Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 10 - Songs you listen to when you're bored, happy, sad, mad, etc.

Since I'm feeling lazy (and in a bit of pain ... more on that later), let's see if I can just copy out my most played playlist on my iPod (What I listen to in the car).

Aaaaaaand ... it's not going to work.

Okay. Let's see ... off the top of my head a VERY short list of what I find myself listening to often:

Creepy Doll - Jonathan Colton
Skullcrusher Mountain - Jonathan Colton
These Dreams - Heart
Alone - Heart
Love Me Dead - Ludo
Stay - Lisa Loeb
The Show Must Go On - Queen

And, as a bonus, the songs that I find stuck in my head the most ... and I don't know why:

The Girl from Impanema
The score from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (since Bruise was playing the Lego game on the Wii)
The theme from Dexter ... I don't watch the show (too much cussin' in the premiere) ... but I like it.

And that's about it ... my brain is not up for a huge bunch of thought.

And I'm sorry that I missed blogging this post on time. It was NOT supposed to happen. Ugh.

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