Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's Going On ...

And I say, "HeeeeeeEeeeeeEeeeeey!" I say "Hey! ..."
Oh, oops. Got caught up there for a tic.

So, Tuesday, Bruise SWORE that his lunchpail disappeared somewhere in the house. I searched. It was nowhere to be found. And if he had just PUT IT ON THE FRAKKIN' COUNTER LIKE I ASKED, it wouldn't have been an issue, now WOULD IT?

(Answer: No, Miz Llanna. No issue at all.)

Then, after taking a LARGE bowl of leftover meatballs as a snack (which Michael also has been using as a snack), Miss Bucket POURED about a 1/8-1/4 cup of salt on the leftover-leftover meatballs.

AAAAAAAAAND they kids whined so badly the previous night about the (TASTY) dinner I had made ... I was just burned out. I was THROUGH. And this was after having taken a nap (to make up for the energy expenditure of cleaning and vacuuming out the back of the van and setting up BabyGirl's carseat).

I really had just HAD it.
I screeched at them, sent us ALL to timeout ... came out after a few minutes to check EVERY POSSIBLE PLACE Bruise could have left his lunchbox (after he told me that HE hadn't HEARD me say to put it on the counter. Miss Bucket heard me. And told HIM so). ... It was nowhere to be found.
So, Wednesday, he had to ask the bus driver (no), his English-speaking teacher (no), and his Spanish-teaching speaker (BINGO!!!! It HADN'T even made it home. How did I ever GUESS?!?!??!???).

Mom came up Wednesday. And it was NICE to have a second adult to help keep me sane (since Mondays and Tuesdays, Michael has a class in the evenings. ... Yay professional development! Boo single-parenting. I am NOT made to be a single parent. If YOU are, more power to you. You have my respect. I don't know how my mom managed for so long [from when I was in second to fourth grade. Then again after fifth grade until she remarried when I was in high school].)

We did some shopping. My order came in. The Pack-N-Play is here. Now to clean up our room to fit it in there (Guess I know what WE'RE doing this weekend!). One of my book orders came in (three more books that should arrive QUICKLY ... and another around March). My Moby Wrap (baby sling) arrived. So did the weather shield for the stroller (So when we're waiting for the kids' bus, BabyGirl, at least, won't get completely soaked. That'll be a good thing. Especially with Oregon weather. Our four seasons? Rain, rain, rain, and road construction. At least THIS side of the Cascades). ... So, yeah ...
And Mom and I went to Hallmark and got a calendar, so I can keep tabs on what goes on during BabyGirl's first year.
And I have Baby ESP installed on my phone. To keep track of feedings and diapers and all those things I did by hand for Bruise and Bucket those first couple years ... at least until they stopped breastfeeding.

A conversation with Michael:
Me: Well, I hope that BabyGirl and I will be successful in breastfeeding. I mean, I managed with twins. It's been a while, but I knew what I was doing.
Michael: Um ... just so you know, either you BOTH succeed at it. Or SHE fails. You won't fail. It'll be HER. If that happens.

It's nice that he has such faith in me. I appreciate it.

Also, in COMPLETELY OTHER NEWS: Newt Gingrich is an idiot.
If he expects to be taken seriously on running on a "family values" platform, shouldn't he at least ATTEMPT to avoid actions/statements REEKING of hypocrisy?
Or, since he's obviously FAILED THAT, shouldn't he be mature and contrite about it? Admit that he made HUGE, REPEATED MISTAKES ... and assure us that even though he leaves his wives when THEY get sick, he won't treat our (ailing) nation that way. And then, actually, you know, FOLLOW THROUGH.
Instead of getting all high and mighty about how DARE the news media/anyone JUDGE HIM for cheating, multiple divorces, MORE cheating, ... especially while he was fighting for Bill Clinton's impeachment for some of the same behaviors.
Hasn't the White House/Oval Office been desecrated ENOUGH?
Regardless, it doesn't matter. He doesn't have my vote. And he won't get it.
Seriously, what'll he do to abandon our country? The USA is sick and suffering. From his track record, he's going to leave us for something younger and healthier.
Is he going to go live overseas? Or will he go to that great unknown? ... I'm trying not to get my hopes up.
As I said on Facebook, I'm reminded of a Firefly quote whenever I think of him.

"I know him. And he's a psychotic low-life."
"And I think calling him that is an insult to the psychotic low-life community."

Because ... well ... do I really have to explain?
But, hey, when the quote fits ....

THIS is why I can't get involved in politics. It IRRITATES me. And ... yeah ... why CAN'T Stephen Colbert be on the ballot? I would feel better voting for him. Also John Stewart. Or Mike Rowe.
But, well, Colbert is a better write-in than Mickey Mouse, isn't he?

Ugh. Sometimes, being a grown-up is just DUMB, DUMB, DUMB.

(But, really, South Carolina? Why'd you select Newt Gingrich for the primaries? Do you just WANT Obama in office for the next term? I don't get it ...)

Okay. Time to make dinner. Then I might just go soak my head or something.

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