made sure to take some Benadryl before going to sleep.
(Nothing like waking up and having to fumble in the dark for an antihistamine. FUN!... NOT. ... THAT was what went on the previous night. *SIGH*)

What else went on?

I still haven't seen ANY eggs or lice in Bucket's (or anyone else's) hair. PHEW.
Still have the last shampoo and comb-out to do tomorrow. But then it should be done.

Mom and I watched a few more episodes of Burn Notice (we got her started on it. She's almost done with Season Two. I think we're up to the end of Season Four). Then we got the kids and went to the bread store (a bread company outlet) and then to a kids' consignment shop.

In related news, Bruise and Bucket wore their new Beaver Gear (OSU wear) to school. They both have shorts. Bruise has a long-sleeved shirt. Bucket has a hoodie.
They're so excited about their Beaver gear, since one of their BESTEST FRIENDS at school is a Beaver fan (as is his whole family).
We did not get Bubbles any Beaver gear (though she got some CUTE new clothes) since she isn't old enough to vocalize which school she prefers.
(I have a cousin whose family LOVES the Ducks. ... But she's at OSU since U of O didn't offer the major that she wanted. It makes me laugh.)
Michael and I still maintain our stance as Platypi fans.
Michael has some loyalty to OSU.
Me? I have no loyalty to either. Mwhahaha ... I didn't attend either of those colleges.
And the college that I did attend (besides a summer term at the local community college)?
I never attended any sporting events.
I did see a concert, a play, and a musical ... but that's not at all the same thing.

... What else ...?

I completed my Visiting Teaching today. And it's not QUITE the end of the month (yet).

Bubbles's eyes are getting lighter. And she's showing off two dimples. One by her mouth, the other up on her cheekbone. Both on her right side.

I solved an issue with my phone (NO, not the weather/clock app. I assume that one's still messed up.) ... But the Amazon App Store wasn't downloading new apps. (Since I usually download the "Free App of the Day" ... And most of the last week's I haven't cared for. ... But I have a LOT of "bought" apps in the list.)
So, today, since I really wanted to try out today's offered-for-free app (an Audubon's bird guide), I needed to fix the issue.
So, I went into settings, and into Applications. I erased the history (or however you say it).
Then I opened the Amazon App Store, signed in, and BAM! I got my bird guide (normally $9.99, btw. So you see WHY I NEEDED to get it. ^_^).

Also, Bubbles is smiling more. LOTS more. It's adorable.

Yesterday, at the consignment store, I did find a book that I wanted. (In fact, it's on my wish list at Amazon ... well, a newer edition is. But that's no big deal.) That was a nice surprise. Especially seeing as how I picked it up for just a dollar. Yup! That made me happy.

I did some crunches today. ... Yeah. If only that gave me a bikini-ready body. NOW.
(I don't have to WEAR a bikini to appreciate the possession of a body that could rock one. Just sayin'.)

I think that's really all I have to report for today.
So far.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Keeping Current

(no, no clever pun in the title. Maybe next time.)

So far, so good. No more lice or eggs. And I'm STARTING to see the laundry getting caught up. Just two more loads ... No, three, since I should wash the bathroom rugs (UGH.).
Then there's just whatever we get dirty from now on. (And, of course, the clothes that we're currently wearing. Since we're not just sitting around in our nudiepants. That'd be strange. And not totally hygienic.)

(Yes, I DO have issues. Thanks for noticing. :P)

Bubbles-girl did NOT have a good night's sleep last night. Ergo, Michael and I did NOT have a good night's sleep, either.

BUT, on the bright side, we did watch a couple more episodes of Castle. So there's that.

I got the kids to the bus (with lunches, even! ... These days-off-from-school-things? They mess up my schedule.) and got Bubbles back to the house. Changed her diaper, gave her some food ... and worked on a few things. Like picking up the disaster that is the laundry room.
After the hedgehog cages have been out (they took up a LOT of room, since they were two plastic storage tubs. There were holes for ventilation, don't worry. ... Besides, those were taken to the dump shortly after Sari's passing.), I meant to clean up the laundry room WAY earlier. But life gets in the way.
(So does lack of motivation.)

BUT!!! I picked up lots of things today. I still need to get a lot of clutter taken care of, true. And we need a new hamper/organizer. (We have/had an old one that's approaching 15 years old. Michael repaired the PVC frame. THEN the dividers in the three-part bag ripped. So it's pointless to sort the laundry in that.)
Still, it's a LOT easier to walk around in there.

Of course, the plumbing snake (the larger one. Yes, we have TWO plumbing snakes. You jealous? ... I hope not. Because if you ARE, then that implies that YOU have plumbing issues, too. And I wouldn't want that. Unless you're a pedophile puppy-kicker. Then I MIGHT hope that you have plumbing issues. MAYBE.) is still in the middle of the floor. BUT!!! You can actually WALK in there and it's not an obstacle course.

And I made the guest bed (Had to wash all the bedding due to LOUSEWATCH 2012. ... (Yes, I'm going to be doing all sorts of "_______WATCH 2012" this year. Apparently, it's my THING this year. And I'm going to overuse it. Because ... well ... I'm that boring of a person that it amuses me. LOTS.))
And I cleaned the window in the kids' room.
And I unloaded ONE laundry basket.
And I finished loading the dishwasher and ran that puppy. So I'll need to clean the laundry room sink again once the water there is fully drained. (Takes a few hours. No biggie.)

I also was totally popular this morning.
One friend came over to use my printer.
Another gal came to use my phone.
Seriously ... if I had KNOWN that I'd be entertaining folks, I'd have gotten the clean underwear put away or something.
(At least I had cleaned up the laundry room sink ONCE. And gotten the floor cleaner in there for the second gal and her grandson. Still ... yeah. My house is NEVER going to pass for a Better Home and Garden spread with my housekeeping skillz.

Freyja-cat has been banished to the laundry room at night. But, on the bright side, she's been on SUPER-BEST-EVER behavior ... to make up for the peeing on things AND the bite she inflicted on me while I gave her a bath Saturday night.
Guess I wasn't the only MADDER-THAN-HECK gal in the room, huh?

I'm WORKING at getting through some library books. And then I put a few more on hold. *sigh*
I need a maid. And a nanny. And a cook. And a clone. Then I can get the house all clean, kids taken care of, meals made, books read ... and maybe even have some energy left to crank out a few sit-ups. (Yeah, I'm getting tired of rocking the new-mom-muffin-top. Especially since I had that muffin top BEFORE this pregnancy. ... O! for my prepregnancy body ... let alone my high-school body. ... I really wasn't THAT big in high school. Of course, I had very skinny friends. And I was in Theater, so I was on the bigger side. Especially in the breasticle-department. Oy.)
(But, yes, I have a VERY SKEWED self-image.
Don't be like me, m'kay?)

I need to wash the blender so I can continue making myself some great smoothies.
Yes, I'm on the bandwagon of putting spinach into smoothies.
No, you really can't taste it.
Sure, the smoothie does turn green.
And that makes me feel EXTRA-VIRTUOUS.
Now ... could I be awesome and manage to stomach putting carrot juice into my smoothies?
The ground flaxseed and spinach were pretty painless. (Can I find Brewer's yeast anywhere around here?)
(I also have found that I can take my smoothies less sweet than my mom. Which makes me laugh a little. She'll try mine and then I can pour my glass ... and add honey and blend that in to pour hers and Bruise's. ... Bucket's not as wild about smoothies. :P)

I need to clean the kitchen.
And the living room.
And finish putting away a shload of clothes.
And make those back-ups of the kids' baby pictures onto DVDs.
And put those DVDs into the fireproof safe. JUST IN CASE.

And I need to make dinner. I have no idea what to make today.
We had enchilasagna last night. Bruise actually ate his (so he could earn his glass of chocolate milk).
Now, what to do? ... There are corndogs, if I don't come up with anything else awesome ...

I think we might need to replace the telephones.
Some of them don't seem to be holding a charge. Hmmm. Oops.
Would it be worthwhile to just invest in new batteries?
I need to sew a button back onto my good coat.
And sew a seam in one of the kids' coats.
But I did sew a button back onto Bucket's newest cardigan. ... So that's something.

Gosh, I am a BORING blogger today.

And I need to do the dishes ... IT NEVER ENDS. :P

Okay. While Bubbles is still napping, I'm going to clean off at least ONE counter. If not more.
And change the foil on the bottom of the oven.
And sweet the floor.
And soak the pans so I can handwash those.
And put away the basket of clothes in our bedroom.
If she naps that long.

Wish me luck!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lous-y ... and better

So, Friday morning, I was LAST-MINUTE-FINGER-COMBING Bucket's hair at the bus stop and I noticed that her scalp was pretty dirty.

Then I saw a bug. And another.

And the bus came. And I was THAT parent who panicked and let her and Bruise go on it.
Then I ran back with Bubbles and jetted off to Target for shampoo.

(And, while we were out, I also opened up a savings account for the new kid.)

Then Bubbles and I came home (Mom, who I had called to warn ... since she had been up here earlier this week, called back. Her head was clean. I didn't see ANYTHING on Bruise's after I found stuff in Bucket's hair. Bubbles was clean. I tried to check my own hair [NOT EASY]. And, when Michael got home, he was clean, too.)

I worked at vacuuming, spraying, and washing the house ... so far it's worked well!

Michael and Bruise ran some errands (like getting blank DVDs so that we have a hard-copy back-up of ALL the kids' baby pictures, since the external HD is FULL [of back-ups. *sigh*]) while Bubbles napped and I used the special shampoo on Bucket's hair and combed out TEN more bugs. Ew.

I emailed their teacher to let her know about the situation. Since head lice is NOT a laughing matter.
(Being the daughter of a teacher, whenever a case reared up in ANY classroom, Mom and I would check each other's head. While surreptitiously itching just by the power of suggestion.

I now get to check Bucket's head EVERY DAY. So far, so good. Her scalp is clean, clean, clean. No nits, no adults. Phew.

(In researching how to clean a house and home remedies, I came upon a theory of WHY head lice exist -- they can be part of a mutually beneficial partnership with humans. Humans provide food and shelter ... lice provide a immunity boost. But with the invention of modern medicine and clean water and all that, lice are no longer needed in a first-world country.)

I also worked at treating Bruise's dry, dry, dry skin. Rubbed up his  head, face, and body with olive oil. Exfoliated around his eyes, ears, and temples. Worked at exfoliating his scalp. His skin is looking better.
Yes, I'm still checking his hair, too. JUST IN CASE.

Freyja peed on our bed. So she got put in kitty-time out (the cat carrier). And she also got a bath.
We're not allowing her in the bedrooms now. And we're still working on getting all the clean laundry put away sooner.

Yes, it WAS a weekend FULL of laundry. Why do you ask?

Sunday, we went to church. And Bubbles and I came home after Sacrament meeting. I was exhausted. She was asleep in the car seat, so she and I napped (after I read a few pages of my library book). For about three hours.

And I made it to Ward (congregation) Choir for the first time. It's something that I've been meaning to do. Since I do like to sing. And I'm glad that I went.
Bubbles was pretty ticked off by the time I got home. She had gas and Michael had to feed Bruise and Bucket instead of JUST focusing on HER needs/wants. Oh well.

The kids don't have school today. I'd really have hoped that I'd have been able to sleep in. But no. After a GREAT sleep Friday night (a SIX HOUR STRETCH!) , Bubbles had a couple three-hour stretches last night. And was fully awake before 6:45. As were her siblings.
So we're just hanging around. We might go to the park if I get ready. ^_^

So, I really hope that no one else is dealing with having a LOUSE-Y time. I don't know how I'd handle it happening again.
But, well, at least I know how to deal with an outbreak. And where to find the louse-killing shampoo kits at the store. (In First Aid. Not with the other shampoos or in the anti-itch sections. Who knew? I didn't. ... But it made me feel a little better that the PHARMACIST had to look for a couple minutes to find it.)

Besides all that, Michael and I are working our way through Season Three of Castle. Good times.
And he teases me that I have a crush on Nathan Fillon.
I can't help that I adore that man. Seriously ... he's hilarious.
Maybe it's because he's a lot like Michael?

That's got to be it.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just plugging along ...

Bubble's eye is getting better. It's almost totally back to normal.
So that's nice.

She was measured today at our WIC appointment. She's grown! About a whole inch and a half since she popped out.
That puts her around the 25th percentile for weight and the 40th for height.
I can handle her being a tall, slim thing. ^_^

In other news, I was feeling MAJORLY CRAP about my weight.
I had weighed myself on T1's scale while we were at her house this weekend.
I was less than thrilled about the number that I saw.
HOWEVER, when I was weighed at my 6-week check-up yesterday, THAT scale said that I was about ten pounds lighter than I was on Saturday.
In fact, my doctor and her nurse even congratulated me on being only 3 pounds heavier than when I first came in this pregnancy. (And that means that I'm seven pounds lighter than I was when I first was weighed at the WIC office. ... Go me, right? ^_^)

Though, it's a little daunting to realize that, if I'd like to make my goal of (SOMEDAY) being at a "normal" BMI, I need to lose eighty pounds. Yeah. SAD.

BUT, if I manage to start exercising (and build muscles that will burn some calories even when I'm NOT doing sport-y type things) and eating better (like, smaller portions. *SIGH*), losing ten pounds a month wouldn't be a completely unobtainable goal. ... And that means that if I started next month, I could reach the overall BMI goal MAYBE by the end of the year.

How crazy would that be? ... I might even manage to lose a few cup sizes ... then I could actually buy cute bras without having to order them through the mail.
I'd be pretty close to my high school weight (which, to be honest, was also my Jr. High weight, if I recall correctly).
Which would be kinda cool.

Now, how can I motivate myself to exercise?
But I did eat healthier this morning -- I had a smoothie with 1.5 bananas, half a bag of frozen peaches, soy milk, ground flaxseed, some vanilla, and some flavored Greek yogurt. (And that blenderful was split between Bruise, Mom, and me). Then I had a glass of Spicy V-8 and a bowl of salad. I had a glass of milk and an energy bar-thing for a snack ... And then I ate some ice cream and sherbet.

Hey ... I'm going to think that if I'm nursing as much as Miss Bubbles demands, I deserve some decadence.

Mom and I took the kiddos to the book fair yesterday. They made out like bandits. Bruise came home with some Lego books (one's a 2-in-1 Ninjago story. The other is the one about all the Harry Potter Lego sets.)
Bucket opted for a Barbie book. And one about fairies that came with a necklace. And a book about weather ... A Junie B. Jones book about being a first grader.
We also got Ree Drummond's book about Charlie. And the latest Pigeon book (Now to buy the rest of the series! ... And the newest Skippyjon Jones when it comes out in paperback.) I also made sure to pick up a book that will help the big kiddos to learn how to tie their shoes. Since they can't use Velcro shoes for forever!

I SO need to just ignore everything and read my library books. I hate having to renew things (or, WORSE, turning things in and checking them out again. *sigh* My life is HARRRRRRRRRRRRD!!!!!).
So, well, I'd better get on it, right?

(Since I already killed time on Facebook and then updating the tickers at the bottom of the page. Since, in direct contradiction to what ONE ticker said, I'm NOT 47 weeks pregnant. Nor am I TURNING 31, since THAT boat has sailed. And Michael and my 11th anniversary has come and gone. So THOSE will now no longer sit on a throne of lies.)

But, yeah ... time to be productive. Eventually.
There's always laundry to be folded and put away, rooms to be cleaned and vacuumed, and dishes to be washed, meals to be made, diapers to be changed, garbage to be taken out ...

But, yeah, that's how things have gone. I'm healthy (though the earth finds me SO VERY, VERY attractive that it uses its gravitational pull exceptionally well on me, per se), Bubbles is healthy. Bruise and Bucket are healthy. Michael's healthy. Michael and I are sleep deprived. We still have issues with the kitchen plumbing ... but the hall toilet works GREAT! The house is a little messy, but I had 98% of the kids' laundry put away for once! We only have a cat a fish for pets ... and I'm starting to really think about working on curb appeal for our house (but that has to wait until we figure out if we can build onto this place or not). And we're thinking of replacing our older couch (as part of a plan to get more room in the kids' room). Yeah. There's enough on our plates ... but it's a good kind of enough.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bruise, in regards to his baby sister

"Mom? I love [Bubbles] more than anyone else. ... But I love Jesus more."

Yes, my son is a sweet boy.

And, in reference to my previous post, Bucket was the one who declared, "Mom! You're NOT an idiot!! You're the best mom ever!!"

I'm sure that she won't ALWAYS feel that way. But I appreciate that she does right now.

Again with the catch-up

Okay, what have I done that will (help to) explain my absence.


Well, let's see ...
  • I've been doing my Visiting Teaching. As of this morning, three gals visited. One last gal will be visited tomorrow. It's nice to be able to touch bases with them before the end of the month (FOR ONCE).
    Truly, if I could touch bases will all of them the first week of the month? That'd be AWESOME.
    Still ... At least I'm aware of how they're doing. And they know that I care.
  • Got a wax. It helps me remember that being a milk machine is only ONE of my duties.
    And, hey, one less place to shave, right? RIGHT. Because I'm a little busy for that, no?
    (If I WASN'T a little busy, I'd have blogged EVERY DAY, right?)
  • We took the kids to OMSI to see "The Art of the Brick" (sculptures by Nathan Awaya). They enjoyed it. ... I think Michael enjoyed it the most. But, well, I was DARNED if we were going to miss it. it's LEGOS!! And just about everyone in this house LOVES Legos! (I have almost all the latest Harry Potter sets. I still need The Burrow. We have to tell Freyja-cat to stop playing with Bruise's Legos. Bubbles? We'll see. But I have a feeling that she's going to be a fan. Michael, Bruise and Bucket are all pretty die-hard fans. ... Me? I have a traitorous leaning toward Playmobil. But I like Legos, too.)
  • Mom came up for Bubble's baby blessing. Since she stayed at a hotel, the kids and I went over and we all swam in the pool. (Michael went on a temple trip for Youth Baptisms ... Or else he and I'd have gone out and watched The Hunger Games. No, I still haven't seen it yet. I know. I'd ask for not spoilers ... but, hey, it's not like I haven't already read the books.)
  • Bubbles got blessed on Easter Sunday. She filled her pants right as Michael started ... so his mind went a  little blank. I did hear her squawk a little over the microphone ... At least only the circle of menfolk were privy to her bowels. :P
    She looked very pretty in Bucket's blessing gown. (And some six-year-old stains came out of that with a mixture of Zout and Oxi-Clean, by the by.)
  • Monday was my birthday. It was pretty quiet. Had to take Sari-hedgehog in to the vet's. She had lost a lot of weight and had started chewing on her feet. It turned out to be a tumor in her mouth. So she was put to sleep. The kiddos were really sad. Bucket SOBBED on the way to the car and on the way home (But she perked up when she got to watch Phineas and Ferb). Michael came home early and we went out for dinner. (Hungarian Food? YUM!!) Then we went to Target and bought a birthday present for our niece's birthday party that was coming up.
    Also, Bucket told her bus driver that it was my birthday. So their sweet bus driver wished me a happy birthday. (Along with TONS of Facebook friends. And phone calls from family.) ^_^
  • Tuesday ... Gosh, I was in FIIIIIINE form. I got the kids on the bus and then set up the bug bombs under the house, went to the bread store, and went to the WIC office FORTY MINUTES LATE for my appointment. (It's been rescheduled.) I felt a little dumb ... Until that evening, when I looked at my phone, realized it was 7:35 ... and that I HAD an appointment to renew my temple recommend.
    At least I was able to go, LATE, and get it. And, during my freak-out, my children assured me that, "Mom, you're NOT an idiot. You're the BEST MOM."
  • The kids had Spring Pictures at school. Still no homework packets. I don't know if I should be worried.
  • Michael noticed that the truck was running rough Friday morning. So he stayed home (after doing security during Seminary) and we ran errands (like buying oil for the truck and the van) before the kids came home. Then we had THEM go to the bathroom and we headed down to visit Nana.
    It was Nana's first time meeting Bubbles. (She was VERY excited to see her fourth great-grandchild. And I made sure to get pictures of her with all my brood. Just in case. She's 81, you see. And I'd be P.O.'ed if I didn't have pictures of her with all the kiddos.)
    Then we headed out to the coast for our youngest niece's birthday party.
    Now, just so you know ... EVEN THOUGH we had the kids go pee before we left, Bruise had to go pee THREE TIMES while we're on the road. Two of them were NOT at a rest stop.
    ONE of them was pulled off on the shoulder of a major highway. YEAH. Not thrilled.
  • I got to help T1 (sister-in-law) make cake pops/balls. I just helped with the dipping. But I think they turned out well. The party itself went REALLY well ... She put TONS of planning into it.
    (I feel a little bad that Bruise and Bucket never got a party where I spent that long planning it. Of course, I'm not a totally crafty-type person ... So, yeah ... Oh well. And we'll see how much energy I have with which to plan Bubble's first birthday party. I might try to start now ... but, well, I have no idea what stuff she really likes. Well, besides: sleeping, nursing, snuggling, and having clean diapers. And warm bathwater. But, ... well, you can't really plan a PARTY around that. ... Well, not a GOOD party to be attended by family, anyways. Yeah.)
  • Yesterday, I managed to get the kids and myself dressed and to church on time. I didn't make it to Sunday School (Michael and I were cleaning out the Diaper Genie in the Mothers' Lounge. Well, I emptied it out and put a new trashbag in it. He took that bag of stenchy nastiness out to the dumpster. I don't want to be breathing in weeks-old, dirty diapers while feeding and snuggling my infant. And I'm sure that no one else does, either!). I also wasn't there for all of Relief Society, since Bubbles NEEDED a clean diaper. THEN she NEEDED to be fed RIGHT THEN. So, yeah ... I know that the lesson was about the teachings of George Albert Smith ... and I know what lesson we were on ... but ... well, that's about it.
  • After we got home and had lunch, we just relaxed. And I went and took a bath. And found myself falling asleep in the tub. So I got on my clothes and took a nap. Michael brought Vesper in so that she could eat. She and I both fell asleep. She ate again ... and then she and I were OUT. Michael came in to get ready for the Stake Priesthood Meeting ... I didn't even stir. I was completely unconscious.
    I woke up about two hours later and got Bruise and Bucket ready for bed. Then Michael came back home, we got the rest of the garbage out, looked at some webpages, and went to bed.
  • Today, I (scheduled and) took Bubbles to the doctor. She's got a plugged tear duct. It should go away on its own. Then she and I went and visited one of my VT gals. Then we came home ... and got the kids from the bus stop. And one of my friends came over to chat and help me fold laundry.
    Rescheduled my WIC appointment. Talked to my mom and my dad and my dad's girlfriend (to her her with their remote. She really fixed the problem on her own. Just needed moral support, I think. ^_^). 
So, yeah, I've had stuff to keep me busy.
I have a bunch of library books that I'm going to have to renew, since I haven't gotten to read them all yet. *sigh*
But the house is getting cleaner, bit by bit. And there aren't ants crawling ALL OVER my kitchen. *shudders*

Bubbles is telling me that it's time to pick her up, change her stinky-pants, and give her some more food.
I live to serve ... as any mother does. :P

Oh, if anyone has to deal with a clogged tear duct, here's some help:
  • Warm, wet compresses. -- You can use them to massage the eye.
    Run your finger from the inner corner down the nose.
  • If you have it, a squirt of breastmilk in the eye works.
    If you're nursing, make sure to kiss your baby near his/her infected eye.
    It's the most direct way for you to get those germs so you can start producing the antibodies needed to get rid of any infection.
  • Elevate the head of the bed where the kiddo sleeps.
    In this case, the plug is most likely from reflux of milk running up the sinuses and clogging the tear duct. If the milk can't run up there, there's no way for the plug to form.
  • Keep anyone you're not in a kissing-close relationship with from touching the baby. Especially the face.
Yup. Hope that helps!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

All I seem to do is catch up

Okay, what have I done since I last blogged?

Besides a load of dishes nearly every day.
I even hand-washed the pots and pans yesterday. Go me.

Let's see ... I left off with Dad and L having come visit. And a trip to the doctor's. And Bucket eating in the living room. What's happened after that?

  • Spring break had totally crap weather. Which resulted in a meltdown from Bucket because she REALLY, REALLY wanted to go out and ride bikes one day.
    And, since Michael was at work, I was the only adult available. And I couldn't be standing out in the rain, since I would be holding Bubbles.
    And, on the days that Michael WAS home early enough to watch the kids, it POURED.
    If the weather HAD been better during that week off, I'd have taken them to the park. Instead, we went to the library and ran some errands.
  • Mom came up on Wednesday. The kids were thrilled to get to go to McDonald's for lunch. And we even went to the one with the indoor play-place. So they got to play with lots of different kids while we hung out. It was SO crowded. Bubbles slept the whole time we were there, by the way.
  • The kids don't have homework this week. Weird. So they've been watching TONS of episodes of Phinneas and Ferb. And now, after a visit to a friend's house, they're watching Kick Buttowski.
    (These are all on Netflix. Have you ever HEARD of Kick Buttowski before? That's a new one to me.)
  • I bought Bubbles a baby bouncer. It is helping. Except for earlier this morning, when she kept crying while being in it. So I picked her up and she SPIT UP ALL OVER herself and my freshly-showered self. So I changed my spit-up-on clothes and gave her a bath.
  • My new nursing bras arrived. I had ordered a two in slightly different sizes. They fit okay ... The one that fits better is (thankfully) the cuter one.
  • I've been doing a lot of housework ... so I've barely been reading. Strange. 
  • I was so exhausted last night (swept and mopped the kitchen ... among some other chores. But THAT was the big one. Along with taking Bubbles shopping and putting together the bouncer.), that I CRASHED. Which was sad because Bubbles was sleeping pretty well. So ... Michael and I could have made out or something. If I wasn't unconscious and drooling and snoring.
    I suck at being a good wife. 
  • I made cinnamon rolls on Sunday. Since it was General Conference (yay for being able to "attend" church in pajamas!) (If you don't know what General Conference is, it's a twice-annual event in our church where the prophet and a selection of General Authorities speak to ALL the church. It happens at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, but is broadcast -- via television, radio, and on the internet -- all over the world.) ... So maybe I'm only a crap wife, not a total failure.
    I used Ree Drummond's recipe, but I made a cream cheese frosting instead of icing. I'm a frosting kind of girl. (And my frosting was yummy: Low-fat cream cheese, milk, powdered sugar, and vanilla and maple extracts.)
  • One of my besties invited us to her daughter's birthday party. Her girls and the kiddos have been friends since my kiddos were born. (They have NO CHOICE. Ha!) So that was fun. Pizza and a kids' room to run around and play in. ... Also, I have never seen a child SO EXCITED about window clings (I'm sure glad that she liked them. But I didn't know she'd think THAT was the best thing out of our present. :P)
  • Our plumbing in the west end of house is still being wonky. And the laundry room was starting to smell pretty rank. ... Turns out that the bucket under the sink in there was FULL of the most rancid-smelling water. So Michael emptied it and tightened the pipe under the sink. (Since that's the sink that gets most backed up when we run the dishwasher. Or the garbage disposal. Ugh.) And, since Michael cleaned out that sink last time (and nearly threw up doing it), I did it this time.
    (So maybe I'm a mostly-crap wife?)
  • Yes, I feel like a crappywife/failure at wifedom. His love language is primarily Touch ... and here I am cleaning the house (which SORELY needs it, don't get me wrong) ... but cuddling as I drift off just isn't doing it.
    And it's not like he asks all that much. ... I am NOT going to cry. My eyes just get a little prickly-feeling whenever I think of how much I'm failing at this.
  • I actually have all (but one or two) thank-you notes written. Now to get them handed out. I still need to mail one off ... but I have to get an address for that one.
  • I managed to (FINALLY) walk down the street and talk to my Visiting Teaching companion. And get her phone number ... and to find out that she'll be moving. So I'm going to get a new companion. But, hey, at least she and I will get to go on some visits together. That'll be nice.
  • I made a dinner calendar for the week. But I've only filled it out through Thursday. *rolls eyes*
    Yeah, I TRY to get all organized. It doesn't really work that well. I mean, I cleaned off my desk on Sunday (or was it Saturday?) and it's cluttery again.
  • I have a new (to me) keyboard. I'm still working at getting used to holding down the Shift key. It's a little different from my old keyboard (where the S, X, C, N, and M keys were all worn off). Give me another week and I might be able to type and not start sentences with lower-case letters or have 9s and 0s surrounding what are SUPPOSED to be parenthetical phrases.
  • The kids got to ride their bikes Monday during a break in the weather. It was gorgeous weather. Might as well take advantage of it ... Until Bubbles woke up and demanded that we stop. TWICE.
    One cannot negotiate with an infant. They are not amenable to compromise at this point. *sigh*
  • On a scale from 1 to Roasting-in-Purgatory, how bad is it if I might use doing laundry as a last bastion for time away from a screaming infant. "Sorry! I can't hear you over the washer filling up!! just give me a minute to load the clothes! ... Hmm, which articles make the cut for THIS load?? ... La la la, I can't hear your squalling over the laundry. ... Okay, back to motherhood. *sigh*"
    Just let me know.
  • Michael still loves me. And his telling me that? Let's just say that my face is all blotchy. (And not from an allergic reaction.) ... I didn't cry.
    But I was really, really close.
I can't really think of anything else that is totally note-worthy.
I mean, Bruise and I got some reading packets completed for extra [school-mascot] points. And the kids were excited to take their Box Tops for Education sheets to school. (Between Mom, Mom C, and me saving points ... with occasional contributions from friends, we had two full sheets [20 box tops total] for this month.)

And for a touch of lactivism, I was able to help a friend due to my copious amounts of reading and my love of breastfeeding websites. Yay! Without going into too much detail, I knew of a couple pieces of equipment that she could use (shield and shells) to help facilitate her newborn's latch. Yup. Pretty awesome. I felt quite amazing ... and it makes me feel nice when my internetting skillz pay off. ^_^

Counting ...

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